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January 20, 2020 11:12 pm

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January 20, 2020 11:12 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- In Ezekiel 29- 1-16, was that prophecy fulfilled---2- Who exactly are the 7,000 who did not bow to Baal---3- What does Hebrews 4-9 mean when it says that God is the father of spirits- How do I explain to LDS that this does not support the pre-existence---4- Can you explain 1 Timothy 2-4 in regards to predestination-Calvinism---5- I have been a member at my church for many years but I am seeing what I believe to be doctrinal errors being preached. What can and should I do---6- Is Romans 14-5 referring just to eating or the Sabbath---7- I've been finding places in Scripture where it seems like God is reacting to things happening. How do I interpret this---8- If a new convert was only exposed to the New Testament, would they be ok- What is the significance of the Old Testament to a Christian-

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Why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive, or you have questions about Bible doctrine.

Why live and see it's 17 January 2020. If you want to give me a call for open lines 877-207-2276 and would love to hear from you, so you won't want so difficult. I was on for three hours last night to talk.

I guess you could say we run Internet and I had a bunch of people coming and we talk to one guy writes what one guy about his so is heresy about the idea of that you keep your salvation by being good and so we talked about that hope is listening and nice guy, but the list we refute those kinds of false teachings anyway.

877-207-2276 if open lines give me a call… Jump right onto Tolliver from Maine. They all are welcome to show your on the year Matt I have a question about 29 one through the 33 point had diversified you into the wilderness and you and all the fish of your stream you shall fall on the open field event here in verse 10. Therefore, behold, I'm against you, and against your strength and I will make going to Egypt another week and desolation from Meg to Fard Porter so Mike question is, is I've heard it, he was filled and I've looked online to try to find it is, but I don't see any articles on 2915 ID 117 through 21, which that I'm not going up against the Nebuchadnezzar one, but this one.

I know. So I tell you what, like you do is email me the issue.

The exact verses and what they say and then what I do I can do a research project on this and look around and and see because it's in this marketing, I've I've been asked before about that potatoes is here, okay, very much, that would I want to check it out.

So want to know what's going on the ice field.

Atheists want to use anything they can against the word of God and you. I love to give answers so don't have one off the top my head and that but is email me with the details of stuff like that and sitting at his wrist are going okay okay thank you very much okay God bless. Interesting stuff.

All right, let's get on the phones with Caesar from Greensboro, North Carolina. Caesar will show you about how to manage going school. What's up Bill Friday and got up real quick question directly. Article 1000 not bow down to Paul and way related revelation and the revelation of the computer, but evidence for me. So like every other but we got the article about what things is I can remember, it does help to to build a look at the text yeah 7000 is not bound to to ball enrollment is to call back to elk at the Scripture.

I want to protect drinking but I don't see so yeah okay I am looking at Romans 11 for Myself 7000 men who cannot bow the knee to all who are the ones with the 7000 generally speaking, when they talk. When God says I've kept for myself.

It's generally says that the music director. People were true believers but I write out a set of first Kings 1918 gondola yet. I will be 7000 in Israel, all the knees that have not bow to ball and every mouth is not kissed him. So I departed from there. Alicia, yes… The book the Atlas of the Jews, the people of Israel and the true believers, no people of Israel looks like and indicate hi.

Like like you have the hundred and 44,000, which is also something I have no idea about work that way related failing to note that when the holding number. I could tell that it out just for that time. And I contact or the thought of her stomach within the end times at 144,000 will when it talks about this in Romans and is his talk the context of see the hall into again, oh backup in Romans 11 for what he's talking about. There is basically Israel is not done away with it because you know a lot of people believe that God is done with Israel and that he's not going to be working with the nationally covered mentally in Romans 11.

That's not the case in Romans 11. What I see it says is a goddess is going to continue to work with them as a present time hardening upon rent, and so you know what he's talking about here in Romans 11 is an Israelites, the tribe of Benjamin is not rejected the peak.

God is not reject the people whom he foreknew and how you okay I get it now so it's with that he's killed the prophets deduct the bed.

They did some bad stuff but was a divine response of Myself 7000 is talking about keeping Israel people out of Israel for himself. Please bring the same kind of thing for it. I think that's illogical here is not done with Israel. Yet, because in verse 25 says so I do not want you to be unaware, brethren of this mystery that partial hardening has happened Israel to live. John tells us come in with a Gentile number and that number is the fullest come in and all of Israel will be saved. So I think is what is talking about there and that issue from the celebrities out there with Israel as he kept for himself 7001st Kings. He's peacekeeping certain people for himself within Israelite community as well from a friend itself in reductive work character makes a lot to from a you know from a certain perspective right here at the light. And got out what number limit yeah but no, not 7000 don't feel like getting it wincing number limits.

But as he has no right to hearing on everyone in our heads. He knows exactly what number of people will be saved, whom he is calling his work after the counsel of his will and when that number is completed, which is coincident with the plan of God in the. The man in the way that he is arranged and then the rest of history will so to speak, come to pass. At that point right what I need a Mac great writer greatly. You too God bless. All right, let's get on the phones to Abram from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, Abram welcomed on the air.

Hello hello you're on the outside often likely okay that God and loves rush you one other day and date that we were both I live. We are right what the what well what it says is looking at the Greek and father of spirit, and it is plural father of spirits yet so I can see what it would say that home but what sense.

This is work with what they're saying in what sense would it be that he's a father.

The spirits know does it mean that he's father in a literal sense because in Mormonism God the father has a body of flesh and bones and he is a goddess wife, and they have physical relations in heaven and make spirit babies. So what they're saying with their teaching is that this relate this relationship. This union produces spirit offspring for that's what they're going to say that's what they wanted to be. Now you could not we want to do this too often set Scripture against Scripture, but what you could do is is challenge them so you think that that's what that means that the spirit is got got a father and his goddess wife nephew talk about right and then you have to say yes NASA contact you talk about okay now I don't what I'd just like to do is look at the verse in its context and first in this do that and I'll show you something is for discipline that you endure. God deals with you as with sons for what son is there among whom his father is not discipline, but if you are without discipline, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate children and not sons. Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline us and we respected them joy not have much rather be subject to the father spirits and live so they disciplined us for a short time with nothing in the context can deliberately or directly refute the idea with of what Mormonism says because they can argue that, but nothing the context says no is not literally or father of the spirits in the preexistence.

So it becomes difficult to deal with that particular verse. So what you do is go over to other places in Scripture and it says here and see it's been a while believe it's right there, get this right. First is 1546, the spiritual is not first, but the natural then the spiritual. The first man is from the earth earthly. The second man is from heaven so that's first. It is 1546 talk about the context is so also it is written that the first man Adam became a living soul.

The last Adam became a life-giving spirit. However, the spiritual is not first, but the natural then the spiritual. So what he's talking about here is in the context of the resurrected body. But what he states is that the spiritual is not first, there is no spiritual body that is first the natural is that which is first and that is the earthly body so would II do with the Mormons. I say Minnick in this kind of thing up as they understand what you're saying and why you're saying and nothing in the context deliberately directly prevents that interpretation need to be honest, because that's what it is, however, when we look elsewhere it says in the first.

It is 1546, the spiritual is not first, but the natural and the spiritual is a how do you harmonize those two verses now. Please that's what you okay okay great thank you for Mike all right you're welcome so much God bless. All right, if all she wanted you to call you for four open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Kevin from watching Kevin welcome you here in okay my question tell me a week ago I called and aiming at that and I'm getting a benefit that is right that both of these messages. Kevin McCauley 7707 mass Y call 77077 charismatic sleigh ride, welcome back three or four open lines are either four open lines.

Call 877-207-2276 a lovely Friday document go back to Kevin from Washington DC Kevin Ron Erica okay Brandon equipment so maybe a week ago I called and asked about Jeremiah 19 five where God petted them to create something and we spoke about it that you are willing to pay it undetected. God integrates out in the text that said that according to the Sacred Heart within indent I was wondering if you can do that pain and kind of interpretation method with first Timothy 24 and is revealed will any desire to amend anything that according to the secret purposes he will only purposes the state. The elect will do that very easily by just going the rest of Scripture all over the place.

The message? Would Jesus ever speak in situational people will not be saved once all desire, to be saved. Would God then speak in such way, people will not be saved. Otherwise they might turn and be forgiven that the record, I do not yell at a mark for 10 to 12. Jesus speaks in parables will be will not be forgiven, not be saved and we have never says I'm single now how do I get okay to head on how I and and that that package and I understand talking to Israel and with that Romans eight through 11 then being cut off, and I see I see that he came to his own did not make the end it with the context about so I would which question the first Timothy two for what exactly do with with adverse witnesses would startle me to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth that a lot of it, let it guide you believe that the text that genuinely mean that God does desire all men to be safe there a different way. There different ways that the well energy there different ways legitimately were summoned with his first thick neck. The verse can be interpreted he could desire, all men to be saved in one sense, but not in another. You have a generic desire that people be saved but not arrange that all people are saved, we know that he send the deluding influence on people. Second Thessalonians 2in parables of you will not be saved. So how then do we harmonize all of Scripture desires all men to be saved if the all there's everyone who ever lived.

Then, we have questions that we have to ask because if they have to here cross of Christ.

What you do with the person who was born in Ireland and served the pagan gods and died in at an early age. What you do, then how is that person going to be saved can be saved, etc. if he desires all men to be saved. Doesn't the necessity of the gospel he preached to them.

There's lots of questions. I can also show you how the word all can mean only as a group of people's multiple people compared to everybody and I can definitely show that for sure there are ways that I got many verses like that.

The support that idea.

So which which view are we to look at in there. I think it's fair to say that in one sense he wants all build be safely doesn't arrange for all people to be saved and that is the case in the Old Testament where he does desire one thing and arranges another show you that to those of the to some of the ways it that it can be looked at. It might have a general way, can one not okay yeah I wanted that and it works and I love talking about that verse and other things and when I get to Tennessee is politely that level of examination in order to unpack that verse and other verses. It takes about 1/2 hour maybe an hour to go through the process, the Scriptures, I shall I show them versus that actually it makes it difficult to understand how things work.

You know you figure out how God and why God would do certain things. For example, Deuteronomy 230 psi hunting of hash bond was not willing for us to pass was land for the Lord your God hardened his spirit and made his heart obstinate in order to deliver him in your hand as he is today. Wait a minute. You want someone to be saved to be okay.

Why is he hardened his heart it so that he be delivered in the land to be judged and it says in Joshua 1124 was of the Lord to harden their hearts to meet Israel in battle in order that he might utterly destroy them that they might receive no mercy but that he might destroy them as the Lord commanded Moses. Joshua 1120 so it under lots of verses like this.

People say takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked.

Ezekiel 3311. He says that I've no, no, have no pleasure.

The death of anyone who dies, declares the Lord. Therefore repent live Ezekiel 1832.

Yet December 28 63 and it shall come about that, as the Lord delighted over you to prosper you and multiply you to the Lord will delight over you, make you perish and destroy you and I get other verses.

Note this will do with because what you're talking about is the the iceberg. You see the tip of the iceberg.

But you don't see how much underneath it. If there is that supports it and so what I love. Tension is part because it's a challenge to go through it on what you think it would take you an hour, maybe a hat hour and 1/2 to get Holly Bailey at the context in properly interpreted, I totally get that dog a seminary for a while. Having a great learning about 15 years and I and every light like strip my cup of my. Theology effort and out like the Trinity in the gospel and realign the Bible because I kept reading the Bible like no other eunuch of the Gospels.

There there at their narrative in my biography and I would do if you open it up and think I read the contact because I read for five verses before the verse I wanted to read and like now and realizing and then placed within that whole. You know book of John, and it's all within an area and there's this one very fond of taking out and quoting the people and the way I realized I myself was doing that and with with a lot of stuff that I know the pistol it's easier to do that with in their there different kind of speaking in a statement can classic independent because you don't need any other information to understand it, but like realizing that might learn that I'm not.

I'm no other book we don't read the Bible. Any other book like that, but we do with the Bible that info and I can strip away all my theology not not all of it, but you read and yeah it does definitely if you want to get it right. It does take the area you know knowing what you're talking about. That's exactly true. And people will mock the idea going to seminary some seminaries are bad, but some Southerners are very very valuable. I remember going to seminary and learning about these things and learning about culture, learning about the historical context and just what you said it's it's in the book of John, or this is in the book of Romans.

Why is Romans written this way. What you say was the point.

What were the related words and I've learned those because it's tremendously good to go was okay. I was in Washington for five open lines calling 77207577077. Here is Matt's way back, everybody, let's get to Tiberias from New Jersey.

Welcome to show your honor hello Matt, thank you for taking my call. I'm looking for a bit of advice here.

I'm a member of a church member for many many years and a very very good friend of my pastor I can think of personal training and Italy. He's of the good name of the wall and on lately I find anything to keep me from doctrinal errors on and off the problems that he had visited a church covenant that was not part of our church covenant and in our bylaws and our Constitution and he fitted on the other type of cutting antigens reading and when I waved and after service.

Behind closed allegedly and talking, I brought the topic is not how the church covenant that we voted on in our Constitution.

Also the fact that the trade covenant that he read no unscriptural thing the neck now with my concern about that he be miffed that he refused to make any changes and continue to use the non-nonapproved covenant but entire church and I get to know how to handle it and I still attend the church and I have had very serious questions and like to be done at this point you I go to the elders okay the score the elders and what I would do is write out the issues and prayerfully go to the elders because you gone to him and right so you've done that, and this now since it's an issue I don't know if the issue is really exactly but then he is going. The other thing you did mention at the beginning of your call.

Here is doctrinal errors. I can you list one or two of them out. Not sure will be the primary doctrinal error was that the church covenant contained language can detect a Christian should aim from all types of alcohol and got a little left for children unfinished. If so, the original church covenant says that members should abstain from all forms of alcohol, knowing that he read not approved by the church, so he saying that choice try to impose a different covenant not approved by the eldership so he's gone against the eldership or not with the eldership and then he's trying to say something that's un-biblical in the sense that you can't have any alcohol at all from 31 six is good strong drink of the man is perishing in wind to the one who's in distress so correct okay so I was like a little technical you can. I think you have any alcohol will not alcohol swabs will do that. Okay you will help me elevate. What do you mean you said can have any alcohol. If I'm in the hospital. Can I have the whatever. So they always want to get technical because a covenant is is an important thing if because I remember her and resented bring this up as a side note, before I got married I was check out different colleges to go to in which a Christian college, and check out this headache if I would attend there at the sign the documents that you wouldn't do any dancing so wouldn't talk to the Dean I said no dancing it all right.

Is this correct death of my wife of my wedding dance by myself and my house, and it will guess you can't look good that it says no dancing you. You see, the problem of having here and he play he got it to goodwill that we really mean is what we mean is what you really mean that you are interpreting it with his auntie and that that's exclusionary. So I had a problem but I didn't go there cc the issue so he says in the what's he saying what he means any and with the exact wording. To repeat it right now. But you see there's a kind of question you had asked him, and when you do that kind of a thing. What I think happens a lot is a start seeing that there being too legalistic about things. If you're not currently legalistic in any more clear in the consumption of alcoholic beverages for medicinal use is it okay or what about recreational use. What about relaxing since the Bible says take little one for your stomach. These are questions you could ask questions of, and this will generally cause them to get upset when you start questioning the way we already effectively about what I had done so far in thing that really go to well but I just wanted not actually apply sugarcane and you know the unity for the greatest degree you can continually delete if I can get toyed with everything I said and you continue to to read. If the pooch is credited church every first Sunday. Click the patently is not a covenant that had been approved by the eldership. So he's usurping the eldership position of authority in this place of the elders are to rule if this elders they rule the supposed rule, equally, we generally have a senior pastor who socially has more influence, but the LP visa submit to the elders of the church.

It's it's important.

So this deeply brought up the kind of like a minority, appreciating what I know that I highly prayerfully and I do try to be gentle in my printer okay and what they can think that I know more than he that is not the case here is that I feel that there is a order and need to be followed if you want to change it church not come if you arbitrarily write now one click, you are actually correct that he could be good under stress and strain and something else could be going on in this.

Something to consider. And so you had to be praying for him but if he if he decides that he wants to walk the establish system within the church government that they've established and agreed to work with, then that's a problem.

It's up to the okay okay okay I think I really appreciate it greatly in my path as well. Appreciate number two I will fix that.

It's Douglas AK met Douglas already photographed for open lines.

Let's give me a call 877-207-2276 is good to David from Raleigh, North Carolina Dave, you are on the air about about what year you break up a little bit okay are you what I did quite.

You are a Seventh-day Adventist know you okay the Sabbath. Okay with verse or question will only get away. The five about a day that it doesn't I understand what you're saying. It doesn't seem to be the case, but just eating us are on a certain day because the big deal with the dietary laws was clean and unclean and the Sabbath. The course was hugely important is what Paul was doing is talk of the context of these things, which is one who eats this not to regard with contempt when it does not eat, and who are you judge a servant of another. In verse five, one person regards one day above another letter.

Regards everyday like each person must before the convinces online. The fact that the words every day are there includes the Sabbath by this logical necessity. And so what is talk about.

There is the consideration regarding a day above another, which deals with the issue of holy days and Sabbath days and things like that. Not about eating on those days that they it doesn't seem to be the case note is not to the case in the text okay okay what about that maple that I have but without you. All you okay you got 55 File five months you breathe look for men. Not following you. Sorry, but if your annihilation is to get back to that you call me up sometime and we can talk about them.

Have you looked at my 180 articles that are written. Annihilation is 100 8280 okay hundred and 85 member correctly left is a lot okay or about will talk you later, but it yeah you already posted a break coming up with five of the lines you call 877207276577077 is immensely back everybody sick last quarterly hour throwing him a call for open lines 87720722764, lines can call Chris short Chris looking to show you're on the way.

I don't know. Ever had a question and I've been going through reading the Bible in a year and my plan I got certain parts of where it just like God is reacting to things happening. I don't believe that I'm on all your form but it's just it just like for judge at the picnic where it said that the Lord was sorry he had made man reading it hard to get it to me that that he is reacting by my God I just understand though, so when Adam and Eve in the garden in the pre-incarnate Christ was walking and Adam was hiding the pre-incarnate Christ to the man where are you. Why would he save the know all things does he know where reasons why would he say :-) speak like that give an idea. I think that way to four for Adam, thank sigh and erect it so we know that he knew where he was and he saying that for another reason to get and do something so do you think God has ordained that very question from all eternity. Sure, you think that the question was the result of the situation of Adam's sin, and so God then, so to speak, reacted from something that he had ordained from all eternity to do now that is God affected by us anyway. You think now I do think that he grieves over our sin, then, is an effect upon God. Yeah, I think it decreed that the path though I know it it it it it kind of mind-boggling little that you have so many parts that are not seemingly contradictory, but then when you get down into it.

They kind of note somewhat resolved without not completely. Here's what it is. Basically we have this issue theologically, how can we affect God. If God is the being who is self-sufficient and self-contained and always forever. Is it possible for us to affect him. There's a yes and no. We cannot affect him in a in any way outside of the will that he would have that would affect him and is not doublespeak, what it is is understanding that God is capable of experiencing wrath and anger and loving grief upon us, so he loves us and is some 55 Sullivan five. He hates the ungodly he hates the wicked, so his hate is a result so to speak of people sin, we wouldn't say that if God existed by himself.

There was no universe that that would've occurred because how could he hates that which is not a in existence and is not sending Josie creates that necessity becomes at least not say these things the wrong way. That necessity becomes a reality I are right by which God, so to speak is affected if it makes sense but yet there we live this. I think they would read it, which is very tricky as it is written in a way that that problem is reading it in and are actively responding to Ivan my good obit open. What would day that God doesn't know the decree thing from the world but did not write itself is a just one of the things where you you read where I read it happened that I understood before and then you I come across it again and it just a new question, so I just one of those things where you Trust and know who got it and take the take the packages in the Bible and interpret the unclear one by the clear exactly here's what I say about these God is, is not affected by us in the sense of his nature is changed or whatever it either course not.

But I say he's affected by the things that he's ordained we do that will affect him and so is he affected by what your days will occur that there will in a sense he's ordaining to be affected by what he ordains in the do in a sense, and so we get this not a word game but a logic kind of a paradox and I had discussions on this before but people is very topic and become a destroyed her shoulders a little bit since and pursue possibilities in logical ways. When this can be possible and some are suggesting issues there at the same time you're in the right track when you're thinking. Thinking through what I appreciate the program and thank you for being well by God's grace is give him the glory because the fact that he's using me demonstrates how they had.

It is out there in the world is going to scrape down the bottom of the barrel that far. So things are bad out there is going to use a guy named slick on the radio right okay Friday will be within the program. You have a good one done, but YouTube God bless our ride was good on the phones with Charlie from Charleston by North Carolina Charles run the year okay are you doing real simple question for you slick and quick. Okay.

All right.

If I want a new convert that with only met. I know it back yet.

What I be okay. Yes, if all your exposing is significant of the old significance of the Old Testament of the Christian is a demonstration of the work of God through history and his redemptive work is prophetic work is created in order his bringing the nation of Israel and the Messiah through the nation of Israel to the fruition of being the. The sin bearer deliver of the people that God told for and dealt at work quite okay. If you are that it more important that a correct statement I would say that it's kind of hard to say. It's hard to answer because just icing is God's inspired word here. More important is got inspired word there, we would have to see what we mean by more important, it would be more important that we have today, yes, but is different senses in which we can understand why or what degree do something is more important. Another with the standard by which we can judge if something is or is not more important. So, by what standard we say the New Testament is or is not easy to say by the standard that was revealed a new covenant, then logically the new test will be more important than the old because a new covenant information is inside the New Testament. If you were to say, however, which is more important in the sense of the revelation of the law by God to his people, then that would be the Old Testament will be made out in that sense. See, I wake got where else is five-part is right and we are going you welcome and have a great day YouTube God bless. All right, we have nobody waiting right now to get about three minutes left in the show, fully understand we will not be on the air live on Monday. It's Martin's workings holiday and so I will be live will be back on live board line on Tuesday and you know last night made a discussion. I opened it up. Good thing we didn't run for three hours and I opened it up.I don't do it every night. Of course, very often, but I opened it up in hopes of being able to talk to the Roman Catholics because they works nodding all over me in a certain Facebook page and I was being very polite and responsive to them and was inviting them to have a discussion that they didn't want to do that in real time face to face so to speak to us with something different.

But, nevertheless, a guy came in and when this interesting discussion. It was a great guy, PK, and of think about them and not get into too many details. I will say this to what what this guy was teaching at the at the beginning of our discussion he was teaching that he had to keep his relationship with God right in order to keep himself saved because I asked what things we gotta do is to look for example, be honest, love God, love your neighbor. These are things you do to keep yourself right with God only use it as a springboard for some to think about before the show ends.

Do you think that you have to be good and not do bad in order to keep yourself safe. In order to stay say in order to continue to walk in that state of salvation. The masses again. Do you believe that you have to maintain a certain level of righteous performance in order to stay right with God and keep yourself right and saved. If you teach that believe that you are a false convert, you're not a true Christian because that is not the true gospel we are not saved or will obtain salvation or maintain our salvation by our goodness is not good. Our salvation is dependent upon the work of Christ in the faith that even grants to us with its 129 and in that is our hope in Christ is our hope not. Our ability to be good or stay good by which we then hope we can stay in the state of salvation, if that's what you believe and have been taught that a false gospel. The gospel is that we are saved by faith in Christ Jesus who died across the ocean at that. That's what were our hope is in. That's who it is it's in Jesus in his work and his faithfulness, not in our work not in our faithfulness. You have to understand that false gospels are out there and that one sounds pretty good but it's deceptive.

It's demonic is your faith and trust in the loan trust in him.

Have a great week and folks their music back on the Tuesday holiday of

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