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What Has You Fired Up For 2017

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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January 1, 2017 5:56 pm

What Has You Fired Up For 2017

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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January 1, 2017 5:56 pm

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Is Mr. quick to clock in road Now sit back and enjoy this podcast, the Christian card Christian Car Guy radio show initiation Bible style initiation what you fired up for 2070 Christian Car Guy show with our good friend Bob Christian junkyard guy from one of my new poet, but Jesus warned in Matthew 2412 bit in the last days, and because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold. So with that in mind in a I never thought about being a firework before that I was think about that song is morning as I was on My Way in God's love. It kind of fires yet for things and heat the whole idea of fire was chase me all week long. Bob I could not get it off my mind. I heard a sermon are sort of a message by John Eldridge about God's love being fire and it is gone through the Deuteronomy passage where you know God's jealousy is a consuming fire.

And then that passage from Matthew or the love of many will grow cold so I thought, start thinking about this bomb. Moses, D. C. First, a burning bush, Abraham right when he made the covenant before Moses was it.

It was a burning torch that was going between the sacrifice and then you know the whole Jewish Golden lampstand and the altar that they burn the sacrifices on his fireman to get in the New Testament. What happened at Pentecost tongues of fire right in the sun for goodness sakes, I mean when you woke up this morning if it was cold outside, like where you are Bob or I was what warmed it up. This is ball of fire affect every lightbulb that's lighting up whatever it is a jerk you may be seeing if you're inside right now it's a blue miniature fire and every car that you ever drive even if it's electric carcass.

What runs on fire. The Bob fine is a little different situation in your life because it greatly with you know affected what happens in one on. It changed everything for brother and you know we it was at the time. We just thought is the worst thing that could possibly happen then and this needed it was how traumatic it was.

But the fact that nobody got hurt nobody even got a blister. We had one mashed finger during the whole fire episode. There and that's where Rob was trying to get the car out of the that he had had me tied up in in a previous commercial they want to get it out from under the shed so it environment while they were hooking the chain to the to the bopper.

There had to drag it out from under the shelter so we could say that car that he loved so dearly they mashed finger, and I was the only injury to we had to did not hold the whole process but so many great things came out of it strength that we never knew we had the people working together, the community get behind this people showing up the next day in bringing over coffee and doughnuts and stuff coming fire really had a it was a bad affect right at the first but in the long run it, you know, we just made a positive out of it and to see everybody come together like they did to you now make such a stand and and just refused to succumb to the tragedy. There so the question which actually all week long.

I had a listener that was text me Robbie, what about New Year's resolutions for 2017. He kept on hit me when I must've gotten 30 text Robbie what about New Year's resolutions.

Any he came to me was several you know more Bible study more time in prayer and you know and and so it was clear to me that and I got the wrestling around and saying Robbie what's got you fired up for 2017 and so I thought what a great topic and one way for you to contribute to the show I'm interested. I know God's been pursuing it this week. I know we so how was he pursued you.

What has you fired up for 2017. You call us at 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH was, what are you feeling and on my talk about pressure here New Year's resolution talk about something that you're feeling God is kind of saying to you, trying to true tension.

Robbie, what is that 866-348-7884 GABA.

I just think it's amazing that this is your topic. I had no clue what were going to talk about you sent me a text about just fired up this morning that was normal conversation in the but for this to be our topic and to refer back to the fire and God is definitely been working on me lately trying to get me fired up. I'm struggling with my time in the Bible and in making it good quality time and undistracted time and the things we've discussed right before the show. This just made it crystal clear that God wants me to get fired up like I was you know the day of the fire in the months thereafter because that for me was this one of my strongest times because that day why the place was on fire and in ocean flame still 30 feet in the sky. I am feeling as strong as I've ever felt. And as calm as I've ever been because God was holding me up and he drag me right around and this stood me up straight and tall and and there's a place was on fire and and I was able to speak positively and confidently about everything was going to be fine and were going to open up the next morning. I know exactly how I think that that's a critical thing that you're pointing out that I would love to just highlight is it in a fire. If you've ever built one of your Boy Scout like I was you note, the more heat you can get generated more logs that you stick if you start pulling out the stuff that's on fire.

The brands are on fire. The light doesn't take long. The fire goes out. Even though you got one still burning. The more brands that you get burning the better off you are.

And so if if you think about that fire that when you start to get hot you catch other people in front and the next thing you know you got this whole group that's on fire and this spreads amongst other people, and this is why I'm hope that you will call and spread the fire that you are feeling that God is giving you this year to take into 2017, 866-348-7884 because that will spread more about. It's one of my best examples I've ever used to talk to semi about why we need to congregate in everything because as the campfire example you're sitting around the campfire and after its burn for a while. You got all these glowing embers in the bottom and there just down there put now if he fire in July and and it's just awesome that you can scoop on those little lemurs out and set it out here about sale and and almost no time.

It just goes right out the nothing but then you sweep it back into that pile of members that's glowing and just no time just instantly it's put now heat and light and warmth again and it's as been one of my best examples and I really hadn't thought about that in a while so what you got job. Your edification monitors. I've been studying fire so much this week.

Go check out Zachariah went after the show because you said you going to get in the Bible more this year. One of the things you need to check out a Zechariah 3 for the talk about that brand being plucked out of the fire really that's dispensed in verse and the ramifications of that are exactly what's going on but by the same token, if you can call us tell us what God is put on your heart for 2017 and may be about cars. We would love to hear 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH. Of course, one of the big things that we feel passion for one fire. Four.

Here's a Jesus labor love car repair for single moms widows families in crisis. It's the last day of 2016, which means for a lot of people have an opportunity to take advantage of the tax. You know, not having to pay no income tax by giving a large donation of some kind, or even any donation. This is an opportunity still hereabouts in 2016 and we still have a website Christian Car and we have the Jesus labor love that you can go get the address and also the website Christian Car and find out more about that we are of course talking about where you're on fire and what we would love more than anything like the person: right this very second just to hear what God is.

Got burning on your heart. 866-348-7884 866-34-TRUTH so much more efficient. Part I show coming up what has you on fire 27 think it was soon consuming in 2017 that would be a good thing love for God. Those kind of things I would love to know what your thoughts are. We have Pam: in the North Carolina she's got something for spamming on the Christian Car Guy sugar morning.

I am on fire burned to the ground when I was five years old and I 50% 33 per. Of course, my life was forever changed and then until the last probably 10 years back, you know, like Pam my life turned around and what happened to me. I realized that I have a fully that no applicant like I.

On a personal date and for me it's just getting the word out about our safety in her home because over 80% of fires occurring are all and yet we have fire sprinkler everywhere like that we could build that is all, and especially this time of year. There are so many home fired injury and it incredibly costly and just don't realize that it only K3 minute reading for a fire in your home yet really late for me getting the word out that if there's a fire in your home, you need to get out and just don't do that. They try and get out and they just don't realize that their time is limited mainly because of all of the really and alternately. Yeah, that makes saying make love what you're saying is it's so critical. Three minutes you got three minutes when you smell the fly whenever you see got three minutes to what's most valuable on your house and that would be the people the right family and those kind of things and I would also point out that you know I've heard that when Jonah got swallowed by the whale that turned them white and he lost always here and he didn't have any eyebrows and look kind of freaky but because he looked kind of freaky when he went and said look I been swallowed if I buy fish, you need to repent people listened because of historic right.

He had some impact when this guy shows up without Mary's all-white nieces I been followed by fish.

You need to repent. That's got a lot more power than than somebody that doesn't have that experience and so you've been given.

Like you said, a wonderful microphone.

I'm so glad you called in debate because I did not know that three minutes is, it's what you got in the course you rinse the horror of what happened well for your actor about now and then Bob had to experience this week.

Pam where his truck caught on fire a big huge truck and they thought that they just had a wiring problem but I saw picture the whole thing went up and how many minutes do they have to get out of the truck not long that island and that was amazing what you said about people going back in to get things on my driver actually he reached back HI to get back in the truck that to get a check, you can't do that. I mean is paper year. A person you're a human being.

You you have a soul left that paper burnout that Anna he was all right. He didn't get injured or anything that they know I just was so flabbergasted that he felt that piece of paper was worth getting in the years humanity my mail the day went crazy as this. Just this week.

This week Pam had somebody tell me. I forget what the conversation was, but this should.

Everybody should have a fire extinguisher in their car.

If the answer to carry. But if someone happens boom you can buy first things are how cheap you just you not thing that fills up our lymphoma. Get out and then it might save your life.

Just a simple investment of a fire extinguisher in your car in your home without electric wind breaker window to be able to get out of your car.

You have the electric wind. They have those little glass breakers all the little hammers in the it's just amazing that you called and you would think I played must talk to God planted.

I'll tell you that you planted so I am so glad you called. And I'm so glad that you see God's given you a unique voice to to speak to back.bless your appreciate you have a great happy new year are well you know it just goes to show me that I just don't have a clue about so many things, but I would love for you to call in with your thoughts about what we talk about today. You know it's touched your heart somewhere so call us at 866348788486634 truth what's got you fired up for 2017. She's talking about sprinklers and just the other day we were talking I was showing the place to some people and they were looking around and back in the back under the shed we have a sprinkler system even out there.

Not just in the office, but under the shed and an everywhere you know the whole building is sprinkled really and they were just amazed by and even if you saw how fast oh yeah you saw how fast and how far spread, and how it just went from place to place, and though I only build my government to assure the story and see if I get it done years ago. How many years ago Bob did you do the Super Bowl at the first one was that I think is nine years, nine years ago Bob Super Bowl Abby was on my show and he sent me ahead of time because I was excited about it because he was talking about. People go to church on you know that they needed and so he was going to add in the Super Bowl for people to go to church and often overestimate stories and how it relates to Bob's fire when we come back have so much more Christian partnership, but we need your call 86634878841 fire pressure. Yes, that something was burning with burning for 2017 for you. What is got put on your heart that you are on fire to share. We would love to hear your thoughts. 866-348-7884. Yes, it was the Christian Car Guy show and we do have some car stuff to discuss today and we are sure the Jesus labor love update that's car repair labor for single moms widows and families in crisis. And as you might imagine there's a lot of what happens this time year and I just is very weak and ladies car breakdown in a Cracker Barrel I will say where. And there it was, and the starter was bad and it was amazing to me that you know people like Bob Jared from Ray's body shop. The wrecker service. What got the car and then led me his auto repair. He he fixed it for the lady and you know it was kind of neat because her father chimed in and helped somewhat with the money for the starter and then you know there was donations from some of you out there that help on some of the other part of this. It's just amazing how God puts all these resources together, as I often say were my favorite things I get to do with this was to pray with which you know when they're on the phone and there in the you know you can imagine what it would feel like you have no money.

It's Christmas time. Your car is broken in the parking lot at Cracker Barrel and you have no way to get to it. No way to get it fixed and you know it is been there actually over the containment over the week.

Another lady with the transmission, Bob.

You know about this when all too well and I wish Bob.

In fact, maybe I'll play you the message that I got my phone from her and what it meant for her son. Her son and his childhood that she felt like Jesus had come to the rescue for her and her son this Christmas that back transmission got put in that car and she was driving it yesterday.

She was driving it yesterday and she and she called and and she left that message and so you know, we thank I feel like I'm the middleman implicitly so, but I get to hear what's going on with the ladies I get to see how God blesses people in there so much that goes on with this and if you want to take part in it, either through prayer and believing we need people (or maybe want to volunteer to help make phone calls to the people to vet them in the stuff that goes on it's right there, it Christian Car there's a menu tab that says Jesus labor of love and their you can find out all about the Jesus labor love, or if you need to make an application or you want to sign up in any way shape or form. All the contact information is there as well is the address which we've given out many times in the years 238 sorrow essay.

You are a Lane, Winston-Salem 27107, but that address now is it Christian Car as well and we would love for you to help out there now. We do have a caller from Seattle working to get to the minute. I'm very excited about that.

But before I do that want to share Bob story about fire so Bob it was actually what we were talking about it over the break that the Super Bowl ever talking about now is when he did to go to church but he didn't know is can end up in the Super Bowl, but he had an opportunity to put it in the Super Bowl. Any share that with me and this was six years ago now and so I put it up Christian Car and you know shared that this was a wonderful video with it I showed is a YouTube which was a commercial on why you would go to church how people you need a good mechanic all you need God when you're in trouble you will you go to mechanic and your troubles a great time to go to church.

It was a great ad that bothered done and so that week that his fire started. It just so happened that very week that I had posted an article in Christian Car on the world's oldest car man that was. I forget it was 88 years old or something like that to me had old Bentley or something and I had posted this article and it'd gotten picked up by a German blog somewhere and so Germany when they picked it up in the Los Angeles times picked it up and my website went crazy and I was getting 4 billion hits of my website that particular week.

And the interesting thing was they didn't link the article they linked my website while on the homepage of my website for that week was Bob's article on why go to church so I thought it was more than miraculous that I was getting more more traffic at my website than ever in the history of Christian Car Guy.

I and when they got there. Everybody received this commercial on why they should go to church, whether they are in Germany are literal.

In Los Angeles times or whatever it is I am sharing this story.

I was given opportunity that same week to speak at a men's prayer group up in the top of a tower that overlooks all of Winston-Salem. You know what you know the book club and so I'm giving this talk on how my website going crazy because of this thing with Bob's you know commercial hello I'm giving this talk, I'm looking out over the city of Winston-Salem and this is huge smoke coming up and I was later to find out that that was Bob's fire in a Bob put bull's-eye on his back. Essentially, when you when you take, you know, the evil one. EEE finds way. But it's interesting how God took something like that, Bob, and made it into the miraculous list is something really firmly believed in that the nests of many people think when I can't go to church. I gotta get my life straightened out first. Will you know if the cars broken you.

Don't wait for it fix itself. You take it to the master mechanic in nine and just invited people to visit the master mechanic ally of life on Sunday didn't necessarily promote our church or anything message. Was this brought church and settled right away that We have Julie's been hanging on a long time. She's not something about mom that she wants to share Julie or I'm a Christian card I show good morning good morning my mom died and that she would Pull godly woman that is not real high flame. Just study and not just the constant burning rate for girls in America on Atlantic health and family alleviation. I'll trust in God and stayed by the pipeline. We went to church and and that it had a great great church with little brother in the family pet related rallied around and went to think that weekly prayer meeting that she conflict that he helped at the Bible can have people to church and that people for this and that.

When working in her garden thinking that a faithful laughing mom and friend to so many and if that's her back going you know that that's amazing that you mention the fire that steady and not a big raging fire that burns out quick sometimes you know some there fire just burns all it wants and then it's out the slow steady fire is the one that God's after I'm sure anything about that you is I was you were mentioning and I could feel the warmth. No clear here in Winston-Salem and I know you and Seattle but I I'm feeling the warmth of your mother's love that went through that church that went through your life. But there's a guy I have to related really quickly to the car as he knows just what I do. But one time I I'm went to the school that Mercedes put on it was to show how the fires burned in a cylinder. When the gas got ignited by a spark plug and they showed what happens when you use cheap low octane gas and now they put this little drop of gasoline in the two glass tube in the lidded of low octane fuel in it about broke the two because it just exploded and then they took really hot high-octane in the same little to and they ignited it with a match and it was the most beautiful slow flame you've ever seen in your life and it just made this like and it just went across the tube in this beautiful blue and I'll never ever forget the image as long as I live in the and when you were talking about it for me.

I'm seeing this wonderful blue flame that you know God has given us of love that it doesn't consume but actually warms our hearts and and and really makes life worth living. Because you know why I lost my mom this year to help. She was 85.

I had a lot of wonderful years course, if you list Michelle long time. You might've heard her calling 00 sheet cottage all the time especially when not so much this year because she really meant suffering, but in a system wonderful warmth that she certainly gave me so I am so thankful for your call Julie. God bless you and thank you for the late mom actually Christian character character.

While she only got to go to break.

We more Christian Car Guy ships. I think Julie for calling him. We have more callers are working to find out about another consuming, and we have all sorts of stuff… The way our fire to show we would love to hear your story here, 86648788486 response on what we've been talking about today fired up for 2017 got a couple callers coming up and I want to get them in a minute but I do want to do our appraisal by the real black book in God put this on my heart this week as well and it eat.

He intrigued me about fire, but the other thing that happened was I came across a free book and when you know Robbie comes across a free book that I want to leave.

It's amazing and this book was written by someone called Brother Lawrence who also lived in the 1600s and even write the book, but a man that knew and wrote it called the practice of the presence of God. The best rule of a holy life and understand a little bit about Brother Lawrence.

Many of you probably heard of them, and many of you maybe read the book and it's free.

You can get it as a Kindle, but this was a monk.

It was a very, very simple man. He was actually a cook but somehow or another he had mastered practicing the presence of God, and he was renowned for that this man you know the whole idea that they teach tell us that were supposed to stay constantly in prayer and somehow or another, he had managed to where he felt like he stayed constantly in prayer. He was always in prayer.

He was always in the presence of God. He was always praying and some people came from far and wide to see the slow cooker was a monk to find out how we didn't and it's amazing the fruit of the man's life because this other man who ended up writing about these conversations he had with them so intrigued Brother Lawrence.

He started writing letters on how we could do it and the man turned it into a book that this book is the free book that I just it's a very short book. It's very easy to read compared other books from the 1600s. My experience that's want to read you the eighth letter that he sent this man because it's so much has to do with my opinion. With being consumed in fire.

The eighth letter says concerning wandering thoughts in prayer. Now, immediately when I read that I what you have my attention.

You tell me nothing new. You are not the only one that is troubled, wandering thoughts are mine is extremely roving but is the will is the mistress of our faculty.

She must recall them and carry them to God as their last end when the mind for want of being sufficiently reduced by collection, and our first engaging and devotion has contracted certain bad habits of wandering and dissipation, their difficult overcome.

I'm sure your experience that I know have and commonly draws against our wills to the things of the earth. I believe one remedy for this is to confess our faults in the Humber ourselves will ourselves before God. I do not advise you to use a multiplicity of words in prayer many words and long discourses being off in the occasions of wandering old yourself in prayer before God like a Dunmore paralytic beggar at a rich man's gate. Let it be your business to keep in your mind in the presence of the Lord if it sometimes wandering withdraws itself from him did not much described yourself for that trouble and disquiet serve rather distract the mind and re-collected facility. St. don't beat yourself up if you can't stay there. I'm in the sky. He understood something this device because the many times if I get distracted.

Then I get aggravated so I'm distracted and aggravated I love his message there is the will must bring it back to tranquility. If you preserve in this manner, God will have pity on one way to reflect the mind easily and timer prayer and preserve it in more tranquility is to not let it wander too far. At other times, you should keep it strictly in the presence of God and being accustomed to think of him often you will find it easy to keep your mind calm and timer prayer, or at least recall it from its wanderings. I've told you this at large in my former letters of the advantages we may draw from this practice of the presence of God, let us set us about it seriously and pray for one another. I love the way he ends that he says pray for one another.

Getting back to if we can burn and you can tell this man was consumed with the love of God. He was engulfed in the slow burning flame that we've been talking about. And by praying for this other man in the other man prayed for him and share this word with us is just unbelievable. We have to get more callers. We got and is in Huntersville and can you go quick force. I'll try to talk that for me personally and couple of verses that come to me and I'm loving what you guys are talking about Lawrence's book, but a couple of things of the Deuteronomy 82 that you remember all the way the Lord your God led you in the wilderness, unit testing for me at the remembering because I have time with the Lord every day. It's not piety it's Saturday neediness, you know, so that to me is so important. He established that a long time ago but I'm finding a weariness in myself that you know in terms of old dreams not being fulfilled a method of saying as though he is really doing miracles.

This year, an unusual way to making some very visible because I have had to pray.

Very shortly that here with the job for me at my age and stage of being a nanny to triplets or to but he's given me free glasses that I didn't deserve frankly and I mean just silly thing like a bowl that I have for years, the media died that he is all the time and it broke and I went to goodwill as light as he led me, and that was the exact angle you yesterday about your presence in the weather your break in the bowl situation is the greatest good time. My prayer has been God because 3723 says the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord. He delights in his way, and though he thought people not because I'm finding I have to lay on the altar really old dream.

Specially the one about a Christian film that I've been trying to quit because I got another call in a couple minutes to get them in re-ordering our I thought I cleaned it when he went outside that thanking him for the last year. That's what I talking about I got Carol was in Renton, Washington you guys so I'm glad to get you in for a couple minutes. I feel very strongly that we need to create fervently possible for our leaders in our country or our current three weeks left to do damage your great aunt our president elect Donald Trump and all creation planking for each one. I the Thanksgiving be made for everyone are keen and all those in authority that we may lift and client line and on stopping and going and we can pray for. We can pray that I elect to spend time with godly people and God's word and have God not agree with you more. And I'm so glad you brought that up because what a great way to end the show today Bob I'm sure you'll join with me in prayer as we pray Lord, we do ask that for all our listeners.

You would help us to become more fervent in 2017 to come to your throne, and to ask for your presence and and and ask that you touch her country, our lives, our families and loved ones that they too consumed, like Brother Lawrence just constantly being in your presence.

Wow if the president could enjoy that kind of relationship with you.

The brother wants to go wow if if the President-elect could enjoy that relationship with even more so our families are children.

All those things we just want that for everyone and you certainly deserve to be praised by all those people. Thank you for an opportunity to share this show today on New Year's Eve and happy new year everyone. And remember, slow down. Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years and Bob if you got the last workforce is. Thanks for having me here today it's I thought I was the messenger and I was the receiver of the message today. God bless thank you for listening

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