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Absurd Truth: Game Recognize Game

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch
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June 22, 2023 3:24 pm

Absurd Truth: Game Recognize Game

Dana Loesch Show / Dana Loesch

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June 22, 2023 3:24 pm

Tennis great Martina Navratilova gives a four-word reaction to Swimmer Riley Gaines' exchange with a trans activist at a Senate hearing. Meanwhile, The UN says minors as young as 13 can consent to sex.

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Dana Lashes of Sir Truth Podcast sponsored by Kel-Tec. It's his life mission to make bad decisions. It's time for Florida Man. Well this guy swallowed cocaine during a traffic stop and could have died. This Florida Man according to Fox 35 Orlando was very desperate to hide drugs so he chose to swallow his cocaine during a traffic stop Tuesday night. Flagler County deputies said Leslie Brock swallowed the drugs as deputies were trying to pull him over for a traffic citation. When they approached the driver's side of the vehicle deputies spotted a torn open baggie on his lap with small white flakes consistent with cocaine on his shorts. The sheriff's office shared body camera video of the arrest which showed Brock refusing to step out of the car multiple times when asked. Step out of the car deputies heard saying.

What I did though he replied. Deputies ultimately removed Brock from the car and placed him in handcuffs. At the scene they tested the flakes found in his car which were presumptive positive for cocaine and he was seen spitting out a white substance. He said so you found cocaine on me bro?

It's in your spit the deputy replied. He was taken to a hospital in Palm Coast for treatment after ingesting a large amount of narcotics. This poisoned peddler could have died while attempting to conceal his narcotics by swallowing them said the sheriff in a statement if you get caught with illegal narcotics don't make things worse by swallowing them. He is lucky to be alive and will be heading to the green roof in once he is released from the hospital.

He's still in the hospital as of this morning pending medical clearance. He is facing charges of resisting arrest possession of cocaine and tampering with evidence. What a true criminal mastermind huh? No question about it and this one is also interesting this Florida man was arrested for refusing to leave the waters of the Gulf while double red flags were flying. The man was sprinting across the beach from deputies after returning to the shore so this was in Panama City Beach Florida. Deputies in the panhandle arrested a man on Panama City Beach who refused to get out of the water during dangerous swimming conditions.

Garrison Creamer what name huh? Garrison Creamer 38 years old was arrested and is facing multiple charges including violation of the double red flag ordinance. Double red flags flew Tuesday June 20th which means the water was closed to the public however that didn't stop the man from swimming in the water with a boogie board. Deputies used their public address systems to alert the man to the danger he potentially faced by being in the water but he refused to leave the Gulf.

The agency's air unit also flew above to alert the man but he remained in the water. After 25 minutes or so past Creamer returned to the shoreline with his boogie board and tried to avoid deputies by running through a large crowd that gathered on the sand to watch. A video posted on the sheriff's office Facebook show the man sprinting across the beach following a short chase deputies were able to catch up to him and take him into custody near the sand dunes. He was charged with obstruction of justice and resisting the battery on a law enforcement officer. He was later booked in the Bay County Jail. Quote from the sheriff as double red flags were posted swimming conditions in the water were too dangerous for anyone even with a boogie board. Only those tethered to a surfboard can weather can enter the water during double red flags.

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Secure your world with Kel-Tec, Kel-Tec weapons dot com. Riley Gaines yesterday was phenomenal in her testimony before the Senate. She really was and Martina Navratilova who is a tennis legend as you know a lesbian I'm only saying that because the LGBTQ++IA every letter of the alphabet coalition they they want you to think that everybody thinks like they do and they don't Martina Navratilova has been an advocate for women's sports women in women's sports as in biological women as in women just women in fact Riley Gaines actually quoted Martina Navratilova yesterday in her opening statement she said there will always be significant numbers of boys and men who would beat the best girls and women in head-to-head competition claims to the contrary are simply a denial of science and she said thanks for being such a force to Martina Navratilova who responded to there's a Twitter site Twitter person entity boys verse women calm and said the witness was later unable to answer if males hold advantages over females in sports she is the head of an organization that meets with the White House on a nearly daily basis on this and other matters and Martina Navratilova quote tweeted that which is when you take the tweet and you put some comments on top of it and she said four words this is just sad and it is sad that we're at this place where you have to deny even science you know yesterday one of the doctors who was there was asked the question you know are there actual differences biological differences and do men have advantages and doctors as I don't know I mean I don't know how could I know how would I know of course there are and to deny that is part of the political correctness of the day and remember what I told you yesterday political correctness is not just the nice thing to say at parties there's always the idea of political correctness being well you know you don't talk about politics or religion at the Thanksgiving table because you don't want to fight with your in-laws or whatever it is or the PC thing to say to somebody or that's all well and good in the cultural sense but that's not where politically correct comes from politically correct really comes from tyrannical regimes where you would be punished if you said the wrong things or if you did not say the right things you would be punished you could be fined you could be jailed you could disappear you could be literally killed it still goes on in the world goes on in China you know covert scientists are just mysteriously fall off the roof of the Wuhan Institute of Virology for example so when we say something's politically correct you also have to deny reality in many many cases so it's whatever the intelligentsia wants you to say George Orwell wrote about this you have the Ministry of Truth and they come up with what the what the facts are and you have to repeat them and if you know five plus two equals nine five plus two equals nine and you better say it it equals nine because if you challenge it you're gonna be out the door and so what happens then is intellectuals and people like doctors and others have to pretend that they don't know answers to things because they're not allowed to because it contradicts what the intelligentsia wants them to say and we see that play out all the time it's sad it really is biological females are most likely to compete in their biological female category as that's their best shot at winning and maintains the principle of fairness with an open category there are no question marks no provosts no provisos no asterisks no doubts it's a simple solution once somebody has gone through male puberty there is no way to erase that physical advantage you cannot simply turn back the clock for instance by trying to lower testosterone levels it's true that's just all science that's all science is what it is world athletics had adopted a policy to exclude transgender female athletes from women's competitions and now Richard lover called it a step in the right direction say in the wake of the world athletics announcement I think the best idea would be to have a biological female and biological girls categories and then an open category it will be a category for all comers men who identifies women women who identifies women women who identifies men men who identifies women non-binary it would be a catch-all there's already being explored in athletics and swimming in Britain and then you you have categories where biological females can compete against biological females and you could have biological male categories where biological men can compete against biological men if you want to compete in the other category you know knock yourself out I mean it's a good solution you can compete whatever you pick you pick the category but that's not to do that is not what the left wants what the left wants is for you to abandon science really for the people that have the signs on their lawn that say we believe in science they literally want you to pretend that science biology is not real and that a biological man can be a woman and so if you say that he can't be on the women's team you are denying their science which is actually science but it's it's their science which is not science you see what I mean it's all very confusing but that's that's the game that's played you can't just have another category the reason why they won't allow because I've for years have just thought we'll just have a gender neutral locker rooms you have three you have a women's room a men's room and then the third and anybody can go in there no it's not about accommodation it's about compliance it's not about accommodating or tolerating it's about acceptance you must accept what the left says period a man is a woman if the man says he's a woman he's a woman period don't argue with it don't debate it don't try to make accommodations and they'll invoke things like separate but unequal they really will they will separate but an equals unconstitutional you go well but that's but that's it's completely irrelevant that was around race what is the fastest growing international crime network that the world has ever seen it's already passed the illegal arms trade and soon it will pass the drug trade because someone can sell a bag of cocaine one time but they can sell a child five to ten times per day on July 4th witness the gripping reality of true heroism in the film sound of freedom from Angel Studios the force behind his only son and the chosen comes an extraordinary true story of courage and redemption experience the spirit of hope and the power of human resilience the goal is for 2 million people to get into theaters the week of July 4th and remember the 2 million children who are trafficked every year visit slash freedom that's slash freedom buying tickets in advance sends an important message to show your support purchase tickets for yourself or pay it forward so they can pack theaters the week of July 4th visit slash freedom and now all of the news you would probably miss it's time for Dana's quick five so Aaron Rodgers talks about taking psychedelics at a conference oh yeah this is the new rage now you know psychedelic drugs to help you with your mental health issues and it's really catching on actually it's run by a psychedelic advocacy group and it took month took place after Colorado voters joined Oregon in decriminalizing psychedelic mushrooms shrooms and they say it helps with all kinds of different things post-traumatic stress disorder alcoholism medical experts of course caution that more research is needed on the drugs efficacy and extent of the risks of psychedelics which can cause hallucinations and undercut the profits of drug companies the PGA Tour plans to testify at a Senate hearing on the live merger but a lot of questions still remain top officials at the PGA Tour and the Saudi backed live golf have been invited to testify at a Senate hearing on July 11th on the deal and the tour said it would participate the invitations were issued Wednesday by Senators Richard Blumenthal and Ron Johnson chairman and ranking member of the Permanent Subcommittee on investigations and mark an early phase of what appears likely to be a broad probe on the merger PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan and live golf CEO Greg Norman and the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund's Yasser al-Rumiyanin all received letters to come and testify obviously this is proving to be very very controversial science proves something we've all known conservative women are more attractive and yes that is a result you can trust I have no doubt about that in my in my life I've seen them I know this for a fact conservative women are more attractive and left-wing women have this face about them where they're just very annoyed they're just you know looking at that face of they're just judging you and looking down because you call Karen face no there's a lot of very attractive Karen's on the right of course but I don't know I think well if you were to put the lefty women in a room and the conservative women in a room you'd have no doubt which is which just by the looks is that shallow you're damn right it is am I proud of saying that you're damn right I am and if you doubted just look at Dana it's beautiful right absolutely reading and math achievement is getting worse according to the nation's report card all the lockdowns with COVID while teenagers math and reading performance has continued to fall on the test known as the nation's report card with math scores showing the largest ever declined since the National Assessment of Educational Progress began tracking long-term trends in student performance scores for 13 year olds fell nine points in math between 2019 and 2020 and the 2022-2023 school year reading scores fell by four points so whenever you hear people like Randy Weingarten and others talk about how the school closures had no impact on the children you know that they're lying one of the worst things we ever did to our kids was keep them out of school not only for their academic scores but for their mental health as well it was a disaster and something our nation is still reeling with today and finally LAPD drug dogs sniff out guns and drugs hidden in a vending machine a Los Angeles police dog is being hailed a hero after he located a massive cache of narcotics and an assault rifle that was hidden inside a vending machine the drug bust happened in Los Angeles as part of a county sheriff's investigation the brave pop sniffed out the drugs and the gun which were hidden a nondescript soda vending machine I mean literally the machine just says cold drinks on it that alone looks sketchy you know it's not a coke machine or Pepsi machine when it comes to the education issue though inside drugs and a gun he's made education first and foremost in his campaign battling woke battling these schools battling the the curriculum and it's a national issue it really is and it's something that he's using in his race for president the United States new test data shows that COVID school closures rapidly accelerated u.s. learning losses throughout the country and although that that idiot in Virginia says it makes everybody even it makes everybody on the same playing field what it really means and you know this and I know this is it means that our children have just one more challenge affecting them but outside of Florida in places like New Jersey where I live there's also something else the kids are dealing with which is indoctrination and this is happening across the country in a lot of blue states two particular issues one is the LGBTQ plus plus I a every letter of the alphabet stuff the other is climate change in New Jersey kids have to learn about climate change and my kids are too young they haven't had this indoctrination yet but it's coming and the problem is that we have lost control over curriculum we've turned it over to bureaucrats when it comes to the LGBTQ plus plus I a every letter the alphabet stuff during COVID they passed some legislation without anybody even realizing they were doing it to put in these standards teaching kids as young as kindergarten about sex and parents don't want this which is why parents have started to get very active in running for school board elections in speaking up and and trying to have a say in things it always seems and I mentioned this earlier in the show today on the Dana show that the left keeps going further left and crazy and they don't have a bouncer to kick anybody out and say this is too nuts this is crazy they want to indoctrinate children to open them up to the crazy ideas because kids are very impressionable obviously and the United Nations now says minors can consent to sex according to the free beacon sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent to sex may be consensual in fact if not in law then in theory according to the UN the United Nations is working to mainstream sex with minors stating in a report that relations with underage individuals can be considered consensual despite worldwide prohibitions on such acts from a March report they put out at the United Nations United Nations backed organization said sexual conduct involving persons below the domestically prescribed minimum age of consent sex may be consensual in fact if not in law if these acts are part of a human rights-based approach to laws governing sexual relations the enforcement of criminal law should reflect the rights and capacity of persons under 18 years of age to make such decisions about engaging in consensual sexual conduct and the right to be heard in matters concerning them now certainly you might question ok 16 17 how how young do they go well that's the problem is they don't say they don't say so what is the age them that a kid really knows but notice how this is coming in tandem with the with the gender affirming care nonsense which is of course code for chopping off body parts and mutilating children's bodies and giving them these experimental drugs the hormone puberty blockers which are not approved for gender transition but this is again the idea right kids should start doing this as young as what eight years old maybe eight nine ten eleven that we are we are trying to destroy the innocence of childhood to advance an agenda that the left wants and this is another example of this and if you can say that kids as young as what 13 years old should be able to consent to sex they can certainly be able to consent to chopping their body parts off or having body parts added to them they can certainly consent to these things but ironically enough of these same lefties if you say to them well then don't you think of 13 kids should be able to fire a gun they'll scream at you from the loudest perch they can find to tell you these are just kids keep the guns out of their hands same with cigarettes too they keep trying to raise that age 21 the left is so inconsistent when it comes to the age of consent it's remarkable thanks for tuning in to today's edition of 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