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March 24, 2020 1:18 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 24, 2020 1:18 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt mentions his upcoming program on ABN, dealing with the topic of hell, on 03-11.--2- Matt talks about the end times and what we may be able to expect, as well as how we, as Christians, should act.--3- What is the tree of life---4- Why do JW's ignore my personal testimony of the gospel---5- My church recently ordained a woman as a youth pastor. My wife doesn't want to change churches. What should I do---6- There are rumors-gossip in my church regarding leadership. How should I handle this---7- Did Lazarus's soul leave his body when he died, before Jesus raised him---8- Lazarus died more than once, how does that work with Hebrews 9-27-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics.

We search what is written about all I've done for you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max likewise (no calls in responding to your questions at 877-207-2276 here's Matt slick one. A great day notice. By the way, my voice shot purchase gold good about what you're… Hope it goes well. If you want to give me a call if five lines all you do is dial 87720722765 open like right now. Normally what happens is left after the show. People call in and usually end up not getting everybody you are available to call now. Now is the time and if you're watching all you do is go to and you will find information there. So let's see link for the video as well as so that's it for Facebook and YouTube now tomorrow I will be on the avian set TV satellite Aramaic broadcasting network discussing the issue of health Mohammed's view of hell.

And so what if you're interested in checking that place out ABN Aramaic broadcasting network satellite TV so ABN and I'm not there to their headquarters a few times and great functional with them often on for a few years.

They have experts there on Islam that are just incredible.

It will get one of them on sometime as I'm suggesting a talk but Islam from someone who speaks Arabic was raised in Islamic countries, and things like that can tell you things about things going on there before tomorrow night is more info on that later probably tomorrow and am again I give a call 877-207-2276 and am if you like to show you want to see continuing to hear it continue to do is go to and talk about that little bit were not hurting were not begging him not to nursing. We have to do this and you be blessed we do stay on the air by your support and that's how we support. We don't come in here is just that simple is not a threat. It's not what was me. No one kinda goes on the go. The little just to something different.

But in the meantime, if you like to show anyone see it sit here it continue to do is click and the clear my throat. Because of this cough and/donate and you can do but like the monthly is five dollars a month. That's okay because some that's how we make a budget system with which I think is a continual to hone our responsibilities. Carn and things were doing there. Okay Wiseman was calling us is very unusual. Usually people come by now, so may have to do is just pick a topic and can talk about it which is what I do sometimes, and that we do talk about all kind of stuff on the show we talk about within pastors and elders.

I saw something about that a few days ago, when pastors and elders is really bad there's others issues within the Christian church and the general apostasy that's coming in the Christian church. A lot of people are not aware of. That's what the Bible talks about the signs of the end times and the warnings that are coming along with. So what about that little because I know it's always worth worth discussing what things are.

How were to be as Christians in the world so for example, Jesus said something really interesting 2422 through 24. He said unless those days had been cut short.

No life would have been saved for the sake of the elect those days the cut short what days is he talking talk about the end times the end of the age, the eschaton, the return of Christ and what Jesus says and what Paul the apostle and others say are going to be rampant towards the end of days before he comes back.

It's a very interesting list and I did research on it a while back, so they'll talk about my weight for callers because it's always important for us to know the future could hold no Christianity to understand something that our job is to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ to love God and love our neighbor and to further the preaching and teaching the gospel. Some people might symbol if that's the case, and things I get really bad because I gargle talk about when my preach and teach.

We preach and teach because God told us to preach and we teach and expand the kingdom of God because he will get saved by preaching and teaching got things it down by his grace. This is what we are to do and so we are to worry about the end time to do is to carry out responsibilities we have now. Jesus said he said the false Christ's will rise and fall's prophets will arise as well and we have the false Christ's Christian science. For example, if false Jesus false Christ and Mormonism, the false Christ, Jehovah's Witnesses, a false Christ Islam Christ, and that they are misleading great many people.

And Jesus also said to be wars and rumors of wars is in Matthew 24 he said to be a heavy persecution of believers that we as Christians know this is on the increase, particularly here in America not able don't know the Christians of the most persecuted religious group in the world and more Christians died for their faith in the 1900s in all of history combined.

Jesus also said that building apostasy that many will fall away betray one another, etc. I met for 10 fall away.the size now if you heard our conversations have been having with Roman Catholic Church. That's an apostate church.

Eastern Orthodox is an apostate church. And inside of Protestantism.

There is an apostasy that's slowly moving through the corridors of of non-denominationalism and even denominationalism. There are those who add women pastors and elders to their churches. There are those that say homosexuality is just an alternative lifestyle. There are those who teach you have to be good to become a Christian and stay saved. Trends in varying toxicities during false doctrines.

Are there and then verse 11. I was like this verse many false prophets will arise and mislead many. Joseph Smith claim to be a prophet. Jesus is the law and the prophets were until John. John the Baptist worry more profits and the curriculum. Smith came along prophets and then he's a new profit center and am innocent of deception was prophesied about the Jehovah's Witnesses, teach that they your organization is a prophet of God.

Mohammed will speak the last profit they always do this, prophets, prophets, don't Jesus is the one who told us the law and the prophets were until John 1660.

So we got some of those that we talked about. Let's get to the calls are coming in and out, let's get to Adam from Chapel Hill, North Carolina show you sent this chest congestion okay when you are so loquacious, but oh well you to three.

The knowledge of good and evil also speaks of the tree of life, but it really got to go any detail on the tree of life like it must be significant to have a name but it really doesn't go any detail about what the tree is what it significant. Would you have any idea why.

Named we know exactly their theories and ideas, but you'll notice that later on after Adam and Eve sinned.

Angels were put there to stop anyone from coming back into the garden and the theory is that they would eat the tree of life, and in so doing, would stay in this fallen state instead of the glorified body state something that may lend credence to the idea the tree of life. Is this true that is you eat it you live, you continue to live forever. You continue to be healthy and will never die explicitly seems to be from the context of other stuff and ending their throat have life and you know it's interesting, I just thought of something I've never thought of this before. Just looking at that life to define what life is to take a cell life is biological structures, but it's also energy and its information without information personal life have information on DNA tree of life and the knowledge of good and evil interesting owner of any relationship there knowledge is life itself. Anyway, just think about what some alternate late opinions out there. A big study, a curious couple articles in the tree of life which the tree of knowledge. Good meal and the baby of any written articles on so many that I can't remember all the ones going to write articles and went and women are erosive illness, so think that we understand about basically appreciate it, really thank for you will praise God whispers God is good, let's write the skill of phones with the Bethany from Chicago. Bethany will get there we go about that. And now let's get to Nelson from California Nelson welcome to the mad God bless him a question.

Pretty sure you had many questions like that, but reprinted on a friend of the family exit the front of the family came over to the day when every grade got to come over and add them to started you and him. One thing that I noticed that when I first started my test he didn't make it kind of ignored it and I was wondering because the brain will you think what I would suggest you Janet suggest you call up your friend and asked to attend the kingdom hall with them to church with Lisa price to be shocked and don't be there to cause any problems, but you need to know if you know what it is you're up against and why they behave that way because when you going there that many times have to update of services could feel for what's going on.

They are told they have the truth they are in the truth. They alone have the truth.

Everybody else is in the darkness and deceive that they have the truth are told over and over and over and over again so when you start saying anything contrary to what they see is the truth they did automatically to another trained to do that we can do is what I do the witness when I see that happen, you remember, I've asked for, and I learned body language so you have to break tell you the kind of things and get their attention. Real simple stuff right back folks after these messages struggling with road rage staying on the highway with a Christian car guy Dr. driving on a road rate from last week show we need writing at a competitive field where battle is going on territory out. It ended in the writing is a coordinated many fighter that other driver for your neighbor staying on the highway with the Christian car guy where can we find the most hopeless times of our lives. Pastor Greg Laurie addresses the question this week on a new beginning. See how God wants. With this in the most trying times of life will give us strength, powerful biblical encouragement coming this week on a new beginning with pastor Lori, here's Dr. Charles Stanley keeping believers in touch with God. The Bible says it is good to give thanks to the Lord. Now, since God is absolutely omniscient, knows all things absolute perfect in every area. He says that it's good that it must be enzyme. It's good to give thanks to the Lord.

From his perspective. That ought to be a vital part of your life in mind these delivered us from the bondage of sin in our life and that's a child of God. A true believer with a thank you mouse over the back of his provision for our life every single day in which, remember, also, that he one true God guides, provides for us delivers created us owe him everything for help from God's word is in touch with Dr. Charles Stanley in touch Donald March with today's pathway minute that was the announcement Mary was getting the picture. This baby was going to be so in verse 34. She responds with a logical question. Mary said to Gabriel and P since I'm a virgin Mary. Gabriel does not like questions that Mary's question was not asked out of underlings. It was logical question how he answers in verse 30 and the angel answered and said to her, the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the most high will overshadow you and for that reason, the holy offspring shall be called the son of God. Today's pathway minute is provided by your station and pathway to victory to hear the Bible teaching of Dr. Robert Jeffers BTV mats like why call 772077. Here's Matt's way back everyone. Are you there Nelson filter from here.

All right now as I said I was born with Asperger's and I learned to cope by studying body language. I didn't know others and do this until I got diagnosed and told my shrink psychologist. He said my people to still do that you have developed a very good way of coping and getting around it got so not to be manipulative, but I know I watch people. This is what I do. So if a Jehovah's Witness were with me say suitable sitting and opposite each other and is a table in between trips give you a scenario and I'm getting my testimony. I notice that there start to drift off because they're trained in another trained what I will do then is take my fingertips.

For example, an Amount on the table just like this in orthotic and I just I just don't do it loudly. Here's a can hear me, I'll do it softer and they will respond to that sound. They will look back and you raise your hand up by your face and you point with your fingers or hands open a little bit and continue to talk and so is not manipulation.

Don't do it for that reason, but found a witness and they're going to be disrespectful like that. I want them to hear the gospel make a movement or do something like, and so distraction is, is one of the things that you can use like that you and if I could not manipulate what might draw their attention and and usually sounds and hand movements are the things you can do you can just stipulate to gesticulating means to use a lot of handbook which is think of Italian person you know how to talk with her hands. We could do the same kind of thing moving those and I'm doing on camera right now and purpose of my right hand and over and over and over with my hands in a rhythmic form and it helps them to have a stimulation in both visual as well as auditory and it helps them to focus and then if they continue to ignore even more.

I stop talking sick, you know, I thought you wanted me to know this is okay to talk to.

I'm not trying to be rude but you you you want to talk and I listen and when I want to talk you don't seem to do that or am I wrong about that. Just curious. Can you tell me about that don't matter to.

It really puts them on the spot you and you and I'm sorry really think that you go ahead now. You really got right you can talk to and you can lean forward, you can do things because when you lean forward in your talking lever very subtly, it conveys the idea of intensity you go too far, but just a little move and you watch them and you can mimic their movements and things like that. Now again this is not manipulation thing not using it for that system did to make up for my Asperger's loss seek to Nana PS please don't tune into social cues very well so I had to learn a different method and it helps in witnessing so far as knowing it was week is like that. I allowed them to expressly with the and and everything and New London.

What we did got about documented only that it was great that the Jehovah's Witness or yourself so you pretty much what way and very I don't want to go back and forth on it. I know they he encounters everything. Could I give the Scripture and Hebrews 1 verse five interpretive which at the end of that which they can now there and down and write them in and out, holding his daughter and he started staying in about two Michael the Archangel Riordan and then by imprisonment.

I'm guessing right that whatever you tell me what the watch start their hearts out and then phenomena have a condition for going to my website.

Current network and look up the true Jesus approached the true Jesus is also called a plurality study different versions of the same thing, but the rally to the plurality study that that's what you want to go to because in the Old Testament God Almighty is seen, it has to be the LCS to God the father because Jesus is no man searching the father anytime you got a father well, but the once he got the father soliciting his pre-incarnate Christ is called God Almighty is affluent for a loop. Now that's what I recommend you study that and have the come back to the might have with it and also first Corinthians 12 Mattel you first Corinthians 12 is deadly for them to go to Carmel and look up first Corinthians 12. There's an article call upon the name of the Lord Jesus read an article and just have a method that memorized the Scriptures and you will be able to really present so that to him very difficult to answer because you can't get a perspective okay right but things aren't nearly as with all great arraignment. All right, let's get back to lessee mixer with her fateful bow from New Jersey that I hang up on you now know wasn't somebody there was Bethany only get you next Bethany are able. We got no fight. When your family. I'm married, I years of life I got in my mid 20 years I've grown different ways theologically and give you a little background I got saved in a very over-the-top charismatic church that was really on biblical and after being there for five years. The left there and then I get my transitioning to be more Calvinistic.

I went through like a caged base cabinet like you know why why you know I would like. I want to jump ship at the next turtleneck that I would like everything out of the Calvinistic out run a lot of weight. You know happening every time it can be kind of a lot, and you know you I learned how to be rounded and grounded yourself and then we end up at a chart very conservative in a lot of ways, though Pentecostal is getting a lot of order, but they were egalitarian, but they needed it really promoted. None of the eldership really was pastor just until recently and they ordained up a girl at the pastor on the youth pastor and I have a no I think pretty much the past year year and 1/2 convinced that this is wrong on talking to my wife about it, but I get bored tonight because there's been so many other my wife like yeah but every time you you like something or are you every time that you you get convinced of something you what I'm saying. I guess I can place to save one talk about this right back after this started, blessed is the man whose sin is forgiven and covered no longer to be accused no longer to walk in shame, no longer to hide from his past where no longer led by anything that wants to keep us in darkness. All of our lives. Beloved, we are as the followers of Jesus Christ of forgiven people in him we have new life, a new identity and new creation, a new leading now by the spirit of God were not fashioned under the voice of those enemies of the past. We are now fashioned by the voice of God. This is our calling.

Our hope and it is our secure future. Please join us every Tuesday night for our worldwide permitting here in New York City can access it on the Internet and it's time to 7 PM Eastern time. God is answering prayers from people all over the world.

It's time for you and I join is more science Scripture and salvation radio ministry for creation research want to encourage Christian faith by showing how scientific evidence supports the Bible, particularly the Genesis account. When we see that the first and most foundational book of the Bible can be trusted in all matters, including science builds confidence in the rest of the inspired word all the way to Revelation. You find the news confusing. You wonder who you can trust the breakpoint this week is designed for you.

I'm Shane Morris with the Colson Center for Christian worldview. Join me in my Colson Center cholic Johnston Street every week right here on this station for a half-hour discussion of the news you care about looked at through a biblical worldview lens that's breakpoint this week half-hour of clarity, conviction, and compassion to help you sort out a chaotic and confusing world in a culture that worships at the altar of sex. The Christian must take care not to overreact and view sex as something sinful. Dr. Gary Chapman with the love language minute. The truth is that Hollywood did not invent sex a holy God totally separate from sin made as sexual beings, we must not relinquish the sanctity of sex because some have explored sex is not the trademark of the world bears the personal life made by God. However, we must be quick to say that God gave us the owners manual in God's plan.

Sex is reserved for marriage within marriage sex bonds us together, body, soul and spirit. It's a gift.

Dr. Gary Chapman is beyond there at the five love languages. For more five love languages mass like why call 77077 charismatic slave buddy Bo, are you there yet. Okay you want to well toggle you said your wife give me a hard time about this, and am sure you will group her about 11 years and years right and Calvary Chapel where he lived, Calvary Chapel complementarity and a lot of work closer with more people within that group that would pay even the body that we worship and I'm even going to the Bible Institute. At that particular Calvary Chapel like my dictation like that so she understands that like that's the direction I'm going in and she understands that like I'm trying to tenant like walk away from the nomination at that other part of what I wanted to. It was one of my wife even on the problem. I understand she might even understand that women should be ordained pastor, but she women used by God and from a different way that might even been in the wrong position but got you that she gets worried that maybe there could be too much of a hard line on the way, my saying a lot of things. There's a lot of things talking thinking that's okay so long as a spiritual leader the home, not your wife understand that you send me their Capture and am so she needs to support you not hinder you mentioned that not just how hot this boat let me finish these thoughts because people need to hear these things okay to be quick and it will only do several things out okay because I know you this is a big deal for you and I understand so she needs to support you and not hinder you in your leading of your family and what you're trying to do is is correct and good if you go to five different churches inside of a year to get it right, then that's what you have to do you not to be perfect in your leading nobody is but you do need to listen to her advice because women have this ability to see things that we don't see sometimes. But you are the spiritual leader you have to Rent the ship. So if the The ship goes to sleep in the first mate runs the ship aground. He's responsible that the first mate as to what he still responsible. You will reap the benefits of the good choices as well as the consequences that went this all falls on you your wife's job as a Christian wife is to support you in this. Not in a sinful way you think sinful course, but a desire to say no I'm sorry but this is wrong on pastor and elders wrong Mr. sublime. We can't worship your I could never worship Richard for the never to have because Scripture speak against the when you do something wrong if it admitted go forward. So we do as leaders. So she support you in your right when pastor is not acceptable and it's not, so she should not complain about that issue.

And yes, women have been used in the wrong position, but that doesn't mean it's okay and the reason women are doing these things because men are doing a job many to stand up to tell your wife is a look, if this church were to start saying that homosexuals are okay. Would you still want to go to civil course not. If they would go against the word of God. We leave right now. It's going to swear to God in the pastors and elders thing right so you want to stay past due estate, listen to people preach and teach who can even get this right when the Scriptures are clear. Listen to who knows whatever listing to the world enters no you need to delete and let the consequence of Cisco with ago okay I agree great. And the trend I will go you know what you're correct. Thank you. Wonder when their relationship involved. So that you know you know so here's you have relationships different places are those relationships going to govern how you behave according to the word of God. They should never be in place you migrate so you always do it right before God's word and the relationships will either stay or fall based on how you stick with the word of God. Let those that fall fall because Jesus did say Santa came to set up father against son, mother against daughter, etc. this is because the idea is when you follow Christ.

People get offended and so you have to have this attitude. If people don't like what I'm doing because I'm following Christ, then so be it. That's the first thing I get over the second is, is it possible to repair these relationships in Christ and guide them along to the principles as we do this, but always keep Christ first in first.

This is important and I'm saying I'm speaking like this, then we just you.

I know there's thousands of men, listening right now who need to hear these kind of strong words in limine to hear them as well because women need to have their men leave the need to get out of the way.

Recommend delete and mentor to fail and you can succeed. Women's jobs is not to be the spiritual leader in the home and if you make an unbeliever is another topic but you're married to a believer, you can let your husband leave because were designed for supposed to do and it's the way God set it up in the home and if that is working which other things work as well have these heresies like with pastors and elders in the church speaking to you a whole bunch of people need to hear this. Men need to step up and be godly. And even if it costs them stand in the truth of God's word and love and patience and gentleness correcting such that we do okay you you arty know to do your life, what has to be done in a loving caring way and you move on the go to those elders. The churches, who are you doing this website look at the issue… Don't care that the nomination there pretty much know well if you don't then you do this with you pastor and a nap except it's okay now is lockouts it does to my feet off as I go see okay serious stuff. I believe that this is right. I know that you know as you learn and grow your transitioning and you realize what you know you yet to be convinced in yourself to write him and God bless both the skin over to Bethany from Chicago who I actually hung up on earlier. Sorry about that here the night family gift for you and going to be great they're still great sum that I won't care what you would do about our love my church. I live my pastor can you hear me yes I can right now. Elders may have taken there are to couple and are in my queue on the there and night madman comfortable for a while now.

There are rumors that keep fouling into my life that could add that lately care our care And I've read everything I can find on church which I think make me ask you see there's rumors will are the extremely out of the people out of the paper with my outfit in Fayette by and bite down to the pastor and Powell got it face things are being Fayette and gossip. Gossip is things being rain*8 AM, things that getting okay so that's good. Rumors of that occurring in the church while that they are trying to get other people to date with and an air hit a thin band, flexible when married women, they had been. I have been thanks to other married man okay will say what if this is going around because gossip is certain occurring action is taken me know if mostly like back athletes messages to stop and ask this question when your ministry is over here at the end of your life. Someone remembers what you are like see life as a Christian, what will they remember Joy Dr. David Jeremiah for his message waiting and wanting on the next turning point we can. Next time on Focus on the Family Dr. Tony Evans explains what it means to have a kingdom marriage under God's authority and for his glory. He shares about maintaining oneness importance of having a servants heart and how to rebuild a marriage relationship that's been fractured God's wisdom for your marriage.

On the next Focus on the Family by John Sommerville from TW are. Imagine for a moment what would be like not have a radio do not have your daily nourishment of listening to God's word. How would your life be different. Would you walk with the Lord be as strong as it is today is vision is to put 10,000 windup radios into the hands of the poorest of the poor in Africa just like you and me will be able to turn on their new radio grow in their walk with the Lord. Your gift of $75 gives a radio more importantly, your gift gives. We need 100 truth radio listeners give the gift of rate. Give the gift of the gospel. Please consider a very generous gift call TW AAA 9886 56 that's AAA 988-5656 four Truth plan to be with us here for a call to the nation a weekly message from Carter, pastor of the historic Times Square church in New York City controls you can send it you and I is there any hope for me.

We never have to despair because he was on parade. Our hope is in Christ is power. The book of Genesis was written thousands of years before Christ came to earth. So how does it relate to the New Testament concept like the incarnation, and our Lord sacrifice for sinners is the first book of the Old Testament have to do with the gospel. Find out as John MacArthur continues his study Genesis of the gospel wasting mats like why call 77077. Here is Matt's slave back to show Bethany are still there. Okay, so what you do if you been hearing about things like this and we talk before you certainly sound like a godly woman so I think the Lord and by his grace. You know this. Pray God, so I would Ron Allen liking right next to write without you I would consider going to the people that you think or heard or committing these kind of things and talking to them for verification and or speak to the people spreading these ideas and ask is this true.

How do you know if it's about so-and-so said so-and-so's and so-and-so and then you go to the people who are saying that there being accused of this and it's not true in the key and are they doing these things no monster and I get excellent okay so good. We couple steps ahead right so that means people are spreading gossip and injuring people's reputations and you've already gone to the eldership. What a dealership do at this point. While we don't elders that after praying about 30 wait, and she went to bed. What happened at the meeting and okay the account. You think they need to do that working at that's that's the issue so if he doesn't do anything then you need to get your husband I'm assuming zero godly men with other men that know about this and they need to have a meeting with the pastor and they need to very politely and respectfully to do about this and the people who are spreading gossip which Scripture condemns.

Are you going to talk to them and if not, would you be okay with us talking to them and the pastor should be the one doing this. If he says okay you guys can do it, but not I want to do it in heat then he's failing in his job because the elders of Patrick and Elder and the elders was to correct error as well as teach sound doctrine to correct airpower pastor you are my congregation and you came to me and said I verify that so-and-so was gossiping about really. I would then go to the gossipers and safe. We talk in private as is true yes and if it was true. Okay, talk to other people.

What you doing is pretty gossipy to go to that person and ask forgiveness and we need to go through some issues here of sanctification that help you. At least that's what all handling and 08 only thing that has been handed If from that paper, but he thanks everyone involved makes to fake comp together with the Dakin and Brack.

The work on the blades people look but godly hateful. This is ungodly right and godly people. It needs to stop needs to be destroyed and discipline needs to command in a very loving patient way but needs to occur, your pastor, you got to go to the pastor and what I would do with your husband and another man to go and you to whoever wants to dance and asking why what day will you take care of this. When can we meet with you again to make sure this is done this with Lisa happened you need to do a job okay for one minute after I get it cut open the main goal that I would say that pastor integral the pastor if you won't do it. Go to your husband but you are certainly able to go and confront in a loving way of those people who are gossiping and causing damage in the church and with prayer and blessing your husband going there and talk okay if the past three. Who cares if there look at it this way if they are exporting gossip. If it is true that are spreading gossip. If you can verify that with Eric spreading is false then you can tell him I verified this spreading false things here descriptors about gossip. You are to stop the coordinate conduct.

The couples that are doing the gossip for the couples that are doing this in public. They are doing okay will take what is getting more complicated. The singer doing the sin you mean not just the gossip. Okay yeah they need to be at.

They need to be forbidden from coming to the table, they did come under church discipline the elders or the elder is supposed to work this in the situation because it there if he's not good do it. He's not qualified to be a pastor is the requirement of the pastor, the elder to teach sound doctrine and to refute error refuting error doesn't mean only teaching but also means behavior and he supposed to be above rebuke above reproach land. If he doesn't, and you leave and let people know why you're leaving the pressure in the pastor what you're saying is all accurate and true as you do okay this is a pastor, doesn't mean he's not touchable doesn't mean he's okay – need to do with disclosing nuclear descriptors and I'll tell you on the kinda guy. If I knew a pastor is due he was not doing was to be done need to be done. Want to take care of this stone will be to help a particular identity concerned by the pastor you not doing this we need to talk need to help you get in on the right track. Okay. Alright let me know what happens okay frankly bless. Okay, let's get a call from a Naida main Idaho.

There's a main Idaho light court.

Accordingly okay I voice here Europe north. Okay buddy, what's up, Ricardo and Calvin. I like that beautiful area. There are two beautiful which question, but it obvious kind of question probably have a lot around where do we go when you die a gap of bodies to be a large ricin is a good display think is correct in their doctrine going around that I believe is heresy called sleep tonight at your garment with laughter where my question. Glad he did lather it solely body because he okay okay glad that you let me help you so sleep doesn't work and I've written hundred and 80 180 hundred 80 articles dealing with annihilation is him and its concomitant error so sleep go to karmic look of annihilation as we can read on this note so sleep this or less. When the Bible talks about someone falling asleep when someone is asleep and laying down, eyes closed Wednesday.

Your dad are laying down, eyes closed, so they say you fell asleep, it doesn't mean that your unconscious what it means is that you fell asleep in Christ. It is a euphemistic way of saying he died a sick 2012 to Paul talks about a man 14 years ago with her in the body right of the body I do not know with such a man was caught up to the third heaven in the body right of the body and meet the third habit of doing things of God.

If so sleep is correct that that wouldn't be the place that whatever wouldn't be true. So, sleep annihilation, some false therapeutic director is very simple. With the other gymnastics and how they can try make it say the opposite when staff but nevertheless we die for questioning to go be with the Lord.

If an unbeliever, you go to a very bad place and you suffer. That's how you can stay though it will live.

Go to be with God in heaven before the crucifixion, the general theory is that those who died in faith, then went to paradise.

In Luke 1619 to 31 and it's a holding place, also called Abraham's bosom and so after Christ died he would make proclamation of the spiritual prison is first Peter 318 through 19 and some say Ephesians 411 through 12 area work things 8 to 12 talks about Jesus letting leaving the leading captive a host of captives as he said in the heavens or something that Tom would happen was that those who died before Christ went to Abraham's bosom holding place is a good place and when Jesus was crucified within the three days before he was resurrected. Some say he would make proclamation of this merits as in informing them what what he had done the cross and when he went to heaven he took the people out of paradise and ascended into heaven with him so that that would mean Lazarus did not go to heaven yet because Jesus had been crucified yet. So I went to the holding place was resurrected .it probably have some interesting tales of being a cow, but I believe that all trips are in harmony. So how do you harm that theology with Scripture that it is appointed for man that I want judgment died more than one will with this talk about their and also V-neck will not get looks like: what is talking about. There is on is the generic principle it look you have one life you die you will face God that we talk about Lazarus is a is a unusual circumstance. This demonstration of the power of Christ. And so what we would say is when window Hebrews 927 says disappointment I once the context of Hebrews is the is speaking to the Hebrew people to the Jews who were seeking self-righteousness and trying to achieve that place with God through your faith and law keeping. And so there were contempt of court for that Galatians and other places. Nevertheless, so what is happening is he's giving the writer of Hebrews is telling the Jews look you die once you can face your judgment and that's what is talking about because it enters different judgments as well.

Just work your judgment. Substation are several, and so you just generically making the statement that we face judgment which judgment okay so this will always doing getting a generic value and lattices resurrected heaven exception.

Okay, everybody ago hey Adam talking about that question and I commute talking about that sorry call back tomorrow folks

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