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March 26, 2020 9:00 am

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 26, 2020 9:00 am

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Can you explain head coverings mentioned in 1 Corinthians 11---2- How can we respond to the mockery of the flood---3- What prophecies still need to be fulfilled before Christ returns---4- What does baptism represent- What type of baptism -how much water-- What about infant baptism---5- What is the purpose of communion---6- Can we shout in church---7- How shoul we think about abortion due to rape or incest---8- Is the corona virus God's judgement---9- If certain vaccines contain human tissue from aborted babies, should we use them-

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Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics found online at the time you have questions about Bible doctrine matter.

Why the show we met slick was a match with Live Oak will have a good day Andrew it's Friday Friday, 20 March 2020 medical all your to do was dialing 772072276 and the Internet down churches and cedars and stuff like that so there we go anyway. Okay, so difficult, and therefore the lines 877-207-2276. If you're stuck at home. Anyone study, we have the karma, schools, school of theology school apologetics school critical thinking. They are very useful getting you grounded so that you can hopefully defend the faith better and know what better warn you though when you study this stuff. A lot of times what happens is you start to not enjoying sermons at your church is much it's been kind of a common complaint of having people call milking our email me. Having studied this stuff. Now I see what you're saying about the pastors and stuff not really get too deeply and I can write that slight morning you call 877-207-2276 and the gazettes is currently the first call Kurt from Charlotte North Carolina.

Kurt you're near welcome. We got no right 11 that a woman wears a light in the culture of the time.

A woman's hair was very sensuous and a man to divorce his wife for letting her hair down in public and men setting one side of the synagogue. Women, on the other side, if even allowed in women were not really supposed to go out lesser accompanied by a male is why John for a woman at the well.

Talking to Jesus was very scandalous.

The woman who now local seven the one who let her hair down because Jesus feeds to scandalous okay so what is the hair symbolize. It was the covering the longhair symbolized beauty and youth and things like that in the culture alone, had her hair covered her head covered as a symbol of authority over her. Not that she was inferior, but in the created order. It was a recognition that it's God and then in the Jewish system was God, man, woman, child, just as an authority think so women would have their hair has covered but men were not because they did not have that cultural norm applied to them and that's what it seems to be but but what's interesting is that he said from and it ought not to have his head covered since his image and glory of God the woman is the glory of man for man is not originally from 11 for man. Now with the difficulty here is that he ties it in to the created order and when we he does that tends to suggest that this is not just a cultural thing. The idea of headship is what were talking about here and so the inverse 10. Therefore, the woman ought to have a symbol of authority overhead because of the Angels we don't know what it means when it says because of the Angels different commentaries different theories that we don't know what that means.

Some ideas and so this is a tough area. Scripture and for content.

11. And so this does seem to be heavily heavily steeped in the authority's symbols of the time and the authority was tied to the created order, but the question is, is it the symbol on the head that's tied to created order or that the authority issue is tied to created order and the symbol represents the, the credit order with the authority site. This is why most people miss letter context don't require women were encouraging churches that are quick and not even the man here right now is at that time will member Sampson had long hair and the Nazirite vow so you wouldn't cut it. So this part of Scripture here to the Corinthians of the Corinthian church was in the midst of the pagan area in Corinth and so Paul is trying to get people to be ordered and submissive one to another, and he's trying to teach people about the issue of authority this to be had in the church and in the home and he gets into this thing here does not even date or teach it. Man has longhair to dishonor to him what manner is talking about was the Nazirite vow that he was talking about because different than it wouldn't be dishonor. So, some think that this might be an idea dealing with the issue of cross-dressing were trying to appear in a gender you're not supposed to be in just one of the ideas that has been proposed and so so it's a bit of a puzzling Scripture, and a lot of title in the find is might make sense but lifetimes what's will find it later on in archaeology will uncover documents and things like that and will explain in more detail what's going on in the culture of the time of the place in the middle that we get it under that does still have helped. Oh, thank you God bless man version all right there was Kurt from Charlotte North Carolina reinforcement lines folks want to give me a call 877-207-2276 look at the Steve Richmond Virginia Steve, welcome your on-air I met I sorting about how you I'm doing all right. It had an old three-part question yeah I got it goes like that Matt Dillon until the experience you get really my skin and I wanted to get your opinion on how to how to not bother to. He said that anybody with a brain wouldn't believe in a world lifeblood and then thirdly, Erin that we agreed that are in the Bible throughout the years of your translation place.

You just a moment about that as well that sure the funny thing is that every culture has a flood story and not just a flood story of like you know mom is backyard got flooded by a stream nor talking major flood story is very similar in its description to Noah's Ark where animals are brought in different number. Sometimes different people numbers and things like that so most every culture has this all that's evidence for worldwide flood, as is sedimentary rock on the top of mountains and that's another evidence of its oatmeal and he what he says in the brain wouldn't believe that while you know and I talked to Matt many times we have each other cell number. I've debated them. His problem is that the is nonbeliever and so he cannot think objectively… And I first to say anybody with a brain would middle believe that. Well, that's just a ludicrous statement as far as errors in the Bible goes it.

I've heard that the people her skull because of errors and I say okay shown to me and when we examine them almost every signal time very easily. The context just demonstrates that are no problem.

So they'll do various things.

You know, did Judas died by hanging. Or did you decide by falling down and they'll say it and I was able question itself is a real question is do something interesting and so the question itself is problematic because to say he died. By this or died by that is a false dichotomy not properly understanding that he could have died. Either way, but both are possible and that he was hung. And then he fell down in his bowels gushed out and so a lot of times people will do was think the contradiction when there isn't one. So what I'll ask him is define for me what makes a contradiction and they don't even know this because it says two women were at the tomb in their place as one with those of the Tillis on a contradiction. If there's two is at least one, and there might be one it one time into it another time and consider different options here and so the critics I like to tell them they don't do their homework and I to do it for them. I told this to atheists numerous times on debating them to have a discussions as a look guys I said I have to learn. Know your physicalism, your materialism at your varying levels of philosophical thought, epistemologically speaking, ontologically speaking, various arguments, logical arguments, emotive saponins, motor stolen cycling all the stuff from your perspective and then I did know as well as you know to be able to argue with you, and yet when you targets Christianity you don't study you don't look into the word or use logic to do your homework, not only in your own philosophical present volitional area I could do it in, and the Christian one as well so you can understand something the atheists were critical they don't do their homework, they don't do it that only looking for something to justify their agenda and that is going okay. I will commend God bless arrive.

Okay, let's get to Anthony for my wonderful trip forth in lines 8772072276C. Anthony, we got what our remaining bill for our rebuilt temple in Jerusalem probably the 200 million man army marching from the ESA dread of Euphrates River. The nations coming down to destroy Israel. And yet are defeated. The heavy persecution of Christians, though it's under its it is of this happening now is not happening very much in a lot of the Western cup countries. So there's more of that that has to happen so some the things okay perfect life… Will you the sayings of the Bible talks about as being excited my article signs of the end times. Rico the things the Bible says they're going to happen are such things as make it to the list here that he false Christ's and false prophets that we have those in Mormonism, Angela's witnesses criticizes about them more persecution of the faithful week is lot of war and the persecution of the faithful. But is it the implication is that is going to be very heavy giving apostasy valve that we talk about after the break because it's important that they folks take to be right back out.

These messages give me call for open lines 877-207-2277 mass Y call 7707 we have for open lines want to give me a call 87720727-6 was get back to Anthony from Iowa.

All right, so were some of the prophecies that need to be fulfilled before Christ's return. So if you don't mind I'll kinda continue with a thought or you want to make, continue talking. When you want your sure it says in, for example. First Timothy 41, the Spirit expressly says that in the latter times some will fall with the faith, paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.

May 24 talks about the same kind of a thing, and may go to that verse May 2014 10 I read a little bit and talk about what apostasy is what's going on is at that time many will fall away and betray one another and hate one another. What is a positive is not already happening. Yes, it was happening now absolutely okay how to already happening and I leaned about property. Well, it's being fulfilled now so negative for sesame city. This leads to is his knowingly deceive you for it.

That's the coming of Christ will not proceed will happen unless the apostasy comes first, and the man of lawlessness is his revealed the self-destruction. So the arrival of the antichrist. But this arrival, the antichrist cannot happen unless the apostasy happens now that my opinion cannot really say that is because if the Christian church is doing its job of being Christian.

Then the spirit of antichrist is suppressed but the more the Christian church falls into apostasy. The more able the antichrist and antichrists will be to arise, so what are some of the signs of apostasy. Some the size of the apostasy. The Christian church or from one the Roman Catholic Church. It is a false church and its apostate church. It teaches idolatry. In the form of Mary and the Saints. It also teaches a false gospel and works righteousness and condemns and curses the true gospel of of the Bible.

The Eastern Orthodox church doesn't curse it, but it is very similar in that it adds work to salvation. We also have within the Protestant movement now.

Unfortunately, we have far too many Protestant churches that are more interested in opening sermons with illustrations for five or 10 minutes and then get to the word of God and have the word of God support the illustration.

This is a form of apostasy because it means that man's wisdom is over and above God's truth in his word. This is a subtle truth that occurring in that pastors are compromising more and more in the very preaching in the centrality of the word of God and the centrality of the cross. There also preaching moralism. So, for example, you might go to church and I can't give a full 20 minute example here, but to give you a very summarized idea of what it means different apostate kind of a sermon are several different ways. Let's say you go to a church and everything looks really good and you hear the sermon in this and the pastor reads out a 10 Commandments and it says thou shalt not lie in what the pastor then does is quote the word of God" in the Bible are lying is caused problems and he says you should not live because line causes problems. Don't anybody like it you know it will come back it'll get you right thank you very much. The audience applause and every goes home that is a moralistic sermon. Moralism is the idea of teaching a morality because morality is good, not because Jesus Christ purchase cost on the cross. The reason we do not live because were made in the image of God in Jesus Christ purchased us with his very blood and we are no longer our own and this is why lying is not acceptable to the Christian that is not accessible to anybody but we were redeemed, must understand that our redemption means that were no longer our own were to follow Christ. That is a sermon that can't be preached in a Mormon church or Jehovah's Witness church, things like that. So we want moralism. That's another sign of apostasy and yet another one would be women pastors and elders is a definite side of apostasy in the Christian church because the Bible clearly says the elder is to be on their musical not God's a man of one woman and a passerby definitions an elder and that's in first Timothy 517 and 18. So there's churches that are falling in that then there's churches that are say.

Well homosexuality is okay and some are saying that you have unbelievers in the worship team and we have false teachers who say things like, Jesus went to hell for three days and pay the price for atonement. There in hell. There is of apostate doctrine.

There are apostate doctrines that teach for example, that it's up to you, up to the sinner in the wisdom of his own sinfulness to be able to choose Jesus first salvation. That's a false teachings not in the Bible and another false teaching is that you keep your salvation by being good because some people teach you can lose your salvation. It doesn't mean or false if you teach that.

But when someone teaches at your you can lose your salvation, and that to keep it or regain it is to be accomplished by your goodness that that's a false gospel and that's another form of apostasy, then we have people on TV when all people say don't name names like Joel O'Steen or Joyce Meyer, Kenneth Copeland, who teach false doctrines in many areas and who don't have it together.

Stephen further coos of promoting multimodal is we have varying degrees of apostasy. The Christian church and the reason we do is because people don't take the word of God seriously and they put their emotions and their feelings and their ruddy lame opinions on the equal level of God's infinitely holy work they don't submit to the word of God and the pastors and the elders of the ones who first read is responsible to teach that word and to push and get their people to to focus on the work effectiveness, he will think that the church I have been attending a little bit for my daughter and stuff like that and we made. I made a reconnection with a guy had seen in 10 years and they have a new pastor the church and the new pastor a is good. Good guy. I've heard him preach a couple three times. Goodpaster's focus on the cross for him and my friend told me that the they went through over 100 resumes and how many interviews in order to get to this pastor because far too many of them didn't think the Bible was serious with the Bible was an errant or that it was inspired or that they sent women to be pastors and elders. He said it was horrible. The liberal idiocy within the people who wanted to serve as pastors. So since the pastors largely are doing their job. Now it's up to the laity to start doing was necessary that I could talk about this for a long time to big deal to me because this is the lie the enemy creeping of the church. They will break coming up. As I got to talk so much and you hold on Florida and I go anyway that he will sign whatever the obligor but God bless you mostly right back after these messages that I call Nebraska and being alone is that read from Matt met that's me you're on your great start on number one. I listen to your everyday, everything the day planning so frustrating not because the use of best on the planet.

But a lot of columns really do complicate Christianity is really doing anyway. I wrote down my baptism. One rep that this was a covenant sign it represents her death with Christ, and that we have died with Christ.

Romans 66 and were crucified with Christ. Romans six, eight, so Paul relates baptism with the circumcision in Colossians 212 and 13 have been buried with him screaming. I have been circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, having been buried with him in baptism. So he equates or relates them together were circumcision was a covenant sign. I affirm the idea that baptism is also a covenant sign a public demonstration of a covenant relationship with Christ in that center, placing circumcision okay net is one of that market are not either one is viable we could state get out of Romans six the idea have been buried with him in baptism what we find out that even though some people say that baptism requires immersion. It is not that Jesus was most probably sprinkled according to the Old Testament law in Rome, 315, he said he came to fulfill all righteousness. This is what is required is answer was John the Baptist, and we say what you know that could baptize a good look at the fulfill all righteousness will to fulfill mesial testament so Jesus was 30 years of age and he had to be 30 years of age in order to work or higher in order to enter in the priesthood that a verbal blessing. I've been told that so Jesus is the father said, my beloved son, whom I will pleased have oil applied to the priest demand and it will represent the Holy Spirit, etc. first John 227 and had to be sprinkled with water.

Next, numbers eight, seven, so the Old Testament verses for this are the chapters with Leviticus 8 numbers for an extra 29 so Jesus was most probably sprinkled according to the Old Testament law requirement of entering into the prefect.

Furthermore, if you were to go to acts chapter 1 verse five says this is has John baptized with water, but you be baptized with the Holy Spirit. If water baptism by John means immersion then are we immersing Holy Spirit is not the case is a baptism of the Holy Spirit is always the pairing on upon that house prophesied in Joel 232 and fulfill the next chapter 2 verses 17, 18, and so on and so okay I may not go on and on and on about this 910 where Baptiste mosses roof in reference to washings, which is a reference to the sprinklings of yet. It's people not stuff you are child baptism yet. I thought my personal opinion is yes, but most people say no and I'm a covenant theologian and so I will admit that my position is not the most popular and its knots and if a baptism is not recorded in the Bible so people don't hold to what I hold to it only because I believe that the Abraham a covenant which was commanded to include infants was ratified and called the gospel by Paul in Galatians 38 when he says in the gospel is preached Abraham before saying in you all the nations will be blessed. I believe that the quote out of five Genesis 15. Seven but you see two chapters later that the sign of the covenant of God's promise to Abraham circumcision will the Abraham a covenant is still in effect. Because Paul calls it the gospel. So my logic is my logic is this where is the Abraham a covenant being told that which is still in effect excluding the infant. So since I'm a covenant theologian everything covenant theology that I believe the children are included in the covenant aspect, not for salvation will is a covenant representation that'll know what is your time bayonet, the baptism know know the baptism I will help that you do require a lot of what I'm concerned. I know know, but because you noted, not proven that you will stay you know and can be quite well. The children were entered in to the covenants of the males were circumcision in the Old Testament when it would play the winner eight days old and they do not know that you know that's okay. Was eight days old and so they did not know this but they were entered into the covenant by the parents. Now the email. The female obviously with the circumcised with the female was considered to be inside, so to speak. The male in the heads of the father. So this representation of headship there.

So the children were entered into a covenant didn't mean that they were saved is just a covenant sign and so I'm a covenant theologian, I believe the covenant extends in the New Testament, but let me say this that I've got friends who don't agree with me most of my friends do not agree with on the okay for discussion and maybe I'm wrong but this is my will and were only signed by its truth is right okay it's to obey Christ he says to do this and reports of him and the blood in the body. The blood is the thing that cleanses us of our sins. And that's first John 19 and also a Leviticus 1711 through 14 and so were we are participating in the communion covenant sign which is a covenant of the new covenant, which is interesting how Alyssa baptism but I've work of the details on that. But nevertheless, so we participated in the blood where presented by the wind or the riches, which is okay rhyme the unleavened bread, which represents his body that was broken for us.

That was a witness bones were broken but he was beaten symbolizing atoning work that Christ did is what were doing when we take communion for proclaiming that death on the cross were not reenacting it as the Roman Catholic Church does in its mass. Its blasphemous mass what we can.

We see in this is a remembrance of it of what Christ did in a proclamation of participate in this covenant sign in every agree with what Christ did in trust what Christ did on the cross. Okay okay now I know you Are dominated religious. This forward showing emotional shout you church, I heard a pathos I today called in the latest Bidwell.

What do you think about people shout in charge 20 today that well.

I don't think is appropriate now met his wife charge you know this is what, where, in an spiritually total read a lot about premature way that handle shout is because they disrupt the other. You know he's referencing the idea that a first contents 14 when there must be order in the church in Switzerland speaks in tongues must be done in order and with one at a time and with interpretation of the letter may silently want order in the church. Psalm 100 joint shout joyfully to the Lord, all the earth, so can we shout in church. Well, I think that is times for now. Personally normal white guy. I like black churches because I love that enthusiasm and the people shout and I love that and you. I go to willingly light trip, but I got and I agree with you. I love that I do and so will he go to the go white churches you know data set their hands are folded in the Bible are looking down and the nobility set up in sync and that's okay. I'm not getting the one kind experience that I was in seminary, a black friend and Eagle taken my church a okay my wife and I went and the first thing that happened I meet there really warm and everything was great to see it was awesome. And then the pastor comes out and they stood up and plotted for the pastor I thought that's wrong. I said that's wrong to my friend he was no no no Matt, you understand their plotting for the man is bringing the word of God and what oh I started clapping ghetto guy is so that I love that inclusive of what I preach, I get the guy get you anything that I want to talk to Billy, I love you so soon churches, I think you be shout fully in the okay and some not just depends on the on the cut context go to Dutch church. Although you don't do that kind of stuff. Although not all you will one morning I noticed my great leader will idea. I believe in the cost of your and allow the mouth of a woman's right to not know that you did a quick note on the board. When it comes to write an outline of the mother doing the child should not pay for the sins of others. We should not kill a child is innocent because the mother got raped my wife and I discussed this numerous times and out they would get a break coming up as we come back when we talk about this is a important issue. I don't talk about very often to be the last. Very often on the talk about okay please think I like that folks after these messages abortion mats like why call 7707 back to the show.

Let's get back with Rick Ricker's older all right to be a talk with this issue of abortion and rape and things like that and let me say this, that it on that a woman and I would not have to bear the child. I would have to go through all of that and raped all that and women could be cider listening and saying that you have the right to say this, yes I do have the right explain you the right because you wouldn't have to deal with this. You wouldn't have to. You wouldn't have to. You wouldn't have to. That's true. I wouldn't have to. My wife and I talked about this and if she were had ever been raped or ever were with you, whatever, and had a became pregnant would never ever ever enter in our minds to get rid of that child support a child I would absolutely be thankful to the Lord that would have another child a raise for his glory. Not that it would be thankful for the injury to my wife to my wife. This is a good woman that he will he will rate means that they are defending themselves know it doesn't because the life in the womb is not the same life as the life of the mother. The body in the womb is not the same body is the body of the mother. If it were the mother would have forearms and forelegs and two heads within those a better residue of my body as I want yes and no, you don't have the right to them by law to take care wanted all these drugs that cause you to harm yourself and the scary logic like on my house at my house. It's my house I can do whatever I want to anybody in my house that's not true. It's my body I could do whatever I want to the person in my womb and what they'll do is I'll say that that thing in the womb isn't really human. They have to say that to justify killing. Think about this. You have an egg and the sperm they come together people so that's when life begins. No, that's not when life begins the continuation of life we don't have the beginning of life there. Let the sperm and egg are both already alive. They joined life continues and it has human DNA, human nature, human essence, people say will is not yet fully human that have these eight human living given illustration considers a man is in a car accident and it's really bad and he had had his arm and his legs amputated is still human yes lead blind now as he still human yes he can't even talk is he still human yes he is. You can even hear that he still human yes he is the essence of what is human is not described and not restricted merely to the physical aspect and so to the nature the life in the womb is not restricted merely to the physical aspect that life there is of human essence and people will say will then it's it's still not human dinners to problems than when does it become human. And what causes the change in that life to change from nonhuman to human. If you don't know when it occurs or why it occurs in you to don't have the right to risk killing a human. Furthermore, if they want to say is just a fetus and not a human, that is it okay to take that fetus and transplanted the womb of a dog, why not.

It's not healing by a court of their logic will course, that's wrong. Why is it wrong, it was nonhuman dealers all kinds of issues and we should not be so cavalier about destroying the life of people because of their race when they were slaves and they were murdered and they were tortured because they were black and enslaved, or babies in the womb, who can't defend themselves and are there and then they get destroyed all group good talk about people you know of people who are believers. I get it. And also you said you will why agree.

Now another one another Matthau like you ended his wife disagree to be different.

She still wrong but she still be wrong. Well she be wrong. If she wants. Why motion is the killing of a human life. Now that you had a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible breakfast in the.what is your wife will well here's the thing. My wife has some very limited give you real-life examples. My wife has some very serious problems, and the last pregnancy was very hard on her, and because of that last pregnancy I went to a vasectomy afterwards and incidentally just cringe at this point, the anesthesia didn't work totally finished the all the trouble. So the thing was as if she became pregnant afterwards because the doctor said the next pregnancy might kill her flashlight got a vasectomy okay to protect my life. But if she'd gotten pregnant she would not of gotten abortion. She would've trusted the Lord and we would've done whatever we could in order to mitigate that danger that this is a lie. What no we don't know. You can say it will then we have a whole then he finished life and you hold on hold on I'm heading. The only issue that any Christian might be able to make a case where justifies abortion and I sit and I'm not saying it does.

The only case where it might be is where both are guaranteed to die. Then we do have is not why kill noted that a lot of the religious part cyclical cyclic worries?

Let the mother and child: the mother the child okay and both are, you know, it can have endlessly wanted. I used to decide which life is more valuable with criteria. We hope these are questions have to be asked what criteria when you don't have to say what your life is more valuable than another one. Why look to answer the question, and we trust God in these kind of things are so rare there's so rare.

Anyway and so we do with the but I had to deal with enough.

The woman would probably adapt your current say in it and you will write you keep no matter how MRI more or less to that I would save your Christian woman and is in that life is at risk. You gotta go in prayer before God and decide what kind of mother are you going to be okay.

What moms and dads doing with your dad okay on if you're okay risk that a great you would risk your life to save her children, wouldn't you like.

There you go and you probably would look for somebody else's child as well. That's what we do.

His parents were sacrificial and we get about when we start say no me me me my life is valuable than more value than your life will probably let God decide in these difficult particulars would have to work on.

Each time, but also the issue of incense and incense incest where you have a job legacy had a vacuum. I have a deformed child. You know what Mike our son Jacob was born with the deformity and it killed Atteberry out and we did not abort, and we would not abort, and I was so credibly proud of my wife that day we found out sit next to her and the lady said this is what's wrong with your babies putting in the die and you can abort. My wife looked at her and said, don't ever bring it up again and have a stable will trust our Lord and he died within minutes of of his birth. I got tell you. I then through these things in the lead on Antonella. Yes, we only really good so I know a lot not religious at all you real Christian, you will make Christian will know what you like you so much Matt appreciate this, Rick Gubler all right long call was a very important topic.

That's when we stayed on. I know the people waiting and I apologize for the long wait. Carlito from California. Are you still there good men long wait. Sorry about that topic. We got buddy I thought that it want to know your opinion about it. Sure that I think coronavirus God action. Lukewarm church got out the game that how the same time, God's judgment upon that world what you only we would know was God's hand directly working as a judgment as if it were to be revealed to us by him through a profit through an apostle through some means, but that's an opinion that someone has. I don't know if it's from God.

He's ordained. It's in the sense of of morbid direct causation or if it's just one of those things. The consequence of sin in the world so I can tell you and that person can't say what it is they can only see her the options and need to pray. Never the less, about I think it's just the fact that the communist government did not do what was necessary and were suffering the consequences in the world don't trust China trust China okay. Don't trust him right communist. They steal our secrets have spies.

The withheld this information and people could've taken proper precautions and now the world is suffering because of of what China did so you know that's that's at the consequence of their sin and their atheistic regime. Okay RML God bless.

Let's get to Kyle from Virginia Kyle Baucom got about two minutes. Would you buddy Matt think that not all real Twitter catch on the important topic. I learned it from back pain and pain aborted fetal cells, fibroblasts and things like that from the 14 week old aborted fetus is vaccine go against Christianity. We should not use the killing of one person to save another. No I say that to understand Jesus. This is what happened with Christ though but that was voluntary and it was God and he was the one who paid for sin debt, but people killed him. But we should not use the death and the killing of people is like the Jews.

A lot of the Nazis experimented on them and the concentration camps and they learned medical facts because of it became an ethical issue. Should they use that information or not. After the war was there and became a real dilemma.

Should we then say if we can justify saving five people by killing this one person is it okay to do that doing safe. We get these issues at a time. How I love to call you back them all that Monday will talk about it. Then they would bust a real-life situation of heaven. This is a serious issue that guards are about that were outside the Lord bless you all.

Sorry, David from Virginia.

Sorry Scott North Carolina went a long time.

Half-hour Charlotte that maybe Lord bless you all have a great weekend, folks, and by his grace back on here Monday

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