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Anthony Richardson Going First? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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March 8, 2023 9:18 pm

Anthony Richardson Going First? (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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March 8, 2023 9:18 pm

Overreaction or Proper Reaction? l QB Carousel: Jake Delhomme, former Panthers QB l Latest mock draft results


Alrighty, how we doing? Rocking and rolling now we're number two of our radio program right here on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the Zach Gelb show. Jake Delone will join us 20 minutes from now. Are the Carolina Panthers making a massive mistake by reportedly not pursuing Lamar Jackson?

Or do you think that's just all a bluff in this collusion that's going on and you know the inevitable is going to happen when one owner does fade away and break away from the pack and then we'll see the domino effect that comes after that. So Jake Delone will join us do a little QB Carousel talking Panthers in 20 minutes from now. We'll have another QB Carousel at 9 20 p.m Eastern, 6 20 p.m Pacific where we highlight the Tennessee Titans where we do talk to Paul Kacharski does a great job covering the team. But right now it's not another NFL regular season week in the book or a postseason week. We're in the off season. So we're going to bring a blast from the pass back and do a little off-season addition post-franchise tag as you inch closer and closer to the legal tampering period and free agency and the draft coming up of some overreaction or proper reaction. Hot take Kiki?

Hit it. Another NFL week is complete which means it's another week to freak out about your favorite team. Which takes are truly crazy? But sometimes a game can be so bad it's almost good. You know what I'm saying?

No. And which are so crazy they might be right? He's 6'5, he's 245 pounds, he's probably a Popeye's biscuit away from being a tight end. Zach lets you know in this week's edition of overreaction or proper reaction. He's probably a Popeye's biscuit away from being a tight end. Kiki that is ironically coming from Booger McFarland who was a disaster on Monday Night Football when he called the games.

But that is one of the great lines in the history of broadcasting. And sort of a perfect lead-in to the next segment we talk Panthers since he's talking about Kelvin Benjamin. Not 100% sure if he's on the Panthers when that comment was made but he obviously played for the Panthers at some point so it fits perfectly. Was that with the Bills when I think they tried to make him a wide receiver from a wide receiver to a tight end? I want to say so.

Then the Giants tried that too I believe or tried to continue that if no one else did before. Isn't Kelvin Benjamin trying to become a basketball player now? Was that him?

I think he might be right which would make good use of his frame and the guy's massive. Yeah well he got drafted by the Panthers seeing him and Cam on the same field was just like crazy. So he went from the Bills the Chiefs oh remember he was on the Giants for a sip of coffee and yeah cut like two days. I think he had a big problem with Joe Judge.

Yeah he was one of like the first casualties where he didn't make like a week at training camp I think right? Yeah he claims his tenure with New York. This is the headline Kelvin Benjamin rips Joe Judge is from Tyler Sullivan at CBS Sports. Kelvin Benjamin rips Joe Judge following his release from the Giants claims tenure with New York was a hoax. Is that even a tenure? He was there for like a week. And you know what to Kelvin Benjamin's credit he was right about Joe Judge. Now his tenure is irrelevant or I should say his athletic ability Joe Judge wasn't wrong about that but he was right about Joe Judge.

Yeah it was just like they were trying to sabotage me to get me out of there. Benjamin told new Zach Rosenblatt I have a perspective on Joe Judge Benjamin said he's not a coach that can ever win a Super Bowl because he sits there and cusses all day. You can tell he's one-sided about everything he's a know-it-all that's not how it's supposed to work. We can all learn from each other we're all humans at the end of the day the true colors will come out. Boy's oppression.

Boy. And that's not ended on all takes exposed. He nailed that to a T. According to Benjamin the issue surrounded the veteran's weight he weighed in at 265 pounds at the end of mini camp in June of the Giants press told him to get down to 251 for training camp. Benjamin told Rosenblatt that he showed up to camp weighing in at 268 after putting on muscly passed the club's conditioning test on Tuesday and didn't hear anything regarding the team's unhappiness regarding his weight and then when he went into that field on that Wednesday this was now a while ago obviously that's when the issue came to a head with Judge and Gettleman. Judge said the team was going to find him for being 17 pounds overweight and that's when the conversation erupted and you had what happened so I didn't think we're gonna spend a few minutes on Kelvin Benjamin but thank Booger McFarland for that.

All right give me the questions let's go. Big story still Zach is Lamar Jackson and his future we know yesterday he was franchise tagged by the Ravens teams can make offers and try to trade for Lamar Jackson. So far though every single team as at least publicly said we're not interested the Dolphins the Commanders the Falcons Panthers a lot of teams so far saying thanks but no thanks. Overreaction though a proper reaction Lamar Jackson will be traded away from the Ravens by the NFL draft on April 27th so before the first round. I think that is an overreaction because I really may think you have to exhaust every resource available will you have some teams for example like the Panthers the Raiders the Falcons who think they can move up in the draft not everyone can move up in the draft and then whoever doesn't wind up with Lamar may say yeah I know the NFL doesn't want us to give out a fully guaranteed deal so maybe we won't give them a fully guaranteed deal but we'll give them like 200 million dollars fully guaranteed and Lamar will probably at that point say okay I'm ready to go and then it's up to the Ravens to figure out if they're going to accept that or not with how slow this is moving right now and without knowing what's going to happen next week I'm gonna say after the draft probably and also I think not having an agent right now really hurts Lamar Jackson like is he going to be calling these teams that all reportedly don't have interest in him when the legal tampering window does open up on Monday like is his mother doing that stuff that's I don't know how that's going to work like when it's with the Ravens you have relationships with those guys I guess since he's representing himself he'd be stupid at this point to just say oh well the Falcons reportedly don't have interest in me and their team website is retweeting it so let's not even contact them so with how little progress has been made with the Ravens it makes me think it's going to take a little bit extra time for this to actually go down where you have even a chance to go sign with a team and then see if the Ravens accept it or reject that offer so Lamar Jackson obviously one massive domino to fall for the quarterback market another one is Aaron Rodgers and well and where he'll be playing in 2023 there's reports and it's confirmed that him and the Jets had conversations on Monday yesterday you had the Jets brass traveling out to visit with Aaron Rodgers in person it was framed as a meet and greet kind of getting to know one another and if the two sides could see the paparazzi that found Robert Sala and Woody Johnson leaving their hotel no I did not yeah it's not surprising but interesting I saw some photos of them and then I saw some photo of Rodgers like holding a cup of coffee I don't even know if that photo of Rodgers on the same day but it was clear like Woody Johnson unless if it was just them coming out of team hotel from earlier this year and people just put that on twitter but it looked like it was a current photo of Robert Sala and Woody Johnson like coming out of the hotel and some paparazzi snapped some photos of them it's impossible this day and age to be incognito you cannot hide from the media if they want to find you doesn't matter where you are they will obviously find you hence Robert Sala I'm sure was not trying to be seen Aaron Rodgers we know tries to be hidden sort of how about Kanye West Kanye West literally puts a a ski mask over his head and people still find him that's also true yeah if you don't want to be found there are plenty of people out there that can definitely go and find you so you know Aaron Rodgers and the Jets are talking over reaction or proper reaction Aaron Rodgers will be a New York Jet by Monday that is a proper reaction I think at some point over the weekend you get the breaking news alert that the Jets and Packers have got a deal done maybe as soon by the end of the work week but definitely by the end of the weekend I think Aaron Rodgers next snap will be taken with the JTS Jets all right let's talk about then the Packers quarterback for 2023 that would be Jordan Love presumably whether Rodgers with the Packers whether the Jets excuse me or another team it seems like Jordan Love will be the guy for the Packers in 2023 sure I am rooting for Jordan Love the way that Jordan Love has handled this the last few years when Rodgers has been such a distraction and you know he wants to play too it's admirable by Jordan Love like he came on this show after his rookie year we pestered him with questions all about Aaron Rodgers and then a few about himself but there has been so many distractions and so much chaos and you really have not heard much out of Jordan Love and supposedly starting to gain that trust in the locker room he's putting the work and now the Packers feel like it's the right time to hand the baton over to Jordan Love but they didn't feel that way the last two years the way that Jordan Love has navigated in a very tough situation that he didn't ask for the first three years of his career I don't know if he's going to be any good or not but that's a guy that has got my respect and a guy that I want to see really succeed and just go on to be a great quarterback with the way that he's handled it the first three years in the NFL let's see how much you love him because overreaction or proper action Jordan Love will guide the Packers to more wins in 2023 than Aaron Rodgers will guide his team next season oh that's an overreaction I don't know what to expect out of Jordan Love if he goes to the Jets Aaron Rodgers they had seven wins last year bare minimum they should be able to get nine or ten I don't see the Packers being a nine or ten win team I actually think the better question would be this hickey the Green Bay Packers this year I'll ask you an overreaction a proper reaction the Green Bay Packers last year had eight wins Jordan Love will get eight wins or more with the Packers next year I would say overreaction okay fair enough next question so fine digs by the way if you're listening to us on one of our great Wisconsin affiliates we are on four stations in the wonderful state of Wisconsin you can find my producer hot to hickey at Ryan underscore hickey three on Twitter come at me and make sure you just send him gifts of skippy peanut butter because he loves him some skippy oh that is not true that's a hot take there for you no it's an accurate take Stefan Diggs had some interesting tweets yesterday he tweeted from his personal account quote it's just business don't take it personal end quote followed that tweet up by saying quote don't take things personal from people you don't know personally there's no other context that's really what he said so we insinuate is it about the bills is it not but seemingly he is unhappy about something let's make it about football then overreaction of proper action Stefan Diggs will not be on the bills roster for week one oh that's the biggest overreaction I've ever heard I know that there's been some talk about him wanting to play with his brother and all that jazz over a few tweets today and I think it was four of them to be exact and I saw them for me to say that he's going to get traded I think is crazy his dead cap and I know you can move that around depending on when you move on from his 45 million dollars on the surface right now for next year maybe this is about like restructuring contract that he just signed but I don't think he's going to get traded the bills would be crazy with some of the pieces that they're going to lose on their defense then on their offensive side of the ball to take away the best weapon that Josh Allen has that would make absolutely zero sense and it would start to be the decline of the Buffalo Bills there's no way he's getting traded this offseason speaking of getting traded or not there's reports earlier this week that the titans were shopping running back Derek Henry now Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports denied these trade requests or trade uh I guess attempts by the titans saying that the titans are not in fact shopping they're running back Derek Henry who does have one year left on his deal overreaction of proper reaction Derek Henry will be on the titans for 2023 so Jonathan Jones obviously a respected NFL insider it was Mike Silver who's also another respected NFL insider back in the day he used to work for ESPN I don't know where Mike works for now and it used to work for the NFL net valley sports okay he was the one that said the titans are shopping Derek Henry that they were shopping him during the NFL combine and then Jonathan Jones of CBS Sports reported that Derek Henry services are not available who do you believe we had an insider insider battle who do we believe here is it silver is it Jonathan Jones I will say Jonathan Jones I am sorry I would say silver sorry I think Derek Henry's gonna get traded wow so next time you text Jonathan Jones you just don't believe the information that he puts out there I don't think he's lying I think the titans are trying to you know increase their leverage so they could tell them hey we're not trading them and again if you're an insider if you're being told that what else you're supposed to say no you're lying he's the only thing reporting what's being told Derek Henry will be on the titans in 2023 oh yeah sorry Jonathan Jones that is a overreaction it makes sense to trade him that team is on the decline they were seven and three didn't make the playoffs you still have Ryan Tanel as your quarterback you don't have AJ Brown he's got rid of a bunch of guys Henry has one year left on his deal Jacobs on the tag Pollard on the tag Saquon on the tag you go trade him and get what you get back for speaking of insiders kind of taking on conflicting information earlier this week Justina Anderson or last week I think it was said the Dolphins will look at every available option a quarterback for 2023 yesterday ESPN's Jeff Darlington said that the Dolphins are not interested in Lamar Jackson and he said a quote that Mike McDaniel believes Tua is the perfect fit for his offense end quote overreaction or proper action Tua will not be the starter for the Dolphins next season that week one you're talking yeah that is an overreaction because he already cleared the concussion protocol so like is he gonna get hurt this you don't touch the like these training camp practices aren't physical they trade for someone it's not more injuries more they acquire someone but that's my that's my point I think they're fine still moving forward with Tua for now and they won't give up on Tua until he gets hurt again so that factors into it now that that's what I was more so saying that it's tough for him to get injured this offseason Rich Eisen at the NFL combat said he heard many reports and many people talking about Tom Brady will try to come back and play in 2023 after announcing his time for a second time his daughter's got a kid now or proper reaction Tom Brady will remain retired this season nah come on TB12 said he has to take care of the kid and that he got his daughter he doesn't have time to come back to the NFL that's an overreaction and I'm also good with Brady retired as a big of a Brady fan I am you're retired twice you can't come back let's circle back to Lamar Jackson right now his market is absolutely dry it's zero but we anticipate that at some point to pick up you said after the draft his market will pick up so let's talk about that increasing market when it does eventually pick up and there's a bidding war for Lamar Jackson the team most likely to acquire Lamar Jackson is the Carolina Panthers overreaction or proper reaction I think that is a proper reaction because you have an owner who is desperate and you have an owner who even though I laugh at sometimes some of the way these owners cry poverty he is the farthest thing from an owner that would ever do that I would imagine that the panthers are the are the likeliest option and finally earlier today Joe Shane Giants Jim had a press conference talking about the Daniel Jones extension and also the Saquon Barkley franchise tag and Joe Shane said that he would like to extend Saquon Barkley does have an offer out there on the table already so overreaction a proper action the Giants and Saquon Barkley will agree to a contract extension this offseason yeah I'm gonna go overreaction because I think Saquon's gonna ask for too much and it seems like this deal could have already got done at this point and it hasn't so I'm gonna say overreaction there talk to Jake Delone next is Lamar Jackson gonna eventually wind up in Carolina we'll discuss with a man that once took the Panthers to the Super Bowl you're listening to the Zach Gelb show the Super Bowl is over but the NFL quarterback carousel is just beginning you could ask yourself question do I feel lucky what does the future hold for all 32 NFL teams at the QB position now I'm going to give you an opportunity to spin this wheel right here let's spin the wheel and find out which teams we hit today the Carolina Panthers all right let's talk some panthers football right now with the man that led the franchise to a Super Bowl back in Super Bowl 38 and now does a great job as a broadcaster for the team and that is Jake Delone Jake appreciate the time as always how you been I'm great Zach how are you man I'm doing fantastic so the big news from yesterday Lamar Jackson gets the non-exclusive franchise tag and right away there was a report Joe Person from The Athletic that the panthers are not expected to be in on the Lamar Jackson market do you think that's a mistake listen I think whoever is going to offer him a contract be honest with you I think the Ravens are going to match it that's my opinion I think they might have had some issues with negotiations and they just wanted him to see what's out there and I think whatever team offers somebody's somebody's going to the Ravens are going to match him that's my belief I too good of a football player not to have on your football team uh I do know this would I love to call a game weekly knowing Lamar Jackson lined up at quarterback Carolina you bet uh he's a dynamic football player saw it firsthand when the panthers played up in Baltimore this year uh but I just don't I just don't foresee Baltimore letting him walk to be quite honest and you know David Tepper would probably shell out the cash he may annoy some of the owners in the NFL and I think the panthers would be a tremendous destination Jake Delone because you had got a good offensive line now you have DJ Moore and you have a pretty damn good defense in a weak division you're right about that but here's the question we don't know we don't know what the contract demands are and that's the thing and you know so much has been said and we don't really know exactly the whole Deshaun Watson uh chase last year it looked like it was down to New Orleans and Atlanta uh Cleveland was out the panthers were out and then boom here comes Cleveland with the 250 million guaranteed um so we're not exactly sure where those other teams bowed out in regards to the financial implications or demands I guess you could say so that's that's what we just don't know and and I'm anxious to see if there's a team that's going to be that's going to want to uh meet whatever those demands are and we don't know but I just hope for him for his sake he gets the best deal for himself he's a talented football player who's done some than the NFL I'd love to see him be rewarded um I wouldn't want to see him you know just play on a tag and then there's an injury or something like that you'd like to see somebody have some security Jake Delome here with us the panthers draft position they currently sit at nine there is a thought that they're going to move up in the draft and go get a quarterback do you have a preference on one of these younger quarterbacks in the draft right now man that would be hard for me to say Zach to be quite honest most of my days on Saturdays are traveling to the panther game so to say that I have a full gamut of research done and all for the the quarterback that are being talked about that would do injustice that would be injustice on my part but listen I think the young kid Bryce Young just watching him play because I've seen him play a lot at Alabama um there's just something about him I do understand the size concerns uh but then again the way the NFL is going you can't sneeze on a quarterback anymore um the Stroud kid I thought he was a really good football player then I watched him play against Georgia and he did things in that game and that's an NFL defense that's not just a good college defense that's an NFL defense he played against and I saw him play lights out and that was something that kind of opened opened my eyes the Levis kid I can't say I've watched a ton of them I've watched a few games you hear the the people say this year um they were offensive line wasn't good and things of that nature but he did turn the ball over a decent amount uh big strong guy and then the Richardson kid listen he's a he's a Greek god is what he looks like and I know there uh people wanted to compare him somewhat to the Cam Newton but the thing why I don't like hearing that because Cam Newton wasn't a good college football player he was great he played one year college football and was absolutely great and was a great NFL player for many years and then the injuries started to happen so I know he's a young kid Richardson with a ton of upside to say the least so um I swear Scott Fitterer and all those guys and Frank Wright and certainly um they're going to get get together and they got to make the right decision does Carolina love one of these guys that they they move up to get one or do they think someone's going to fall at nine that's that's what's so great about what's what's going to be taking place here uh pretty soon with free agency and leading up to the draft Jake Deloam here with us so we know Matt Ruhle was fired early in the season Steve Wilkes did an admirable job taking over as the interim head coach there was a big push from a lot of people including yours truly for Steve Wilkes to get the job it ends up going to Frank Reich uh just where was your approval rating at on the higher uh Frank Wright going to the Carolina Panthers I think I had uh two emotions I felt I really I hurt for Steve Wilkes because I truly believe he's a head coach in the national football league and was not given a a fair opportunity in my opinion in Arizona um my hurt for him but I was also happy for Frank Wright because I truly believe Frank's right Frank Wright is a very good NFL football coach that's just my opinion um I love the staff that he has put together in Carolina I think it's an extremely um smart educated football staff with a lot of youth mixed in I think there's a there's a great balance so uh I kind of both ways I love where Steve Wilkes landed I'm so happy for him to go to San Francisco um and I think he's got some a little bit of talent I guess you could say with that defense to work with uh but yeah but Frank Wright um I got to know Frank a little bit when I played in Carolina and and certainly the way everyone talks about him and he's just um he's a really good offensive football coach but he's a better person and I think he's kind of established a a coaching staff in the NFL that I think you can put up with any any other coaching staff in the NFL the division right now I would give the edge to the Saints just because we know who their quarterback is going to be uh we'll see who the panthers I think they're the biggest threat to the Saints of this division just depending on who the quarterback is going to be but how did you kind of evaluate that move by the Saints the other day to go out there and snag Derek Carr? Well it certainly seemed like they were the ones that were the most interested just from early on I mean he actually went and visited New Orleans early on Dennis Allen did have Derek early in his career and so the things were they were making a move and it's hard to replace a legend and I think they found out the hard way Drew Brees was a little bit different than than your average quarterback and so they're trying to get someone because they truly believe that roster is still somewhat intact in New Orleans that they can make a push so I think Derek felt comfortable there I think the AFC stacked with quarterbacks and so probably a good decision on his part maybe to head to the NFC and like you said Campbell we don't know where that situation is going to take place what's going to happen there with Tom being gone and some other players moved on from Atlanta I understand they're still rebuilding but I think that could be a quicker rebuild than most people think that was not a bad football team this year Arthur Smith's a really good football coach and I just think if they kind of keep on hitting with some of these draft picks and some of these young guys keep developing that's a team that could I think the NFC south I truly believe that I think that could turn around quicker than than maybe the outside world believes. Now you know this you got to get some more quarterbacks in that division without having a quarterback yeah you have to you have to hit I mean that's it you have to hit either via free agency and we'll see how that plays out and that would be the Saints and then the draft wise does Atlanta do they go with the Ritter kid or do they do they trade the rumors out there do they trade for Lamar Jackson and things like that so it's going to be interesting and the Panthers what exactly is going to happen there is it through the draft is it via free agency and so who knows but uh but definitely you have to have a quarterback there's no doubt Jake DeLome we appreciate the time as always thank you thank you Zach have a good evening you got it there's Jake DeLome joining us on the so he thinks Lamar is going to stay in Baltimore and whatever contract that Lamar gets offered this off season the Ravens are going to match but he did say he would love to call and he is a part of the Panthers radio network games with Lamar Jackson as the quarterback when he was talking about the draft prospects hickey and you got to remember the context of the situation of the team this is a team that the last three years went from Teddy Bridgewater one and done Sam Darnold I know he played more than a year in Carolina but pretty much as the starter one and done and then Baker Mayfield can't even say one and done it was like half and done because he he wound up with the LA Rams if you are telling me you're gonna pass on Lamar Jackson I think you either have to get Bryce Young or CJ Stroud in the draft if you don't get Bryce Young and CJ Stroud I think for that team talking about Will Levis being a project and Anthony Richardson being a project if they can't get on the field right away and I think it would be a disservice to put them both on the field right away then who's the guy that is the stop gap and you know with a fan base that wants to see a long-term quarterback whoever that stop gap guy is is probably not going to be good enough where he doesn't make some mistakes and the fans hickey start to call for Richardson or for Levis I think if you do have the Panthers drafting a quarterback it's either got to be Young or Stroud and part of the reason why I would agree with you is because we look at the where the Panthers are drafting they're at number nine if you want to get CJ Stroud or Bryce Young you're gonna have to be bare minimum in the top I would say three probably the top two which means you're gonna have to give up a heavy amount of draft capital to move up from nine to two nine to one maybe nine to three if something else goes crazy and someone likes Anthony Richardson and one or two so you're talking about similar draft capital to trade up and get a quarterback or give probably the same amount to go get Lamar Jackson now you have to pay him but you basically get up the draft pick the same the same amount in a division that right now is wide open that's why if you're the Panthers you should probably be leaning towards getting Lamar Jackson because the price is the same to require him or a draftable quarterback and obviously the quarterback in the draft is cheaper but also not known you know me I love Bryce Young is he going to be a great NFL quarterback I think so but is there any guarantee absolutely not see me today shroud we've seen at least Lamar Jackson injury concerns yes but we've seen Lamar Jackson play at a high level he is an MVP and could be one of the top five quarterbacks in the NFL if he's healthy that's a guy you should get in your team if the price is the same I think you asked me last week before Richardson exploded at the combine what would he be a top five pick I want to say you asked me that an onside's offside and I said he wouldn't be it seems like the momentum is now moving that he's going to be a top five pick after this combine I feel very Malik Willis like uh of him in terms of the hype is there Malik Willis guaranteed to be a first round pick maybe he'll be the first quarterback taken Anthony Richardson now coming out of the draft oh he could be number one he why can't he go number one now all of a sudden I think actually we get there in about two months from now he'll still go in the first round probably go but here's the thing I would say top 15 but I don't think it's going to be number one and number two and maybe even number three with Malik Willis last year I don't remember anyone thinking he was going to go in the top five now I know that the top five picks were the Jaguars the Lions the Texans the Jets and the Giants you had two teams there that were quarterback needy like you knew the Giants were going to take him because they were going with Jones you knew the Jets were going to take him because they just had Zach Wilson the Texans needed a quarterback the Lions need a quarterback I don't remember too many people mocking the Lions or the Texans to go take Malik Willis why don't they top five I'm saying guaranteed first round pick I would say oh Malik Willis first round pick maybe the first quarterback taken and the next thing you know he's a third quarterback taken in the third round I just that's I feel the same way about Malik Willis last year when everyone's saying first round pick first quarterback taken and didn't happen to our Malik uh Anthony Richardson feel the same way of everyone saying oh he's gonna be top five pick top three pick number one possibly I think when it actually comes down to draft day and on April 27th this will be the first round pick I think he's gonna go a lot lower than people think again I would say probably the 12 to 15 range compared to number one number two and number three I think he's gonna be in the top five Young is gonna definitely go in the in the top five you will have probably CJ Stroud going in the top five too and I didn't think a team's gonna panic where they go all right we're either gonna get well Levis are ready to get Anthony Richardson we got to move up and go get the guy and I'm gonna bank that a team's gonna take Richardson before Levis it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we told you about that Trapasso mock draft first weeks ago that said Anthony Richardson would be the number one overall pick well there's another mock draft that is out there from a different publication and by the way that had Richardson going to the Colts in a trade there is another respected publication out there that has mocked Anthony Richardson number one overall to Hickey's Colts we'll talk about and dissect that mock draft next you're listening to the Zach Gelb show all righty Hickey entertain me for a second if let's just say the mock draft that Chris Trapasso put out there weeks ago which had the Colts trading up to the number one spot and drafting Anthony Richardson you give me your instant reaction we're at the draft I'll be Roger Goodell here there's been a trade we're here in Kansas City welcome welcome to the NFL Draft the Chicago Bears have traded the first overall pick to the Indianapolis Colts and with the first pick of the 2023 NFL Draft the Indianapolis Colts select Anthony Richardson quarterback Florida three years we'll have the best quarterback in the NFL move over Tom Brady we're chasing number eight you sick of move over Patrick Mahomes your time has come and gone um in reality I probably would say that is reality that's how you would be reacting I think my first reaction would be I hate this team I think that'll be the first reaction I would be very pissed off very upset I'd root for him obviously but I would be very very pissed and spending more time watching Bryce Young with his team succeed or hopefully not I hate to say that I have to probably have to root against him now to suck to make you know Chris Powell look smart but yeah it would not be a very good reaction you know what will happen if your immediate reaction is this is awesome the Colts have their guy LFG then he'll be a disaster but if you then slam the pick the Colts are disgraced Timmer say what are you doing get rid of Ballard uh Stikin you know how do you allow this blah blah blah then he'll end up being a really great quarterback that's just how it works Bryce Young is destined to be Josh Rosa because I plan on getting a number nine Bryce Young Colts jersey the day he is drafted I have not done that I've only had two or three three Colts jerseys and that would be four and Bryce Young I'm all in and I guess you're not wrong the mush has not exactly gone great so far but you only have owned three Colts jerseys that's right Peyton Manning and come on I wanted to guess the jersey I never obvious Peyton Manning Andrew Luck you have a Shaq Leonard jersey was that oh no a Quinn Nelson because I got you that that is correct and that's all I have I thought you said you okay then that would be your fourth yes you never got a Reggie Wayne or Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis was my guy okay you can't have other like I have a Brady jersey then I had a Gronk jersey, Wolfork jersey, a Rodney Harrison jersey I'm not the more thing about it with other like I really I kind of only go one jersey at a time well I will say this what I've noticed about you you have a lot of gear for the teams you rock but they're like fancy sweatshirts or things like that or collared shirts as well well I'm a collar well yeah some polos some t-shirts from crew necks um yes I don't have many jerseys I usually go I'm a one jersey guy at a time so I get out a man's man like Jacob deGrom just got traded so what did I do just got myself a Francisco Lindor jersey oh you went Lindor you didn't go Pete no Lindor's my guy I think you gotta go Pete there love Pete don't get me wrong but again I'm only gonna go maybe I'll get a Pete jersey in five years I'm only gonna go one at a time you know what jersey I want now I ordered a Pete Alonso jersey but I do not like the jersey what do you don't like it I ordered it from China why would you do that like one of the 25 dollar jerseys my friends were getting in an order they asked me who wanted to get in so I ordered a strawberry a dowel strawberry 1986 throwback which is really nice and then I ordered multiple jerseys too yeah and the one is actually nice they're like 20 bucks a pop I know but I'm saying the the quality is crap most of the time though most of the time the jerseys are actually fine they're like fine but the this is the first time I ordered a jersey from China where the jersey was horrible geez so net and I was in the team store too I've almost got the authentic Pete Alonso jersey and a year later you know who jersey I want to buy Jeff McNeil no Kodai Senga I really want to get a Kodai Senga jersey but anyway getting back to this mock draft thing so Trepaso a few weeks ago he's the first guy Richardson number one overall to the Colts I saw the 33rd team put out an article today and their mock draft is led by TJ McCrite who if you're not familiar with him he's a former player personnel executive for the Eagles and a former director of college scouting for do you know who is it the cults the cults he spent nearly 25 years in the NFL with scouting experience so the first pick in the draft trade cults move up to one Anthony Richardson quarterback and they they give up their fourth pick they give up their second round pick which 35 overall the third overall pick was 79 and then a 2024 first round there that was the return that this guy projects seems a little light from what the Bears are talking about a first second third and another first well it's not someone moving up well it's not someone moving up for like nine or eight you're moving up from four I think it takes the value just talking about a big game gotten three first round picks that he's you know it claims he can get then at number two who do you think he has the Texans taking price young no CJ Stroud hmm number three cardinals price young trading back who trades up oh I will say the panthers wrong Raiders yes the Raiders is that all they had to give up wow he says all Arizona gets back is the seventh pick this year the 38th pick this year and the 70th pick this year so first second third okay and they get Bryce young which isn't that crazy the Colts gave up more to go get Richardson than what the Raiders gave up and they get what we think is the better player in Bryce young well thankfully this is a mock draft and not reality which no I'm gonna live in reality then the Bears they get will Anderson Tyree Wilson goes to the Seahawks at five will Levis goes to the Panthers at six they trade up with the Lions and Detroit gets the ninth pick and the 41st pick for some reason it says Tennessee underneath I don't know why Tennessee's involved here it's Tennessee's pick if the Lions and Titans made a trade previously yeah I don't know it's it's it's weird how they they did this but I think they just meant Carolina they put Tennessee seven Arizona goes to Christian Gonzalez eighth Broderick Jones the tackle from Georgia goes to the Falcons Devon Witherspoon at nine to the Lions notice no Jalen Carter yeah he's falling like a rock with his with his legal issue um Eagles Jalen Carter at ten pair him up the Georgia teammates that's gonna be in you got a lot of Georgia teammates there that's Jordan Davis and then you got to Kobe Dean that's right as a linebacker not bad so that would be the top 10 but he has the four quarterbacks going in the top 10 four in the top six and the first three picks off the board after trades quarterback quarterback and quarterback and that's the thing that I wonder here so if you recall last time we saw three quarterbacks go one two three was Lawrence Wilson and Trey Lance and then the next quarterback which was Fields didn't go until 11th and then Mac Jones went at 15th it kind of is starting to shape up and I know we just talked about this and you disagreed where I don't know if it's three quarterbacks in the first three picks but it does feel like it's going to be three quarterbacks in the top five because if these teams really stay pat on the demands of stay put in the demands of we're not going out there and doing Lamar Jackson contract Rogers going to the Jets most likely then you're going to sense pressure from teams like the Falcons the Panthers to go trade up the Raiders to go trade up we'll see if the Colts have to trade up to go get their guy and who knows maybe the Seahawks or the Lions if their guy is there at five or six ends up taking a quarterback I get the pressure but especially for Levis and Richardson I think part of it is they're going to sit for at least a year so it's like there's no well that you're not drafting them and trying to win this year that's why I think if Richardson or Levis one of them are available at five or six we've talked about this it kind of does feel like the Lions or the Seahawks would go make that move because you're not really supposed to be in that position you are you have another first round pick and you were there with trades that you've made and those teams that you traded with you trade with the right teams and they ended up being incompetent it is the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio we will take a break when we come on back a year ago Russell Wilson was sent to the Broncos we'll take a look back and what are the expectations for your number two with Russ in Prime Coast Country let's ride
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