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REShow: Mike McCarthy - Hour 2

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September 22, 2023 3:20 pm

REShow: Mike McCarthy - Hour 2

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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September 22, 2023 3:20 pm

Rich and the guys react to some questionable officiating in the Giants vs 49ers Thursday Night Football game, and in ‘What’s More Likely’ Rich weighs in on the Ravens, Dolphins, Falcons, Saints, Chargers, Vikings, Falcons, Saints, Cowboys, Steelers, Colts, Panthers, Chiefs, Taylor Swift and Deion Sanders.

Cowboys Head Coach Mike McCarthy tells Rich how he’s preparing his team to move forward after losing All-Pro CB Trevon Diggs to a torn ACL, why Micah Parsons could go down as the best defensive player in NFL history, taking over Dallas’ offensive play calling duties after the departure of former OC Kellen Moore, his impression of Trey Lance since his trade from the 49ers, his response to those who say Dak Prescott is not “elite,’ how much he talks with Jerry Jones each week, and what is like coaching in what might be the most high-profile job in professional sports.

Rich and the guys react to a White Sox beat writer who compiled what the NFL standings would look like if teams played a 162-game schedule like in MLB.

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Are you feeling good out there? This is the Rich Eisen Show.

Alright, alright, alright. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. So is there any truth of Matthew McConaughey that Texas is leaving the Big 12 because you knew Dion was coming? Wow, what's the latest?

What's happened in the last 12 hours? Did the Oregon Waterboy say something? Earlier on the show, Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner. Coming up, Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy.

Commander's running back Brian Robinson. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number two of the Rich Eisen Show is on the air. The head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike McCarthy, will join us in 20 minutes time. You ready for that, TJ Jefferson? You're a head coach of the 2-0 Dallas Cowboys?

I'm still like, I still don't know what you're going to ask him, so I'm still a little nervous. Once upon a time of the Niners staff, then he goes to Green Bay. He's coached both sides of the ice bowl. Yeah. Seriously.

He's hitting all the legendary franchises. Dude, if I had told you on the day that Dez caught it and then didn't catch it against his Green Bay Packers that he'd be the coach of the Dallas Cowboys one day, you would have said what? I wouldn't have been able to say onto this Roku microphone what you were thinking at that moment. Yeah.

Cause I had no love for nobody over there. Settle down just a little bit. I'll tell you what, that was, what a catch. That was a catch. It was a catch. 100% a catch. And that was when the NFL had to start reckoning with physical.

Freaks. Freaks that can catch a ball and, and, and well, well, but in the process of catching the ball, not just take two or three steps that will gain you 10 yards, but at the same time, have the wherewithal to move the upper part of your body and extend out all at the same time. But he fumbled after, right? Well, after he crossed the goal line and. Was it a touchdown? Are you of the mindset that Dez did not catch it?

Well, I'm going to, well, cause you'd be in the extreme minority, right? In the same way that it wasn't a fumble on the snow game night. And I use those words as out of your respect.

Thank you. You know, Amy Trask, a co-host of what the football the other day referred to it as the tuck rule game, Chris. That's the way Raiders fans and the rest of the free world refers to it as a tuck rule game.

All the New Englanders referred to it as the snow, the snow game. I mean, I'm watching it right now. It's 100% a catch. I heard a little ill will towards Dean Blandino for years after that. Well, by the way, Starator was the ref that day.

Oh, shocking. Dude, he's not, he's good. I think all refs are bad at this point. Sean Hockley last night. If you, if you turn on your game on Thursday or Sunday or Monday, and you're like, great, I can't wait to watch my game.

Wait, who's the ref tonight? Oh, you know, you're going to get screwed. You just know that's screwed. It's over officious. It's over officious. And then I kind of have this issue with, with, with talking about Sean Hockley in this manner right now, because technically deep down, I feel that I'm an unofficial Hockley. And you know, that's what I think of whenever in my, you know, in my workouts, I think, okay, I got to, I got to keep up with the hockey list. So that's, that's a terrible reality show keeping up with the hockey list. Terrible. But that's what maybe Sean was pitching to prime video management last night.

You don't, here's the thing. It's him. It's, you know what I was saying, did you know what I've been saying about baseball umpires for years? Like let's mic them up so they can explain to the audience what we're seeing, what we're reviewing instead of, you know, country Joe West back in the day, just taking off the headsets and just grunting, like safe out, you know, like just performing semaphore for the confused audience at home and in the stands, like, what were you looking at? And why is this not reversed? Or why is this upheld? Explain yourselves. So then there's a line that he kind of crosses, but his dad always spoke in quatrains, you know, I mean, like they were, they were like haikus.

They just take the mic away from them. But so here's the, here's the metric. If you're trending as an official, you just don't want to trend. You don't want to trend as an official. He trended last night. Sean Hockley trended on the old X machine last night. Here's, here's the other metric that I equated to in my career. Back in the day, I was the environmental reporter for the Staten Island advance, as I referred to it, the hometown newspaper of Staten Island, New York.

Yes. And I was the, the, I did a feature on Exxon having their new, you know, facility across the, the river in New Jersey. And the reason why we were all interested in what was going on across the river in New Jersey is the jet stream would blow all the crap across Staten Island. A couple of times, I actually got out of school because ash from one of the many petrochemical plants on the other side of the river in New Jersey spread off so much crap on Staten Island.

School's closed. Really? Yes. Wow. I'm, I'm a, a, a health miracle growing up in this environment.

You're actually a great place to grow up, I should say. But anyway, they, they, they, they had some new like lake preserve where egrets were hatching and they wanted to show off how environmentally conscious they were as a petrochemical company. And I went and I did a feature on them and they sent a thank you note to me and I showed it to one of my colleagues.

I remember his name, David Martin, great dude. He said to me, congratulations, you're an environmental reporter that just got a thank you note from Exxon. I wouldn't be too proud of that. So he said to me, that's what I think of when I see an official trending on X, like you don't want it.

You don't want it. Congratulations. Everybody's talking about you. Some of those penalties last night. And one last thing here, I am now completely 100% trained, attuned to despise the replay of any roughing the passer penalty before it's on the screen, roughing the passer, so-and-so 15 yard penalty first down.

And when it's time to see the replay, I'm like watching it through my hands. Like, please, please don't be about playing football. Don't please.

Oh God. Leonard Williams. Explain to me what Leonard Williams did against the rule last night. He did by rule land his entire body weight on top of Brock Purdy. But to me, how's he supposed to? He made a perfect form tackle as he was throwing it. He hit him where he's supposed to. That's what you're supposed to do.

I know he didn't. You would put that on a training video. It was perfectly timed. For defensive linemen. Perfectly placed on his body.

What are we doing? It's just that when he went down, all of his body weight was on top of him. And I just don't know how are you supposed to lose weight in the middle of a tackle? Honestly, what are you supposed to do?

And you should just go, what's your, what would be your excuse to the official? Like, Hey, you know, I've been dieting lately. So it's not my full body weight. I lost 10 pounds in the last week. I've been, I've been staying off the trans fats. There's this thing called gravity. You know, I'm trying my best to not put my full body weight. My full body is less than it was yesterday.

Cause I'm eating right. Don't flag me. Like seriously, what are they supposed to do? Give them a red Jersey and flags at this point. It is ridiculous. And I guarantee you, I guarantee you the league in their reports or whatever gets put out, well, 100% say that's a flag.

Well, they'd be a hundred percent wrong. That's it. That happened last night.

That's how Sean Hockley got trained, uh, uh, trending. And I would have trended for that outstanding article about the beautiful egret community that was growing. The what? The egret community of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Sounds like mold. Back in back in, uh, what, what year would this be? Oh, back in 1992. Yeah, man. Those egrets were hatching and I was writing about it. All right. We'll take a break in a minute.

Let me pause. Mike McCarthy is about to join us. Oh baby. That's not very likely. He doesn't show up on these shows. Well, he knows I'm on, I think maybe, you know, it's more likely that he doesn't know this Friday segment.

Hit it, hit it, hit it, hit it. Never say never, but never presented by subway. We are presented. What's more likely presented by subway. Christopher, what do you have over there?

I'll take a subway melt with a extra avocado, please. Oh, you want the segment? What's up guys? Hey, what's going on? Hey, what up Chris? Hey, thanks. Thanks, TJ.

Great. Uh, who's the more likely two and oh home team to get tripped up for their first loss Ravens or dolphins? Dolphins are home against Denver and Baltimore is home against Indianapolis, Gardner Minshew and Gardner Minshew. I will go Miami.

You know what I'd like to see this weekend? I'd like to see the participation of the South Florida sports fan in a seat in this stadium, because I will proffer to say there are many Broncos fans who have moved to the sunshine state and they are going to show despite their own to Ness that they feel like Sean Payton is someone to root for. I just feel maybe just maybe Miami dolphins fans give a home field advantage of significance to this team that has earned their viewership, I believe. But short of that, if I had to guess, I would take Russ and Sean Payton on the road. This is where Sean once famously went on sidekick for a Super Bowl win back in 2009. This is the spot where Payton's had his greatest moment of his professional career. And I would say that this is a more likely upset than Gardner Minshew and Rainey as we're expecting Baltimore, Maryland coming up with that one.

So I will go there. Sean Payton was almost the Dolphins head coach with Tom Brady, a quarterback. Oh boy, that led to a pick forfeiture, did it not?

Forfeiture, yes. Who's the more likely NFC South team to win on the road this weekend to get to 3-0, Falcons or Saints? I'll go with Falcons. I'll go with Falcons. I kind of dig the fact that Jordan Love is going to have his first home start and does appear Aaron Jones is going to be there. And I have a feeling, you know, look, a Lambo is a tough place to play and win in if you're on the road. And so Atlanta going to Detroit. And again, this is, I'm definitely attuned to this because I have Amun Ra Saint Brown on my fantasy team.

I don't know. We're going to check on that practice report today. So I will go, what's more likely right here being the Falcons winning that one on the road more than, more than the Saints winning in Lambeau. I'll go there. All right, big game in Minnesota. Who's the more likely winless quarterback to throw for 300 yards and three tuddies to avoid 0-3, Herbert or Kirk Cousins? I'll go Kirk Cousins, pal. I'll go Kirk Cousins at home. What time is this game? Because that's really important.

That is an early window, pal. All right, there you go. I'll go Kirk Cousins. Kirk Cousins at home and feeling it and throwing the, to the guy who TJ Jefferson identified as him this week. Jordan Addison.

So I will go in that direction as well. Christopher, what's next? Who's the more likely first round rookie running back with more total yards on Sunday, Bijan or Jamir? Bijan Robinson or Jamir Gibbs? Bijan Robinson or Jamir Gibbs. I'll just be consistent here. We haven't seen the full Jamir Gibbs yet, have we? We have not.

But I was like, you should have harmonized that. That sounds like somebody on fantasy. Do you both have them on fantasy? I have Bijan. I have Jamir. And that makes you the Wonder Twin Powers.

Activate. I'll go, I'll be consistent here. I said Atlanta is the more likely NFC South team to go to 3-0 by winning on the road this week. And I will say Bijan, it will carry them and lead them. And I hope he does because I'm going against a Tyson Algier in fantasy. And I hope, I hope he gets as vultured as vultured can possibly be by Bijan.

Even though it's been the other way around. What else is next there, Christopher? What else? Both these units have been pretty stout this season, especially last week. How about the road defense to score a touchdown? Cowboys or Steelers? How do you not take Micah Parsons versus Josh Dobbs in Arizona? I mean, I'm sorry. I saw what the Steelers just did.

I appreciate the pluckiness. Honestly, how good do we all look preseason saying Micah is the defensive player through two weeks? Out of all of our preseason picks, what's looked the strongest? We did all have that one. So I can't believe to flip it. There are some other good players like T.J. Wyatt. Of course. He's out there doing my thing too. So he scored a touchdown last week.

I love Micah, but T.J. is also. End of story. Onward. What else you got over there, Christopher?

How about this one? How about, it looks like we're going to see both these guys now that Anthony Richardson is out. Back up quarterback to get an upset road win. Andy Dalton or Gardner Minshew. I'll go Andy Dalton.

I would put Seattle on upset alert. Really? Yeah, pal. You've seen the Carolina play, right? Let me say this to you, Chris.

They stink. Well, part of that is that you've got a young quarterback who is holding on to the ball too long. That's true. And so you'll see this offense work a heck of a lot more efficiently this weekend, merely because the red rifle is in there. He looked him up last year with the Saints. I'm telling you, if I'm Seattle, I'm like, damn it. We wanted the fresh meat kid that just is looking around and holding on to the ball, who is also, you know, has.

Let's put it this way. We're talking more about how slight Bryce Young is just two games and then his sleight of hand. Yeah. So I would go Andy Dalton. Andy Dalton on the road as an upset special with Carolina. That defense also balling out. Hell yeah.

Miles Sanders starts running the ball and yeah. Minshew, I think it's one and 11 in his last 12 starts. All right. I think this one's kind of fun. I agree. Are we more likely to see Taylor Swift at Arrowhead this weekend or the Chiefs feel like a 22 point win? Good one, man.

I don't know about you, but I feel like the 22 point, I think the 22 point win. I think, you know, she's showing up there. I don't think she's showing up at Arrowhead. I don't. I don't think so. You know, I think I heard Travis's response to the latest. Yeah. And I basically confirmed. I think, I think I just think that it's more than likely that his answer was more robotic than, than even, even Justin Fields. Nice.

So I don't know. I think he was using his brother of lighting the fire light in the flame in a way. He and Rapaport of Travis Kelcey news.

Just, you know, where he, he, he was, he was talking about, um, his brother's love life and, and Travis went on, you know, and said, basically to his brother, look what you made me do. I gotta say this. I got to do that now. Him with a lose my number, Jason. So we can do this all day at the end of it. Now last one, last one, last one. We'll college action here.

Who's more likely to get an interconference road upset old Mr. Colorado. You know where I'm going on this. You know where I'm going on this. You can take lane. No. Oh, I'm not taking lane seven point dog. I get it.

Not a 21. I got it. Okay. I get it.

I get it. I am not going to do anything, but put my full faith and belief in Deon Sanders and Colorado buffaloes. Every time you think it's not going to happen, it happens. There's a reason why Matthew McConaughey came on this program yesterday.

And I mentioned Deon Sanders, Colorado buffaloes, and he came up with the perfect answer. He's like, what's happened. Has anything happened in the last 12 hours? It's because he's been doing it for a last 12 hours. It's because everything's happening. And the latest of everything's happening would be a road.

When will it happen? I don't know. You could definitely say that Ole miss is better than Colorado and Alabama is not as good as Oregon.

And thus that's more likely, but we're not sitting here talking about the lane effect. Are we? No. Okay. So that's it, pal.

I'm going with Deon being more likely to come up with the road upset than lane Kiffin's Ole miss running rebels. Well done, sir. Good job. And that was what's more likely presented by Subway. Subway is now slicing their meats fresh. Try a new deli hero from the Subway series and taste the difference for your self. What's more likely presented by Subway. Let's take a break. Mike McCarthy.

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Marvel Studios Loki season two new episode streaming October 5th only on Disney plus. Hi, everybody. We're back here. Are you psyched? Or what? Yes. Mike McCarthy never does this stuff.

Well, he calls into us, but that's about it. That's right. I think he did PKs pod. I did this week, too. So that's something we have in common. But it's our first zoom with him.

So that's the technology. You did Peter King this week. I did. Nice.

I zoomed with him, too. Of course. That's what we do now, Rich.

We got new technology. When PK calls, you say yes. Of course. I did Peter King, Peter King and Julian Edelman's podcast.

The anti Kyle Brand. Can I ask a question? I missed that whole thing. Yeah, he went on.

Good morning football. And I didn't like it, but I didn't. I think he was trying to have fun with it, sort of.

Yeah, I heard obviously the interview is what he said. You and Susie and you had the thing. But I didn't know what. Look, there are a lot of podcasts out there. Right.

But that just because people love listening to it. And people, you're going to get asked even. I mean, I get asked to do podcasts, and it's like you don't always want to do it, but I feel like paying it forward. Oh, really? So your arms being twisted doing a guesting on podcast? No, but I say yes, because it's like a pay for Sarah's got. How many podcasts does she have?

She's doing a couple right now. Right. That's great.

That's fun. You're also a celebrity who goes to tournaments. So he's an actor. He's not an actor. He's no celebrity. He's an actor. Please give this man credit.

Well, I have been a celebrity is higher than being an actor. Who the hell is. Thank you. What was that? Well, I just dropped.

Yeah, you just dropped. I realized it was the wrong one as I hit it. Sorry.

That was rich Eisen. That's fine. We have one with my name.

The hell is Chris Brockman. Don't worry about it. Did you make one? Yeah. Yeah. It moved that things have been changed. Wow. Can we get you guys in the same page here?

This chair, is it sitting in the chair? He doesn't. He can't hear.

Mike just doesn't listen. That's the difference between these two. What? Thank you. Well done. Well done. Back here on the rich eyes and show radio network, sitting at the rich eyes and show desk furnished by Grange with supplies and solutions for every industry.

Granger has the right product for you. Call click or just stop by the rich eyes and show you call click or just stop by. It's a greatly appreciative of this man stopping by in advance of taking on the Arizona Cardinals.

The Cowboys are two and oh, and this man's one of one of talk about the only guy on planet earth to say I've been the head coach of the Green Bay Packers and now the current head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. Mike McCarthy here on the rich eyes and show. Good to see you, Mike.

I'm doing well, rich. It's good to see you. Good to see you too.

Good to see you too. I'm I'm just wondering if that ever happens to you when you just, you know, catch the star on your hat or on your shirt or walking down the hallway. Does that ever catch you again that you've you've done both of these iconic coaching gigs, Mike? Yeah, definitely.

Someone asked me if I were, you know, the other day if I thought about this growing up and I don't recall walking down the streets of Pittsburgh thinking about being head coach of the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys. So it's a lot of gratitude for two incredible opportunities. So extremely blessed.

Absolutely. And so let's just jump into, if you don't mind, the the story that's happening and unfolding in Dallas, starting with the most immediate that Trevon Diggs goes down for the season. What what happened?

What can you tell us what happened with him? Yes, I mean, it was, you know, a normal drill in practice and and it's just I mean, your heart just really goes out to Trayvon. And I think like anything as a football team, it's it's a you know, it's a punch in the gut, but it's so much more on a personal level. I mean, if you just see the reaction from his teammates and in the coaching staff.

So just so important to love and support him right now. And that's really the focus, because as we know that the game moves forward, but he's a tremendous, tremendous, you know, influence in our locker room and just the way he's grown over the years, he's a big part of who we are as a football team, especially as a defense. We all understand that, you know, the caliber of player. But, you know, when you talk about building a program through the draft and, you know, he's coming here day one and made an immediate impact.

But, you know, he was the top of his game right now. But it's, you know, just really the focus is on him personally. And and I can't say enough about how our players and coaching staff is every to this. And, you know, it's tough for all your guys. All your guys get hurt. No question. But, you know, he's he's an impact player.

How do you handle that as a as an H.C.? Where, you know, obviously you got to have next man up. It's going to be a next man up mentality. Clearly, when toe meets ball on Sunday in Arizona, next man up and we're moving on.

But this is such a significant player, not just for this week, but for your entire Super Bowl hopes. How do you handle such a thing with your team, Mike? Well, the reality of it is, you know, to have a successful championship season, you're going to have to go through adversity.

And it comes in different forms and fashions each and every year. So and that's that's just a hard reality of our game. So it's it's really an opportunity for the depth of our football team, especially on defense, that to step up and continue to move forward.

But, yeah, there's there's no question you don't replace a player like Trayvon. But it is a it is an excellent opportunity for for, you know, Deron Bland and J. Lou and the other guys to step up and keep moving our defense, because, you know, we do have a great defense and we're going to be challenged each and every week. And, you know, this this is part of that, you know, unfortunate challenge of the NFL. I mean, you have injuries.

It's it's there's nothing you can you try to be safe and you assist, you know, risk assess and everything that you do. But it's the unfortunate part of our game. When did you first realize Micah Parsons was special, Mike McCarthy? When did you first realize that? I think the first time I saw him put his foot in the ground, you know, early in his time here and chase the quarterback, just different. I mean, you know, and then you have the tools of GPS and there's just certain players that are genetically have more gifts than others. And if you just see how he revs, you know, his body, you know, production output is just off the charts, you know, and he has the work ethic and loves football, super competitive, super competitive man. And he's grown in every which way.

But I mean, this guy's competing the chess ping pong or whatever you put in front of him. But the first impression of him cutting the corner and chasing down the quarterback, it's you we you can tell right that he was different. Well, I mean, is it true that on occasion this summer you had to take him off the field so the offense could get some reps? Is that true during training camp? What's true is I should have taken him off the field so the offense was really irritating the guy calling the offensive plays.

That's for sure. He was a it was clearly his best training camp. He was a wrecking ball every single day. And frankly, it was great work for us. So, you know, we had a number of offensive linemen, particularly young guys that had to go go against him more than you probably would like.

But what a great experience for them. Well, you've been around a lot of football teams, a lot of football programs, and a lot of great defensive players, Mike. And where does Parsons rank?

I mean, with you? Yeah, I mean, he's definitely I mean, I think those are great questions at the end of his journey. But he has a chance to be, you know, as good or the best that's ever played. I mean, he has that kind of ability.

But he's you can see the maturation. And I think Dan and the defensive staff doing a credible job of continuing to move him around. And he's putting in the extra time to be on top of the schemes, not only for what he does, but how he affects the game. I mean, he is clearly an impact player.

You have to know where he is. I know I would as an offensive coordinator mindset where he is each and every play because, you know, he's a total wrecking ball. Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. And as everybody, we just heard our last couple of minutes here, the play caller once again in your career, Mike McCarthy, you're you're dialing him up now. What do you what do you love about that?

Well, a lot of things. You know, I love the grind. I mean, Tuesday was always outside of Sunday. Tuesday was always one of my favorite days a week because, you know, we were able to put the plan together, you know, get it onto the call sheet and start building it. So I've always enjoyed that process. So now to be right at the point of it and back in that seat, you know, I'm really enjoying that part of it.

And the ultimate is the challenge on Sunday. So I think as a head coach, you're always evaluating on how you can improve your coaching operations. And each and every year it's something you have to take a hard look at.

So I'm just real excited to be in the seat to try to affect the outcome of the game more. It's OK if you call yourself a control freak, Mike. I mean, all all all coaches are.

I mean, you know, Brian, I mean, it was a difficult last couple of years for you to just, you know, hand it off to someone else and and be be the H.C. of the Dallas Cowboys, Mike. Well, I think the big thing is, you know, whether it's ever how you want to label a control freak or I look at more as ego management, you cannot be successful in this business without ego. So the honest part of it, we all have egos. And unfortunately, Richard, you know, you have an ego. There's an eye in my first and last name, Mike.

There's an eye in my first and last name. I don't know if you know, you know, my name's literally everywhere in this studio. So guilty is charged guilty. Absolutely. So I do think it's something you learn as a leader because you want that ego. You want that energy. You want that confidence that comes with every individual in your program.

And it's no it's no different for myself. So I looked at it more as a ego management and, you know, make sure that the rules were defined with description and responsibility. And so I'm just I'm excited to have this new responsibility. So I want to put all these pieces together because I just found it fascinating, Mike, that last week you had Zach Wilson and the Jets in your house. You knew everything that was going on with this team and everything that was going on, maybe with Zach last year. And obviously you being knowledgeable about Aaron Rodgers and from the past and present, all of that, that you decided after winning the toss to put your offense on the field rather than just put clearly Micah Parsons and his special ability with that special unit on the field.

Why did you do that? I mean, what was your thought process there? Well, I mean, every game has a starting point. You know, you have an approach and a plan every single game you compete in. And then, you know, you're obviously trying to get the get the game to go, you know, go down the right road.

And there's always a flow in every one of these opportunities. But the goal is really to try to get on everybody. We always want to start fast, but we want to try to get out in front and, you know, apply some pressure, you know, to their offense playing against our defense. So, you know, we have tremendous respect for their defense and they're as good as advertising. I tell you that clearly after playing against those guys. So their front is is exceptional.

And, you know, they've got playmakers in the perimeter group, too. So I think just, you know, I thought our guys did a great job of sticking to the plan. And, you know, we knew we're going to have to go a long way on those guys and, you know, stab with some long drive. So just the opportunity to get started and try to establish that was the focus.

Again, I just driving straight at it. Then did you feel great about your game plan that, OK, we're going to go against their strength right off the bat rather than maybe terrorize the kid, you know, in our spot and get up early on that way? Truly.

I'm just wondering the process here. Well, I think like all of us, we always feel good about our plan. Right. But I think it's, you know, what's the starting point? I'm a big believer in starting points. You know, we actually name each day of the week.

This is, you know, Fast Friday, you know, if you're finished Friday. So everything we do today is focused on the beginning of the game and at the end of the game. So it's just really utilizing those focal points and sticking to your practice plan and, you know, trying to get off on the on the right foot. So that was just really approach for the Jets. Few minutes left with Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Cowboys, 2 and 0 right here on the Rich Eisen Show. Now that you're playing now that you're calling the plays, your connectivity with Dak, walk me through the nuts and bolts of that.

And how it's working. Well, I'm loving it. I'm loving every minute.

I'm missing a quarterback review right now, but don't feel bad about that. OK, OK, Scotty, tools, Amy, Brian Schottenheimer do incredible jobs. Yeah, but being back in the quarterback room 100 percent is, you know, and that's, you know, there's every part of your journey that you truly love. And, you know, one day, you know, when my time is done in the league, I hope to be a quarterback coach at Jones junior high. I just I just love being in that room because that position is so challenging.

There's so much to, you know, to do. And Dak is an incredible, you know, leader and personality and work ethic and all that. And just the connection he has with the other quarterbacks and just the way the room set up. So I am definitely enjoying every minute of that.

Well, boy, was there a whole conversation about the room being set up the way that it is for this year now that Trey Lance is there. What have you seen from him so far? Obviously, you know, his athletic ability is, you know, speaks for itself. And, you know, I've just been so impressed with the young man. He's excellent, excellent work ethic, you know, and this is this is every offense is different when he's going through the transition, you know, as far as the reads and the footwork and but he's he's off to a really good start. So it's great fit for us. Well, I mean, and I'm sure you're aware, Mike, outside of the building that Lance's arrival was another opportunity for a pile on on Dak and many in my profession.

And you've been around the special ones as well. Favre, Rogers. And I'm wondering, you know, if you're what would you say to pound the table for Dak for people who feel that he is not elite in this league? Mike McCarthy? Well, I could just go off my past experiences. I mean, you know, I've been in a lot of great quarterback rooms. But, you know, when you have a quarterback room that has, you know, Favre and Rogers in it, you know, that's you know, that's that's something that you look at both their careers.

It's clearly speaks for itself. So, yeah, that's I mean, Dak is the lead is the lead dog in our room. There's no question about that. And, you know, Trey's a young guy with with a lot of a lot of talent that we're going to have to continue to develop, you know, to fit our system. Just some of the things we ask him to do in our system. Well, let's not forget about Cooper Rush. I mean, Cooper is, you know, an outstanding veteran that has established himself and he's made some slight changes to his game that I've been super impressed with. So Cooper's, you know, he's that veteran that's coach smart.

He could he could probably coach in this league tomorrow if he's dumb enough to pursue it that way and stay out of this rat race. But it's just a really good room. And that's the reality of it, too. So you never have enough quarterbacks, you know, even we're going to a great year and a half with us, too. So, you know, that's just there's always been an approach. And I think really looking back in my time, you know, Ron Wolf was, you know, he's the one that really set the set the standard of drafting quarterbacks, you know, each and every year, every other year.

So just keep trying to build that room. So, but yeah, there's there's nothing internally that takes me away from the focus of Dak Prescott being our league guy. Well, I mean, you mentioned Will Greer, the way Dak dialed up those plays that night in preseason. Maybe he's gunning for your job, Mike, Dak. Hey, it's good. Competition's good, Rich. Internally, externally, it's good. Competition's good. So, yeah.

Okay. He definitely did a great job that night. It was awesome.

It was awesome. How often do you connect with Jerry Jones throughout the week, Mike? Oh, a couple times a week.

Nobody's obviously when he's here, all of a sudden with practice. But, you know, we talk we talk on the phone regularly and Stevens also. And it's really when you talk to either one of them, it's, you know, those guys obviously are spend a tremendous amount of time together. But yeah, we have a really good network of communication. Well, I mean, what does he want to know?

What what can you do? Because, again, you're in your previous gig, the owners were the people, you know. So now now you've got clearly a unique setup within Dallas. Does Jerry want to know game plan and break it down? I'll be honest with you. He's extremely respectful, you know, of the added responsibility I have on my plate. And that's something that we've talked about on a regular basis. So if anything, he doesn't know what doesn't want to take up more time as needed.

But, you know, we talk about all the things we can talk about so that, you know, that part of that hasn't changed at all. Okay. And so because, again, it was about a year plus ago, he came on the show before the season, Mike, and he said that years ago before the third Super Bowl when he said he made a deal with the Lord saying, if you give me this one, I won't ever ask for another one again. And he said, I'd like to now redo that deal. So you clearly understand.

He literally said that. I wish you had told me before I took the job. You know what? I wish I had had that avenue to tell you that.

Yeah. Because if there's anybody that can redo a deal with the Lord or try to, it would be Jerry. So the pressure that he might place upon you or any sense of that, Mike, I'm sure you hear that conversation about coaching for your gig. Do you feel that in Dallas right now, Mike? I think it's just the reality of when you're blessed to hold a premier job, which I have my whole head coaching career. I think we all get it as coaches.

You know, yes, there definitely would be a long line outside the door. So I think just like anything, I keep my focus on the job every single day. You know, I feel like now being in this position, I'm back to doing it the way I've always done it.

And, you know, and I'm extremely comfortable with my process and, you know, the confidence that's more than enough confidence, ego management, all those things to get the job done. Okay, fantastic. Last one for you.

Again, I know it's just one at a time. You got Arizona. Did you watch last night? Because, you know, you got San Francisco down the road in a couple of weeks, Mike? I really would like to. I mean, actually, we didn't finish up until well into the fourth quarter.

So, yeah, I did not watch it. Okay, so let me help you out. Look out for McCaffrey and Deebo. Just keep an eye out for them.

You know, they use them. What else can I tell you? Nick Bosa, block him.

At one point last night, the Giants did not actually. What else can I tell you? Purdie's pretty good. You know, Kittle. Look out for Kittle.

Circle 85. We'll be calling you in a couple of weeks. We appreciate the inspiration.

You're welcome. I'm here. I'm here for you, Mike.

Again, even though there is an eye in my first and last name and my name is literally everywhere, I'm here for you. And I appreciate you being here, Mike. All right. Thanks, Rich.

Thanks for having me on. You bet. You know, I should have.

Oh, can we get him back on? I could show my mug. Oh, see. Name on the mug. Yeah. Yeah.

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You could have done that one better. Let's take a break. I'll also find out.

Let me do it. Play that. You see the new drop. Just a little deeper.

One of the new drops. Not the A.A. Ron, but I was insubordinate and churlish. You could have went a little deeper.

And I want to get your thoughts on Mike McCarthy, T.J. Jefferson. Yeah, you did something I appreciate. Well, that's called a cheese.

844204, Rich number to dial as well here on The Rich Eyes. And a fascinating way to look at NFL standings that I saw on the old X machine today. We'll talk about that coming up.

It really is because they kind of look like dachshunds. Something you should know wherever you listen. All right.

So you've heard of the phrase unintended consequences before, right? We found out on R.E.S. Consulting and a little unintended consequence of our breaking coverage of Joe Burrow walking to work yesterday just to see how his calf is doing. We noticed there's a little bit of a hitch in his giddy up or a little slow gate. We don't know. We just don't know what it is. But we did also see over and over again, when we would watch it in the background, two guys hugging it out.

We even pointed that out. We know who those two gentlemen are because one of them saw our coverage. James, I think, Rappian, who let me get him right right here, publisher of all Bengals. He loves his Cincinnati sports. He's covering said he was hugging it out with K Barnett 15.

That is the local 12 executive producer, Kevin Barnett. Oh, so despite the most important walk, you know, James is just like, I don't care. I'm seeing Kevin. I'm going to dap him up. I'm going to give him a hug. He's not even looking at. James, if you're all Bengals, that's the bangle you need to be all in looking at. That's my man right there. Clearly, Kevin's manically the right leg. So it's leaved up. Clearly, you always have love for his mom and Kevin, even when Joe Burrows walking to practice. We do call.

We call it a walker, an amble, a slow amble. I saw there was a quick two second video today. He was holding his helmet, didn't have the jersey on over the pads, holding the jersey, no plain pads on holding helmet. What do we make of this? Nothing.

Not playing. Okay. Oh, so what you're saying is that Kevin Barnett is James's BFF, regardless of the news breaking around here on the program. We follow up our stories right here on this show. All right.

What did you what did you have a problem with me talking to Mike McCarthy? It was great. Thank you.

By the way, that's a very Rome type thing. I appreciate it. Call in.

Tell me how great I am. But the thing is, at the end of the interview, it went kind of south. You've got coach speaking about the Niners. That's in two weeks. We're focused on the Cardinals right now. We can't look ahead of this team because next to, you know, like the Cardinals, Josh Dobbs putting up bulletin board material like rich eyes and show showed Mike McCarthy don't respect us.

And next thing you know, we got to deal with that. Well, he said he was too busy preparing for the Cardinals. He gave the answer that it's okay. You kept pushing the words.

That's two weeks from now. I didn't mean that is to disrespect your I even fronted it by saying, you know, I try to I asked the question and you didn't ask inoculated. I inoculated I inoculated the question by saying, I understand you do week to week stuff and what's the only game in front of you?

But come on, you don't think he peaked at Thursday Night Football just to see what the Niners are doing? Well, come on. But like, you know, well, and at least I made up for it by saying when he can confirm my scouting report when he watches the film, you should block Nick Bosa and keep your keep your eye out for Debo and Christian McCaffrey on offense.

Well, these are things you could just pass that along to Dan Quinn. You're welcome. Thank you. Tom and Brad. California's been hanging on for a while. What's up, Tom? Hey, Rich, how you guys doing?

What's going on, Tom? Well, I, I am a long time SoCal fan. We also can sports.

I hate everything north. Okay. You sound like Shawn Mitchell of the Rich Eisen Show digital coordinating producer staff right here.

The only thing I have a little bit of love for was Oakland in 1988 because they gave me the best, best reason to watch sports. I always smile when I hear back door slider. Okay. Sounds like you're closing the back door, Tom. What's your, what do you, what do you, what's on your mind today?

What do you got? Well, I wanted to talk about Brock Purdy and how amazed I am. And what I don't think people give enough credit to is just how smart I think this guy is.

I don't think there's enough weight to it. I mean, I think Crash Davis helped him do the interview on his report when he speaks to the press. I think that's where he learned that. But you see all these rookie quarterbacks and come in and they all think that they have to wear, you know, have to walk around with a clipboard for a year or two before they can play. And here, this guy just walked in, he's won every regular season game that he's ever been in. And it's just, I think it's his smarts, just his way of being able to look at the field and see what's going on.

And just also just put him up there. I'd put him up there with the elite top five quarterback. Well, he's got the elite top five quarterback type weaponry and thanks for the call, Tom. It's just, again, what he appears to have is a command and know what Shanahan wants as an extension in a way that, you know, Lance didn't grasp quickly enough. But again, look at how much college ball this guy played in Iowa State.

A ton. And clearly, he's an extension of Shanahan in a way that Shanahan didn't think Jimmy Garoppolo was 100% of the time enough. Again, I would take half of that in Zach Wilson right now. There's your throw, make it. There's your throw, make it. There's your back. There's your drop, make it. You know, and let's cook.

Cook and Bries Hall is special enough. Maybe he's not McCaffrey, but he can break away like McCaffrey. Use him. Good Lord.

Eric Stonestreet of Modern Family Fame and one of my favorite humans on the planet. He texted me this this morning. I did not see this. Someone who I believe covers the White Sox for a living put together the records of all NFL teams over their last 162 games and broke it down like it's a baseball standings. So 10 seasons? It's what it seems like. Okay. Because, you know, there's a couple with 17 games. The last two years have been 17. Yeah. And put it up on the screen here.

Jay Cuda put this together. And it's so wild to see over the last 10 years, we have the AFC up. The Patriots have a 16-game lead over the Bills in the AFC East as if that's a baseball division. 109 and 53.

Wow. The Steelers have an eight-game lead over the Ravens over the last 162. A 46 and a half game lead on the Browns were 55 and 106, which is one win less than the the Jets of 56 and 106 because they tied a game. The worst record over the last 162 belongs to the Jaguars at 50 and 112. 35 and a half, 33 and a half games behind the Colts for the AFC South Pennant. Wait, are they still better than the A's?

And look at the Chiefs. 116 and 46 over the last 162 leading the rest of the AFC West by 37 games. Dang.

No one else is above 500 in that division over the last 162. Wow. I don't know why this fascinates me.

Pretty cool. It's numbers. Fun with numbers. Oh, the Raiders suck. And so here's the NFC. This is the tightest lead. The Cowboys lead the Eagles by just a game and a half.

Wow. Just a game and a half. 99 and 67 of the Cowboys 93-68-1 are the Eagles. The Packers, no surprise, just a 10-game lead, however, in the NFC North. The Bears have lost an even 100, the only NFC team to have lost 100 games of their last 162. The Giants read 99 losses.

They have one tie to save that. The Saints lead the NFC South by 16 and a half over the Panthers, who are just one game under 500. And the Seahawks lead the NFC West by 18 and a half games. And they'd be the one seed over the last 162 in the NFC. As the Rams are in second place at 84 and 78, the Niners, I think weighed down by the Tom Sula, Chip Kelly early Kyle Shanahan years, sitting there at 500 over the last 162. Covering the White Sox this year hasn't been that entertaining.

I think this is so much fun. This is so much fun, but the Chiefs having the best record. Stone Street chimes in that his, his friend Gary said, called them the 1906 Cubs, who have the best single season record in the history of Major League Baseball at, I think they had 116 wins themselves. Well, the Chiefs, they had one. They've got a ton of games that they've won. There's no question about that.

A lot of fun right there, isn't it? That is cool. Did they win the World Series that year, the 06 Cubs? They lost to the White Sox of all things.

I just thought that was fun. The team with the most wins to win the World Series are the 98 Yankees. They went 114 and 48. Well, they went, that was the year that they went 125 and 50, including the playoffs. Yeah. Yeah, the 1906 Cubs were, had a... Yeah, they're a 116.

116, 36 and 36. Yeah, because they played what, 54? I just, I mean, it was, it's quite an endeavor. Would you have thought the Seahawks had the best record in the NFC West over the last 162? I think they would have been one of my guesses, yeah. You would have guessed the Seahawks, huh? Well, they've been really good. They were really good with Russ and the defense. Remember, the Niners weren't good for a better part of 10 years. That's what I'm saying.

Tom Sula years. Yeah. Well, good stuff by, of course, Stone Street's sending it to me because the Chiefs have the best record in...

Right. They've been really good. That's Alex Smith is part of it, too, right there.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. They've been great with Andy Reid. 116 and 46. A 37-game lead on the Broncos. Of course, the Patriots lead it. The Jets are 53 back, 53 back. Is that the most games back anybody's been of anybody? Yeah.

No. 53 games back. Same record. They were 116 and 46 as well.

And they got bounced. Brian Robinson Jr., big hat himself, top five games of the weekend. Your phone call is still to come for a third hour of the Rich Eisen Show. Hey, guys, it's Susie Schuster, and I am so excited for my new podcast coming out this fall. It is called What the Football with Susie Schuster and the Princess of Darkness, Amy Trask. If you're looking for a new podcast to listen to about jargon, heavy-legged, wastebenders, this is not for you. We're going to have big-girl conversations. We're going super deep to bring you weekly guests that you won't find anywhere else. It is What the Football with Susie Schuster and Amy Trask, wherever you listen.
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