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REShow: Dan Soder - Hour 3

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August 22, 2023 3:58 pm

REShow: Dan Soder - Hour 3

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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August 22, 2023 3:58 pm

Jets fan Rich panics over the thought of Aaron Rodgers getting injured in New York’s next preseason game and breaks down the Commanders win over the Ravens that included some stellar play from Sam Howell, an odd booth visit by new owner Josh Harris, and a Magic Johnson “Captain Obvious” tweet.

Comedian/actor Dan Soder joins Rich in-studio to discuss how his friendship with Miami Dolphins Head Coach Mike McDaniel goes back to their childhood days in Colorado, does a game-by-game prediction for his beloved San Francisco 49ers season record, and tests his NFL quarterback trivia knowledge against Rich.

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Learn more at slash leaders. NBC Sports fantasy football expert Matthew Barry. Coming up, comedian Dan Soder.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news and more. And now it's Rich Eisen. Our number three of this program here on this Tuesday in late August 2023, the day that we learned that Jonathan Taylor in full is standing on a sideline again. But for the first time as an Indianapolis cult, having been shown the door to seek a trade, we talked about it throughout the first hour with you and with us. And then Albert Breer joined us from the Colts Eagles practice and scrimmage against one another. And I mean, the photograph that Albert took of Jonathan Taylor standing there on the sidelines in his in a hoodie, pulled over his head, just standing there is just shocking to me.

And it's just unbelievable that we are in this position. The Colts need him. And I understand Anthony Richardson has a huge upside and might be able to just do it himself. Again, we just had Matthew Berry talking fantasy last hour, saying that if Jonathan Taylor leaves the Colts, Richardson may be their goal line threat.

Like a Cam situation? Or Jalen Hurts, the guy who dialed up for Jalen Hurts. They can, I imagine, push Anthony Richardson across. In the same way that they had the best quarterback sneak game in the business last year.

Imagine Steichen, Shane Steichen brought that with him to Indianapolis from Philly. But and I know they might just be sitting there thinking, you know, Richardson's young and he's great. And, you know, Deon Jackson and we'll just figure out how to run it and and deal with, I guess, the rest of the locker room saying, all right, when it comes time for me to get paid, are you just going to just show me the door at the outset of the season and not figure it out?

I mean, they're looking over their shoulder and a guy whose positivity normally is so damn infectious, standing there like somebody that just stole his dog. Man, it is mind boggling that the Colts are just standing their ground on Jonathan Taylor so significantly that they can't figure out what a number is that will make him happy and get him on the field for this highly important season. And if you're the Colts and like you finally just got through all of this, Jurassic Park Cocoon quarterback carousel you've been on, you know, and you got your young stud and the coach that you've brought in from a championship team to bring in that offense to make it work. And it's not full strength because you're in a monetary impasse.

But that's where we are. Meanwhile, back at the Jets Ranch, Hard Knocks, episode three tonight, I imagine it'll be Dalvin Cook heavy since he arrived on a plane one week ago, I believe today. And sure enough, I'm wondering if we will see the internal conversations, if the Jets will allow, because I'm sure it was recorded in some way, shape or form, filmed by the NFL Films crew. The internal conversations that resulted in Aaron Rodgers, indeed, getting some playing time in the final preseason action in MetLife Stadium on Saturday night against the Giants. Robert Sala meeting with the media today, confirming Aaron Rodgers will indeed get his first preseason action for anybody. I guess since 2018 is the last time he played in a preseason game, and it's happening on Saturday. You know, just he and I, it's having conversation.

You know, ultimately, he'll have his thoughts, too. But for us as an organization, he's new. I know he's been in the league a very long time, but just didn't want September 11th to be the first time that he stepped into MetLife Stadium. You know, the Giants and Jets game, whether it's preseason or regular season, there's going to be a good turnout. It's going to be a lot of anticipation and excitement in the building. And just didn't want the first time that he goes out with his new team, new colors, new teammates, new stadium.

Didn't want it to be the first time, September 11th being the first time. Oh, my God. I might just rent a horror movie instead Saturday night and not watch the game. What do you mean? Because I'm going to be watching through my fingers just like it's a horror movie. Why?

I don't think that's going to happen. He's going to hand the ball off three times and wave and walk away. It's going to be fine. Dude, Mark Sanchez got hurt in this very same scenario. But Rex Ryan had him in the third quarter, I think, is when he got hurt in the Snoopy Bowl, because they want to beat the Giants and want to win that Snoopy Bowl. Snoopy Bowl. By the way, it's called that because, again, I believe that cartoon character from the Peanuts series is the MetLife. Well, a cartoon. OK, very good.

I've seen it on the blimps. You know, I sure hope to hear this conversation. When watching HBO tonight or maybe streaming it on Max tomorrow on Roku, I'm happy to say, because I just need this guy. I mean, I don't want to see. We're so close to not seeing Zach week one.

We're so close. Do you think they're going to put him in a position that something bad is going to happen? But if he goes, if he drops back for a pass, something bad can happen.

Did you see Joe Burrow? That's what I said. Let him come and hand the ball off three times and have a seat.

Yeah, but even just his center steps on his foot, just merely putting him out there. Anything can happen. OK, I need to stop. Yeah, I mean, come on. I'm going to that place. Rich wants him. I'm going to that place.

Sumo wrestler shoots. But I've been in this place. It's my own darkness therapy. Fifty four years of darkness therapy. And I just want to step out into the light like Dracula.

Those four or two. Just, you know, put him out there, you know, you should do the Kirk Cousins. No pads put on the helmet. You get a sense.

Stand on the sideline. Mac Jones had full pads, no helmet, whatever. I'm happy. It's like Mr. Potato Head. Put the nose on, take off the ears. I don't care.

Put on the mustache and the hat, but no nose. I don't care. It's still a game, right?

It's still a game. Come on. Like he needs to get the juices. Come on, Robert. A couple. We're so close.

We're so close. It'll be fine. OK, thank you. It'll be fine.

Sounds good. Thank you. Tranquilo Tranquilo. Oh, my God, I'm done. I just got to I just got to stop thinking this way.

It's going to be it's going to be it's going to be worth it. He's got to play eventually. I know that.

Let's wait till it actually is matters. Yes. He needs a couple of reps. So what? So you want to get him through the jitters before the first Monday night game against the Bills?

Let him hand off to Dalvin and Breeze Hall then. Let's get the jitters. Come on.

Let's say they don't gel. Oh, my God. I'll just be like this Saturday night. I love this.

This is fantastic. It'll be all right. I'll bless you. Just breathe. I'm breathing through it. Thanks for being there for me, guys. Of course.

Of course. Rich in Maryland, you're here on the Rich Eisen Show. What's up, Rich? Richy Rich. Hey, guys, how you doing? What's going on?

Hey, I am really stoked about Sam House being played last night. I mean, Grant, I know it's against the Ravens second straight. Oh, stop. Doesn't matter.

Doesn't matter. The alternative. Think of the alternative, Rich. What if he spit the bid against them? You'd be like, we don't have the right guy.

You know, think of the alternative. And I was worried about that, you know, because against the Cleveland Browns, you know, against the Darius Smith and, you know, Miles Garrett. You know, he did a pretty good job, but there were still some plays out there.

But, you know, the whole reports about like the joint practices being really chippy. I felt like that sort of trans translated out onto the field. But there were a lot of big hits. There was a lot of energy. And, you know, I think E.B. was dialing some really good plays. You know, he got the ball to house hands quickly, you know, and receivers caught him. And, you know, I've been telling people this who have got how if he plays really well, they're a threat to the Eagles because every other position on their roster is really rock solid.

We go. You know, the the NFC is going to be tough to win this year because all four teams are good. So I think it's going to be probably down to the wire before there's a division leader. But I wouldn't count the commanders out.

I think they they have the talent to certainly compete. Thank you for the call. Rich Washington commander fans have entered the chat. Everybody.

The NFL iPhone. Just added Washington commanders fans to the text chain. They have entered the chat and Sam Howells performance on Monday night, I do believe. Has caused them to add him to the chat. Clearly.

You need to see somebody who looks comfortable. He does need it. Somebody who can throw it.

Make smart decisions. He has that it you saw it last night. For sure. And I can't wait to see it when the game so-called count last night's game had that feel of counting because because the Ravens had a 24 game preseason win streak. And you had everybody wanted like, you know, the Ravens wanted a twenty fifth. And you know, in Washington, just want to say we're going to like that's part of the competitive edge that we saw last night. Last night had some nice juice.

Joke all you want. Oh, that record means nothing. It meant something to the Ravens and it meant something to Washington to break it. And kudos to both coaches for coaching it up like that last night.

It was fun. And Sam Howell competed and he looked like he has the it factor. And part of the it is he can clearly absorb and have his game raised by the mean, mean, mean words of his offensive coordinator. Who's one big meanie.

I mean, 19 to 25, a buck, 88 and two touchdowns. His OC is not saying bad words to him after that, is he? He probably is. That probably is what happened to the other six.

You couldn't bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep, bleep six more passes. And he's able to take it like a man. How would they have dealt with Parcells back in the day? And honestly, the only. The only way that this kid can get all grown up and get the elite hair, I mean, and put the pomade in like an elite quarterback.

Sam, wake up is for performances like this. I can't wait to see that headshot two years from now. And it's all like Pat Riley back, you know?

All right. And it's it's a new time for what you got. And the commanders fans are feeling it. Dan Snyder's gone. And he's replaced by a guy who shows up on the Monday Night Football booth and doesn't know when to shake hands or not. How about Josh Harris showing up last night in in, you know, in a golf shirt that's that's washing in colors with no logo on it.

I don't know what that shirt is like. There's no commanders. There's no football team.

There's no I'm sure I'm sure the thread count was impressive. I understand. Or or, you know, they can't afford the logo because all the money went to debt service to get the team. Good point. And Joe Buck is interviewing him and hand gesturing and his hand is out. It was out there. It lingered. It lingered. The hand lingered. And Josh Harris, I guess, just reached over and didn't make eye contact and grabbed it and grabbed it like holding on for like, hold on. Joe just told me he was kind of looking at Aikman, looking at Joe like Aikman almost broke like Jimmy Fallon on Saturday. That'll teach you to stick your right hand out, gesturing and letting it linger, Joe.

The only time the only thing I could think of a best booth moment since Eminem and Musberg. I mean, there it is. It's exactly what it is. There it is. There it is. Where it's just like, is the guy in between that the announcers get with it? Is he there? Like, is it an act?

What is it? What is going on? I think we've even I think we even split it.

Do we have a split? Honestly, this is like this is the most viral booth moment since these. He's more or it is never thought I'd make a Josh Harris as Eminem comparison. But there it is. And look at Brent's hands out there.

If Eminem and instead of staring out into space and shake, we might have had an actual grabbing of hands moment and shake. I did text Joe that I want to hold his hand to today. Of course. You know. Sorry, Michelle, I don't mean to infringe on your husband, but I understand Joe's hand is out there.

Grab it. Magic Johnson's tweet about this. Oh, of course. Or he just said, hey, great win. Twenty nine, twenty. Yeah, I know. So there it is. I know it's only preseason, but the commanders victory over the Ravens to end their NFL preseason preseason win streak was a lot of fun for commanders fans. Exclamation point interjection. Here it is. And Magic NFL tweets now are going to be. Where's the final score?

I thought he did some final completion. Twenty nine, twenty eight. OK, you guys. Oh, my gosh. Monday Night Football's back. The juices were flowing. The teams wanted to win. Sam Howells winging around.

Commanders fans have entered the chat. And Josh Harris is. Holding on to Joe Buck for dear life just to get through that interview is awkward when you, you know, try to shake someone's hand. It's like you think that they want to. And you're like, he did quickly realize, oh, this is not a handshake. And it's like, you know, he does have the M&M stare going on.

And where's the logo on the shirt? Did somebody just flip that to him before he went in the booth? Is that what happened? Well, I think he might. Well, I don't want to speculate. Let's get the 30 for 30. I don't want to. Let's get the 30 for 30 going.

30 to get the 30 for 30 going. How do you put on the shirt? What's going on there? He's just thought you just saw.

Well, all we know is this. He's got his head on a swivel. He saw Joe's hand. He went for it.

He went for it. All right. Big ups.

That's my breakdown of Monday Night Football. Big ups. All right. Let's take a break. Is Dan Soder here?

Is the man in the house? Outstanding. Very funny and talented. Dan Soder. Diehard 49er fan.

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No refund. Subscription auto renews. Back here on the Roku channel, the radio audience will join in two minutes time. The very funny and talented Dan Soders back here on the Rich Eisen Show. Good to see you, Dan.

Good to see you, Rich. It's been years. It's been four years, as a matter of fact. We just we just showed the the previous appearance, the snippet.

A lot has changed. You're an engaged man, right? I am.

I am. How did you propose to Katie Nolan? I surprised her the best way. How the best way to surprise it to get engaged or murder your wife is surprise.

Let's start with the positive part. Yeah, we we like went away for a weekend and she didn't know it was coming in. We were walking our dog next to a river. Oh, and I said I got down on one knee and she was like, what are you doing? She tried to walk away, but she thought you were tying your shoe or something. Well, she was like, what are you doing?

I was like, come here. And she was like, get your hands off me. I love you.

I love you forever. I got on one knee and she was like, oh, and it clicked. And then she was like, no way. No, it was great. Did she make you do it again?

No, no, no, no. My wife did that. Really? Yes.

I proposed to her in Napa and a in a gazebo like that was, you know, overlooking, you know, a winery. And she's just like blacked out and she's like, can you do that again? I forgot.

Really? She's like, I just mean, would you mind doing it a second time? Because I just like as Katie explains it to me, she did black out.

She was like, I didn't know what was going on. Right. Because I think they wait for that moment the whole time. Right. And then we just snipe on them all night. Get in there. We're like, I love you forever.

You sweet lady in the north. Congratulations. Thanks, man. A lot has changed a lot since twenty nineteen for sure. Michael McDaniel is now the head coach. Well, I definitely want to you know, I know that and our fans fan and our radio audiences are first about to return. Dan Soder is here at Dan Soder, both on Twitter and Instagram. Dan Soder dot com for dates and tickets for his upcoming tour dates, which we'll get to a little bit more in a moment. I'm back here on the Rich Eisen Show radio network, sitting at the Rich Eisen Show desk, furnished by Grainger with supplies and solutions for every industry. Grainger has the right product for you.

Call click Grainger dot com or just stop by. Dan Soder, the very funny and talented comedian, is here in studio. Diehard 49er fan or potentially now. I imagine you've added the Miami Dolphins to your repertoire. That's the way to say that.

And explain why for those who might not be familiar. Niner. I'm a Niner fan till I die. Born and raised 49er fan.

However, since Michael McDaniel has taken over the Miami Dolphins, they are now officially my AFC team. And the reason why is grew up with Mike. Grew up in Aurora, Colorado, with Mike in seventh and eighth grade. Best friends. High school remained close.

I mean, I went saw practice and I got a great intro. It wasn't Fangio. He was introduced to me to someone. He said, this is one of my oldest friends. And I said, oh, yeah, that is technically one of my oldest friends in my life. And Fangio is like, oh, I'll show you all the new bus identification.

You can't even run side to side. So McDaniel, because you were here again in twenty nineteen and you told a story about how you knew the run game coordinator for the 49ers. And I honestly you could have given me five shots at naming the run game coordinator for the 49ers.

I would never have named him Mike McDaniel. And he told a story like he would occasionally like say, hey, look out for this play. Like that. Right.

Give you a heads up. There was a game in twenty eighteen where the Niners were playing. I believe the Detroit Lions was the it was the home opener. And he my friend Chad Harter and I were driving from Sacramento to San Francisco for the game. And he called us on the phone when he was in his office and he goes, do you guys want to know what the first play is going to be?

And we're just on speakerphone in our car. Yeah. He's like, it's a it's a run to the left.

If they if they show this form, it was Breda, Matt Breda, the cheetah. And he was like, we're going to he's like, we're going to give it to him to the left. And it was like a 60 yard run. But we said it out loud.

We sat down in our seats. We went first place going to be a run to the left. And everyone's like, yeah, right. And then they do it. They're like, how did you guys know? We're like, we know one of the coaches. Yeah. Has he done that dolphins as the H.C. of the Dolphins?

He has not done that yet. But the only game I got to see him at Jets last season, which was just a quick hello on the sidelines. And when you were near the head coach, you got a lot more going on. I know that.

So I don't think you can reach out to your buddies and be like, do you guys want to know what I'm going to do? Yeah. But I am excited. September the third week, three, September 24th, I believe Broncos at Dolphins. Oh, there's no way I'm missing that because I grew up a 49ers fan in Denver, but McDaniel grew up a huge Broncos fan. Did he really? He was a ball boy for the 97-98 team. Oh, it's like Shanahan, right?

Yeah. I mean, he was a ball boy for those Super Bowl teams. So to watch him play for Tim Coach against the Broncos is going to be very fun. Does it blow you away? He's an H.C. in the NFL right now. It feels like a nap dream. You know, when you wake up from a dream and you're like, dude, my friend Mark was like running CNN?

It's like something crazy when he throws it away. You're like, oh McDaniel. There was a moment when I was when I was at the Jets, Dolphins at Jets last year and I was watching him. He got us tickets that were, you know, you could just see him down on the sidelines.

Yeah. And I turned to Katie and I was like, this just feels insane that I'm at a game being like, especially because it's the Dolphins. It just it does feel like a nap thing where you're sure McDaniel is coaching the Dolphins. What's going on? So I don't know.

But it's man, I'm excited. And I got to see him. I was down there in Dania Beach doing shows and I got to go to a practice and talk to him. And he just seemed I think, you know, the the first year head coach going from an NFC championship loss to just running the Dolphins. Yes.

That fast. He seems this year just cool, collected. He just seems way more like, oh, yeah, man, I got an offseason.

Right. He's got an offseason. He got a full year under his belt.

My God, they went through quite a ride last year making the playoffs and losing to a twice. Questions about why playing him again at all. And I think the guys know his stuff now. So I think now I'm excited to see this run game take off. OK, I'm excited. Now, you just gave me a look like he has given you a heads up.

No, no, no. I just you know, when you're friends with someone for so long, you can kind of anticipate their moves. Right. But I just love I love who he's got in the backfield. I love that he has Raheem Mostert. Yeah.

I love Mostert. He collects 49ers basically at the running back spot. And so, you know, interesting that was it Andrew Hawkins, Chris, who we had on the show. Yeah. And he told a viral story.

I watched it. OK. About when he was with the Browns, I guess. Mm hmm. And and McDaniel would tell him about certain footwork.

If you're a feeder like this, you're going to get a free release and you're going to get this. You run this route. And he just that how he's gotten it down to a complete science. And Hawk said he was the most one of the most brilliant coaches he's ever had. You know, I think when McDaniel gotten in the NFL, he was coaching very early. I believe 05 with the Broncos when they lost to the Steelers in the A's championship game was his first year where he was an intern slash coach. Yeah. Kubiak takes him to Houston. And I think with McDaniel, he was a young he was coaching guys seven, eight years older than him.

Right. So we had to learn a style of like, I'm not going to be the military. He's just going to talk to you.

It's going to learn with you. And so I think that really works in today's NFL where he's just like, hey, we're both after the same goal. I'm not going to yell at you. I'm going to get I might get mad, but, you know, he's got a great sense of humor. He's hilarious. We had him. He's that weirdo.

He's always been that big of a weirdo. We had him on before the combine. And I told him, you know, here are my favorite coaching cliches.

My favorite thing in the world. Can use them. And he used all three of them. And honestly, he said, I'm going to use it in my opening press conference. I stood there and I saw you cross the line. I did cross the line. I did cry. He high fived me. And I haven't spoken to him since then.

It's kind of wild. No, no. Actually, he came to the he came to the booth with the combine. When I saw that clip, when I saw you guys on the show talking about it.

Yeah. Zero doubt in my mind he was going to do all of it. Zero doubt in my mind he was going to do every single thing. But he didn't write it down. Like he did it off the top of his head.

Every way. When you named all of them, I was like, he'll get all of them in the first sentence, I think. He waited to the end. And I was literally standing there the entire time and I'm like, is he just not going to do it?

Because that would be a bummer. But also, you know, he's a head coach at the combine. Not there for my entertainment or content for the show. And he nailed it. He has a lot of fun. I think, you know, it's just what I love about Mike is like the same thing I love about comics I'm friends with. You genuinely can see that he loves doing this.

Like he just lives for this. And I asked him in his office when I went to that training camp practice, I was like, how awesome is this? And he's like, it never loses how cool it is to just be like, oh yeah.

That's great. And then my white trash, I was like, can I get a Gatorade in the can? And he's like, yeah. He's like, do you have four Gatorades?

I'm just so child brained that I was like, do you want to get mad if I had a can of Gatorade? But, you know, I mean, I think he's got he's one of these guys that and obviously I'm a diehard Niner fan. So that week 13 last year was real tough watching him play Kyle and the boys. But, you know, I think he has an effect on everybody.

He coaches in a very positive way. Dan Soder here on the Rich Eisen Show. Dan Soder dot com for upcoming tour dates for your tour that you're the comedy store tonight. Comedy store nights sold out. I'm very excited for that.

I'll be up in Seattle on August 24th. And near your old buddy, Kenny Mayne, that's doing the Neptune theater, going to get him out here doing stand up. Has he ever done?

I don't know. But Kenny Mayne is very Stephen Wright type style, I think. Right. Hilarious. In our house, we call him Uncle Kenny. Katie and I call him Uncle.

OK, fantastic. So I didn't know you knew. I didn't know you knew. I know him through my future wife.

OK, Katie, ladies and gentlemen, Katie, Katie. All right, Dan, based on last night's headline in preseason football that the Ravens had a 24 game preseason winning streak broken up. One of those things that you never knew existed. If you're outside of Baltimore, maybe my friend Dez knew who's a diehard Ravens fan. Yeah, I had no idea. Well, it happened. And actually the competitive juices were flowing. You have you have come up with a game for us to play.

Chris Brock, Mike Hoskins threw this together. We are playing the NFL 2015 starting quarterback because they they they the last time they lost the preseason was 2015 different world. So we are going to read off some week one matchups the following week and see if you can name the starting quarterbacks in these week one match. So the last time the Ravens lost a preseason game was the end of the 2015 preseason.

Correct. The week later, these were the starting matchups. I have six week one match. I'm going to test your knowledge of 2015 starting quarterbacks for everyone listening. This is half game, half PSA to not smoke marijuana because you were about to watch me absolutely brick. So many of these, which I knew, you know, I don't know, I don't know. Maybe you're denigrating your own focus. I don't know. OK, Phil, what do we think?

No, I think I think we do. What do you. OK, that sounds good. Whatever. Thank you. All right, Chris. Go for it. All right, Daniel.

I'm supposed to professionally know this. And I might have fun with this first. So you're going to see. OK, here we go. Or just you start first and I get a chance to stop.

All right. Week one, the Seattle Seahawks at St. Louis Rams. Who are your starting quarterbacks?

And now as a Niners guy, I feel like this is right down my alley. Obviously, starting quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson. Correct. And starting quarterback for the Rams. I'm going to take a shot downfield and say Sam Bradford. Oh, incorrect.

Damn it. Who is that? Rich Eisen for the half point. The 2015 starting quarterback of the St. Louis Rams. St. Louis Rams. St. Louis Rams.

I don't know. I'm going to go immaculate grid here and say Ryan Fitzpatrick. Incorrect. You know him as BDN Super Bowl champion. Nick Foles.

No way. Foles? Nick Foles was on the Rams?

Yeah. Yeah, Philly. He parked himself there in between Philadelphia stints.

Or he got parked there. What? This is like when you find out Namath was a Ram. So he's got half a point and I have no... Half a point, half a point. Russell Wilson is a gimme. And by the way, bittersweet, bittersweet to get the half point from a hated rival.

From a man that has broken my heart in Seattle colors so many times. Rich Eisen week one. Kansas City Chiefs at Houston Texans.

Non jealous of you right now. Starting quarterbacks. 2015 week one.

Oh my god. Who started for that? Okay, I'll go Matt Schaub. For the Texans.

For which team? For the Texans. Incorrect.

And for Kansas City for a half point. Alex Smith. Correct. Okay. See that was the one. Dan, do you want a half point steal on the Texans?

I literally was going like this. Oh, I know it was Alex Smith. Yes. I knew Alex Smith.

I snuck it in. I know. Who is this starting called? Quarterback for the Houston Texans in 2015. It can't be Deshaun Watson.

He was not there yet. You know what? I'm gonna make a random guess, but say Fitz Magic. Incorrect.

By the way, he's gonna eat both. Let's keep going. We're gonna get it right. Fitz Patrick, we know you were at one of those teams. C.J. Yates. Current Las Vegas Raider Brian Hoyer.

Oh my god. And then future 49er and Adrian Hoyer. It's a half point each with four more matchups to go.

Alright Dan. This is again the week after the Ravens last loss to preseason game. Okay, very good. 2015 week one Tennessee Titans at Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Tampa Bay. Oh my god. Alright.

This is crazy. Tampa Bay. Byron Leftwich? Incorrect. Damn.

I'm writing down names. It's Tampa versus who? Tennessee. Tennessee at Tampa.

Tennessee. And I know that Fitz Magic years were later. I can't even use that. I wouldn't do that again if I was you. It wasn't Vince. Oh my god. Who was the quarterback? I'm just gonna say Fitz Patrick just to say it.

It's not. Incorrect Rich Eisen for the steal. I'm gonna go for Tampa Josh Freeman.

Incorrect. And for Tennessee. You already went Fitz Patrick. I had that. Who was the starting quarterback for the Tennessee Titans? Terry Collins was long gone. And so was Vince Young and so was I mean I'm like cycling.

What do you got? You're naming names. They went one and two in the draft that year.

Marcus Mariota versus Jamis Winston. Oh my god. I should have known that. I actually thought you'd get that one Rich.

You know what's so funny? I thought Winston was too young. I thought Jamis Winston. Winston versus Mariota. I remember that. By the way, Mariota had a perfect passer rating and they took him out of the game. That was the first draft in Chicago.

That was the first draft on the road. I'm good at it. Napier-Ghetsi's gonna hate me. Rich Eisen. Rich Eisen. This is you.

By the way, I'm sober. Week one. The Philadelphia Eagles at Atlanta Falcons. 2015. Matt Ryan. Correct. In Philadelphia's starting quarterback in 2015. So, since Foles was gone, I'll go Vic.

Incorrect. Dan for a half point steal. Why not Carson Wentz? I was gonna give you a hint. You mentioned him earlier today. Sam Bradford. Sam Bradford.

That was the Rams shaker. Alright, so am I a half point ahead? You're a half point ahead. I gotta beat the guy who's compromised. Dan Soder, here we go.

If you guys get these, I will be impressed. The Minnesota Vikings at San Francisco 49ers. Alright, now San Francisco 49ers 2015. Starting season. My heart wants to say Kaepernick, but I believe it was Blaine Gabbert.

Always go with your heart. Colin Kaepernick. You're gonna give me a chance to steal. I'm gonna give him a half point for that. No, no, no. I had written it down. I'm gonna give him a half for that. Oh my God. No, don't give him a half. He mentioned the name first.

He took a full gummy. First name out of the mouth. Kaepernick or Gabbert. You're right. Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota Vikings. And the Minnesota Vikings were, this was before they got cousins. So this was... 2015. 2015 Minnesota Vikings. Eight years ago. Eight years ago.

Man, oh man. Can I ask a hint? Sure. Is he still in the league? Yes.

He may have played over the weekend. Oh no. I'm helping our guest out. Oh no. No. No. No. 2015. I don't know.

Incorrect. Rich Eisen for a half point steal. So this is the starting quarterback of the Minnesota Vikings. In 2015.

I did give a hint. He played over the weekend. In 2023. He played over the weekend. In 2023.

He may have been wearing a very high number. Who is the quarterback? Detroit Lions back up. Teddy Bridgewater. Teddy Bridgewater.

The H20. Teddy Bridgewater for you. Alright, last one for you Rich Eisen.

Yes. The Cleveland Browns at New York football. Jets. 2015 New York Jets starter. I was... Who started for the 2015 Jets? He was mentioned. He's been mentioned several times. Right.

He's gonna go there. Sorry. Sorry.

You couldn't get it. We finally got it right. And the Cleveland Browns 2015 starter. First team all-hair. First team all-hair. Cause I was about to go somebody who just went first team all-hair. Maybe a future NFL head coach someday. First team all-hair.

Maybe a future NFL coach someday. Hold on. He's got locks.

He's got just luscious locks. 2015. Oh. Um. Josh McCown.

Correct. McCown played in the opening series. Got hurt. And Johnny Football came in.

My guess was gonna be Manziel. Came in on the second series. Oh my god. Oh I got a full point at the very end. Look at that. Well done. You know what? Good.

Rich Eisen for the win. Thank you. We have some nice parting gifts for you.

I like it. Honestly. I'm.

All the texts I'm gonna get from my friends. Come on, man. You should have known it was Marietta. He is funny, man. He's the best. He's the best. He did a bit that I saw on Instagram the other day about, you know, folks who come to the house to fix stuff and they talk to him like he knows what he's talking about. Yeah.

He goes, my wife's in charge. Oh my god. Yeah. It was great.

I believe that's off the Amazon special which is streaming now. I left so hard when I saw that. All right. Stick around. We've got one more thing for you to do. Awesome.

You're gonna have to tell us how many games the San Francisco 49ers are gonna win. Absolutely. That's coming up next. Dan Soder here on this edition of The Rich Eyes and show a fun day here on this busy Tuesday. What's up?

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Learn more at slash leaders. We're back here on the show. Dan Soder is here on the program. I saw this on Twitter. It wound up on my feed because of the guy who retweeted it as well, but also jumped out because I believe he writes for a blog that covers the Chiefs. Zach Eisen tweeted this out. Look at, you know, Mel Holmes was running for his life. Look at how many people are, Cardinals are chasing him down this weekend in preseason up to the top of the right.

And there's Kelsey down at the bottom of the street, Hey, I'm open. Look at him. Look at him. He's on the, like, my homes is on one side of the numbers. He's on the other side of the numbers. Mahomes is running for his life to his right. And there's Kelsey saying, Hey, but basically that he did the jump pass on as he was running out of bounds. And Kelsey is like, Hey, I've seen Mahomes make some crazy eyes in the back of his head before. Mahomes retweeted it. This is funny. Can't believe I missed it. That's funny. That is. I mean, you've seen Mahomes make so many insane throws that if you're a receiver, you can get the ball here. You can do it. He's like, not running back.

Hey, I'm open. He's like, Oh yeah, I can see that from behind me when 10 guys are chasing me to the sidelines. Isn't that the, isn't that the old Sandler bit on Wilt Chamberlain's 100.9 where it's like he's got 96 points.

They call time out and his teammate goes back to the huddle and goes, Hey Wilt, I'm open. That's great. I love that. Nope. Nope. Not tonight. Not tonight.

I'm going to go get that 100. Hey Wilt. Come on. Not tonight.

I'm open. Under the basket. Right under the basket. It's like Kelsey. Hey. I know you're running for your life the other way. Literally like 70 yard throw.

If, and then after that play, he was like, dude, I want, but he's like, yeah, look at me. I'm wide open. So next time you're running for your life to the right, just look to your left, left all the way to the left.

Turn it, throw it to the side. Oh my gosh. Dan Soder is here on the rich eyes and show.

All right. You are a diehard 49er fanser as well as obviously your friends with Mike McDaniel. And I have the San Francisco 49ers schedule here. We do this with our celebrity guests and other callers coming in, calling in, it's called the win loss game. You're going to go walk through this San Francisco 49ers schedule and you Dan Soder will tell us a win or loss week to week, and then we'll add it up at the end. And I just counsel you, be careful when this happens.

Sometimes you can lose your head and wind up giving your team a 17 and 0 season that you're like, I didn't think that's going in and that's how it comes out. So every year when the schedule comes out, as most diehard fans do, I put it in my calendar to make sure that nothing, and I mean nothing, comes in between me watching the 49ers. Very good. Katie's aware of this too, right? She's very aware of it.

Okay, very good. And she respects it. And that's what true love is. She's a Pats fan. She's a Pats fan.

I respect the Pats schedule. She gets it. Okay. I don't think they face one another this year.

No, they do not. Okay. Very good.

All right. Let's go to Pittsburgh to start the season. I'm going, I'm going to, see you're right, this is where you fall into the trap. I'm going win at Pittsburgh, week one. Home for the, at the Rams, pardon me, right here in Los Angeles. Well, you know, we all know that's, we call that South San Francisco now, the way we show up, the way the Niners fans travel, that's a win.

Yeah, Rich, you said home. It's going to basically be- It's going to be home game for the Niners. That's our week two home opener. Actual home opener against the Giants. Let me tell you this, now, this is usually where I would say they would drop the first game. However, a lot of Giants were running their mouths when Brock Purdy got injured in the NFC championship game, and I think that was a little motivation. So I think the Niners in the home opener beat the Giants.

Like the proverbial rented mule? I like, I like a three and O start. Well, then the Cardinals come in for a visit. I think this is the one that we drop. Really?

Whoa. I think, I think maybe not even an overlooking, but I think there's something that happens where we lose this one close. And then a Sunday night game against the Cowboys. I mean, in my heart of hearts, I could never say, I think the 49ers will lose to the Cowboys. So go Niners. Four and one at the Browns. I think this is another random drop.

I think Deshaun Watson and them are cooking. All right. You know? Okay. That's four and two at the Minnesota Vikings on a Monday night. I think that's a win.

Okay. That's a win. So that's now five and two home for the Bengals. I think that is possibly a Superbowl preview. Okay. And we see the 49ers lose.

So that way in February, when we win it, it's that much better. Five and three into a buy coming out of at Jacksonville. Now here's where we start to rip it. Okay. So it's six and four and three, right? Yep.

Five and three, six and three. And I'm going to say it right now. After the buy, I think you're going to pace yourself week to week here. It's a week to week league home for the Buccaneers. I'm going to be at that game. So that's a win.

Okay. I want to see the Seahawks on a Thanksgiving night. We do Jacksonville. We do Jacksonville.

Yes. When Tampa Bay seven and three, actually, you know what? Seven and three on Thanksgiving night at Seattle. Seven and three at Seattle, Thanksgiving night. I hate to say it, but I think we dropped that one. Seven and four at the Eagles.

December 3rd can't come fast enough. And in my heart and everything that I know, go Niners, all my friends that are from Philly, you know what's happening. We're getting revenge for the NFC championship game. Eight and four home for Seattle. And that's a win.

Nine and four at Arizona. That's a revenge game. Ten and four, you're on a roll for the Ravens on a Monday night at home. We lose.

Really? I think Baltimore sneaks up on us Monday night. We've been so hot, you know, so into the Philly, Seattle, Arizona run. Ten and five at the Washington commanders. Win. Eleven and five at home against the Rams.

Win. Twelve and five. Which, by the way, is the same record that our longtime listener, many time caller Terzo in Iowa is a diehard Niner fan, had them twelve and five. I think they go twelve and five and I think we are like second or third seeded in the NFC. Okay. And a Super Bowl win.

By the way, that's a reasonable playing of the win-loss game right there. I have a question, though. Is that twelve and five, are you taking into consideration that Bosa isn't? He's coming. He's never had a training camp his entire career with the 49ers.

I've watched press conferences with Shanahan and Lynch. They are focused on getting Bosa. Bosa will be there. He'll be up for Defensive Player of the Year this year.

I would be stunned if that doesn't get done. That has to be. He's playing week one. You've got a guy that's basically, what, like Derek Thomas in the 90s just on his rush game? He's coming. He's coming.

They're going to figure that one out. I'm down for any Derek Thomas mention by the way, too. Yeah, I love Derek Thomas. And I think, I mean, just watching Bosa, when we drafted him, number two, you're like, how good is this guy going to be?

And then the first play against the Bucks, he got past the tackle so fast he ran by the quarterback and you're like, oh, this guy's just going to live in the backfield of opposing teams. I love him. Do we do we get McDaniel on the phone right now? Can we get McDaniel on the phone? Can we? Can you get McDaniel on the phone?

I mean, I know. Dude, he ain't going to pick up for me. They're running a training camp. You think he can pick up? I don't know.

I don't know. Next two o'clock, he could be in some session. We like to challenge people to make FaceTime calls.

Hold on. FaceTime call? I'll FaceTime him. It would be legendary. And this is going to be embarrassing when he does not pick up.

It doesn't. No, but he's busy. He's a busy head coach. Where are the Dolphins right now? They're in training camp.

I know. Are they in some sort of a scrimmage? Well, let's see. What are they doing? I was looking up the wind totals.

Still got the Bay Area phone number. Good. Respect.

I love it. All right. Here we go.

We're FaceTiming, huh? All right. So preseason week three. Here we go. The Dolphins. Come on. Are in Jacksonville.

They're in Jacksonville. For the radio audience, Soder has it in his right hand. I'm in the background. Mike. Mike.

Mike. Well, let's hear that. Let's hear that noise that he's picking up. Come on. Like, hey, what do you want?

You want the bloo-bloo? Yeah, I just want to hear that. It's good imitation. Sorry. No, it's good.

It's fine. It's busy. Here we go.

Dolphin fans are like, don't pick up. Oh, no, wait. Unavailable. Yeah. Now, does that mean? Did he... No, I just meant... Went too long. Now he tried. Great content. I was on the edge of my seat. What did you write? I'm just texting him like, yo, I was just FaceTiming you with Rich Eisen. live live live television yeah and you know what tell them I have a crystal ball now because you know when your friends call you and you're like doing something like it could even be like as low as paying an electric bill and you see him calling you like not right now but then you get the text really it's FaceTime you the rich eyes and you tend to want to pick up more by the way the the the custom texts that the iPhone allows you to send I think a very impersonal yeah they are doing call you right back or can I call you later I'm not sending it like to my wife are you better yeah you know yeah you want you can't do that when I call you later of course you can call me later you better call me later well if you're a Dolphins fan just know he's hard at work I'd love to see can I just save hey I I'm on I'm on I don't know just leave me alone huh leave me how do you have this number it's my number super offensive response oh my practicing indoors today so where are they where are they they're mine they're playing Jacksonville this week but I don't know they're social media clips from practice today are indoors Oh Sophie's in a bubble well he might be a nice catch did he stop me if you heard this before hmm do you play fantasy football or no honestly I don't okay gave it up in oh for oh wow why what broke you I was cheering for specifically I was cheering for a Cowboys player and a Raiders player and I just hit this moment where I was like this disgusts which players it was um the receipt it was a receiver for the Cowboys I don't think it was Dez Bryant 2004 2004 who were the starting quarterbacks that day I could pretty much guess who the cow the Cowboys starting we know it's Romo it's Romo right no it's Vinny Testa Verde who's the Niner starting quarterback in oh four JTO Sullivan is that right that would be an impressive pull JTO Sullivan I'm looking up the Cowboys I'm trying to see what receiver you were talking about John Johnson was in 2000 Johnson I believe was on the Cowboys yeah he was on the Cowboys on the Cowboys Terry starting quarterback is it's before the oh five draft where we got Alex Smith who is the starting quarterback for the old for 49ers against the Cowboys let me get this game up right now they were playing the cow they were not playing the Cowboys no they were just all right just in general the the starter oh dude you'll never guess great one this is a great okay wait hold on not JTO Sullivan we only have 10 seconds to go I'm gonna end a show it with two words I've never ended before yeah Tim Ritay well done thanks for coming on dance everybody check him out go to for tickets to go see him for over three decades nobody has had a wrestling career like Arn Anderson Conrad Thompson gets all the stories with our after watching a W's double or nothing Amy wants to know what's this dinosaur tastes like it ain't chicken it's like biting into a sinewy charcoal briquette but chewy disgusting yes sure is check out Arn every week wherever you listen
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