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Zach Gelb Hour 2

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November 30, 2023 6:51 pm

Zach Gelb Hour 2

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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November 30, 2023 6:51 pm

Shawne Merriman Interview 

Coach Prime winning SI sports person of the year?

Zach Gelb Show PSA 

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Follow The Best Football Show on the free Odyssey app, or wherever you get your podcasts. We'll be right back. With what Tom Brady had to say about a week ago, where the NFL is now a mediocre product. When you heard TB12 say that, how'd you react to it?

Well, look, there was definitely some truth in what he said, right? I think a lot of things have been watered down because of the rules. And let's be honest, the reason why this country loves football is the violence and the bruteness of it, right? I remember my coaches in high school, when it was in training camp, we were tired and we were all beat up. And they would always say that if it was easy, everybody would do it. So, right?

So, like, nobody wants to go out there and get hit. I mean, that's the fascination with, you know, football, NFL, the size of the guys, the speed, the explosion. So that's why we all, that's why this country loves football. So he did have, he had a point in what he said.

Now, I don't like who it came from, right? Because a lot of these rules were established because of guys like Tom Brady. In 2007 to 2008, when he tore his ACL, because we were out, I think, in 2008, right? I think we were out the same year. Yeah, it was right at the end of the season. Right, right. Right at the end of the season. Well, they established a no-hitting quarterback rules and started looking at it because of him.

So, I get it and understand. I know he complained to the refs a lot. No, don't get me wrong. Tom Brady took a beating while he played. He was knocked around. He was tough as nails. I mean, I've hit him plenty of times and thought he wouldn't get enough. He did, right?

He's tough. But those rules were established when those things happened to him, right? So, the NFL started looking at it like, hey, we can't have our marquee guys to miss time, miss games, starting with Tom Brady. So, I get what he was saying. He was right to the mediocre part of it, right? Because a lot of what's happening is starting to kind of water down what football has truly meant to all of us.

And the reason why I started to play the game, because of the physicality of the sport. So, he was right in that standpoint. I wish that he would have said, hey, a lot of these rules got started because of what happened to me in 2008.

I think that would have made his point much more clear. The other thing, too, I thought was interesting was he said when you see a player like Ray Lewis on the field, you would know as a quarterback not to put a ball in a certain spot or a certain window because Ray Lewis would be there to blow up your wide receiver or your running back. And now the quarterbacks know it. And Brady knew it at the end of his career, too. You could get away with so much stuff because a defender could make a good hit now and then you see the yellow handkerchief on the field. Yeah.

And so, the parts that I was agreeing with Tom was that he's right about it, right? You throw the ball low or you throw it away from the defender so he has a time to tuck and cover up, right? Not every quarterback knows that. And it's at a point now where a guy may just throw the ball down the field because the possibilities of a pass interference are 80 plus percent on a deep ball. That's throwing high, a jump ball, right?

And so, he had a great point in talking about those things because a lot of those things happen. And yes, you want to get your wide receivers and your offensive guys away from harm, right? Throw it on the back shoulder. Don't throw it across the middle. Anytime you start to see these wide receivers with the alligator arms, right?

Don't throw those passes. And so, I think that with the quarterbacks now between the jump balls, deep balls, you know, not being able to physically contact a guy after five yards, which is almost impossible. Look, cornerback is the hardest position to play on the field.

You know, I'll tell you, I'll argue to I'm blue in the face with anybody. Cornerback position is the hardest to play on the field. Now, if you throw in, you can't touch him at all. No, he's pushing off. He's guarding. He's moving a hand.

A lot of hand combat. You can't touch him after five yards. It makes it almost impossible for you to go out and make a play. Sean Merriman here with us. Based off what you just said, do you think with the physicality that you played and how you hit some quarterbacks, do you think you could play in the NFL these days? Yeah, I can play, but I'll be playing for free. You'd be suspended.

I'll be suspended. You know, the guy from Denver was Korean Jackson. You know, I'm glad you bring that up because there wasn't even a flag on the play and I get it. Sometimes officials miss things, but when you slow it down and when you look at it 10,000 times, sure, I could say when you slow it down, yeah, maybe there should have been a penalty thrown, but in real-time football speed, I think it's a joke this guy's out for four games. It is a joke and, you know, he was making a football play that ultimately helped his team win the game, right, in a couple different occasions.

I get it, right? So I'm not one of these old, because one thing I do hate is the old school guys who played in the 90s and 80s, right, to come back and say, oh, you know, back when we had, you know, no helmets and no teeth and we played, the game is soft. I'm not one of those guys. I actually do believe that NFL has done a great job at protecting the players, right? No helmet to helmet contact, the cracked back blocks. I remember I've seen Hines Ward break people's jaws, right, on just these cracked back blocks. I agree with the NFL that quarterbacks shouldn't be hit a certain way, but now you're making it impossible to make a play. What I don't like is this, as you just said, guys got a half a second to make a decision. It was a guy from the Carolina game, too, right?

Was it Carolina game where the D-back came in and he got a flag, too? It's impossible to go out there in a split-second decision and make a play that's not going to hurt the offense without you getting hurt, because what we got to understand is football is full speed all the time. And so, as you're slowing down as a defender, that offensive guy isn't. He's still going full speed, so who can possibly get hurt in that situation? So yes, protect the offensive guys, but on the defensive side, you got to understand we're going full speed, so by us letting up is where you create injury. Thank God I had nothing major head-wise or anything like that, head-wise, upstairs, all those things, I didn't have anything major because I was going in to make a football play. If I went in and took my foot off the gas and I was worried about hurting someone else and tried to slow up to protect him, I wouldn't be sitting here saying that. I would have caused injury to myself if that was to happen, so I just don't agree with that when you look at something, like you said, 10,000 times. You need to look at that in regular speed as the game is played and then base your fines and your ejections or whatever else off of the normal speed of a play.

Talking to Sean Marron right now who joins us in the studio, the other thing with that too is I don't know. We know when someone's intentionally leaning with their head and it's a dirty play. But when you are wrapping up the tackle, just sometimes naturally, like if I'm coming head on, my head's going to go right into the direction of your helmet or your chest area and I don't know how to tackle now without totally moving your head to the other side and then you're maybe risking a neck injury. You remember one of my favorite shows with that show called Pros vs Joes.

Oh yeah, that's great. Were you on that? No, no, and good thing I didn't because somebody got hurt, right? Because you have these people talking all the time and saying, look at his helmet, his helmet contact. I said, listen, why don't you run 15 miles an hour and tackle somebody without your head being nowhere near your body? Let's see how that worked out for you.

It's impossible. It's one thing for a guy intentionally leaning with his head, but if his chest or his shoulder pads connect first and then his head or the crown of his head hits underneath the face mask of someone, you can't call that because it's impossible to remove your head from your body going that speed. Now, the play with Josh Jacobs was running the football.

They find him with 20 plus thousand dollars. This was a regular running play. This is a guy that was getting prepared for contact, right? Getting prepared, loaded up because before you embrace for contact, you are embracing.

Meaning your body tightens up, meaning your head drops, your shoulder drops, you're embracing for this contact. There is no way not to put your head down. The only person, the only one player I've ever played against that can run standing straight up and not get hit straight was Adrian Peterson. That was the only player I've ever played against or I've ever seen Eric Dickerson back in the day, but the only player I've played against that can run straight up and down and with his knees high and you can't hit him.

That was the only guy. The other thing, too, is just because you get a penalty called against you, I don't think it should result in a fine like there's a there's a clear line when you know someone should be fine and you see the fines each and every week. It's it's becoming a joke that some of these players losing money. I think somebody who's been very outspoken about it is is JJ Watt. Now, he's been he's been very and so I get it that the NFL is going to do what they're going to do, right, regardless to the big dogs, they're going to continue to do and run, do whatever they want to do.

That's just what you know how they are. But when you have guys like JJ Watt, somebody is very well respected, played the game at the high level for a very long time, and you start to hear more and more about these fines and how it's unfair. It's going to potentially be a real problem because, you know, a guy like JJ Watt has so much respect and clout, big following socially. Everybody knows who he is. He has people, you know, younger guys. He's mentored and well liked and well liked, which is tough for some defenders to be well known for sure.

You know, you know, he has he has he has a full the full board of support by a lot of people. And so when he coming out and saying these things about what's naturally going on is going to steamroll a problem. Same thing, Tom Brady, somebody's biggest Tom Brady coming out and saying these things. So I get it.

And I want to because I hate being the old retired guy who's saying, oh, they're soft. I think the NFL did exactly what they needed to do because what happened with the concussion lawsuits and everything else was like, OK, we're going to fix that problem. We're going to start finding for this physicality.

But the hypocrisy of that is, OK, we're going to have a heightened awareness. We're going to find more players. Some of it is because of what you're saying with concussions in the lawsuits. The other part is they want to see more offense.

And these rules are conducive to the offense. But then we're going to add an extra regular season game. Tell me how that's safe for the players where, sure, you cut out a preseason game, but most of those players weren't playing the preseason anyway. And then we add another regular season. I never really had the problem with the extra game as long as guys are compensated for it. Right.

The game has changed a lot. And I was home. I think it was shading. I think it was Shady McCoy. Somebody was talking about the double days in practice that we all used to have in training camp.

I mean, brutal. Right. The two days.

Well, they're not existent. But training camp now, it's a joke. I would I would play 15 years.

Right. I would play 15 years because the way we practice, how intense and how physical practice was. And I'm not talking about the two day, one day, two day.

I'm talking about two a day for a month. And the only time we had off was when he took us to a water park or something. And we were like, you know, we were like 10 year old kids.

Yeah. We get a chance to go to a water park. We don't got to run. We don't got to run. We were like 10 year old kids.

We got a chance to go to the water park. So in this day and age game that you can play longer, the physicality is less. So I don't I don't necessarily mind the extra game as long as it's prorated and guys are compensated for it.

If that was the case, I'm totally fine with it. But you're right. It doesn't matter, that's another game of a potential injury is what you're saying.

So you're right about that. It's so frustrating watching your former team in the Chargers because they have all this talent and I'm not going to say it's only coaching, but they got to get rid of Brandon Staley and it is surprising to me that he's still the head coach of how ugly this has gotten. I if anybody asks me about my career, I don't have a lot of regrets. So the main regret that I do have is not being able to win the ring because of the teams that I played, the guys I played with and the teams we had from 05 to 2010 or 11. I mean, we had we were stacked across the board. We had so much talent and didn't win a ring. This roster and this team they have right now actually can and that's what's so upsetting about it. And I'm not talking about talking about everybody expectations at all. You know, Justin Herbert, these guys should win 14 games this year.

I'm talking about they should be playing a lot better and being in a better situation than they are and when you have a leader in the coach that is not willing to admit how bad they've been and saying that I was always with Brandon Staley always. I think that the Chargers were actually smart by hiring him. He's a great leader. He says and does all the right things like he's going to kill it in the meeting.

You have the one-on-one meeting. He's sharp. He's organized. He's smart. He's data-driven.

He does things in a meeting. I can 100% percent see why the Chargers hired him. I would have hired him to for that cost and what you were looking for to get out of a coach to go win now the recent conversation the press conference and things are laughable really bothered me and really got under my skin because everybody knows there's a problem and not just with the defense the team there's a there's an issue and if you're not willing to come out and say hey, I'm going soon as I get off of this out of it off of this podium right now I'm leaving here and I'm going back in that building and changes will be made right now. That's what you want to hear from your head coach not hey, we're going to keep doing we're doing that's how you lose a locker room.

And so if a head coach came in and said that I don't have respect for him anymore. We all know that there's a problem everybody does that comes to that game is watching the Chargers games. We know what kind of team they have. We ain't got a question Justin Herbert.

We ain't got a question Khalil Mack Joey Bosa Derwin James Kenneth Murray hint Kendricks Eckler you got the list goes on. We don't question those guys because we know that they can play. So what's the issue now?

It's put these guys into position to win football games. And if you going to say in a press conference that hey, we're going to keep doing we're doing I ain't got no respect for you when you get back to the locker room. That's the issue. You have your pride can't over overplay victory and success. And so what I see now and it makes me upset because I would much rather and I'm not saying he's not taking responsibility. He definitely said that's on me.

That's on us culture staff, but he also said several times that we're not changing we're going to keep doing we're doing and the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and not changing bingo. It's crazy to me tonight. Cowboys are hosting the Seattle Seahawks to kick off week 13. Who do you like in that game? I like the Cowboys. The thing is with the Cowboys a not the Cowboys fans because they they've just you know, they're crazy, but I think the Cowboys have a really good team and what they're doing this year that beat first of all, they're beating the team. They should be yeah, but when they go up against a great team when they go up to get against a great team they struggle and I'm gonna tell you why that's okay with them because of the division they're in because their ability to get to the playoffs because they're division they're in and that's been a breaking point. They need to get in the playoffs so they can have a shot first, right with their seven and what now it's eight and three eight and three eight and three and so they're going to beat the team. They got not only they're going to destroy the teams.

They're supposed to be they're not going to they're going to they're going to struggle against good teams. They're going to lose against the great ones, but that is enough in that division for where they're coming from to get you in the playoffs so you can have a shot. I wish I could say the same thing about the Chargers right because you know, you go out and beat the teams.

You're supposed to beat you're also sitting at seven games right now eight games and you still have a hunt for the wild card, right? So it's so I like the Cowboys now, I do like this still like the Seahawks, you know Seahawks and defense. I love the Seahawks team, but I think the Cowboys right now day momentum. They're going to beat the Seahawks man. Who do you think gets to the Super Bowl this year out of the AFC? I mean the Chiefs as long as they're the defending champs. I'm always going to look at them first. They're number one.

You got to give them a nod. I like the Ravens. I like the Ravens and all comes down to Lamar State. It's all Lamar stays healthy and that defense plan it as I think they got the best to tandem inside linebackers in the game right now. Yeah, Roquan Smith.

Yeah, Smith and Queen. Yeah, these guys get after it the new addition. No one's talking about a lot that needs to get more credit over this my guy Chuck Smith what he brought in who's my past Russian coach in the all season as you go to travel Atlanta see Chuck and work with him got them their mindset Davion Clowney is playing better than he has been the last three four years all into my opinion to Chuck Smith and that that front seven they building. So I like I like Casey but you got to watch out for the Ravens man because they are one team that you're going to struggle against because of how they're playing style and then on Sunday we get the Eagles and the 49ers right in South Philadelphia who now whoever wins this game.

It's weird because there's gonna be a lot of talking right and done with how they just get got but it's gonna be tough for these teams to get two victories up against one another because I do believe that they're going to meet up in the NFC Championship game again. Who do you think is the better team the Eagles or the Niners look the 49ers struggled that they had that three or four game stretch where they struggled they had some injuries. I don't I don't think Brock Purdy was fully healthy. I think he was still dealing with some some head stuff.

In my opinion. I'm not a doctor but just seeing his drop off and where he was I think the healthy healthy 49ers team is better than Philly. Now one thing I'll say about this is that people been jumping on the Eagles so much this year and it is it's so weird the most criticized tenable is the craziest thing I've ever it's like they're not playing up there to their potential every week but they're like what nine or ten and one right ten to one ten to one. Well I talked to son Riddick after the game I was I was in Philly for the Eagles and bills and I said to him I go I feel like you guys still haven't played your best friend the football yet and he goes people got to realize this isn't last year where we just blew everybody out football isn't always pretty it just matters if we win and there one loss and Jalen hurts and throw the interception at the end of the game they beat the Jets they're undefeated it's 31 other teams in the National Football League they will love to be barely winning right I mean that's the charges with the charges was struggling ten a struggling ten and one team you would I would be sitting over here smiling I'd be the happiest person on earth and so I think the the respect and but the reason why they're not getting that same respect is because of how good they was last year right it was it brings back to you know a conversation I had with Micah Parsons before the season I said dude you're gonna see everything right on the offensive set this year you're not a secret no more when you're not a secret and people know you're strong suits they know they know Riddick and him coming off the edge they know now the the 2d tackles that they got in there that are studs they know you know slot they know the team right they know who you guys got the in the very little weak spots you guys have so you're not coming in tricking anybody anymore you're not walking in people are ready for you every single yeah they're ready for you every single week you're getting every team's best the Eagles are getting and so they're beating their best opponent week in a week out by a touchdown by three points sloppy barely so what and I just I don't understand that criticism but I do think a healthy 49ers team is better than the Eagles and I'm not saying that because any other people are not respecting them I'm just saying that the the many facets and how the 49ers are winning on both sides of the football alrighty the floor is yours my friend I know you guys got a big card coming up on Saturday January 6 lights out extreme fight and tell me the latest and you can watch it all on fubo sports yeah this one's our biggest card we've we've had so far we got Abby Abby Montez and and Jackie cattle cattle line on this card their main main main event and they both fought big organizations before we brought them over we got that contract and I can't wait for them they are going to put on a show Nakatani is is also co-main in this event with Marte we got Jake Willy who is d1 d1 wrestler on his card out of Oklahoma he's fighting another wrestler he's back on his card so yeah January 6 will be live on fubo TV fubo sports lights out extreme fighting 13 if you're in that Long Beach area so cow area on the 13th you want to be in the house with this get your tickets at lights out except dot com he of course is Sean Merriman who would have a whole lot less money if he was playing with all the fines that he'd be racking up it was good that you played the time that you did right yeah no absolutely no question about that hey Sean Merriman I'm Zach Gelb we'll take a time out we'll come on back on the Zach Gelb show after these short messages.

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This portion of the show is brought to you by Wesley Financial stuck in a timeshare and want out contact Wesley Financial Group now and get a free timeshare exit information kit at Wesley Financial Group dot com so I have to laugh at this Sports Illustrated comes out with their sports person of the year and before I tell you who wins the award it's kind of sad what Sports Illustrated has become like I remember as a kid always getting the Sports Illustrated magazine or even a younger stage than that SI for kids like Sports Illustrated used to be a great publication like much must read I remember I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow that I'm going to I remember when I was a kid going to the doctor's office this may sounds like me being a little bit of a loser but I would love going to the doctor's office because they always had the Sports Illustrated and you would read it when you're in the waiting room and you know I would love if my dad ever brought home the Sports Illustrated magazine and now it's like a lot of magazines and newspapers the business is changing it's not the same as it once was and there's like a lot of low hanging fruit that people like kind of eat up or latch on to to just get some clicks but who thought it was a good idea and and I say this being a big fan of Coach Prime and Deion Sanders to give Coach Prime the Sports Illustrated Sports Person of the Year like how the heck does that happen did they only watch the college football season when Colorado was 3-0 did they not watch the final nine weeks of the season when he was 1-8 down the stretch 1-8 down the stretch after beating Colorado State in that overtime game where they could have lost they won one lousy game the rest of the year and I say that knowing that the program last year only won one game so there's an improvement and you don't need a math degree to figure this out going from one win to four win is a solid improvement but there's a difference in having a solid improvement and then just saying oh he's the sports person of the year like just off the top of my head how do you not go Nicole Jokic how do you not go Messi how do you not go Shoei Ohtani how about the Mar Hamlin Bruce Bocce if you want to go with the coach if you want to go with the manager Bruce Bocce comes off the couch from retirement goes to the Rangers wins a World Series guys won four World Series and took also the Padres years ago to the World Series how about Angel Reese at LSU I know she's now back from whatever happened there so maybe that's why you don't give her the award but she won a national championship Caitlin Clark like there's a bunch of names right there that are more deserving than Coach Prime and Coach Prime has been a major story in and not only college sports but in all the sports what he did this year at Colorado in the beginning was the most talked about story it was an electric story where he starts off the year and beats TCU then beats Nebraska then has that big event against Colorado State but since then I don't want to say he lost his appeal I don't want to say now Colorado's moving in the wrong direction because none of that would have been true but when you start off the year 3-0 expectations change like before the year I said Coach Prime four or five wins would be a really successful season he got four wins so Zach don't be hypocritical stand by what you said but when you start the season 3-0 you got to find a way to have more than just one more win the rest of the way and they didn't now why did that happen well they didn't have an offensive line they were thin up front we talked about that before the season started that yeah you could have Travis Hunter you could have Chidora Sanders you could have Shiloh Sanders but you don't have the big boys in the trenches you don't have the hog molly's like Dave Gettleman used to call it doesn't require a PhD in football to know that you can't block you can't get to the quarterback you can't make a push in the in the trenches you're not going to win that many games so Sports Illustrated where I don't know if this was actual voters or if it was AI generated voters because maybe it is I read that one article they have an AI generated writer and they were trying to pass it off like it was an actual human being writing these things so maybe they just had the AI generated voters here and that's how they got to coach prime but for him to win sports person of the year and I love Dion I love coach prime I like a lot what he did at Colorado this year but it's just ridiculous for him to win that oh and like really like let's be real what the heck does it mean sports person of the of the year at Sports Illustrated I used to be a big deal that publication used to be a big publication but now did anyone really give a rat's ass like and they would have just came out and said Nicole Jokic is the sports person of the year or Damar Hamlin or Shohei Ohtani or Messi like whoever it is would anyone have cared no I wouldn't have cared so I'll be fair here we would not have talked about this so maybe this is what they did where it's not actual genuine award but it's an award just to get a rise it's a an award to just go get seven million clicks on a on an ex-post or a Twitter post whatever we call these uh fakak the websites these days maybe that's what it is maybe that's what it is by SI and if so you know give you a nice little golf clap good job SI alrighty you got us talking about you but to actually make a valid case for coach prime to be sports person of the year I won't even read I'll use a coach prime phrase here I won't even read that bull junk on the explanation as to why coach prime won sports person of the year but come on and there's seven or eight other people that are more deserving bare minimum than him now he he got that team to ball eligibility now he got them to six seven wins maybe it's a different story but when you start off three and oh expectations change and you find the way to only get one more win the rest of the year and they choke that game against Stanford too there's there's no reason why he should win sports person of the year maybe it's it's an enjoyable story it was a talked about story it was a nice little uh big time jolt of energy right out of the gate in September early October but after that it faded and it faded in a big way Zach Gelb shows CBS sports radio we'll take a break when we come on back we will do the Zach Gelb show PSA since it is a Thursday also we got to get into all the latest surrounding Von Miller and the Buffalo Bills but first up with the latest CBS sports radio update you know before we toss it back you remember how Sports Illustrated used to be such a big deal I used to run home from school to find it in my mailbox because I subscribe and and I get it it's now the joke the way of society where everything's digital and things like that but to still be known as the brand the Sports Illustrated and if you're trying to take yourself seriously given Deion Sanders the sports person of the year that's I don't understand it outside of just to get this reaction out of people it's like when the Yankees wanted to move to New Jersey so it's yeah you're not wrong. All season long you can listen to every Westwood One broadcast of the NFL live on the NFL app by asking Alexa to open Westwood One Sports or on the Odyssey app get in the zone AutoZone AutoZone's free battery testing and charging is available for free at your local AutoZone get in the zone AutoZone restrictions apply it is a Thursday so let's get to a Zach Gelb show PSA. It's a Thursday what do you have to say it's the weekly Zach Gelb show PSA all righty I'm gonna start it off with the Hall of Fame so for years I was annoyed that Jerry Kramer was not in the Hall of Fame he eventually got into the Hall of Fame I was also annoyed for a while that Leroy Butler wasn't in the Hall of Fame he got into the Hall of Fame so the other day 25 semi-finalists got announced for the Pro Football Hall of Fame eventually this gets reduced again to 15 finalists before the final voting process for the class at 2024 that we find out Super Bowl week in February so here are the 25 finalists Eric Allen, Jared Allen, Willie Anderson, our colleague Tiki Barber, congrats Teek, Anquan Bolden, Jahari Evans, London Fletcher, Dwight Freeny, it's crazy that Dwight Freeny still isn't in the Hall of Fame, Antonio Gates, Eddie George, James Harrison, Rodney Harrison, Devin Hester, Tori Holt, crazy Tori Holt's not in the Hall of Fame, Andre Johnson, crazy he's not in the Hall of Fame, Robert Mathis, Julius Peppers, Steve Smith, Fred Taylor, Heinz Ward, Ricky Waters, Vince Wolforth, and Darren Woodson so my PSA is going to be making a case for one guy that's on that list and then also one guy that is not on the list for Rodney Harrison he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame he's a two-time first team All-Pro he's on not one but two 50 anniversary teams for the Patriots and for the Chargers he had seven seasons of a hundred plus tackles by the way Rodney Harrison was the first player in NFL history to have 30 sacks and 30 interceptions in his career the other one Ray Lewis and oh yeah in the playoffs championship moments Rodney Harrison was awesome he won Super Bowl 38 Super Bowl 39 where quite frankly Rodney Harrison should have been the MVP of the Super Bowl even though I love Dion Branch but in those six postseason games he had during that two-year stretch he had six interceptions a touchdown also had two sacks two tackles for a loss and 47 tackles yeah this guy Rodney Harrison or two-force fumble I should have said he belongs in the Hall of Fame now on the other side I'm a little bit annoyed that Sean Alexander who was an MVP in the league is not a semi-finalist for the Hall of Fame or does it even get like one conversation about Sean Alexander making the Hall of Fame has there ever been a push for this guy what does everyone say about Sean Alexander oh Zach he didn't play enough years in the NFL well the guy is the eighth most rushing touchdowns in NFL history so he didn't play enough years but he's still top 10 number eight to be exact for rushing touchdowns in NFL history he had a hundred a hundred rushing touchdowns and there was a stretch from 2001 to all the way to 2005 where this dude was just an absolute dog on the field in 2001 1,318 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns 2002 1,175 rushing yards 16 touchdowns 2003 1,435 yards 14 touchdowns 2004 1,696 rushing yards and six touchdowns and oh yeah by the way there was an MVP season of 2005 where he ran the Seahawks to the Super Bowl and he had 1,880 rushing yards and 27 touchdowns so guy is an MVP guy took a team to a Super Bowl and also has a hundred rushing touchdowns eighth most all-time no one makes a peep about Sean Alexander going to the Hall of Fame so that's my PSA Sean Alexander should be a Hall of Famer Rodney Harrison should be a Hall of Famer as well at least Rodney Harrison has a seat at the table to try to get himself in the hall seems like everyone has forgotten about Sean Alexander Stuart Kovacs what is your Zach Gelb show PSA today my friend yeah mine has to do not sports related mine are elevators elevators in a lot of different places elevators in this building especially if you get here at the wrong time like 9 or 10 in the morning when a lot of people are coming to work in this building it sometimes takes me 10 minutes to get to the 10th floor which is what time do you get into work around 10 usually a little after 10 o'clock so that's when I guess people are still trying to you know not a big rush and no so I can't imagine what it's like at like 8 30 or 9 so it's a disaster getting in it takes sometimes like I said 5 7 10 minutes to get up here there's ideas for times where I've been in line to get to the elevator from outside of the elevator shaft before you even scan your badge to get into the building so that's what so it's not only here too it's also where I live I live in a four-floor apartment building with an elevator only for how many elevators a lot so it's like a bigger building so there's multiple elevators but by my physical apartment there's only one that I could really get to unless I walk and you're waiting five to ten minutes to get up I mean no it's usually going down if someone if you miss it by like a second it's a very very slow elevator like it'll go like fourth floor it's just like a very slow track so if you just miss it you're kind of in trouble and that's happened to me in the past where I've missed my shuttle to get to to get to here to work basically because of the elevator being too slow also because of me being too late as well but the elevator speed for both me and my apartment and where I work not ideal I would say got cha I have one good elevator story oh good I was in Philadelphia and I was going to what's the name of the market there's a great market right in the heart of the city legendary spot it's going to kill me that I can't remember the name of the market but whatever it's insignificant to the story and we're going down to that market and there's a parking garage and we park in the parking garage clearly we're on like the fourth or fifth floor and we get in the elevator and I was in college like stupid right teenager you know 18 19 years old and one of my reading reading terminal market is the name of the market and and one of my buddies goes to me my buddy Mike he goes you won't jump up and down in the elevator I'm like what do you mean I won't jump up and down the it was just us two so I jump up and down in the elevator stop the elevator and I'm sitting in this elevator and this elevator was hot I love my buddy Mike not the most ideal person though in the world to be stuck within the elevator he'll tell you like his entire life story and I'm freaking out and we hit the big red button on the elevator and you know it dials 911 and they eventually get the fire department and I'm looking around this elevator because I'm like oh like I may be in trouble if there's a camera didn't see a camera fire department gets there they open up the elevator and I'm like thank you thank you thank you so much to the fireman pulls us out of the elevator and I bolted bolted out of that parking lot complex because I didn't want to try to have anything get back to me about oh there was the fat kid that was jumping up and down in an elevator but I was I was very concerned at that point yeah I would be too I've never been stuck in an elevator so I don't know what that would be like that can't be fun though I had a friend get stuck in an elevator when we were in Italy I was not in the elevator I I took like the elevator down it was one of those scenarios like you're talking about where there's a build up to the elevator I took the elevator down got there when the elevator went back up my buddy got stuck in the elevator he was stuck in there for like an hour it took forever in Italy to get everyone out of the the elevator so there's your Zach Gilp show PSA I got to get to this Von Miller story so you know we've all read today that he's accused and there's an arrest warrant out there where he's accused of assaulting his pregnant girlfriend at their high-rise apartment in Dallas according to multiple police sources obviously the details from what we know are not good he left the scene of what did transpire and the morning we were made aware of an incident involving Von Miller we are in the process of gathering more information and we'll have no further comment at this point that's what the Buffalo Bills did say and officers learned that Miller and the alleged victim were in an argument when Miller allegedly assaulted her police said I don't want to rush to any conclusions clearly when you hear the allegations if they are true Von Miller is a sick twisted human being and he shouldn't play for the rest of the season but let's see what are the facts here that do come on out all I can tell you right now that there's an a warrant out there for his arrest Von Miller has not been playing great for the bills coming off this injury Von Miller also has a big contract too so I don't want to be disingenuous here in the situation but sometimes we see in sports a player is playing at this high level and something disgusting goes on off the field and if there's no video then sometimes you are able to scape free or it's alright let's not have a rush to make sure that we're gonna say this person's guilty and have due process and the player gets to continue to play but even though with the legendary status Von Miller has in the game winning two Super Bowls winning a Super Bowl MVP this year he has not been the same player and he was brought to Buffalo to win a championship and I'm sure the Bills would love to find the way now out of this contract and I don't know all the the the litigious situation that's gonna happen in our lawsuit and language and the contract I should say but if he did this man this is just ugly ugly ugly stuff that goes without being said you know putting your hands on a woman is repulsive and putting your hands on a pregnant woman makes me want to even throw up even more so if this is true he should not play the rest of the season but it's just more and more that the Buffalo Bills have to deal with they've already been a disappointing team this year at six and six and you're trying to regroup you're trying to refocus and get your team back on track where you're gonna probably have to go four and one to find a way to make the postseason and now you're dealing with this just terrible situation where there's no winners here when you look at what Von Miller is being accused of so we'll take a break it is the Zach Yelp show on CBS Sports Radio we will get back into the week 13 that's gonna kick off later tonight after 8 p.m. on Amazon Prime you can listen to the game on Westwood One it's a Dallas Cowboys hosting the Seattle Seahawks so we'll get into a little bit more Cowboys Seahawks conversation we return also still to come Dan Lanning quack quack the coach of the Oregon Ducks is going to stop by at 5 20 p.m. Eastern to 20 p.m. Pacific the Ducks they will have a rematch of the game of the year Oregon Washington or Washington did get a victory it's Oregon's only loss of the season that comes your way tomorrow in the Pac-12 championship game Dan Lanning will join us in about 20-25 minutes.
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