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Truth for Youth: Traveling the World to spread the Good News of Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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June 15, 2019 5:00 pm

Truth for Youth: Traveling the World to spread the Good News of Jesus

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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June 15, 2019 5:00 pm

Truth Network intern Austin Bryant interviews teenager Abigail Grimes about her past and upcoming mission trips.

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Welcome to the trees for used opening segments of the truth talk weekend untruths were entering Austin Bryant on the software you and seeing you likelier say were excited to interview young lady was travel the world, spreading the good news of Jesus. Her name is Abigail Grimes. Abigail welcome to choose for you. Thank you. I Abigail tells first about who you are and where you grew up. Well, like semi names. I will Grimes. I'm 17.

I grew up and Clemens North Carolina. I have two siblings that are both older than me and so I just kinda grown up here and there in the church and just have really grown to love God more personally in the past few years and just I desire to spread his word throughout the world. Okay, so how did you come to the Lord as your personal Lord and Savior. Yeah well I was I guess about all 11 or 12. I like said the Lord's prayer and stuff like all of that when I was about seven but I don't think I fully understood what that meant yeah and so I think I was about 11, 12, and I really started actually reading the Bible my own. I started just kinda learning who Jesus is and here he says I am. And through that we just began to start a relationship and I invited him into parts of my life that I hadn't before and I invited him into owning parts of my life that had a before and that we just became really good friends and I just fell in love with him as my Savior and just realize the price you paid for me and yeah I just was beautiful thing.

I know it's just been a growth process. Obviously it just hasn't all been great all the time his arms and downs but you also will be here. What got you excited about missions and mission work okay so I had done like some local missions trips with my middle school, church, type thing and okay there more just like fine light can't type things, but my first, I would consider like missions trip was when I was 11 and I went to Guatemala with some my family and that's just where you really fell in love with lost people and just really fell in love with like the Lord's mission for the world is your fondest memory from trip just the orphan, so we worked in an orphanage. The whole time. So just getting to know this kids in their hearts and their abilities and they're just so talented and it made me have a heart for people that some people didn't even want and just broke my heart. Why should other young people in their prime time the lights go on mission trips 10 just goof around and have fun and play video games. Yeah, that's been a really big thing that people told me there like wild here at 17 need to be like going off and doing like partying and all his stuff and is just if you think about the world and light of eternity and you think about your prime years in light of eternity in you think, like when I get to heaven. If you have that mindset, then everything becomes so much more valuable on what you commit yourself to become so much more valuable and it makes you want to live in an eternal state of view rather than just like now if that makes sense so worried on these mission trips abroad. I know you said you been to Guatemala you also. I'm pretty sure, but all of US with different mission trips well or some other places around the world is going to and how did you share God's news and his word abroad live on. Been to some of Europe around. I've been to Israel and Jordan and South Africa and Swaziland and Guatemala Mexico 11 really really blessed. A lot of that was through some mild church and through my family. Coordinating missions trips, but I think each one is pretty unique and so Guatemala was a lot more like a love mission that makes sense and I think Swaziland was to just going in meeting these people who are extremely broken and extremely impoverished or orphans who just literally didn't have anyone in their lives and just showing them the love of Christ and showing them that they are loved where they forgiven valued no matter what has been shown them throughout their life, and I think that is just as much as Mrs. trip and that that's something I struggle with because I'm very much achiever. I want to do and I want to build a house and I want to be like this is what I have for you, but I think breaking down the walls of loving people is just as important like has taught me a lot.

So were your future endeavors.

Are there any future trips you have coming up that you look you in the future. Yes, I'm actually leaving for Kenya for a month at the end of June to June 29 I will be heading off to Kenya and I will be living with a family there local family like an hour outside of Nairobi and starting a local church with them and helping with the youth ministry and mentoring.

Some of the girls in their church. Yeah I'm really really excited, but and then at its C September 8 I leave for the Middle East for six months while Chris pushed yeah it is all I'm really excited though. I think the Lord is doing a lot there right now and I think a lot is being done against the Lord. Right now there and so there's just all this a lot going on that that region the world but I'm really excited walking with the truth and a lot of people are pro-Christian and anti-Jesus in the Middle East is something I realized on the word we look at it is a really weird way to look at it but they they don't mind as much of Christianity side, or at least of the region. I'm going don't mind like being like oh you're Christian, as long as you're not actually a Christian you know what I mean yeah exactly and so it's really sad because their progression because they haven't actually met Jesus and they haven't met people who love Jesus and love the Holy Spirit and said just bring that into the religiosity of that society is to be a really big challenge, but I think it's so beautiful you're doing.

This is a gap year we left college credit is graduated from high school. Yeah so excited about the yeah I'm really excited. Ivan wanted to do that for a long time but just fell together made you wonder the gap year's going to college after college go on mission trip was all I think like you said is just like a prime time of opportunity. You just have this this time and between high school and college, and some people think happier and work some people in. I just had really wanted to ordain this time for missions because my heart is definitely with missions that I didn't want to wait till four years of college to get a truly pursue it, except for just like Summers or something and then I know out of college and my student debt and stuff and it just wouldn't exactly follow together the way. It could post high school and is looking to accomplish on the use upcoming to upcoming mission trips are going yeah absolutely so one of them is a lot more a lot more but it definitely has more discipleship.

Based in so like I'm going to be discipled on a very personal basis, which I think is really exciting. I think it's can prepare me a lot more to become a better missionary in a better just follower of Christ in evangelists and I'm really excited to see what that holds in all the challenges that that's holds because I think it can be really challenging sometimes except on discipleship and growth and all of those things that entail when you're trying to grow as someone sharing the gospel in advancing the gospel and so I want to take on what that means and also you mentioned earlier you had hope going abroad and I'll show with your upcoming program. Are you looking are you funding yourself are you having people help you along the way to help you reach your goal yes, so both I'm working couple jobs I now have been for a while, but I'm that's most of my income towards that and so that the same time I've been sending out support letters. A lot of people have been amazingly generously that and I've been really blessed to have that I've been selling cookie go like nonstop selling rolls and rolls and rolls of aikido, just not here and there. People just been so generous and it's absolutely blown my mind of how generous people can be so yeah definitely can't achieve it alone because it's good to be about $11,000. All in all I don't have but yeah, people have been amazing and I've been really grateful for that. Awesome.

So any advice. Listeners want to go to mission trip but haven't yet.

Like they're looking to do that believers can get around to getting to occurs naturally summer money.

You sure, except going there for just a giant challenge of faith know about.

Yeah, absolutely. I think the first step. Actually, God spoke to me about a year and 1/2 ago and I've I'd like my heart is just been with missions.

I think he's actually shown me that can be a little bit of an idol for me as I can want to do missions without knowing him fully. Which is crazy I just I think that's a lot of our generation. We want to travel with him to do stuff. It's really exciting or like a missions trip. Yeah, exactly. And so he was like Abby, I'm not gonna send you anywhere until you are missionary where you are and he meant that he took that very seriously. Many didn't send me for like a year and I stayed home and he was like you're going to go to your YMCA and I go to these people. We don't get along with and you share the gospel and I did and it was literally several wording and I was able start discipleship groups with always like 25 people, like it was insane and is seeing what the Lord can do. Where he's placed you right now and challenging yourself outside of just a one week a lot of time just really change my life and so I would say definitely challenge yourself.

I wanted to be what it means to be a missionary right here right now and then through that prayerfully decide and think about where your talents can be applied outside of your comfort zone outside of maybe the US inside the US just like different places. If you do want to do an overseas mission trip so also love to hear what your closing challenge to listeners out there. But what waking up to the need for Jesus around the world. Oh man, that is, I think this like a mention earlier just get hitting outside of ourselves getting outside of our daily routine of okay will and you take care of my kids are and you take care of my brother and he's here.

My wife is on like that and or need to take care myself and realizing that the world is kind of on fire and like people are dying, starving people are going through all of these things and we are so self focused and were so just centralized in ourselves that we don't allow ourselves to get outside of that and have an internal perspective, even more so than just the small things of life.

If that makes sense. I think once we have that understanding, we can have a better mindset of how to approach the throne how to approach people how to approach conversations because it's it's gonna be a lot easier if you're walking up to someone saying okay I have what may be their turn to D in my hands. I have information that could literally say their eternity and change their lives and that can help with a lot of boldness other than just okay will this is conversation probably should tell them I liked Jesus as you know, just like particularly changes your mindset of the information that you hold help your listeners prefer you to definitely for the church. I'm going to help with walking. One of Junior yes, where it yet. I'll be the first one on so there they have just started the church and they're working on their youth development and I'll be stepping in that role as there like that youth pastor youth pastor and so I will be helping with that a lot and said just for their church. That'll really take off. It's in the slums of Nairobi and so there's just so much brokenness and so much poverty in her disease and death in just all of that other church will go well and that their family will prosper through that and just for a canyon itself because of all the civilians coming in and just solitaire. There's just a lot going on in Kenya right now for group coaching is a very broken country and I think that almost every country could say that. Honestly this point, but also just walk in obedience walk.

Until then, if that makes sense.

Like just having that mindset of okay father like you truly own my life like I don't because I have this great gift that you've given me.

I don't have the luxury of just walking around like I don't have anything to tell. I I have to take on that responsibility is an amazing response loading something I'm excited to do, but it's also responsibility us all something to so much of you for joining us for our truce for use you so much for joining us today on truce for the use on your hosting truth where you entered Austin Bryant also think you two are wonderful affiliates of truth talk. We can please learn

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