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March 5, 2020 8:54 pm

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March 5, 2020 8:54 pm

1- Matt talks about his experience the evening before on a large Catholic Facebook group.--2- A caller wanted to share his false teaching. Matt believed it was demonic influence.--3- How do you respond to atheists who bring up Old Testament laws as a reason for why Christianity is wrong---4- Which branch of apologetics do you prefer---5- Can you explain the KJO movement in regard to the texts that the different translations were translated from---6- How do you respond to Matt Dillahunty and his arguments against the reliability of Scripture---7- I have a relative who believes a family member who died recently is trying to reach her. What can I do---8- I want to visit my relative but he lives in a remodeled Masonic temple. Is it ok to stay there---9- What does it mean to work out your salvation with fear and trembling---10- Have you heard of the Catholic teaching tht Mary is the ark of the covenant-

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Matt Slick
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Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive.

The more you have questions about Bible doctrine is a matter why, lick building what her real name works for review before give me a call as usual. To do this dialing 772072276 and we can talk about all kinds of stuff that you want talk about last night limit of an interesting thing happened so very go there you go solo you know and as you know, if you been asleep for an elected time. I am very much against the sociology of Roman Catholicism in regards to the doctrine of salvation that sacramental is sacerdotal is him and Mary all electric and because of that I believe the Roman Catholic Church is apostate know it's not me being mean to stop you being jumping on some bandwagon Catholicism for many years and I teach Catholicism the people using their own documents very often appalled by what it sets. Teachers write about. So I've been on a discussion forum with about 74,000 members on Facebook and the owners here will nice guy idiots and I he knows I'm not hating Catholics.

I just a theology in these areas is respectful. Well long story short last night for his recommendation. We had a meeting were there for three hours just discussing and he showed up last going.

We discussed theology for a while now we open it up to all kind of people we open it up to that forum and have the Catholics, we had a typical obstreperous Catholic happens you know it's people who just are arrogant and stuff but it does represent all Catholics, but nevertheless, so the discussion if you were you listen to it on a comment about what I call a heavy fine you thought 877-207-2276 but of course if you want to convert the big deal if you have a Bible question. The question on the presupposition listen to classical as rationalism, rational apologetics, classical evidential of various things on his oppositional discussions philosophy we can get into evolution aliens is of jeweler's witnesses Christian science to the Baha'i Islam, Christian theology, the Trinity, all kinds of things we talked about so that sounds intriguing questions in verses you want to get into. Call up if I have a natural gift if I don't it will recirculated city figured out. I certainly don't have all the answers. Nevertheless, we just jump on the phones right now. Let's get to see how alcohol is okay, holy fun legal belief or a menu on the air, but we got will pop up the old understanding you are breaking up. Try to get to sleep again. I think so for magnitude and anything that I have been revealed to me lately lately doing with you something from the Bible. The 10th magnitude. I didn't quite get that. What was that again you I'm having so much trouble and was not very good connection. Let's try one more time and if it doesn't work. You have to call back okay to get my problem, not the Bible. Bob and I 1000 comport. I okay pop and abiding behavior down the hall.

Were so I think the speak, but I tell you what you sound like you're into occult mysticism and here in contact with demonic forces that sounds like to me lately that your hearing sounds like you are telecare in contact with demonic forces literally have a what you think.

What I recommend you do is trust Jesus is God and flashing diamond cross rose from the dead by the resurrection that what he was saying was true.

Trust in him, not follow after another voice. Teacher you've not been commissioned by God for anything you cannot I'm I know because you say you asked me last me, you asked me, let me answer the question you're not commissioned of God because you speak in a manner contradictory to the word of God. That's how I know the original management was not created so I didn't say anything about the man I didn't say that you can't talk a lot about things on so I guess you excuse me, you are greatly deceived and not angry. I'm just warning you. You are so deceived. What you need to do is to trust a one okay I say what you do here folks at this point is move along because though it had discussions like this with people before others. In my opinion, demonic influence there and done is not able to hold a rational discussion and no okay little time there was a long okay so let's get to John from Georgia John welcome you on here. I don't abatement I'm doing all right.

By God's grace we got ball on if you did in that call not going anywhere right where quick mom when you bring up the Old Testament all morning and simply let when God told Israel about his disobedient child that you do the judges of Israel and is found guilty they can be stoned to death with you on what are some good resources that talk about that, stuff will are several different approaches you can go to ask the atheist. If that is the case, is it wrong for God to tell people do that because all they can have is our opinion they can support a strong okay how do you know what's wrong. Who are you to say what is right. It is wrong because what you do is as an atheist you don't have the privilege of being able to be in contact with universal moral principle.

All you have is your personal preferences and your desires. You can bring this issue up in the Bible, but whether or not it's right or wrong is Sonata for you to decide, so you can I say to them is one optional site is also look you need to be able to provide for me able to go around the idea that there's a moral standard by which this idea of starting disobedient children as is morally wrong if you can't do that then I don't need to listen to your opinion something solid to go with.

That's one way to approach him because don't don't assume that they have a legitimate complaint.

They don't because are atheists. The campground there issues of moral certitude in anything other than their opinions and those don't make truth. Furthermore, that instance, there are no records recorded occurrences anywhere that actually occurred where anybody did bring her disobedient son. He was stoned to death. Third, let's say that this was to happen, what would be the reason for in this culture of the time disobedient children were a shame to the family and the family's reputation in the community can be greatly harmed and that there were there not only reputation but their economic standing could be greatly harmed as well. So, in this culture of that time. Disobedience was something not to be rewarded. It was to be punished and the disobedience is not just so mom says make your bed, and he doesn't do it dystonia is not what's going on. It's a disobedience of flat out tell you and this is when severe measures need to be taken because what if one person severely rebels against his his family insults the father. The mother won't do anything to increase if the family's well-being, thereby affecting the society as well. If he were to be allowed to get away with this other youths would do the same thing is we know that youths are often very immature and inexperienced and lack wisdom, they think they thought things, but they often don't.

But we can then say that nasty atheist. If this were to occur. This rebellion, which is not like a set that is not making a bed but very great and strong rebellion if it were to spread to other households with other youths with active good thing or a bad thing and now putting the atheist back on the spot is the good thing that he's supporting rebellion and the breakup of families and the harming of the society and he says it's a good thing thing was he complaining about: could you give me some resources to go to study for the debt that may be onto will equal one of things that are related to it are the issues of why is atheist. Bring this up why we believe they were some laws and not others go to Carmen and look up why do we sell follow some Levitical laws and not others use text. I couldn't why do we follow some Levitical laws and an article, and then you can check out and then there's still a I've written on this before I stone rebellious son that's there and so I've written an article on it. Go check it out to okay okay all right. Thank you, and you have good night you to write. Let's get on the phones with Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck welcome you. Hello Matt, I at the beginning of the failure of about four New Mexican like bullet them. Think what one you prefer law will tell you what believe that the break I'll answer the question okay because it's a good question. I all right he folks to make all we have two open lines 877207276 max Y call 770727 charismatic slave back to the show Chuck from North Carolina, Chuck, are you still there alright so you asked what is a major branch of apologetics that I prefer to explain with AR first and then I'll tell you which one I prefer. There is a classical which deals with rational discussions. There is evidential with deals with evidence and present positional with deals with presuppositions. The assumption the starting point and personally I believe that the Bible teaches a little bit of all of them but which one is that the best in my opinion.

My opinion is that present positional apologetics is the most powerful.

So for example the earlier call the guy talked about an atheist I stone in the children will what I did was I went to present positional thought, what is the basic presupposition that you have that justifies your question is been correct. So this is the kind of thing that is very powerful and use it with Christians exit with non-Christians.

I stop using it with my wife good?

Good work. Glad you got that what right yeah I used to use a lot of logic with the red. I learned it wasn't very productive. This runaway manual now that you know when I had her phone today and where she has things arranged and I said you need phone lessons on how to logically arrange your screens and deductions give me that look no I like it the way there I don't but it's irrational. It's erratic at a set of keys like stereographic belief, so I keep her entertained in a deep hole for myself and say I all right will anyway so back on track here so that's what I prefer a present positional. It's the best because it's the easiest and is the most powerful yeah and you make people think what they why that Barb yeah so ASAP.

So let's say for example something I do with the Catholics they will say that the Catholic Church has the authority to interpret Scripture woman asked questions about the basement.

Basically the same.

Why do you say that I wonder with the reasoning as people have different reasons well because why the Catholic Church says it has the authority list because someone says he has the authority to so many times can you give me something else with the Bible says that Catholic Church has authority and it doesn't sick wait a minute. If you say the Bible says it, then, are you subjecting the Bible to your interpretation by which you then to the Catholic Church is true on so it is. This is what you do in your ear digging underneath is like any other yard, digging the hole and hit a tree root not very sick with a treatment recovery. What you gotta do is get in there and really worked and get underneath that root, cut it or break yet to get down where that is, a method present positional is an somewhat dust on everything is not present. Positional apologetics is for example in atheism. They cannot account for universality the laws of logic, the universality of any moral absolutes in the cannot account for our existence so I can do and atheists atheism is go percent precept: short caprice of José look and I'll say for example Elsik there's a concept called the one in the many in philosophy and you are aware well I'll say this, for example, your where what different docs look like and you'll still say that over. There's a darkness and overhears a docket first for ducks on the pond you're seeing darkness, manifested in four different places you see the essence of what darkness is in four places. There's one doneness enters many instances of darkness are still one of the many we see this when table was he when what a table is missing varying forms of table different places and is we can think you can do with this divorce only in the Christian Trinitarian with theological perspective can relay the foundations for the justification of the one in the many because God is one being in 383 persons we have in him in his name, the one in the mirror and we can see that God was transcendent, who is before all things, is not dependent upon the physical realm can then communicate to us were made in his image.

Genesis 126 the very nature of the one the many are the transcendental essence of something that we recognize in particulars, that's a seat that no one using bigger words but these are the kinds of things and telling the and so on topics with a fresh start. I need now. Well I know that… Valid at talking like I thought a lot.

But you know I like. Then you do know, and that yeah and that and I know that there young people that maybe is out there that will be passed without their we praise the Lord. Maybe all of their government think of the two great but has a lot of applications when you presuppose the existence of God.

Everything makes sense to make sense of rep morality rationality in our existence we can justify it any other way. And these are discussions will have with atheists and others in the signal. We can say lets this discuss it. How did ground the issue of universal morality by which you can make universal judgments and this is now the means were off this morals are abstractions that occur in the mind. If you have a universal moral truth doesn't not imply a universal mind. These are the kind of thing is we ask these kind of questions and am and we do this for years so I love having that kind of talk will do on the rate radio advantage because it gets too heavy to quickly and the people for driving that they might lose some IQ points in crashing the something you can hurt you train some of us took a good point with the epic the good point with you hate being late on the radio. It that God made you well. You and I differ a little lighter at my brother at that. Okay okay then you make denuded and he had that IQ of 159. I wouldn't doubt your bar from that hydrogel and show what a thing it after I would stay at Berger.

I bet there are a lot of that Berger many of them already have them. Have I said that's what they say they heard that a lot of people's stake in the morning so we have a child. The opinions of probably at about zero okay well you have a good bit of your help.

We all need that will do that's right. All right, brother of the long, but okay walking about with every guy got a loss okay see you all there is a social right that calf is much as we have one of the 987-707-2276 max Y77077 charismatic/hybrid welcome back to the show on the phones with Randall from West Virginia Randall, welcome back. Can you hear me I think is I can okay my question is I ran that our unit can gain by leaning toward dictating Jane and I love the arcing games only and their argument. One of their argument is that a new translation taken from the Greek Septuagint as I say it is been corrupted and that the King James is only taken from them as erratic and I don't believe that they Greek Septuagint is as old as stable society is not just wanted your take on that grade then new American Standard Bible. I was raised.

King James only, and now that I'm just want to clarify the will. Believe it or not some the New Testament writers quoted the Septuagint since the King James only people have a major problem when they are faced with Satan go on to Carmen. We have the King James only version I didn't write it.

Whatever staff members did Luke Wayne great guy and he's in Salt Lake City and he put a lot of time into it.

He knows the topic well maybe it is listening that he often listens, he could call up and then talk about the issue. The Septuagint in the Masoretic text stuff like that. If he doesn't call and put them on my way with so when the King James only people talk about this is their opinion and you can supply welcome your opinion you have any historical fact that can back this up and state that this is the case, will find that there's differences of opinion on which train of manuscript evidence is the best one so I prefer the NASB and I prefer it so translation I think the King James is great but it's got problems there have been older manuscripts found since the King James was translated older and better manuscript and slicking James could be corrected but nevertheless back to the Septuagint and we there's also different versions.

The Septuagint, so I have to ask them which version is it that you are complaining against and if the Septuagint is really bad, why were the apostles going to get a guy that night back out by about 250 year or right. That's correct. The translation of the Hebrew Bible into the Greek of the time.

This called the Septuagint.

The reason is called the Septuagint is Seth is the root for seven and so this they said there were 70 scholars translated the Bible from Hebrew into Greek, and so the 70's and in writing is known as the LXX and they will save the LXX says and that means the Septuagint that just means right heard a lot of arguments have a lot of family member that are good King James only, and it is the lady I came out of that I don't like never go back to anything James only value my family and my grandfather and them then walked people reading anything but the angering technologies and commentary like that that will man up and the way back the King James is a man translation despite the NASB eyes but I like to ask the King James people when they get that uppity about NSA link. Why does this translate Romans 518 and that's a discussion with having the they do the King James gets Romans 518. The NASB correct and not going to explain why but I'll show that them go to the Greek.

I'll explain some stuff you know they they all I can do then is this a well you're wrong why my room etc. and right right okay I will check out your article on our bike lock my okay God bless. But, all right, let's see. This waiting is Steve from West Virginia Steve, welcome is a Second government yell at the Met Villa to yet another unit that is that you in the past.

They think that I'll need new.

Along the way like talking about arguments from logical fallacy. When people come to him with reasons that they think they would've got a another evidence of work must first save the I was thought that the Bible was written of it. About a thousand years on freedom a comment by multiple authors and when we compare them that there was no other way you you can explain away.

The miraculous things like that with Matthew. When you try to present think them like that. They think that that is not the true belief's United had several discussions and we have each other cell number. We talk every now and then we email he's very cordial to me.

We had discussions like I said let's not to disparage somebody behind their back. We talk about specific individuals about the status of generically of atheists don't have a philosophical ability to ground their rationality their ethics or their own existences of the major areas of philosophical endeavor that are that we need to discuss ethics existence and rationality. So what from the theological perspective. If you read Romans chapter 1 verses 18 to 31 you'll see that what happens is when people deny the true and living God. As a consequence upon their heart and mind. God gives them over to the depravity through my as of the believe a lie.

That's what the atheists do, particularly those like Delehanty and Dan Barker Parker why debated. Also the end, Eddie Tom Bosch A. This activated so these are our men who worthy of respect. Because of their big made image of God but their positions against God are to be destroyed and attacked not just defend it against attack to show that the and so they only see the apartment when you're debating somebody about something if you're going to use this particular thing is your position that you're going to build your faith on it.

We got to establish that the secular thing. It is worthy and that has merit build a case onto when it comes to the manuscript evidence the historicity it of the might of all that all of all that that exists. Can we establish that the manuscript are indeed or that we can tell truth and then go argument on them.

They will I use the Bible to argue your point. I believe in the Bible. Show me that's true and then you can use that to build your argument on when we go there for well argument, though, when they say show me that the Bible is true and say okay I will be sufficient for you, in particular, to qualify for for proof and is not just a slight verbal sleight-of-hand because you can talk to 10 different atheists, and given the same evidence to might like it. Ate my project.

Who knows whatever talk 28th his essay. Please give me the what would work for you specifically if they say well I don't know will then I don't have to answer you because if you don't know convince you then. I like to try and answer you but if you have if you thought this through. You know what will work for you because what will work for you, won't work for somebody else.

So I need talking to you.

I need evidence or I need to know what criteria you would allow.

And then, but this does is it causes them to think through the issue and that this is the purpose, but it opens them up to be cross-examined at this point you don't one of the things that kind of an illustration is an atheist will still say you don't believe God. If, for example, on debating he raises this pulpit up three podium 3 feet and drops it on my command. You want to three go articles I think a stamp is able with that convince you that the God of the universe exists in the know say well I don't know what you say that for, and how would you know it wasn't a trick that I arranged hoping you would ask that question. I I got some very thin wire and it how do you know easy. They don't what they really believe about what would be sufficient criteria and then when they get to the issue of evidenced we discuss what evidence is because evidence is a concept it's her footprints outside someone's window and North Carolina and I'm here and I don't does it mean I love my wife is this of something of what becomes evident when it fits the criteria is all kind of issue okay but it was a long, Jorge Fauci of three open lines give me a call 87720776 max Y call 77077 charismatic tobacco show we have to open line 772072276 with scheduling from Idaho hey Elaine, I'm in Idaho to where are you considered that we target the island of Nampa. I live in Nampa also gave ever met you doing you do know who I am all your voices sounding really familiar you go to a kindred church that right okay you know you been to Michael anyway.

Wait a minute, did you just died recently in my life and were talking about that talk about going over to see you for you very well. I'm sorry you know I'm a little nervous. Anyway my Diet within a 90 day nonbeliever believed that her father, my husband and just died last month is trying to reach her. She said that she if front door opening and closing moment and it keeps opening and she also had a dog that I just recently will not go in her room and he always reflected in her bedroom that I told her that this is a familiar spirit. It is demonic and maybe it's because she believed her dad is trying to contact her my helper, I haven't another when it goes issue. That's right after that he feels nice okay sure problem.

I knew her your accurate incessantly are spirits trying to imitate something or something is actually occurring and that the thing that you gotta do is hurt playing against it and get some friends and stuff but it's mother to praying talk to Randy about it ready folks as a kindred, and I have talked to have lunch really not a kindred great know okay will then bring the old we were in the old edutainment is that it lacked the churches mixed up a member you know that house health on your computer and stuff. Remember that you have the try member you church will will you go to what's his name to pastor over there had Maria before Rick Rick (yes, getting down years now that is not right now, I see something with the mayor now getting the politics there will they ever needed guest preachers and then let me know.

I'll be gone in mid-April and leaving town in Arizona with okay so the thing to do is to pray and when you do this yet understand that you will be tackling the spiritual realm.

There might be a little bit of the pushback and so just pray through that person you want to get your friends to pray with you so I know the people and I used to go there church you going to know and great folks there and so I am sure you can find people to to covenant with you to pray about this with her daughter and just tell her the truth and be loving and listen to her. One of things I would recommend you do is has asked her what happened. Just tell me and just listen because sometimes by listening. You earned the right to speak and so that's what I would find great okay my brother who is in another state cannot, I would like to go and he remodeled Masonic Temple which deleted content can no can I and here not hear the nonbeliever go library or something because here is not of God. I wouldn't have any problems myself is greater see this in us that he is in the world.

So one of the things you could do is take some oil with you, and you stay in before you go to bed whatever you unpack to take a little your fingertip and you want to mix stains but just speak out loud in your prayer and anoint the room and what you're doing is your stuff and have oil has its magic ability or something like that of the Bible, but it's a symbolic gesture of anointing something for holy use and you can speak out loud.

I prefer to do when I do that kind of a thing, and I will speak out loud and I pray to my Lord and and if there's anything hearing it will then so be it.

I don't know how it works but I talked to my Lord and I pray and there's a piece of comes over me in the process of that other people's homes as well and so I think that something you could consider it might make you feel better to not just emotional, psychological thing, but I think usually something to it so when you pray to God anointed for you. I asked him to give me protection when you want will normally do say I was in that room. You know you want me to write, anoint so well that I would do was I would just going to touch the walls touch various objects of just talking to the Lord Lord is actually viewed be with you would bind any demonic forces in this entire building, especially inherent disaster or that you would be the one who be glorified in my words work and her words were such protection. I just talked like that various things that go around talking to Matt when you put your hand I wait to hear leaving Idaho and I know that if something better for you and I know you have to do if you live in her house. That's what it is. Plus they hope to have a cure for stupid's husband just working as a financed research lot now. Now I hope you come out with an article on other people that needed a lot of women have that problem so right right you think you will okay that was a link.

She's a sweetie. I remember over her house. She ordered some stuff he just dropped off wind up staying there talking to her. Really nice folks, all right, let's get to build California the People's Republic of California how you doing Bill that locked all your peer conflict is Atlanta's first one at time for slippers 212 and in verse 13 says Fort Scott is working both in you work will court it was my pleasure. So what we do as you're manifesting the salvation that is in you working it out your salvation go through it, deal with because it's not just a an issue of how to save this do nothing. It's an issue I'm saved. Let's get busy going on okay about you and what you can remember this of Romans for five to the one he does not work but believes in him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is credited as righteousness that versus killer does not work does not, and also Romans 328. We maintain that a man is justified by faith apart from works of the law, you say, look, you want to say that.

Philippians 212 James 224 to 26, etc. Matthew 2420 till you know he would diversely and shall be saved you want to say that these things when you can earn your salvation will first of all, the Butner verses that contradict that interpretation is that the Bible can't contradict itself. These very clear verses that teach about justification by faith alone. Romans 45 for example, what it does not work but believes that faith alone can it cannot contradict other stuff that you interpret your interpretation have to become incorrect in their thing. Ultimate a site well how's it working out for you. Are you doing enough good works to keep yourself right with the infinitely holy God of the verse they say yes. It was always there well and I consider them okay so you tell me that right now.

Today you can stand before the infinite God of the universe is a Yep I was doing enough to keep myself good and in your grace and saved for today I'm good enough to do that.

I did tell your Eric I see the problem with arrogance is like humility is a very similar arrogance and humility both hide themselves in their host and can only be seen by others, so there is a way to tackle it. But again, the question I think you are quick to Live and transform that I get VERY awkward on everything. The art of what you destroy that for the Mary Boyd very well. You see the problem with this is that they say that Mary is the bearer of the word of God and the ark of the covenant was the bearer of the word of God and the 10 Commandments were put in the ark, and the mercy seat was put on top of that, the Angels went up that that blood was put up on that and so but there's other issues along with the ark of the covenant. It's who had the jar of manna in it and errands, but Bergeron that butted and so were those things also in Mary as well. Answers notes what they have to do is that the kind of pallet arise.

These kind of things to make it fit one people pallet arise things is difficult to un-alga rights and she has a very specific and clear to deal with what they're doing is basically elevating Mary to the level of a goddess, the idolaters in this and I will call him out on that signal charged with committing adultery. I just say it to move on and that's what they're doing. So maybe I can do some research writing article and that is Mary the ark of the covenant from a apologetics perspective against the Roman Catholic perspective because it's us and I thought of that done before doing a lot of Likely so they built a great lot like cold about what which commandment it but you notice that he never got… Commandment noted that little consider baptism to be a work considered to be a new covenant sacrament. That is something that God does because you participate in the sacrament and it's a means of grace by which God then imparts into unit fuses into grace their position to little consider a work in that sense. What I do as I say it's a ceremony I say is baptism ceremony. They say yes is a severe teaching salvation by faith in a ceremony because circumcisions also ceremony and it was condemned in the Galatians 55 Michelle arrived, but I everybody all right hey folks, sorry about that. Rachel from North Carolina and Daniel from Southern California go back tomorrow and hopefully the Lord bless you all and by his grace back on the morrow

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