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January 15, 2020 12:43 am

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January 15, 2020 12:43 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Who is the destroyer in Exodus 12-23---2- Is it right for Bible translations to use the word -servant- instead of -slave----3- Does John 12-47 refute limited atonement---4- Can you explain Exodus 20-4-6- Is it referring to literal idols or wanting-coveting things---5- Does Calvinism mean that we shouldn't help-intervene in difficult situations since all situations are God's indirect decree---6- What's the proper way to say the Lord's prayer---7- Are we supposed to follow the Old Testament feasts---8- Were we all created at the same time or at birth---9- Who are the giants in Genesis 6---10- In eternity, will we see all the persons of the Trinity or only Jesus---11- Is there mention of guardian angels in the Bible---12- How can I show love and dignity to my friends who are homosexual without watering down the gospel---13- How do I deal with Black Hebrew Israelites using Revelation 1-14-15 to say that Jesus was black-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics found alive that more you have questions about Bible doctrine that matter why 20 there might be 2020. You know, today I released to release it tonight, but it's no big deal, but I was wondering wonder how many verses of the Bible have a chapter and verse of 20 and 20 so I just did that I would look under 17 in the entire Bible and release it is an article deal in those particular pattern of anything so the references are all man-made, but it was fun and I get on the little cook some so anyway 2020 and the Lord bless you and this year if you want to give me a call I'd say give me a call if I'm open we don't have things open right ever awful, so you will have a hold on, but the number if you want to is 877 207-227-6026 people on watching so far it kicks in your pretty good wealth and just jump right on to strip on the phones and get to mesh Mischa from Miami, welcome to the show. You're on the I'm doing all right.

We got quick question 12 verse 23, I was wondering what I refer to the Lord will not end the destroyer to help that like the Holy Spirit not entering or that I gained a better lighting on top of that, I suspected it so an angel sent by God to kill.

I forgot the reference but there's one angel led to killed thousands and thousands of people above the battle, the nation is recorded in the Old Testament forgot where luck is but it's there, and so can happen so the destroyer the probably an angel that was sent by the Lord to kill the first thoughts would happen yet I know I would think it only fair that I got my right and there. If you have a question, I'm reading a book from John MacArthur about slave and there is no statement and that in all that meant the work, play with their like 799 times and in the Greek Septuagint 409 but the New Testament know they basically when there translated to English. They put Thurman and lightning corrective that because that would be a that, like how I wondered why would they would serve indefinitely. When exactly 5 is a whole different research on that word and the different words and I have it on car so find the mongoose website so that org/slavery and I went to analyze. Lotta stuff and so the different words I didn't released information on on everything with different words that are used with the general idea is that we do not have an English word that accurately represents what we call slavery in the Old Testament and were the reason is because slavery in the Old Testament is of different kinds and so if you have different kinds of slavery. What you do owe what you call it.

Well, there's forced labor, slavery is contractual labor there's a person owns a property but it's really the work that he produces is owners of property there is that person in his property that work can be sold, but you can't sell an Egyptian and ischemia in Israel is like that you cancel a foreigner who's been caught in it as either an punishment or as it is more and there's this then there's another case for the work of ecocide can be as salt slavery condition was ended can be. And by the slave. In some instances and could not in others, and was there when they were subject to physical abuse but within limitations. So they were not to be beaten a certain way or certain length, but some could do something it gets.

It is not that simple. So we say slavery wealth if chattel indentured serfdom forced labor debt labor. There was a section slavery, domestic servitude, child soldiers and things like that. That's happened for now that's the kind of slavery that are in existence in the world today. What kind are in the Bible we never find chattel slavery chattel slavery was a slave relating hundreds here in America and that slavery was the slave himself and herself. They were actually completely owned as property and had no rights and they could be just sold and destroyed in and beaten. It was no consequence. That's not what chattel slavery chattel is like you just completely owned and get a barstool or table is owned but the slaves in the Bible had rights they could own property.

They could buy their own freedom and property that was stolen or lost was to be rude returned to the owner, but with the slavery in the Bible. If someone didn't like her master and they left. They were not to be returned to list it considers all kind of different issues and and levels of will be costly. Result what word we use it just I just don't have it and so then we have the English skimming that we have the New Testament the word do loss is the worker's life, but it's sucking on the do loss of a slave of Christ. So another kind of slavery, but it's a tough week and I think the EU that were about the got the Greek and ideal court that no earthly right, but wanted off and I'm not gonna take it's role at servant, but I eat a lot of role in parable using slavery and then, let me try to remain at either worth label them but frankly Thurman go out if they I think that note probably change a lot of people like the Ali I think because no beret could have a different meeting like I do like it should be laid negative Marla out for me to be our own like glass light is what we want, and I think that my point is that I think they kind of think the below after that work, you know, we are often only thing like every item relaxation that we are not our own, that we been back in Elko that I it's a complicated topic and I wrote about 12, 13, 14 articles on it and go to Carnival disc card number/slavery and was more work on that I got asked him what to do. What is could get into doing everything I was doing some major word studies and how each word is using going through and analyzing stuff and I don't know how much people would use those kind of things are really look into that kind of stuff but one of things I did to was I went and arranged the various things dealing with slavery by topic along with the verses behind the so you can go there to Carmel of Scripture verses on slavery arranged by topic, slavery, and servant hood becoming a slave, leaving slavery, social rights and responsibilities. For example, the slave was required to participate in religious observances was a member of the housemaster's household could go to war could inherit property could be in control of entire households. They were sometimes trusted advisors.

They were required to rest on the Sabbath, they could inherit Artie got that one can hear property twice in the treatment of slaves, not with severity a master who punished a slave who then died was to be punished himself. Possibly with death if any of the circumstances and so they were considered a form of of property but not in the strict sense, since it escaped slaves were not to be returned as property was foreign-born slaves could be held permanently fellow Israelites laser not to be regarded as property fellow Israelites later not be treated harshly kidnapping someone to make him a slave was prohibited could affix a necklace slave was and was punishable by death. This is not what it really is a very wide and broad topic and what happens is people dislike of the Bible proves a slavery will yes and no. What kind and what we mean by approve visit approve visit as a God wants what is it approved and the conditions that your two work with it and believe it or not. I went through when through some ancient near East law codes with the code of nominal from 2100 BC lip lip hit Ishtar from 1900 BC and Samaria issued non-new Pavarotti Hittites middle Assyrian tables of Roman law and then I summarize in outline form the jet stuff about them, various codes" and you'll see there's some similarities and some severe differences to I got into it quite a bit. I did a lot of work on and went forth look at negative and like when it is no way actually translated into English but in modern like him like that.

Yet even things like that but maybe they translated it on the rent that if I thought maybe you don't mind.

You know thing about modern-day like what slavery would be lucky if it is different than and 90 Roman Greek culture then maybe I do it yet, but offended and I'm all black and also like I was here, but that worked late at night offended by it in the Bible with that lately that I know the different contact you for that you and I know I don't think that to leave a bad mouth when when you know Christ let you know you never go out again or for you know when you did. The reason the coulters understood info on pain know people have the information and I think that's why I just got in on my landline today because you do not like a tonic clicked in my head as I will you know if it would help me.

I knew the theft, probably a lot more on how I would act in my Christian life and I'm not the mulatto minimal people and now if I got it been really working and I'm like you like wow, if I knew this word are Enoch is like to be a slave on his property him him I might get that you know so inept that you make that, but it like I did make me want to, yet I feel like while you know, I wanted on the document don't do it. Your people are offended together and are led let it let them the right background right on my fire alarm. I got a get okay yeah good lesson that people are commenting to the what is that sound so amen fixed. I love you all right. I think that is what I write is on the phone with Wade from West Virginia weighed Rainier welcome to all right by God's grace we got what I had a conflict and I look out okay and I that people who are in our that way that you about John 1247 think if anyone hears my things and did not keep them, I do not get in but not of the debt the world but think the world and that they believe that that you limited at times and ask him asking what the word world means was a go to Carmen look at the word world and in the grid of studies and it has many different meanings to people is what happens a great deal a great deal when I teach people, Bible studies, I'll say something.

I know they already believe a certain way or nothing question of the text and then going that's what it did, none on the went and again start saying something and this is one of the ones Olivia John 316 God loved the world that means everybody does it delete maybe, maybe not that we don't know see what his word world mean does it mean the planet does it mean the weather come back after breakout I'll show you what I mean by this and why to ask the right questions so please stay tuned for you right back after the mass Y call 77077 charismatic slave show with Québec to wait, wait, are you still there waiting. Wade is not there with them hold their little bit and will deceive anyway focus to say the word world can mean every individual. For example, God's love.

The world is possible. It might mean that it could also mean all the nations of, for example, because Jesus was sent only to the lost sheep that was of Israel, not the whole world. We have a look of his whom he acts 1128 a great famine was over all the world and this took place in the reign of Claudius. That means a famine in Australia unnecessarily and depute the first. I think my God through Jesus Christ for you all, because your faith is being proclaimed for the whole world is Romans 18 let a limited area.

It wasn't being proclaimed in New Zealand in oh so you see how the word world is used in different contexts and I was had a people look at the context to suit towards me. That's the issue let's get to a Harry from Kentucky, Harry, welcome to the show. You're on the air. I met Michael Aiken and I exited the morning after what you wanted or find the sixth year in a dive.

When he got what about slamming it over Exodus 24, five, six, tell me what you think about that inverted what is a main what Morton felt them.

There's a lot in there but exactly all black caves which are questioned by anything more specific is the more specific switch which question is like that without anything, don't starve them and don't bow down anything you ask me a question I have, the question you can do it now. What's your question about those versus not just a generic quarterly mean it wasn't anything you what was an issue. What it means you get from the barn. Okay, I get a lot of stuff in the versus okay usually I'll take verses like this and such a generic open question might take me 20 minutes to half-hour to go through and exegete talk about each aspect of going out what it typed on a little bit down what night like that of Annie. You will me noticed the servant and you don't make any idols of any sort.

Don't bow down to them don't do that kind of thing. Okay, don't do it in the Catholics do it all the time. So are you chaotic or what a night.not aligned with that of any character right now.

I like a white armor needed for their good stacked up with the old foreign and renewed form and now you don't get much response that because your question is I is question is way too open-ended.

You'd be very specific in did you narrow down what you think this means of this particular verse yeah in regard to any connectable their opinions well you just make a statement.

I believe that means this political will react with what your statement is okay okay I did you know on that discussion on marijuana guy that I said I don't like it you you you know they're looking at it that you idolize something that you have to have notes the seller does talk about literally making eyes and things like that and bowing down before them. So a lot you know, I'm glad it got conformant backup. Yes, it took quite a bit of work and absolutely still working on it was already get back on their yes Renée because no matter now the our knowledge very that now you don't go there.

The website got yet it weren't ranking made the working on stuff but I'm the man whose varied doing all of the stuff I've literally have now my on my part. One article today for less than 15 minutes and I've been very busy and active rally you to write research – anymore. I need a project manager and the other employees to help. I'm actually very you have the finances.

This is what it is right now so it's a one-man show in a lot of areas. Just trying to work on okay wow okay yeah I thank you. Okay, sounds good, thanks. I alright, let's get to Richard from California hey Richard showing on the happy happy new year. How are you doing good are you doing all right for God's grace we got mad because my question.

I I want to compliment you and that point something out to your listener. I watched your debate with dialect fiction okay and I thought Skyler getting very rude with you yet. He will lastly meal on how well and how you kept your cool you represented Christianity very well, thank you so kudos to you.

Yeah, Matt. He was very illogical a lot of areas and was demanding an end course is people's claim victory has some analysis inaccurate but yet you are not something I Skyler respects you and does like you little secret Matt, I think he drinks wine a little bit. I'm not even joking if you watch some of this out of the video he had that kind drinking wine may be I don't know know I'm I'm not with question that I can on some of that that event video I my question that I made a friend with a Catholic. His name was Joey and that he came to church with me this past weekend and after church we were talking I told them how I can learn about Calvinism and reformed theology, and he asked me if I thought Calvinists were Christians and I said absolutely.

I said that some of the most terrific Christians because they always put back to the Bible. Going back to the Bible and I said well don't you think their questions and he said no and I said why not any anything. He asked me a question for the length of that and he said a Catholic and a Calvinist or an apartment in his unit about that, child. The Catholic said the cabinet let's go stop that they Calvinist. He said no that's God's indirect decree anything which one is right will help. The Bible says that with the help each other and the status of Mr. mentation with Calvinism.

This is a theological issue. The decrees of God is one thing but to couple that with you don't want to help somebody is ridiculous.

As a foster presentation. So, in our opinion on the Calvinists. If I see someone in need him in a run to us what a publican to get me in trouble sometime. I'm one of those kind guys that reacts very quickly.

I run towards the problem, not away from in sonic and that's what it is and I know I know other people like myself who will who are extremely protective of other people will get in there and it the reforming of the object to the Catholic just misrepresenting the position very badly now waiting to hear what God's decrees right answer here with. I don't understand a decree said that God is redeemed will be in there's a direct and indirect means that which is concurrent can't interfere with God's decrees because it's rests in the counsel of his will, from eternity past 11 with the wrong question is okay all right they fellowship through open lines give a call 877207 mass Y770776.

Here is Matt's link back to the show.

We got a good person making sure okay Robin from Idaho, Robin, welcome to show you around the year. I okay one will hear muffled I'm having trouble understanding is it what I want Ari what's the proper way to scan a large tract team came breaking and creative thinking in the cloud power and the glory forever and you are very, that would not I would use a newer version and not the King James version ESV and ESP is fine and there's a version in Matthew 12 and Luke 11 and one shorter than the other doesn't matter. This you have to repeat it. You can repeat it. But just make sure you understand that repeating it is not something that you do in order to get anything is not a formula prayer you say teaching us how to pray and so is the manner of praying that you stick to how the concepts taught in there the glorification of God's holiness seeking his will and things like that we can use it as an outline so to speak. You can pray those very words. And that's fine but it's also meant to be kind of an outline idea of the things to pray about. Okay okay okay you have another question was that it sure if we were supposed to fast and then I thought I and like an excuse to celebrate a lot of p.m. all testing involving everything and I was wondering if there supposed to do that can know were not obligated to follow the Old Testament feasts and requirements that sense because the Old Testament is the old covenant. The word in Latin for covenant is testament. The old covenant Old Testament new covenant New Testament and when Jesus died.

The Old Testament covenant was fulfilled and we now were the new covenant you go to Hebrews chapter 9 verses 5216. To read about that process so you not obligated to observe those days. You're free to. If you want to.

We don't have to. And so fasting is it is mentioned in the New Testament Jesus fasted, but when he was fasting. He did this before he was crucified so it would be technically under the old covenant. So speak time. But I the idea of a fasting is okay and that we can do that doesn't mean that the things of the Old Testament aren't to be followed in his different ways of understanding how that means it is just be careful about this or different law. It's okay to fast is okay to fast if you want now for spiritual reasons. If you don't want to don't have to were free in Christ. Okay okay right there you go. God bless you. Okay. All right, this could over to John from Virginia and John looking to show I met so we got I got the questionable way all created at the same pan or neither. Not all created the same time, we were not all created adverse. The Bible says in Psalm 139 that we are woven together in the womb, God formed our inward parts there versus 13 one 3913. We don't know exactly how that works. There's debate in the discussions within theological circles. When the inception occurs conception occurs when the egg is fertilized is that a new human being with a soul or is a form shortly afterwards to Scott has network got put that in housework we don't have all those answers and so we can't say that reformed all at once, because that would mean everybody existed in preexistence somehow Mormonism doesn't work it doesn't mean at birth, which would mean that if it versus when we reformed and become human, that we were not human during the pregnancy process that's In the case either and I lean towards the idea that we are completely human at conception and that we are formed.

In that sense and that we are developing physically in that sense, continuing on in the soul and the essence of what we are is complete at conception of my position okay I got will real fast. Go ahead and fit all when it… Yeah where the black and most probably, they are the offspring between the fallen angels and women.

The reason we hold that is because that is what the early church held that is what the Jews always have them work more consistently for the Jews talk about that. Plus, if you go to Genesis 69 these are the records of the generations of know what Noah was a righteous man, blameless in his time blameless in his generations what it literally says it looks like his generations were pure wasn't a mixup in the line and also it says in 24 Luke 17 is it with was the days of Noah social be the date of the coming of the Son of Man sojourn at the age of know what that tells can be the date of the Senate coming for the man and then if you cross-reference it with Daniel 243 consummate is really interesting because in Daniel chapter 2. It talks about the significant others dream and and the statue and that's a prophetic thing and it mixes down it goes. The iron in the mix the iron and mixed common clay and this is supposed to be in the end times around the time when Jesus is talking about that day to mentally, the field was taken a kind of a thing and skipping things going up I'm going fast because we have a lot of callers waiting, but what it says it's really interesting in Daniel 243 is this an end that you saw the iron mixed with the common clay say will combine with one another in the seed of men, but they will not adhere to one another. The construction there in the Hebrew and thin furs at the first date is not people they will combine with Lady Gaga and that's where the spirit already made one thing that I some of them. Maybe this with the theory is, and then some think that the nestling when they were destroyed in the flood became the demonic realm. This is one of the theories out there and and this is why the flood would've come in order for God to wipe out the breeding program that was intended to destroy the messianic line so that's the theory. Thank you very much okay that's a theory. All right there you go. Okay you two God bless all riders move along to get to next longest waiting is art from Henderson Nevada. A artwork of the show here. Are you I'm doing alright, alright, we got okay for a question and I know I got it in the JV with me and that I just have a question regarding when we go to heaven. I really see the Trinity. Are we to each eat that well.

The Bible says that the father dwells in unapproachable light to no man has seen or can see for 2616 so I'm going to go with the position that we can't see the father and some will say but Stephen saw the father but that's not the case and connects 755 to 60. He saw the glory of God. So he saw the glory of God to be that shining presidency saw that and so I think what's gonna happen. My opinion is that I could be wrong.

My opinion is that work could be seeing in and interacting with the Lord Jesus, who was our only mediator because the glory of the father, not incarnate, whose nature is so fast encompassing the entire universe, how was it we can see this mix is a civil see if we located in 1 Little Pl., we can see Jesus because he still a man and forever will be of that's what I hope to yet (I thought I would give you the God man so okay… Reasonable okay thank you very much drink it. Welcome very much all right that was a heartless gourd next long as Layton is Janet from Raleigh, North Carolina Janet, welcome to the show. Thank you Matt, I have a real quick question about Angel. I want to know if the guardian angels are mentioned in the Bible, and if so, how they relate to us today. I don't know of any mentioning of guardian angels in the Bible and I will okay people have asked about that and but we got a needle supposed to be a saloon assigned to protect somebody to deal with them, but as debates right in a Christianity on whether or not it is real or not. There does seem to be some hints and ideas of angels being generally located geographically and maybe some of the lines a 7707 mass Y call 77077 is Matt's leg, but it will come back to the show. Let's get on the air to somewhat initially on their way of things on lot on sure because online fast and I you define are you doing disease all get out over scenic sometime. Let me allocate 30 shot is need I think I know will just going to Holland, Italy.

Okay, we got okay and you get there little bit when you guys for keep writing and got a new friend and I kind and added my comfort down you met my friend David getting in. I met some people there. I don't remember them all laugh like that living and continue at being in a position to show a Christian kind of drastic people that don't know that kind and I've met a lot of people in the gay community lately and as I said, very much out of my comfort down that I have never met nice to people like that thought has been very nice people. Anything that breaks my heart when I can't pity people and I tell them that I'm a conservative Christian and mouth file open and I usually get what why are you talking back. Well, a lot of the people that only comparative Christians. Unfortunately, it gave Matt are the ones that are hammering on them and telling and they're going to have an item, agree obviously with the lifestyle that I feel I make a lot more impact.

Try showing them God. Glad and that I can expect, and as a person and a creation of God. That is the baby and I'm getting. I hope I'm going to build a reply. That way, and then going to add their underweight sleep. Think I agree with that people don't know that I have a friend was bisexual.

I knew he was from the moment I met him and that we were friends for a full year before. He told me that he was so young that he was just blown away any similar know you going to the ministry. This is why you my friend a civil why shouldn't I be long story's very short, he is getting married to a woman and she told me at the wedding that it was my love and kindness to him that helped him leave.

He could see that. So I you know I understand and it was I was over there you're at your house.

You know how I am meeting is over there and people came in who treat them nicely.

I always do not say think if this fine item conservative Christian radio host Guy apologist and they look at Mr. Isaac. Don't worry your your sake, don't worry okay if you have a questions I'll answer them but not her judge and is moved I don't want I wanted yet. I have to fight get it right getting in contact with a lot of a lot of morning thinking a laid-back weekend, ministering to one – story that and I and a lot of flak for an having friends that are homosexual. I can enter and my relationship with my Mormon friend. I have to remember a lot of that that we copied that when we went to mankind at BK. I know I know the teaching that they can make it EL and how much like that talking about the same thing you think you and Kaylee think of the little I think that I know aren't quite high. This is known for years in your soul and you have a great way ministering to people that a lot of people just don't have a great way about you.

So I would just continue with that and then pray for the opportunity to speak the truth when it's it comes up. So that's how I am last year we had okay we had a transgender plan stay here that I don't I don't want to I want to talk in life. I'm sure that that God put in on my heart. I don't want my flesh to Kenyon and start talking about death that can you get me in the middle.

NASA mentioned the date I rather wait till I'm positive it got plain on my file in the meantime unity people a great friend and I it's really changed a lot of my views on people that were not a part of Mike Nickleby for that.

People are people that they keep on a bad team but that's it matter if there gay earth that can end there a different religion or whatever people like people and only ever going to get began and get rain.granite shell.I need to be loved and treated that the reassuring will we do as Christians.

Homosexual skin of my house. I'm not going sleep together and things like that in our house that that still knew they would know that they be treated very well. They said we talked about the floors with a transgender person stay here for a few days around Christmas time friend of our daughters in an know I didn't offend the person at all, and at one point became a people, a family member come to our house for cryptic party BK young man with living with that he didn't bring anybody help me think you anything you know that you wouldn't expect anybody afternoon and I think it kinda made me really bad day that people that I know family that I grade won't come over to my house because there again am writing there's other issues there but you. Yeah I look County And finite electrical event that affect her laugh and she could use a company she sick and tired of my company not letting it was your brother for head around me a lot and she takes the soothing breaths. Well need to have to keep extra a lot of things I like about you not only on it like it is in a writing way back everything up with them in Scripture.

You blow my mind. You can seat six that was unexpected and began writing down everything you ever you like. It's now I'm embarrassed.

Okay, that's right, make everybody out then a people rag on your lap. Now give her think you think everything yeah that's right time, your and you could beat them all. Thanks. Appreciate Lisa okay okay they selected item that okay so you by okay write this blog, Steve Richmond, Virginia. We lost the wheel for open lines folks 877-207-2276 look at the Jasmine from Florida Jasmine you're on the air high, his head and his hair were white like wool, like snow, his eyes were like a fire is fever burnished bronze, when it was made to glow in the furnace. His voice was like the sound of many waters. Okay you tried.

Wait a minute you mean people are using these verses to say he was black, quite evil in light of this verse is so stupid. I mean, his hair was like white wool, I know white like wool white like white wool, so those are the will let me do it sooner, curly hair like snow. Let that's consular interest in his eyes were like a flame of fire. Well if the wool means the curly hair and one of the eyes like fire me, and his feet like burnished bronze. You know the end of the BHI people use me at the incredible lack of ability to be able to understand the word of God properly. It is just it's phenomenal. You brought brought like a racist. That's all there is racist. How would you try to properly what I do well what I do and I meet people like this. I asked questions the text and then what they don't realize they're doing is her handing me more rope to hang them with okay and you know to look ahead and his hair like white wool is white like white wool, civil, what does that mean if it's white because it had his hair were white. That's the color now doesn't mean it will what you say white and you have them given answer is but a ship is like snow.

So how's it was means no. In any essay doesn't fit the text so that what you do is just talk more about with questions and is a his eyes were like a flame of fire. What does that mean it wasn't me it is just ridiculous, and his voice is like many waters. His right hand held seven stars, and out of his mouth came a sharp two-edged sword. So Mr. BHI person explain how that relates to being a black person's history. BHI to me are like the flat Earth's use can't believe what they come up with out of the word of God. Are you serious you know this was like for me so I work with them asking questions in their explanations of the show have her explanation. Just don't make any sense. Don't fit because a reinforcing it into the Scriptures not reading on the Scriptures are ISA jeeps not exegetes. Okay, you are welcome. God bless you live.

I would find out what will good for excretion.

You know I get a friend of mine to do some more research writing on the BHI movements.

Unfortunately, gaining ground and it is that it's a real problem.

All right, let's get to Nelson.

We have about a minute left in the show Nelson on the air, like what Mike with them or to call Brooke Brady about being dark skinned it now.

The reason why a bad thing that video. I haven't looked at all like it up but Josephus actually according to the guide that you do this would more like a dark ended and not questioning that reliable I don't know. I haven't heard of that quote if you check it out.

Josephus seem to be for the most part pretty reliable in a lot of areas if he was darker skin color that does bother me at all if that's theirs incorporating evidence for that is coming up, but effective, but the revelation that no one okay, sorry about that, the Lord bless you and by his grace your money

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