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JR SportBrief Hour 4

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January 18, 2023 1:58 am

JR SportBrief Hour 4

JR Sport Brief / JR

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January 18, 2023 1:58 am

JR makes it very clear why the Cowboys should still feel plenty of pressure vs the 49ers


You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio.

It is the JR Sport Brief show on CBS Sports Radio and if you haven't guessed or figured it out or if you don't know, I'm JR. I'm gonna be hanging out here with you for one more hour. Thank you to everyone who's been locked in since the first hour of the show.

We get started here at 10 pm Eastern Time, 7 pm Pacific. Thank you to super producer and host Dave Shepherd. He'll put the show together. He's helping to make sure that it runs smoothly and thank you to you. There's no show if you aren't listening. Whether you agree, disagree, love me, hate me, could care less, I'm just glad that you're listening. Much love to everybody out there getting to the money.

Thank you to everybody out there on the road, everybody at work, everybody at home, everybody at school, everybody just chilling. Everybody holding it down. We're gonna hold it down for one more hour. If you want to talk to me in the process, it's simple. 855-2124 CBS. I'm also on social media. You got Twitter?

I do too. It's JR Sport Brief. You got Facebook? You're damn right I got Facebook.

It's at JR Sport Brief. You on Instagram? You damn right I'm on Instagram. I'm on all these things where people waste their time all day.

I am at JR Sport Brief. Come waste your time with me on social media as well as the air. We've had a busy night. It's been a quarterback filled night. Aaron Rodgers doesn't know what the hell his future holds.

What else is new? Tom Brady sounded like he was basically cooked last night. We don't know if he's done with the Buccaneers or whether he's just completely done with the NFL. And then over the past several days, it's like for a younger quarterback like Joe Burrow, it's like the seeds are starting to be sown by the organization as to what his contract or future contract might look like. As their owner, Mike Brown of the Cincinnati Bengals is pretty much taking the approach of, yeah, we want to keep him here forever. Yeah, we know it's going to cost money. I don't know how the hell we going to pay everybody else if we got to pay him a lot of money. And I certainly hope he can take the approach of Patrick Mahomes and just, I don't know, try to do something a little friendly for us.

I'm like, what? That's what you want? Why don't you just say, I hope that he takes a discount. Say that.

You don't have to beat around the bush. And if I'm Joe Burrow, a discount, pay me, pay me. Man, it's hard playing in the NFL. It's hard getting bread. And Tom Brady is the one example. Name me three others.

Give me a, give me a larger proof of concept. Who the hell gives up money? Tom Brady is wealthy beyond, oh, I got an NFL contract. And at the time this man was giving away all this damn money, the man was also married to a woman who made more money than he did. Like, I think a lot of people forget that it's a business. Oh, well, we're doing this for the team and we got to win the Super Bowl. Well, man, you can make a lot of money and still go out and compete for a championship.

I'm sorry. Patrick Mahomes, are they going to win the Super Bowl? I don't know. This man is making 40, $45 million a year.

You going to be shocked if he wins another one? So what do we say then? Oh, well, he did it. And, and oh, yeah, well, yeah, well, yeah. Oh, okay. Yeah, sure.

Mahomes did it. It's tough being a professional athlete, sticking around. An exclusive company. How many kids grow up saying, I want to be a pro? How many actually get there? And the dudes who get there, not everybody is getting these gigantic deals.

We only talk about the cream of the crop. And so when you have an opportunity to make a generational wealth, do it. Tell Mike Brown to take a discount.

Say, hey, give me a piece of the, give me a piece of the bangles. Give me a point or two in the valuation of the franchise. Give me that.

Can't happen, not happening, but you get my point. Take a discount. Eight million take a discount.

Eight five five two one two four CBS. What do you think Joe Burrow should do? And if he decides to be team friendly and save some cash, then good for him. But not me. I ain't doing that. Most of these professional athletes don't want to do it either.

They want to get paid first and then compete for a championship. Everybody, every man for themselves. You go get your own money. Eight five five two one two four CBS. Crystal is here from New Hampshire. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, Crystal, you're live. Oh, hi. I think he should definitely get paid.

Born and raised in Cincinnati, bangles has been a part of my life forever. And if he, I mean, he deserves the money. Why not? And Tom Brady, he got his money, too. He got his money. I mean, and Mahomes is getting his money. Why not, Brady? And the energy that Burrows and Chase has gave to Cincinnati is unreal. We haven't had it since I'm 44.

Last time we went to the Super Bowl and played 49ers. You know, and just the Chase and Burrows connection and chemistry is electrified. And not only does he have connection with, you know, Chase, but he's got a connection with mixing and he's got a connection with T Higgins and he's got a connection with multiple of the players, not just one. They would be silly not to give him the money. We know, we know they're gonna attempt to pay him.

I guess my question is, do you believe he should take a discount? That's the question. Absolutely not. Okay. No, no way. Go make that money.

And, and, and I, one of the other callers said that him and Chase were late. Yeah, they're going to, and it's going to be, you know, Cincinnati gloss. It really is. But we wouldn't blame them at all in any way. I mean, the owners of the Bengals been cheap for as long as we've ever known. And they're just now put money into the team. And I mean, Cincinnati is on fire right now. Just the town, the energy that is going on, I've been to, I'm a season ticket holder. So I've been to numerous games this year. And I mean, it's unreal down there. And they make money, they make money.

So I don't understand why not pay him so that we can keep him so that in Cincinnati, the organization can continue to make money and build this franchise for once. No, no, absolutely. No, thank you. Definitely. Do not take a discount burrow. Get your money.

Thank you. Yeah, nah, go, go get all the money. Why not? Teresa's here from Cleveland, Ohio, your CBS Sports Radio. Go ahead, Teresa. Hi, there. I'm definitely I'm telling you, he should not take a discount. And look all the money they're going to make selling jerseys, food, their name, you know, once they get all this money into these guys go out there and get broken up on that field, who's deciding they're gonna ever recover? Give that man his money and stop being cheap. And that's all I got to say about it.

All right. Thank you, Teresa, for calling from Cleveland. I will never forget T's TJ Hoosman Zada, talking about how how cheap the Bengals were as an organization. Typically, you have home games and the the home team will stay in a hotel because you don't want the guys out the day before. It's not just something that takes place during the Super Bowl. You want to have you guys in one place. You want to make sure they're fed. You want to make sure that they get some rest and that you can basically, you know, shuttle them over to the stadium and then have the game without any type of distractions. Hoosman Zada said that the the Bengals, if they were home, they didn't even put them up in a hotel. That you have guys going out the night before and then heading right over to the stadium.

Like, what are we what are we doing here? Is that still the case? I'm not so sure. Probably not.

But that's that's an example of where they have been. 855-212-4CBS. That's 855-212-4CBS. Tommy is here from New Orleans. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Jay, what's going on my brother? How you doing? I'm excellent.

What's on your mind? So the question is, should Joe Burrow take a pay cut or discount? The answer is no.

The answer is no. But the answer lies in what's what is Joe Burrow's market value? Market value is whatever somebody's willing to pay you. And if somebody else is willing to pay Joe Burrow X amount of money and Cincinnati's not, then that's Joe Burrow's market value. And then that's it. Period. End of story, right?

There's no there's no negotiation beyond that unless Joe Burrow in that position wants to help his team out and wants to stay. And that's happened before. You know, Drew Brees did it here in New Orleans. I think Joe Montana did it once in Frisco. And I think Aikman did it in Dallas.

So it's I guess it's just a you know a snapshot in time. If the quarterback is in the right spot at the right time, boom. Yeah, because because it makes more money. But at this point in time, Joe Burrow is not at that point in his career to make that decision. And so he should not take it.

He should not take a discount. Well, well, well, let's you said you said a whole lot there. The guys that you mentioned are about once in a decade. If I have to start thinking about Tom Brady, Brees and Aikman, you might as well pick out a handful of guys over the past 20, now 30 years. So yeah, I was just giving examples of guys who have taken pay cuts. Sure. But that but that that kind of goes to my point about how exclusive of a space this is.

And the NFL over the past 30 years has also changed just dramatically in the amount of money that can be made. So it's it's a tough thing to look at. It's it's not I get you, man. And I guess, well, hold on, Tommy, geez. No, I'm sorry. I let you speak uninterrupted for about 90 seconds. I'm looking at it.

The clock is ticking. I want to respond to what else you said about his market value. And he's not in that space.

OK, this this is it flat. He has leverage. And this is what the Bengals don't want to do.

They don't want to have their backs up against the wall the same way that the Ravens have their backs up against the wall. If you're not going to pay this guy what market value is. And we ain't talking about a house. We're talking about an NFL quarterback.

The value is set. There is no way in hell that this man is in line to make less than a Kyler Murray at about forty six million dollars per year or a Patrick Mahomes who's sitting at forty five unless he wants to give you a quote unquote hometown discount. He's going to make between forty five and fifty five million dollars per year. My point isn't so much about what his value is, is that he shouldn't have to bend over for an owner who's already running his mouth for an entire year about almost pushing poverty on the guy. That's my point. I agree with you, but if that's that owner's choice, then that's his choice. And Joe Burrow, like you said, has, you know, the advantage. And Joe Burrow can take his ball and go play elsewhere.

Yeah. In fact, that the owner takes that position. I'm like you, J.R., I hope he doesn't take that position. But if he does, then Joe Burrow is going to, you know, that reaction has a reaction, right? He would be correct.

But let me tell you something. And we've seen this for a long time in Cincinnati. Mike Brown would be the ultimate dumbass if he decided to, A, cry poverty and then have his back up against the wall and then have to make a larger decision because what he doesn't want to do, if he wants him to take a hometown discount and you're begging and pleading for Joe to do it and he doesn't, then what you going to do? Tag him? You have to pay him 50 million dollars in the first place. Right.

Well, you know, Jim Mercy, I mean, what's that guy's name? He also a football team, so anything can happen. Dude, isn't it true that like Cincinnati didn't have an indoor practice facility until like a couple years ago? I have heard that. I'm not so sure.

I have heard other stories about towels and Gatorade and hotel rooms, so I wouldn't put that out of the realm of possibility. All right, boss. Talk to you later, man. Thank you. Thank you, Tommy. Appreciate you for calling from New Orleans.

Who gives up free money? Mason is calling from North Carolina. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, hello.

Thanks for taking my call. Hey, the one thing about the Brady real quick about him taking less money. The urban legend was he had his own little store in the stadium and he would sell his products and that and he would get a lot of cash from that.

Well, I don't know if I even want to quantify that as urban legend because I highly doubt that his store was was making upwards of, I don't know, 10, 15 million a year. But go ahead. But yeah, well, Joe Burrows, the reason he's not going to take a home hometown discount is because Patrick Mahomes, the way he just said, oh, you want to take a hometown discount? Burrow deserves a lot more than that. So that's why I think he'll just go ahead and just ask for it all.

Yeah, well, you know what? And that's not to say and thank you, Mason, for calling from North Carolina. That is not to say that Joe Burrow won't go in and say, hey, I don't need 52 or 53 or 54. He might say I'm OK with a Mahomes type deal. He might say, yeah, sure, give me give me ten for forty five, ten for forty seven.

Yeah, lock me in. He doesn't have the same type of accomplishments. Not at all. He is accomplished. And so this is not to say that Joe Burrow won't take one. He might. He might leave a few more dollars on the table. I'm just not digging the owner running around telling everybody, letting everybody know. I hope my quarterback can can do what Mahomes does, not look at what the next guy next to you is making. And decide, well, I need to make more money than him.

You the owner, you already sound like a cheap ass saying statements like that. Come on. PJ's here from Sacramento. You're on CBS Sports Radio. Hey, J.R., how's it going? Very well, PJ.

What's up? Dear Domino's delivery driver guy. So, yeah, so they definitely should pay Joe Burrow. I think he's just turned that franchise around these last few seasons. Yeah, no, they definitely will attempt to pay him. But do you think he should just, you know, kind of play nice and leave a few dollars on the table? It's a hard one. I think he should.

Especially, you know, for his boy, Jamar Chase, you know, college teammates, you know, I think he should leave some money for his buddy. Okay. All right.

Well, I mean, with the salary cap continuing to move up, I'm not so sure about that. Hey, PJ, more importantly, speaking of like saving me and a listener some money, there ain't no Domino's code that we could use? Yeah, let me know. Let me know which Domino's is close to you and I'll call that store for you. Oh, man.

PJ, you're full of it, man. I don't believe you. You can't do you in Sacramento.

I'm in Atlanta. Why are you playing games with me on the radio? I just do want to mention one thing about my Vikings.

I know you talked to somebody from San Francisco that was a Viking fan earlier. Yes, I just been telling my buddies and my family that these last few seasons, we do need corner help. That's just a big thing on defense. Yeah, well, I could have told you that by looking at the stats, the numbers in the games all season long, man. It's a yeah, 31st ranked. Yeah.

Well, look, you've given up two seven two eighty yards in the air game. Come on. Yes.

Disastrous. Yeah. Thank you, PJ. Be safe out there. Okay. You too. Have a good one.

No doubt about it. Let's stay in Sacramento and talk to Paul. You're on CBS Sports Radio. How are you doing, J.R.? Paul, I know damn well you don't got me on no speakerphone. Where you at?

I'm over at the house right now. Hold on real quick. Hold on. Hold on. What the hell? You got you. You call me.

You put telling me to hold on. What is this? Hey, Chef, what is this?

What is he doing? I'm just I'm just amazed that J.R. has dominoes. Domino.

Listen, I'll take a discount. I didn't know you eat that stuff. That stuff. Every now and then I'll have some pizza.

It is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is it is not conducive to cooperating with your digestive system at all times. And that's putting it mildly. Wow. It's true. You should have told that was PJ.

You should have told. No, no. Listen, no disrespect to anyone who works the fine establishment dominoes, but it's not the healthiest food you'll ever find in your life. No, it's not.

It's not even close. That's why I ain't eating it every day. But I thought you never eat that stuff because you're like a machine. Pizza?

I eat pizza? Come on. I didn't know.

Seriously, I didn't know that. Like I thought you. Wait a minute. You don't think I eat dominoes or pizza? Well, every time I've talked to you about food, you always talk about like very lean meats and vegetables and fruits and you're not putting in any sugars or you know, like high high fructose, corn syrup and all that. And so I always was under the impression that you and when you look at when you look at you, not to make this all weird, but if anyone's actually seen JR in his photos, you probably have 5% body fat.

Yeah, I had quinoa, spinach, chia seeds before I came on here this evening. Yeah. Yeah.

So it's like if Novak Djokovic or Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime talked about eating a Chuck E. Cheese or KFC. That's what it's like. Well, I have a line somewhere now. Okay.

Fair enough. But dominoes? Yeah, I'll have some dominoes every now and then. I guess even your best friend, The Rock, has a cheat day, so. Do you see what that guy eats? Well, I know he's got a legitimate cheat day every week. What does he have, a donut? Oh my God, he goes nuts. He goes to town on like danish dishes and donuts.

I think there's some other things, The Rock, I think there's a few other things he'd be cooking if you get him a drift. Yeah, I heard, and you pointed this out, Adam did not do well. Adam who? His movie. Oh, was it Black Adam? Yeah. Oh yeah, I heard it sucked. It's already on, what is it, HBO something, Max? It's already there.

Straight to VHS, yeah. Listen, I'm not going to say anything negative about The Rock because I like him. He's eating all these amazing foods and going to the gym and looks like that. And he's almost, he's 50 now.

He is 50. Yeah, yeah. He's not getting, he's not cooking, you know, what The Rock is cooking. There's nothing else he's cooking. I'm just saying.

You could work out in the gym a lot, but I mean, damn, let's see if this Paul guy- I was about to say, he better have your own speaker right now. Hey JR, hold on. Paul, are you here?

JR, yeah, so I'm, I really apologize for everything, but I just got to come out. I'm going to tell you what's going on here. First of all, you're going back to, let's go, first of all, I want to rip around my sack town, my Sacramento Kings. That's number one.

My Sacramento Kings are balling right now and Harrison Barnes is straight balling. But let me go back to the Joe Burrow situation. To the Joe Burrow, does he deserve hella bread?

Yeah, he deserves bread, but he needs to achieve that bread. He needs to go further and beat the Buffalo Bills to get that bread. Do I feel he's going to beat Buffalo this weekend? Absolutely, he's going to beat Buffalo this weekend.

Okay. I believe Joe Burrow is a great quarterback with Jamar Chase. Without Jamar Chase, it's a wrap.

It is a wrap, but Joe Burrow definitely deserves his bread was coming to him. He's definitely made it to the playoffs. He's definitely came to this team, made this team great. He's just a great pick.

He's a great, he's a good quarterback. Okay, well thanks. Now getting out, getting out of the NFL, cause I know Paul, you have, you made me wait. You gotta wait. I gotta go to commercial. Now you call me and then you were here and then I pick up and you're like, hold on, hold on, hold on. My bad.

It's okay. Just be ready to roll. Okay, Paul. Yeah, but you know, what? You know, the Sacramento Kings are balling. Yeah, four straight wins.

Let's see what they do in the post season, but there's a reason for optimism. Okay, Paul. For the first time, JR. I know it's been a million years. The bonus is a beast. The bonus is a beast. Okay.

Yeah. So bonus was a beast and Devoxx was a beast and Chris Weber was a beast and Devoxx. All them guys were beasts and you got something to be happy about right now.

Be happy. The Kings are good right now. They beat their good.

I'm happy for them. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. I'm going to get some more of your calls before we roll out and then I do want to talk about quickly these 49ers and these cowboys.

Shep had an interesting question to start things off. It's the JR Sport Brief Show on CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to the JR Sport Brief on CBS Sports Radio. I do want to say I've never called in. I love listening to you. I've been listening for years and man, your show and what you say is just beautiful.

Call in now at 855-212-4CBS. Oh, thank you. I don't know how often someone has saw me. The show is beautiful, but I'm here for it. I'm fine. I hear all the things. I'm fine with that. One of the things that we heard last night and we mentioned this earlier on in the show. This is Jerry Jones kind of changing his tune on his kicker less than 24 hours after Brett Maher went out there and just went one for five on extra point attempts. Last night, Jerry Jones was right after the game. He's like, oh, yeah, no, we're going to stick with him. And then he spoke to all of our friends in Dallas this morning on 105.3 The Fan, and he was basically like, oh, yeah, well, now we're going to take it day by day.

And so Jerry Jones just automatically kind of changing his tune. And we know this is this is going to be important. Got the 49ers and the cowboys. The 49ers are trying to avenge or excuse me, the cowboys are trying to avenge their loss from last season's postseason.

And Shep, you asked a question. You said that even with this whole kicker situation going on, you said the pressure is on the 49ers? Well, I mean, when you talk about the best team in the NFL, certainly the hottest team in the NFL, Purdie's anything but Mr.

Relevant. You have by far the best defense. You have arguably the best head coach.

Apologies to Bill Belichick and McVeigh and Andy Reid. And you have all the weapons they have and CMC and what the the energy and the juice he has given this franchise. How can the 49ers not be the overwhelming favorites? And so for the first time in a long time, the Cowboys win a road game.

They get that monkey off their back first time in 30 years. They're playing with complete house money, something Nadal won't know a lot about because he just lost the Australian Open, by the way. I'm sure we're all aware of that. That's crazy. Nadal just lost. I just saw that.

It's amazing. But the point is, yes, the Cowboys have no pressure whatsoever now. And Dak, for the first time, played a great, not a very good, because he's been very good against Aaron Rodgers and lost. He's been great in the postseason.

I don't think so. I feel like the Dallas Cowboys are pretty much up against it all the time, more so internally from their own, you know, bat blank crazy owner and the fan base. I think the expectations are always there for the Dallas Cowboys because win, lose, draw, good season, bad season, terrible season.

They're always getting smacked around. And here you have the 49ers, although they have a great team and great talent surrounding Brock Purdy, it's pretty much, I think, understood that if Brock Purdy goes out and has a bad game, they're just going to go, oh, well, it finally happened and it was bound to happen. And they'll think about the quarterback position, but I don't think there's a year that goes by where the Dallas Cowboys aren't underneath the proverbial gun when it comes down to pressure. And I think all things considered, the 49ers are the ones on this magic carpet ride. They're on the third string quarterback that no one expected to be here and they've still been able to find success. Kyle Shanahan talked about it, especially as it relates to Brock Purdy and the importance of this current playoffs.

Take a listen to this. Playoffs means all it means is if you lose, the season's over. Besides that, you're usually going against good teams. But we have seen them do it against good teams and the pressure's always on. Pressure.

Yeah. Pressure's always on, but we know that it's more understandable. I mean, if Jimmy Garoppolo was out there, he'd be getting destroyed right now. People would be waiting on him to get either injured or fail.

Unfortunately, he got injured in the regular season. And so to go from Trey Lance to Jimmy G and to a dude most people never heard of until about a little more than a month ago, I think it's still on the Cowboys. People wait for them to go out there and choke. And, uh, we'll, we'll talk more about this matchup and who we think will win later on in the week. It's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS sports radio. We'll get some more of your calls before we roll out 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. It's 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. Also want to mention these New York giants because the New York giants are going to be out there as well. One of our callers mentioned the Eagles.

And so we'll talk about that briefly before we roll out. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio. You're listening to the JR sport brief on CBS sports radio.

First time caller and listener. I'm loving the cell. Your show is just absolutely outstanding.

I got to tell you, I've been listening to you and I've been filling in and agreeing with your flow. Call in now at 8 5 5 2 1 2 4 CBS. It's the JR sport reef show here with you on CBS sports radio as we continue on with the week or not even tonight's show.

You probably know I'm going to have to shut up here in a little while. Make way for Amy Lawrence at the top of the hour. I'm waiting on the football games just like everyone else. And Saturday we have a matchup that opens things up for us on the divisional round or in the divisional round of the playoffs. We got Jacksonville taking on Kansas City. And we know that Trevor Lawrence after that big comeback four interceptions turning it into four touchdowns and ultimately a victory as we talk about pressure heading into the postseason now that we're already here. Like there ain't no pressure on Jacksonville.

Kansas City is going to be expected to stop them out and knowing that they're in Kansas City I wonder if you know Trevor Lawrence will will get some barbecue to eat since he was so keen on picking up some some Waffle House while he was in Jacksonville obviously at at home. Now Shep I know you asked me about some damn dominoes Shep do you I know you're in New York. Yes I am yes. But you you you were down here at one point. Have you partaken in Waffle House.

Are you a fan. I have actually never I've never been to Waffle House in my life. Oh wow. Well there's not a lot of Waffle Houses in New York City you know. I know but you didn't you weren't in New York City forever.

No that's true. When you come down to Georgia we get you to Waffle House. Okay that's maybe when I get out of the studio I'm gonna go get some for myself.

Okay that sounds good. I figure this is a tease for something that happened at a Waffle House. No just Trevor Lawrence just after the game.

Oh okay yeah right that's right yeah. They should well I would say Waffle House should give him a sponsorship but they don't need it. Well like what are we paying this guy a couple million dollars for we don't need him. Well Trevor Lawrence will be done playing football in 2023 in about uh four days so. Oh man it's true it's true JR they don't have a shot against the Chiefs. Don't say not a shot. They don't have a shot in hell against the Kansas City Chiefs.

There's no way. Everybody has a chance right a chance. No no no they're not going to Arrowhead and beating Patrick Mahomes in the divisional round it doesn't happen.

Everybody has a chance they just have a small one. Well the the second game there's a chance there right the New York Giants versus Philly we don't know what the hell is going well his arm is supposed to be okay. Right. Uh you know Jalen Hurts has been said that he's been back to a normal uh practice schedule at this point in time and we just I guess we gotta believe it right. Well JR even if you're talking about a healthy vibrant spry Jalen Hurts he ain't he ain't Patrick Mahomes on Patrick Mahomes' worst day. Oh yeah nobody's calling him Mahomes. Right which is why Trevor Lawrence might as well just stay in Jacksonville.

I know obviously I'm kidding he's gonna play the game but what I'm saying is that is going to be a bloodbath that is going to be a five six year veteran going on year 15 in Patrick Mahomes that is on a vengeance tour to show the world what happened against Joe Burrow and that second half disappointment will never come up again in his playoff career. All right you're beating you're beating a dead horse or a deck jaguar. Copy that. Just leave it alone it's dead it's not moving you just leave it alone okay.

Got you. But the other game on Saturday between the the Giants and the Eagles it it should be more competitive and yeah there's a lot of conversations about Hurts and his status and how well he's feeling and then the New York Giants you want to talk about a feeling pressure. What pressure do they feel? There was not a damn thing expected for the New York Giants this season. This was supposed to be a hey is Daniel Jones going to stay healthy and be decent?

Is Saquon Barkley actually going to bounce back to to look like what he looked like in his rookie year? And the answer was just yes all across the board. And so the New York Giants are here after knocking off the Vikings in a wild card round and even the Eagles are bigging up the Giants for being here. Nick Sirianni who was always pretty fun to listen to he had high praise for Brian Dabold and the Giants coaching staff. Listen to this. There's some different things that they're doing obviously you know they're good coaches and and they got good players and and when you have good coaches you know they're going to adapt to what they're doing well and they had a bye week over the time that we played them and they've had you know some time off they've had you know time to self-diagnose and show so sure because those you know because Wink and and Dabold and Kafka and all and Bobby Johnson and and Mike Grove because all those guys I respect a lot and they're and they're good coaches you know they're going to figure out what they're doing well and they're going to try to to repeat that and and so sure you see some differences in that aspect.

Listening to Nick Sirianni always makes me laugh. It reminds me of that first press conference where we have a process and we put guys in a good process to do things that they're good at and less thinking more action less action more thinking means good football he's always fun to listen to. Anyway I just told you that there should be no damn pressure on the New York Giants. The New York Giants are just here and everything else is pretty much a bonus and a plus. It's kind of crazy to me that the New York Giants if they win this game that they would go to the conference championship like that is just that's just crazy to me that it's a possibility. Now having said that are the Eagles going to smoke them?

I don't think so. I think the game will be closer. I'll give you a prediction later on in the week but Daniel Jones he's not taking the thought of I'm just happy to be here.

He's not going with that he's trying to keep on kicking ass. Certainly you know feel like we've um you know played well to this point but you know by no means are we satisfied with just getting here and there's a lot a lot of work to do for us um you know and we're excited to do it but um you know that's been the approach this week. Okay the New York Giants they get into the postseason well not not the last time they went to the postseason the Packers just punched them in the mouth but they they have a tendency to go on these magic carpet rides when they get into the postseason and uh it's going to be a fun one.

We get an NFC East matchup that you see all the damn time it'll be fun watching the New York Giants take on the guys right down the highway right down the New Jersey Turnpike and the Philadelphia Eagles. Let's get some of your calls in before we roll out 855-2124 CBS that's 855-2124 CBS. Mike is here from Maryland. Go ahead Mike what's up man?

Mike? How are you doing bro? I'm good what's up? Hey I just wanted to say thank you man you give us some great entertainment as Uber drivers being out here driving around all night.

Well thank you man I take I take great pride in that I have a what you call it Uber one is that what that is? I'm Uber X I'm the basic man I'm just out here trying to get what little money I can. Okay take take everybody's money what's up Mike? I'm just out here trying to get what little money I can. Okay take take everybody's money what's up Mike?

I'm trying to be like Joe Burrow man I'm trying to get paid um so look I wanted to talk about that subject so look if you're better than 80 percent of your your co-workers collect your check. Don't leave nothing on the table for them. Okay Mike are you in a you in an Uber right now are you breaking into somebody's house? Nah man I'm throwing some trash away I'm uh I'm just wrapping it up about to go in and have some dinner. Okay all right well listen Mike I hope you made some good money what what you gonna eat you gonna have waffle house? Man I got wah wah but look if you're taking chef the waffle house you gotta do it after 2 a.m.

Uh oh what do you what do you want me to show him there's gonna be more than food there. Oh yeah you gotta go when the strippers are there bro. The strippers? Yeah man after the strippers get off work. Oh at 2 a.m.?

Yeah man that's when the fun starts. All right I'm look I'm I'm gonna plead the fifth there Mike I don't know what you're talking about I appreciate you man. Have a good one brother.

You as well. Hey chef did you hear that is that is that okay? I heard that uh personally no judgment I I don't prefer that lifestyle. So you don't want to see uh you don't want to go to waffle house at 3 a.m.?

No no interest to go to waffle house and see uh uh no. Well the strippers what they have clothes on. And I I understand that it is not a good look for society that we still have that in our our uh vernacular. What in vernacular strip club? Yeah it's I think it's completely dehumanizing and I don't think it's a form of entertainment that we should be accepted accepting of in 2023 I'm just being real about that.

You just lit you just lit my entire city up in flames. No I'm saying I don't I don't judge anyone that likes that and prefers that kind of entertainment I just think it is it is low-hanging fruit and it is appealing you know what I'm gonna stop myself I'm gonna quit while I'm not ahead. I'll just ask you if you want to go to waffle house. No but then you ask me if I want to go to waffle house under those conditions and the answer would be respectfully no JR I would always hang out with you. I can't help it if if there's strippers at waffle house at 2 30 they don't have nothing to do with me. Man if they're just there they want to eat too. Can't we just give them the money to to to those who strip to to do what they want and advance themselves without having to watch them you know defame their body and and absolutely you know do soul-sucking you know actions. They they they are okay they are doing what they want to do. I don't know about that some some might but not some might but not most.

You need to come here to you need to come down here to Georgia. Okay. I don't think people are I mean we we ain't dragging people up onto the pole man okay.

I understand I don't think when I asked them at 10 years old what they want to do with their life whether it be doctor lawyer politician or an actress they said I want to be a stripper but that's just me. There's some things you don't know until you know. Fair enough. It's just you don't know until you know well anyway we'll go to waffle house we'll go at 2 a.m. before anyone gets off of work and then you could just have a grand slam an all-star.

Right. You don't sound enthused. I'm enthused I'm enthused. I trust you JR. It's all right it's all right.

Trust in the JR sport brief if that's what if you are allowing me to go down that path I will I will follow. Oh it's just waffle house not gonna kill you okay. Anyway if you're here in Atlanta Georgia and in the next I don't know 15 to 20 minutes if you see me pull up in a waffle house do me right. I want one of them uh them sandwiches that they make right now but anyway the JR sport reshow here on CBS sports radio it's a wrap. We'll be back with you tomorrow 10 p.m eastern time 7 p.m pacific. Thank you to the great super producer and host Dave Shepherd. Tomorrow top six list athletes who took too damn long they're hanging up. I'm hanging up the microphone for right now and taking my ass to waffle house. The JR sport reshow here on CBS sports radio it's a wrap. I'll catch you tomorrow Amy Lawrence is coming up next.
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