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The Great Christian Camp, Camp Hanes with Stu

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 23, 2018 8:26 pm

The Great Christian Camp, Camp Hanes with Stu

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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A great testimony of God's amazing grace amid a tragic hurricane.

People thought it's lights out for this little Christian camp in North Carolina Sauer town Mountain beautiful right in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Val Elliott you're the director of YMCA campaigns. If I could just enjoy sharing with your team to challenge your counselors to know God and make him known and the theme of this year's campus. What strength and loss initially theme every year. Whenever we play this program, but real quick were looking at a miracle here this massive rockclimbing will tell us what in the world this is and tell us what God is done to rebuild out of the ashes of this horrific hurricane. We had a huge lunch with Pat Williams last year at the stadium big area in which the samples were listeners outside of the area of North Salina and you couldn't come. Mural staff can come because a massive hurricane tour through this Christian camp of all the places that hit knocking on how many trees what was the damage yet it did him over 12,000 trees every building. It was actually 1/2 a mile wide when it came to camp in every building, every structure was damaged, we had $1.5 million of damage that was done 1.5 million in real you got campers coming home a month later you you got a lot of pressure on you.

You notices. This is a ministry or try to serve the Lord your REIT bring a lot of kids will give their life to Christ. Harsher, more tender which is why it did the Truth Network to talk weekend we promote Christian camps. We promote all of you know their Christian camp like the wild weapon Brevard.

We had them on promote them. We promote Christian camps in Raleigh's awesome cancer the partner with us in the triangle camps all over the country.

Colorado can cut camp you are Kennecott yells a counselor there is an 8990.

I got some nephews going there with us a dynamic that people need to know this. If you haven't heard this something happens.

The heart is a bit more tender when the kids are a bit younger right in. They show up and they meet the spirit like counselors, but to hear about someone that loves them unconditionally yeah and you know we're looking at a common tower that is unique is one-of-a-kind there's not another common tower like it, it has on panels to climb up with artificial rock handles on it you can climb up over 30 feet to get to the top, but you also have a Scott hammock is looks like an upside down you there with the ropes and you got elements like climbing up a tree on that right side as you're walking across that rope with and then there some hand holes on the left side there. I'm in God uses the common tower to build confidence in kids and when kids are doing this coming and they are thinking about like what you said Chapel get ready to hike the mountain and then to be thinking about the words that she spoken about about knowing God and making him known.

While so many kids are coming, and this is amazing.

I love how you jumped right to the climbing wall is retarded. Mike is coming to Christ. It camp because really these are all tools what they think you're getting is a great Express which they are. You got this blob you got this. These canoes got his beautiful water you got these amazing waterslides got this pool this like this Olympic size pool all kinds of slides and cool things you got the air in AZ and where the kids can play ball and foursquare in this new game for tall people like me and working up a little video up at my Facebook page of all these cool things and would also put a video to show this rock wall. So what are listeners interviewers all my friends on the Graham Instagram just go to Stu Epperson you're one of my many followers. Val has arrived, and I live like for him and some of the your photos and videos. If I did know you personally know you're there because there's just so many nasty nice Krista but I don't have hundreds and thousands and lentils and allows well on twitter and on the grammar everywhere, but with this. This is just awe-inspiring but to kill come climb the wall but they don't they realize that, like it says in the good book, the name of the Lord is a strong tower and so I think that's Proverbs 1810 is either Psalms and Proverbs 1810 but I know that verse for much of my life. I may have learned the Christian camp well and instills you say that you know one of the philosophies that we have a camp that actually see the little wristband that I'm wearing here and in it says on third because the on third lifestyle is a lifestyle that we live out here. Can't we care campers is putting God first other second and ourselves that are really serving leadership in these young people coming from Sony's rising stars kids from some great colleges and where just met him he was able interactive and challenging in their faith.

The drilled deep in the Lord be rooted in him, so they can be a resource.

These kids and really begin to be a source of healing to bring them to the Lord and that is pretty awesome present their learning life-changing principles that are kingdom principles is really these campers become their impacted these counselors who are as they serve their being ministered to and their serving in or going out the world and make a difference in being salt light in monies campers and counselors come back over and over again right you see Lonnie as the new face you see a lot of the same face how they do coming 65 to 70% of our staff are returners that have been campers and we have a staff of this you this in his 15th year so we have we have kids that started six and now the counselors, counselors 11, 12, 13 coming 13 years here camp and so the ownership that they have and they see themselves as God, God is pouring through them to the children and we do a Chapel every morning, we also do devotions at night and I and so we pray before every meal and me.

We are are we. We want to point the light towards Christ and that's what we have an amazing common tower. We have a 40 acre equestrian center. We have an Olympic size swimming pool with with slides and wood buckets and and with the latest and greatest. We have a 200 foot waterslide that goes into the lake. But those are tools that God uses to bring kids to him and out and that that's the cool thing is our staff, they are they are powerful part of that they are strong Christians that that the just share the gospel and that culminate disciple because what Jesus told us to go out disciple and so our staff are discipling kids and growing them in the Lord about parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, get those youngsters in a Christian camp will have a great time. Sure they will be around the house just on the screens all day all week but will be at a place like this. The wilderness may order hiking in their camping and their climbing walls like this wall is unbelievable and fallibilities a camp director. I'm Stu Epperson this is true talk we can. Val is not too late to sign up for camp.

Obviously you have a few slots, you don't always awesome Christian cancer filled up quick like campaigns, whimsy campaigns were here in North Carolina, gets rid Christian camps in Utah Iowa all over the place of listeners all over Jackson with floor.

There's a great Christian camps what your recommendation in terms of like how to become to your how they sign up. You can't like your website and maybe a phone number to call if they want to get involved in your camp and center kids. I know it's not you lately either the Kennedy to put it put a move on here yet one of the more the awesome things that God is doing. Is this the tornado hit last year.

May 24 and two days after that God gave me the word.

He said I want to make campaigns even better and and this summer we're on track right now to before we are on track to have the most campers that we've ever had a camp and so we are so excited about that and so our spots are filling up. We still do have a limited amount of spot. We still have space for folks to register to register, call Carmina at 336-983-3131 or visit our and there are a bunch of prayer warriors listing I'm challenge here will listen my voice right now don't change your dial. You are now enlisted in the Army of prayer warriors to pray for God to move mightily in kids hearts, campers, arts counselors, arts, and in protecting the support the teams of Christian camp counselors. All the country.

How can we pray for you now or will listing out anybody driving on the road. Don't close right challenges yet what I ask you to do is lift our staff team will lift the team here at campaigns and asked that God would use us to bring children to to him. That's what it's all about it that that we would know God this summer and we would make him known. And please Bremen, our staff, they are they workmen they are with children all the time and there are session starting Sunday and get the Friday and I'm and they are there with campers ultimate.

It is a hours they put in is amazing. So please just pray for their strength.

I would ask you to pray for their mind and their body in their spirit and pray for their strength. Pray that everything they do will be done in love.

Val Europe Christian camp and heart your camp director Leader really a pastor in so many ways over so many people we say a quick prayer were wrapping up just about out of time here to talk we can. I'm Stu Epperson learn more at my Instagram page Stu Epperson Twitter follow me at Stu Epperson off all you right back will share true the guys were together Facebook at Stu.Epperson, put some pictures and some videos without pray right now going on for all the Christian camps going on this summer, and even to the winter we just pray right now for all the leaders accounts just what you just articulate and everyone pray along with MS you're driving or wherever you're with your family to heavenly father God first just want to thank you so much for the Truth Network. Lord I thank you for what it means to me and and the great teaching is come to work and is as I head home. I thank you Lord for the for the seeds that are planted in my mind and the truths that are put in my mind and my heart Lord I thank you for that. Lord I thank you for the ministry that Stu and his family have an Christian radio Lord and the impact that it hasn't so many believers across the world and more I lift up all the Christian camps across the globe.

Lord I slipped up the directors and what I pray for their leadership this summer. Lord I pray that that we would all live out that God first other second and ourselves third Lord I lift up the counselors but I lift up the staff. I lift up the hours. Lord I pray for strength for them. I pray that she was strict in their minds and their hearts and their bodies, Lord, and you would give them strength. Lord I pray all of this in Jesus Christ name. Thank you.

Val Elliott campaigns learn more online is our website. We try to put all of our wonderful friends and partners lots a great Christian camps there. Please continue to pray get those kids out there and let's use everything in our wheelhouse. Everything we have to bring people to Christ including some of these wonderful Christian camps

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