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Star of Wonder – Opening The Three Gifts of The Magi as Moses Learned – By Hand

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore
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December 17, 2022 2:13 pm

Star of Wonder – Opening The Three Gifts of The Magi as Moses Learned – By Hand

The Christian Car Guy / Robby Dilmore

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December 17, 2022 2:13 pm

Today's show brings a wonderful new thought about the Christmas story. Listen and may God bless you with His Peace & Light this season and all year.

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Hey, this is Jim Graham from the Masculine Journey Podcast, where we explore a relationship instead of religion every week. Your chosen Truth Network Podcast is starting in just a few seconds. Enjoy it, share it, but most of all, thank you for listening and for choosing the Truth Podcast Network.

This is the Truth Network. Born a king on Bethlehem's plain. Gold I bring to crown him again. King forever ceasing, never over a soul to reign. Oh, star of wonder. I am the god of the diamond. Welcome to the Christian Car Guy radio show.

I say this calls for action and now. Break incense, devolver have I. Incense owns a deity nigh. Prayer and praising, voices raising, worshiping God on high.

Murder is mine, it's bitter perfume. Breathe alive in the gathering rain. Sorrowing sighing, bleeding dying, sealed in the stone cold tomb. Oh, star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty bright, westward leading, still proceeding, guide us to thy perfect light. Star of wonder, star of wonder, opening the three gifts of the Magi today as Moses learned by hand. Yes, today's Christian Car Guy, the week before Christmas Eve, right? Star of wonder, opening the three gifts of the Magi as Moses learned by hand. So Exodus chapter 4 has all sorts of wonder about it, and I don't know if you ever put this together, but wonder brings the star of Bethlehem, right? As you wonder about certain things this Christmas, that wonder, especially if you're wondering about something in the Bible, you're thinking about Jesus, God will bring you this revelation that will just blow your mind, and it will be Jesus. It's a Sunday school answer, I'm just telling you, it's always Jesus. It just is, and so, I can't wait to share the wonder, the wonder of these three gifts we're going to open by hand today, this week before Christmas Eve. And what are you wondering about this Christmas?

What is your star of wonder, of light, the star with royal beauty bright? And so, as we heard in that opening, we three kings by the hound and fox featuring Tim Faust. In fact, as God showed me what he was going to show me this morning about this, I cried, when I heard this song, I literally cried like a baby, because it fit what he had taught me, like I couldn't even believe it. So we're going to be playing excerpts of that throughout, and I put it at so that you could enjoy this song, maybe in a new way as we unlock these three treasures by hand as we go through this.

I think you're going to be amazed. I know I am, and amazed to share it with people this Christmas. So today's show is always brought to you by Hebrew Letter. I know you're not shocked, and today's Hebrew Letter is the letter Dalet, and the idea of the Dalet is, in so many different ways, has to do with your hand, okay? Yes, and your hand is an item of serving.

It's an item of intimacy when you hear the word yada in Hebrew that has that Dalet, do you hear that d in there? Well, that's the idea of, you know, God's hand is in so many different things, and believe me, it's intimate, and you serve with it, but also it is a door, and that comes through humility. As Moses's hand was very humble, as you may know, he was considered one of the most humble people that ever lived, and so we're going to definitely get in that today.

And so we want to also remind you that next week is Christmas Eve, and how fun we get to do at Christian Car Guy Theater, or Christmas Carola, our annual thing we get to do every Christmas Eve, or Christmas, yeah, we do, and so we get to do that, and that's going to be really, really cool. So let me get into this as best I can to try to open these gifts for you by hand, like God opened them for me. So for a long time, maybe six or seven months, I've been wondering about what happened with Moses in Exodus chapter 4. You might remember that God told him, hey, this is going to be great, man, you're going to go, you're going to set my people free, and all this stuff, and after he told him the IM statements and all that, Moses was like, man, the people won't believe me. And then God did three, showed him three signs, which are very much connected to the idea of show me a sign, or there'll be a sign unto a virgin, okay, that word sign is very significant. He said, he's going to show him three signs here, and I saw my, actually the pastor of my church did a sermon on this, and it started me to wonder.

And so I can't believe where all the resources I got to get this information, if somebody really wants to know, I'll share them all with you, but it's just unbelievable. So anyway, he showed us something beautiful that day as far as spiritual warfare and what Moses was learning there, but I want to talk about what happened with Moses' hands here, okay? Because you'll notice that the very first thing after he says, the people aren't going to believe me, God says, what's in your hand?

And what was in his hand was his staff, right? Well, to an extent, from what I've studied, God was upset with Moses because he's lost faith with his own people. He said, they're not going to believe me. And when people don't believe you, that's a matter of faith.

And in a way, he was slandering his own people by saying they aren't going to believe that this is true. And so God was saying to an extent, get behind me, Satan, and he was fixing to see it because he told him, what? Throw down the staff and what did it become?

Snake! Okay, so this is gigantically huge, the idea of what is a staff in the Bible, okay? And it's the Sunday school answer always, a staff is Jesus, okay?

And if you'll look carefully, you're going to find it in all sorts of really cool places. It's the staff that budded, it's in the Ark of the Covenant, right? And it's a picture of Jesus guiding your heart, all right? David had a staff with him, that's the reason why Goliath said, why do you come at me with sticks, right? He had Jesus, he didn't just have the smooth stones, he had Jesus in his hand. And he had him in his hand, by the way, when he took on the bear and the lion, so this was nothing new to David. You know, Jeremiah, what was the first thing he saw when God revealed himself to him in the beginning of Jeremiah chapter 1? It's a staff, I'm telling you, the staff is Jesus, okay? So this is how simple this is, and when God showed it to me, my mind is still blown, okay? Moses, what's in your hand? Jesus, throw Jesus down, what happens?

Snake! All right, you let go of Jesus and I'm just going to tell you what you're going to have in about 20 seconds, whether you realize it or not. You know, and of course, get behind me, Satan, right? Moses ran from that thing, this was a terrifying experience. These series signs, by the way, got his attention before they got the Israelites' attention.

Like, this was a scary thing, man. So you got a hold of Jesus, whether it's the word of God, right? All these things are Jesus, but if you have a hold of him and you let him go, snake!

What do you do to get him back? All you got to do is pick it back up, pick up the staff, because he will lead you. You just got to pick it up, and by the way, you can pick it up by the tail. Not the way you would normally pick up a serpent, but you can because, again, this is Jesus, all right?

So how cool is that? And how did he do it? He opened it by hand, right? Let go of Jesus, snake! Pick up Jesus, you're good, all right?

This is simple. Number two, right? Take your hand, what? Your hand, don't miss this. It's your what? Your hand, okay?

Take that. You put it in your bosom. And that word in Hebrew means like, man, right there on your heart, okay? Like, we're getting intimate right here. So I'm going to take your hand, you put it on your heart, right? Now, take your heart, your hand, move it away from your heart.

What do you got? Leprous, okay? Well, leprosy in the Bible, well, leprosy to begin with is white, and as he said, his hand turned white as snow.

Oh, I left out something significant. Jesus is the gold, all right? Anytime you see gold in the Bible, it's also—so the staff is the gold of the three gifts. So when they brought gold, they were bringing Jesus, okay? But the second gift was frankincense, which is white, okay? And it's significant that it's white on all sorts of levels, okay? But the idea of leprosy in the Bible is, number one, it's white because Jesus would teach that the Pharisees were whitewashed tombs.

So as you move your hand away from your heart, you're moving it away from where? Jesus, okay? What's going to happen? You're going to get self-righteous. What happens when you become self-righteous? You're a leper. What happens with leprosy is he learns the nerve feeling is in your hands.

What are self-righteous people? Cold as ice, I'm telling you, they don't have any feeling. And the idea is you move your hand away from Jesus, right? And you move it out at a distance.

What happens? Leprosy, right? You put it back, and what is it?

It's your hand, okay? And the idea of frankincense is prayer. So we're going to get back with the last gift, which is spectacular. You're listening to the Truth Network and Star of wonder today on The Christian Car Guy Show.

I should tell you that my good, good, good friend, and I cannot tell you anybody, I'd rather share this show with him, Jerry Mathis, our Christian body shop guy, today with us. Welcome, Jerry. Yeah, great to be here. And you know, Christian said I need to start speaking up, but I'm sitting here in wonder listening to this, Robbie. I mean, you know, as I said during the break, for me, I have to continually remind myself that when I look and read into the Old Testament, study the Old Testament, that it's pointing to Christ. It's pointing to the New Testament.

And when you go ahead and look at it through those lenses, all of a sudden, man, the power in the Old Testament is so relative to us today, because if you don't, we can kind of distance ourselves from those events. Oh, it's so awesome. And again, I'm so blessed to have with me this wonderful producer, Christian, who helps me because I have a tendency to run at 20,000 miles an hour because I've been thinking about this stuff for weeks and weeks. And I said, be sure and, you know, slow me down, tell me what it is that I've left out. And he goes, well, Robbie, how exactly does gold mix up with the staff?

I'm just not getting it. And so I left out a gigantic point again, that it's a scepter, okay? The scepter is golden.

And the idea of Jesus is leading your heart. He deserves that scepter. And it's all about that. So drop the scepter, snake, all right, pick up the scepter, you're good.

All right. And they talked about the leprosy and the hand, the self-righteous, and as you get your hand, right, this is your place of service. This is your place of intimacy. And so your hand belongs where?

On your heart, right? You're serving through your hands that are connected to Jesus, okay? It just is. And it's spectacular when you understand that if you start to move away from that, then what happens is leprosy. You lose your feeling, you turn like a whitewashed tomb. And frankincense is white for a reason. It's very much connected to prayer, as is in that song if you listen, right? And it's very much connected to your heart going up like the smoke to God. I mean, it's a beautiful thing if, you know, and all through the Song of Solomon, I had to bring it in here somewhere, is the idea of frankincense. Okay. So third little present we got to open, which is the biggie, okay?

It just is absolutely huge, all right? So God told Moses, number three, if they don't believe me on number one, they don't believe you on number two, they'll believe you on number three. And so number three, and go back and read this, it's in Exodus 4, because you're going to miss it. You're not going to think I'm going to tell you this, right?

But it's absolutely the case, and a careful study will reveal you, especially if you read the Hebrew, that what I'm saying is accurate, okay? God said, take hold of some water out of the Nile, okay? Now what do you take hold of it with? Your hand. Okay?

Don't miss this. It's critical, critical, critical to understanding this part of the three, all right? So you're going to take hold of this water in your hand, and when he takes hold of it, the water turns to blood in his hand before he turns it loose on the dry, he actually pours it with the same word that is always used as pouring when you let out blood. Like that word that when they said he poured on dry ground, okay, all this is hugely significant because okay, what was Jesus' first miracle? He turned water into wine. Wine is a picture of blood, it just is. And so Jesus was showing you in his very first miracle that the death of the firstborn is what it's going to take for us to get out of slavery, okay? It is going to take the death of the firstborn in order for us to get out of slavery.

I hope you understand what I'm saying. But Jesus died, and how did that blood in his hand is a picture of what happened on the cross? Hugely significant, like it's Jesus, okay? So he takes this water out of the Nile River, it becomes blood in his hand. And then he pours it on dry ground.

Why is that significant? Well, where was the curse? It was in the ground. And so the dry ground, and that, by the way, is exactly the dry ground that is cursed. It's the exact same word that happened in Genesis 3 when it says because of this the ground will be cursed, okay? Same exact Hebrew word. So when he took that blood, they didn't say dry ground for nothing. They're saying a specific kind of ground because that blood would remove the curse.

I mean, this is huge. And so what God was telling Moses, and Moses understands to some extent, is number one, hold on to the scepter, right? That's the gold. If not. Right?

Snake! Number two, keep your hand, your service, your all that good stuff right close to your heart, right? And that heart needs to be going up to Jesus, and just as Christian pointed out, it's warm in there, right?

It's a good place for your hand. You know, Napoleon had that part right, I'm just saying. Anyway. And the third one, right, is myrrh. I mean, don't miss this. Because did you hear it in the song, the place of bleeding, right? Myrrh has everything to do with the fact that the firstborn is going to die. And if you look at myrrh, it has a red U to it. Okay, this is no accident.

None of this stuff is accident. And the red has everything to do with Christmas, and it has everything to do with what Moses is learning here, which is in order for anybody to come out of slavery, there has to be a death of the firstborn. And obviously, that is a picture of what happens in Egypt. Now, if you go on and continue to read Exodus chapter 4, and you've got that you have this star of wonder in your mind, and see what he goes on to tell Moses, he said, be sure and take the staff with you. And when it later says that Moses left with his wife and son, it says he took the staff of whether it's translated in English, of God.

But if you can read that in Hebrew, it's way more beautiful than that. He took the staff, which was God, okay? It's a staff Elohim, okay? It's the package, okay? And so in his hand, right, in his hand, he had the power to do all the things that are going to later happen throughout the book of Exodus. But how did he do it?

He had Jesus, I'm just saying. And so I am wondering at this point in time, what are you wondering? Because I know God's bringing light to you. I would love to hear your wonder, 866-348-7884, 866-34-TRUTH.

We've got so much more coming on. Oh, star of wonder, star of night, star with royal beauty. Star of wonder, opening the three gifts of the Magi, as Moses learned by hand today on the Christian car guy.

How fun is this? I've got to tell you, what God showed me, there's just no explaining the joy. I had been studying the idea of what Moses did, but I had not connected it to the three in the Magi at all until this morning. And when God showed it to me, I was like, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. Like it's exactly, you know, and like, man, I get to share this with you guys. And what a delight, what a Christmas it is for me. And so, you know, Jerry, you've got some wonder. And you know, wonder brings light, it just does. And so you've got a little wonder you're sharing, you shared with me today. Yeah, it's about an M&M Christmas story.

How does that sound? Everybody loves M&Ms, you know, so kind of go back. If you're near and you've got an M&M in your hand, just kind of look at it. And the story of the M&M Christmas story is as you hold these candies in your hand, turn them and you'll see, if you turn it upside down, you see a W, turn it to the side, it's an E, and then it's a three. And so the story goes, they tell the Christmas story, that is one that you sure know.

And you take a look at the stable, so long, long ago. The E is the east where the stars shone so bright. The M is for the manger where the baby Jesus slept that night. The three is for the three wise men, as Robbie is pointing out to us this morning, bearing gifts, they said they came.

The W is for worship, hallelujah, praise to his name. So as you eat these candies, or share them with a friend, remember the spirit of Christmas and never let it end. So it's Merry Christmas. So the M&M never thought that would bring it across. Now it wasn't a staff, and it isn't a snake, but it's a pretty strong story.

No, I love it, and it's so practical. Like man, you gotta, you know, hand somebody some M&M, have you thought about, you know, the fact that if you turn this this way, it's three? And there are three gifts. I don't know there are three wise men, that goes debatable. But the three gifts, there's no doubt.

In the M&M story, there's three. Very wonderful. I have my good friend Anne Ault, so excited to be playing Christian Car Guy Theater, coming next week. Anne, you're on Christian Car Guy's show, good morning!

Good morning! Boy, you guys, such glorious truths, you know, and my mind, my feeble mind is wrapping around all these truths, but the fact that to me, what it says and what's been on my mind and stuff I'm going through is, God chooses humble instruments. He's got to humble us, unfortunately, but it's just the way it goes in order to depend fully on Him. But He has to prepare His instruments, and I just, this is so on my mind this week, and I wrote a poem about it, but Moses was, you know, the 40-year-old prince, and then the next 40 years, where was he? He was a shepherd in the wilderness, and then preparing him to shepherd his sheep. And then King David was a humble shepherd, and I was thinking about this, and I wrote a poem called The Great Shepherd of the Sheep for Christmas, and basically amazing how God chose a shepherd boy who simply slung a slingshot to become a giant among men, when he obeyed what God had taught. What David learned in his wilderness as he bravely defended his sheep were principles God taught him both practical and deep, just like you're doing. When fierce predators assailed him, it was seemingly impossible odds, but David had the upper hand, his hand, clung tight to God, and hallelujah, and centuries later, those of us who read God's Holy Word take courage from what? This shepherd boy to doubt God is absurd.

We don't doubt God is absurd. This magnificent Creator God sees the giant to attack. Don't doubt the power we have in him.

We know he has our back. So we who believe in God must courageously take a stand and fight God's fight with all our might against the giants in our land. David strengthened himself in the Lord, and in our days, so must we. Because our only source of strength is God, we can win the victory of the last verse, and we know from David's line came the shepherd of God's land.

Jesus gave his life so we could live forever with the great I Am. Isn't that something, his hand? Oh, it really is, and I'm sure a lot of folks like me are connecting that David was the one who wrote Thy rod and Thy staff, they comfort me.

They comfort me. And he had some real staff meetings. Yeah.

He did with a bear and a lion and in so many different ways, and he learned the hard way like all of us, that if you drop the staff, snake! So yeah, how wonderful. And I feel some guilt, honestly, which I shouldn't, that I wasn't able to get another episode of Christian Car Guy Theater out this December. There's just so much going on. Oh, yeah.

Oh, my goodness. For me, I just can hardly wait to listen to Christmas Chorola again, because what God did in that will forever delight my heart. It's like just one of my Christmas traditions to sit there and listen to what God did. It was one of our first major shows like that.

I mean, that was a glorious thing to do, you whipped that up, and we all performed it. God is doing such marvelous things with Christian Car Guy Theater, it's just amazing. And so you'll know when you listen to it next week a couple of wonderful facts. Number one, Vinny, the voice of the ghost of Christmas, what is it, no, he's the ghost of Christmas future, and now he actually is in heaven. And so I mean, what he describes, when you think about Vinny being in heaven, because he's the one who takes them to the grave, you know, and he talks about a lot of things that are just so wonderful. But the other thing you make me you hear me make reference to my wonderful producer, Christian. Well, this was his debut on Christian, as well as Brad's debut on, they were both played the two ghosts of Jacob Marley, and one was a ghost for Festus, and the other one was the ghost for Cranky Crankshaft, Kramer, whatever, you know. And they were so, but anyway, I just thought, you know, when you listen, if you're wondering about my new producer, that's him, that's that plays the ghost, you were the ghost that were actually visiting Festus, right?

Yeah, he was. That's very talented, I tell you. One thing I just want to say, I mean, it is just amazing for me to sit back and just watch, I mean, Anne and you and Christian and all the others that have came together to produce this and to be characters and God has used you in a mighty way and stuff.

Yeah. I mean, just how it all orchestrated and how we knitted it all together is just, man, all you can do is just say, man, praise God. Isn't it, isn't it? And so, you know, what, and it all has to do in so many different ways with wonder, right? That as you wonder about that passage in the Bible, you wonder about David, you wonder, you know, God gives you, those are huge presents. And you got to, you got to dig to open them, that, you know, these things just don't come unwrapped. I mean, he hides them, like it's a scavenger hunt most of the time, I think that was God's idea.

Like, you're not going to find the answers to that passage just, you know, he's going to send you over here, you're going to send over here and then you're going to find this and oh my goodness. If we work for it, we appreciate it more and we understand where it came from. We do.

We do. And the unbelievable minds that have processed all these passages for decades, we stand on the shoulders of giants. Giants. Wow.

Good giants. I mean, we do, that they wondered and they wondered and they wondered and so they wrote down what they put together and then this other person put it together. And so I got to tell you that some of the wisdom that came from today, I really should tell you, some of it came from some very ancient Greek Orthodox teachers and some of it came from very ancient Jewish scholars, Rashi, unbelievable scholar. The idea of the blood in the hand, I find that just amazing to me. You know who knows that's blood in the hand? The Jews. I've never heard a Christian teacher talk about that the blood was in his hand, but I can tell you who knows it is. The Jews.

Like when? That's unbelievable. Well, thank you so much, Anne. Thank you for listening. We got Sarah Linda's been loading up a poem for us too, Anne. Oh boy.

So that's coming in the next segment and we can hardly wait. I'm so grateful to share Christmas with you guys. Thank you, Anne. God bless. And Merry Christmas. Love you guys. You're listening to the Truth Network and Star of wonder today on the Christian Car Guy show, opening the three gifts of the Magi as Moses learned by hand.

How fun is that? It's been absolutely, and God is just so good to us here on the Christian Car Guys show, especially because you're listening and you guys are the ones all, you know, that audience out there and all these different places that we're so blessed that the radio stations allow this show to come into your lives and you guys come into our lives that God gives us an opportunity all to share. So you got one last segment here.

This will be your last time, right, before Christmas, to call us at 866-348-7884. Tell us what your wonder is. What have you been wondering that God's been lighting up your world with the Star of Bethlehem?

866-348-7884. I know one person I always love to wonder with is my good friend Sarah Linda is out listening to KCIS and Port Orchard, I think. Washington, Sarah Linda, you're on the Christian Car Guys show, good morning! Good morning! Here I am out in Port Orchard, I'm listening by phone, and I'm writing as I'm listening to you, it's awesome. And I have trouble with, I've had good doctors report, they're making sure everything's circulating with, because my blood flow has to go, you know, get from my, I have a neuropathy, and it's got to get, got to flow through my whole system, you know?

So my feet get cold, my hands get cold, and so got to keep that warmth of life flowing through me. Yeah, please, please. Yeah, I want to reach a hundred, you know. We got to be praying for that, we will, let's just pray right now. And Lord, thank you for Sarah Linda, and I thank you for her life and the blood that flows through her veins, which I know has some of Jesus' blood in there and mixed it. Amen. And so to help that, to just take the staff and lead the rest of that blood where it needs to go, and help her to return to all the joy that she always is, in Jesus' name I pray. Amen. Well now, here is a poem that I was writing as I'm listening, and writing it down, and so, and here's the start, it's about the blood that's in his hand and in his heart, okay, keep that blood circulating round, as from your heart, your heart, the blood must flow, and that's my heart too, to your head and way to your feet, that's what I got to have, as God's love to you below flows from his heart like honey sweet. Golden wonder to you bound, so the deep red like myrrh, the warm love life will revive my soul, to make me pure and make me whole, so I may sing praise with salvation sound. Keep that blood, oh Lord, flowing round. Amen.

Oh wow. That's very practical. And very Christmassy, well that's absolutely wonderful. Well what's the weather like today in Port Orchard, Washington at seven in the morning? Well it's cold, very cold, but it's not raining, or sometimes I guess rain and snow are predicted, we've had a little bit of it, but it's cold, and so that's also very important to keep warm, but the love of God keeps you warm for sure. Right, and if you just keep your hand in there by your heart, you know it helps keep… Oh yes, I have to do that right now. Because I have those circulating stockings that kind of keep quilting around too. Those are wonderful, you know a lot of people don't know this, but I was crushed in a car accident, you know, as a jeep came on my leg, and so for years and years and years, that was the only way I could keep that leg from swelling up like a football, you know, was to wear, because you know, when you get a severe injury like that, it takes away all the muscle tone, and the muscle tone is what does it, and you know, it's interesting to me that if I walk a lot, then that really helps keep the swelling down in my legs, because it helps with the muscle tone, but I… And so there's my recommendation to you Sarah Linda, for your legs and for your circulation, there's nothing like a good walk out in the brisk.

Well I do have to make, well I walk quite often during the day because I need to get up and go to the restroom rather quick. Yeah that happens to us too as we get older, that's another one of God's gifts, is to make sure we get up on our feet quicker. But laugh with love and enjoy the life that God has given us, amen. And let me just say, as I know Jerry feels the same way, what a Christmas gift you are to the Christian Car Guy Show, to our listeners, and I was looking forward to this morning when God opened up my heart to all that he was sharing, I said I can hardly wait to hear Sarah Linda's poem, because for those who don't know, she has no idea what I'm going to talk about, neither did Anne Auld, they're just taking the information and showing what God is showing them, which is exactly what he did for all of us, because that's what he did with the M&M thing for you, right Jerry, you didn't get that on your own, but when you saw it you knew it was the real deal.

Yeah, no doubt. This is wonderful, just what a blessing, what a blessing you are. It really, really is, and same here, same here, so you have a merry, merry Christmas and we will look forward to talking to you again, we are doing a Christmas, a New Year's Eve show, so we'll be here New Year's Eve with Bob from 109 New Poets, so we're going to be going out of 2022 in style, with a bang, that's for sure, I'll be listening. Thank you Sarah Linda so much, God bless you, and thank you and God bless you and a wonderful merry, merry Christmas, and a happy Hanukkah as well, yes by all means, those who are celebrating that, that's a wonderful thing to do, yes I celebrate both of them, yeah that's a big deal those lights, talk about Star of Wonder, it's absolutely right, it's absolutely right, thank you. So I should talk about the Jesus labor love as always, because you know, this time of year, Jerry, the needs ramp up, and you know they're coming hot and heavy as people are, you know the car, the weather seems to turn bad at the same time that you know the budgets get stretched and they want to do for their kids, and wow it's hard, it's hard, and so you know we're so grateful for all you do for the Jesus labor love, for your prayers most of all, like because that's where we stick our hand, and I'm telling you it's the prayers that God uses to make all the difference, and always has really for the Jesus labor love. Yeah and you know it just sort of, what we don't really get the grasp of just how important sometimes until we don't have one, a vehicle is, I mean when you have kids and you're trying to get them to the doctor, or you have parents and you're just having to get yourself there to work and to be able to support your family, so you know end of the year, I never want anybody to take away from the local church as far as giving goes, but man it's a great opportunity if you look into somewhere that you want to bless somebody, and it'll be somebody you don't even know, but you know that'll be bringing them a blessing, go on the website here and got a link to Jesus labor of love and a great opportunity to, yeah it's right there if you go to you can click right on the donate button right there on the home page, but also if you like that song as I do we three kings it's right there in my post today, and you can listen to that on youtube what gifted artists they are but it's all there at, and now as you head off into Christmas remember slow down, Jesus walked everywhere he went and got it all done in 33 years, thanks for listening. This is the Truth Network.
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