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February 19, 2020 8:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

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February 19, 2020 8:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- How do I respond to the Hebrew Roots Movement's claim that we should be worshiping on Saturday---2- Matt discusses more regarding the Sabbath.--3- How do you memorize verses---4- What scriptures are best to use when talking with Roman Catholics---5- Matt discusses a document outlining topics relating to Catholicism that he will be selling on Amazon.--6- What's the difference between a prophet and the gift of prophecy---7- Is Hillsong preaching another gospel---8- What's a good study Bible---9- Is there any connection between a Nazarite vow and being a Nazarene---10- When Jesus was on earth, did he function-operate strictly as a man---11- What is Revelation 3-2 talking about---12- What do you think about Donald Trump-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive that more you have questions about Bible doctrine. Matt why walking to the show Matt slick live slick is as usual it will give me call you to do was dial 877-207-2276. Boy what a busy day.

I have had people tell you it's just as good busy little stuff you enjoy doing, but all work. Nevertheless, so well what we do here folks, if you're new to say that but once week so I'm a Christian apologist which means I defend the Christian faith. If you question Bible, Roman Catholicism, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses criticize yearly Baha'i Christian theology the Trinity hypostatic union communicatively Vermont to Lutheranism. They have been to some of Eastern Orthodox logic evolution UFOs all kinds of stuff you do is dial 877-207-2276 Arlette Russ running literally just hustling in mood and grueling training as much as I can and and stuff like that when I was younger I was so was always very athletic and though I couldn't run like the wind and just. It was awesome and then within three minutes my heart rate was normal. Now if I think about running there's issues so I could deal with a lot of stuff because when the with this like anyway like I said hi.

We have four lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to see right there.

Tom welcome you on your bike, quite sure I'll blame all modern pagan Toledo fellow right right right.

On Saturday thing on Sunday.

Can you provide me on that.

Sure, I've written on this on the websites and all you do is go there and you can type in the words worship on Sunday. I'm doing the notes are right there and there's an article when we worship on Sundays or Saturday and the reason is because in the primary verse not to go to his room is four versus Romans 14, five and six. Romans 14 and it says there one man regards one day another regards, every day alike. Let each man be fully convinced in his own mind. He who observes the day observed for the Lord you eat sense of the Lord. So what is he saying there is if are supposed worship on Saturdays and why is it that Paul the apostle says each person is to be convinced of his own mind if were supposed worship on Saturday, he would've said you must worship on Saturday. Also check out Colossians 216, 17 planning on coming on TurboTax it says this therefore let no one act as your judge in regard to food or drink on written respect weight Festival which is yearly or a new moon is monthly or a Sabbath day is weekly.

Things which are more shadow of what is to come, but a substance blocked Christ, and also asked whenever seven on the first day of the week that Sunday when we heard we were gathered together to break bread all began talking to them a lot as much time at midnight so that other verses like this. Solicitors don't go to remember that you yeah right. There is also some more versus first 2016 wanted a railroad you cultivate that that that the one… Remember to keep it holy. That will violating the Laura by not doing MMA down flight any letter written by all not reptile well here's the thing is that in acts chapter 9 starting verse 15 Jesus appeared to Paul and commissioned him to be the colossal Gentiles. So you bring that up to them as it is with Jesus. That's not you calling Jesus a liar and who are you to say Paul is true unless it's because you want to submit what the word of God says to your personal preferences and yet his tackle doing right that's a bad group see their different views and different there are variations within the Hebrew Israelite movement is the black Hebrew Israelite movement and basically some are white people based in summer black people based both of them are to be avoided right you will commit God bless. All right, folks. What you may call all you gotta do is dial 877-207-2276 and let's see we don't have any way way right now. So we got five lines to McCall folks accepting my notes here. What I do is actually keep notes on retyping. Sometimes I keep notes on some of the things that people say and I have a link set up a note in the table on car, where I have a Facebook link in a YouTube link along with the topics and generally the minute in the video the audio where that topic comes up, so the front typing about and keeping notes of the call me out on McCall 877-207-2276 and should we keep the Sabbath talking about. Yes and no. Of the nine commandments give you the 10 Commandments given annexes 21 to 17 the 10 Commandments only nine of them were reiterated in the New Testament and the one that was not reiterated as being valid and must be followed was the Sabbath. The reason is is because this Sabbath evening Sabbath is found in Christ. Because Jesus is our rest and he says come to me all who are living related. I will give you rest method 28 so in him we have the rest from the requirement of having to keep the law in order to be right with God, which is what the Bible says that we maintain the minute justified by faith apart with me to park the Sabbath so what's the Israelite Hebrew Israelite movement does and its variations often deny the Trinity. Some groups that the deity of Christ. Some groups add very front of legalism you going to keep this law in order to be saved by good with got a problem with that is that nothing want to say that Paul's epistles on Scripture go to Luke 18 1914 and that that is where Jesus gave the accounts of the Pharisee and the tax gatherer and the Pharisee went up to the (and he kept the law and that the tax gatherer did not and just to be merciful to me, the center Jesus says that the tax gatherer was justified saved the other one so we see that Paul the apostle taught consistently with Jesus and also my 722 and 23 it says that many will say to me on that date, I think, Lord, Lord, do not prophesy in your name and your name cast out demons are to performing miracles. I will send them.

I never knew you depart for me work lawlessness what's happening those people and their judgment. What were they appealing to to be saved. But their faith and works, and consult your content with those are some of the verses inside of the words of Christ that say the same thing all the apostle does all right, let's get on the phones with Abram not from North Carolina.

Abram welcome your on the thing that I am doing fine, but the on-site long day and at the onset enough sleep.

So my bed, but we got what you when you utilize all right will memorize what I do is like anything else can understand that it takes a little practice, your brain will addressed it will adjust. So there's a whenever I've taught this. I was used to use one versus the same verse teach this in his first Peter 224 I have said, first Peter 224 so many thousands of times over the years. When I say first Peter 224 is like one word life syllables. First Peter 224 so I do with a repeat first Peter 224 over and over and over again so I can say first Peter 224 or first Peter 224 or first Peter 224 or even first Peter 224 know what verse was I referring to their what address I just tell you what was it telling you as you go see out. This is how you memorize you. Could you first do the address, not the verse because if you lose the address you tend to lose the verse. So what's the verse again.

The address right PCM getting you to say it several times I've said it several times people you go home and go to bed tonight. Go first Peter 224. What is it say he himself bore our sins in his body on the cross, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. For by his stripes we are healed. That's the whole versus but what I'll do is save it first 2 to 24 says he bore our sins in his body. The cross let's only need to remember this what I want to remember that when I'm on the radio to talk about what abortion is biting the cross. First Peter 224, where does it say he bore our sins in his body and cross as a first Peter 224. What is first Peter 224 say he bore our sins, biting the cross where does it say he bore our sins in his body and across for 3 to 24.

What is first were to go back and forth like this you like to three minutes insulin what happens.

People talk to me. I have to actually break the habit of assuming why knowledge is Boris in his body, and I want to say right away first, or 24 is automatic to me that's hi memorize what those verses and everything is and also I recommend this paper put out an inch column on the left and right in first Peter 224 and then in the right use ICU and SBS. My version and write out the entire verse and folded up people with in the next verse you come across that you need to memorize the next one John 316, and then you you you read the whole verse and that while you're in line you're waiting for the stop and go over this with the dude I remember I've been doing this for 40 years so I have hundreds and hundreds memorize like this.

I don't expect anybody else to do that because they don't do what I do. You don't have to memorize all these things. You don't have to but this is how I memorize and this is what is useful. Plus I go places I teach it and it gets anchored into my brain and then your butt happens is your brain gets so used to memorizing these things, it becomes adapted to it and I can tell you, like for example I was doing research last week on what is the body of Christ and I went over some verses. I hadn't had the memorize before but I remember remember the addresses.

First Corinthians 316 and second Corinthians 616 and I remember that this just addresses that deal with fear and wealth by God in the temple of God, so I know have two of them, so to speak, memorized that's how you do it okay okay okay all right it was Abram from North Carolina. The Lord bless you right back after these messages pleasing to the mass Y call 7707 is Matt's leg back everybody on the phones to Jeanette from North Carolina Charlotte Recoleta Jeanette welcome your on-air high pressure to go out and you know what you you are individual heavily into about what I would do is two main areas salvation and Mary the ones that I focus on what I think is problems in Catholicism, there's a lot of other problems but the gospel message is and so it helps if you memorize the addresses of Romans 328 Romans 4125, but you could just memorize the address. Romans 41 through five because it's a very Romans 41 through five and and then when it says there is this a the read it to you and says I'm not, then, shall we say that Abraham, our forefather court of the flesh is found for Abraham was justified by works is something to boast about, but not before God. For what does the Scripture say Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as righteousness to the 1 Who Works His Way does not credit as a favorable what is due, but to the one who does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly's faith is credited as righteousness is a lot other verses that I can reference you. But this prick of me is a section of Scripture big or small. This prick is very useful because in verse five. In particular, just to the one who does not work but believes in him justifies in God's faith was credited as righteousness. Roman Catholicism teaches that you are justified obtain salvation through faith, baptism and the observance of the commandments is paragraph 2068 of catechism, and of course a false teaching and so this is a good starting point. Now they may go to James to and JP 24 faith without works is dead in the city when you say yes, and here's the concept that understand there's a and theology we have is called Essentia and the due shot.

These are Latin terms Essentia is mental assent. Fiducial is a heartfelt trust so James is talking about the difference between Ascension fiducial between just mental acknowledgment and crusading faith. And so the justification is talk about in James two was before people, not before God to go to my website and read up on James two and these the kind of thinking is not okay. I sounds good. Will God bless.

I now was the frigate Lakes caller. One of the things I'm working on and have been working on for a few months now is document called outlines on on Roman Catholicism produced outlines of Calvinism and this is outlines on Roman Catholicism and what it is is a outline form it.

I started doing this for debates in teaching and I would just use the outline format because it was so efficient and then I start sharing it with people on various topics and they wanted the outlines and they said don't have these are so helpful and so useful, so this outline in Catholicism has topics in it is not ready to release this alphabetical Apocrypha atonement authority baptism Bible catechism and let's see charity works, Eucharist, forgiveness the gospel all kind of things and the index is like five or 10 pages long and 230 pages long document working on hundred and 30 pages so they releasing that in a month or two or three or four depending on how the seat was so busy and so much to do but that something that people might be interested in and not getting later on to be on Amazon in good Amazon look for my books. There is type in my name, Amazon,, Matt slick find stuff. Okay, let's get to.

Let's see, let's see, let's get to bill from North Carolina fill welcome your on-air and online live. It reminded alone. You believe in you.

I will toddle out profits will exist. Most Old Testament sets the go-ahead sorry that you don't go to people in their pocket. You know you better want to go. There are those who call themselves prophets, and the issue then becomes, what is a prophet, the prophet, the Old Testament sense is no more and the New Testament prophets. That's interesting because what I see, unfortunately, is a lot of people who will say I am an apostle.

I'm a prophet and and claim certain things for themselves and they shouldn't do that. It needs to be affirmed by the people around them who would say that this is what they are, but nevertheless, prophecy is the proclamation of things future that are not known and so is this gift possible in the church absolutely.

I do not believe that all the charismatic gifts of ceased. I confirmed that they continue to this day, but I also say that along with it.

I do not believe that you have a person who can walk around saying for example prophet would want to know.

I humbly that's that's the case so God can certainly use prophetic utterances through various people in various contexts, and this is possible he may use one person more than another in a particular gifting area, but that's a position I hold to psychically be very very careful about these gifts that use Very well.

If God is using the person capacity then praise God because when you say if God is use the personnel of God's doing it, then praise God.

But how do we know well you know it. If someone says to me Matt, you know, the Lord told me what can happen to you next year and you're going to give me your car okay well let's see what happens next year doesn't happen okay or false prophet will willing to do with be very careful about the same people tend to use them for self exaltation. These gifts are used for the edification of the body not of the individual. Okay, I don't okay. All right. But the Lord bless you and will be right back after these great messages Matt slick live call 77077 charismatic slave back to show John from New Jersey.

John very quick question one about so are they preaching another gospel record thingy to hell. Okay to be careful how I say this because I have not been able the past year and 1/2. A desire to do this, have not been able to study the new apostolic Reformation including the Hill song movement sufficiently to be able to make a judgment on everything like I approach it. I just get landslide with the kind of stuff you take care of so not been able to study that. But I will say this I would stay with him hell song. There have been far too many problems. Aberrant teachings come out of their and let's just say that I would avoid them.

I would I would avoid her music and some other issues that are related to so also the generically right now because what I've studied what I've seen is is not good and I like to have documentation, record, say, this person said this, this group said that hears these words and and I haven't gotten that point yet I have this just been absolutely buried swamped so sorry we had a better answer for you okay okay I emailed Peter we both agree that they don't expand on. They don't talk about hell they go there because my roommate don't speak a lot of English, so they have translators that translate for will I think was a hell song that did the video little town of Bethlehem and it was a cabaret with dancing girls in a chorus line and it was just horrible and it will you know it just what happens is people. People are different and some are more intellectual and some are more emotional.

Some have varying degrees of both.

Some have wounded in some have certain social needs. They have to have met people are just complicated creatures. There are cold groups that will attract certain kinds of people depending on how the cult works on a single sums occult but it tends to draw those kind of people who are more experiential and not denouncing experience is a great thing to have the presence of God for that. However, it must be balanced with the truth of the word of God and though what I've heard from hell song movement until some women pastors and teachers, which is directly against Scripture.

I've heard is horses politely unfortunate theological statements being made demonstrating the lack of theological understanding and this makes him a not a Christian but intentionally make them dangerous. Depending what area that is so one of things I can't do very well on Sunday mornings is watch TV in the religious channels because I start yelling at the TV. And so it's ridiculous the things that I see the things that I hear what I've been wanting to do is is getting all situated where have so many things taken care of. I have enough people to help me to take everything sick and getting in the way that I can then focus on doing an exposé on the new apostolic Reformation and the groups associated with it and it needs to be done and others have done it, and the Justin peters this is doing a great job in that area. We need more and more people to expose his problems in the cultlike things going on in them in certain areas.

So yeah, I came out of the NRA movement while younger shirt and felt dirty but one quick question on what good study Bible to get your Reformation study Bible is what I would call the Reformation study Bible all right check that out, but I have two MacArthur study Bible is good. I know he denies the gifts right now that that's okay.

You know he's allowed to have a different opinion than I do. Maybe you do others, but he's a good man and God knows a lot been used by the Lord greatly become those positions here. His arguments see if you think they they carry water right notes in your Bible. If you agree or disagree and why and move on. Nobody has it all right we can you imagine if there was the slick study Bible that just sounds wrong.

The beginning but nobody can agree with everything that I would put in their so that's okay right thank you and praying for your ministry and your wife Matt appreciate thank you very much okay I got effectively to next call. Let me just fill you in that people (my wife and for those who don't know, just let me talk about the radio very much, saving when she's got some serious inherited genetic difficulties, and I would just say that she is improving. She's a trooper and the people have lately been saying to her while you're walking better here doing this but she is doing much better and I want to thank everyone of you who has prayed for her. She's got all these issues and lay Melissa husband. This is one of them, and though she surviving all kinds of stuff but I think you for praying for her and me is when the you know it's working all right, let's get on the phones with Jeff from Utah Jeff Michelle you there on I wanted to know if there is any correlation between the right and right now if you are from curricular gathering the data right now come from home. It's actually there. Not really related because the word is so similar.

I would suspect it is probably some very early on connection that may be a Nazarene did a foul and it became known as NASA right now in a different one would hold synapse right mouse the facility from Naz Nazareth. I suspect so Jesus was Jesus of Nazareth is born in Bethlehem and that he Nazareth was raised there in fact I remember correctly when I went to Israel. We went and we saw one of Herod's Temple temples, but to like a summer retreat area and it was just fast was huge and it was really interesting because the tour guide said, look down there. We look down from the wall out into the field area half a mile to miles out and I think a mile or so whenever I come up which well they says this is where Jesus would have been playing as a child in this area right here right under the nose of parent. It was just an interesting thing. But, nevertheless, and so NASA right to someone who consecrate himself to God for life usually is for life.

Often, I won't drink wine and won't something interesting and won't cut their hair. Don't think think those are necessary requirements but those are the general covenantal ideas that are self imposed by the people would hold that okay I thought I got a letter okay I just read something to put in a commentary uncut hair symbolizes strength in life. Perhaps this is the intended meaning of the seer. When used to describe Joseph and the blessing of Jacob 4926 of the symbols of Deuteronomy 33 vineyards were not pruned sabbatical or Jubilee years were said to be in his ear so they weren't pruned. Maybe that's where he got the Nazirite vow with a wooden cut their hair, I okay arrived to go looking forward to you to be there in April about, so I'm going to doing so we going to like okay that's nice you little cooler than the Phoenix area were to look to you. All right, just God bless a phone for three of the lines if want to give me a call 877-207-2276. Let's get to Michael from Michigan Michael Buckham. Thank you.

My question was I was. I heard it said by you preaches that when Jesus was in the earth that he operated as a man not denying hypostatic union in the early operated man that is correct. No breaks. Hold on. When you go to this because folks. Please stay tuned me right back up his message for field lines to be calling 772072 max Y77077 is Matt's leg back at boarding Michael still there. I all right so cut off that what you go over that again. I was told by you and your EI. The man not denying any union. The mayor started one and only true and that you can expound upon that yes hypothetically it teaches that thou in the one person or two distinct natures, the divine and the human God and man.

And so Jesus according to Luke 252 grew in stature and wisdom, but this is not an expert and he remained a subjection to his mother and his father so he was there in Israel Anderson and Rick so at that point when he entered and was ministry he did what you do when he died across so he was not physically as a man anyplace else because by definition a man can only be one place at a time and so using, so the human part of him, so to speak. Human nature can only be one place at a time out in the ubiquitous nature of the divine aspect then there was ubiquity, it was universal presence and how we could talk through those and how we might work with those is take a long conversation but that was it that we have is called a doctrine called comparator rhesus and with that is is it with in the Trinitarian communion. The father-son Holy Spirit they enter penetrate each other in their essence so that there is ultimately one will, but as a father is everywhere. This Holy Spirit everywhere and the word is everywhere. Then buying this necessity there's the attribute of the person of Christ, having some form of ubiquity because the attribute of the divine nature is ubiquitous, ever present, so that cannot be dispelled. How that works in the person of Christ.

We don't know since he apparently cooperated with limitations being a man flickers to five through eight and having been made on the log. Galatians 44 so we can speculate how that works but we can't solve it precisely because known for sure okay later. Hello and we lost a given fallopian yesterday are okay yet out.

I think that there help a lot so eloquently to the question I had with years ago and years ago when I was a teenager I called and I I actual question regards to the revelation and I lived, you said that you will ensure that it was really interesting that you study and that's what was when God gave the word when he said that the Lord hated the doctrine of the Nicollet Nicollet you think, and that without any correlation with one of the first Deacon Deacon Nicholas, that of a creek that one time I even give any any proof or any commentary further than that statement.

When thou did you know they with any correlation with that. I was told it he had deflected from the faith and I don't even know what is the top of the Nicollet, though I wanted on the all that know I don't embarrass us you didn't study it may have forgotten because I am so inundated is not me whining just to nature. What I do that yet, but I will study things and forget I even written articles that I look on my website so I have written so much of the years of studies. Only thing is remember too much anymore. What I did what I didn't do so. That is a good question revelation to the Nicollet attends no I don't know, and I want to study it, but I got I mean you my schedule single to show. I got things to do and jump on stuff that not all you know where the event that yet. I felt it all know what we thought you have my that the outlook not yet learned. Once while you know it.the will, here we come I'm doing is looking because I have all this technology in front of me makes me look good in my horse, I should say sound good but looking at a commentary and it says there's been much speculation concerning the identity the Nicollet attends the Scriptures do not specify who they were. They apparently were a sect wrong in practice and in doctrine and that's one of the views I have this what you might find later on is that your V-neck and archaeological discovery where documents or in writing inscribed someplace mentions Nicollet attends and something to think that we found over the years that this kind of thing happens repeatedly so there might be something later on to shed some light on that.

I don't know okay thought out the arc out that God gave man already will. God bless buddy work I write this tip on the line with John from Georgia, John welcome here.

They met I'm hanging in there. Megan we got about the lanky good for the country of and why do you think a lot of Christians, or even everything you got, like, in my opinion and I didn't vote for him. I did both on the Democrat and Republican in the constitutionalist but the I learned to like him. I do not trust the media at all.

As far as I'm concerned most of the media. Not all the left media liars and I don't trust him. I I've seen it firsthand what happened with a done and why trumpet is hated by them as he goes directly to the people. You can sign up on the on twitter get his twit tweets you find others I would hit a website that where they put the news that what was going on I be on the trust immediately spent.

I just know he's done things about immigration.

I have no problem with immigration personally is coming legally. So I say this to legally become an illegal is a problem and I in San Diego for 1516 years and let me just say that illegals were everywhere, and was very often that we either speak Spanish to just to get around and do things and am they I could tell you story to story and I understand that you want to have a better life, but coming legally and we need to have our own language be English not be broken up and tell you we can the nation and transfer that as well. I like those ideas.

He does tax cuts. You can do another one soon. That's great that stimulates the economy does a lot of good dinner, some not so good stuff with them seem to be womanizer to some degree, and I believe very strongly in the Second Amendment right to bear arms and so a few things he's done. I've understood have five restricted a little bit of that and I'm not for that at all. So what are you doing me I know Obama is now trying to claim credit for the. The economy is doing so well, but can't trump his undoing of so many things that Obama did and what Obama is concerned by bottomless Muslim Marxist communist. So the things he did what people don't know how bad he was but so you know I like trump mineable form again. I did both for label. From this time. I don't know if that'll constitutionalist, I believe we should stick to the Constitution and enforce the laws and already there and by the way, when people say that children cages because the borders because of trump now does the loss of her already passed before Obama and under Obama and even during Obama's tenure.

People were treated the same way to the leftist media spends things in such a way that you can get the truth from them and this is why you're so much brouhaha about him and stuff. So it's interesting to study him more. Wonder where you you will be one like the right way to do it and not Christian Martin not like go gram by kilogram.

Gary: and a lot of Christian breaker, breaker them up in but on Week, say, come on out, not escape it. Well it's a delicious fruit singular, but I can see that you understand something to I know what it means to be a fighter because I moved 26 times before I was 12 I was super skinny of anorexic buck tooth and went and the military basis and so we got in civilian life. It was radical adjustment for me. I learned how to become a fighter, not in a physical sense but determination and resisting and standing for things that are right and so I understand him.

I think a little more than the average person in that respect. He's a fighter.

He thrives off of what happens with a the media does to him and they don't realize this is how he does and that if they want to undo him stop attacking him work with them.

He feel he will become very gentle and work with you but this is just my at my opinion about what you know what you off. I don't get that you think that Christlike attack back yesterday about what you say that like he does well.

I know some good to be said so many things I can't say which part of those things that he said something and some are inappropriate and some are appropriate, but Jesus did say very strong things to people: whitewashed up with her dear father the devil, etc. so there comes a time when people need to say with these be said and I absolutely just love it when he exists knocks on the media.

I'm like I want to yell at this yes like I said I don't trust the media and you have some inside automation about some things and how they blatantly misrepresented information. I believe that the media is working against the country a lot of areas. It spreads too many lies is way too leftist and Aurora their conservative think I have an app on my phone where I get my news from and the app is called conservative news Pro and has conservative groups and I will also go to USA Today and CNN and see what they say about the same topics. There's quite a difference of spin on things is her big nostril so I don't okay what thank you for thinking that an appreciative accomplish, spent Thanksgiving alright so let's go to Mike got a minute left in the show, Mike. We got money last week with the same amount of time and I was asked about prayer that God ordains that the gray and I was that water elaborate a little bit on that. Yeah we are.

Guess I'll call back okay I just got her doing that twice in a row. Folks, we write people back tomorrow when the Lord bless you have a great evening okay and that by his grace back on the air

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