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CGR FRIDAY Tim Rivers American Gulag J6ers Holly Swenson

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young
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November 17, 2023 8:59 am

CGR FRIDAY Tim Rivers American Gulag J6ers Holly Swenson

Chosen Generation / Pastor Greg Young

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This borewell we have put and pure and fresh water is coming and we are so thankful for all of you that we thank Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Radio Ministry and help the community and all of you that are in this village that God has enabled us to put in a poor and needy community, those who are having a problem of the water and support and help the community and help the community and all of you that are in this village, that God has enabled us to put more and more borewells in a poor and needy community, those who are in this village that God has enabled us to put in a poor and needy community, those who are in this village that God has enabled us to put in a poor and needy community, those who are in this village that God has enabled us to put in a poor and needy community, you you pop this on all right there we go all right good to have you with me thanks for being here this morning I've got a great program lined up for you top of the next hour Don Jans and I will have a conversation yesterday on the streets of San Francisco you may remember both the the old red dawn with Patrick Swayze and the and the newer red dawn with Liam I think was his name or Chris Chris Liam Hemsworth or Chris Hemsworth one of the two Chris Hemsworth I think it was anyway red dawn happened yesterday in San Francisco as as Ji Jin Ping arrived to a military welcome and stunningly our own military was forced to hold communist flags yeah we'll talk about that with Don Jans we've been warning you about it his book series warns about that and we have been warning you about all of that for the last 10 years 10 years we've been telling you this is coming okay let's see bottom of our number two we'll talk about the Oliver Stone flimflam demagogue of Daly Plaza who is responsible for the death of JFK was Johnson involved did Johnson push some buttons to assassinate the president or play some kind of a role we'll talk about that and coming up the bottom of the hour Holly Swenson is with us how do you talk about Israel and Hamas and what's happening in Israel and the assault on our Jewish brothers and sisters at the Thanksgiving table I never thought that we would be in a place where we would have generations that would support terrorists and communists and sodomites and baby killers this is this is not the America I grew up in Tim welcome to you j6 patriot news also the American Gulag Chronicles and and I know we want to talk about the book as well we have Patriots who are languishing in prisoner of war type conditions here in our country who are you know I I know and I and I I we talked about David Sumrall and and and others like him who are trying to continue as yourself to raise awareness to this issue John Pierce has been fighting for them Jeff Zink is is actually a defendant now his son was sentenced I think to like 20 26 plus six years 32 years for for standing on the steps of the of the people's capital all right I'm just I'm I love your title furious that's I'm furious Pastor Greg let me tell you Tim please talk to us about what what if what's the biggest thing in this that maybe even the top three things that the public needs to be getting from the media in free press truth and reporting that they never hear yo well you'll never see the real videos you know they would they say a picture is worth a thousand words pundits would like to talk about it people who've never been there would like to talk about it January 6 committee members who weren't president at the front lines would like to talk about it that's all hearsay well if you really want to know what happened that day I guess it would be smart to go to the people who were involved who were outside who were at the police lines who were being beaten shot gassed and and they've been writing to America literally since March of 2021 when you know when they started really rounding people up and throwing them in jail and in July of 21 we reactivated the Patriot Mail Project then you can find them at and that was a way for America to find where are these guys at how do I write to them how do I stay in contact with them how do I help them and that project is expanded now to include families and children of j-sixers who are suffering in some cases even worse than the defendants themselves and so that's that's how I all got started and we started I wrote a letter and and the answer I got back from the letter it drove me out of retirement I you know I left a very comfortable lifestyle and became furious Tim and try to be a loudspeaker a voice a megaphone for these people who are being silenced by the government because they're they did not commit crimes and yet the government's narrative is that they're they're horrible people they're racist they're white supremacists they're insurrectionists and that is the biggest crock you know what that I think America has ever had to swallow and yet for two and a half years they've been fed a history of lies and we we work actively to unravel those lies that's what we do let me let me I want to I want to play the spot with David Summerall talking about the chronicles themselves if I could for just a second here let me see if we can get that to to play every dollar is tracked and with digital currency comes the risk of half I thought we were gonna get like a little two minute blot from from David on this but it looks like it's more of a long-term commercial my apologies all right let's let's tell you you know it's people stood up that day right because they were fed up with what had happened they did not believe that that the election had been done with integrity and they went to do exactly what the Constitution guarantees and the right to do and that's what David says in that little interview and yet what happened that day was far far from constitutional assault is assault under color of law or as a civilian I don't care what it is murder is murder under color of law or as a civilian the laws are no different for those in authority than they are for those here in the civilian population and yet there have perjured themselves they have murdered people they have injured people they have beaten people they have lied on on the stand they have intimidated witnesses they have extorted prisoners and none of them have paid the price and so I guess America needs to ask themselves do we want justice in this country or we just going to turn a blind eye and watch these people go from political prisoners to political victims yeah all right here we go now I have I have located the piece that I was looking for let's up let's let's pop that up there and get that shared on the screen and let me see I think we can yeah there we go all right here we go folks you all right so what you see there is you're seeing the letters the actual letters that the prisoners wrote to their supporters into the people who wrote to them and from their families and then you see a very accurate transcript which we have an amazing team of volunteers who often are trying to decipher bad handwriting written on poor paper with broken pens and we produce this book that chronicles the lives of 35 political hostages I guess we stopped calling them prisoners because prisoners have rights right and many men's are being denied all rights visitation medical care access to attorneys access to the public access to the media and so we're beginning to call them political hostages I heard President Trump call them that in Texas the other day and I kind of agree that that's what they have become is hostages to the good behavior of those of us in the conservative right who might want to speak out against the narrative and the direction that this government is pushing well I know I know that you and and and David have been pushing very hard to try to get President Trump to jump in on this I know he's been very late or or delayed in in in really pushing and and and addressing this particular issue so I'm glad to see that he's doing it David and I have talked about you know Tucker had these hours and hours of video for from the very beginning from the very get-go he had 4,000 hours of video he and his producers others in in you know in the in the larger stream of media all had the material that that we were sharing here on my program with David for the last what now almost almost three almost three years almost three years you know you have to put a couple of things at the feet of the gatekeepers okay and who are the gatekeepers Oh David and I were talking about this on an interview yesterday the gatekeepers are the people who run the ISPs who manage the flow of information across the internet everybody should be very scared of President Biden's attempt to take over the internet and place it under government supervision and control in order to stem disinformation you should be very afraid of that kind of rhetoric and that kind of conversation because it will shut up people like Pastor Greg and myself so that the narrative can go unopposed I have to say the different if the Americans in this country do not find the Patriot gene that resides within each of them and activate it maybe it's the pain of your grocery bill maybe maybe it's what's happening to your children in school maybe it's the dissolutions in the persecution of your church and your faith and your and your Christian ethics maybe it's the fact that you disagree that there was a valid election in 2020 all of these things place you on the other side of this arbitrary line that this regime has drawn and if you stand on that side of the line well you're an enemy of the state the Ministry of Truth from Orwell has come true and business is good there's no question there there's there's absolutely no question and and it's you know it is not putting you at war you know even even to say you know President Trump needs to speak more vocally about these issues it's not putting me at war with President Trump it's him I mean if our officials if our leadership if those who are aspiring to be in those positions cannot be addressed or redressed by us then we have given away one of our constitutional rights and and to your point just really quickly to your point you know it's why we have to get back to God we have to get back to God because we have to recognize that these rights these things that we are are are standing up for are not things that were handed to us by by some arbitrary man or arbitrary higher power they were put in us by God life liberty that the pursuit of happiness that's literally who you and I are Tim and that's why our founding fathers would lay their lives down for it that's true but you know I I pastor Greg I constantly come to this this conundrum when I speak about our faith in our religion how do I say this Joshua was not on his knees when he conquered the walls of Jericho he was fighting for the Lord he was he was the arm the fist the strong arm of God why are we waiting for Chargers and white in men and white horses to come riding to our rescue you are the knight in shining armor you America are the ball work of this country you better find that Patriot gene and bring it to life and get involved in this fight or you will lose the most precious thing this planet has ever seen the bastion of Liberty and justice well understand I am right the blood the black robe regiment I mean let's let's be clear the ministers preached and then the very famous scene which is true of him taking off his his minister's robe to reveal underneath it a continental officer's uniform and then to bleeding the men in his congregation out the door to face down the British oppression so there's absolutely no question that we are to be engaged and and it's a two-front war we have got to war both in the spirit because there is an evil you can't look at what's happening today and not recognize that there is an absolute wicked evil that is driving these people that that practically possesses certainly oppresses and we need to take authority over we've been given authority but then in addition to that we also need to be prepared to physically engage whether it is our words to our congressional members and those that are in that whether it's campaigning for candidates that that are going to and remembering that those are candidates that represent us not not kings and queens that we are subservient to we don't live in a Romans 13 culture we need to be we need to remember that preachers need to remember we don't live in a Romans 13 culture we live in a culture that is a throwback to the Old Testament when the people of God the Jewish people the people of Israel directly connected with God and they got their marching orders from that King as our founder said King Jesus go ahead Tim I'm sorry when you listen to these read some of these letters in this book and you listen to the interviews that we do at J6 Patriot News with these guys and I even do a Freedom Friday show every Friday at 12 Central on Lindell TV too where we bring you J6 interviews and we bring you defendants to speak to you directly today I'm bringing Jeremy Brown from the Citrus County Jail he's a he's a retired Green Beret he was the poster boy for the Green Beret and I guess I want to come back over and over again to what can you do I could talk all day long about this because I have so much information but I urge you to read the letters you saw a little sample you can go to our website J6 Patriot News read the first 14 pages of this book by yourself if you're not crying at the end of it I didn't do my job well because these letters are heartbreaking but they're also revealing and you know what gets revealed pastor is the faith these men have not only have many come to Christ in prison but they have an unshakable faith that whatever is happening here is happening as part of a plan for America and they're willing to play their part in that plan if it even if it hurts them and their families even if they suffer a martyrdom for it they are willing to do that as is David as am I as is so many people who have joined this fight because we are fighting for nothing less than the survival of American culture I'm sorry that's all it is this is a cultural war we either win it or we sink into immorality from which there is no return and so no doubt strength right pray for guidance pray for the ability and the will to get up and do the work and engage yes engage make sure that you are that you are being actively involved the prayer is important and I and I and I know that your message wasn't don't pray your message was you know but pray for the right things well and and then act on your own words of faith but look we change our environment by what we speak and how we pray that it's so important to understand life and death and the power of the tongue and the words that we speak and how we break the strongholds of the enemy in the areas around us and and we do that first by the things that we speak out we need to say let the light shine into the darkness that that that is holding these men let this let their darkness let the evil deeds of those that are doing injustice be exposed in the name of Jesus Christ let those evil deeds be exposed let them be brought to justice there are multiple Psalms that you can be praying folks literally praying the Psalms that are related to these exact issues because these are the kinds of things that David was crying out to God about relative to the injustices that were happening in his life based on people doing the wrong thing I mean it's it's all right there for us I would I would refer you also to Ephesians don the armor of God use the shield of righteousness and the sword of justice to heal this country and to restore it to its values there's so many opportunities in the Bible for you to find encouragement for you to find direction for you to find strength but the will the will to act the will to leave your keyboard to step out your front door I don't care if you run for dogcatcher or support somebody who's running for dogcatcher if you stand outside your voting place and act as an as a watcher if you actively work in the polling place just do something do not sit idly because that is not what you're being told to do so many of these people in these letters you will read said God called me to go to DC that day God told me to go into the Capitol and how can you ignore that command when you are called you should answer so many have done so over time and have achieved so much in his name so now here's your chance but you must act you may not sit and watch anymore and we have to identify the misrepresentation of history that has taken place the reality is is that this is the people's house how can you possibly be a trespasser in in your own house you know we were talking about this on the program just this past week we were talking about taxation and and and issues such as that and permissions and how and how we have were basically our frog and water and and I know from the last 20 some odd years of studying into what they call the sovereign citizen movement which they vilified under Clinton but the but what is that it's saying look I am my own person and I am a responsible and accountable only to God no man owns me I am not a slave that's what it says and it and I will abide by just laws I will abide by the constitution of the United States of America and I will abide by the just laws a driver's license are you kidding me think I mean really think about that you have to get permission from some entity to drive on a road that you own that you paid for look what we've done the vaccines we let them close us in our homes shut down churches I've David and I've talked about this I've got a post up about this there was a redress of grievances that went well beyond just an election there was shutdowns of homes there was the perversion of our children there was the attempts to take away our second amendment rights the list goes on and on there are about a half dozen issues that people gathered there to call to the attention of their representatives not their lords not serfs representatives and it's disgusting how people have been treated for trying to gain the attention oh I'm afraid I'm afraid well if you were doing your job you shouldn't be afraid and no one went there with pitchforks and nails and hammers and there wasn't any of that the only people that had anything resembling any of that were the FBI plants that were put in there to create this facade it was the it was actually the only moment in history where an insurrection was staged with hats and flags it is kind of hard to understand but I think over and over again we see now the holy moly we see the inconsistency of the narrative I ask people to go to please look at the videos there watch the documentaries for yourself yes a picture is worth a thousand words you will see the actuality of that day and then you can make up your own mind and compare it to the narrative but what we're seeing over and over again people are going like well the videos don't match the narrative no folks the videos are the evidence the narrative doesn't match the videos that's what you need to remember and go to these sites educate yourself remember that there is no need to be fearful if you are doing the work don the armor of God use the shield of righteousness handle the sword of justice because this is what Americans and Christians do absolutely and hopefully we will restore this country but 100 of the proceeds from not only the book letters from prison but the second book which went on pre-sale this week called the art of confinement that picks up the story from these gentlemen from September of 2022 and brings it right up to October last month so you get I mean this is as hot as it can get people take years to produce books we throw them out the door in three months with everything in it and you will see for yourself and read from them here in their own words see in their own hand the truth of that day and the truth of what is happening to America now and then after you've gotten off your knees from praying it's time to act amen amen all right we're out of time I thank you so much for coming on the program with me today I thank you for taking the time to be here and I thank you for the fight that you're fighting again tim rivers american gulag chronicles dot org american crew log gulag chronicles dot org and also as you see there on the screen stop and there are the resources there just you know watch bloody hill listen to those interviews the video that is in there will will convince you of what the truth really is and I hope you'll check it out I'll be back with more chosen generation radio coming up right after this brief break thanks pastor okay uh thank you tim so much I greatly appreciate it my pleasure sir appreciate the time so up next we have clean slate when you have different things like cancer 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freedom my father fought for a world war ii defending our country today we are no longer fighting with guns instead we are fighting an ideological battle for control of our country by contributing to causes that support your constitutional rights i am patriot mobile you can support chosen generation and make a tax deductible donation by visiting and now back to chosen generation with pastor greg you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you who thanksgiving dinner but um but what are some of the places that you would recommend for people i actually saw a post about this a couple that just was moving into the area but they weren't here yet but their son who is a veteran is living in the area while they're dealing with getting moved over here and they were asking for you know ideas where would you recommend folks go that that maybe are not able to fix a meal for themselves at home oh wow um gosh i you know i i'm depending on where you live i mean i think you just have to find your resources of good places that you know are providing thanksgiving meals and i think there are more places than then you realize that you offer a beautiful thanksgiving meal so i think just you know you know ask siri check google and uh and and find the resources in your local uh your local town i know i know i was reading some of that last night we the the american legion here uh in or or or up in lake hills is actually holding one there's a community center there's a couple of different restaurants that are putting on uh full thanksgivings there's a uh uh riding the river cowboy church is doing a thanksgiving meal at one o'clock uh that that's where i am in the area that i live in texas now where are you at so i'm in montana okay so yeah so i'm in montana um yeah in missoula is where i i'm i'm based out of now now now are y'all getting winter yet oh yeah you know we actually had we got a cold spell it was down about 15. okay we had a snack but then the last week and a half or two has been actually beautiful uh so we're getting a little breather before winter fully sets in when does winter hit you guys do you have a white do you ever have a white thanksgiving or you or what do you do have a white thanksgiving or or or or how does that look you know it is a tiramisu some years yes some years no last year we had snow at the beginning of november and it did not melt until april which is very rare so we had a very white thanksgiving last year but you know montana it keeps you on your toes now i i i i i i'm not really familiar with missoula but so do you have do you have livestock as well on your place uh we don't we do have ducks but we don't i mean okay i don't think i would really qualify that as you know livestock but um but no there's this you know i we don't have any but but there are lots of folks that do a lot a lot a lot of livestock in the area yep so tell me about ducks how did you end up how did you get i really love i have loved having uh you know we had had chickens in the past i never had ducks and um and it's just they're they're such characters and they uh so much personality and they follow you everywhere they're they're amazing now now they lay eggs um yes however ours do not so oh okay but they take care of like your mosquito problems i know montana has as a lot of mosquitoes i think when i was i've been there and and one of the hotels we stayed at had had had the the blow thing that blew down in front so that as you walked in the it kind of blew all the all the bugs off to try to keep all the mosquitoes out you guys have a a pretty heavy mosquito season if i remember correctly depending on where you are in the state some places aren't bad at all but some yeah some do get it worse than others uh but yeah they're great they're great with keeping the bugs down and they do their job out in the garden well yeah i think i was in billings yeah i think i was in billings when that happened well thank you so much for being with us today holly i greatly appreciate it thank you so much it's a pleasure all right live your glow dot live live your glow dot live and uh and and pick up the audible book you'll get to hear holly herself speaking it out for you that'll be fun have a happy thanksgiving thank you you too all right we're going to take a break we'll be back with more children generation radio coming up right after this brief break i'm your host pastor greg check it out i believe look i am for marriage between a man and a woman i am for life from conception i am for following the bible and i believe that our founders started this nation on biblical principles i am in support of our military and believe that america should play a role in world security i believe our constitution was intended for a moral people and that the bible contains the only true moral code i believe we are all born sinners and that god in his grace and mercy sent his son jesus christ to die for our sins and that if we will confess our sins he is just and righteous to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteousness i believe salvation is not just accomplished in a little prayer but it is found in how that transformation is lived out jesus is to be the lord of our lives and we should follow biblical precepts this is not legalism or works but a life lived out in love and honor towards the one who died for my sins faith without works is dead and is no faith at all i believe that we will fall and that we need to have a repentant heart and that god will ultimately bring us into perfect action through jesus christ spirit man perfected and soulish man in progress i believe that we are not to live in guilt and shame when we fall but we repent and get up and move closer to jesus i believe that if our nation will repent and turn from wickedness that god will heal our land i believe that as a christian i must occupy until he comes and that to call evil wicked and to warn about those evil acts as a part of the mandated christianity that to love also means to be willing to take the risk necessary to confront a friend with the truth in hopes that their heart will be turned because their life matters even if it means in that moment they will possibly hate me it means that i must risk scorn to stand for truth and that i can never sit silently by while evil attempts to conquer the world god is a man who has been to conquer the world god is my everything and jesus is the love of my life that does not make me weak but strong not silent but bold and not fearful but courageous therefore if you are my friend while we may not fully agree know that i share what i share because i care if you strongly disagree with these beliefs they are not debatable for me and you can if you choose unfriend me i do say this in anger but in love i wish for you eyes to see and ears to hear that jesus christ is the only way to salvation and that god not man gets to decide what is truth life and the way god bless you so so i got don backstage how you doing don hi all right buddy hang tight i'll let you know we're ready for you so i just sit here and wait and then in my and we'll go back to uh yeah there we go and we'll go back to generation radio and there's topics off limits and everything filtered through little houses all right hey listen i want to let you know i will be taking uh some time off next week for uh the thanksgiving break and i'm i'm i'm taking the whole week off uh so i will be uh resting and uh and and refreshing and all that kind of good fun stuff uh yesterday uh like i'll give you uh actually i'm gonna tease this because i'm not gonna give it to you right now but we had our service in uh punjab india yesterday uh i can tell you that we had over 300 people in attendance yesterday and uh and and it was it was amazing absolutely amazing i got the update from pastor samuel and uh i'll share that with you here in just a couple of minutes our number two is coming up don jans and i uh we're gonna be talking about red dawn is here red dawn has arrived if you don't know what i mean then then uh well you haven't been watching any movies uh but uh red dawn is here ji jin ping arrived in san francisco yesterday and it looked like china has invaded america i'm telling you seriously i'll have video for you all right we're gonna take a break we'll be back with more you're listening to children generation radio where no topic's off limits everything filtered through biblical glasses here on tcn tv and across our social media networks back with more children generation radio coming up right after all of this breakage we can just find the right screen there is a little speaker icon on the top left hand corner of your screen that will mute the playback okay we'll try that one for a minute hi i'm tim shep a certified natural health practice you're called available at i thought i was on a good nutritional program before i discovered okay and now there can you hear greg
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