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Christ Over Anxiety

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson
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May 9, 2020 5:00 pm

Christ Over Anxiety

Truth Talk / Stu Epperson

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May 9, 2020 5:00 pm

Stu Talks with Dr. David Chadwick about Dr. Chadwick's new book Moving Beyond Anxiety.

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This is the Truth Network. Whether it's basketball my favorite sport and I'm convinced it's God's favorite sport or whether it's the word of God church how to grow closer to Christ wisdom leadership.

In his latest book. I love sitting down talking to Pastor David Chadwick.

What a great man of God stands 6'9" loves Jesus and he's written a book that couldn't be time to better in God's providence.

The book is called moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind, Pastor David. It is great to have you with us here on the program. Thanks for popping in will thank you to do it great being with you and thanks for the invitation honor to be on your show. Well, it's a honor to have you. We had you on the floor to talk about a lot of things to talk about your books about the leadership of Dean Smith just so many things you played your you are you are on the other, the Carolina blue man you are playing for the Tar Heels dominating the boards. Great story there. A it's a it's all coming full circle because everyone's been watching this last dance television season series on ESPN.

The county showcases the bull final season, Michael Jordan and their flashing back to Dean Smith, you heard a lot of words from Dean Smith and you're in in your day having to Pastor David. I have while I was recruited by Coach Smith in the late 1960s and I was on that 1969 final 14. I was also in the 1971 and IP championship team which, when the NIT was still very prestigious as a tournament and by the privilege of being a scholarship athlete playing for him and when he's talking about Michael and some of the things he taught Michael. I couldn't help but smile ago. Those are exactly the same things he taught his players 10 years earlier and I couldn't help but think about you and it's kinda neat how God's used that platform for you to point people to Jesus which really it's just it's just a cool thing. I mean here you can be bragging about will I play for Carolina. I pray for Dean Smith.

I was recruited and you know why I suited up there but you you guys use. This is a is a rural way to point people to Christ, God's only pick up a awesome David Chadwick book about the leadership style of Dean Smith and find themselves encountering the Savior in that book in in your preaching sir.

How does that tell us how that's been a passion of yours will you know board to the Ghia to who are able to play it and you I had nothing to say about being a 68 inches tall. That was totally got deal and I had nothing to say over whether I had any athletic ability that was God say so, I got it and I was able to be recruited. II play to Carolina under Dean Smith. I had a decent career and that open doors for me to be able to speak to people who love athletic club. Coach Smith and always tried to point people to Jesus because every gift that I have the fact that I'm 68.

The fact that an athletic gift. It's all a gift from God.

And when I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior and that he died for my sins and gave me the gift of eternal life that you gave me even more impetus to want anything and everything that he gave me to point people to my Savior so that's what I tried to do. I realize it's all a gift from him, especially the gift of salvation the gift of eternal life. So I just want to point to the one who is the giver of the gift is tremendous. What a blessing and you have done such in your writing and your preaching love having your program on Truth Network stations and other stations that carry this program all across the country are no doubt familiar with Pastor David Chadwick if you're not, get to know him. Follow him on Twitter, Instagram, all the places moments of hope. What a great ministry in this book, so, so grateful Pastor for your taking the time to put a book together it.

I guess you didn't really know this craziness were in right now that the world is really and with this coded 19 would even be front and center when you wrote a book that addresses that issue front and center. Moving beyond anxiety what what timing.

In God's providence. Amen.

Yeah, I had no idea a year and 1/2 ago when I was talking with my publisher and make that will what the book that you think will really touch people and I said well you know the major cause of negative emotions in people today is anxiety. The second major cause for suicide among teenagers is anxiety and I put together my graduate counseling degree you after I graduate Carolina plate for three years. The European professional league that I came back and went to the University of Florida and was with John Lott many of your listeners might know was the assistant coach and I played there, but also the brother of Danny lawsuit varied and brand lot and John was the head coach here at Florida and he invited me to come be the graduate assistant. There is my undergraduate degree in counseling before God called me the ministry when I was talking with my publishers. I could not get a graduate degree in counseling psychology. I got a theology in Bible degree from seminary. Why don't I melt those two together and write a book on anxiety and against you, like you noted it was a year and 1/2 ago will. Here we are. When the book coming out. It was April 21 launch date right in the middle like you gotta believe it was God's promise that he wanted the book to come out now unbelievably critical of the quarantine pastor instead know the title and the word quarantine means 40 they purporting to wilderness onto the promised land. Know that that that that is awesome in this idea of anxiety you got these tall strategies. I'd love to go through them and I'd love to just I love the people just just that. The idea pastor this idea that is it possible to worry, be anxious, fret and have faith at the same time, and you will I don't have yet that that's a great question. I don't know how you do it. How do you have faith and anxiety going on in your heart. At the same time. Interestingly, the word anxiety in the Greek Marin means double minded. It means your mind is fixed on two different things at the same time. And you know get this illustration in your mind you can have 1 foot on the dock and 1 foot in the canoe at some point you gotta make a decision to be either in the canoe were on the dock to try to live in that position can eventually fall in the water.

If you try to live in faith and anxiety. You can eventually fall in the water. You gotta make a decision which one you're gonna stay in in this book is all about focusing your mind on the things that are above you are what you think. As Paul said in Romans 12 to be transformed by the renewal of your mind and if you focus on God and faith in the fact that you are his child. He sovereignly and control you trust him and everything and I gave 12 disciplines in the book on how you can focus your mind on things that are above, focus your mind on faith. You can be free from anxiety but you got to practice these disciplines you got to do.

As Paul said in second Corinthians 10 five take every thought captive before it ever enters your mind, take that negative anxious thought spirit take it Good. I threw it out and replace it with a faith built on and that's how you overcome anxiety while how is the.

The presence of Jesus or in a like Hebrews 12 to says, focusing our eyes on Jesus, how how is Jesus bring him into the situation. How does that expunge the exact anxiety in a going back to our compatibility were we really do try to have our you know it, we we we really try to say will I serve the Lord. I'm a Christian and then everything else out of her mouth and coming into our eyes and ears as a bunch of bad stuff and negative stuff in and vitriol in gossip and anger and fretting and worrying pastor this but the Christ, he has a has a better way is he like this whole book is this too is is your your making these 12 punctuation marks, pointing to Jesus, of all people. Exactly who and if you invite Jesus into your heart. What you're doing is inviting him to control every area of your life. Imagine your heart is a house with many different rooms in your thing. The Jesus you got access to every single room. I'm not locking anyone up with all of my garbage and storage in their you can have it you can clean it out and what you're doing then is asking Jesus to take over your mind and then as Paul said, you want to have the mind of Christ. You have the mind of Christ in Romans 829 he starts conforming you into the image of Jesus and what happens every day as you live so close and so intimately with Jesus is not only conforming your mind, but your entire life to the way you want to live in when you draw close to Jesus and he is the intimate companion and fully in control of everything, fear and anxiety lustfully are incompatible to the one who lives within you, who owns everything you're not your own. You were bought with a price. You were purchased with the blood of Jesus Christ. He owns you he is in control of everything in your job is simply to yield to him every day that total complete control and say I'm not going to be anxious for anything more.

As you said. Matthew 625. As Paul said, Philippians 46 I'm not going to be anxious for anything because you're in control of everything. You live in the you have every access to every room. I'm therefore letting you control my life. I'm giving up leadership.

A man that my friend is a voice of David Chadwick, a mighty man of God.

A pastor also a father and also a husband and an author of the book moving beyond anxiety. He's also ball or two. That's what my favorite part about this guy could seriously put the serious buckets. I think he still camp is very modest about it. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind will come back it will last pastor David. His favorite verses, as he lays out in the book on anxiety versus you can memorize and you can meditate on to focus on Jesus death to build your faith, and not your fear pastor David Hing always will be right back and take a quick second year and come right back with pastor David Chadwick and you will want to stay tuned. Also to what are these 12 practical strategies almost a special thank you to a wonderful partner helping us advance the message of this program of the gospel in the thank you goes out to my Mike Lindell, the inventor and CEO has now open his heart to say thank you as well. He wants to give you the opportunity to do what I've done I've slept on his pillow. I love my pillow. I sleep better. What was give her good night sleep right now for the first time you get deep discounts on all the my pillow products. I'm talking about my pillows.

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Can you be anxious and worry and fret and have faith in Jesus. At the same time. To be spiritual. Our guest today calls that sin. I guess he agrees with Jesus who said do not worry but seek you first the kingdom in Matthew six. His name is Pastor David Chadwick and longtime friend Manna God is written this book moving beyond anxiety.

12. Practical strategies to read her mind.

He had no idea that when he wrote this book and it all came together that it would hit right in the middle of may be arguably one the most anxious times and contemporary American history where suicide rates are up suicide hotline. By way I just found out California are ringing off the hook. They don't have enough counselors to take those calls. Domestic violence is up and there's all whole lot of fear mongering out there. You can even turn the news without a negative story trying to scare you.

You got all these masks to get all these these political agendas yell is hate and hacking going on I could think of a better time to practice book and read it and share with my family.

David Chadwick moving beyond anxiety.

Thank you for this gift.

My friend will break through and I could correct. One quick thing you said. I'm not sure.

Worry is worries and emotion. Here's what I believe that you think something and that causes your feelings to feel and then according to how your feelings make you feel when you behave as you behave you want to change your feelings. You gotta change how you think. So if anxiety isn't really a stand but an emotion. It is though connected to how you think. So what's the sand that stands unbelief. The sin of the disconnection from God as your merciful and overseeing sovereign Savior, and as you aren't believing in him that's producing the negative feeling of anxiety.

So what we need to get at is this man of unbelief and build our faith which is work. Jesus wants us to be and that will allow our feelings to fall in line and then we will we will behave in accordance with how Jesus will does the behavior seek first his kingdom.

Okay I so this is that's very helpful.

So practically speaking pastor Dave and you are one of those practical pastors in America just just so in your teaching word of God so faithfully have been for so many years you've exited a pastor to many pastors who look to you and you have mentored and shepherded my question then is this break it down for me.

I'm confronted with an opportunity attempt confronted with what would be a concern. There's nothing wrong with being concerned me.

We put a seatbelt on.

There's nothing wrong with, but then again if I obsess with who's gonna run into me and I'm gripped with fear at some point in that decision-making process. I have I've I've given into the flesh as opposed to being led by the Spirit without media. How would you break down that process and how would you take us very practically biblically toward faith and not toward fear and toward you know, exercising, worry, or being anxious as the Bible says don't be anxious about anything, will do.

My mama used to say all the time. You can't keep the birds from flying over your head, but you can keep them from building a nest in your hair.

I love to see those negative thoughts from coming to as they are surrounding us every single day they come to us via social media via television, the apprentice conversations in all around those negative thoughts are coming into our mind, but we can keep them from building a nest in our hair we can keep them from becoming a part of our lives from entering into our minds and setting up a tent and living there. So we go to God's word and we say all right if we are what we think is what Paul meant when he said in Romans 12 to be transformed by the renewal of your mind how you think is what caused you to field and what causes you to the hay. If we want to stop the feeling of anxiety. We got to control the thoughts that enter our mind. Second Corinthians 10 five Paul said we destroy arguments and every lofty opinion raised against the knowledge of God and take every thought captive to obey Christ he says, in Colossians 3 to set your mind, your mind, how you think on things that are above so we can control what we watch on that screen all day long we can control what we watch on television. We can control whether we let that thought of worry or anxiety, and take up a nesting place in our mind we get rid of those things and then the truth comes, we replace them with thoughts of faith, with words from the word of God, we continue to have prayers of thanksgiving that continually flood our mind so we usher out an anxious thought we were place it with a thankful thought all that we've been given by God. All the blessings you given us and you know stoop. We all sat down and started listing the blessings we have from God, we would fill up sheet after sheet after she anything even about the next beat of our heart. The next gulp of air in our long think about the colors that God allows us to be in his world. Think about the music he allows us to listen to think about friends and family. I mean, you start making that list and there's so many things for which we can be thankful replace that anxious thought, with a thankful thought we are what we think that's what Proverbs says in Proverbs 23, seven, according to the new King James version as he thinks in his heart so is he.

Job wrote in Job 325.

The thing that I fear comes upon me and what I dread both calls me are what you think control your thoughts.

You control your emotions replace those negative anxious thoughts with faith filled God centered thought you'll start to see anxiety fully, like a like oh well area died ballplayer who played for Dean Smith you give us 12 strategies 12 final strategies.

How would you summarize those 12 strategies pastor real quick as we kinda wind up our time together on this awesome book is just this is such an encouraging thing that you've written this book moving beyond anxiety what the 12 strategies.

How would you summarize those real quick for for listeners out there in owner want to get this book and read it share with your small group share with your pastor share with your family pastor hit us on these 12 are quickly every strategy is rooted in God's word and every strategy is supposed to increase fate. So one of the strategies is to pray not just pray pray with faith another strategies. Cast your cares upon him because he cares for you literally. It is a casting of all of your worries and anxieties on Jesus because you know how much he cares for you, simply look at the cross, and you know that another one is considered creation. Look at your creation all around you will of God cares for the lilies of the field and the birds of the air, how much more you the crown of his creation.

I encourage people to spend time remembering how God has been faithful in the past to the spiritual discipline of remembrance.

When you remember how God's been faithful in the past will be faithful with you right now do another one is practice the spiritual discipline of singing, but singing songs of faith. Not only do you memorize God's Word that way but it drives out fear and replaces it with God's word and also encouraging another chapter for people to remember their bodies apart of spiritual disciplines, making sure you eat well, you drink lots of water you sleep well when your body is healthy. It gives a healthier mind.

Those are a few of the disciplines of the 12.

The bottom line is have faith, you increase your faith as you practice these discipline's pastor David Chad aquatic.

What a great message know it's what's wild about that is, those are all mutually exclusive with with worry, you can't.

You can't be praising God, singing, reading the word praying and be worrying at the same time and exact wow pastor you're your I can't write it.

I can't write fast of his notes which means I have to market this book some more.

Moving beyond anxiety. 12. Practical strategies to renew your mind. Who are you bringing Jesus you know Paul said, let the peace of Christ rule in your life in your hearts and in I know that that versus people all over this book is you are using your life pushing you toward peace and who are you pushing toward beast with pastor Dave.hey, I may be just bemoaning all the negative newsmakers out there front page the papers.tell us there's another case okay boom know where we know we had 20,000 we will dive a car wreck, you know, but there's one more case you know of this of this thing and I'm like good golly Miss Molly. These geysers like this like they're fomenting fear so I can bemoan that.

Or maybe pastor you're challenging everyone listening to go be a piece, promulgated or a peacemaker in a piece speaker out there which we can complete, we can set a tone can't we, in our homes and our churches in our peer group on social media can we do push people toward faith and not this this crazy fear, absolutely. But you can't give away what you don't have but once you train your brain to focus on faith.

The focus on the things that are above and in that part of your life and anxiety is fled because you have the peace that passes all understanding. Then reach out to your friends go through your contact list, call your neighbor whatever you can do to tell people about how they too can be set free because when we learned a biblical spiritual truth, it becomes more real than we give it away to somebody else than they can practice it. Now imagine that being cast in the water. Those ripple outward effects that can affect the whole nation.

It begins with the church of Jesus Christ and Christians practicing what Jesus said don't be anxious about anything, but trust me, and everything seek first the kingdom, that all these other things will be added to you a mantis. Pastor David Chadwick get this book should get a bunch of copies get a case of them moving beyond anxiety pastor was the best websites hosted island you have to borrow the book to learn about your ministry. Listen your awesome program which we we love hearing on the radio here will thank you Street didn't get the book the or thrift stores are anyway online to order books.

It's available.

They can also go to moments of hope church.award, which is our church website.

It's their list along with all of our other ministries in my messages. And of course we have the privilege of being on the Truth Network and I try to give these clues on a daily regular basis to people as well. They can follow me on Twitter David Chadwick and off outside every day give prayers that I try to God allow people to have peace in their hearts, and anxiety free living, so those are some of the ways I try to help people as best as I can in one little thing you do is share this podcast displaces broadcast goes and guess what Pastor David has a couple go to verses on anxiety and his own personal life and he's agreed to hang out with me little bit longer. He's a very busy man and he but I tell you what encouragement just what encouraging time for me faster if we were role the tape and run this on national radio man I still want to talk you about this quite a bit, maybe even longer brother thanks thanks and blessings today with what encouragement goodness, I just do it. I really believe you can get control of your mind. You are what you think and if you can think Jesus thought anxiety willfully with that old phrase that you're knocked on the door my heart. I sent Jesus in faith to answer the open the door and fear was gone for love and you are also you know as human who is beleaguered and tempted like the rest of us pastor what when you get when fear and worry, anxiety, knocking your door. What are some way at what you can you take the sword of the spirit you send Jesus and face up there to answer courses in a way what it what are some verses that drives that that God's illuminated dear heart that from a personal standpoint that is really blessed you yet will I think one would be Philippians 48 I would say you know whatever screw whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever you were, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there's anything worthy of praise. I am choosing today. Think about these things.

I'm choosing to think about things are pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, etc., and not on the trash and anxiety and fear mongering of this world well just not going to do it and I would also go back a couple of verses and say that I choose to be anxious for nothing, as Paul said in Philippians 46 I choose to make my requests known to God. I believe with all my heart that Matthew 2122 is true if you believe you will receive anything you ask for in prayer, and I'm making my requests known to you right now, Lord, that you're gonna take care of me and I do so with thanksgiving. I used to have my heart filled with thanksgiving. I make a list of all the Thanksgiving things I am thankful for and I will I dwell on those and not anxiety. And I believe as I do that the peace that passes all understanding, will guard my mind like us that adult and it will be protected from any anxious thoughts that tried to invade my life. What a blessing while looking at the closest thing I can think of a better way than asked pastor David Chadwick to pray for everyone listening to pray this this whole program really is a prayer to God.

Every time we go on.

We prayed before the show you just prayed beautifully just to set us up into bring the Lord in the sink as is his program anyway. Every thing we do is his art are what while we still can speak it's isn't working to be living with him forever. And these these crazy events on earth give us a greater longing for heaven. We need to be more heavily mined the guest only pastor we do indeed. And that's another great verse Colossians 32 it says that your minds on things that are above in our minds look down on the problems of this world from heaven that as you go hired new problems become smaller and we choose to sit at the right hand of Jesus. Ephesians 26 we are seated with him in the heavenly's I think about that that right now believers are seated with Jesus at the right hand of the father in the heavenly's looking down all of these problems in their minute in their small when you take an eternal perspective, how do we believe that in Jesus. They were seated with Jesus right now in the heavenly amen wow this is, this book is chock-full of those kind of verses and illustrations and incurs a practical ways to get you and I love alabaster Chadwick's books because they always make you want to pick up the word of God, and he always says he says look he's pointing to the greatest book in his and in all his books, the most recent one where we been promoting, is moving beyond anxiety.

12. Practical strategies to renew your mind.

It's as wary all books are sold. Amazon or else it is is is also website it's also website for his great church in Charlotte moments of hope

Did I say that right pastor that website is traditional to Jennifer and we have things available there day to take us home and we start away just as able prayer for our listeners and for our country and and for people that are grouped with anxiety just just take us to the throne of God. We are one of your strategies in this book is prayer would love for you to just execute as treasurer, now pastor if you would and then will will close out this time. This show podcast broadcast with that daddy in heaven come to you in Jesus name. There is no other name by which I can come to you is the name that opens the door into your presence and I now have full access to you because of Jesus. The shed blood of Christ on the Calvary's cross. I thank you daddy that I can come into your presence and speak to you today that he would a privilege to be on this show. Thank you for Stu's message is desired for the world to know you. I pray that it would only expand open doors for him that would glorify you. Daddy in heaven. I pray that all of us would realize that were seated with you and these problems are small. As we look at them from your perspective.

I pray against the Koba crisis. Lord, give us a few were soon use whom ever you want to give someone the Enlightenment as needed for the vaccine and the cure to this Koba crisis. Father I pray that none of us who believe in you would walk in fear. I pray all of us would refuse to walk in anxiety. We know those negative emotions are caused by what we think and we will focus not on the things of this world and the crises surrounding us, but will focus on the greatness of our God and should death even encompass us Lord were not afraid of that because we know that death is merely the entrance into eternal life with you. We thank you that you are the resurrection and the life.

Anyone who believes in you will never die. We encourage our hearts today to believe that in every possible way. We refuse to let any negative thoughts come in. We refuse to let any anxious thought in our minds we spear that we take them captive. Usher them out and replace them with thoughts of pray with thoughts of love with thoughts of faith and with thoughts of encouragement. We know Lord, that's where you want us to live and we choose to do so today. Walking and that faith in the name of Jesus I pray this, a man amen Pastor David Chadwick Mandy Kathy Galli all teared up in here. Thank you brother for that prayer. Thank you for the book moving beyond anxiety.

12. Practical strategies to renew your mind. It happens to be the cover happens to be Carolina blue were not saying that was intentional. This man is a legendary Tar Heel and just of just a great man of God leveraging all of that. Even our conversation earlier about the last dance and all the things you know all the great impact the Dean Smith has had David Chadwick was was one of those a Dean Smith disciples and players and he's he's used all that from the hardwood. Now to the pulpit to bring people to Christ, to lift up God's word and he's doing that now every morning. By the way, at 8 AM on Truth Network in Charlotte. 105.7 FM and AM 960 and on other stations, but if that's all his website, moments of hope in addition to the information about this book, which you can kinda find anywhere books are sold.

Moving beyond anxiety.

I can't think of a better time to title in book and appropriate as it points us to the word of God which feeds our faith in Jesus and asked sponges and destroys and expels anxiety. Thank you pastor David man your awesome coffee on me next time I'm through the Queen city. Let's catch up and and hang out so you can keep discipling me because every time I get get together you for lunch, coffee or breakfast.

I walk away. I encouraged him closer to the Lord.

Thank you, man. Thank you for writing with you

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