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Losing with Dr. Carson

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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March 11, 2023 1:34 pm

Losing with Dr. Carson

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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March 11, 2023 1:34 pm

Today's guest host Dr. Dwayne Carson steps in for Robby and speaks with Dr. Brian Haack.


Hello, this is Matt Slick from the Matt Slick Live Podcast, where I defend the Christian faith and lay out our foundations of the truth of God's Word. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds.

Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy Radio Show. I say this calls for action, and now, with today's guest host, Duane Carson.

Well, good morning. I am Duane Carson. I have the privilege today of hosting the Christian Car Guy for Robbie Dilmore, who is with his future son-in-laws up in Ohio fishing. And he is fishing for fish, but we're praying he'll have an opportunity to fish for some men also. Hey, I've got with me today Dr. Brian Hack, and he's a football coach, and he's going to be telling us some things about coaching.

And I've got with me Scott Barton. He is with Jesus' labor of love, and why don't you guys say a quick welcome to everyone. Good morning. We are thrilled that you're listening this morning, and I'm going to go ahead and give you a phone number because if you've got questions for me or others, it's 866-348-7884. Write that number down, and one reason you might want to call is because with me, I have a ministry called Date the Word.

And today's date is March the 11th. That's 3-11, and the verse I have for today is 1 John 3-11. For this is the message that you heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. What a great verse, and then there's another verse I love for today, especially for you ladies, but as much as we can learn as men, Ruth 3-11. Ruth 3-11, Boaz is speaking. He's received a request from Ruth, and he says, I'm a virtuous woman. What a great description of Ruth's character, and here Boaz says, I know, but my town knows that you're a virtuous woman.

Now think about this. How are you known around town? So we start off with a little bit about myself doing Date the Word. We also have the ability today to tell you whatever your birthdate verse is, and so if you'd like to have your verse, call us at 866-348-7884. 866-348-7884.

I want to go first this morning to Scott Barton. He's with Jesus, labor of love, and Scott, welcome to the program today. I'd love for you to take a few moments and tell us about your ministry, a ministry, I believe, that reaches out to widows.

Good morning, and thank you for that introduction, Duane. Wow, what a wonderful, wonderful ministry I've been blessed to be a part of for the last little over three years. So what we do is we're actually a local ministry, but we help people all over the United States, so we're syndicated all over the country, and then there's the podcast. So we normally get most of our calls, and most of the people that we're able to help are from North Carolina, but we may even have somebody call in from Utah today. We have a few affiliates out on the West Coast, but we have one lady in Washington that she just listens to the podcast. So what we do is the ministry, like Duane said, is called Jesus, labor of love, and Robbie Dilmore started it eight or nine years ago. And we actually help with small car repairs to mostly widows and single women, but there's been several men.

We don't really vet anyone. As long as you go online and apply, we help with small car repairs. You can take your car to any trusted mechanic that you want, and then the mechanic calls me and I give them the credit card number.

It's small cars repairs, but we also have a few people that donate cars, and I've been blessed to be a part of five or six of those, and of course we make sure that they pass inspections, and we have some mechanics that help us on a volunteer basis. So 100% of all donations go into this. There's no middleman. There's no cost.

There's no margins at all. It's 100%, and everything is volunteer. And you can go on and look up Christian Car Guy and scroll down, and it's Jesus, labor of love, and we're always open for donations, or if you have a car and you need a tax write-off or you just want to help, we could use as much help as possible, and it's called Jesus, labor of love. So here's a person who's in need.

I've got the card and broke down. They can go online, Christian Car Guy, come down, Jesus, labor of love, and right there make an appeal to you. And you'll follow up with them. What a great ministry to help people. You know, when a car breaks down, it's one of those discouraging moments, because usually you're headed somewhere, but all of a sudden you need help. And then the other side is, if you've got a car out there, you want to donate to this ministry, same place.

Go to the Christian Car Guy, that website, go down to Jesus, labor of love, and you can help this ministry be a blessing to other people. Hey, we do have a phone call right now from Christian who wants to know their birthday verse. Good morning, Christian. Good morning. Well, good morning. What's the birthday? What's the birth date? 917.

917. Well, let's see here. I am going to give you Ecclesiastes 917. Words of the wise spoken quietly should be heard rather than the shouts of a ruler of fools. I love it.

Isn't that great? People who talk real loud and try to push their way, they're not the smartest ones in the room. The words of the wise spoken quietly. You might also like Daniel 917. Now, therefore, O God, hear the prayer of your servant and his supplications. And for the Lord's sake, cause your face to shine on your sanctuary, which now is desolate.

What a prayer for revival. So you got two great verses. Ecclesiastes 917, Daniel 917, and thank you for the call, Christian. And when your birthday rolls around, I hope you have a wonderful day dating the Word from Ecclesiastes 917.

And if you want to hear your birth date verse, again, 866-348-7884 is the number two call. I've got with me also Dr. Hackett. And one of the things we're going to talk about here shortly is a concept that we don't usually want to talk about, and that's the concept of losing. And when we think of losing, well, I want to give you the worst reminder.

The worst reminder. Guess what you get to do tonight? You get to spring forward.

Now that's the positive. The negative is you get to lose an hour of sleep. And I want to make sure you spring forward before you go to bed tonight so you're not late to church tomorrow. You need to spring forward, lose that hour.

Now, here's what the Bible says. Ecclesiastes 3.6, there's a time to gain, but there's also a time to lose. And so we're going to talk in our next segment about some things regarding losing, things that might be good to lose. But as I come to Dr. Hack, Dr. Hack, tell us just a little bit about coaching and what it's like to be on that winning side and then the losing side. But in the next segment, I'm going to ask you to tell about a Mississippi miracle, so we won't start there. But what's it like as a coach experiencing losing? Well, thank you for having me, Dwayne.

I'm honored to be invited. I would say that the beginning of my career, we didn't win much. I was still coaching little kids and we lost a lot of football games. But it's because of those losses that I learned things that I couldn't win if things were comfortable.

I couldn't learn if things were comfortable. So that carried with me. I stayed with it for a long time. You're listening to the Truth Network and Well, welcome back. I'm Dwayne Carson with date the word.

I'm filling in today for Robbie Dilmore. This is the Christian car guy show. And we had Christian on just a moment ago, one to know about her birthday verse. But she also hearing Scott talk about his ministry, Jesus, labor of love. Christian, welcome back. I know you want to say something to Scott.

Yes, guys. I'm actually a single divorce. I'm doing everything I can do to get back on my feet. I lived out in Harrisburg. It's rural suburbs.

There's really no bus stops. And I'm really anxious on getting out here in the health care field to go back to school. I just came home a long way from homelessness. And the only issue I'm having now is just finding a dependable vehicle that can fit in my seven children and myself so that I can just continue to go out here by the door and do the best that I can to serve others as well as myself. Well, thank you so much for calling in, Christian.

And I'm not sure if you're aware, but you are actually the next person on the list to get a car. Robbie and I have been praying that somebody would donate a SUV or a van of some sort for your seven children. And we just got to have faith. If you like, we have Dr. Carson and I, we can pray right now.

Let's do that. Father, right now we're praying for the provision of a vehicle for Christian. And thank you, Father, that when we ask you here and we look forward to how you're going to answer this prayer request and meet this need through this ministry for this special lady. And we pray this in Christ's name. Amen. Thank you, Christian. Thank you. And we look forward to how this and how God answers in a big way. Amen.

Amen. Blessings, Christian. Thank you for calling in. We also have Wendy who's called in today having heard Scott talk about this great ministry and she is wanting to say a few words to Scott also. So good morning, Wendy. Morning, Wendy. Good morning, guys. Thank you so much for having me on.

Sure. I am just wanting to tell you how grateful I am for you guys. You did some repairs to my current vehicle and I'm also on the list to get a new vehicle.

The one I have is leaking pretty badly every time it rains. And just, you know, has a lot of miles and that type of thing. And I'm grateful.

Kind of like the Israelites in the desert, God has kept it working. You know, he said, like, didn't you notice your clothes didn't decay and all of that stuff? And he just brought the right thing at the right time all along in my journey.

I'm a single mom as well. And I just I wanted to say thank you for what you've already done. And yesterday the Lord was talking to my heart and he was like, I want you to go clean out your car. And I'm like, now it's the middle of the afternoon.

Like what, you know, what's happening? And God was like, I'm just I'm preparing to do something great. And so I just wanted to share that and just share my appreciation for you guys and everything that you're doing. And I'm praying for Christian, too, because seven kids is no joke. She's been patient.

She's been so steadfast in her prayers and her faithfulness. Wendy, thank you so much for calling in today. Of course.

Yeah. Thank you for having me. And we're going to be praying for the provision for a car for you.

As I'm understanding, you're on the list. Absolutely. Wendy, thanks for the call today. And the Lord bless you.

Yes, sir. Blessings to you guys, too. Thank you for your ministry. Thank you, Wendy. Hey, this is the Christian Core Guy show.

And if you've got questions, comments, 866-348-7884. One of the things that we're talking about today is tomorrow when you get up, you will have lost an hour of sleep. And Ecclesiastes 3 6 says there is a time to lose. And I've got with me Dr. Brian Hack today, and he's been involved in coaching football and coaching, not just football. And coach, I heard a statement one time from Johnny Bench, the great catcher for the Cincinnati Reds, the big red machine. He was asked about what's one of the greatest lessons he ever learned. He said when he was a youngster playing little league baseball, they lost the championship. And boy, were they just devastated.

Little boys are out there crying. And his dad walked over to him and said, Son, Son, listen to me. The next best thing to winning is losing.

And Bench was kind of like, Dad, he said, Son, think about this. You don't learn much when you win, but you learn a lot when you lose. So the next best thing to winning is losing. And Johnny Bench said from that he began to get a worldview of always make the most of your losses. What do you think about that mindset, the next best thing to winning is losing? Well, once again, thanks for having me, Dwayne. And I'm very glad to be here.

I can appreciate where he's coming from there. Certainly you do learn things when you lose that you can't learn when you're too comfortable with winning all the time. But the thing that comes to my mind when I hear you talk about this is how the week in a season, in anybody's season, whether it's baseball or football or basketball, it just reflects what we're all going through in life.

And one of the things that I love doing when I was coaching high school ball, I love coaching in the Christian high school where I'm free to talk about Jesus. And I would tell the young men, listen, a week in football season is one of the best reflections of life that you're ever going to get. Because whether you're ready or not, Friday night is coming. And it's going to come and you're going to participate whether you want to or not. You know, whether you're ready or not. And at the end of the night, you're going to know, you're going to be able to evaluate how well you prepared. So losing isn't fun, but a loss on the field will remind you to prepare better. So in Christ, let's all prepare.

Let's be faithful to what we're given to do. How profound, Brian. So when we come back, I'm going to tell you about how Duke Blue Devils are playing for the ACC Championship tonight against my UVA Cavaliers, but how losing has propelled them to where they are playing for the championship tonight. You're listening to the Truth Network and Music Hey, welcome back to the Christian Car Guys show. I'm Dwayne Carson filling in for the great Robbie Dilmore, who I just got a text message from is fishing for fish. And he's saying he's having an awesome time with his future son-in-laws.

And I hope awesome also means he's catching a lot of fish. Hey, thank you for listening. And if you've got questions, comments, you want to know your birthday verse because I'm Dwayne Carson of date the word and you can call in at 866-348-7884. I've got Scott Barton here today with Jesus labor of love and he has a ministry of helping people get cars who are in need get car repairs.

You might have a request want to talk with him. I've got Dr. Brian hack here and he's been a coach working with football and especially in college and we're talking about losing. We're going to lose an hour of sleep tonight. I know it says spring for but it's it's lose an hour of sleep and you know, there's a lot of value in losing.

We were talking about the Bible Ecclesiastes 3 6 is there's a time to gain but there's also a time to lose and there's value in that and and just to bring this home to you. Duke basketball for some of you that's not a pleasant sound to hear about Duke, but you know, they are a excellent team. Now I I will tell you I'm from Virginia and I've always pulled from Virginia since 1976 when they won the ACC Championship.

I went with 15 and I'm hoping UVA wins tonight, but I heard a great story last night about how this year's Duke team when they really came together to be at the level. They are tonight of playing for the championship. They lost a game down in Miami.

I mean they got beat bad and some of you may remember that but last night Jay Billis tells how when they lost that game. They came back to Duke and at Duke they go into the locker room as a team. No coaches just the team and for about 90 minutes they closed the door and they had a team meeting that talked about we can't keep play it like this. They were looking at what caused the loss and they were going to learn from the loss and they realized they were playing selfishly and they were looking out for themselves instead of looking out for the team. And they made decisions that they were going to play the game based the way the game is supposed to be played as a team and each person would do their role and in doing their role and they're being responsible for their role. Look at Duke here they are tonight playing for the ACC Championship because they learn from a loss.

Dr. Hack this idea of learning from a loss any other thoughts? As a matter of fact while you're telling this story I was thinking about when I was coaching at Trinity University in our 2007 season. We were playing Rhodes College on the road that's in Memphis and if you look at the pundits and the paperwork and the man for man on paper we should have rolled over those guys. We should have steam rolled them but we had a bad attitude we had kind of half-stepped it through practice all week and you know all the players and even a couple of the younger coaches were like man we're going to hang 50 on these guys to go eat barbecue. Well we get on the game our first offensive possession we took a touch back and we fumbled the ball on our first play they recovered and scored.

You know scoop and score for six. Our next offensive possession first play fumbled again they scoop and scored for six. Then something else happened I don't remember exactly what but before we knew it we're at the end of the first quarter it's 21 to nothing and we haven't run an offensive play yet. Fast forward to the end of the game we end up losing that game you know 21 to 13 or something like that and it was funny I wasn't following Jesus yet but something was happening there where we all kind of the coaching staff especially the younger guys the lesser experienced guys we were telling each other you know I think something good is going to come out of this.

Fast forward and I correct myself I was following Christ it was it was months after I was saved. So fast forward you know toward the end of the season we're in week six we're playing Millsaps College and we had lost we were losing that whole game. Once again the pundits you look at them on paper we shouldn't have been on the same field with Millsaps that year. They were the number five team in the nation in our division and they were in the early part of the game they were scoring at will but somehow we we hung in there and we kept it close. And at the end of the game we get our final possession with like eight seconds left on the clock or two seconds left on the clock.

Two seconds. Two seconds if you look up Mississippi Miracle Trinity versus Millsaps there's a lot of video clips on YouTube. The Mississippi Miracle.

The Mississippi Miracle. So we're on our own 39 yard line and those kids remembered that loss in Memphis and so they lined up. I still remember the play call it was two ninety nine crews shoot which is we send four guys deep and the the crews route is like a short end it's a shallow end. We threw the ball to the end in route and the guys just started lateral in the football and we just told them don't stop playing. Don't stop playing you know.

I love it. Fifteen laterals later Riley Curry who is one of our tight ends and slot back type guys he ends up catching the ball because the kids were getting exhausted they couldn't even lateral anymore. But the ball skips off the ground and the two defenders that were closest thought well the ball hit the ground it's over. They looked at it like an incomplete pass but it was a lateral. So that's technically a fumble.

So still alive fumble. So the ball bounces off the ground right into Riley Curry's hands and he sees that the other players had led up so he just makes a b line for the end zone he scores and we end up winning that game. Wow I bet the fans went nuts.

Oh yeah it was the best thing I've ever been a part of. Fifteen laterals. Amazing. I heard about the music city miracle with Tennessee one time but I've never heard of anything. Fifteen laterals. Now did you have that drawn up on a board somewhere?

We all tell everybody that we did. Coach Moore was joking with the media he said yeah we practice that play every Thursday but no absolutely not. Now hey folks the Mississippi miracle you can google that it'll come up you can watch it I've had the opportunity to watch it. It is one exciting play but from losing a team gets the resolve we're not going to lose again we're going to do whatever is necessary to win.

Thank you Dr. Hack. When we think about losing tonight spring forward lose that hour of sleep what are some things that you need to be losing? I kind of look at this date where now we spring forward every year on the second Sunday of March kind of like another new year's resolution a new year's day we're going to take a look at where we are. You know another thing I always had going on when I was growing up was mom said it's the day of spring cleaning. There was a point where we needed to get the stuff out.

What are some things you need to be getting out of your life right now? Dr. Hack you mentioned about losing the attitude. How could a bad attitude just ruin someone else's day? Well one of the things that we talk about in our family is just being blind with a bad attitude.

Blind with a bad attitude. You're so focused on the one thing that you didn't get or you know whatever it was the relationship issue that let you down in a particular moment of time. And you're so focused on that that you don't see the damage that you do to every other aspect of your life. It's like looking through a straw. And unfortunately in my family that's me.

I'm that guy. You know I get hyper focused on one thing and I don't see all the good that's going on around me. So one of the things that I have to lose is my straw.

I got to learn to step back and take a wider view. I think we all are Brian. Scott would you think about things people ought to lose?

What are some things you would say? Well I was thinking something similar myself. Whenever I start thinking about you know how I feel that my time has been abused or I've been wronged then I can't focus on others. And when I finally come to that point where I start laughing at myself all of a sudden I feel better when I start spending time and energy thinking about other people.

So same as Brian. Losing myself. Selfishness. Losing selfishness.

That's a tough one to lose. But when we think about Philippians Paul said we need to get rid of selfish ambitions. We need to get rid of conceit and put others first.

You want to have real joy in life folks? It's Jesus, others, yourself. Hey we're the Christian Car Guys show here and we're talking about losing and it's a great thing to be losing.

So we'll be back with you in just a few moments when we take a quick break. The Christian Car Guys Show. You're listening to the Truth Network and Hey welcome back to the Christian Car Guys Show. I'm Duane Carson filling in for Robbie Dilmore and I'm with Date the Word. And if you would like to know your birthdate verse call us at 866-348-7884. We also have with us today Scott Barton, Jesus' labor of love.

And Scott if you'll take just another quick moment here. Tell us again how if someone's out there, has a need, what they should be doing to get their car repaired or maybe even to be able to get a car. Okay so if you could, if you have a phone or any kind of device, laptop, desktop, anything and you're able or somebody in your family and you just pull up Christian Car Guy. You don't have to listen to the radio show.

In fact a very small percentage actually do. A lot of people hear it through agencies or church members or somebody will tell them. So if you're not computer savvy or you don't have a computer and you do have a friend or grandkid or anybody, just go pull up Christian Car Guy and you scroll down to Jesus' labor of love. And there's an easy application there. And we'd like for you to fill it out fully. You don't have to.

We're not going to call you up and vet you. What I do is I get it and usually within 48, 72 hours I call you up and we pray together and we just talk about life in general and what you're going through and what your needs are and we try to meet them. And a lot of people don't live in the triad so wherever you're at, if you have a trusted mechanic, even if you don't know some, we have a list of mechanics throughout the state of North Carolina.

You can go there and then they call me and we pay a portion of it with a credit card over the phone. And occasionally, not often, but we do have people that donate cars too so we have a few people on the list and that's how we work. It's called Jesus' labor of love and it's through the Christian Car Guy show.

Well thank you, Scott. You know, I was a campus pastor at Liberty University for years and one of the biggest questions parents would ask during the parent orientation is, Pastor, do you know a trusted mechanic? Because here they are coming from different states and different locations and everybody wants a trusted mechanic and so again, they can go to the Christian Car Guy, the website, and be able to let you know. And folks, you may know someone who needs some help.

Let them know. This is a great ministry to help people in a time of discouragement quite frankly when they don't have a vehicle or a car breaks down. We also have Dr. Brian Hack, Coach Hack, here with us today and we've been talking about losing and the reason we're talking about losing is that reminder, spring forward tonight, lose an hour of sleep, don't be late for church tomorrow, make sure you do it before you go to bed. And as we think about losing, just want to give a few thoughts to you. You know, you might want to lose the attitude and Coach Hack talked about that. You used a great statement there, Coach Hack. Can you give that statement again about the attitude?

You used the word blindness. What was that quote? I don't remember exactly how I said it but what I was thinking about was how when I get too fixated on myself, it's like I'm looking at the world through a straw. And so when you do that, you can see one little thing that maybe it's a negative thing and you get fixated on that negative thing and then you become blind to all the good things that are going on around you.

Absolutely. Bad attitude causes you to become blind to the good things that are going on around you. Lose the attitude. I'll tell you another thing you ought to lose is the weight of sin.

Hebrews talks about that. Lay aside. Clean out.

Spring cleaning. How about losing anxiety? Paul says that we're to be anxious for nothing. Cast your cares upon the Lord. So lose the anxiety.

Another thing I have on my list of things to lose is lose the distractions. This is where we bring that focus back in. Mary of Bethany is going to sit at the feet of Jesus. Her sister Martha gets bent out of shape because she's got so much going on.

And she's a server. She's making things happen for Jesus. But she became consumed with those details that took away from the most important. And maybe this weekend, having a time to lose that hour of sleep, lose the distractions that are keeping you from doing the most important thing.

Because Jesus said, Martha, Martha, you are distracted with too many things. And then lose the idols. Now, I know we don't have idols.

Yes, we do. Idols of the heart. And we put money before Jesus and we put pleasure before Jesus and we put our work before Jesus. We didn't even put our family before Jesus. It's got to be the Lord first.

Who's sitting on the throne of your heart? How about this one, Coach? Lose the ego. Ego.

Edging God out. Lose the ego. I want to give, as we're wrapping up here now, a challenge to you on something not to lose. Don't lose your soul.

There's a lot of things you ought to lose this evening, tomorrow, as you think about this aspect of losing an hour of sleep. It's a time to lose, but folks, don't lose your soul. Jesus said, what does it profit a man if he gained the whole world and lose his soul? If you don't know the Lord Jesus Christ, today is the day of salvation.

2 Chronicles 6, 2. Give your heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. Don't lose your soul. And now, from Date the Word, and I'm so thankful for Robbie, Dilmore, Stu, Everson. They're the ones who helped me get Date the Word going. We've got a big date coming up this week. It's a huge date. It's, I know you're thinking St. Patrick's Day, 317.

No, no, no, no. That's not the big date. The big date is 316. What verse do you think of when you hear 316? You think of John 316. Now, I'm challenging every one of you on 316, put on every social media you have, John 316. Use the Billy Graham picture of him sharing John 316 for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes him should not perish but have everlasting life. Let's make the gospel known on 316 by sharing John 316. And folks, that's a great challenge.

Every one of us can do that. Start now thinking how I can share John 316 on 316. Folks, we want to thank you for listening in today. Scott, any last words you want to give from the component of Jesus' labor of love? Yeah, for those out there listening, and if you have a junk car that maybe just needs some tires or some breaks and you don't want to put any money into it, we actually have mechanics, 100% volunteer basis. We have junkyard guys. We have people that can tow trucks. I mean, we could use it. We could use some car donations. So pray about it. And thanks again for listening.

Dr. Hack? It's been a lot of fun. Thank you so much for having me. Losing can be profitable. It's never fun. But it can be profitable. We hope you have a great weekend as you now think about how valuable Ecclesiastes 3.6 is. Yes, there's a time to gain, but it's also a time to lose. So this weekend, lose some things, do some spring cleaning of your heart, and have a real blessed weekend. And I'm going to say it, go Hoos. Have a wonderful weekend.
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