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Facing Disruptions in Life; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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January 7, 2017 12:30 pm

Facing Disruptions in Life; click here to listen

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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The heart of every man his life doesn't usually feel that way. Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns. So how do we keep from losing heart trying to find a way life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guides we call masculine journey masculine journey starts here now welcome with us today week in 2017.

So it is not an Eve.

What is true.

Last week it was. It was New Year's Eve so this is a first week and in 2017 that's okay I know you I woke up and felt just like 2060. It's got it's good to be here today were to be talking about a topic that might be a little new to some of I was out in Colorado and and at a conference of John Eldridge and he brought up the topic that at all times God is doing for things in your life simultaneously that he's disrupting dismantling healing and restoring John so that night I heard John say lots of things and there was much deeper than I can comprehend initially and so I sat there thinking about it and I thought and I I don't get that one man over the next few days. The Holy Spirit was just reminded me of all the characters in the Bible or God stepped in and disrupted their life in a in a disruption is really just a change of direction. You have a plan.

I have a goal and headed this way something happens, good or bad, and changes that direction of my life was for.

Time and then dismantling is the breaking apart of something you have healing restoring which will talk about those on other episodes, but they were talking about the disruption factor in Robby. This was something that you saw on one of the things Ransom heart as well write the added whole program on disruption. The lady set it up just wonderfully.

She said to know how may people out there love to fly in a course I don't Friday and I'd love to fly and I love to sit down in the seat and I get excited when the takeoff happens when the landing and all that kind exciting stuff in. She goes through how much fun all that is looking the airport look at the people. That's always good for a laugh. People watching asked and she said how many of you can remember your flight number and I was like how many people could remember the name of your pilot and then she said let's watch this clip from the movie Sally and think about these people's lives. They probably could remember the name of their pilot and I'm pretty sure they can remember their flight number 11 said you were going to lose both engines in history.

This was dual engine loss at 2800 median water landing 105 souls on board. No one ever trained for an incident like forced simulation show that you can make it back to the one I don't feel like 329 was Western Troubles) and 200 That Brace Brace Brace Life Does Not Forgive Us That You Know When the Big Disruptions, and What a Benefit, but At Least They Have Brace Brace Brace and You Know in Your Life.

If It's like My Life There Certain Events That Seem to Come in Super Slow Motion like in My Life When I Found out I Had Cancer and That I Can Remember the Nurses Phone Call I Can Remember Every Word That She Said I Can Remember Where I Was Remember Details about That Because It Was up Complete Change of Direction in My Life You Know God Was Healing Restoring, but There Were Some Breakdowns That Come down First before You Know Some of That Other Stuff Happened but We Don't Often Get That Advance Warning Brace Brace Brace Had Them Staying out Let the Disruption That Happens You Know, If You Look Biblically, There's Lots of Disruptions. God Put in Place and That's Probably True in Our Life As Well Because the Bible Is a Book Examples, Not Exceptions in but I Think There's Things That Happen in Your Life That God Really Didn't Intend to Take a Wrong Turn and Something Happens You Get Hit You Go Different Direction and I Think Those Are Things That Sometimes Are His Attributes Is All to God Because in the Midst of All of Them and Can Use That Disruption for Good If We Let Him and That's What We Talked about Another Episodes in Some Disruptions Aren't Always Bad It Is and Always Cancer a Car Wreck or Things That Nature Sometimes Are End up Being Just a Complete Change of Location. I Know That I've Had a Plan for My Life That We Were Going Old House Restoring It Was Almost 100 Years Old. When You Make a Bed and Breakfast so That All Life Is All Figured out and along Came an Offer to Move to North Carolina from Indiana and I Said I Don't Know Looking on the Visiting Guy Just Awoke Our Hearts to Say Yeah You're Going in on It Was a Big Disruptions Disruption My Daughter Who's Going under Senior Year, You Better Believe I Heard That a Bit Clear Now Just All Sorts of Changes Taking the Grandkids Away from the Grandparents You Know That Type of Thing, but It All Proved to Be Really Fruit for Good in the Long Run and and Sometimes As Disruptions Are Painful Initially When You Let God Work in You Really Have the Opportunity for Good to Come from A Lot Of Those Things When That Unique Story That You Have of Having Cancer and Being Cured from. I Know You've Done a Show A Few Times I've Heard Anyway, the Head of the People on It Said That Same Thing into Some of Those Amazing Stories Where That's Happened in the Life and Will Never Forget That for Me.

That's How I Know God Came for Me in Lots of Different Ways and I Can Understand God's Love and the Way He's Got a Rescue Me under so Many Different Circumstances. Know That He Will Talking on the Way over and You Had Some Disruptions in Your Life. Along the Way. Now There Was One When You Were 22 yet Right and so You Kinda Had a Plan for Your Life at That Point and Something Can Happen along the Way That Change That Whole Direction Only Change It Big Time.

I Was 22 Had Everything I Wanted Being a Nice Sicilian Boy and Little Lately and Your My Path Was Sort of Made for Me until I Met a Lady While She Disrupted My Family Not Made She Was the Boss with Two Children and I Felt Fell Head over Heels over. And I Sure As the Word Destruction and Disruption My Family.

I Was Exonerated from the Family, Divorce Woman and Everything. It Turns out, If the Many Many Years. That Was the Greatest Gift That God Ever Gave Me a Disruptive Thing That Happened Turns out to Be the Greatest Probably the Greatest Thing That Ever Happened to Me in My Life Was Marrying That Woman and Raising Them Two Children Plus All Wrong That We Ended up Having a Boy. It's like What Robby Was Saying Is Also Death. I Have Lost Life I Have Lost Two Sons. That's Disruption. You Know It, and It Sought to Deal with Sometimes but You Gotta Go on.

Oh Yeah, Just Another Little Thing That Happened to Make. I Went Blind. That's a Little, but It Does Not Make It's All Good, and I Know the When You Met Rita and You Talked a Bit about That That Was Just Your Whole Life Legally Changed Just Talk about a Little Bit of Change Him to Move across the Street Whole Life.

Get It in the. The Kinda Shining from the Family Which Is Probably Pretty Difficult to Deal with at That Young Age. This Was Especially from My Father As I Was with Him All the Time and Then Put Him We Pulled up in a Car He Seen Our He Had Put the Word out. Find out What My Son Is the One and He Says Communiqués Get out Lot. I Killed My Yeah That Killed Malachi, Then the Calling Level Rated Ties around Me Said What Did He Say since I Can't Tell You I Can Sit on the Area. There We Have That Polar Opposites Today on the Show We Have a Guest with His Ill-Gotten Tiredness, a Right That's Right Okay My Friend Read It Kind of Funny, I Know Your Grandpa and That I Had Ask You What Your Last Name Wasn't like I Could Remember Kilburn College Right Now You're down in Arkansas.

Correct. I Yeah Have Been for the past Three Semesters and We Have Were Talking before the Show between You and Vinnie's Ages Is More Difference between That Most People in the Room. We Have Nine of Us in Here Today. Guilty Think of Any of the Disruptions.

It Can Happen in Your Life Only Minute That Your Age Almost Most Certainly Have Got One That Came to Mind. Pretty Early on in the Conversation Happen. About This Time May Be Eight Years Ago. We Were Having a Family Sledding Trip in Indiana Visiting Family for Christmas and Myself, My Cousins. It's a Great Time Sliding down This Big Sales I've Ever Been on, and My Dad Was with the Sea. He Told Saul He Say Guys You Learn Today How to Slip and How to Slide Right Here Slip so Course, I'm at the Bottom of the Hill and Dance about the Sled I'm Taking Note I Want to Know How to Do It Best. He Jumps Downhill and He Hits His Face on the Ice Right off the Bat Went Face First and Slid Probably for the Next 10 Seconds. My Dad Being the Jokester Is I I Thought Well It's Just Pulling a Prank on the Sill Get up and Will Be All Right. I Then Heard My My Mom Scream, Toss the Video Camera Interesting Video and Run over till We We Turn Them over and He Was Lifeless Is the Only Word That They Came to Mind. There Was Blood All over His Face.

Nose Was Broken Unconscious Really and We Called 911. The Nameless Roster to Get Us in. I Was like a Sound Probably 12 or 13 at the Time Put in a Situation in the Blink of an Eye Were. I Wondered If I Would Go up the Rest of My Life without My Dad Easily.

The Day before That Easily. The Week before That I Had No Really True Appreciation for Who He Was Dead. But That Changed after That Moment That We Have of April 6 through the Night. If You Get a Chance to Register before Christmas Is Present, You Can Still Give Us a Present A Lot Of Things Coming up She Can Give the Birthday Birthday. There's All Sorts of Things for the Likely Journey Radio.O RG to Register Now. Journey Radio Is Listener Supported. Very Thankful for Every Dollar but I Wanted to Take a Moment to Share a Really Easy Way to Support Use Amazon to Purchase Things You Need to Do their charity contribution site and from there slick good heart ministries and Amazon will donate 5% of your purchase or watch a video on how to do this journey.

Radio that's messing journey radio large salmon mask I talked about ways you can help support only smiled at. It was on the information that where we can get something PO Box 552 785. Welcome back about the stuff that God uses expected like the pump and it was great pumping music really good choice. It's a stuffy use times will I slide lower face plant time I'm you know what happened was left very early was on the phone. He was on the yes so we rushed to the hospital and they said that we all went to go to be with them and EE of course recovered as conscious when we we were there, but I just remember falling to my knees on the ice.

In those moments coming to God, and of course, first of all asking you know full force will be done and something scary.

Is this not knowing what was coming next. But also just asking that that he change our hearts with a moment like this, not just mind.

Everyone who is involved. Mom, sister, family and I remember that night we came home from the hospital.

Actually, it of course, broken nose, like a said he regained recovered his consciousness but that night I was sitting around with my aunt and uncle, cousins and my sister and they did a Bible study with this and they they asked us what did we learn from today what what were the takeaways and I just happened to you last night. I really thought about it I told the biggest takeaways you tell the people that you love you love and you mean it every time you say it because you don't know when it it could be the last soap from from that point forward I I learned that God's disruption and somewhat dismantling led led to some restoring and healing in my life and in all of our lives. It was it was through life changing moment of disruption so that was not what you plan you plan to watch dad come downhill and do that as you're talking I just was thinking about my mom saying I went back last year had a divorce know a lot of you guys know that the listeners know that initially that was disruption. I didn't expect. You know that I don't think either one of us did. Out of that, I thought, God, tell me, you know, go spend some time with your mom and so I thought okay I can get a cheap flight and I flew down the Florida in January and got a chance this year we had a great visit. Just turn.

I don't back down in March and she wasn't feeling very well and then in April she passed away April 1 and you just the had I not had that time you how different would be that one of the things that my mom always said she started tell me, probably two years ago that she was always in tell me she loved me when she got home with me or with anyone else because she didn't know if that was there last time and on. And that's a very powerful thing thing to think about because we don't know what's coming around the corner. Insert sometimes a shark shark. That's right. And Associates are you talking about this night of this poor young lady. She was a surfer in her life was planned out to be a surfer and she had faith and she a lot of friends who could quote Romans 828 at her in a heartbeat.

But that is a different kind of meaning when you just lost your arm in your surf.

Just got back from Mexico. I'm still here okay now I know, trying to get me know a couple weeks ago I did a show that I thought was really profound on the Christian card. Nobody said it was profound but I really thought is profound lesson over comers have to overcome something that seems missing profound is a Caleb of course, just fell there but anyway, in her case, you see what happened then. And if you're familiar with the story of soul surfer is this girl and and yes, God did help her to continue her surfing, but what God did way more than that is he totally became the hero of the story. It's it's an interesting thing when God disrupts is often you know the lead role changes from us to God because of her faith in what happen through that God got put on display talk for all the world to see through sulfur. How many people want to see the movie. How many people got to see her story, but obviously hero instead of Bethany because of the disruption and I know the same was in my own case that I I probably would not be a public speaker today. I doubt if I would be on the radio. Had I not gotten cancer because when I had a chance to tell people how God come for me through the cancer.

Next thing I was speaking at this meeting and I was speaking at that meeting and then different opportunities opened up but when God was the hero. It's amazing the doors.

It is very cool I was. I was noticing something in common with those two clips you pick both of those.

Both figures are based on true stories. If you haven't seen soul surfer. It's an amazing movie. It really is just the story of Bethany in on the ministry that she had through that surfing on and after the movie, there's a lot of clips of her. It's a real person. You see what you look like in some of the challenges she had no night when I picked a clip. It was kind of the opposite. I think something was kinder that real, but you… Click to because I think that brings out another point that you know sometimes we had all these things figured out and so did Evan before God stepped in and told him to build an ark, so you're really having on the philosophic right I believe you just I don't understand why you chose me you want to change the world.

I mean, that's like territory to say whatever I love you. Well you understand that this whole building thing here is that when my house I need to make a good impression at work. What are you talking right you know where I would give a lot to change the world don't know how to begin is you that it is funny, but it's very very profound. We have our plans laid out list that I think about Paul and his way to the mask and you get stopped on the road and in this part of the story, you know, there wasn't big that point is like a big health thing was a night that he's completely changed his direction, but I never really thought about him to her talk about the show what Paul would have gone through some difficult and had to be that bichon not only from the people he been persecuting the Christians, which he was now one of trying to get them to believe it. Then also the people that he knew his family, his friends also and he didn't exist to anybody you know and I think that you as you watch the Evan Almighty course is not true but happens in his story when he's trying to follow God's lead in the stirrups disruption God has to be that hero because were not big enough for it working to get pounded at times from people that just don't understand what were doing the Robby on the thing. I know you had amazing disruptions in your life you know that we all have. That's the question asking asking do you know of anyone that doesn't have a disruption in their life. Now as I was talking about the ransom heart of video that I saw she had everybody. List all these different 10 different things and gone on their life. You family financial bankruptcy.

Losing a child in cancer or heart bypass or all these different things are 12 and always people stood up based on what was on other people's paper and almost the entire room stood up almost all 10 or 11 then nobody gets out of this without a lot of a lot of these kinds of stories and you know that's how you become an overconfident gotten more to become an overconfident comer you can overcome some to get a testimony to work better yet progress is getting abortions… You're right to be in overcome her you have to be willing to overcome some people get stuck into stay in that disrupted place. I'm just going to come to stay here. This is happened to me. I'm bankrupt. It's never gonna get any better and was going to live like that or you know life never going to go on the way it was in and it won't, but it can go on much newer way that still full of life and God doesn't bring us to things that to take life from us in the midst of all the horrible things that happen in this world. God can bring us life through that if we leading all the challenges is joking with you, but you've been through probably getting crushed by the jeeps phone another tree. Those kinds of things in heaven, as in each one God's can after your heart that hasn't exactly right and I wrote article wants different title.

The thrill of the ride is in the curves same kind of thing that we need.

When you take that tight turn is when all of a sudden you start to get some exhilaration are if you're feeling the take off on the plane. Are you coming in for landing those of the exciting moments of course, you know, in order for you to read a good story it with everybody was just happy and things were going well. It would be kind of you know not not a lot of story to it. But where God steps into your story. Not that he creates the disruption necessarily but but that he comes through that it becomes the hero of the story. That's where that's for life to this word, you can open the door the dismantling and dismantling of those things weren't necessarily healthy that makes room for the healing makes room for restoring which is where the life of his peel back the next few weeks we talk more about this topic that matter God brought something in your life. It just happened because of life can be that hero. The question is are you letting where you can return to him to fight back. That thing says it's his fault and let him love you through the midst of whatever you're going through to be there for you and he's got something in the end it will give you life will see you next and register for the mask Internet

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