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That Pressure

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham
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June 21, 2023 6:38 pm

That Pressure

The Drive with Josh Graham / Josh Graham

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June 21, 2023 6:38 pm

On a Wednesday Drive, Josh explains how the Charlotte Hornets might be getting ready to make the Michael Kidd Gilchrist mistake all over again, former Wake Forest basketball player, Aaron Rountree, joins the show to tell how many jello shots he's put down at the College World Series and to tell, as a Hornets fan, who he prefers between Brandon Miller and Scoot Henderson, Josh explains why what Brandon Miller and Mitch Kupchak had to say, today, makes his head want to explode, and 6th man of the Tar Heels, BDaht, joins the show to tell what he's seeing at the UNC basketball scrimmages in Chapel Hill, tells why he might be off of Brandon Miller now for the Hornets, and to see if Josh knows what "pressure" is, in a session of Grahammar School.


Yes, Josh Graham has opinions. There is nothing that entertains the audience and the masses more than me being bothered. And yes, he's got attitude. Really, none of the game made sense to me. And that's exactly why you love him.

When this all gets sorted out, I think you and me should get an apartment together. You're on The Drive with Josh Graham. Welcome to a Wednesday Drive. You are listening to WSJS NewsTalk Sports for the Triad, where in the NBA, it's not real until it's said or tweeted by Adrian Wojnarowski. And late last night, on the topic of the Hornets decision between Scoot Henderson and Brandon Miller, Wodes on SportsCenter weighed in with the latest.

This is how that sounded. Both Miller and Scoot Henderson came back to Charlotte for second workouts, second meetings. And I'm told Miller was better the second time around in that environment than he had been the first time. And certainly positionally, Miller's advantage over Scoot Henderson in Charlotte is that they've got a point guard in LaMelo Ball in Charlotte, who they believe is a franchise level point guard. And right now, Brandon Miller continues to be the focus for the Hornets at number two. The NBA draft is tomorrow night. And if Woj is right that the Charlotte Hornets are going to draft Brandon Miller, it would feel like taking Michael Kip Gilchrist all over again. And here's what I mean by that. Because I'm not necessarily saying Miller's going to be a bust.

That's not what I'm saying. Let's instead go back in the time machine to 2012. In 2012, Charlotte just missed out on getting the number one pick. This was the last time they had the number two pick, and there was a transcendent talent on the board. Anthony Davis was that talent. He was the splashy, transcendent, freak athlete type before Webinyama and before Zion. So he was two freak athletes ago.

You only get one of these guys every five, ten years. Anthony Davis was one of those guys. New Orleans got the number one pick. Charlotte got the second pick. AD wasn't going to be a Hornet, so what are you going to do instead? The Charlotte Hornets decided we're going to draft Anthony Davis's teammate from Kentucky, Michael Kip Gilchrist. Because why? Fit. You can't possibly take a guard, another ball-dominant guard, a year after you drafted Kimba Walker in the top ten.

That wouldn't make any sense. So you gotta look at position. You gotta draft because of fit. You have to take Kimba Walker or you have to take Michael Kip Gilchrist rather than some of these other guys that go number three and go in the next few picks. You want to know who was taken number three that year? Bradley Beal. You want to know who was taken three picks later? Dane Lillard. It would have been a lot better pick if Charlotte had taken either of those two players, we can agree. Take the best player on the board if you have the opportunity to do so. Passing on Scoot feels like the same thing. Nobody today, and we're a day out from the draft, is making a basketball argument for Brandon Miller being a better player than Scoot Henderson. It's still all fit. That's all anyone's talking about. Fit, fit, fit. Oh, you can't play LaMelo and Scoot together.

It's the same thing that I'm sure was discussed eleven years ago. You can play LaMelo and Scoot together. Take the best player. Would it require you to move some things around?

Will it be as clean? No. But you should always in that sport, just figure it out later, get the talent in the building. That was the approach by Phoenix this week.

Whatever it took. Hey, get Bradley Beal in the building. We'll figure it out.

Oh, but he's making $50 million a year. We'll figure it out. With Beal and KD and with Devin Booker.

We're going to figure it out. Charlotte should have that same approach. It's obvious that the basketball world believes Scoot is the better player. When you look at the rumors, teams want to trade up into the top three to take Scoot. Find me the rumor that's out there where a team wants to trade up to take Brandon Miller. I would wait. I would wait.

And if I held my breath, I would have probably taken my last breath. You're not going to find that story. Orlando wants to move up reportedly to take Scoot. New Orleans wants to move up reportedly to take Scoot. There's some stuff with the Houston Rockets. They want to move up to take Scoot.

It's not Brandon Miller. And the frustrating thing is, since this comes out today, there is a doomsday worst case scenario that can happen here. Where Charlotte takes Brandon Miller, too, and Portland trades out of that pick and gets maybe a Zion Williamson, let's say. Which means Charlotte would have missed out on the two best possible outcomes. Getting Scoot Henderson or getting Zion slash Brandon Ingram.

Because when you were not the only ones that see that report from Woge. Now the basketball world is convinced, they're affirmed that Charlotte is going to take Brandon at number two. Which means if there are trade phone calls to be had to try and take Scoot Henderson, they're not going to Charlotte to make those phone calls. They're going to Portland to make those phone calls. Because now nobody believes Mitch Kupchak is going to take Scoot number two. Nobody believes that at this point. Drafting Brandon Miller feels like taking Michael Kidd-Gilchrist all over again.

On Twitter, at WSJS Radio if you want in, we're streaming video there in addition to YouTube and Twitch. Will Dalton is the executive producer of the show and you're the Hornets fan on this show. Are you still holding out hope that it's going to be something else or have you fully accepted it's going to be Brandon Miller tomorrow night? I think it's going to be Brandon Miller.

I want it to be Scoot. Like I've heard enough of people we talk to or you telling me what somebody you've talked to and people you've talked to you say. Sources. Sources. According to my sources. Notice I haven't been the guy. I do have sources.

People I trust. That are pretty close to the situation but I'm not pulling the, I'm sitting in front of a bookshelf. Here are my sources, it's what they're telling me.

Could you imagine what Bradley Beale and Kimbo would have looked like together? It's upsetting. It is. Yet here we are again. Let's not do that again. Looks like they're going to. Out in Omaha, LSU has earned a rematch with Wake Forest tonight. A game you can listen to right here on WSJS.

7 o'clock first pitch, 6.40 pregame start. And even though the Deacs have wiggle room and they don't have to win tonight. You should expect them to finish the job anyway. Tonight. They close it out. Because that's what they did the last two weekends. Think about this. Or I guess it would have been not this past weekend but the previous two weekends.

You get what I'm saying here. They could have lost. On a Sunday night against George Mason and played in a game 7 the day after that in the regional weekend. Instead they hammered George Mason 15 to 1. Yeah, they're not going to have the same urgency. Oh, they had plenty of urgency that night.

I was there. Then you look at the following weekend. Wake sneaks one out against Alabama in game 1. So game 2.

Oh, Alabama. They're playing for their lives. Wake Forest.

They have a little bit of a cushion here. We'll see if urgency is the same place. Yeah, Bama got waxed 22 to 5. Wake rolled the tide. Urgency is not going to be a concern in Omaha tonight. And the pitching advantage is just outrageous.

Wake already had a better staff than LSU. Now this is just their third game in five days. Meanwhile, this is three days in a row for LSU and four games in five days. That pitching staff is strained. Especially since Paul Skeans, their all everything mustachioed starting pitcher isn't going to go tonight it seems.

Wake Forest's bats are due. And they're not going to be held to just three runs tonight. I think they get past the five run threshold. I think they'll probably score seven or eight. This is a team all year long that's averaged close to ten runs.

And their first five NCAA tournament games they averaged 15. So they seem poised to break out a bit. I think that happens tonight. I think Wake Forest wins with authority to punch their tickets to the championship series. Give me Wake Forest 7 LSU 4. Our Omaha correspondent today is Wake Forest basketball super fan who was once upon a time a Demon Deacon basketball player. It's your guy Aaron Roundtree who's joining us on WSJS.

And Tree, we've got to start here. There was video of you from Saturday's game where you were in the stands during the game. How common of an occurrence is it to pop that top off during a weight game? Oh, man, that the top does not come off as often as people think. It came off a few times. Probably football season is probably the time when it comes off the most. It just doesn't feel right to pop the top off at a basketball game.

I guess because it's indoors. But yeah, listen, hopefully the Deacs get me excited enough today to pop the top off again. Yeah. This I guess you view it like the Mike Breen bang where the key moment you got. It has to be a key moment where you you pop off the shirt. That's exactly what it was. So Seth Cade decided in the eighth and it almost came off on the third strikeout. But I thought I fought the urge on the third strikeout. Almost the third one in the eighth after Cade and the entire side sent me there. But then that when we're on that rally, I was like, man, we if we get this lead, the shirt might have to come off. And a few people in my section joined in.

And it was just a great time to be a Deac. You can listen to the game on WSJS later tonight. Seven o'clock Wake Forest and LSU. Aaron Roundtree joining us from Omaha. I hope I'm not revealing anything to inside baseball or out of school.

But Steve Forbes told me upon going to Omaha that he could beat LSU by himself when it came to the yellow shot challenge. How many jello shots have you indulged yourself with? We've definitely had some support for some friends. I got cam set some money in and some people from Twitter. So I think the first day when I walked in, I got three hundred dollars worth. So that's that's 60 right there. After after the win, I did another 40.

I haven't drank them all myself, but probably by myself, I probably put down 20, 25. Aaron Roundtree doing doing the damn thing out there in Omaha. I'd love to know. Yeah.

Paint the picture for me. Not all of us get a chance to be in Omaha like where you're at right now. I'd love to know what the weight contingent looks like out there and more specifically, way coopers, because we know Forbes is out there. And we even saw on Twitter that Muggsy Bogues is there, too. Yeah, man, the weight contingent has really shown out as everybody likes to remind us and as we like to use as a little chip on our shoulder. We are, I think, either the smallest power five school or if not the smallest one of the smallest. So it feels like our entire alumni fan base is here. You know, we've heard the joke about us only having six fans.

I think it's Kirk Herb Street. Yeah. But all six of us and all six of us are here and we brought a lot of friends. We've definitely shown out the alumnus here. It feels like a big family reunion.

Obviously, we're outnumbered today. But other than LSU, I feel like we've had the most fans here, which has been impressive. What would it mean to you if Wake baseball wins a national championship and you're there to see it?

I talked about it this morning with a few people. I think it'd be one of the biggest sporting accomplishments in school history, if not the biggest. I think only two ACC schools have ever won a baseball national championship. Wake in 55 and UVA like 10 years ago or something like that. Whenever UVA. 2015.

Okay. So UVA just won it. So, yeah. So it'd be a huge accomplishment because it's something that's hard to do. I think this is the hardest postseason tournament maybe in all of sports, but definitely all of college sports. Especially when you come out of the losers bracket, which unfortunately Wake Forest does not have to do. Yeah. I was saying not having to fight out of the losers bracket. So this is my first year really paying attention to the College World Series.

ECU went a few years back, I think, or at least they hosted a regional. That'd be more up your alley, right? Yeah.

They lost in the supers. Okay. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring that memory back for you.

It hurts. One day I'm going to go to Omaha and win the Pirates go because here's the stat that always gets thrown around with my alma mater tree. No team has ever been to as many regionals as East Carolina has without a trip to Omaha. And it's not like 10 regional. So no one else is even close to that distinction.

Okay. So that's a that's a gift and a curse. That means you're always good enough to go to regionals, but just had some bad luck. It's my favorite quote. It's my favorite sports quote that someone's ever said a sports writer about 100 years ago, tree named Haywood Brown once wrote. And I think this is encapsuled by NC State fans, if I'm being honest. But this is relevant to ECU that the greatest tragedy in life is not losing. It's coming close to winning. And that's that's NC State. I mean, because they're not bad enough where you could be apathetic. You could be hopeful.

It's just getting kicked in the nads feelings worse than losing sometimes. One hundred percent. So I think going back to what I said about how big it would be, I think it would be like I said, one of the biggest sporting accomplishments in school history, if not the best. I thought the Brock play I I thought the Brock play might be the best play in school history, if Brock and let me not forget Bennett with the tag to the tag that LSU fans thought was questionable, but was clearly an out.

I was why? And I got to throw this at you. See, Aaron Rountree is joining us from Omaha, former Wake basketball player. I got to throw a basketball question at you since we got you.

And this is the topic everyone's talking about this weekend, especially today. Do you have a preference on Scoot Henderson or Brandon Miller? Do you have a preference on that?

I do have a preference and I guess I'll give you my reasoning. I would, you know, I'm a I'm a pretty big Hornets fan. I go to a bunch of Hornets games.

I even had on a Hornet jacket earlier. I would rather have Scoot and not because of fit. I think fit. It probably sucks with him and Terry and Lamello all together, but I think Scoot's ceiling is just so high. The only person in the draft with a higher ceiling than Scoot is probably Wimby.

And of course, he's going one. I love Brandon Miller. I think Brandon Miller's floor is maybe the highest of the top lottery picks. His floor is super high. He's really, really talented.

At worst, he'll be great value called George, but I think Scoot has a bigger ceiling and with where the Hornets are at right now, I think you take best available. I'm going to leave you with everything you just said there. Aaron Roundtree. I hope you see a shot on ESPN tonight of you shirtless or at least media. Have fun tonight as I know you will, my friend. I will.

I'll take a jello shot for you, my friend. I'll see you back. I'll see you back at putters. You got it. That is Aaron Roundtree. I will see you at putters sometime soon.

I'm down with that. Every time Wake basketball plays at nine o'clock, I usually show up at putters when I get out of the show and then go to the arena. And most times I see Aaron Roundtree there.

Most times that's the case. If I'm at putters and it's a game day, there's Aaron Roundtree. You know what his go to is? No idea. Maybe next time we figure that out.

We like tenders. What did you just do to your mic? I totally just spun it around. Punched it. You just sold it. There you go.

That's crazy. And then after the game, if I'm at putters, you know, there and that might roll by putters. Get it together with sponsor this show for for sure. Like, what do we do?

How is that not already happened? We've got to try and figure that one out. Speaking of the draft, do you see the photos of Victor web and Yama last night? Yes, I did. There's the video. There's the photos. He's at Yankee Stadium.

I'd watch a TV show or follow a social media account. That is exclusively Victor Web and Yama picking up things or trying to do everyday normal thing. The ball looked like a golf ball in his head. It did. It did. And him picking up a baseball bat.

I didn't see that. Like a dad holding up a five year old's wiffle ball bat. That's what it looked like.

And I'm going to get in the cage, do some batting practice. Then he went on the subway and he's like ducking to get into it. And it got to a point where it's so uncomfortable.

He had to sit down. He's an alien. He really is. I think we've discussed this before that he is that.

And like I said, I would follow that account. Well, here's Victor Web and Yama holding a dog. Here's Victor Web and Yama trying to do the dishes.

Here's Victor Web and Yama. Fill in the blank. I would follow that. I would watch it. You probably would, too.

He could hold Willow the dog in one hand comfortably, easily hold Willow the dog in one hand and pet her with his finger. I'm sorry, I'm a little winded. A lot of talk. This is The Drive with Josh Graham. We'll have to get an update from Omaha and just a bit from W.D., who looks distracted watching baseball when he should be paying attention to the show.

Perhaps we can do that in a bit. We need to talk about Mitch Kupchak and Brandon Miller, who both spoke with the media today, and both are making my head hurt based on what they said. Let's start with Brandon, who is at the draft.

He's in New York City. And this is the clip that's attracted the most attention today when he was asked who he felt the goat was. No, because I actually don't think LeBron is, you know, could go to basketball. I think my go to basketball is Paul George. I always grew up watching him, so it's never just LeBron. Paul George is his goat. We need reaction from Paul George. Even Paul George doesn't think Paul George is the goat of basketball.

PG-13 is probably watching that thinking, what? This guy's cray. What's happening here?

Also, the lack of self-awareness here is staggering. You're being asked the goat question, which most people have arrived at. It's either LeBron or it's Michael. And one of those two choices was said earlier today to be the man who will have final say on whether or not you're the second pick in the draft. There are two options really here, Michael or LeBron.

One of the two has final say for the team that you just worked out for a couple of days ago. And he goes with Paul George. It's incredible.

It's an incredible answer. I mean, there's a couple of things here. I'd love to know what the couple things are. It could just be one of those deals where Paul George is his favorite player. We get being a delusional fan that's saying, oh, my favorite players, the goat, or he's heard all these comparisons comparing him to Paul George. And he's trying to speak something into existence here. I don't know what it is. The latter doesn't make any sense.

The first one that you bring up there is probably what he's doing, but it goes back to lack of self-awareness. Paul George is my goat. It's like you saying Star Wars is the greatest movie ever. Well, it is. It's your favorite.

Well, it is. It's your favorite, and that's fine, but it's not The Godfather. It's not the greatest movies ever made. Anchorman's my favorite movie. But am I going to come out here and say, hey, The Legend of Ron Burgundy, move over, Casablanca. Move over, Citizen Kane. Move over, The Godfather. Here comes Ron Burgundy. You stay classy, San Diego. No, that would sound ridiculous.

Just like this sounds ridiculous. And it gets worse. This is courtesy of my buddy Ashley Strohlein, who does television in Charlotte. She's up there covering the draft. Remember, Michael is the guy who's making the decision.

Final say, according to Mitch Kupchak earlier today, and we'll get to Mitch in a second. Apparently, there was a moment where they played a little bit of pickup together. Michael shooting some hoop with Brandon Miller. Keep that peace of mind when you hear what stood out to Brandon Miller about having a run in with MJ. Meeting him and him talking trash to me is probably the coolest thing ever.

You just wonder, he definitely sounds like how he sounds on TV. Can MJ talk trash to you? Yeah, it's obvious, but I have one up on him. He air-balled a free throw, so I have that up on him.

What? You're gonna call out Jordan like that? We're gonna call out MJ missing a free throw and air-balling it? Respect your elders, he's 60. Oh yeah, he air-balled a free throw though.

Please draft me number two overall. And MJ's competitive. He holds grudges.

Right! He holds grudges. Is he trying not to get drafted by the Charlotte Hornets? Does he know that Michael Jordan still has influence here?

Or is he thinking, nah, that guy, he already sold the team off. He air-balled a free throw. What are you doing?

A report I read today said MJ still has final say. I've said that three times this segment. I'm sorry, I was watching baseball. I understand. Not a joke. Not a joke when I say that W.D. 's distracted watching baseball.

Pretty clear there. Now let's get to Mitch Kupchak. Actually, let's flashback the night of the lottery a month and change ago. And listen to Mitch Kupchak when he was asked about best player available versus fit. You know, we're getting a little bit more advanced in putting this team together. You know, I think three years ago, or even two years ago, I would have said without question that we're going to take the best available player. And that's been, you know, our position for the last three or four years when you're trying to accumulate talent. And, you know, I don't think we're where we need to be from a talent level, but we've got a lot more talent now than we did two or three years ago. So I think we can be a little bit picky.

What? You can be picky? You're picking second for a reason. Oh, yeah, we haven't been to the playoffs. We have the longest playoff drought in the NBA. We got so much talent, we can be picky with the number two pick.

On what planet? But that's not the part that really makes my head hurt. That was Mitch Kupchak a month and change ago. This was Mitch Kupchak asked the same question today. I think several years ago, you know, it wasn't a factor at all. Okay, as far as fit, you know, we're always going to just pick the best player.

And I would say that's still the case today, although we are closer to a point in time where we would consider fit. But we're not that team that's been in the playoffs for three or four years. And, you know, you're looking to tweak a roster and look for fit when we're not at that place right now. So our decision, you know, is going to remain to be, you know, looking for the player that we think is going to have the best overall career. Which one is it? Are you in a position to be picky or are you not in a position to be picky?

Which one is it? This is why I don't believe anything Mitch Kupchak's saying right now. I don't believe it. I'll tell you what I do believe, what Woj says. When Woj says something, I believe that more than Mitch Kupchak. He's not going to tell us who they're drafting. He says there's a chance they could move the pick still.

I don't have a clue. But I bet you, I bet you, Woj probably isn't wrong. Probably. Unless Michael Jordan heard Brandon Miller today and said, you know what? Views it like the stepbrother's like job interview with Seth Rogen. Where it's like, yeah, you know, the suits, they seem a little bit more bleeped up now.

Maybe, maybe I didn't see these things before, but I see them now. How about we just draft that Scoot Henderson guy? Or how about we move the pick? That's the part.

I've heard that argument today. Oh, they're just letting people know they're, they're probably going to take Brandon Miller. So that way they can, it's a smokescreen to try and facilitate a trade. Well, no, wouldn't you make it be Scoot Henderson then that you're going to take number two? If you want it to be a trade smokescreen, because now by saying it's Brandon Miller, nobody really wanted Brandon Miller in the Brandon Scoot debate. So those teams are now calling the third team. They're calling Portland, not Charlotte for trade inquiries. They're going to take Brandon Miller based on the information. Now let's get that baseball update.

WD, what do we have? Florida's playing TCU today. It's an elimination game for TCU. It is. Florida's in the position that Wake Forest is in tonight.

That's right. It's two to one right now. They're headed to the bottom of the sixth. So tight game so far. I mean, the only, like we said this yesterday, the only game that hasn't really been tight was TCU Oral Roberts. Right.

When it kind of got separated. Let's hope Wake Forest, you know, doesn't have to play a tight game tonight. Seven o'clock against LSU.

That's later on. The reason I'm not distracted watching baseball is because Tampa Bay just took care of business pretty quickly. Yeah, they did. Seven to two against my birds, but at least the birds won yesterday. It's just a two game series. Got the split in Tampa. I'm happy about it.

Made it fun for you though last night. Yeah. Watching some music, live music, and when the set started, it was seven to nothing birds. When the set ended, were you setting up Hubert Davis live music?

It's live action, Tracy. That's what I thought. When the set ended, I looked down at my phone. Seven to six. This Orioles team just going to be the death of me.

But third best record in the American league might be tied for second now. What a nice surprise. B Dot, six man of car heel basketball hanging out in studio with us. WD without looking. Do you know who sings this song? That's Nelly.

Tell them, WD. That's Nelly. Yeah.

And Kelly Rowland. There we go. See, I know stuff.

Yeah, my boy WD. I love Dilemma. Tell me why the music video is one of my favorite music videos ever. Really? Do you know why?

No, why? There's something about mid 2000s, like going back and looking at mid 2000s hip hop videos when we were just starting to get smartphones or cell phones were started to become popular, seeing technology that became outdated like in five years after the videos is incredible. At the start of this music video, Kelly Rowland is sitting on the top seat of a porch. For some reason, she had a house that had a stoop and she's sitting there and she opens up like one of these slide phones, like the sidekicks, like one of those sidekicks. And the screen clearly had somebody edited on top of it, like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that she was texting Nelly on.

And it just makes me smile. Like there, I need to go back and find some of the screenshots I dug up of like old tech, old cell phones from hip hop videos in the 2000s, because it makes me smile. Like the Chingy Right There music video had some of that, Jay-Z had a few of these that come to mind too. But you're just talking about phones that they had, like that was the two ways. And the two ways- But people were flaunting it at the time, because it was new, it was flashy to have these things.

Yeah, it was that thing. Then next came the flip phones. Then you got the chirp with the Nextel chirp, and people would chirp you while you were in class. The chirp was off the chain.

They had the daggone when you get free after nine o'clock, then they put the deal in when you get free minutes after seven o'clock, then they just made it free for everybody. Man, cell phones have come a very, very long way. Getting in the time machine over here. Hey man, the sidekicks used to be off the chain. Everybody used to want a sidekick.

Them joints, they would flip up, you would type on them, and it's like, it was just real. It was like text message, but you would use T9 though. Do you even know what T9 text messaging is? I do.

I do. Gosh, T9 was amazing. Like for two would be A, B, C, and three is D, E, F. So you would have to like double click on B, double click on two to get B, and then double click on three to get E. Like that's T9. Oh, I found it.

Ancient. What did the text say? I don't know if you can read it on there. That's clearly like a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that's texted on it. Like what does Kelly Rowland- Nah, this is how they went. This is how they texted on them.

What is Kelly Rowland messaging Nelly in this music video though? Hey, he says, where you at? Holler when you get this. That's right. So there's that. What's up?

I screenshot a number of these. Yeah. It was a Nokia Sidekick. Yeah, it was the Sidekick. I'm telling you. Like there's Chingy that has like a long contraption that looks like it's from the James Bond music.

What are you talking about? Like from like a James Bond movie. It has like a long like receiver piece. Oh no, he just got, I don't even know what phone that is. I like it like one of the early Razors. That was the flip phone though. That's the flip phone. You can see that's the flip part that comes down right there.

You dig what I'm saying? That's the flip phone. This is the Hey Pimp It or Big Pimp It music video.

But see, here's exclusive because he's got the video on it. He got the crazy two way. Oh my God. That's the big money two way.

Woo. Jay Z had that. Britney.

And this one, I don't even know what music video this is from. Flip phone. This is Jay. I'm in the bedroom.

Keke. Oh, that's the Jay Z one though. Yeah. This is Jay right here.

He got the flip phone right here. Gosh, that was off the chain. That was a time.

It really was. I'm going to retweet this. You should. If you're watching this on your own radio, you can find some of these 2000s rap video cell phones. See if you had any of these phones. I never had any of those. I had the flip phone and I had the razor joint, but I ain't never had a sidekick.

I was never fortunate enough to get one of those. That was the 90s. That was late 90s phone right there. You remember the Juke? The what?

The Juke. That phone that like, it was like real, real thin. Remember ESPN, the phone?

Yes. Where it was less than a year before Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and ESPN's like, you know what we're going to do? Sports updates on your phone. And then the iPhone came up and it turned out to be like a $500 million disaster for ESPN. With hip hop videos in mind, what a transition to grammar school.

Josh Graham has his own way of speaking. And just when you think it can't get any worse, Josh is going to attempt to learn B-Dots vernacular. I'm going to put one in the air. It's time for B-Dots Grammar School brought to you by Heritage Hardwood Floors. When it comes to flooring, they have no ceiling. Heritage Hardwood Floors.

When it comes to floors, they've got no ceilings. And if this is your first time listening, yes, that was Jay Billis letting folks know how great I am. He'll be on the draft tomorrow night, seeing what the Hornets are going to do. OK, if you can help me out with one of the answers to these questions that Dot asks, you will get our last book and last ticket to see Chris Paul tomorrow and a copy of Sixty One Life Lessons from Papa on and off the court. It's going to be a great event at Wake Chapel seven o'clock tomorrow night with doors opening at six.

It's so interesting how when he narrates it, I remember where I was in 2002. Maybe I'll share that before I get up out of here. Yes, we would love that after we get done with grammar school. All right. I'm going to be honest with you. I didn't really think of a caustic question, so I'll just come up with one on the fly really quickly.

Oh, wow. There are eight schools that made it to the College World Series. Can you name two?

One should be very obvious. There you go. And Texas.

No. Wake's playing LSU tonight. Florida just eliminated TCU.

Can't wait. Tennessee, Virginia, Tennessee. Oral Roberts.

And who am I forgetting out of the bunch? I should have guessed Florida. I heard Florida.

I heard Florida in conversation. Those are the eight. OK. What's your questions? All right. Well, I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here. I'm here.

Oh, beginning of August 28th. OK. What's your questions? All right. Well, have you seen this submarine that was going to look for the Titanic? Ugh. Tough. Is that not crazy? Terrifying.

Terrifying. What's crazy is all I see on social media are people clowning these submarine folks. I'm like, yo! I mean, it's- Oh, look at these rich people trying to do this.

I'm like yo. They're trying to do something. They're trying to explore- If I would have had the money, I'd have done it.

250,000 to frivolously throw away I definitely would have gone down there to see the titanium. Yeah it's scary. I like stuff like that. But underwater scares me and I was seeing people talking about like why don't they just swim out and it's like the pressure.

You can't. People don't understand how much pressure the ocean is on top of you. It can literally crush your body. Really stupid people online.

Tons. So from that perspective I was thinking, let me ask Josh, Josh what's pressure? What's pressure? Pressure, huh? Yeah, have I got that pressure?

336-777-1600. I'm bribing you. I've got a ticket where you probably will get a chance to meet Chris Paul if you're at this.

This sounds like a pretty exclusive event at Waite Chapel tomorrow. And a book. A book.

61 life lessons from Papa on and off the court. If you could tell me what pressure means. If I got that pressure what I got?

If you got that pressure. Yeah. When in doubt. When in doubt. Guns or drugs. That's B. Dot's advice.

Over the years. Yeah that pressure. I'm gonna go drugs and I'm gonna say that pressure is something that is like distilled. Like weed.

I'm gonna say it's like yeah a strong form of marijuana is pressure. Is that your final answer? Yeah.

That's correct. Look at you, you followed the rule. When in doubt. When in doubt. That pressure, man, it'll sit you down, man.

It'll literally crush you. That pressure. That pressure. Unreal. I was so lost.

I had no idea. And just went, you know, just followed the rule of thumb. Follow it, bro. Follow the rule of thumb.

Follow it. I see you were finally learning something here. Yeah.

It's fantastic. What's next? Second, what does it mean to chuck a deuce? Chuck a deuce? Yeah. I'm about to chuck a deuce. Hmm. Chuck a deuce.

336-777-1600. I have an idea. Yeah. About this one. Hmm.

I think W.D. I don't know if people still say this anymore but when you are leaving the premises somewhere, you might throw up two fingers and be like deuces. A mouth. Yeah. Why are you laughing? That's a thing that people say.

Or used to say. Why did you throw a piece on both hands and then cross them over each other like that though? What was that?

Because I'm white. Yeah. Really? What was that? He crosses his arms in front of him holding up two fingers. Oh, we got two fingers. We got a video feed. They saw it.

I'm talking for the people that are driving and wondering what the heck we're laughing at. And he held up really four fingers. Chuck a deuce.

Looks stupid. That's what I'm going to go with. Chucking a deuce means I'm throwing up the deuces which means I'm leaving. This is me. I'm going to chuck a deuce. I'm out. I got to go.

Deuces. Is that your final answer? Yeah.

That is correct. What? Chuck a deuce. Get up out of here. Wow. Turn me up. My boy's in his bag today. No cap.

No cap. Turn me up. He's working through these things and figuring them out. I got good. I've got really good.

It was really amazing to see, folks. I feel like a pitcher who's throwing a perfect game. I'm just pressing the right buttons.

They're right there. I'm working the outside corner. Shuffling my pitches a bit. This is your first time listening. He doesn't get any of this beforehand.

I want nothing more than for him to fail so that we can laugh. I'm very impressed with what's going on today. I pride the audience to help. It doesn't usually go this way.

It doesn't. No. Last, this is music. And you've done so poorly on the music.

And music is something you pride yourself in. I've been so close. For those who missed it last week. Shaniqua. I thought Shaniqua was playing it safe because I knew they were rhyming with Eshoo.

And I should have just gone with Tisha. Yeah, Keisha. We learned I didn't know any Keishas. He doesn't know one Keisha.

If there was anybody named Keisha listening, can you please call up here? Okay. Let's do this thing.

Alright. Who said they had so many tattoos that their body looked like the subways in Harlem? What? They had so many tattoos. Who said they had so many tattoos on their body that their bodies look marked up like the subways in Harlem?

What rapper said that? 336-777-1600. Help Josh. And I'll even just bribe you for the attempt. You don't even have to get it right at this point. I just need some help. 61 life lessons from Papa on and off the court. And Wait Chapel.

You get to see Chris Paul tomorrow. Help. So that's the lyric? The rapper says.

Okay. So this is a lyric. This isn't like a rapper being quoted describing somebody. No, no. It's a lyric in a song. Correct. A lyric in a song. Because if we were talking about rappers that were tatted, I think it was like Wiz Khalifa who was super tatted.

But I don't think he actually said that. Who am I going to? Kyle the Amazon driver. Kyle. Kyle. Kyle. Who is it? Kyle. Body marked up like the subway in Harlem.

Call them. We the F baby. Please say the baby. Let's go. I'm walking with purple hearts. You're talking to the subway baby. Please say the baby. Congratulations.

Hey, I don't know if you can make it there tomorrow. Kyle, the Amazon driver. But I think, you know, you know, you know what?

Look great next to Chris Paul. You got a picture with him. Oh, we'll send you. We'll send you a book.

We'll send you a book. We'll do that. Oh, do you want to reveal what your next plan is? I will, especially since whole B Dot sitting there. Hey B Dot. What's happening?

How you doing, man? I heard you got something going on July 22nd. I do have something going on July 22nd. Oh, expect me to be front row. Oh my gosh.

Grand back in that that Raleigh high school, man. So Brandon Childress is having his chill classic and he's bringing all these NBA players in to do like a open run pro-am summer league game, July 22nd. He's now threatening to be there with that big stupid fat head of you, Josh. I don't think he's threatening.

I think he has a front row ticket. Oh really? Oh, so now you're walking around strapped with security that's protecting you for walking around with a ridiculous bad head of Josh Graham.

Yeah, the Graham crackers. That's outstanding. I'm sick of you. Give this guy a book. Send Kyle a book for us help. Thank you, Kyle.

There goes Kyle the Amazon driver. Can I hear that again? Oh, we'll see if we have time for B Dot to tell us a Chris Paul story next. This is it. Ready? All right. Do it. Do it. All right. Listen up.

This is The Drive with Josh Graham. WD, I know you got to take it to the house story prepare. Can we hijack take it to the house for today? Be my guest.

Just a Florida man running into a gas station. B Dot's in studio with us, and I just want to talk to B Dot a little bit more about B Dot things when we take it to the house right now. Pass the 15 pass the 10 pass the five for the drive will take it to the house. One, two, three. Two quick things.

I want to touch up. All right. You've been out at Carolina Basketball Camp.

Chris Paul said that his son was currently Carolina Basketball Camp yesterday. Yeah. Any takeaways? Watching the guys watching this year's team. I like the confidence in Cormac. He's a shooter. Can get buckets. I like Harrison. He's a bucket. Jay Wits. He's aggressive out there.

I like that. I love what Mondo's been showing like ball handling and just being aggressive with his shots. RJ, he's going to be a stud.

I can't wait to see RJ get busy this year. Is Armando serious about the 10 K you think? I don't know, because I want to give it. We're going to give it to charity. Like if he's if he's down for it, I'm going to give it to charity. I shared it with him in the DMS and he just he laughed. I don't know what that means. Like, I think you should send it to the DMS and be like, yo, send him the odds in the DMS.

Yeah, slide in the big guys. That's it. We're it's going to charity. Yeah, we'll stop doing it.

We'll stop posting it on social media. I like to figure that one out. Two scrimmage games. I saw Seth Trimble wanted Cole and he wanted Harrison Barnes yesterday. Like he wants those matchups. And I'm talking about like he's strong. He's laterally swift. He's agile. Offensively, he's getting better. His mid range is better. He still ain't got that three point yet. I really would like him to get that to draw the defense out a little bit more this season.

Take it to the house brought to you by East Coast Wings and Grill, by the way. B. Dot, you're reading Chris Paul's book or you're listening to the audio book that we've been talking about this week. Sometimes it's making you with one word, one finger under the word. It's making you sentimental in the sense talking about things that he went through 20 years ago. This is one of the triad's greatest success stories, Chris Paul, that this book is about.

What stands out to you about it? Just at the very beginning, like when he's just coming in and explaining what it was like in 2002, November 2002, when the situation happened, when his grandfather, of course, you probably know by now was killed and he went on to score 61 points. And I remember being at Winston-Salem State University and we had heard about the killing and it was just saying, you know, this guy got killed. And then we heard about this guy, Chris, Chris Paul, scoring 61 points and where everybody was just like, dang, that's off the chain and not realizing that, you know, two years later, he will be on campus with us, kicking it over there.

Wake Forest and then eventually becoming 18 year vet that he is now, Chris Paul. What would you guys do kicking it together when you're at Winston-Salem State and he's at Wake Forest? Some things you just can't really show on the radio. Not everything. Some stuff, just not your business.

I'm not telling, I'm not asking you to give me everything. When he would come over, though, like, you know, you want to come to the basketball game and like I had a bit of status on campus, so I would make sure that he was, you know, straight. Like, make sure that, you know, he had good, adequate, you know, things there, you know, seating and whatever, whatever.

Like, just make sure Chris was straight. He was the homie. Josh Howard, when he was over at Wake Forest, like, but this is their city. Like, they're from Winston-Salem, so I was a visitor.

But because I was at Winston-Salem State and they would come over, like, if we ended up, he didn't know where to party at, you know, make sure he's straight, you know. Am I right that he doesn't have a degree from Wake, but does at Winston-Salem State? Is that accurate?

That is accurate. Because I know he didn't finish, he played two years at Wake. I didn't know if he came back in the summers and got his degree at Wake Forest. Yeah.

I don't know if that's a thing that happened. I'm not sure, but I know that he graduated from Winston-Salem State University. Do you ever get any gear from him? What kind of gear? Winston-Salem State gear.

The stuff that he was rocking in the bubble, all that stuff? Oh, no. I know you were trying to.

You know I was trying to. I ain't getting none of it, man. He did me crazy.

But I'm very excited for Chris, though, man. I think this book is a good look for him, like, and it just taught me things. I didn't know how close his Papa Chili was to Big House Gaines, and he talks about that and talks about rentals and how in, how implemented that was for, or integral that was for the entire state of North Carolina, not just Winston-Salem.

It's dope. Last thing. Got about 10 seconds. You can end up one place. Where would you want Chris Paul to end up? Boston. See?

I think that would be a good place for them. All right. Dot, thanks for being here, buddy. Appreciate you for having me, Joshua Graham.

That is the sixth mandatory basketball, B-dot. Wake Baseball going to be on the radio tonight in about an hour. Go Deacs. We'll be back tomorrow on draft day. Cue the future, right? Just kidding.
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