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5 Basics In Buying A Good Cheap Used Car

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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July 9, 2016 11:48 am

5 Basics In Buying A Good Cheap Used Car

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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The Christian Car Guy
Robby Dilmore

Thank you for listening to this is brought to you by Mr. district is the opportunity for you to start your own roadside assistance business you have more investment energy than investment capital stop working for someone else to have your own home-based business working directly with auto clubs and leveraging of national brand and marketing strategy strictly for the live run out of gas keys and their jumpstart an A+ rated company with the Better Business Bureau first choice of customer service this evening. If you been looking for to serve others at the point of crisis and share your walk with Christ. What are you looking for a business opportunity or need of emergency roadside assistance.

As now sit back and enjoy this podcast of the Christian Christian negotiation Bible style Association and all I wave this summer to try to be pretty early to do a little bit like a wild William. Oh well, I know I do autobody and I was wondering how I get hooked up with possibly helping people with their vehicle that is awesome?

Wayne if you go to Christian Car you'll see the Jesus labor love tab which is car repair for single moms widows families in crisis.

There is a tab there you'll see it as a link that you can click if you want to volunteer in any way shape or form, or just send me an email with your information. I will get in touch with you. Believe me, we need all the volunteers we can get and it's such a blessing to be able to be part of the story some time, so please bring all yeah I'm something for you called in today. God bless you my email address is an idea that anybody anytime is our Gilmore is my name Robbie Gilmore so it's ours and Robbie been Gilmore Deas and David IL MORE at WT are you, which is the main radio station around WT are you our flagship station on 40 stations WT are you to Wayne thank you so much. We got Susan is in Marysville, Washington this morning and she thinks she can name that noise. Susan you're on the Christian card I show the morning good morning all. I you are exactly as you can see my my producer right. The second he is very excited that you got that, but what it is is you're right there is pressure on one side of the condenser and then the it's got a leak off to the other side and so there's just a kiss is normal right you.

You've heard before in your car you shut it off. You want you're going to hear the strange hissing you like what my world when I get a high pressure side. The low pressure side in the when you turn your car off that valve lets it equalize.

Thank you Susan God bless you. You're a winner where we want to hear your secrets on how to beat the heat and of course we'd love your comments, questions anything is out this morning on the five tips to find a cheap used car or anything else.

866-34-TRUTH 87884 so much more Christian Car Guy show, stay tuned and we are being already know to move if you think about it but anyway you beat the heat. We would love to hear your secrets, 866-348-7884 or later.

We can talk about the five secrets of buying a good refining and buying a good cheap used car and of course are appraisal by the real black book. What steals grace or what eats away at the heart of grace working to begin to that but along the IDs you know ideas on how to beat the heat. The one thing that that I would talk about and I promised an explanation about Jim, socks, smelling your car at the same time it can said maybe his son in the car or mine, but understanding your air conditioning controls is absolutely huge in beating the heat this summer and it also is huge in just maintaining the smell inside your car and I'll tell you why that there is a button or lever that has to do with recirculating the air or taking outside air and using it to cool and understanding how to use that button how to use your control really can help you beat the heat but also will help you to maintain a fresh smell in your car. The simple thing is that in order for the air conditioner to fully function when the temperature outside's over 80°. It wants to cool rather than 80 purée or 90° or 95° air outside the car. It's a lot easier to cool off the air that's inside your car that's already somewhat cool because if the heirs like 78° you want to get it down to 75 it celeb easier than taking 95° air and bringing it down to 78 so by hitting the recirculation button which again and again recirculating the air inside the car. It's a lot easier for your conditioner to cool off your car by using that button. Of course when it's cooler outside. You don't necessarily need that button or when you first take off one of the ways to beat the heat is not to have it on Mack's AC or recirculation when you first take off as you get out your cards been sitdown the heat and inside your car is hotter than outside the car and this is no time to have it on maximum air conditioning because it's trying to cool off air. That's 103° that's inside your car.

So what I always suggest is people roll down the windows all the way drive the first quarter mile, especially with those vans that you can pop the rear quarter windows and you can suck the hot air right out of the van, you know, bring in as much fresh air as you possibly can in the car through not using maximum but using outsider and then once you got the air in the car, at least out of the temperature outside.

Then switch to maximum now here's the thing. The reason why your car begins to smell like Jim socks, or in one of the issues.

There is there's bacteria all of the place and especially in the condenser where where the error actually it's cooled off inside the air conditioning system. There's a condenser and mapping is often wet because it's cold and so the air touches it, and it condenses and you get water and you know that water that brings out your car during the summer or that water last to grow bacteria, mold those kind of things a little known secret is it regular old outside air God's way of purifying air as antibacterial agents in it. In other words, fresh air will help kill the bacteria and mold. So when you are using outside air to try to cool your car off like when you first start off that is actually like putting a disinfectant into your system to help kill the bacteria or later on at night when the temperature cools off. If you use outside air through the system. It'll begin to to disinfect the car course you can always buy some Lysol and merit even make things you can buy the parts store to help kill the bacteria but is really better for your car and all around is anytime you can use outside air to use. I outside air because it's a natural disinfectant and I will keep that stuff from stinking up your car so one of the big secrets in the whole air conditioning thing is to use outside air is much as possible. This stuff is a natural disinfectant and will do that now. If you go to Christian Car You'll see. I took the pictures of lots of different air conditioning control so you could see what I'm talking about the control on talking about usually looks like a little car with an arrow and there's one arrow that kinda is circulates inside the car and there's another arrow that shows coming out of the car into the car while that's the recirculation button versus outside air come in the car and that's how they do that other cars use Mack's AC lie, use Mack's AC for years GM's use that word Mack's AC meant the same thing and they're gonna recirculate so you don't want to use Mack's you don't want to use recirculate when the temperature outside is under 80° or when you first take off when the air inside the car so hot you can't possibly cooler course you can use other ideas and I would love to hear your ideas 866-34-TRUTH 878-848-6634 if you have any questions along those lines.

Something I did make clear or maybe something else you would like to ask.

By all means you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 did want speak to the Jesus labor love.

That's our car repair for single moms widows families in crisis and we had really an unusual week. I don't know that I can remember any time where we had as many requests as we've had this week and it was kind of a difficult week. Anyway, as you know, I lost my mom and in these requests are coming in well. One of the big things in the Jesus labor. Love one of the needs that we have as we have this amazing prayer team and we we have about six or seven people, unfortunately, is all we've ever had.

Sign-up that we use every one of them.

And again I gave out my email earlier, you can go to Christian Car and see where were asking all the time, prepared me for prayer warriors for the Jesus labor love because as soon as I get one of these requests. The very first thing I do before you do anything else is send it out to the prayer team so that we can have people praying for the applicant and for the need one of my biggest all time warriors that kept up with this stuff like you wouldn't believe was my mom and you know she went to be with the Lord. So I'm really hoping that you may be the person that God replaces mama, you know that that I need literally, this is this is we can do more for praying for these people than almost anything else. In fact, more than anything else we can do by asking God to come intervene into their situation, whatever that may be, and what an honor it is to see these requests.

So not only do you get to be on the team where you see the request but you also get the CIBA sheet to see what actually happens. In fact, it was my mom's idea that she needed a way to know when do I stop praying for the people, so she created a way where we have a Google spreadsheet that shows all the people that are praying exactly what the process is on all the applicant's associative make available for all fixed but anyway you got a Christian Car to find out more about that. We got more coming up on the Jesus labor love more tips are modified to achieve used car and your way to be the so call us 866-34-TRUTH 878-8999.

See welcome back – show today in the middle summer.

What are your secrets to beating the heat. Of course we got some updates on a Jesus labor love car repair for single moms widows and families in crisis and to get to some good ideas on how to find a good cheap used car here in a minute. But one thing I wanted is I really miss spoke a while ago when I said WTR you was a main station that we are on actually WTR you was the first nation we are on. I would say that the station you're listening to is the main station that were on because we are blessed by every single affiliate that carries a show there are online people to carry the show online radio stations that carry its agreement podcasts all that stuff where you're listening to it. We are so blessed and so thankful for the people that support us that way and I in him, by all means they're all the main people so I'm I want to thank everybody out there for taking part in that. But along the lines of the Jesus labor love how I wanted to share some of these needs because it just seems like we got overwhelmed and immediately almost all our financial resources when out and Anna course all the labor love's sinners that you that we use.

They all weep. We can only knock on the door so many times because you know they're off got cars in the shop now because we had so many come in and again I would point out as you go to Christian Car and you look at the Jesus labor love tab there. You're gonna see all the car centers that participate in this.

Or maybe if you're looking for a good Christian or somebody to work on your car. These people are volunteering to help the single moms, widows and families in crisis. I work with them all the time.

These are wonderful people in a totally support them in any way that I can you know with paying customers that obviously would benefit them and give them the ability to continue to help these single moms and widows, but here are some of these requests. I just feel like I need to share these so that God put some on your heart to go to Jesus, labor, love, and donate or anything else along those lines. It's all Christian Car but here you go. I have a car that keeps messing up. This is from this I got this request this morning. This is from a lady she said I am a Carla keeps messing up keep putting money in it to fix it. I have no more money.

I finally found a job past Tuesday and I'm scared that my car is going to get me fired because I can't make it to work. I have two kids and have been stuck on the side of the road too many times if I can get help. I would so appreciate it. I've replaced my starter solenoid three times I have to be done now to get it to start arming those of the kind of things we face here is when my husband passed away unexpectedly on November 3. I have three daughters. He had no life insurance. You know she is got a Ford focus that needs a transmission currently were trying to find that we actually found a transmission we think may be somebody's gonna donate that to us, but we have $500 in labor on top of the person donating have to labor in order to try to get her help. Here's one I'm five months pregnant with a baby boy boyfriend and I work all the time but don't make much money and they do the best that they can they put their car in the shop. It's and 92 Buick LeSabre so this is what were seeing a lot of times as a single mom with a 91 Cadillac the end of these cars and she needs alternator wire. They died have lists and lists of on the point being that we have needs and the biggest need that we have really is to supplement our prayer team because I know if if God gets involved in this. He's gonna meet all these needs and so I might ask you prayerfully ask God you want to join the prayer team go to Christian Car and click on the Jesus labor. Love you'll see ways that you can take part in that. Again, anybody can always just email me if they want to take part in any way shape or form. I would love to engage them.

However, they may can do that. And again, my email is R Gilmore, BILD's and David ILM are you WTR so we got all kinds of stuff you've all sorts of folks: and was stuffed so I might go to Brad who is in who's from Raleigh buddies in Spokane Washington.

I think Brad year on that we lost Brad Grant may be gone all right. Well how about Wayne is in Salt Lake City Wayne neuron Christian Carl to offer a way to equal a full now, in the Salt Lake area on May 20, or online throughout Truth Network will be willing to you on getting in touch with me someone in need all help them pull down today. Will recharge their ACN to go on the way. That is awesome and can be you got there. He is email address and contact information. His templates back and holding it.

That's all we can make sure we take marriage that Wayne God bless you, thank you.

That's all activate I we have Nicole is in Mobile, Alabama Nicole, you're on the Christian Car Guy show good morning what you got for I am awesome how Harry called Ellie no lights are know what it felt like I work with will make all this is really an interesting situation.

I really love that you called this morning.

It because you're listening to a Fourth of July show and that's been in Mobile, Alabama being played right now. Out here in Winston-Salem.

Another place to carry the show live are noise today is been on air conditioning system but you're exactly right. So I'm so glad that you called and what you what station you listen to in Mobile. I thank you for listening to 5:40 AM and thank you. You are exactly right that firecracker noise was a backfire.

It was the old model a Ford edge.

Everyone here is exactly right. God bless you Becky McGough think that's not interesting that some folks are. Listen to the prerecorded show the exact same time, you may be listening to it live and so we got Brad back in Raleigh.

He is got the, the compressor issue Brad you're on the Christian car – of the morning airline at that was when I lecture on it. The compressor always running or that way that restaurant and get my point.

Right now I'm taking it that your control doesn't have a separate compressor but why the way that Eric.but wait, you know that works if the air compressor button is not on it doesn't matter where you have the heating control lever on the air conditioning compressor doesn't come on, with the exception in most cars, if you put the car on the frost. The air compressor comes on because they air compressor helps dry out the air so it does a better job of defrosting, but in normal use.

If you slide all the way over the cold and you just turn the fan on know the compressor doesn't come on in less you push the compressor button and so all it does.

The it's really cool there's a little sort of a winglet that takes the air and it either sends it across the air conditioning condenser or asked yes condenser or it sends it across the heater core. So even though it one of the things that people realize you can turn your air conditioning compressor on and and begin the move that over the hot and you will dry out.

You'll have warm dry air because the air conditioning will dry out the air, but it also be warm if you if you're moving that thing towards the red so you heating the air after cooling it, but it's also dryer and so it has all those different effects of what you're doing it on your car might like that it ordered all that really great read it that definitely helped get that at the base they sell a lot of products because it is a common problem in the we like that smell in their car, but you know my wife in spite of the fact that I'm you can imagine is the wife of the Christian Car Guy and allow me times. I told her I didn't car that's been left on maximum air conditioner for a week and I'm like honey did you know, if you don't turn that thing off and occasionally but you get your car in the snow like this and really after two or three days of of me driving it and and using fresh air it. It's back to him clean again because it's just a natural way to do things that we do will thank you Brett appreciate you calling God blessed so you may have a question commenter set forth by all means you call us 866-34-TRUTH 87884 we baffling on beat the heat but also promise. What are five tips in finding good gees cheap used car and I love to buy the cheap used cars. In fact I help sometimes single moms widows families in crisis.

By good cheap used cars certainly help my children and fortunately for me, I've been driving old red first thing one for myself, but the first tip you may be shocked is prayer and we got for more tips on how to find a good cheap used car and we have our appraisal by the real black what eats away at the heart of race all coming up to us.

We would love to hear from you. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH much more production from Jesus precious thing and that's a precious song and working to get to what eats away at the heart of grace here shortly, but first I want to finish up on those five tips to finding good cheap used car, you know, the breeders, the stuff of legend Michael overhead. You know how you find a car like that. Well my first tip. As I mentioned right before the break is prayer and you might be saying, really Robbie prayer I have to share this story one time I got a call from a friend of mine that were when I was back in the car business and they said my son is looking for used car and he wants it to be a Jeep Cherokee which was the square body Cherokee back in the late 90s, but this was like in 2004, so there weren't many of them left anymore and he said I want to be a Jeep Cherokee. He wants it to be a two door now.

If you're looking a Jeep Cherokee as you probably find 1504 doors before you found 12 door, but then on top of it being a two door.

He wanted to be a straight drive in the manual transmission and the he wants a straight drive to torture and I'm supposed to find the scarf and right and they said all and by the way it needs to be read. Since I'm listening to this laundry list of stuff and I said well Pete, you know, the first and most important thing he needs to do the fees that specific on what he wants is a need to be printing those are Robbie's been praying for over a month. He knows that I cars coming for him. I said a red 2 Door Charity Straight Dr. He said yeah that's what has to be no exceptions. That's what has to be.

I said okay will you know if I come across such a car I believe may contact you immediately. What would you believe that that very car, a 2 Door Straight Dr. Cherokee shows up that day at Westside Chrysler Dodge Jeep that people wanted to trade it in a night that you could guess what color was.

Yes, it was red and I think if I'm not mistaken.

My friends son still has that Jeep Cherokee.

So when I say that prayer is the number one thing that you should do if is to ask God to get in on this because he can mean that that that that defer car person.

That's a miracle you when you see some like that. It just was one of those things so prayer is so critical as we talked about the Jesus labor love. The second tip is the early bird catches the deal nowadays on Craigslist. You know people are hit most cars all the time and and you can actually get apps on your phone whatever to make sure that something that you're looking for. You are the first one to call on it and when that car shows up.

That's 12, 13, 15 $1800. There's a bunch of people out there looking so you need to be the very first person you need to be the very first person to show up when you see a car out there like what you're looking for because the person that finds it. First is the one that gets it and again with the technology that's out there today and other stuff happens at you fast so the early bird catches the deal. There is no doubt tip number three cash helps your offer register if you're in a buy $1200 car.

There's nothing wrong with having $1200 with you so that when you are negotiating you say here I have this money right here so you know, money talks, especially when you got the cash and yet these people are selling this car and they need the cash. For some reason when you when they see it in your hand. All the sudden they become much more negotiable and what you're doing. The next tip number four is pedigree over producer maintained over manufacturing other words, every reason for a Honda or Toyota. I understand, but really how well that car was maintained.

You know who had the car all those kind of things are way more important when you're talking about a $1200 car than whether it's a Honda or Toyota.

At that point in time. Everything about the car depends on how it was capped, you know what what kind of condition it is really matters most. By that kind of thing and my last hit number five. The test ride is how you drive home a bargain. I always always always recommend even on these cars that you older cars like this that you have somebody that you can trust to check out the car so you ask him.

You know you're there. The first so you get to drive a car, and then you ask them can I go take the car and have it checked out. Now they tell you can't drive and have it checked out and I would be suspect of a bite as you go to take it if it's a Nissan you can to get a Nissan store if you take it in a Honda. The hottest are the reason I say that is it.

Those people that look at that kind of car every single day of the week. They know what goes wrong with that particular modeling of all those you to give the wall store. They know what to look for when it comes to that car. And yes, it'll probably cost you in our checkout charge may be hundred dollars maybe 75 but it could probably be the best money that you could spend because after you find out what actually the car may need when you come back from the test drive and you can take the offer that you make them say look, you're asking $1800 for the car, but according to this, it needs a new tie rod end.

It's gonna be $300. You know what you take 1504 because I land up at 808. The 1800 that your talk about that, thanks so by all means have somebody check out the car that knows what they're doing. See don't get into some that you should get into but also that you can use at his negotiation leverage now that you have this cash again use my father's added which I think is pure wisdom. He always said you can't put too much money in a good car and you can't put too little money in a bad car. In other words, if it's exactly the car you want and you want to spend $1800, but this one's 2000. Give me a break on them by the car you can spend eight $900,000 on a transmission before you can turn around, so if it's to $300 $400. Whatever you can put too much money in a good car and you can't put too little money and a bad car. If you see the car is bad. Something about the car that scares you. Don't because you could put money after money. One thing start to go wrong when you listen to Jesus labor love things. One thing start to go wrong.

Another thing goes wrong, then another, that those things happen in chains and so you know it's critical part of of what's going on so I did want to get to our appraisal by the real black book.

As I mentioned, my mom passed away in yes next week I will have a tribute to my mind as we have sound bites of her: and those kind of things seem to be looking for that I'd done, get through exactly, but I will try but I've been thinking a lot about grace this week is my mother was one of the most graceful people I know and grace to me is that quality that you know that your somebody's favorite. Of course I knew I was my mother's favorite but when you come across somebody that always when you're in the presence you feel like wow there your favorite that's a sense of what Jesus would gonna feel like when you're around Jesus is.

He's full of grace and you're gonna feel like you're his favorite because it grace means favor, but what eat eats away at the heart of that I read in two different things. I was reading true faith by John Lynch and I was also reading at the same time William Colonels full armor and the weight they both said that the enemy of grace. Whether way. William Col. put it was the thing that eats away at the heart of grace is pride.

In fact he said it's a warm that pride is a worm that eats away the stomach and the heart of the person of grace and so he gave us some antibiotics for these two there's a way to kill these worms and and I thought I would share those with us is pride is the thing when you think about if you it's hard to meet somebody is full of pride in the same time you feel like you're there favorite because you have a sense that they are their favorite rather than your there favorite.

That's what happens in pride, but if I'm suffering with pride. If I begin to meditate on the greatness of God that eats away at some low skill. Some of those forms. If I meditate on what Adam was like before the fall, and even my own depravity. Remember how Paul would talk about how he was before he came to Tri-City was the worst. The lowest think about those things to help feel that those worms that are in our stomachs destroy that grace because pride our own pride. Believe me, it does the away of hearted grace.

You don't see grace and pride in the same time the same place. Never will.

Thank you for listening Christian car guys show.

I got some folks and didn't get on today, by all means go to Christian car and send me your questions.

I would love for you to see that and remember slowdown. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and this week we begin to meditate on our own pride issues and God. We can pray that God will take care that that week. You're listening to Truth Network and During busy retaining and sacrificing time with family or friends. Mother with today's clearing and matches the mean life in the mansion. Anything changing needs to blame things on the swinging compound only Munich stand the patient and the center was killed last year. Management anything make the same statement is five minutes and swinging five more minutes I get to enjoy him needs five minutes Karen's website wisdom of the for additional resources

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