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December 5, 2019 7:00 am

Matt Slick Live

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December 5, 2019 7:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Who would God send people a deluding influence, in 2 Thessolonians 2-11 if he wants people to be saved--2- Is the death penalty biblical--3- Should you pray for someone that God has given over to the devil or to sin--3- What is your view on the gift of tongues--4- If a marriage was done in a non-christian church, would they have to remarry if they came to Christianity--5- What is oneness theology--6- Are Christmas and Easter pagan holidays-days- Should we celebrate them--7- What are the distinctions between God's love when it comes to believers and nonbelievers--8- Is the book of Enoch credible-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine why Brent is your questions at 877 points of time to catch that. I read an article once your sleep studies on the people who were like the always day and always night for months at a time and they had to set test of this article is really interesting and what he did was they had people clocks and let them sleep whenever and just asked them to record when they got these machines new stopwatches whatever was and he found out that everybody right away, started to sleep 9 to 10 hours a day just right away.

Within a few days or what he was doing and it went on for several weeks and then everybody went on to about seven or eight hour sleep time and a 25 hour sleep cycle day is it useful if you will will watch the show you can get car in the Lord and the homepage and see the Facebook link do that or go to Facebook you can go to court on the Facebook page If you're a new listener is Matt slick was Matt slick life really matter where you and him run corn the board Christian apologetics research ministry. Check out that over hundred million visitors to its working for 24 years and that we answer questions and radios when we just upon here here and get to James from Pennsylvania, James, Michelle, you hear hello Matt hello I have a different question really okay so the first one is about second how to say the name THE Florida okay what would I get that chapter 2 verse 11 okay reason God will send upon them deluding influence so they still believe what is false, yes, I will understand why God would do that if one I believe, the God of the wall. The question is, I will be careful what I say I don't want nothing wrong here, but why would he fear if you want but you know a deceitful sphere. If you want people to be saying well. He wants people to be saved. Question is does he want all people to be saved is a common teaching within Christianity that God desires every single individual to be saved and he standing at the door of your heart asking for permission to come in your you image of the blonde hair like locations or for Jesus. That's not the biblical presentation is not revealed in Scripture. And so, in Matt and Mark for 10 to 12.

Jesus speaks of her parables, so people will not be saved will not be forgiven, and he specifically says that what he said wisely carte blanche because everything I don't understand why you found out that well.

She says the deluding influence and and so is this is not a spirited deluding influence is not the word entered in our day and has to influence or power. Things like that so is because in the context of thickest the Thessalonians to deal with arrival of the antichrist are Lotta people who are going to be working with the antichrist and against the truth and God will send a deluding influence upon the and the deluding influence will further probably will further the degradation of what it is that you're doing in order to bring to fruition.

What God has foreordained to occur while I thought okay that really makes her so okay so okay so the next question is, I like the guy you know you know you just start going out on holiday radio on the though he had oh really I don't think it's biblical okay I don't know.

I don't know if it biblical that that already fit in murder should should get the death penalty should die is not biblical in the Old Testament law, rapists and looters were executed, and kidnappers. I also yeah and so it was pretty difficult to deal with now with there's a concept called the economy and it's from the two Greek words that us God in the Hamas law.

God's law fee on the me and with that is is the position that it's a lot of the Old Testament rules and regulations should be implemented in the New Testament times in our timestamp and are some very good arguments for it in your I think it's are some holes here and there, but there's some three-ring argumentation for, but if he says that that's his opinion and that's fine I buy believe that the Bible does teach capital punishment and perspectives in room 13 is usually at the power of the state has a part of the sword and so capital punishment is a biblical thing that occurred the Old Testament and it was it supported in the New Testament. So what allows it is okay 13 of the doubt. You clearly haven't capital punishment and you're saying that for today in Romans 1313 for Lily read verses three and four, room 13.

For rulers are not because of fear for good behavior for evil, you want to have no fear of authority do what is good.

You have praise from the same for it at me as authority but as a minister of God for you for good. But if you do what is evil, be afraid, for it does not bear the sword for nothing. So the sword was a means of enforcement and execution, and said I goes on for it's a minister of God, and the avenger who brings wrath to the one who practices evil and so this is in the context of the of 13 want which is been subjected to governing authorities. So you to obey the laws of the land that you obey them until they contradict the word of God, though I know people say that if you commit abortion you should be executed so this is a difficult right. That's not really that is… Really clear in the word abortion they abort something about my letter that I will but was mentioned. The what we know as abortion, but it does mention the issue of striking a female and whose loses the child, any punishment is to be seven put upon the perpetrator. The punishments vary so we have failed so much in the Christian thoughts in this world because far too many false teachers are on TV and the radio teaching that were to be healthy and wealthy instead of picking up your cross daily and following after Christ. Is it what they want you to do is pick up your your paycheck right of seed faith and you get 10 times more back or whatever it is the gimmicky charlatan stuff. It's all Christians have been asked to pick a fight in a lot of areas dumb down so they don't know what the Scriptures relating and part of me wants to start a church, probably never to happen to preach and teach in such a way with the Bible actually says the pastor is to equip the Christian for the work of ministry, for the equipping of the saints. This means the work of ministry, for the equipping of the saints for the unity of the faith. Ephesians 411, 12, 13 talked about this, this, that the job of the pastor is to equip the Christians to God in the world not to be babysat and comforted and given a hammock to sleep and so this is the this is true Christianity is the idea of doing and reaching out to the world that were true Christianity supposed to be about not just going to church on Sunday mornings and going out to lunch afterwards and getting served so because of this, there's an a disconnect in large part because of the comfort of our society.

Most Christians in my opinion have not been equipped properly and because of that they don't know the truth is, and this is what we have people who prosper on TV who never should teach false things and it should not be allowed to do that the Christian church, it stopped them and should discipline its own natural and a lot of room nights. I agree with everything signed and held onto her incredible significant credible thump thump live in high hat. I like what he meant to me.

I will delve on that Sunday. He totally butchered. Romans 828 totally left out were called all if you could find the sermon on the online and send it the link to me. I could check it out and doing research on Hill song NAR with more effectively working on an article in her tonight and some others.

So there's a lot. Is a lot of research is a lot of false teaching of the Christians need to know the truth isn't retarded. Truth and I think preachers need to preach to clean the church out to get rid of people went when an online data right what I mean by that is not to preach in such a way that people leave. That's not our goal which preach in such a way that the Christians who hear the call of God who want to submit to the word of God will then focus and be be equipped and those who don't want that will be will leave and go find something else go find it a nonbiblical type church where they can be breast-fed and that the stay on pablum. I agree with you I live. I like Hill but II don't know what going on with the stay with me. Nothing I could go I go there because they have a translator. My roommate Douglas speaking no like barely not good. So I go there.

They have people who can translate the wonders I I hear you had in it but what good I knows I'm somewhat good but there's a lot of bad and it ends start saying it soon here but there's a lot of bass of this going on and some false teachings and some other things affected okay but there you go right. I want to talk I know your big brother College Park. So let's get back everything. Are you think that obtaining audit biblical that pray for murder. Well I like to call and wishing it was talk sometime I can: we can talk but I can ask questions and she worries that that's not an uncomfortable position to have. To say that last thing it is biblical in the Old Testament currently managing it in the Old Testament certainly is.

The question is how much of that is to be ported over in the New Testament covenant that's the question.

It's not an easy question. Just answer yes or no to some pretty sophisticated theological discussions are going to go hiring the right okay right okay will be right back. These messages please take to call 877 mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave to the show 20 our generation fund for three computer three permission or carbon work/go fund me and you know what it's really doing well were almost meeting what we need to do will give the mountains of rich missionaries witness to send the money to buy computer that after placing on the respective country and because I was a computer tech for five years. I know what what what works with sufficient what's a good one to get and I wanted to make its undelivered better than the average thing this way to last up to three years longer. Big negatives of the good that time, it should be an electronic system know so what if you're interested in checking out supporting only to do is go to carbon work/go fund me, we have the one guy in Africa.

One guy in Brazil and another guy in Columbia and doing great work in those respective countries and, that of Africa so well there you go to school. Check it out to forward to the continent/at CA fund me. Let's get the Kim from roll call North Carolina Kim do it went up though but no to comfort give them open and failed. What the and don't want to come out. You sure she will. We don't know God is gonna do, how God is working in people's lives. Sometimes he gives them over to the devil for discipline and they get brought back to their senses, so to speak. And so we don't know what God is doing.

We should be praying for all people, their salvation for the Republic back right well it depends on what the what is and did you know I prefer to read the context of certain things in Scripture to see what those particular things are teaching but we don't know about individuals now outside of divine revelation whether or not the director discipline or whatever might be. So we should pray for God bless those Kim from rural Hall North Carolina just checked on the web annexed just north of the Winston-Salem in which is north of Charlotte about the morning, eat these cooked all right.

Let's get on the phones that William from North New York areas will be welcome to show high that you have not me… The question about the subject of Tom T.…

100 and however there is a very good teacher one might dictate.

Go on the and I monthly miracle happened around five and some kind of milk within the idea of playing in unintelligible murmuring. Think of that you sure it has to do with the issue with the sign gifts have ceased with the completion of the Canon of Scripture. The completion of the Bible.

Now, I disagree with John MacArthur. I believe all the charismatic gifts are still around for today.

Now stuff. Most popular view… I just want to submit to Scripture and read a few verses to you and you can tell, you think of this effect to read first Corinthians chapter 1 verse one through seven, Paul called as an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God is Sausalito brother to the church of God which is at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified by in Christ Jesus by the saints by calling with all who in every place.

So it's all who in every place call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ their Lord and ours. Grace to you and peace from God our father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I think my God always concerning you for the grace of God which is given you in Christ Jesus, that in everything you were enriched in him and all speech and all knowledge, even as the testimony concerning Christ was confirmed in you so that you are not lacking in any gift that were there gift is currently smoke charismatic so that you're not lacking in any gift awaiting eagerly the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ know this is written to the Corinthians, but also written to us because it's to all and everywhere. All who everywhere call upon the Lord Jesus, and this book.

Corinthians is for us as well and it says that were not to lack any charismatic gift along with Christ that were assessed what they can say is well with that verse really means is only for the Corinthians at that time. If that's the case of In re tumor versus the keep in mind it is only for them but the gifting is only for the Corinthians at that time. So read 79 so that you're not lacking in any gift awaiting the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ, who will also confirm you to the and blameless in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God is faithful, to whom you were called into fellowship with us in Christ Jesus our Lord. So is it only the Corinthians were: the fellowship with Christ Jesus, it's all everywhere so I do want to disparage those who hold to the secessionist view mighty men of God and God is using gratefully. I just disagree with them on exegetical grounds. Lack of prescriptions 13 a through 12 and talk about this as well over there. But I think percentage 173 powerful verse and so I will play when my pastor finals not saying that that sent but that that I could because I don't know.

I like Lori get me out of gifts in the night if that trying them on conquering italics on church they may feel they have to get down like this is another issue that the thing I don't know I'm try to understand the common public the same token I don't comment made trying to type but I can do you think you touched on here will focus on little but there's a lot of cultures mainly a lot of idiocy and misuse of things out there in the in the charismatic circles, but it doesn't mean the charismatic gifts of ceased my issues and exegetical was a Scripture teach so I hope to have experienced personally. The charismatic gifts speak in tongues, but that's a very sincerely, as things happen and nothing experience makes Dr. not at all, but exegetical.

So what what I would do is make sure that anybody who exercises in the charismatic gifts does it for the glory of Christ for the edification of the body of Christ and that's with the test really is not federal glorification of grand eyes, but that they speak of the church see how they speak in tongues is not break the hold on every commemorative right back after these messages, please match like why call 77077 charismatic sling back the show. I just want to say thank you to all of you go fund me. People who have supported us chicken. We were at on those things were about halfway through what we need specifics jewelry given and appreciate that.

So if you are interested in doing it do is go to Carmen work/go fund me for an informational return to raise funds for for computers for missionaries three for the good stuff all right was get back on the phones to Willie from New York William okay when working at back talking about tongue and have one subject but then also the unintelligible murmuring in prayer and open economic clarify what guided by I don't know, and I am my own prayer life.

I don't know people say they felt growing as it's going to was actually just the Holy Spirit works on you intercedes, and that's it does what it's just that one place and in the Romans believe it is it talks about that I think is were dyslexic groanings but that's we don't know exactly what it is but to that's what it is. It's a Romans 826 right intercedes with groanings too deep for words that in prayer we pray, we discover that's okay, that's all that is.

People should do that in churches in tongues inside my prayer life from something like Mike should I do legal initiation of a good night and I'm trying to highlight that I find myself often trying to figure out what the steps involved in the duty things and now I feel silly asking people and Kurt and I'm glad I made will have Greg take care the fabulous IP. All right, Josh from when we lost Josh will talk about Jim or Swaggart which a talk about and let's get to Nelson from Bakersfield, California. Nelson will show you are on the air with referring Mary and I are there. Mary Wendy Mary marriage is valid if they have made a covenant to each other in society for the marriage ceremony is you don't have to have it in a church ritual church in order to be valid. That month, the other is false.

Its occult books on the other. Marriage is valid.

All right, just like people getting married in Mormonism marriages are perfectly valid were two atheists who get married in the courtroom by a judge in marriage is valid, click okay and have a radio and where California Salinas, Nanette Griffin I Central California probably would okay and moderate down okay and so you have a radio station reported that that that I could call out critical care about my problem is that I call in their ability way to this disassembly level C exit is a logical negative fluency you occult. That was expendable. His ability to debate them looked. I do know someone who can call one. This is a non-Christian cult. Okay, I thought it hundred and the word of God, we have to go to Scripture and know you yes not written and yeah but the thing is still a lot with oneness and its deal with logic still was Scripture presuppositions and things like that. Know if they are willing I can get up and come in contact with someone from Columbia whose able to dialogue in this issue.

I probably get them in contact with somebody else from Los Angeles who is very fluent in Spanish and knows stuff we want to talk on them as well. I'm not on that fluent enough in Spanish bill to debate which I'd love to be able to be, but neither do that the Spanish community as well, but I can always put you in contact with others who can do it, but you need to be trained you to understand what the issues are.

I recommend that you go to and look up the oneness Pentecostal issue.

The oneness and read through the articles is a lot there and be prepared for can do that otherwise you will do well not thought about no document different though his uncle left and they believe nobody will ever come of the life you people have left cults for various reasons, but it doesn't matter so I cannot and I was not. How women and men were much family member then remembered the wrong date and the conclusion back. My question is all that it's demonic. It's it's demonic cave right it's demonic when links it's demonic when it leads to. Oneness theology denies the true God and oneness requires baptism for salvation in the name of Jesus not only the father-son Holy Spirit, but in the name of Jesus. Okay cult sector funds okay right. I don't see what will look at Nelson Nelson Nelson I gotcha okay I have information on Carmen on oneness go check it out if you want email us. I can put you in contact with at least two guys who can discuss things with them on the radio it whatever in Spanish.


All right. Remnant. See letter all right hateful to feel the lines 877-207-2276 was get the brand from Richmond, Virginia Irani welcome Michelle a Marriott hang in there. So get over it. Head cold from last week but trying when you are questioned long between operating equipment hear about it and restart the specific date that correspond with the old pagan cultic holiday on the date I have not got back date. Jesus birth date December 27 or 20.

The fact that date. I in my own content that I feel heavy to try and celebrate… They await my question is a and know that.

Talk about how one separate one day and 1000 judge each other on that bet on your take on now which question no. What are your thoughts on celebrating Christmas day that to be taken out Saturn Saturnalia and Saturn Saturday is is there Sunday has to do with pagan origins well naming things hold on regular folks. Please stay tuned as you write that mass like why call 770-7276 charismatic like that to show Brandon still there arise as our thing is that for example days of the week pagan concepts and pagan worship days and yet we we submit them in a sense, take days off and rest on Saturday and Sunday Sun SC when literally was a day of the sun from an old pagan system and on Saturday is from a ugliness from the relay pursues quite sure, but has to do with that from Saturn and so we can be careful out there's an logic there's a fallacy called the fallacy of the genetic fallacy. So let's say a murderer taught someone algebra was a murderer. Therefore the algebra that he learned can't be good. Let's call the genetic fallacy. The fallacy of the origin of it is bad so therefore the whole thing is bad not necessarily so Christmas yet has a pagan origins. But the reason had pagan origins, because this typically for the whole time there.

Saturnalia was the the screw easy. The Christmas equinox correctly the law the shortest day of the year and so they have celebrations when the days in winter started getting longer and the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is apostate with the try to do early on was take that pagan holiday and converted into a Christian and simply say let's worship Christ birth on that day, instead of the pagans having a day to worship and another day it was taken over that with and noble idea so we celebrated because of pagan origins.

Yet we can Christmas tree has taken org origins as well. We can have the minute homes because were not worshiping pagan ideas is because we take rest on Sunday and Saturday doesn't mean were serving the pagan gods acoustic are named after his or just issue a note if you're convinced you shouldn't, that's between you and God, and that your privilege that your right you should really do that limit your question with that you know are missionaries in their country and I were both hungry and weak group to a market and we know for a fact that there is animals and sacrifice in the temple up on the hill. We can see this animal sacrifice their pagan gods and the meat from that sold in the market and we can buy it and eat it. Is it okay for to eat meat sacrificed to pagan idols to eat that I really felt there, write prescriptions 11 talks about the first 10 talk about this and the reason is because even though the origin of its death.

The food come from pagan source doesn't mean we can't eat it because greater is he that sent us some units in the world and the whole idea of us being able to do that which is right and strong because were in Christ but were not to participate in those things. If they stumble somebody else that's a different story. So this gets any more complicated. Can we celebrate Christmas. Absolutely weak if you don't want to do things right thing to do, then you should not but you should not condemn somebody else if they do this the same as if you don't want to. I should condemn you for not wanting to buy except judicial freedom. But you have to answer your conscience your conscience before God and if you don't believe that's right thing to do. I have a very good friend who will not buy or sell on Sunday.

Very good friend and I don't judge him and he doesn't judge me for going out and Gorgon restaurants on the fight etc. personal convictions and intelligence and he's only got his way of doing it my way because their debatable sin. This area that help goblet take much okay Brandon from Richmond, Virginia.

Let's get over to Zach from Iowa is welcome to show Nero when you have a question about God's love, though Christian or non-Christian. Everybody had that view that God is loving my question are in the Bible. I think there's some sort of thing in between God's love and commitment here in Rahway that but what are the land talk about God's love levered nonbeliever and why that important and how to help us talk with our unbelieving friend and family. God loves all people in the context of Matthew 543 to 48 and that he lets the sun rise in the good and the bad and the rainfall the good battle to generic kind of provision for providential love and then he has a love a different kind of love and saving way for those who are saved, and he loves them in a different way. People may say will that's not true.

Yes it is true because God's love for the unbelievers is generically described as being providential in his providence. He provides them food, clothing, etc. but he loves the elect. The saved in a different way. In a saving way it affected some 55 in Psalm 11 five it says God hates all who do iniquity hates all who do these bad things he hates. So we had to deal with these kind of things you know and then we get into Romans chapter 9 when the most difficult chapters for people to understand the Bible but it talks about Jacob. I love any site and they had the anything good or bad, because of God's purpose and people so I don't like, well, okay, you don't have to like it. Market under Bible, that that's what it says so was a different kind of love that God has for unbelievers as compared to book to believers, though microfilm Babbitt is our responsibility for God love you but you need understand exactly what I believe that is going here. God love you God love your meter are thoughtfully qualified.

What I do is isolate. God loves the world. John 316 and II just as he loves people all over the world and if you want to experience the love of God in a greater way than any jeans that this is how I say things like that and I don't see Jesus loves you in a saving way to an individual.

I don't know if that's the case because are not saved. At that moment, it means this meeting God might not save them later on as God has to grant that the flip is 129 if the grant that they come to Christ.

John 665 has to grant them repentance negatively to 25 in cause and a born-again first Peter 13 so you see your toe things out that I felt. Also, I forget. Okay God bless. All right, that was Zach from Iowa. Let's get on the phone to Ethan from Arkansas to show you're on their not a whole bunch meant this dual radio we got men and I grew up right label on that you are buried there and 28 you got a family in no time to live life the right way and the whole 9 yards everyday I people and their and the pagan stop that.

I thought a lot about all those different role tablet don't tablet things like that. I came across the book of Enoch and Bob made the boat and I find the credibility and arcing. You Bible, where can I find that I wanted there. The book with my parent that my dad not happen I would we get and I wanted to read this book, but I can get a very good book I can find it. Why do you want to. I mean it. I think that Nathan on the fallen angel and in questions or do you believe this is going believe it's inspired should be part of the Bible you know when I read it when I read it I felt like it. What it wasn't anything that I couldn't find in our biblical back that I grew up you know I do not think anything crazy you know there were few questions as you? Do you think it since it is inspired and needs to be the Bible.

No no okay okay hello okay okay just we know that so the book of Enoch is worth reading. Just like you the same thing for the look of Maccabees has some interesting historical information and some other stuff, but it's not inspired.

You should not put too much credence in it and you should not judge it being equal to the word of God is making sure that's the case. Okay, I'm I'm so minute wait wait wait wait wait: you think you're on the same page, which means it might be that you think that the book of Enoch is equal to the Scripture. If you think are the same page of this region might not be.

I get I get I read it I like I don't have that it fired to think that Christian church you think the Christian church would recognize that it was inspired and procedures just did not consider to be inspired is not written by the apostle or by anybody under the apostle and the Jews never considered to be Scripture. So when think you should now write out that think like that I guess you were correct in the book of Jude quotes it with the but the Bible quotes other books to some over 20 books that are not in the Scriptures. It doesn't mean the transport which would make sure that that wasn't good of the stumbling point for you that you think it might need be included but then put too much credence in it.

So if you want others to read it has to be the context of. Here's a book that Jude referenced it doesn't mean it's inspired but has interesting stuff and it then fine.

And so no, you can read stuff and things like that but it is not on par with Scripture that would not there anything that you know maybe I got a little bit excited about it as her you know Robert, we have in front of that which we mean Scripture is or some not mean Scripture I mean the apocryphal I get those books. We think of as apocryphal books rely on their time not anybody call call back tomorrow all right. Haley already folks we are at a time.

The Lord bless you by his grace back on there tomorrow

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