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February 4, 2020 1:36 am

Matt Slick Live

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February 4, 2020 1:36 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- A friend of mine married a woman who is now a practicing witch. Should they get divorced because of that---2- When and how was the canon established---3- Where did Christianity come from, the specific things like the Trinity- Can someone be saved if they aren't a Christian---4- What passages from the Old Testament show the Trinity- Do you have three key passages from the New Testament that show the Trinity---5- Will Satan ever have the opportunity to repent- Was he created to do-be what he does and is---6- If Jews don't believe that Christ is the Messiah and they don't practice the sacrificial system, how do they claim their sins are forgiven---7- In 2 Timothy 2-9, can a woman teach until a qualified male is found---8- - What do you know about Jimmy Swaggart---9- Can you explain the verse -many are called but few are chosen----10- As believers, is it necessary to come to the conclusion that Calvinism is correct for understanding things such as free will or God's sovereignty-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research what is written about alive the car and the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max what why bribes is called responding to your questions at 8776, charismatic, slick match, looking ruthlessly the last last day of January 31 tomorrow February 1 about that, and Julie McCall, as usual, all you is dial 877-207-2276 and W for online switching. McCall was still here on the Air Force by your generous support.

And if you want to continue hearing us. Please just consider supporting us really CRM.O RG and/donate, so I got a new and let's see what else we have a nice weekend and hope everything is working fine, actually have to start learning how to take some more time off as I'm working too much and I started working on the my novel again will be working on that and some other stuff and I did a bunch of stuff to write two novels and finish.

Okay, let's see, let's see, let's see.

How about we get to wait from West Virginia Wade welcome you are on here.

I do all right by God's grace: area I really had clarification yesterday for one of the caller and I had a situation I'm sure is not unique but I doubt it, either know somebody in they they married a woman and they met or incurred, and they got married and they moved in together they and I left all the family went went out with, and now he is the correct thing which I was wondering if you could tell me that grounds for divorce are still married together, so no in and with that, but we're worried about being raised in a home with no practicing witchcraft. And no, I would highly recommend that did not have any children. If you say no to that because of the product could be brought up and influenced by demonic stuff can't have that all I would not say I should divorce her unless she has in his option if she were to commit adultery or abandon him as so minimum of 99 1st to 715 support those two grounds.

If those were the case, then he has an option, not the obligation, in the meantime is praying a great deal and he has to understand that his prey gets what his wife is doing and she's involved in the cult there will be repercussions in the spiritual realm will have to be prayed often have people and friends covering him in prayer basis, but I would say no children, no children, no yeah yeah we we family agree with that with you. It ate at the great work that I think to be all right know is not to be all right. Tell Nicole call me at the office will talk if not, can be on all right very much but I you to the all right so folks 40 McCall we have five open lines of humility waiting right now once you give me a call 877-207-2276. You know, I just thought about talking about this. I know that there might be some people listening right now who will might be to say entertaining the idea of dating someone by getting serious with someone is not a believer. If I was there in a room with you. I look at you and say don't flat out don't do it and I don't care how nice the person is on their wonderful person is Bible says they were not to be joined to unbelievers, so don't do it, and a lot of times what happens is that people do this anyway that this will work out okay and it's very rare that that is the case that some people tried missionary dating or missionary marriage where you hopefully you convert your spouse and answer that it is. Don't waste your time. Do not get married to someone who's not a believer. If that means your hearts broken or your lonely.

That's how it is.

You don't want to bring children into a union where there's unbelief and belief in conflict and God has stated he does not want that so don't do it just tell you flat out if your want to date someone you care how nice-looking or appealing or whatever unbeliever stop you honor God before you honor yourself, you honor God before you satisfy your own flesh and your desires. You honor God first that this will to be doing all right when we get on the phone's here with Carl from Idaho. Carl welcome you on here. Yes, I hear you. I know I've been outside one that I get frequently in land and how about you know I've been let you hear all though I heard most hereafter, I got I went your website and look through the church and all that but their short wave where I don't have to do a bunch of research and I mean to do research like alcohol dilatation in my mind the whole outline will let me help you here little bits have not studied that particular issue in depth how I have studied over the years periodically and yet understand the situation of the time because it will give you more insight into why my answer will be rather iffy you'll see when the New Testament was written, it was written by the end of the first century and by the end of the first century.

All all Batesville.

The apostles had died.

Well, in the 60s, Nero was persecuting Christianity and the Roman Empire came and destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. so is a lot of conflict going on and a lot of Christians were just spread around the area and Mediterranean area of the Diaspora and the didn't have time and or the ability let's say to just get together and have councils and meetings. What was understood was that the. The apostles are the ones who wrote the Scriptures they are the ones who, along with the Old Testament gave inspired word.

The question then became which ones of those documents were apostolic leak written and authored. James was an issue.

Philemon was an issue.

Hebrews was an issue and so there were some debates here and there, but because of the persecution wasn't a whole bunch of opportunity to get together and really discuss and do counsel and and and Scott decide all these things and recognize should work now of round 325 that you know the Council of Nicaea and Vincent Nicaea. Incidentally, I was able to stand in one of the churches is really interesting, but nevertheless also both before that time there were already different listings of canons of the New Testament there already there and most of them are pretty identical with her first few variations throughout the first 2 to 300 years 300s. The candidate pretty much been established and it was officially recognized at that time there different Canon names and all that comes up top my head as the moratorium can and then it was a some another Canada know and they were slightly different and some with books and others not.

We're talking the Roman Catholic Church or what Catholics with their going to do is to jump on the bandwagon to save our church gave you the Bible and that's a still a load of malarkey the reformer and Dale John Calvin thinking about what wealth you know that that's a good joke, but the Catholics did not give us they did not give us the Old Testament. The Old Testament is is you majority the size of the Bible and they did not give us the New Testament say in their church authority did not do that. It was the authority of God to the apostles.

They are the ones who wrote the word, so God gave us the Bible. The Old Testament prophets in the New Testament apostles. That's how it's done and is the true believers who recognize the word of God.

They don't know they didn't didn't give it to us and I am constantly battling with Catholics.

I just got asked to be on a major Catholic Facebook group in the be a moderator on their believe it or not, and I'm pretty fair how you and other what I wrote in the rest of her trouble here. I've done it before with that same group and you just put I have you a check today but I posted why do you think that in so far so much against Catholicism only see with their answers are, but nevertheless so the Roman Catholic Church and Roman Catholics are to be the ones who want to step in and claim credit for God's work is really interesting because it's a lack of humility our church, our authority, our apostles, our this in our organization. We have the pedigree.

It's about us at our church and will tell you what to believe you do establish their church is the one that completely destroyed.

Yes, that's exactly right that I did a video scene I can find it here. I keep forgetting to to do another link to the video. Let's have you to do that and let's see what other nice thing.

Where is it clear that the Inuit did a video on us to be on Protestant distinctives are found in the New Testament because he issue the Protestants of the Catholics. There's always gonna be a battle is always good to be divide and the reason is always good to be us is because it was long as we Protestants believe the Bible, we will never become Catholic.

It's just that simple.

They don't believe the Bible say they do, but they really don't and they use it to support your church think like that now inside. I did this video and also like it today or khaki forgetting to click it and it's Protestant distinctives found in the New Testament of the city could Catholic the Trinity.

We believe the Trinity, etc. we believe the resurrection enabling the resurrection with a distinctives for example within Protestantism is, for example, once saved always saved the security of the believer in the work of Christ, not the insecurity, the believer in the work of the person in the sacramental eye ceremonies so these are distinctives the went through them and him the video learning for work and Catholicism, which is a never-ending and it is his never-ending study Catholicism for the rest of my life and just keep morning with it. It's so bad but anyway all that helpful is reliable is there.

There are restart you like to know can help me study out when you try to come to a definitive. Well, just a good solid that I can them now. This is why we have 60 bucks and not the Apocrypha you can go to car and type in the word Apocrypha okay as I'm doing right now in the mice and their Apocrypha is it Scripture first when it comes up.

I wanted 2008 and is not included in the New Testament.

For example, Jesus reference the Old Testament from able to Zechariah, which was equivalent of Genesis to exit Genesis to Malachi and excluded the Apocrypha Jesus talks about the law, the prophets in the Psalms in Luke 2444 and he excluded them and plenty church fathers who didn't believe the Apocrypha cc there's lots of evidence that I think I drove my dough. They fellowship one open line 87776 max Y call 770776. Here is Matt's leg back to show everyone get to Jennifer from Los Angeles. Jennifer welcome on here for you. I know that right which indicate the New Testament okay you and the doctor. The Trinity is throughout the old and New Testament, in the person of Christ is revealed in the New Testament, prophesied in the Old Testament, and so we would say that the Christian became in the entire Bible with the particulars of Christian faith and teaching are clearly in the New Testament so we such things as is Jesus being God in flesh dying on the cross rock rising from the dead that were saved from our sins by faith alone in Christ alone. By faith in Caesar Protestant biblical New Testament teachings okay okay Catholic and be saved that anybody can be saved is loaded with your faith or trust in Jesus Christ and not rituals, baptism, sacraments, works or anything that the believing and I trust in the Lord and it can't just be any Christ. It has to be Jesus of the Scriptures God in flesh dying. The cross rose from the dead, that he did everything necessary for the forgiveness of our sins, and that there is nothing we can do to complete add or maintain our position with the infant holy God is the blood of Christ alone that obtains that and our faith is what touches that are faith that God even grants to sleep is 129 is what enables us to have that justification in a position before God in this bike complete trust and faith in Christ's work, not anything that we can do by membership of the church by sincerity of heart, or by ceremony of the hand in any way shape or form. Okay, sure had you allow your father about we can't tell you what the situation is of every prayer, but generally speaking, prayer falls into three categories the answers into three yes no wait and we don't know we don't we just don't know. Like we my wife and I pray for the healing of our son answer was no but not it over yesterday and look at it is you want to be with the Lord. But sometimes when you pray, the answer doesn't come for long time. I member praying about things.

It took years for theatric to manifest and assist how it works and lives with. Pray for God's will, not hours of work. The ones who think that we can tell God what he wants no this is not how it is you know in churches.

A lot of times people do is they think they preach and teach all God will do this if you ask of God, will this God will that really maybe, maybe not. We need to find it. With God's will is and we need to be in his will that what we need to do not try and bend him to our desires, but then our hearts to his okay you two God bless rightist telephones with Kevin. From what I see Kevin as noise better, but imitate what he got me whatsoever okay and better now. Yes it is. Thank you. Okay and I hope all is well on my quest.

It I'm not confronting but my question is about the Trinity. He had three pathogen in the New Testament to go to which 120 and from OT what package would you go to either show that plurality in the Godhead or distinction in persons or in a phone in the Trinity is sure all the way and at that meaning the New Testament that the three pathogen in the New Testament and one working in the home making a think of an eye candy. That's a lot of Scripture imprinted in your head do is go to the last few verses, three or four verses of Matthew 2028 possible the father-son Holy Spirit I go to the last verse 05 second Corinthians very last verse talks about the father-son Holy Spirit. There and you can also go to him varying verses of lesser interest to a lesser degree. In the New Testament, but you want to always if it's a Trinitarian issue. I think there's one in Ephesians, I forgot which book the I don't have those memorized as far as the Old Testament goes to show the plurality of God is go to Genesis 1924 cross reference it with Amos 410 through 11 Genesis 1924 it says Yahweh rained fire and brimstone, the iron ring from the Lord out of heaven. Yes that's that's that's correct. That's what shows to Yahweh's right there and then cross reference that with Amos 410 through 1210 to 11 actually and were God is talking and he says he overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah as God did the debtor. Yahweh was talking so there's a plurality there to go to Genesis 126 to 28 to talk about that Isaiah 4816 as well. There's lots of offers to special program that would at what it meant that 2419 and their Millipore and baptizing in the name singular of the father-son and holy. Collateral and then when you look at the Old Testament when they were talking about the name Mike name theology. It would, it wasn't the name actually get wage WH flying around in the area with the essence of God and out like I come in yet. It's but yeah, okay, I'm thinking that you welcome God bless Kevin horizons okay listen telephones with Tyra from Minnesota, welcome here on the air, are you that I'm a big thumb glad okay good. What you got are you are you want you there.

Tyra Rainier, Tyra maybe lost her undo another few seconds are sometimes people are panicking hidden buttons that kind of suddenly going to Bluetooth and things like that car around there okay.

You might have to call back tomorrow because it's that connection. We put you on hold.

All right. Let's go over to Philip from Tennessee Philip look initially on the air yet, not question will frighten ever have the opportunity to repair no him and his followers okay was created to exactly what is good question and there's a break so I went back okay. Please also select that after these messages the mass Y call 770727. Here is Matt's way back to the shoal of Québec with Philip from Tennessee Philip welcome you okay I know it cannot quit about their blind do you want to know if Satan was created for the reason of being bad.

I want God created yes, but you understand that the simple answer yes has to be qualified because God and doubted Lee new what Satan would choose to do so. Did the question and becomes did God cause Satan to rebel and to sin and the answer is no or yes the league explain something we have what we were talking about the issue of causation we have is called the ultimate cause. The proximate cause of the efficient cause, the ultimate cause would be God. He is the 1 Who Ultimately Way back at the start of everything began. The universe began creation, etc. so he's the cause of all things in that sense he brought all things into existence. So he's the ultimate cause that we have was called the proximate cause and that means an event that precedes immediately precedes another event, so an event that causes another event approximate because it's immediately prior to school that was closest related related to another event that we have is called the efficient cause that's the one who brings a a an event into existence to cause assumption to occur. So let's look at the ultimate in the efficient cause, the ultimate cause of all things as God, but the efficient cause of Satan's rebellion is Satan himself. God did not force him to rebel.

He freely chose to rebel of his own volition, so he is the efficient cause of his own rebellions on sin were God is the ultimate cause of his rebellion. But when we say he's the ultimate cause were not saying he's necessarily the efficient cause, and what this does is it means that on sin again. God brought all things into beginning into your inner universe. By the beginning that he gave but yet he's not the one who's forcing someone to do something that but they couldn't have done something that if God had not begun.

Things is not making them do think that so he's the ultimate cause is not the efficient cause we are the efficient cause is not the ultimate into a dark and right right way, where is the efficient cause of our own sin. God is not efficient because a person is in force us to set this okay I want. If God created them all. Mike and I will well it depends how you define the seat. My theory about this is is really simple that it doesn't matter what creatures this longer sentient their software is again a fall.

Now it says in first believers. First Timothy 521 I believe it is talks with the elect angels elect angels of those angels chosen by God not to fall, so we are and we are elect out of the fall and we be redeemed to the Bible teaches. So, if it's the case that the Angels owe their elect angels elect not to fall fall in that rebellion, that Satan incurred in it. The implication is that they would've fallen, but God had to so to speak, choose not to and doesn't say how that was done but that's that's okay so we can say, but I believe it is right. I lean towards is that only God has the quality of the essence of holiness and only he cannot violet his own nature. We, as creatures have that potential because we don't possess that quality of holiness which belongs to God alone. By his nature does essence since we don't have that nature that essence.

Therefore were able to fall with my theory is a matter time with Satan okay. I wanted to go back out all right, but thank you. Welcome God bless. Okay, let's get on the sipping try Tyra again see the luster and in that case, let's get over to next long as waiting is Rebecca from Winston-Salem North Carolina.

Rebecca you're on the air. I I am gay and I did not believe in God or man, and I don't know how do they get will they base it on their self sacrificial system that they have, but in actuality they have no hope. They need you and I wonder how they view it yet. They do it through. Let's view it through those who do believe that a lot of don't just use my culture to bring an atheistic with those who do believe in the forgiveness of sins believe that through the repentance and sincerity that they offer before God, along with varying enters for groups holds different varying levels of sacrificial applications and you don't have a temple for the blood sacrifices and they have a sacrifice of repentance.

A second front top Fiserv of five sincerity things like that so non-right now, not what he right to inject the tabernacle like and after the tabernacle, and no more fight, that's what that's right, you love them so much. God bless. Okay, I'm sorry, but that could bless Rebecca let's get on the phones with Shelley from North Carolina, Shelley, Matt hi sweetie. I sure the problem I in verse nine where says a woman should teach them to church when I want to know if Maynard are quite high enough fiberboard enough to take on the path directly with the kind of email become the path the argument on a mere it is unfair that the dual effects okay this is a tough one. You're asking very good question and I'm immediately reminded of the woman I I talked to in Iraq and she was a Christian and she we talked and she was still in Iraq and she said she was a pastor and the Bible says women are not to be pastors and elders that she's in the situation where if men stepped up to be a pastor they be killed, and she's after. She said she said they did that they would just pick Mountain executed but women could get away with it. So what you do at that point might wow watch 100 thought of that, and so I did the thing I would say is that that point does she need to do the best job she can and pray for the elevation of the mail into the proper position and what God tells us is what was normative and how things ought to be but doesn't mean that every single instance of every single time it was in place is something we can easily address its with something like that. What you do would you rather have people get the gospel or not. Well get the gospel and so tough thing but that's a very unusual situation here in America. For example, no we don't need. And the reason women pastors exists in an American Western culture in these churches is because men are doing their jobs and I say that regularly I really do believe that I believe that the responsibility of the formation of the church.

The development of the church. The health of the church is primarily laid at the feet of the men. They're the ones with me, the elders, the deacons and the pastors and this is how the Bible has laid out and there's a theological reason for get into but their time and so the reason women pastors exists because men regular job and I like to say this because you're a woman or women are listening. This is what I've been saying for many years and I say it regularly. It's the truth because I'll tell you like to say my bike is low upset with.

When I say that men are better than women. I think most everything and I'll better construction worker should our better power lifters were also better at being lazy in my opinion and weeks and weeks sell everything we do.

If a woman gets into the church and allows men and encourages men to do nothing. The negative do it. I know you're seen those pictures were cars on a woman, or on somebody in the men out of nowhere.

Just gather around and lift this car. She we need to began. We need to have things to do to move, but when we are, so to speak. Spiritually, mostly castrated in the society, apathy, weakness about okay will hold on them will get TF right back out a letter the message is for steak to write effectively so that I call 770-7276 is Matt's leg. All right still there when they made a quick way to rightly quickly will give an exit hard understand what you said something by Jimmy Swaggart crossfire Babbitt by the owner and noticed I was. I recommend you stay way from Cape Cod venerating bracket. I know the reason I say the reason I say it is. Is he was caught. This is public knowledge. He was caught in illicit sexual activity. As a pastor as a teacher and now I didn't know what absolutely yes. Jimmy Swaggart was years ago and so have to look it up yet that's right so people say well long as he repents.

He did this and there's some other things associated with it. And so the severity of this yet to be beyond reproach and that is a huge approach that he brought upon the name of Christ.

So I just I do not recommend people wallow in because of this okay right on King James version's fine I'm sure they produce a lot of good stuff. But you know it in. This is an issue of of the severity and and truth of God's word. I understand when when men you don't get angry and blow it here there, but this was nothing like that how can we trust someone who supposedly was teaching so many people for a long time and then it was discovered I forgot all the details but it was discovered help ultimately that it was and then he confessed because apparently got caught our heart, but few are chosen.

Matthew seven yeah just many are called, and by God. Generically the call goes out to all, but he only chooses some for salvation, okay, everybody will be quite the word of God.

Yes everyone is and what I'm saying there okay okay okay all right I think I would like to appreciate it.

Thanks you two are registered to JP from Minnesota JP, are you still there. I am still here. Thought you might like perfect.

Before I get to my actual question, but got very seeing, hearing about you with your debate with Will Duffy, which was years ago. I think about open theism right hundred and 11 all honesty, I would.

I would not rest.

I would like man this guy is which guy can't be you.

But there's more here being a real jerk.

You doing a great job, not God say that I agree with or disagree ready… Basically judging it. The ad hominem fallacy escaped, but still wanted knowledge that wasn't attacking him personally.

I was the technical and validating as Artie was advised by a techie person.

She did not know what he was doing and I was pleading with him to study because he was making settlement that mistakes I was trying not to assume the important thing of my comment though is that I watched her stop.

I your debate with JD all and I do. Having other stuff that the goal excited and I really was by everything you've been through your ministry your story even in the aftershock I want outgoing searching YouTube invited by the after show with JD all you will you hung up, but I know brother. Not that it no great to get all that fired up and I understand I've been there might then be more formed dish, leading guy in the charismatic but I felt it and I get it and and I was even blessed that you got fired up passion you shared your motion and all was about.

I know that I felt weird about that. Yes I now I remember and remember. Okay, now I remember laying a little low. Try to be nice and then he started pushing buttons on purpose with a different guy after show that was like really know what hundred people are people.

I try to be. That happened like what I want you to know before even asked my question really hurt by even hanging out with people who are not built like you and I built that I feel weird to them. If I delete say something here. I really want to get this just so to speak is not a defense of anything you understand have been in the middle of battle.

My whole life moved 26 times before I was 12 years old with super small got beat up that tortured me all kind of things have been a fighter been a fighter. I got into apologetics, and this was assaulted verbally, spiritually, emotionally, by all kind of things for many years and it caused me to become quite strong over the last 10 years of really working on trying to be far more gentle. It's been been a quite a battle because it's that there is a very difficult thing to do what I do and talk about one group then go to another group and know it as well as another group and this and that. It's hard not been really working on and have been for quite a while so just so you know I things were clear that you have that and I hope that anybody would think this will will hear… Me somebody that in the in the same situations and and understood that note and honestly I just I hope that you would hear the like.

Listen if you have never lost everything you've invested in, because you will know not even try to be a jerk about it or anything like that you dislike. Listen, I eyed this is what I need. I got a standby – never really cost you everything. Like, please don't judge don't make assertions don't make conclusions about those of us who have made mistakes in half that if you've never felt that, please. I just ask you to maybe meet somebody who had no I got nothing on psychotic malathion like my question but I hope you see the later debates are done I just did one Monday night so I got the woman's body. I want that… 12 definitive complete one and I was really impressed that I'm in bed like that with the one where he thought he was right.

I don't want am not sure is funny to great guy but he was he would not he would not even polite throughout the majority of it and stand up. Well, I'm starting to. The real question we could ask the public than the entire rest of the show and then all of where we are not showing thought about this by sky want to introduce the idea of the primary idea is Calvinism going very well and necessary for us to conclude on not necessary salvation. I've got to chat out that the server salvation is not necessary to be a Christian.

It depends on the context of the question necessity for something and that's with the and I wish you not like that's why what you will and break you like what I necessary for what and what are we talking about and I really appreciate that. So what I'm talking about why they got is it. As believers, to make the conclusion that Calvinism has made an and I feel like one of the guys was a Calvinist that I could ask that that would honestly go think about the thing about do we need to make conclusions of the level of God stop in your how it all.

Why is that is that unnecessary paper man know God is necessary if were seeking to fathom deeper things of God and understand his great sovereignty and majesty is Calvinism I don't like that word for reformed theology Reformation theology's Reformation theology and that since Dennis necessary would you say Reformation theology is necessary just just have a good relationship with Christ. No, I wouldn't say that you have to have reformed theology were to go to work at the church.

I would say that either. So it is defense with the necessities for why my part that were even with the okay look back Monday night debate. What I loved. I acted.

I laughed quite a bit and maybe even a little bit grieve and a little bit frustrated because I did hear you like every time we would just try to say, hey, what is really willing to try to find it now or he would go I and I'm like tall man that is not nice. I don't bang my head with you what is it necessary off as to make this decision on whether free will is a thing yes and yes it is, yes it is yes, free will is because because ramifications to things if we if people think that free will is autonomous and libertarian sense that it's independent of God then they're committing a sin. There are people who think that our free will to the city would not be disliked in the business a long time. If someone thinks it's free will is independent of God is self generated completely outside of the influence of God, and that's a heresy there are those who teach that within churches that need to be rebuked soundly.

But if there are those who say will the free will that we do possess is compatible with the sovereign work of God, then that's not a problem. So one of them leads to have to heresy the other one does not soak how we define free will is also necessary because the humanistic like and if you list my opening debate. I wanted him to different define what free will wasn't included God otherwise exclude God giving humanistic using man is a center so we define free will as what work with man in this humanism to define free will and works with God because that's the standard deceiver – and I thought I would II would like that. Probably the best definition of free will from the best foundation that I'm not trying to blow smoke at the but that's about when I think I've ever that we are true we are free to act according to our nature, and I would like that would keep on correct without being course nature because it includes God because God can only act in a manner that is holy with the unbeliever will have in a manner that's unholy. Both are acting according to nature. This includes God so free will is the ability to act according to your nature.

That is not coerced is not forced and that's that's at the definition right away, but he couldn't. But, in which her back on him really really have like 30 seconds left Michelle here. Now I hear you what what I think your Facebook friend request. I would love to visit. I have hundreds log back and I know and I will write you that 5000 math, my name is JP. On their I think a lot of my faith is red time in this heartbreak go right all that good time of the Lord bless you have great again and by his grace back on your mom

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