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The Mannings and Rightly Rated

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold
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February 6, 2023 3:59 pm

The Mannings and Rightly Rated

The Adam Gold Show / Adam Gold

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February 6, 2023 3:59 pm

The Mannings....

Already do:



-coach Pro Bowls

We need to have them:

Work chain gang at Super Bowl

QB the draft combine, and work clock, starting line, etc

Analyzing PreGame show on second screen

Where’s Waldo game during Sunday Night Football

In mascot suits for Colts-Giants

Rightly Rated:

National Frozen Yogurt Day

National Chopsticks Day

National Enquirer sold


But one thing I noticed from the Pro Bowl last night was that we are now, it's interesting because I'm not sure why it worked out this way. Normally, if you are super likable, super personable, seen as funny, even if it's only because you're funny for an athlete, if you are seen in that light and you're very popular, then most people want to immediately put you either in the booth or on the pregame show, the Sunday pregame shows.

Although I was listening to a podcast that was noting this, those haven't changed in a long time. Like the Fox personnel, it's been Jimmy Johnson and Howie Long and it was James Brown, then Kurt Menefee or whatever. The same dudes, the CBS dudes, Bill Cower. Chris Collinsworth. He's NBC, I think.

But Terry Brauch. Anyway, the studio shows haven't had a lot of shakeup. So you didn't see either Manning go immediately to the booth and yet they have this role where they like kind of just exist everywhere in the NFL, right? So already we've got them doing Monday Night Football.

They're on like the second screen. They're basically running a talk show during Monday Night Football. We get the Manning talk show.

It's like Ellen DeGeneres for dudes, you know, to be completely heteronormative about it, right? It's like, oh, we're going to have funny guests on and, you know, tell stories during a football game. So the Mannings do that. Then Peyton, I think he's got his like podcast.

He goes and talks to people, tell stories. We've got him coaching the Pro Bowl. And again, coaching the Pro Bowl was not just calling the plays and these guys seemed into it. They were like on the sled when the offensive linemen were pushing it in the relay race.

Go, go, go, go. Like yelling at him right there. Like that's the shot that the NFL wanted. They realized people love the Mannings and we need more Manning in our Pro Bowls. So we need them at every competition. We, I want them holding for the kicker when they kick. I want, you know, so, so we've got them on Monday Night Football. They're on their own podcast. They're coaching the Pro Bowl team.

The, you know, anytime we have a sports awards, you know, those guys are going to be presenting if they're not hosting. Okay. But that's not enough. I need more Manning in my NFL life. So I've got some suggestions on how we could put more Mannings in. You ready for this?

This is a perfect one. And I want this next week in Phoenix. I'm excited. Mannings on the chain game. I want Peyton and Eli holding the chains. And when there's a close first down, they come running out of the crowd sight.

Yeah. Like you can wear their shirts instead of like, you know, I don't know what did they normally wear for Manning. I would say like Omaha or whatever, you know, like let's just go all in, but I want the two Manning brothers looking at each other, stretching out the chains. That's what we need.

All right. At the draft combine, Mannings obviously need to be all time QB. Anytime we're working out the receivers, even, even if it's just handing off to the running backs, but definitely anything throwing to people or like when the pass rushers are passing, but they don't actually hit them. Mannings need to be the all time QBs at the combine.

I also want them working the stopwatch at the 40. I need the Mannings there. And like anytime just work the Mannings more into the combine, make them run, be the first dudes to run the 40, make them first and last. Peyton goes first, then all the other position players. And then Eli goes last and we progress. I mean, we, we track their 40 time every year. Well, Peyton actually got a little bit faster this year between age 49 to 50, but every year there needs to be the Mannings running the 40.

Okay. I want, we already have them doing a talk show during Monday night football. I want a Manning pregame show on Sundays, but it's just them watching and analyzing the other pregame shows. I want Eli and Peyton to be like, that was a great piece by, uh, Tom Rinaldi there for the Fox show. Like I love, I love Rinaldi.

Like Rinaldi's the best. Like I want them breaking down the other studio shows. I want them breaking down the outfits. What do you think about what Howie Longswear? I think it's great.

I love the zinger about to come up. Yes. Good. Like I want a pregame analysis show by the Mannings.

Okay. Then during Sunday night football, I want a where's Waldo style thing where you just know every week Peyton and Eli are there somewhere. And part of watching Sunday night football is spotting a Manning brother, like they might be, uh, under the blue tent. Like when somebody goes to an injury, you see a good bullet and like Manning is like, they're hiding somewhere. It used to be one of my favorite, uh, minor league baseball games.

It's not the most clever thing, but for some reason I loved it. They do like, I used to, I would work out at the five County stadium where the mudcats are. So Muddy the mudcat would just be hiding somewhere. Like he put on a yellow banana outfit and just stand at the foul pole. And it was like, the kids looking around the whole stadium, you're like, he's out of here somewhere.

And like, people started seeing him. That's what I want. I want the Mannings secretly.

Like maybe, uh, maybe they're the people running out to grab the, um, the tee after the guy kicks off, like when the man is jogging out there and just pick it up, like got him spotted the man. So I just want to, where's Waldo Manning style game for every Sunday night football Monday night. We know they're talking, they're talking Sunday night.

They don't have to talk. They might be in, you know, if there's a celebrity in a box, they might be in the box with them. They might, again, they might be under the blue 10.

They might be just lurking in the, uh, TV booth over the shoulder of somebody else. I just want, where's Waldo with the Mannings at Sunday night football. And then finally, we could add to this list of how we can have more Mannings in our NFL life. Anytime the Colts play the giants, it shouldn't be too often. They're not division rivals.

They're not even the same conference, but every like, it's like every five years you cycle through playing every team. I think anytime those two teams meet Colts and the giants, I want Mannings in the mascots in the mascot suit. So Eli in the, uh, the giants, even though this might not work at the giants don't have a mascot. There needs to be some kind of bet. Maybe even if they're not in the mascot suits, there should be some kind of fun bet.

Nope. I need them in mascots. I want them in mascot suits and I want a camera inside the mascot suit, showing them as the mascots.

That's what I want. I need more Mannings in my world. What would the Manning menu be for like a pregame day or an NFL football game? I'm curious what their their menu is. I don't know, but just the term Manning menu is like a winner.

It doesn't even matter what's on there. Manning menu is the, I mean, yeah, you could definitely have a, uh, they could have a food network show at like 9 a.m. wake, you know, waking up on an NFL morning, tailgating with the, you know, the Mannings, the Manning menu. Um, yes, I just need more Mannings in my life. Coaching the pro bowl. Not enough.

I need all that other stuff with the few minutes we have remaining. We have just enough time to decide if things are overrated underrated or properly rightly rated. This is rightly rated. I think we've been overrated. I think they've been underrated.

First up on rightly rated. We had to go to the well today. Told you it's kind of a slow sports weekend.

Not, not, not as many funny things happening and all that stuff. So we're, we're going to, I'm not proud of this, but we're doing it. We had to go to the national day calendar, Victoria. Don't boo me. We've got a couple it's national frozen yogurt day.

Okay. So now I don't know why you would put either national ice cream or frozen yogurt day. I don't know why you would do these days in the winter. Like it seems like national frozen yogurt would be during a warmer month, but whatever. So national frozen yogurt day is frozen yogurt overrated underrated or rightly rated Victoria. I mean, I like it. Do I think it's better than just ice cream or somewhere like Goodberry like custard? No, I just think it's, it's okay.

It's rightly rated. Here's my thing. Uh, I'm a little bit older than you.

So we're not, we're not quite the same generation, but the gap isn't huge, but it might be just enough. There was a time where frozen yogurt was overrated because do you remember TCBY? Yes. All that stuff.

Yep. They're they're all over the place everywhere. And then there was, I can't, or I can't believe it's not yogurt. And then there was the country's best yogurt.

Then there's another, I'm not thinking I can't believe it's not butter. I can't remember, but basically frozen yogurt was everywhere. So at that time it had become overrated.

However, they've all disappeared. So I'm with you. I don't love frozen yogurt.

It's fallen off the earth and therefore it's become a little underrated. It's like, it's not bad. And sometimes it depends like frozen yogurt more than ice cream depends on like the toppings that are with it. I was going to say you put some good toppings on it.

You can make anything better. And a lot of times frozen yogurt is better for toppings than some ice cream. Like ice cream, some doesn't mix. It used to be a good ice cream place on Hillsborough street called Steve's. And then it was called Doug's or maybe the other way around it was Doug's and Steve's their ice cream is both good and worked well for like mix-ins. So frozen yogurt, good for toppings and a little top independent. Shout out the yogurt pump.

Still getting it done over there in Chapel Hill. But again, the way frozen yogurt fell off, it can only be underrated. The other thing it was today was national chopsticks day. I don't know where that came from.

To me, totally overrated. Now I do think it's a cool skill to learn. I think if you were presented, if you're at an authentic dining situation at which chopsticks are all that's offered to you, you should be able to get through the meal without it being like, can I get a fork? So I went to Japan as a kid. That's where I learned to eat chopsticks and it felt cool to be authentic. But otherwise I feel like people are just trying to show off even with chopsticks.

Yeah. It's just, it's a safety hazard. I'm just.

Now I will say I've come to learn. It might be like Americans look at it and they're like, why would we do this? I could just eat with a fork. I could eat so much more and so much faster. And you're like, you answered your own question.

You answered your own question. You can eat so much more and so much faster with a fork that I don't know if the person who designed chopsticks was intentionally trying to slow down the eating process. That's why everyone's so thin over there.

But it tends to have that effect. I was going the other way of like, most people are normal and Americans are just fat. That's why we're so fat. I think they're normal and we're just fat. True.

So anyway, chopsticks for that reason might be slightly underrated. And shout out to the National Enquirer. It was sold. Enquirer, going underrated.

Same, but like frozen yogurt. Used to hear about it all the time. You never hear about it anymore. And they broke that John Edwards story. Adam Gold back tomorrow.
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