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Is it the rookie QB bowl at BOA Stadium this Sunday?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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October 27, 2023 3:43 pm

Is it the rookie QB bowl at BOA Stadium this Sunday?

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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October 27, 2023 3:43 pm

Chris Lea, WRAL TV, on the Carolina Panthers vs Houston Texans this Sunday at BOA Stadium!

What’s Chris’ predictions for the Carolina Panthers vs the Houston Texans this Sunday at Bank of America stadium? Frank Reich came out, basically defending his choice of picking Bryce Young, does Chris believe that considering what kind of QBs Frank has liked in the past? Plus, “Ghosts in the Stadium”, what’s the background of Carter Finley Stadium?


Well, what I want to talk about the rookie quarterback bowl at Bank of America Stadium and also this really snappy new WRAL TV 5 documentary, Ghosts in the Stadium, four iconic stadiums and how they were built and maybe who they were built on top of.

Chris Lee WRAL TV 5 joins us to talk about that and the game which is coming up. Can we start with the game just because people are like, why are people making a big deal out of this? It is the 3-3 Texans against the 0-6 Panthers and it's not like this is a playoff battle. Although somebody could make the playoffs with nine wins, maybe.

So let's handle the game first. Too much being made of Bryce Young versus CJ Stroud? Yes and no. Why I say yes is because they're both rookies and they didn't get a chance to choose their situations.

They have different situations with different things happening around them, which is why the results are what they are. Bryce Young has played fantastic for the most part, but his team just isn't very good. So he's 0-5 as a starter. CJ Stroud has been very good himself. His team is a lot better around him and he's been able to be 3-3. I would hate for CJ Stroud to come into Charlotte and get a win at Bank of America Stadium before Bryce Young does and he doesn't even play there.

So it would be a big deal if that were to happen. Bryce Young, I really hope the Panthers get it together so he can get that win. But in the grand scheme of things, and this is what I keep pushing back on, I mean it is sort of like saying in a marathon the person ahead at the 1,000-yard mark is the winner of the race.

We are literally 6 games into what I'm going to guess is at least a 10-year NFL career for both. So how can we judge it? How can we judge anything 6 games in? You can't.

Honestly, you really just can't. The Panthers made their choice. The Texans made their choice.

Again, those guys didn't choose the situations they're in and they can't do anything about their individual situations. Either quarterback can win the first battle this coming Sunday, but let's say if CJ Stroud comes into Bank of America Stadium and gets a win there before Bryce Young does, but Bryce Young goes on to win multiple Super Bowls later, then are we really going to look back at this game too much? I think right now for Panthers fans, they probably just need to hold tight a little bit and not look too far into what's going on this Sunday. Let everything happen.

Let the story play out. Did you say multiple Super Bowls? I'm just curious. Did I hear that? I heard that. My brain just went like all sorts of craziness. Yes, multiple Super Bowls. That would be great. If that were to happen, it would happen when Bryce Young is with another team because that's how the Panthers roll.

Oh man, I can't believe you just went there. That's Chris Lee at Chris Lee TV on Twitter. So Frank Reich earlier this week came out and basically defended their selection of Bryce Young because there's so many rumors that because we all know and I said it this way during the week that Frank Reich has a big quarterback fetish. Some head coaches like feet, Rex Ryan, Frank Reich likes big quarterbacks historically speaking. It also may be that he likes quarterbacks that have played well in the past and it might not have anything to do with whether or not they are big. So he had to defend Rivers, Ryan, Carson Wentz, although it was a long time ago for Carson Wentz, but he had to defend the selection of Young whereas if he really wanted Stroud and if Scott Fitterer really wanted Stroud, wouldn't Stroud have been the pick? Well, here's the thing Scott Fitterer did tell us if you remember back in the beginning of the season or before the season started, I should say back like after the the the draft was over that the Panthers in their scouting department had basically marked Bryce Young two years ago as a guy that they wanted to potentially go after in 2023. So Frank Reich was like bigger guys and you know, I was able to interview Boomer Esiason back in April before the draft and that was one of the things he was saying.

He was like looking at everybody else. It feels like either Stroud or Will Levis should be the guy just based off of what I know from Frank Reich. They used to be roommates together at Maryland and of course still maintained as good friends since then. So I mean, he would know something about what he likes. I'm sure they've had conversations about that.

And so this doesn't this isn't coming out of nowhere. You know, Frank Reich does like the bigger guys. So it does feel like there had to have been at some point, a time where Scott Fitterer and David Tepper had to talk him into. Maybe he was actually sold on Bryce Young and I'll believe that but at some point he had to be talked into it because you know, you can't help what you like and you know, we know his background and we've heard from people close to him what he really likes.

You love who you love. I think is the way I would read what Chris Lee just said to say. Yeah, if you felt if Reich felt strongly about it, I really do. I think they would have drafted Stroud. I think because you can your owner can't make that decision. I don't care who the owner is unless you're Jerry Jones and you are the GM to the owner can't make that decision. You have to trust the football people that you hire to make that decision. Ultimately, I think they did make the right decision. So, you know, that's I'm not coming down on a decision at all. They ultimately made the right decision. Yeah, I think Bryce is gonna be fine.

He only needs like eight or nine better offensive players around him to make the whole thing whole thing work. By the way, you can hear Chris and Tim Donnelly and Dennis Cox all on the Panthers Playbook podcast. It'll be coming up after the Panthers beat the Texans on Sunday. Also the documentary ghosts in the stadium.

So I didn't I had no idea that this was happening. Maybe I should pay more attention to company emails, but fascinated by the premise for iconic stadiums and the history behind where they're built, how they were built, who they honor. I've made snide comments about Keenan Stadium in the past because we know what the original honor honoree was what Keenan senior who was behind the Wilmington riots, but they've changed it.

They've gone to Keenan junior, which to me isn't really changing anything but explain the premise behind the documentary. I know we can watch it in Wilmington from people listening in Wilmington. They can watch it tomorrow night in Wilmington.

I think it's six o'clock. It's already aired, but it's available through WRAL sports and all the podcast and the the stuff we have there but explain the premise and what a little bit about what you found. Yeah, so basically this is something that kind of came to me in parts, you know, when I was at WXI Winston-Salem, I knew a little bit about the Good Samaritan Hospital that's right there at the site of Bank of America Stadium and I heard a little something about what they knew last year what really, you know, set it off was going to the Clemson NC State game and walking to the media site entrance and looking over and seeing that sign that says this is a burial ground of former enslaved people and convicted laborers and knowing what I know about South Carolina and their old laws convicted labor is just means black people who are freed who didn't have anywhere to go. So we arrested them on vagrancy laws and make them go work for still after slavery was abolished for free. And so that was a land that they worked on and to help build the university and different things like that and a lot of guys were a lot of folks were were buried there as well. And, and then I read Wilmington's lie, and I never made the connection between that and the Wilmington massacre.

And then that book helped me put it together. And, and then I went to Heather Leah who works at WRL does the great job with the hidden history online, and I showed her this and she was like, wow, you know, I didn't know anything about those stadiums but let me tell you about Carter Finley Stadium. And so that's when we knew there's something bigger than this.

This is more than just a minute and 30 packets just going to air on television we have to do something more so I was able to pitch it to the doctor, and luckily they gave it the green light and you know, there's a stories that you see right there. I'm from North Carolina, a lot of this stuff. I didn't know before the last few years. Well, I had always assumed that there was a problem where Carter Finley Stadium was based on based on results.

It's like somebody's somebody did something wrong to somebody based I'm just I mean it's a it's probably a bad joke at this point but I'm just I'm sorry I missed all of this. I'm sorry I missed the original air on Wednesday night but I will seek it out. Chris Lee ghosts in the stadium available right now and again if you're in Wilmington and people are listening in Wilmington. I hope they'll check it out Saturday night. I was gonna say if you're Raleigh you want to watch it again on television and will be on Fox 50 Sunday at 730.

So, before Sunday Night Football turnover to Fox 50, you can watch it just 30 minute doc and then you can watch football Sunday Night Football on WRL right after and then they can listen to Panthers playbook when you Tim and Dennis talk about the Panthers pasting of the Texans. It's going to happen. I just told you it was going to happen, Chris. Chris Lee is right. I haven't won a wager this week but I'm always right.
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