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Reaching 1.3 Billion People in India for Christ

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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October 19, 2019 5:00 pm

Reaching 1.3 Billion People in India for Christ

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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October 19, 2019 5:00 pm

This week Stu talks with Indian Missionary Jay about his work with the "With Open Eyes" missionary group, and his journey across India on the back of a motorcycle.


This is the Truth Network walking toward you with one motorcycle written by one pastor across the land of India. Well, J is really right now I'm to: J, I can browse last name. Anyway, if I wanted to Jay's Indian in your heart for your country. Only my friend yeah this is the Lords has heart of the nation. Send in the is at the center because that is an increase of religious persecution in India for the note. Reasons just a few handful radical groups who wants to use religion for political gain, but that India is a loving country and the people are loving and it's a secular country that "but anybody to be able to share the gospel legally in what they believe we are in the world headquarters initial call with open eyes, which is a wonderful ministry with open eyes.Natalie on the Internet and find out more about that you guys did a lot of work in Africa and other countries will now you're in India and go back to the motorcycle. I mean, it's amazing the pastor may walk 15, 20, 30 miles just to go preach the word 20 on the go to Nextel 50 more miles is just a simple idea motorcycle we think of motocross with all the guys arrived a job and all the other whizbang no shots. I have some friends on Instagram that do a lot of that with James talking 1J Ottawa motorcycle impact people yeah well it is the into the good news of the gospel that God loves the people he cast each the most time-based ADS and the only way this message can go to some of the spaces is if a person who whose life has been impacted and changed, and his testimony went when it goes. It's not just an information it's a testimony off once life transformation totally get it to display places they know it's not enough to give a book. It's not enough to hit it in a from someone else. But when somebody goes and visits them and so may judge the people live in this community's multimers of 510th than 500,000 people so the messengers the pastors and that given air transportation. They invoke an kingdom work is excellent written and they can get 20 in the morning after the village and visit homes that pay for the sake of sharing the gospel and the many people who have been at least two alcohol live they get delivered their life get tabs from families either stored and then they go to the next revision to the next related to the next with an offender had a bike can come home in the evening to their families and selling products. They're taking the goodness of Jesus to China Jesus film and got all kit of Bibles. He always resources Telstra quick what I want to know little about. With open eyes you how you hooked up with them and into tells what the focus of their ministry is is a really awesome thing that God sent to Frank and all Josh all these get godly men around here would tell us that the focus on ask about how you came to know Christ yourself. Yeah well and know it's it's it's that the missionaries who have come and hundreds of peer SigmaPlot area and I'm a I'm a fourth-generation Christiana and the third-generation minister, a safe it's an honor to the next type side effects exciting so it denotes it's a joy to be working with the with open eyes together because of hundreds and thousands of people are weeping to hear the good news and no or 30% of the people who are the poorest of the poor that it communities untouchables tribal people and those who have never experienced the love of God and even the acceptance of the people because a lot of them are considered to be untouchables vision. Have you and him entrance into any religious basis.

So you go with the gospel saying God loves you and that you are a child of God or the son of God, and you have an identity dockside gives you is powerful. It is a starting point. So it is not just some religious conversion is is not just you know somebody trained to lead people to religion who wants one. What religion no one is looking. Whatever the we have so many religions there looking for the dynamic relationship with the living God who can change their lives.

Can you hold hope powerful hope for the future that hinders into English and is is is a huge pure pantheon of gods it's it's got politicians get millions of guides in it and what will your present in Jesus Christ who is the only way to heaven.

And there's a lot of religious persecution. But how remarkable jaded that hundred years ago, a missionary came to your area of India and how we people my way grow quickly. People populate the nation any right now in the is filled with the people.

1.3 billion people live and and they're all free and beachfront individual dreams and that life so you know a person's personality. 1.3 billion giant Indians in India.

What percentage Christian. There are so many members of racial lives that own the 2% 2% more again.

So you are in the 1.3 billion you are not yet conceived. Not yet born and your family came to Christ hundred years ago. Missionary came ashore.

The good news of Jesus and then three generations later Jay is born and now you are part of a ministry with "without it with open eyes to go intended to take the gospel to you to back to where you came from to 1.3 billion people who desperately need to hear from Jesus and hear the good news of the Savior came and died for them. This is exciting and it's exciting that I have the freedom to be able to share and it is not a competition of illusion them to do just that, sharing what the Lord has done in my life. Without the lights to be able to share with others, and that it one has a choice to be able to look into the truth and see how the power of the gospel is transforming their lives, their families, and a nice exhaust thoughts from their having an identity of who we are who we are because of father gospel in Christ and what kind of hope and destiny that we have here on earth and for the future and this is exciting. It's very exciting in the Gospels exciting. This is a moving living organic movement of God in India at all the world. Telstra quick with open eyes. What is the way we specifically our listeners want to help you with. Will your outreach with with a treacly pasteurization because you watch the way they can help you financially. What were you trying to do their tell us a little bit about your mission in India, specifically with regard to the motorcycles of training classes all that yes we have thousands of people who have been called by the Lord and the Apple walking they're going to many places and that they have asking us to partner with them because in hundreds of the latest people wants the gospel. They will like to learn more from the Bible so we are looking for people. The global church.

The church is on the businesses were called by God to partner with what the Lord is doing in India what the Lord is doing in the nations with open eyes and with open eyes. If you visit our website, you will be able to see in us out of this that you can pop nothing you can just thousand dollars. You can you can buy a bike that would take a messenger passive 200 S. related thousand dollars. Thousand dollar a dozen buckets of bike a pastor can now go to multiple villages reviewing work. These people never heard about Jesus. Some of the glorious name of Jesus before yes and then we are also activating and training the new disciples so that they can share and brief that own of friends and families by stalking groups so you can partner with us through the trainings and the dismissal of his congregations. We provide $500 of roof material so that the tips can get self-sustaining so we had green hundreds of these small little pictures shelters so that all the new disciples have a pleased work to study the Lord so you can now partnered with the messenger providing a motorbike you can provide it.

Roof new congregation $500 you know if you have God has given us the capacity you can adopt and by the reason you get in a we have a church on mapping and by reason and sending 157 missionaries are the missionaries. What are you doing to reach any of you even care to even care that you have fellow people on this planet that have never heard about Jesus, who are dying and going to hell and we can take the good news J thank you for what you doing my friend you've encouraged you've inspired me an airplane. I got the exterior with me, let's get a picture of a standard by the motorcycle after the sawtooth operative on social media. Thank you.

Was was the website for the ministry so listeners can see videos they can see how they can help reach India with the good news of Jesus who knows who will see in heaven someday because of the very gracious giving of our listeners to hear this or touched by this. This particular interview with open they will do all the contact information with open God bless you my friend. Thank you and a challenge to pray for you. Everything you said we can pray for that God would raise up messengers and raise up people listening to people in America who been blessed the poorest American is the wealthiest Indian right so much you don't have a lot of the plan is the starting point done apart for partnered with what the Lord is doing in India and this is a great time as is. It's the harvest time and we invite all of you to consider and digest what you do first forget to check out before restarting your credit card going. These websites exhaust ministries like with with open Scott asked him what he wants you do with his money and then give from your heart. Whatever they know that whatever that amount is and you know it's going to go to reach souls with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Your church involved open get together when you can evolve ensure the story sure this this program is podcast everywhere you go less. Let's spread the good news of Jesus.

Let's let's all mobilize message role messengers for Jesus. The fact is I just we can all just over India right now or get RVs or whatever but we can send we can give, we can go and we can give and can go.

We can pray and watch what God does think J thank you I bless you always.

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