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How The Enemy Attacks our Identity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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February 14, 2015 12:30 pm

How The Enemy Attacks our Identity; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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Jesus many using hand why feels more like a losing battle when something done, request no injury. We're so glad to have good news will special some people.

Some people say it's made up holiday its mountains dated a guys you guys really think you and that's what were going to do the show all about love know or not turn this off yet but will get it. I don't know Robby, are you ready for Valentine's Day.

I survived Alan Dave ties Valentine's Day E is actually the day the rapturous day.

The fractures that you were not to leave this time which is really good. So you guys, if you haven't went out and got something you don't have time ago and ladies that applies to you as well said even just a little something.

Let them know you think about of any ready for Valentine's Day. Of course, Valentine's Day is Valentine was Italian one is right. St. Valentine you that I will want to go and you were roommates in school to close a close eye yeah will under the topic that will really get to talk about today really continue to talk about spiritual warfare ends. Over the last couple weeks we talked about how the enemy attacks us in different ways and next he couldn't hide altogether on how uses in all the others.

That's a little bit of a tease for next week but this time to talk about how you tax your identity and why does he attack your identity and why is it important so you go to clip right out of the gate. It's from a movie called Bourne identity, imagine that my daddy in the system very very small clip. It is at a heavy accent at the beginning but that listen to and let's see what the character who speaks English very well has to say all is junk log. What's your name was me now, but he doesn't know his name is Gary know if you watch that movie. There's a lot of things new CIA type things, but a man here that does not know who is. This is literally it is in and who is but that some of our story. At times a go absolutely and if you think about that movie. What does he do when he doesn't who he is. He gets combative and he starts searching around trying to figure everything out is that any different from what we do when we don't know our identity.

The panic we get insecure week we start believing that we don't have what it takes. So what are those identities that we have and we have one more than one at the basic level. Robby, we are all one in identity could keep Lisa, but God thinks really about how I want to see the look on Robby's face thanks children of God, Sam, Robby, well… So that you printed yet we are children of God, and it tells us that early in Scripture that would be in God that he allows a student to become children of God. He calls us, his beloved all sorts of things remind us constantly in Scripture that we are his beloved children and that's an identity we have in the base identity below everything else that's who we are foundational level and to Adam and Eve were at their foundation level, but there's other identities. The God helps us discover about ourselves.

Robby is there any that you can think of how that might as I get a feel going bananas all gratin ale sure you have your nationality and an accurate American or maybe a Baptist case may be, your church identity, but you know there's other things that for a lot of men, it's what they do right, salesman or I'm a manager on the CEO or CFO you put your title on the business card and that becomes a great extent their identity kind of a scary thing and a lot of those are world given identities right God driven identities and I guess God decidedly be born in America and we were born here, but that's the world's standard there's other identities.

God gives us as individuals they know that there's been a name that you've heard God say to you specifically do you explain a little bit what I'm talking about their revelation. There's this passage that says when we get to heaven organ to get a new name and when we do the boot camps we often send man out and asked him to ask that question ahead of time to get another Christmas present early and one of the boot camps I went through quite an ordeal with headaches and lots of things to try to determine what my new name was and I heard God said you are faithful and it was kind of disappointing to me because I thought really God is like you got a name like a dog Old Faithful what you know. Think about it. Robby, you were the only child that stayed with your parents drank both parents turn the divorce. You never quit a job you know you never cheated on your life and all these things that and as he started to show me what faithful man and I started to realize what identity was the more I realize, wow that's that's really all the sudden and you know this too is you begin to walk in that identity. Once you understand it. Then you see the way that it's been attacked and you see the way that you feel when you're walking contrary to it and how it takes you completely out of the game so to speak. It does doesn't it. Actually bring me a clue. Second, just because you know your identity doesn't stop attacking you and he keeps lobbing those volleys that you listen to a couple guys really know who they are.

I think you be familiar with these clips wanted to ask yourself why do these really resonate my heart. Why do I love these things and and walk back and talk about that will all my name is Maximus dismissed a lot of the homage of the North Gen. hello so true.

Some motive why this life with next house you listen to that one guy love it as well. But what is really speak men's hearts. This is a strong man is walking this identity any skill accomplish what he sets out for you.

Just know that he's going to just by watching and right away. People who don't have their identity or their longing to be stronger, they want to identify with that.

They want to follow that because they want to find their own identity and think that you Robby talked about the people turned out to fight the battle right when you don't know who you are in the cool thing about what Wallace was doing in the beginning. That clip is. He knows who he is very clearly he knows he is. So he's reminding the rest of his countrymen who they are. Your Freeman your Scotty should never been defeated in battle. That's what happens when you walk in your identity when you can claim it again when you can step more fully into and avoid the attacks of the enemy. Other people's lives are impacted you guys ever been around semi that really kinda knows who they are and how they made a difference for Bacchus because that it was 1970 or $0.75 in mid-seventies may name Henry Douglas. I took over for McClintock junior high school football team. We'd not had a winning season in 1415 years. He walked out there.

He played for the tennis volunteers. His roommate was caught on Frida Hall of Famer so this man knew football. He knew what it was like to be strong and he walked out there.

He took us to be wonderful. I guess we won first time for two games back to back. It was it was an amazing time watching school turnaround the football. We went on the next next year is to win the city championship in Charlotte and it was.

I guess it was on of the city championship. It was close to it, but everybody at that point started walking their identity. They had confidence on the football player. We will and that's what we do does impact you.

That's what work so effectively with sports teams identify, they identify with and identity that I said earlier, it doesn't keep you from being attacked this week something happened to me is been building over the last couple weeks that it really did make sense until I woke up the middle night and stopped and said okay God… Talk about this and really what was going on. I was in so much pressure for lots of anxiety for lack of better term and had a lot of commitments coming down all at one time and and so I went to bed late.

Having worked on something in the 11 and woke up at three in the morning and just could not go back to sleep merely enemy try to tag me with the dream which I just laughed at said okay that's that's agreement and have any legitimacy here.

Then he started reminding me of all these things that I don't have done right and it's to all these different people to not just work it's ministry, it's friendship. It's all these places its family and was just eating at my heart.

It wasn't because I wanted to be Superman because God had told me years before your name is loyal and it was just breaking my heart to think I have to be disloyal to one of these people then let somebody down one God. When I prayed there at 3 o'clock synagogue. I go back to bed and didn't really let me do that.

So that's out there and talk for a while and it is Sam. It's about loyalty here and remind me this is an attack in your identity. Yes, you still have all that stuff to do but this is just an attack that's where the pressures coming from and from there I can go.

Okay, now I can go take care of the things I need to do, but I could just do it from a mindset of now I'm not being attacked by the that's fondling you get to that point in repentance right that word is kind of tough to swallow it first. There is a point repentance or you feel like you're the prodigal son running for dinner waiting for dad's hug to come went when all of a sudden you see clearly what it is that he has for you and that you can accomplish that within the identity of any day for you and letting your telnet story. I could see the pictures and will know I could do this, you know that's that's who I am now I can go do this this and this and you feel exactly like the prodigal son headed for bargain wasn't very happy for you said that it I think that the is ironically you all those things. For the most part are done you 24 hours later 36 hours later done enough that they can move forward in this is so cool that it really got to say and it's all about this attack and when are you gonna let that all away and believe what I've told you versus what the other is trying to do to you here were to talk about when we come back.

People who find their identity.

You want to do for them what to do for others get a lot more to talk about on this topic to stay with us for more information go to mass injury check out some of the blogs. Check out some of the things that we put on their their mass injury cycle. I mean we can just find another plaintiff your kids to live on, you know, non-recycler Tommy Crenshaw talks about the future. I can totally see fighting another planet they can support life. We are supposedly trash. Log onto you gotta be and learn about all the ways you can recycle list during the lame excuses like Thomas hey recycling, she's not my thing starting over a new planet. Now that's exciting to be that guy less you want people looking at you funny. Log on to. You gotta be can be difficult being a servicemember called that's why there's the yellow ribbon integration program. We helped thousands of National Guard and reserve members ensure their families are taken care of when they return that her family was ready to go. That is a good thing think Dennis is not here and he had something that was an obligation tonight, but is so impactful to the show because he picks a lot of these bumper music goes right along with the topic and really appreciate them doing that. It's an old song and not old for some of us spent old. I was just just yesterday and 74 people for a long time soon. Tell me who I am is obviously something that we struggle with her would mean moving to music, it wouldn't be there if it wasn't being attacked and so were going to go to a movie clad in where a guy's identities meant attacked, but it doesn't seem like that initially on what he's doing, but he realizes that this is really about identity. It really is in its jewelry set up. This is from in 1972 the Palestinians attacked the Israelis in the Atlantic Village and they captured him, took him away and ended up killing him. The Israeli government and their their own version of the CIA and the side identified everybody that was involved and they went on this international killing spree to assassinate the people involved in this particular scene. One of the people on the hit squad is under conviction and he realizes that he's got to choose in his heart between the pride of his country in the pride of his faith in God is a Jew and leave it there is thousands of years of what it really speak to you what. So often we get caught up in the world around us. We get caught up in ourselves. Pride of this product that we lose sight of humility the got wantonness and so he finds it that his soul with his righteousness are far too valuable or more valuable than silver gold more valuable than international pride or pride of state. It's important because his relationship with God is coming to the forefront as the most important thing in his life is more important than revenge. Absolutely. And so if you don't think that losing identity is an issue, how you explain churches that when the pastor kinda goes off the deep end forgets who he is but the ministry completely fails. Governments are topical because the head of it again forgets who it was made to be right and so you see that historically you see that currently when men forget their identity things are lost within them, but things are affected with lots of other people as well of you probably seen some ministries over the years that at some point something happens and also it's disappeared and so that the some level of that command identity.

Do you think well one of the offense of weapons in this battle that I think that is wonderful is that by seeing the attack like you did on loyalty it triangulate your glory. In other words, each of us have a unique way that we reflect God, and if you don't do that unfortunately nobody else can serve. We all have a friend is a great sports announcer well if if you hear the enemy coming against that saying you know you don't have what it takes to do it. It's telling you know sometimes those attacks are telling you like in the loyalty issue that here is where you can walk with God. Here is what he designed you to do here is where you will feel like you are where you belong and other people will want to follow you because they'll see that that's an absolute natural thing as a talkshow host.

I often have guests on their always nervous then been on the radio and it's cool to me to watch them if I can find and begin to walk in their identity on the air.

They go from this very nervous now, scattered person to complete surety and what they're talking you can see the that the tone of their voice changes everything turns on when they become confident and they begin to walk about identity and so by seeing the attack, you can often realize here's the place where you can edit 84 years young. That doesn't happen. You doesn't there's not times a year attacked his or no, not at all listening to Robby and all of you right now and brings me back to when I was a young kid no listed days of immigration in the United States and especially in New York where I come from, and I remember walking the streets as a young kid in 0567 years old and being eaten up and I couldn't figure out why and I didn't do anything. There was a look going on between the Irish immigrants in the Italian immigrants. They will call me names that I didn't know I finally you know you get older and you realize what what was all about. We left Italy because were being persecuted over there by invasions of the French and Albanians everybody to come over here and what we do.

We got back into the same thing only go with the Irish and the Irish did the same thing. So I finally found my identity when I got married. Believe it or not, and that was 24 years.

If there's nothing wrong you know the way I see it, find it than I did because your identity will come. Sometimes it comes to it three times in your life.

I honestly believe that right now I'm such a totally different man than what I was before. You know some people thought I was great. Some people thought I was not.

But right now I like myself and that's my identity of the enemy, loves to take those little treat half-truths.

We talked about before and remind you of hey this is a sin. And this is who you are and all visible things we've done other shows on you can go back and listen to those attacks continue for me. He has to remind me of my identity. Like every other day have a pretty forgetful person but I do want to go to clip, probably from a movie that you picked mouse one set that up a little bit Patty Lewis and Carroll's Alice in Wonderland there is a real issue with Alice not being Allison so you throughout the show. You may not realize it.

She's too big she's too small.

All because she's trying to figure out who she is.

In this clip kinda takes us to where she really was no other source can kill the devil that have no I said you will note now is just kinds there. You see, finally, Alice figures out who she is similar to the clip where you hear maxima saying this is who I am and this is where I am. So many times we feel like were either too big or too small, were trying to find ourselves in the end, Lewis and Carol did that in such a unique way in the looking glass, which is a picture from the book of James, where we don't see ourselves clearly in the looking glass and you now eat now James has Adam in the book and that was where Louis and Carol got that Lewis Carroll got that from was Allison the looking glass was from the book you find interesting was last week we talked about the topic of agreements and how the enemy tries to get us to make agreements and liver gas was my wife.

It was on and she talked about how women are attacked with you the being too much or not enough and so you back to this clip and you say, even here.

They know that that's really what the attack was in a woman's life. So if you want more and I go back and listen. Last week, shall lapse its unmasking journey as we talk about this topic of identity you have to hold onto it is everything else you lose your identity does it impact your family. Oh I was just to say there's collateral damage when a man loses identity children list.

I want to see suffer, but they executed a suffer. Okay, they suffer. Your wife suffers your friend suffer because in there's a person that they know and love in the appreciate and all of a sudden it's gone and in and there's a big gap and when you walk in your identity. Others will be drawn to you.

Help learn their identity so talked about earlier. Why do people really like the Maximus clip lady like a Wallace clip because it's a man that knows who he is and Robby didn't make a difference a day. The days you wake up you know exactly who your ass this picture today that just strikes out at me and says those of us who walk through the flames.

The sparks falling office like the way for others and you see that with Maximus, you see that you know with William Wallace that goes sparks flying off like the way you are out there today and he said okay what I do this to God what is this identity really living as a child of God is good. I see myself that way in the mirror and say do I see myself as you see me asking what other names he has for you.

As Robby said, blocking the flames and sparks like the way for others and you can be an encouragement to those who need. Thanks for listening Joyce talking to you and we hope to see you next week

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