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REShow: Hour 1 (3-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen
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March 6, 2023 3:14 pm

REShow: Hour 1 (3-6-2023)

The Rich Eisen Show / Rich Eisen

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March 6, 2023 3:14 pm

Brockman holds down the fort for Rich while he’s en route to the studio from LAX and recaps the big weekend by Florida QB Anthony Richardson who tore it up at the NFL Combine.

Rich reacts to Derek Carr signing with the New Orleans Saints instead of his New York Jets, and says why New York would be wiser to sign free agent QB Jimmy Garoppolo instead of trading valuable draft picks to the Green Bay Packers for Aaron Rodgers.

Rich and the guys debate of the New York Giants should pay restricted free agent Saquon Barkley or draft highly-touted Texas Longhorns RB Bijan Robinson.

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Youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through Play Football, an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players, coaches, and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game. On the football field, kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders. To learn more and to find a league near you, visit The future of football is here.

You in? This is the Rich Eisen Show. Headline to start this opinion. Live from the Rich Eisen Show studio in Los Angeles. I should be on the competition committee in the National Football League. The Rich Eisen Show. You meet, Chair?

I believe that you believe that. Problem is I wouldn't be in this chair. I'd be in these meetings in Indianapolis.

I'd be in Indiana. I could zoom. I'll zoom. Who's zooming? Me. I'm on the square. Today's guest, Florida quarterback Anthony Richardson.

Plus, your phone calls, latest news, and more. And now, it's Rich Eisen. Hey, what's up everybody?

We're here. It's not Rich Eisen. Oh, it's Chris Brockman.

I'm so much better looking and I'm younger. Let's get it on. It's Monday. Rich is literally at LAX right now. He is gonna be here in a matter of moments and he will take over the reins as he gets back from another NFL combine. Guys, the combine was awesome. So many guys balled out.

So many guys made themselves a lot of money. Increased their draft stock for next month's NFL draft is going to be awesome. Before we get to any of that stuff, let's say what's up, TJ? My man! What's up, Chris Brockman?

So you put some high school highlights on your Instagram? Let me get to that real quick. Mike, what's up? Adam in my chair.

What's up, guys? If you want to talk to Adam, he is at my chair right now. Literally call Adam and say what's up.

844-204-RICH. You know the deal. You talk to Adam all the time. We want to hear from you. So TJ, my high school. So I played football at Thornton Academy in Saco, Maine. I believe they just won another football state championship. We've been a powerhouse since I left. Nice highlight reel this weekend. No coincidence.

So that's what I'm saying. Like it's NFL Combine Week. Mike clearly didn't pay attention to how we started. How we started the show. Thanks, Mike. Appreciate it. It's like every other morning conversation with you.

I'm good. So my high school, my buddy Kirk Agresti, who is a year younger than me, he still works at the school as a number of people I went to school with and I coached with. I coached a year at my school when I graduated. And so he created this YouTube page where he's been putting out old games. He's digitizing all these old VHS tapes of football, basketball, girls basketball, field hockey, soccer, basically everything.

And he's starting to slowly kind of unravel and debut them on this YouTube channel. So I noticed this a few months ago and it really got me thinking about it over the weekend watching the Combine. One of the best games. I was a very average, mediocre high school quarterback.

I started one year my senior year, 1997. But I did have a couple of good games. And one of these good games he just happened to have digitized a few months ago. So I was like re-watching it and I was kind of like, oh man, I forgot about that pass. Hey, I scored a touchdown here.

You did. I scored this obnoxious touchdown. It was like a 40-yard run.

And I threw your hand up. And I must have put my hand up like number one like Troy Aikman in that famous Super Bowl clip. Like Brett Favre. Like at the 25-yard line. Yeah, you would have definitely got a taunting call in the NFL for doing it. It would have been better if I would have thrown up the deuces, right? On touch, touchdown, we steamrolled these guys.

I think like 35-16. I did throw two picks but I scored three touchdowns. It was a pretty fun game.

But anyway, thank you for checking that out at Brock Shitty on Instagram. But I was not part of the NFL Combine. No.

The NFL Combine went down this weekend. It was as good as you looked. You weren't.

You weren't a part of this. The ball flew out of my arm, right? I had that one nice 30-yard pass. Rich likes to sit here and tell you about stories and front-load, what's coming, what's coming in the coming weeks before the NFL Draft.

Look into my eyes. Anthony Richardson is gonna get so much number one overall pick buzz here in the next few weeks. Absolutely.

Just get ready. This dude, in case you missed it, put on an absolute show. He ran a 4-4-4-40.

He, what was his high jump? He ran a 4-4-3-40. Oh, official. Official 4-4-3.

My apologies. He's actually gonna join us in the third hour. He's gonna talk to Rich. We're gonna have the Florida quarterback, Anthony Richardson. His vertical was 40-and-a-half? 40-and-a-half, yep. 10-foot-9-inch broad jump.

And a 10-9 broad jump! Holy crap, people. This guy, like, when you think about Anthony Richardson, not a lot of you probably watched Florida Gator games because they really weren't that good, but this dude, he is like, you see the comps all weekend, TJ, you saw it, it was, he throws it like Josh Allen, he's as fast as Lamar Jackson, and he's built like Cam Newton. Yeah.

What? 6-4-2-4-4. How do I, like, pre-draft Anthony Richardson in fantasy? Can I just like call him right now? Can I just like call dibs? Is that how that works? I don't think that's, your league has some weird rules, so it might work like that.

That's true. Okay, look, I know on Friday we talked about everybody was just talking about Bryce Young and his height and his weight. He ended up being, what, five, ten, and an eighth or something? Double check that real quick.

Which is like a little, I share a hair under what I am. He weighed in at 204, which means he really hit Del Tufo Ziti before going to Indianapolis, Mike. Was he carb loading? How do you get from, he was listed at like 185 or something at Alabama, and now he's 204? Everyone was talking about that.

And then it was Will Levis being, well, I've got a cannon and I'm gonna show it off. I gotta say, Stetson Bennett threw the deep ball better than Will Levis on Saturday. And then, you know, CJ Stroud, he said he was the best player in college football the last two seasons.

Kind of hard to argue with that. He had one bad game against Michigan, which I'm not sure you heard. Michigan won that game?

You guys? They did. Have you heard that listening to this show?

I think I have. I think Rich may have mentioned that once or 50 times. CJ Stroud had one bad game against Michigan and it cost him the Heisman Trophy. I mean, all due respect, CJ Stroud probably was the best player in college football the last two seasons. Put up absolutely insane stats. But this dude, TJ, we met Justin Fields at the Super Bowl this year.

Also went to Ohio State. This dude's built like Justin Fields. 6'3", 220 plus, big cannon arm. Said he didn't run his ball, run the ball during college as probably as much as he maybe should have. I think I would take him number one overall.

Nobody asked me, but I would take CJ Stradamore overall. But all of those quarterbacks, guys, they just got pushed to the back burner. And that's what happens too, especially when you're Bryce Young, when you don't work out. Yeah.

People don't tend to talk about you because there's always one or two guys that kind of leap out. Nolan Smith, another one of those guys on the defensive side of the ball. Wow, Nolan Smith showed improve.

Put on an absolute show. Michigan man, DJ Turner II ran the fastest combine this year. Ran the fastest 40.

It was, what, 426. One of the linemen, the Michigan linemen put up the most bench press reps. Michigan had a great day, but it's all about Anthony Richardson right now, guys. It's all about Anthony Richardson.

I'm telling you right now, Rich is gonna get into it more. Obviously, he was on the combine 8 million hours on TV with Daniel Jeremiah. They were awesome. I loved watching the coverage. I watched way more coverage than I thought I was gonna watch over the weekend. It was just on non-stop. We did, we had a super lazy weekend. We just watching combine golf.

The NBA was awesome. Watched a little Formula One, but Max Verstappen did it. Max Verstappen won again. Yeah, we caught that on Friday. And jeez, that dude is a machine. It's all, it's all about Anthony Richardson. Like I said, he's gonna join us in the third hour, 2 p.m. Eastern, 11 Pacific.

He's gonna talk to Rich. And what you said, Chris, about his phenomenal combine. Early about him is definitely true. I believe that you are gonna see some teams making huge moves up the board to pick this kid up because all the intangibles, everything on paper, even off paper, he passes the eye test. Remember last week we were talking about basketball players who walk into, they call them airport guys. This guy, we got to see what he does on the field obviously, but he's one of those guys.

He walks into a room or an airport. You just know that this guy is somebody and somebody special. I don't know which is better, the eye test or the smell test, but this dude passes both. Like he's, like I said, he is built like Cam Newton.

You saw this all over Twitter over the weekend. He's built like Cam Newton. He's as fast as Lamar Jackson. We don't know what Lamar Jackson's actual 40 is. He never actually ran him. It's like 3.8, I'm pretty sure.

But I got to tell you, when a guy runs a 4.4, that's fast. This just in, breaking news. And he throws it as far as Josh Allen, okay? Dude, what team is gonna sell out and go get Anthony Richardson? This is the Rich Eisen Show. I'm Chris Brockman sitting in for Rich. Normally I'm over there where Adam is.

Adam didn't know he was gonna be on camera this morning, so he's got the pasty white skin, he's got the blue hoodie. They brought me up from red shirting all these years. I'm here. Put me in, coach. I'm ready to play.

You look great. Please, somebody call and talk to Adam. Someone's on the line. Did you talk to them already? My man.

There's Del Tufo. Mikey, how was your weekend? Good.

Worked. Two college basketball games. Last weekend of college basketball. March Madness.

Exactly. It's fully loaded. It's coming up Sunday. Selection Sunday. TJ, did I see you went to Dodger Stadium last night? I did.

You know, I want to wait for Rich's here. We'll get into that. But yeah, I went to a little birthday party.

We'll get in that a little bit later. And yeah, it was pretty cool. I know you didn't watch any NBA.

Adam, we were talking about it. It was an epic sports weekend. I know we always talk about what's the greatest sports month of the year, whether it's October, April kind of makes its case. April does. And I know people kind of sleep on March because everyone just thinks it's only March Madness and that's the only thing that's going on.

But that would be enough, by the way. Normally March Madness that would be, and I know we're not watching a lot of college basketball here. But when the tourney starts, bro, you know it's gonna suck us right back in. But Thursday, Friday of the tournament and then Saturday, Sunday, there's 48 games take place over a four-day stretch.

And that usually kind of carries March. But it was an epic sports weekend. The NBA was insane. Kevin Durant, I don't know if you heard, he's good at basketball.

He's not bad. Game-winner, 37 yesterday. Suns beat the Mavericks again.

Yeah. And also people, like Booker said after the game, everyone gets mad with all these NBA players being buddy-buddy. Well, Devin Booker and Luke are showing that there is some animosity out there in the NBA. And I guess, I think I'm here for it.

I'm here for all of it. And we know nobody likes the Grizzlies. They got all kinds of stuff going on now.

What is happening down there? With John Moran, it's really not funny. With John Moran, he's taken a few games off. I imagine, didn't actually call it a suspension. He released a statement after an Instagram video where he appeared to be brandishing a gun after the reported incidents that took place over the last few months of him involved with a 17-year-old and then an incident at the mall.

And so, he's taking some time away. TJ, I feel like it's gonna be longer than two games, even though he's out two games. And Memphis might be in trouble or they might be better off without him.

Who knows? They had a 10-point lead last night in the fourth quarter against the Clippers. Clippers came all the way back. Clippers look nice.

Yeah. I would be two favorites in the West. Phoenix and the LA Clippers. I'm not mad at that, TJ.

We'll get into that a little bit later on. We'll talk a lot of NBA later. Great sports weekend. Formula One is back.

We mentioned Max Verstappen won again at Bahrain. The golf has been awesome. Not sure he watched any of the Arnold Palmer invitational yesterday at Bay Hill. Kirk Kitiyama beat a loaded field with an epic 18th hole.

Hits it in the rough. Then hits an incredible shot that maybe 25% of golfers could make. And two putts dramatically for the win over Roy McElroy and Harris English.

He takes home $3.6 million in the elevated event. Major League Baseball has been awesome. I gotta say I was a major opponent of the pitch clock.

I loved the rule about banning the shift. I thought we'd see more action. I thought that was kind of the most pressing thing kind of facing Major League Baseball was action.

Getting away from home run walk strikeout. That was obviously super boring. The game time limit I didn't really have a problem with.

But I watched the game yesterday. Came into two hours and 18 minutes. Gotta love it right?

I mean I don't hate it. I think I might be coming around on the pitch clock. And there's a lot of action. And the Red Sox are 6-0. Nobody knew what this garbage Red Sox team was gonna look like getting into this year. We're just letting guys go.

Sure Raffi Devers is back but making all the dumbest moves ever. But we're 6-0 have I mentioned that? World Series favorites I'm calling it right now.

Yeah easy. You know one thing about this pitch clock. I kinda like it man. I wasn't sure if I was gonna like it.

I think I'm coming around. I watched Max Scherzer do something with this pitch clock that there's gonna be a lot of psychological warfare going on. So I don't know if you notice what he did. It was a few games ago. Okay so the pitch clocks on. You know the batter can only take one time out right?

To step out of the box to get themselves ready. Scherzer does this thing where he will just stand there and for an uncomfortably long amount of time and just wait. Which forces the batter to like maybe step out and readjust himself. But Scherzer knows that the second the batter gets back in the box he can throw the ball without giving this. So he will stand there and wait and wait and wait for the batter to step out. Uses his time out. He steps back in and then the second he gets set here comes the ball.

And it's just like I don't know if they're gonna do something to try to change this. But if not Scherzer really picked up on something. The way the kind of Bill Belichick the rule kind of circumvent kind of you know use the rule to your advantage. And I was like okay this is this is pretty smart. It's actually hilarious too because wasn't Scherzer one of the ones who was like this is stupid this is bad for the game I hate it. He was kind of the first guy to come out and be like this isn't gonna work. And now he's kind of taking advantage and kind of skirting the rules. Didn't some dude over the weekend have a strikeout in 20 seconds? Like literally the at-bat took 22 seconds and he struck the guy out.

I did see something like that. Anyway games are going really fast. I think I'm coming around although I don't want to admit that publicly.

Well if your socks were 2 and 4 instead of 6 and 0. I've been complaining so much. Tristan Cass's people pick him up in fantasy. All right we're gonna take a break but before we get to that guys Derek Carr is a new home. We've been talking about Derek Carr for weeks and weeks and weeks literally since 2022 we've been talking about Derek Carr. Derek Carr is a new home and it's the New Orleans Saints. He's got a four year deal according to rap sheet and everybody else. It's a four year deal. Big QB number coming said Ian.

They'll make it work with their cap situation. So Derek Carr is going to New Orleans. Our long national Derek Carr nightmare is over. David Carr still a free agent.

Poor Mike Garofalo. Trying to be first and put David Carr instead. So where does that leave the Jets? We're gonna talk about that. We know where that leaves the Jets.

I said weeks ago. Okay we know we knew where this was gonna leave. I think so. I think it's pretty written now.

Like Nas said it was written and I and I think that uh that man number 12 will be coming down out of retirement very soon. Aaron Rodgers is gonna be Illmatic. Is that what we're saying?

I'm saying. All right so Derek Carr is headed to the Saints. I actually think great move. Why do you want to be in the AFC?

That's what I never understood. Aaron Rodgers, all the Denver rumors. Sure he can go to the Jets. If the Jets get Aaron Rodgers, they're not even guaranteed to win their division. You would think if you acquire a guy like Aaron Rodgers, first ballot Hall of Famer whenever he chooses to hang it up.

Of course. Plus five years. You would think that move guarantees you a division title and then boom a trip to the final four at least. Not the case. Not the case in the AFC. Not the case in the AFC East. Where look we've shown Miami has been awesome when two is fully healthy their offense clicks on all cylinders like we've never seen before. And of course the Bills and Josh Allen still one of the Super Bowl favorites heading into next year.

I imagine Josh Allen will be one of the betting favorites for MVP again. So where does this leave the Jets? Do they, hey look Lamar Jackson still no deal right? They're talking. They're still meeting. Eric DaCosta, Ravens GM and him are still talking and meeting.

But maybe looking like he's gonna get non-exclusive franchise tagged the 4 p.m. deadline Eastern tomorrow. Would a team like the Jets be willing to give up two first round picks for Lamar Jackson? Well Chris getting back to the Rodgers thing and you said they're not guaranteed to win the division. But one thing is for certain the Jets would at least be in every game. They went I believe five games this year without scoring a touchdown. I can't imagine with an Aaron Rodgers led offense that that would be the case. So at least that there's gonna be hope they're gonna be in every game. They've got a very talented team both on both sides of the ball. I mean look if we talked about you know kind of ad nauseum here the Jets are ready to win now. They're a quarterback away from kind of being in this top 10 mix in the NFL.

And so do you think Aaron Rodgers is the guy? Problem is you're gonna have to trade. You're gonna have to give up access for him and then you're gonna have to pay him. You know the number I know he carries a 60 million dollar number right now. I got to imagine the number is gonna have at least a five in in front of it you know year to year. So we'll see what happens there.

We'll talk about all of that. Again Rich is at LAX. He's probably in a car.

He's probably on the Imperial Highway in Sepulveda right now as we speak. If the car had enough room in it for Rich to pace around he'd be pacing around in the car right now just to give you the visual of what Rich Eisen is coming back from Indy. We don't know what he took Chris. He could be in a party bus which would allow him to roam. So you know.

I don't know. I don't know what's picking Rich up at the airport these days. Mike it could be a party bus. The hell going on.

Exactly. This is the Rich Eisen show. I'm Chris Brockman. That's TJ. That's Mike. That's Adam in my chair.

Daniel Jones might get 40 million. What are the Giants doing? We'll be right back. Rich Eisen thanks for joining. We are here on a Monday.

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Call, click or just stop by just like I did. From Indianapolis. Good to see you guys. I mean I've been watching, I've been literally watching you for like four straight days. I've been watching so much. Dude, when I host, when I host the combine it's like the Truman Show. Like I feel like my life is on television.

And so it's a lot of live TV. Good to see you Christopher. How are you?

Good to see you TJ Jefferson. How are you? Where are you going? I just got here. Where are you going?

Okay go for it. Mike's out. I'm in, I'm out. So we've got, I'm so excited that the buzziest quarterback from the combine is our third hour guest. Yeah right. Anthony Richardson.

Yeah. We start to show off talking about him. Well you should.

He trended the minute he stepped on the field on Saturday. Well tell us what you saw. You saw him in person. I saw a humongous individual is what I saw. A giant who could run for a four four forty. Yeah.

And is six foot four. I think I told you this story that earlier in in last week that somebody who's you know in later on I've got my top five rumors I've heard at the, I heard at the combine. Overheard the combine.

Oh my gosh you're gonna love it. Talking about how somebody was you know hanging out with quarterbacks at an event and a throwing camp or whatever and somebody came up to talk about you know quarterbacking thoughts and schemes and theories and what-have-you. Walked away and he's like why is this linebacker interested in quarterbacking? Yeah. That's Anthony Richardson. Oh.

Oh cool cool cool. Yeah. He's that big huh?

Yeah he's that big. So I can't wait to chat with him in hour number three of this program. And just like everything at the combine as well it's about what what you're seeing. How obviously it's gonna fold into the draft at the end of April and then in between the rest of free agency occurs. Tomorrow franchise tags are handed out. Boom. Just like that that's the deadline by which you must tag someone. And Daniel Jones's representatives, apparently he switched representatives just a couple weeks ago. Right before.

Yeah. And let's see pressures on. And so those representatives are on the way to New Jersey right now. And the Giants have an absolute quandary on their hands. Because they don't want to pay Daniel Jones something that starts with a four annually. They don't have to pay him with something that starts with a four for this annual year if they franchise tag him.

32 million. Problem is if they use the franchise tag on him then Saquon can walk. And if they use the franchise tag on Saquon then Daniel Jones can walk. So getting the deal done with one of them is pretty big.

You get a deal done with one of them you franchise the other one. And tick tock they have till tomorrow afternoon to figure out that Rubik's Cube. Because Jones, from what I have heard, told his representatives he wants something that starts with a four. 48 was the number that was floating around. He wants something that starts with a four and it's just so great that somebody who is just so aw shucks is like chesty when it comes to this opportunity as well he should. This is it. He just won a playoff game and he looked like Colin friggin Kaepernick doing it.

Yeah how do you look the week after? I know. I know. But he is it's a free agent market in a manner that or he can hit the free agent market or he let's put it this way has his free agent potential walk your hit coming off of a playoff win season unlike who else that's available.

Derek Carr just got signed and he hasn't won a playoff game let me look it up. Ever. That's what I wrote down right here the word ever it's odd that it would find the page. Just fresh off a plan like that. Did you have that bookmarked?

It's my skill set. Ever. Ever. Four year deal for Derek Carr to the New Orleans Saints and you know I love this business. It's the team he apparently wanted all along.

Oh really? So on one hand I say congratulations to him that he signed with the team he wanted to sign with all along while offering my condolences that there goes his first Ballot Hall of Fame career because he could have had it with the Jets. So.

So close. I mean sign with the team he wanted to sign with all along and just to show you how much bile Derek Carr had towards the Raiders. This is the team that reached out for him before he forced the Raiders to cut him. Could have gone there. And I'm assuming the money that was being discussed between the sides it's got to be like the same right?

It's got to be similar don't you think? Don't you think? Yeah because he was 40 million on his deal but then he was rumored he was asking for like 35. It might even be more because he had more teams to play off of other than like his contractually obligated team trading him to that other spot. Now he's free so all I'm saying is that he's wound up to the team that the Raiders were all ready to send him to but he's just like yeah you don't get compensation. Sorry see ya. I like that though. Out.

Get him dirty. Hey where's that fall on our petty level Rich? Richard, Tom, Ty. You know what? Kyle.

No no no I'm gonna go Kyle. Okay. Because that's not petty. It's not petty. It's it's business. It's business. Okay. It's business. Never personal. It's business. I'm going around forever crying my eyes out for your team. You want me to you send me home for Christmas and I'm gonna leave you a gift under the tree of compensation for me? Get out of here.

So you wound up in New Orleans. So congratulations to him and you take a look the rest of that division. One team's draft an eighth overall in Atlanta and one team's drafting ninth overall in Carolina. Atlanta's got Desmond Ritter and I'll tell you what when I say in Indianapolis there was zero buzz about Desmond Ritter.

There was zero buzz about Desmond Ritter. Overheard at combine. To the point where Falcons are grinding tape on on quarterbacks and Carolina they are they are absolutely in the market for drafting one of the kids that we just saw whether they can stay put for Anthony Richardson or move up for Will Levitz or go for Baroque and get up all as far as they possibly can for either Bryce Young or CJ Stroud who had a great combine and then the Bucks they're like going full higher register. Kyle Trask can do it. We drafted Kyle Trask for a reason. I mean you want to talk about Anthony Richardson as a Florida quarterback we have our own. For you kids out there the higher register is you got to go higher register to believe what you're saying. We have to two kids in here. I see him. It's a good segment.

You know it's what we'll explain later on but so we got to go higher register for Kyle Trask so right off the bat you have to say the Saints have got the QB of QBs in this division. Congratulations to them. Remember when Cam Jordan visited us in Super Bowl yeah he seemed like he was all for having their cars as quarter yes so now they're calling it Cardi Gras. Is that a thing? Did you just make that up?

Nope saw it. I kind of like that. You know what else is funny about Cardi Gras? You know what else is funny about Cardi Gras this week?

I just don't think you're taking anything off you know you're not doing any. Is Cardi B going to be there too? I don't know. Mardi Cardi. Cardi Gras. I like that. Is what it's being called right off the bat in New Orleans. I don't know. Now then. Cardi Gras. Let's go to the other side of things.

Let's go to the other side of things of the car equation and that is the team. Get the popcorn ready. That was after him ish. Hey you could be a first ball Hall of Famer here but you know there's some guy who's definitely a first ball Hall of Famer sitting in the dark. Gotta wait for him. He's out of the dark.

He's into the light. Well this is part of the conversation. Aaron Rogers is making a decision and apparently the Jets were waiting for him to make his decision but then you know and Carr now it's being said it didn't like being Plan B.

That'd be a Plan A and yet we're also hearing at the same time he's going to the place where he always wanted to go. I don't know what to believe anymore. It's really amazing that I just came from this event where nobody tells the truth and it was presented by something called Noble on NFL Network. Noble.

Irony not lost. There was a lot of bull there. Again my top five rumors that I heard at the combine coming up. Don't miss it. So now what? Now what? Rich you know what's gonna happen.

No stop it. Now what? I will tell you what I would like to happen. I will tell you what I would like to happen.

What's that? I want the Jets to get somebody that does not cost them a single draft choice. That's it. All of a sudden the Jets roster is being built. All of a sudden the Jets roster's got defensive rookie of the year and offensive rookie of the year and another guy who's coming back from a knee injury that could have been offensive rookie of the year and may damn well be your favorite for comeback player of the year in 2023. And Breece Hall and Elijah Veritakker's coming back and Skoronski from Northwestern who was the top offensive lineman on Daniel Jeremiah's draft board. His comp for him height, weight, speed and all that is Elijah Veritakker the kid who's coming back for the Jets.

You got you got stuff going on. I don't think they're ready just flip a two or three whatever it's gonna cost to get Aaron Rodgers and then the cap on top of it. It's not my money it's Woody Johnson's money that apparently Rodgers thinks is being put out there to cancel him because of Woody Johnson's family is the Johnson of Johnson and Johnson fame of vaccine or world. Which is another thing again that that Rodgers will bring to the equation that I don't think we'll play in New York. What we'll play in New York from Aaron Rodgers is first ballot Hall of Fame ability and a huge buzz that would hit on the spot and Jets fans will be like here we go and take all the far flashbacks and put it aside and say here we go with Aaron Rodgers and can he come there and play like he did in his MVP caliber seasons and be coordinated by his guy Nathaniel Hackett damn straight he can damn straight he can but then what when he hits 41 then what we hope Zach Wilson's ready okay turn Zach Wilson into the Jordan love of the situation okay but I don't think the Jets are in the business of flipping twos and threes and fours they're just they're not there yet they're not like the Rams to f all them picks sorry kids they're not here you know they're not built for that now I saw so many talented kids running jumping moving they are some really good players offensive linemen really good defensive backs which everybody needs pass rushers he's gonna forego all that firing Rogers and I know you're sitting there going rich he's out of Rogers I get it I've watched him I was part of Farve watch I watched Aaron Rodgers first game of significance in old Texas Stadium I've been around I know of which I speak when I'm sitting here saying don't give up a two and a three and whatever I don't think you're in the business of doing that go get Jimmy G I said go go go get him he runs the system that Leflore and that Leflore did run that I think Hackett can run he doesn't cost you a draft choice he's only there for what you give him a three-year deal give him that mid-level quarterback deal hopefully he would accept it and go to work with a guy who's played in the Super Bowl played in multiple championship games all you got to do is just tone handed to Breece Hall and don't throw an interception get it out quickly to Garrett Wilson and don't throw an interception go let Quinnen Williams and sauce and everybody else do the work Sala knows this and you might get who knows you catch lightning in a bottle he knows the kind of what you want to mess with the Patriots I'll answer the question for Jets fans yes we do go in there with Jimmy G and beat them with Jimmy G ha twice a year do it that's my thought process if they get Aaron Rodgers clearly I'm a fan I'm on board and then I'm holding on for dear life but it all depends on what he wants to do so congratulations to the Saints you got the best quarterback right now in your division congratulations to Derek Carr you wound up in the spot you wanted to go to and the Raiders don't get any compensation but I apologize to him there goes that first ballot Hall of Fame career the Jets were promising they're gonna have the same approach or Rogers come to us you get your first battle Hall of Famer and Rogers like hold on a second you think you know am I hallucinating now I bet you the ayahuasca hits different than you like goodness so I'm back I'm off the plane guess who's been good what was the breakfast on the plane oh there was no breakfast on the plane breakfast oh I got I got a story about food to tell you I'm very proud of this story or bad story oh it's a great story okay great story Indianapolis was very good so much to talk about it was good top of the next hour you know what I want to do I got my rumors nice how do I miss get started top five rumors I heard at the combine overheard combine would have went nuts it would have rich yeah man I don't want to do that I just want to come straight through the front door and just rumor monger what it's like to walk around and hear what you hear let's go steak and shake plan plan B is I guess plan B is is the I guess the the red sweater right the Ken bone red sweater from two presidential elections ago the plan B is Jimmy G so the red sweater is plan B because plan A has always been Rogers for the Jets all along it's clear car is gone and Zach Wilson's still there maybe he's did maybe start with him saying you don't like winning and you you would know what you have no idea what the Jets had a good quarterback and 12 and 5 oh they would go nuts Mike wait I watched it I watched a double overtime win last night that was very enjoyable to watch it so you're back Mortimer huh I'm back I do love watching the Knicks right now it's understandable all right we'll take a break eight four four two oh four riches the number two dollars I don't see the guy with the schmecke outfit it's like I'm out of your peripheral plus I'm out of the facial recognition line of fire he's there on any buildings out here does he he probably does does he used to own the forum I'm back for four two oh four rich let's let's have some talks can help you tackle the job hunt and make your next career move in football and in life there's the regular season and then there's the playoffs knows that scoring your next job that's a playoff moment to bring your a-game you need looking to change positions and join a new team monster can help has millions of job openings and 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allergic reactions or if you're allergic to lidocaine or the proteins used in Juvederm tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding common side effects include injection site redness swelling pain tenderness firmness lumps bumps bruising discoloration or itching as with all gel fillers there's a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel which can cause vision abnormalities blindness stroke temporary scabs or scarring for full important safety information visit back here on the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich is the number to dial okay let's go to the phone lines Alan Dallas let's take his phone call right here in the Rich Eisen show 844-204-rich number to dial. Al I just landed I'm still decompressing. I noticed I mean I can't believe the casual Richard this is a new look. Come on you know what it is it's just it's just me you know I mean that's listen you're not you're not you're not gonna get sued in booted for a flight cross-country definitely not so that's that's that's not unless you got a power meeting but I'm back listen yeah it's all good and Brockman did a hell of a job Brockman doing it thanks Richard okay he did well oh good did you just hire register like you thought I was gonna blow it no no no he's not convincing that's not condescending it wasn't condescending it's exactly what I expected great where'd you sit did you sit in this chair in the show where do you think I sat so you sat right here powerchair he kept your seat warm rich mmm as they would say I figured it was a little bit it was a little bit you felt violated did you adjust the seat seat doesn't adjust sure it does okay all right what's up pal I have a great quarterback candidate for the New York Jets Oh God what's up who do you have Daniel Jones let's get out of here come on now you're not being serious you're being serious come on now 45 million dollars for Daniel Jones you're gonna pay it you're gonna come close to it Giants love them Giants love them they want to see what they can have in him in another one or two years they'll if say qualm wasn't sitting out there needing a contract of his own they would have franchise tagged him already and and and said 32 million dollars that's it we'll chat again next year do it again next year you're kind of on a one-year scholarship now Allah her cousin's bad spot though how so I mean they would have done that because all that money's guaranteed I think that their flexibility they need to sign Daniel Jones will launch on contracts franchising Daniel Jones puts them in a bad spot he wants he wants 40 plus million a year is what he wants and if he was Derek Carr he might have gotten it but I guess the Giants are not willing to let him hit the open market there's no way he's hitting the open market I guess they'd rather let say Quan walk then then Daniel Jones hitting the open market Quan is just you know he's an afterthought you know running backs are an afterthought on this thing I just I would like to see and I think all giant fans are I think I could speak for them all so that we would like to see Daniel Jones even though listen we we put ourselves in this position by not upping him right I get it Daniel Jones would like to see we'd like to see him take a little bit of a hometown discount and so so that makes the makes the rock signing for longer years but just just so we can be flexible with the roster I mean I know listen I know you just said you said is like you know you just said but it's clearly not like what why would he take the hometown discount I don't mean like I'm not talking about 20 25 percent but you got only you got to leave him some flexibility you know it's it's gonna be it's gonna be a grind let's see well let's see what he comes in at and thanks for the call now let's see what happens and by the way if they franchise tag him tomorrow that doesn't mean Saquon is definitely a free agent that just means they've got about four or five more days until until Saquon becomes a free agent that just gives more ticking time for them to talk to Daniel Jones about a long-term contract or come to a terms on a long-term contract with Saquon and just say Daniel you're on the one-year deal and Saquon's got the security of a long-term deal and I don't think giving Saquon Barkley a second contract in which he's making a nice chunk of change hurts the team at all he's he was one of the top running backs in the league and was their offense essentially when Jones wasn't turning into Colin Kaepernick in a playoff day you know so we'll find that one out but then again you if you just why I mean Bijan Robinson seeing him yesterday he's Daniel Jeremiah's fourth player on his draft board fourth and the last time I said when was the last time you had a running back top five he said Saquon they don't come along very often you also don't need to draft a guy like that you don't need to pay Saquon running backs are kind of all the same now well you have to just think about it you look when I saw all these guys running like they did and moving as they did and then you think that at last year's combine when the running backs worked out there was only one guy on that field who wound up scoring a touchdown in that year's Super Bowl and his name was Isaiah Pacheco and he's a seventh round pick exactly Tony Pollard just got tagged by the Cowboys fourth round pick and we think he's better than the guy they drafted in the top five they tagged him boy Dallas if there's a franchise that does not it does not bat an eye about paying their run at paying running backs it's the Dallas Cowboys it's the Dallas Cowboys but they need him for sure yeah but you mentioned the name a few minutes ago he was low-key on my draft list the running back out of Texas Bijan well he's there's no nothing low-key about it but he was one nothing low-key about might find his way to get drafted top ten and I don't think anybody should bat an eyelash well I think they would base some bow and what Chris has said and what we know to be truce drafting a back that highs kind of risky unless you're ready to roll right now true he's good let me ask you a question Philadelphia Eagles where do they draft Chris pop it up let's just talk about it I got it pop it up where do they draft they've got the Eagles draft twice do they not 31 and and they got they got New Orleans at 10 I'm looking at yeah you're sitting there at 10 you're sitting it there 10 you know you got another one coming up right and take Bijan Robinson yeah and plug him into that system and him and AJ Brown and Devante Smith and Jalen hurts yes they don't have a lot of holes to plug hey take a look at what the 49ers just did they went and got Christian McCaffrey in the middle of a season they're not dressed I mean San Francisco may not draft again in the on the first or second nights of the draft you know interesting for another three four years that's an exaggeration I'm just sometimes you just got to say I'm sitting here in a manner in which I didn't expect to tenth overall there's some incredibly talented running back sitting here he will not be available 31st overall and yeah we got Miles Sanders and Boston Scott and the rest of that group out in the universe man oh yeah it's very interesting thought or if you really want to go crazy you get AJ Brown's former teammate who's apparently available as we discussed last week Derek Henry according to our friend Mike Silver who I think lost his voice within five minutes of arriving in Indianapolis he says Derek Henry's on the market yeah but don't do that I can get to give up assets you're literally just using the tenth pick on a guy that you know that's that's an asset all out that's an asset you could use another asset like a third or something else and get Derek Henry in the hook for the 15 mil I don't like this idea that's why it's like you just got to reimagine the way you know normally look at things in order to win in this league right now I think my top five rumors I overheard at the combine you're gonna love it that's coming up right here on the rich eyes and show an hour to I'm back folks still sitting here on a Roku channel so the draft is gonna be so awesome I heard it's uh the the draft set is right where the parade route was right near the train station in Kansas City okay so it's gonna be gonna be great and you know the draft on the road is the greatest thing that the league has come up with the 20 the 2011 draft or 2012 draft that was the last time the draft was held in a town where the Super Bowl winner resided after the Giants beat your Patriots again in Indianapolis and then had the draft at Radio City that's the last time and then it's Detroit the following year and then they don't know and no it's a Detroit is 24 yes okay and then and then it's up up in the air you want it your house my house the draft yeah I got enough room in the back behind the condo we got a little dondo Beach pier oh yeah big concert in the summer an LA draft in Redondo Beach party Glazers I don't think he lives there anymore I don't think he lives there anymore either yeah it's been away a long time New Orleans okay so I'm back so our number three Anthony Richardson look forward to chatting with him our number two chatting with you and very rare do I traffic in rumor but we're about to you're gonna love this segment come on down in the fun stuff rich well I'm dry I'm diving in them in the mosh pit with you guys our two coming up youth football is all about style and fun and the NFL celebrates that through play football an initiative aimed at creating positive experiences for players coaches and parents with the goal of preserving and promoting the values of the game on the football field kids can continue to grow through teamwork and build trust as leaders to learn more and to find a league near you visit play the future of football is here you in
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