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December 19, 2019 10:05 pm

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December 19, 2019 10:05 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why is there nothing in the Bible about Jesus from age 12 to 30---2- Regarding Matthew 27-3-4 and Luke 22-31-32, why didn't Jesus pray for Judas in the same way he prayed for Peter---3- Can you explain the scripture that says that sexual sin is a more serious sin---4- What can I do for an adult child of mine who isn't saved---5- Why did Peter and John have to pray for the believers in Acts 8 to receive the Holy Spirit---6- If James was Jesus' brother, why did Jesus seem to give that responsibility to John-

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Why is the founder and president is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine why Ramsey is called time and get ready for Christmas.

Sorry little breath. If it were the busiest days of had a long long time.I am really hustling left and right electrical stuff. It's okay, it's all good is one of those days. You know the things happening with you.

I want to lift her car up to you and without getting in into any details, I would ask that you would consider praying for us there some real attacks going on in some heavy things that we have to deal with and I would really appreciate it if you would just pray we do need to be really do have your prayers would covet your prayers so you got a real five open lines which give me a call 877-207-2276. And let's say you have got I think I've got Facebook working is it yesterday for some reason it would not work on the check. I have YouTube working.

If you want to check out YouTube thing go on the Carmel page and or see YouTube videos and of the trying stuff and good for the mind. Good guy Andrew Rappaport from striving for eternity ministers, shameless plug and is a good guy and he helped me. We spent about three hours last night trying to figure some things out and it was really tough. And so we got it working and hopefully things like that will continue to work in that way that shape so again 877-207-2276, and a hot skillet.

You know that we are doing in matching funds. End of your drive. So if you are interested in supporting Carmel. All you gotta do is go to car. The Lord see and wield a lot of ministries. A lot of things ask for support.

We don't ask very much what we would love it if you were to set up a five month or $10 donation that would just help us a great deal because it helps us to set up the budget and we definitely do need that. So there's a light always little bitty problems liberty issues like try to get funds for computer to Africa to go a different route now before some things get canceled. Those things work out his ministry and work is just just having problems tackling issues were doing anyway. Three open lines now 877-207-2276 will do is just jump right in the fall does get to Anthony from Iowa. Anthony you are on the year you why in the Bible Jesus by the age of 12. About 38 or nothing. Joe can be taken wrong because he went to Indian learn from the good. A lot of people say, but it's not true. He remained in subjection to his parents and then at the time of 33 to 30 explain why 30.

He then started his ministry.

So if everything had been written between those years really just fulfilled in the issue of the nature of the gospel message with the writers of the Gospels did was to signify and let people know that Jesus was there. I think it's Luke 252 and following that he was there with them and subjection to them under the law, fulfilling what was required until the time of ministry began at the age of 30 and had to be at the age of 38 because he entered into the wall because of priesthood at the age of 30, according to the Old Testament law which is found in Leviticus 8 numbers four and Exodus 29, so we got baptized. He had to be 30 years of age and verbal blessing given for the priest, my beloved son in whom I will pleased get every point. Anointing of oil on him and that's the Holy Spirit coming upon him, and he had to be sprinkled with water. According to the law numbers seven people don't like that but that's what the law set so it's taken up with with the bright Bible says there and so he is most probably the sprinkled but nevertheless what happened was he started at 30 and that's when the gospel writers began to record or decided to go to that point to record the importance of his work and his ministry. At that point in time that help relevant nothing happened to Carpenter Valley…… We couldn't see technically nothing important happened because everything that God in the flesh would do would be important. By definition, but I know what you mean. Nothing that was needful, written down for the purpose that God had ordained what had not yet occurred, say either I get. God bless. Thanks a lot, right before the lines folks want to give McCall 877-207-2276 to Kim from rural home North Carolina look initially on their first 31 there okay reopen a certain format on my Bible program takes about 5 to 10 seconds, and then will take that in and it's almost there. Okay look what I need to go to 177 behold Cigna demented permission to sift you like wheat.

I have prayed for you that your faith may not fail and you once you have turned again, strengthen your brothers.

Yes, you and that's is when Judas who betrayed him, saw that he had could been condemned, he felt remorse. Return the trigger pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders saying I have sinned by betraying innocent blood that they say what is that to see to it yourself. Okay why would you write great well, where does it say he sprayed the same way God can only fit come Lord Jesus prayed for Peter in Luke 22 but in math from Sally didn't pray for Judas overjoyed and not being made more yes. For one thing, plus we could say that Judas was ordained for that purpose, love, people won't like that. But Proverbs 16 forces God makes all things, even the wicked for the day of evil and don't work, so we discussed in the theology of the ordination of God as he works all things after the counsel of his will. It just occurred to me that when I discussed this kind of a thing on radio that is probably not something is discussed very often. Ever.

From the pulpits or Bible studies or or anything, but I think it's needful to discuss the sovereignty of God, ordination, predestination, and how it works in combination with our free will, because I believe that when people start grasping this they start seeing how they relate to each other.

Then they can rest more comfortably in God's will and work as well have your opinion of God increased and raise because this is what the Scripture teaching, but nevertheless, so, yet he did know that. And even then it was still Judas free will choice to rebel and to turn in the Messiah. And remember, Judas was with for years and saw what Christ did and then Turk decided for the man in betraying for money Monday so that's that's pretty bad back pain as he had knowingly says it it doesn't say he repented and didn't say that he forgive Osaka God. It says so he went this as he had remorse return the pieces of silver to the chief priests and elders saying I have sinned by betraying innocent blood. They said was at Thomas.

He put yourself through the pieces of silver into the temple sanctuary. It doesn't record anywhere that he went and asked forgiveness of Christ or of the Lord God filled out. There is no no return ;-) yeah, there are certain sins and facts math and the Matthew 12 2232 blasphemy. The Holy Spirit is a sin from which people cannot return cannot be forgiven and talk to my head and just forgot it. You know what Justin just had it.

Two of them that you remember and so if we go here to Romans 126.

For example, short in verse 24. Actually, therefore God gave them over to the lusts of their hearts to impurity so that their bodies would be dishonored among them. So God gave them over this.

This type of judgment for the exchange of truth of God for line worshiped and served the creature rather than the creator is blessed forever. And so the worshiping creation that some Mormonism would be guilty of that because they worship creation of God is a created thing in their view and we have five false religions of varying sorts.

I can do with cement in Buddhism is definite worship creation.

Anyway, in verse 26 for this reason God gave them over to degrading passions. For their women exchanged natural function that which is unnatural in the same way.

Also, the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another minutes utterances, homosexuality, lesbianism, and so judgment comes upon people for that as well and the sin of homosexuality was business as is the only thing I've seen in Scripture where when you committed. You involved with that God gives you over to it is a judgment that happens while your life so that people will believe these things and then be given further further into that so that's kind of a judgment like we are talking about as well. So if you write great youth that would be what if you write what part he had already given out that particular thing got you. That would be think you got it already made a decree that will come back in, will you, I don't know know you wouldn't be a sin to ask God to heal people to work with them and stuff like that it would not be a sin to do that because you don't know if God's given them over.

Your job is not to decide that your job is to praying and intercede for them and so it's not a problem. I will go blessed all right will folks are going to McCall. We have 205 open lines 877-207-2276 so if you want to call please do let you know that we can be off the air next week Tuesday and Wednesday and then we cover that Tuesday and Wednesday may take a day off in August during the holidays it pretty sparse sometimes about what about people: stuff so like I said, we have five open lines when you give me a call and we can we can talk so by way of reminder we have the matching matching funds for the end of your matching funds striving for interest in supporting us. Please just go to convert/donate and that would be a huge huge help. Love them all rights have a break here any minute.

There is what you call mom break a 77207 mass Y call 770-772-0776 from Durham, North Carolina Brent Locke desperate on their hello Flicka, Rick are you doing right by God's grace great great. I pretend that I know you are you taking my call before and up and very helpful on Oakland. My wife and I have in our time and the calculating in the praying and everything. I have a question sir know the Scripture about committing sexual then and I would begin you like your body. The other can't then claim that the yes it is not forgive you, but how are you connected to that person that you have about sexual relation speak in generic terms children listening to get there union is to be had and side of marriage because God had created Adam and Eve in the union context and because of that the command to fill the earth could be then manifested be realized and so this union is extremely important because it signifies a submission to God's dominion mandate is to fill the earth and so that's why it's so important because it's to be had in that way. And so when people violate that to fornication and or adultery. They are stealing with does not belong to them. They're breaking or they're ignoring the coveted requirements of God and they are furthermore saying that they are gaining simple physical narcissistic pleasure instead of using that union for the glory of God. And that's was supposed to be like teach on the theology of marriage and teach about the stuff you make a noise the background and so to sin against your own body. By doing this kind of a thing is to impart to bring your body into a place of antiunion, when you have relations outside of marriage and you are working against the will of God in that credit order so this is one of the reasons you say this because they are you making noise the background is distracting.

Sorry, but I know they'll start you I and so those things within the window. I got so anywhere that help or not. I don't that help or not that it all.

I guess it did I get is that I me, but you still want to forgive your wife or you know something about that. And of course I don't know what hello the school so let's not go too fast here is so if a spouse's committed adultery. Is this what you're talking about yet, God will forgive. Yes, but you have the freedom of divorce, not the obligation of divorce and Jesus says in Matthew 1890 says you cannot divorce except for for me, which is sexual immorality and its that is allowed then and also enforcement in 1757 17 is abandonment and solicitude that are permitted in Scripture so if the spouse's committed adultery.

The offended partner has the ability to be able to divorce but not the obligation, you're free to forgive and depending on the situation and hopefully the marriage can be restored.

It takes work and the offending one has to come under church discipline and counseling. If the legs have okay thank you so much that I really appreciate it. Okay alright so I hope you like the low notes and greatly to God, yeah, thank you for that.

She needs to Pershing all right but thank you all right now focuses let you know that I'm not advocating to just saying that, legally, biblically, the person has the right to not the obligation that they should very consider it very seriously consider seeking reconciliation in the marriage, but it would have to be done under certain circumstances with counseling with confession, repentance, etc. etc. it's a very seriously, so let's get our phones to Joanne from North Carolina, Joanne Irani and our yes I will pick winners not to be children present.

I can get more specific, but the engineer will not I'm gonna have to pay careful with what I buy Mathematica to make.

I'm very mom to daughter and I looked at that that dealt tightly in her 30 very active in her church.

My oldest one night a profession and when she got hurt in church as a teenager and I when she went to college.

She has never from college age. 40 then back to church except for a waiting, waiting for phenol Concourse.Curran get shot down and I think I can make it worse and out out dryland level of buying the flight honey you need to give it the Lord all honey is just not God's grace and she feels they have mama on the Christian mama. You act like I'm not I and when I try to tell anybody about this by fashioning an adult you can't worry about it while lowering the union no reason to. Sorry the dark. Let's this week with the worry in this context what you mean is your concern for her and your concern for future and that's not sinful, just worry has that many different meanings and in that context know it's a good thing you worry for your children. You don't want him to be harmed wanted to be down. That's a good worry child that's okay I understand.

Trust me I do to not really. Yes I mean I guess you just don't like man following your May God and being that after daylight. While MIB and repetitive good and she's not here yet just stand you love your daughter. You want to see her repentance and you want to see her with you receive heaven with the Lord and how could it be heaven for you.

If she's not there and you know the eggs lost like all horses are those are our wonderful, loving folks with you when I call 77071. Let's get back on you still there to so you know I want to say again that your love for your daughter is your concern for her is wise.

It's loving, good. Your worry for her as a godly worry, because it's a concern for future, and so all of that is good and you're being a good mom that sounds is what you need to do is pray for her. She is an adult and there comes a point when we have to understand that they are their own people and are making their own choices and what we do as parents is love them consistently pray for them consistently and ask God in his great mercy to save them and who knows it could be that what he's doing is allowing her to have a time of flesh to say rebellion and God will use that. I know that's the case in many, many situations, my own included, God allows us to wander so that we can see what it's like away from home and then we come back we see how wonderful it is and he is glorified all the more, and you get to glorify God in your trust as you seek as you trust him with her because this is a very difficult thing to do for parents, especially moms moms are just awesome in your heart is deeper than most dads can be like that to monitors moms mom instinct she came out of your very body just there's a connection we women just don't have and so you and it's a wonderful thing. So don't think badly about don't think you're in sin because you're worried about her when God says don't worry we talking about is your worry about where you can be in the things that are under his control how he's going to provide for you to worry about.

You trust in you work hard to do what you have to do to move forward so you don't take that context transferred over here is what you're doing is you are loving her and part of that love.

Of course, is concerned which you know it's the word worry in that context is on board for my children as well and I'm concerned for the word for praying for them that they would come to a place of repentance. They know the truth they've been taught and they make choices and there's always two sides of the story, but nevertheless we have to be concerned about is okay to lie about and you brought me such a conservative church while it was a bandit wiping out snakebite and I and and she probably highly educated and think that almost makes it harder yesterday Lane on and I am yes we are highly educated. It's going to secular school and secular school is very antagonistic to Christianity.

It's very and ticket antagonistic.

This is not talked about on the news media, but it needs to be the media sync is complicit with the enemies of our country.

The news media is largely a lot of errors with his left-leaning as is the meaning and the leftist leaning to the misrepresentation of truth. The attack misrepresentation Christianity. This is part and parcel of the world we live in. You understand that part of the issue, not all meat is bad. Not all schools are bad, etc. but this is pretty prevalent when your daughter goes in and she's going to be influenced and it's difficult for you as a mom because your mom you can't teacher from dad. My kids are careless to make the list was stranger. I have a friend that one of my daughters listen to for hours and he'll say the same thing.

I will. He's even come to me and said that body was it not at all, not at all about a lot of likely and because the mom and dad and so what we have to do is just as continue to love them and trust God with them, and sometimes it's a test for us as well.

Sometimes God wants us to do is let go. Now I don't be like those in don't care.

But there comes a place sometimes what we need to do is truly let go and were truly trusting God more than were worrying and being concern for children. It's a difficult place to get because as parents. It's a difficult place to get this were obligated to calm down a great wall bay and church. I think now won't prorate the Bible you know what I'm I am an and Friday and I get scared. What if she was great and not too bad that we are God's concern, not yours, but you don't know that. And we do not allow him, but we we don't know how God predestined this nation which we don't know how selection works. We just don't know. And so what we can say is that as the Bible says James 516 the prayers of the righteous Mandeville much with God. How does that work. How does our prayer, influence God. I don't know because he knows all things from eternity and yet appears influence of that work. I have no clue so our job is to pray our job is to seek him and we don't know even if our heartfelt desires lovingly even as the father's love the sun and those prayers that God is moved by that to have already predestined, so to speak. We don't know how it works. So don't put all your eggs in that basket, and on and you know why I believe in the stuff, but I don't have all the answers and I don't like to say this is how it works. I have to say this is what we see the Scripture say this as far as we can go. But there are other things we don't know about. We do not know the criteria.

What, by which God has ordained by which he saves people we don't know what that is. So what we can do is pray and ask on the site and that's what I do every night for my children and a .9% of the time every night. Okay, I pray for my children.

I just ask. It is his job to save them and so we pray okay well I will. Thanks thank you ma'am. Sorry. Every time I cry time you talk to me in apprising this drug. But I don't should be loose. Nice it's okay Joanne, I like to talk is that of all intellectual I love to to minister to people and counsel them and just reach in their hearts and trying to touch them as well and not cry everything that you your sale map that will collect data and how I'm not. I don't mean to embarrass you a sheet that I didn't want to fight that I have ground spiritually out of what Christ went right you and that I'm not right.

Well I can say is thank you, but give God all the glory because I'll tell you and not I did but I thanked him that I found you little house at I'm the one that had a little granddaughter that have asked burgers member. Yes, it's not common to man, girls, girls, and that is what made me start listening United my band you have ground match in basement dispatch you go. I bet and again, and she didn't get that. I'm glad that a blowout you know made on the outside right think it just goes to show you first confuse 127 is true, God has chosen the foolish things of the world to shame the wise week things shingles initial trick she uses week foolish people he has to receive all the glory. Okay, I basked right on right now and I cannot waste your whole family a Merry gray.

I think yours to enjoy. Come bless right leg was Joanne love, conversation is a nice conversation she sweet alright what are we going to Alejandra from North Carolina. The show you are on the air and there's an old there's a break to write about that right back at his method is 77757707. What is will were doing the matching funds drive for the end of the year will be matched to be doubled. So if you are interested in supporting us.

Would love to do is go to CAR and.O RG/donate or go to any page on Carmen Carmen that is Kenny page right inside to see the red letters donate thing and would appreciate that we would really love it if you give 510 1520 a month. Whatever it might be because that helps us make budgets and we really do need to have that.

So thanks a lot. Let's get back to Hunter luck. I was wondering why John come on. Already on the moment… There seems to be a difference between receiving the Holy Spirit, which can happen and does happen automatically when you regenerate when you're saying he would ask 1044 to 48 people receive the Holy Spirit mention of them being having has laid on them and then there baptized because in order to receive the Holy Spirit. So it seems to be that this handling on of hands is a type of anointing and the type of sending a type of officiating laying hands on people can be done in a negative way where you harmed them. This of course is in the context we see this kind of a thing where priests had her hands laid upon and are prayed for and it's a cultural thing, but it seems also have a spiritual significance.

So for example when I was ordained in the ministry. Hands were laid on it.

It's kind of a way to show a trance like a Catholic here because Catholics take is way too far, but it's a point of contact officiating and where some groups say that the authorities transferred through the touch. Notably, there is a fishy Asian in the process of laying hands on a person and praying for them this as hands to be laid on objects and prayed for or we can anoint with oil, various objects and houses and feeling pray for them and pray for people and slurs of an issue of physical contact that seems to have a blessing associated with it and that seems to be yet that I really don't know what else to say on that.

I was adorably has a new man suddenly talking about the issue of ordination into ministry to not do a public practice and ceremony of the official acceptance of who and what they are for ministry work. Don't do that do that quickly. Do it slowly.

Picture and place this much I know about it. Reading the Bible that we are at the moment. As we receive the Holy Spirit there but sometimes the whole the laying on of hands is associated with the extra of the Holy Spirit. So swinging on the indicators matzoh people have your hands laid on him.

Sometimes they speak in tongues and in the Bible as well. So with you that we receive the Holy Spirit upon belief but we sometimes get a little more but I know I had this happen personally and that I did have hands laid on.

There was an instance where you never see the Holy Spirit receive Christ when I was first born again. It was very, very, very dramatic, very very credible.

It really was and then years later, it happened again. But in a different way and was no laying on of hands. In either case, but there was a movement of the Spirit and in the first was regeneration of the very presence of the Lord Jesus and the second it was with an unction that resulted in me having insatiable desire to read God's word study everything I could.

This is nothing but God's glory. God's work. So there are different ways that the we call it to some call it, I should say the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

Careful use that term because charismatics take it like a way to part with it, but the generic form of that usage seems to be that the Holy Spirit comes upon you in a very profound way. An extra way. Yorty have the spirit, but that he just turns the faucet on on high is head of the Drupal that's been going to your life, so to speak, except now that that now where will this thing is is biblical to have hands laid on receive the Holy Spirit speak in tongues, but is not a formula and this is where the error.

People tend to turn things that happened in the Bible into rituals and rules. That's not how it works. You remember back in San Diego was living there and read by a certain particular church which is one.

This was occult, but any rate. And not only this or the other church would do this little Pentecostal churches Holy Spirit revival meeting Tuesday 7 PM and we got a kick out of that.

Also, that's when the Holy Spirit will be at that time and that place. I guess they have it scheduled. And so I thought it was ridiculous because the Holy Spirit moves with the Holy Spirit moves according to his sovereignty, not according to our demands.

We lay hands on. This is how it has to happen because the formula for Scripture it's not the formula of Scripture. People receive the Holy Spirit without being baptized, and the or before they are baptized, and see the next 1044 to 48 you shall read it and they're speaking in tongues or glorify God. They had not been baptized and not nothing them aware of, says that they had hands lived laid on so you know that, do search and the nothing in the context so they had hands laid on them and they were to receive the Holy Spirit.

They were speaking in tongues exulting God so you don't have to have let him click on you for that extra okay it's the sovereign work of God the Holy Spirit. The disciples themselves seem to have had some authority that we don't have is withering and living laid on people. They were receive the Holy Spirit with power just received the Holy Spirit as in saved but with power seems to be something that they possessed okay right now. Not all believe in.

All believers have the Spirit's power because the spirit of the Lord is in us, but the way into the degree it's manifested varies among believers. You will be surprised. I tell people this go witness go risk for Jesus and not stupidly risk but go out there on faith and you'd be surprised with the Holy Spirit will do, because I would rather speak truth to a crowd of unbelievers that speak a thousand hours in tongues me. I want the gospel out. That will save people had rather have that be empowered then meet speak in tongues, but I never spoke in tongues. That's what I would rather have. I want people to hear the gospel be saved for manifest in different ways. Okay, I welcome God bless right is to Derek from Des Moines, Iowa hey Derek luckily show you are on the air scripts of an illegal hit and we were starting again and doing a little background on the subject matter. I would kind of caught off guard by how much of an argument between the Catholic Church and thought are the adequate game brother to brother and so I know you know what they claim and how they word it and do not think that need to be completed making but the one thing that the one argument they made that just talk a little bit where the you know what I wonder is John L… Behold your mother very none and their argument that you know they claim that you did James were half-brother or that they were they and if they were his true brothers by blood, then why would be there authority at taking care of their mother and handed off to John why would you like custom was to have the oldest son be responsible for the mom when the father passed away, and if that oldest son were to pass whatever then it would be transferred down to the next and next and next. Will John wasn't even in the family so obviously Jesus is doing something different and it could be that we know that John knew who Jesus was and John was the one who would not be martyred, but would be given a special revelation now on give credit where it's due. Chuck Mishler taught me this that the friends of God according to Scriptures are given prophecy. The friends of God. When I called his friends a suspect relationship so John the apostle was given the revelation of Revelation.

So that means he was a close friend of Christ and it is commonly understood that when it says, and the cycle latest head on the chest of Christ that it was John. They had a very special closeness and Jesus also says in another place that he come to set a fondness of mother and brother against father. Things like that. What he saying is he is more important that even your family. So with all this put together, it makes sense to say that Jesus what he was doing.

He wasn't just going to some cultural norm, but he was giving, so to speak. Mary's care to the one whom he loved so to speak. The most and was the closest because Christ is God in Christ has an ability to be able to designate who is taking care of. I hope it's not an argument against the idea that Mayor had other children – that idea is we have arguments of the Catholic stupid Jesus, having Matthew 125 it says Joseph kept her version until John was bobbing was born we know what that means they do violence to the word of God's all over the place but nevertheless so that's how we'll get that's all we can look at it that this is what's going on and stuff. Why was John and not Tom Siebel when the point is, it could be also that they didn't really know who Jesus was, but John did. They weren't really believing following in him till later and John already was. John knew it. And so it makes sense to give him give the responsibility to the one who knew him best and believe in him will truthfully because that will be the greatest responsibility not just a mere familial relationship. So what if one of the is was and it was an atheist.

Jesus gives them a letter to an atheist, I except okay I provide one by God's grace here calls them. Bless you hateful be out of here by God's great effect on their long

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