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Idaho's Fight For Women

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy
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April 27, 2020 1:19 pm

Idaho's Fight For Women

Family Policy Matters / NC Family Policy

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April 27, 2020 1:19 pm

This week on Family Policy Matters, host Traci DeVette Griggs is joined by Blaine Conzatti from Family Policy Alliance of Idaho. Conzatti discusses two crucial laws his organization helped pass in Idaho to defend Title IX and the rights of women and girls in education, sports, and much more, and how other states can follow suite.


Family policy matters in engaging and informative weekly radio show and podcast produced by the North Carolina family policy Council hi this is John Ralston, presidency, family, and were grateful to have you with us for this week's program is our prayer that you will be informed, encouraged and inspired by what you hear on family policy matters and that you will fold better equipped to be a voice of persuasion for family values in your community, state and nation, and now here's our house to family policy matters. Tracy Tibet bricks. Thanks for joining us this week for family policy matters plates know all too well the basic scientific fact that males and females are different. Unfortunately, too many politically motivated individuals in the world of athletics today seem to have forgotten that fact and want to ignore science in favor of a wild West of athletics where biological males who choose to identify as females are allowed to run roughshod over women's athletic competitions, but in Idaho lawmakers are standing up for women athletes and science.

With the recent passage of two important bills. The fairness in women's sports act and the Idaho vital statistics act toward you this week by Blaine consigning he is director of advocacy for family policy alliance of Idaho, with whom North Carolina family policy Council is proud to partner on a variety of national projects.

Blaine and his colleagues worked closely with Idaho lawmakers to get these two landmark pieces of legislation passed.

Idaho is in fact the first state in the nation to stand up for women athletes with legislation aimed at enhancing and enforcing title IX protections. Blaine consigning welcome to family policy matters going through.

Let's start with the fairness in women's sports act that works to preserve the protections in title IX for women's athletic programs what's happening in Idaho that made this law necessary. So we've been seeing a trend over the last several years in Idaho with were biological boards struggling with drug oriented or starting to play a girls high school and college sports grid is agreeable to what you click in Connecticut right now were three female track and field all high school girls doing their high school buttock negotiation because biological boards are breaking the record the wedding of a track and field championships actively displacing the growth of work so hard for both public opportunity because without the girls are missing out on scholarship for college replacing behind biological boys and meet them there effectively being excluded from their own sports so while biological boys are waiting for championships in Idaho high school sports, at least not yet. We want to make sure the doesn't happen here right and of course this flies in the face of hard one. Title IX protections right. Could you just briefly tell us, for people that might not be familiar with that. What title IX is supposed to do.

Title IX protects equal educational opportunities to all ducks and while title IX both productive of good educational sports or athletic opportunity for girls programs are going for the benefit if you know the girl sports are threatened by the transgender revolution, which now argues that gender is fluid and the gendered trumps biological sucks. So in this new paradigm biological male with gender dysphoria female female and therefore he should be given a Glock of the programs designed for the benefit of females turns title IX on its head in a dangerous thing but girl sports. So for the city girl sports for generations. The girls went to make it clear that Goldberg girl voice. And even though title IX is still in federal law. There is a need for this fairness in women's sports act because of the subject gender so as long as people keep arguing about the boy who identified with the female should be entitled to program you know title IX will be. So let's talk about the second bit of legislation. Idaho vital statistics act. Why was that necessary.

The Idaho vital exact birth certificates. Which of the most important of the vital documents issued by the state must reflect objective, quantifiable truth of the information contained in the birth certificate needs to reflect the stocks that existed at the time of birth, and that includes biological sucks. So the Idaho vital to the exact prevents individuals from changing their sucks marker on the birth certificate unless there has been a clerical error and this is necessary because in almost every state biological manner changing their sucks.

Markers on the birth certificate to female and are therefore able to gain access into email only domestic violence shelters or demand that they should be housed in female prisons, and this creates a world of mass in the public all universities going out in Alaska right now where biological bill to gain access to a woman's shelter and when the government identification documents and accurately reflect the person's biological sucks and it's a lot harder for law enforcement officials to make determinations as to whether someone should be a area or space that's been set aside for the safety and security of crows with the locker room or bathroom or a domestic violence shelter prison. Also, public health, it's really important that the government documents accurately identify the person sucks specially when tracing outbreaks and seeing the immunological distributions and patterns population which public health officials do they need to know whether that person has been infected is a male or female dispute is the discrepancy is disease affecting females and males etc. so for government officials to do their jobs well. We really do need our government documents to accurately reflect a person's biological sucks. Very interesting. So talk about what were the most important are fruitful conversations or discussions that you had as you work to help get these bills passed. We worked closely with the legislators who sponsored the bill to Gov. stuff with the Gov. stuff. We worked out the importance of these bills. These are lightning rods speak especially nationally in the national media or covering both of these laws so important to help the governor see why these bills are so necessary for protecting families here Idaho and example of this estate is currently defending a lawsuit by the transgender convicted child molester who wants the state to pay for sex reassignment surgery while he's in prison and the governor had thought that one really hard. He doesn't think that the taxpayer should be financially responsible for paying for sex change for convicted child predator yet legal cases weekend when people are allowed to change their sucks on the birth certificate. If a male prisoner can get there birth certificate sucks marker changed. They have a much stronger legal claim to being housed in a woman's prisoner getting sex hormones for women the vital statistics act protects against this type of abuse and once lawmakers started realizing that the level of support for these bills in the statehouse started rising astronomically.

So do you see like these bills could serve as models for other states. Yeah I would love to see these bills before another state sports act, almost a dozen state legislatures were considering some form of that this year and we know the both of these laws will be challenged in court. In fact, you transgender athletes filed a lawsuit. Just this morning to try to get that there is a moment sports October turned but we believe that both of these laws will ultimately survive the court challenges and regarding the birth certificate issue. We put a lot of time into that law to make it as defensible as possible. When the court challenge happens and so we think a great model for other states to want to reclaim truth and accuracy in the government records by preventing people from changing their sucks markers on on the course.

I think we can gas because we probably heard all of these arguments when we were wrestling with HP to several years ago, but what are the arguments that your hearing in opposition to these two bills Planned Parenthood. They were the biggest opponents of the furnace moment sports in the Idaho vital exact for your listeners. You don't know Planned Parenthood is the largest provider of cross sex hormones for minors. They totally change their business model in the last few years to focus away in some ways, letting abortions and contraception and instead they have really begun to focus their energy and the programs on providing what they call gender affirming care and that includes pressuring children into sex changes often without parental involvement in the process so Planned Parenthood really sees themselves as applicants for the transgender community there argument against these laws is that there exclusionary and discriminatory exclusionary and discriminatory to not allow boards the plane go sports or to require that a portion of reflect biological sucks course in reality it's not exclusionary to say that biological boys should plan for sports about school culture plan goals for if anyone is being excluded if the girls were losing out on opportunities for their pushed out of their own sports by biological males identifying females and what's happening in Connecticut. They're the ones who are truly being excluded. Biological Boykin Playboy sports now so I really don't want people to miss what you said in that answer because you said that Planned Parenthood is now the largest provider of cross sex hormones for minors and I just think that's astounding because we do understand how persuasive and how well-funded Planned Parenthood is talk about more specifics what what is Planned Parenthood doing and how aggressively are they going after minors and the parents of minors, potentially that are opposed to allowing gender transition further sons and daughters, Planned Parenthood is teaching about transgender ideology and sex ed classes in schools and through that variable to speak to a large portion of our youth population telling them but gender dysphoria is something that should be affirmed and that, boys and girls as young as 12 or 13 years old should begin receiving cross sex hormones and sex changes. If your parents don't agree, then they are bigoted and outdated their views are old-fashioned and they don't understand what's in the best interest of their child, and so Planned Parenthood will often administer the cross sex hormones without notifying parents without receiving prompt consent and he will also do referrals for sex changes to plastic surgeons and other doctors in the area for the child. So Planned Parenthood is being invited. Many times into schools to teach sex education and they're pushing this agenda of gender identity being fluid all the while they have a financial stake in whether or not the kids decide to go in that direction. Yeah, absolutely. So or more Planned Parenthood throughout the country have been losing access to government dollars for abortions and for women's health services claim to realize that they needed to update their business model and find a beer revenue source, and that new cash revenue source is sex changes for minors gender affirming care for minors. How aggressively are they going after this very aggressively. If you take a look at their promotional materials. If you sign up for the email list every week what you know they send out house story on gender affirming care. They often now say that they provide women's health services and health services for transgender identified individuals and so they are very aggressively seeking to provide care to the transgender community because they realize just how much financial benefit will come back for them so encouragement would you give to our listeners who might be frustrated by increasing attacks that we see on women's sports and on just the basic scientific facts related to biological sex would be cheerful and loving toward the battle that we cannot lose biological sex is an immutable but scientifically provable is also necessary sociologically for the proper functioning of families and society keep explaining that God has created each of us with the purpose of the rule, and sex is a part of that you created us male and female, and we can flourish as individuals and live our happiest lives. Only when we recognize God's good design at all. This will blame consolidate thank you so much for the trailblazing that you guys are doing out there and where listeners go to learn more about these two laws. We have material about both of these laws or website family policy family policy right will blame consolidate director of advocacy for family policy alliance in Idaho. Thank you so much for being with us on family policy matters. Thank you Tracy and thanks for the work of the North Carolina listing family policy. We hope you enjoy the program in plaintiff to do it again next week to listen to the show online into learn more about NC families work to inform, encourage and inspire families across Carolina or website it NC that's NC

Thanks again for listening and may God bless you and your family

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