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March 26, 2020 9:00 pm

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March 26, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt discusses how as Christians we should handle and react to the corona virus situation.--2- Why does there seem to be such a stark difference between the Old and New Testament punishments for not following God---3- Matt mentions that the theology schools on the site are being offered at a discounted rate.--4- Does Zechariah 14-4 teach that Jesus will come back twice---5- A caller followed up regarding issues of gossip, sin, and slander at her church.--6- If we don't have the originals of the gospels, what are the copies based on-

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Mats like why is the founder and president of apologetics is found alive you have questions about Bible doctrine is a max like why goals are responding to your questions and now you know that as usual going to call you to do with dialing 772072276 and if you watch the show. You can go to Karma homepage on the home page certified informational links and stuff like that. A watch is not a big deal to watch sometimes exciting I just sit here for the computer screens and I'm talking so that's a good idea for you will go for now. We talk about coronavirus a little bit and was going on. The beautiful word for you message for you and it is prompted in parts by all things. My foreign exchange students whom we talk today, she's in France, Mathilde. She's awesome and they were to tell us was like in France and the little tough because much what she said and is given a shout out to you Mathilde I think your listening right now still love you but you were here.


She was great as we love having fortifications. Such a blessing to us, and believe it or not she's following the Lord's project. Praise God for that.

So she was saying that you can't go out any place or do anything unless they have a paper and have to go on the Internet on the computer someplace I got right and print something up if you go someplace and that's different than what it is here in the United States. Out here in Idaho go out no problem. Think about going fishing tonight. I may or may not.

There's a small hole. I go to I just drive there, walked up about myself why the water relax. I don't need to worry about anything is not so much parts of the country and certainly world. So what we do as Christians. How we handle this kind of thing. So that's all I do is just mention little bit of doubt, God says, and what we are to do because it's important I want doing that.

We have five open lines so feel free to give me a call 77207227651 now no objects preamble this by saying that when I say to trust God during difficult times. I want you to know that I have put my money where my mouth as I have practiced this my wife and I've had some very difficult situations we had to go through life not a lot of you have to. We found the loss of a son had turned us down. We had a bankruptcy.

We have had moves we've had severe health issues we've had times where we get $15 and we had to decide how much of it to spend on food and diapers and gasoline order make it work literally and not just for one day but for months at a time raising rent. We don't have it. I don't have the money I go on and on but you get the point.

It happens to us that the Bible says, Psalm 28 the Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusts in him and I am helped. Therefore my heart exults in with my song I shall think the Lord is their strength and he is a saving defense to his anointed Savior, people, and bless your inheritance be their shepherd also carry them forever. No, what's really interesting about this verse is that it says in the summer read it again. Read verse seven which is Psalm 24 seven. The Lord is my strength and my shield my heart trusts in him and I am helped. Therefore my heart exults in with a song I shall think what he's doing is praising God in the midst of great difficulty. The solstice got a question for how much you praise God you praise him on a daily basis do you praise him when things are great when your car is working well when you have plenty of food. When the money is in the bank when you're healthy with everything is great and you're praising God or let's just say that there's this pandemic and you're sequestered in your house. Maybe you've lost your job if you have money coming. Maybe your fighting sickness right now.

My friend Jean is fighting lung cancer. Maybe you have some problems if you have some issues to deal with like my wife with her Luis Dietz syndrome.

What you do you praise God during those times of difficulty or do you only praise him, saying When it's good that I have to tell you, God is not surprised by this coronavirus. He is not surprised by anything that is coming to us. Nothing that occurs in the world is a surprise to him. It says in the Ephesians 111 it says God works all things after the counsel of his will. This means that this virus is affecting the world and other viruses is by the will of God. It doesn't mean that God directly causes but is within his sovereign will to permit certain things to occur to me asking to Christian you think God surprised by this? You think that God is bewildered doesn't know what to do? What you have is an opportunity as a Christian is to think your Lord for the difficulties as well as the blessings because of come together. About this time you blessings and you will know what those are the difficulties I want talk about is easy to praise God when things are great snacks.

We could praise him when things are. I know that I'll tell you during the midst of some of the most horrible things and had to go through in my life. So the most difficult times ever had. I have got on my knees and lifted my hands to God and praised him and thanked what he's done more than once. I'm not putting myself as a great example of spirituality because I certainly am not and I will tell you that during those difficult times of praise is not entirely heartfelt but I'll tell you I prayed that I said Lord, hear my words.

Listen to my heart. My heart betrays pain and suffering were you scared my words.

Words of faith is a praise you trust beyond my understanding. I looked these kinds of things are what we are obligated to do as Christians we need to we get through this and we will do you think it would be good for you to be able to look back on this time say yes.

I praised thanked what you don't want to just say I whined and complained kind of praise for Lord blessed us so much in this country and most of us, like myself, we've had to deal with so little difficulty. Relatively speaking, the Great Depression mother and my father had to go through the door. It was bad talk to so many somebody tragedies problems talk to those who are Christians who look to their Lord through the mall that's a badge of honor and glory to the Lord is my recommendation to you is to sing your song to him now. I would sing to God except this. I don't have a good voice and I think I do.

I think him for the home, the food I have the friends I think my salvation, I think him for his great love is given in Jesus and I think he will never forsake me. I know that's a fact. I take my eyes off of my circumstances, and therefore my heart rejoices and I'm not worried. Although things may get difficult or they may not.

It doesn't matter for my eyes are on him. He is my saving defense. He is the he is the one in whom my heart trusts trust and hope that's how it is with you to so anyway that was prompted. Believe it or not, by my French adopted daughter of Matilda. Hope she's listening to smiling and I just want to say thank you for all your listeners and your support. Everything will go on to get to the calls.

I hope that word was was helpful to you. What you recall, we have three open lines 877-207-2276 is the alpha North Carolina out welcome on the merit grant writer a minute for a minute. They should call when he got what I've heard from Colin and I like your question for you. Okay so as I studied the Bible over the years. You know the old part that the people of God.

The Israelite you know God dealt with them harshly in a number of cases you know where they did not follow his commandment, or they rebelled against them. You opened up the ground and swallowed Cora and his family know they just many many senses of harsh punishment comes on the scene after hundreds of years of violent and start to talk about love love God and love your neighbor and all that kind of not a whole lot of harsh punishment, like in the old except for Ananias the fire out when they lied to the Holy Spirit. You know where they sold.

They said they sold their property.

Person actually more.

If you could like neon know why was there such a stark difference between the punishment if you will, for not following God's laws and rules versus the New Testament church easy. Think in terms of the Messiah to come versus the Messiah who's already been here. So when Adam and Eve were kicked out of the garden immediately in the Delacorte in the garden, but he also worked very hard to destroy the messianic line because the prophecy of God. Genesis 315, was that the Messiah will come and would deliver Genesis 12 three.

Through Abraham that all the nations shall be blessed. We know that the devil has spent a great amount of time in the Old Testament times to destroy the people of God, through whom the Messiah would come from God.

What he did was he called people are out of the early Celtic of Abraham, and he promised that through Abraham through Isaac through David etc., the Messiah would come and so God in one sense would be very harsh not, but he was not was always very loving very patient with them and then then we had enough that he was harsh worth of stuff. So why would he do that in order to keep the messianic line of your to keep it so that the Messiah would be delivered and mankind say Christ and there's a reason to break slit experiment would be that the greater KL right back after these messages, please see Matt's like why call 7707) alright so I those same before the break were the reasons that God was so difficult Old Testament, but not always.

Revolt was very patient and he would give people warnings and then when they didn't shape up. Then he would act very stern. This is to remove the evil to remove the evil cancer that would spread to the people of God and then probably would stop the arrival of the Messiah by the breaking the promise of God which ultimately Done by the breaking the promise of God to the siding copy of point this is the main reason that God was as harsh as he was in the Old Testament is to guarantee the salvation of the future of all people, the future will arrival of the person of Jesus Christ God in flesh, to fulfill the law perfectly and also Israel as a nation with three separated from other nations and they practiced holiness. The practice that which represented the purity of God, and in so doing, they were demonstrating the separateness, the separation that they would have between them and other nations that serve false gods and did bad things like killing babies how Moloch or orgies for homosexuality or all kinds of false worship the devil prostitution things like this. If God did not remove that within the infection of immorality would spread and then the risk, of course, getting into Israel would stop the messianic line from coming. But once Jesus was a rock has had arrived and that issue is no longer necessary that guarding was no longer necessary because all pointing to the arrival of Jesus.

Once he arrived. Then the work of his sacrifice was to take place and that's what was prophesied in the Old Testament you go to Psalm 22 Isaiah 53. Zechariah 12 it talks about these things. So once he was born and was sacrificed.

Then we have that redemptive hope and faith and trust in Jesus baptism and the other sacraments folks nothing but faith in Christ and so by that then were saved and then do so. You know he will be returning and he will destroy his enemies and then the judgment will occur. So we see God harsh in the Old Testament was time to protect the messianic line to guard his people so that the redemptive work of Christ could be accomplished once it was then you have peace and harmony until the day of judgment.

When God comes back back and delivers retribution to all who have rejected okay that makes sense.

Mostly I mean it still some of the events that occur in the Old Testament know it's like writing that was all mankind wasn't directly reimbursed Beverly for the Hebrews as a reason for that. Looks like that what was happening as an ethylene were the offspring of fallen Angels and women and see what the Jews had always taught this with the Christian church at almost until the 1500s, when it became under attack in the new developments call the Seth Ike theory, but in Genesis 69. It talks about the generations of Noah were pure so that combined with Daniel 243 is really interesting because in 243 is a prophecy of the end times, which talks with the feet of clay of Nebuchadnezzar's Statute and it says in Genesis and the date of 243 they will combine in the seed of man that they can't be people and so this is an interesting kind of a clue that this could be some sort of sexuality and perfection going on. Plus Jesus said 24 Luke 17 as it was in days of Noah social be the date of the coming the Son of Man, so some people think that an ethylene was half breeds are going to are still around and will continue to be run and will manifest again.

So anyway the flood looks like what it was was a movement to destroy that that race that that brace and some think I'm giving you theories. Some think that when the flood came and destroyed those half breeds when you're human what people will think that they are the ones who are now the demons that they want to inhabit human bodies. In some theorize that's why these are just some of theories running around, but I hold to the idea that an ethylene word of half breeds. The offspring because that's what it makes sense out of the Scriptures what others have said that it means what history so there's a reason for that.

It will and they were wiped out right.

No other wiped out but the breeding program continued afterwards because nestling in the sonic team were still over there afterwards and Goliath was sent was an ethylene giant so they think that he might have been one of these that we don't know. It would just just give me some conjecture to think about plastic.

Another theory that the continent called Pangaea that all the continents were combined into one and that the flood wipe them all out in that localized single continent, and that during the flood. The the plate tectonics separated the land because of flood was there rain for 40 days and then they floated and then they were set down on Mount Everest this summer. We don't know but I just give you theories echoed interesting stuff so he will think at this point is when the continents are dividing and is the animals were let loose. They were able to propagate that it took hundred years for the sent for the icons is divided that Scripture animals production and whatever 200 300 when it was to be able to have speciation if continents as a move across the planet either just theories so well. I knocked upon them it's like to talk about what something that offered in regard to the flood, not to mention the fact that the cemetery fossils on every mountaintop. All of the world. Apparently in every culture has a major flex turbulent on the dressing so this is what God when reason is a God did this the Old Testament that way was to ensure the messianic line and remember our good.

Remember that the in the Old Testament there was always a remnant that believed in the Lord and that Holland is statute followed his laws and and you know, sometimes they didn't get it all the high press in the word lay there were always there in the background you know so I can see the need or the strategy to preserve the line in that way and it was just the start though because of this I had arrived.

No need to do any of that right now. People have the opportunity to trust in him or follow after their own ways of their own flesh and as a prophecy of Scripture goes it will get bad towards the end times and will see what happens okay so that person Daniel again. Daniel 243 garden tractor Mark all right got blessed with good work all by God's grace. Thank you. All right, that was off North Carolina this waiting is Sean from Missouri which I just click you want to break coming up so, click the awfully right Else, Right after These Messages, Please Take the Mass Y Call 7707 Let You Know That We Have the Schools If Anybody Wants to Sign out with the School to Secure Theology and Apologetics All You Do Is Go to the Car and That Her Websites and Check It out Now That It Was Special Going on Because A Lot Of People Are Having Issues and They Want to Build a Study Number Remind You That We Do Charge for That We Reduce the Cost Quite a Bit but I Mean This Is before Many Times If You Want to Study and Use Can Afford It. You Just Email Us Is That You Can Afford It Will Be with You for That Is How It Is. We've Always Done That and Said It Many Times over the Years, but If You Want to Sign up and Help Support Us. That's Very Good, but If You Really Want Those You Just Can't Afford It and You Want to Study. Hey, That's We Want You to Do Primarily Score the Current Network Home Page and Check out Information the Schools Right There. Let's Get Back to Sean from Missouri Sean. Welcome around Here, for What Right or Not I Am with Someone Who Would Drive to Green Bay Pleaded the Lord When He Comes Back It Will Come like an Athlete That He Will Come One and Zechariah 14 Verse Four Indicate That You Will Comply. Not I Just Don't Know It Does Not Teach That This Was a Great 14 Force Us in the Day His Feet Will Stand in That Day His Feet Will Stand on the Metabolic Switches in Front of Jerusalem on the East and the Mount of Olives Will Be Split in Its Middle from East to West by Very Large Valley so It Half of the Mountain Will Move Northward and the Other Half South Now This Is Paralleled by Something in the Book of Acts X19 through 1100 but but through 12. Also but I'll Read Versus Some Well in the 9 to 11. Jesus Ascends into Heaven and the Angel Says in Verse 11 in the Galilee, Why Do You Stand Looking into the Sky. This Jesus, Who Was Taken from You into Heaven, Will Come in Just the Same Way As You've Watched Him Going to Heaven. In Verse 12 Says This Then They Returned to Jerusalem from the Mount Called Olivet, so They Were at the Mount of Olives.

When Jesus Said in the Heaven and Zechariah 14 for He Will Stand on the Mount of Olives, the Prophecy, the Angels and Asked One Night through 12 Is That He Will Return to Mount All of There's No There's No Inclination, No Indication Anywhere That Easy to Come Twice the Pretrip People like This Sometimes They'll Come Twice, Once at the Beginning the Jubilation.

In That He Will Save the Rapture People and Then Seven Years Later He Will Return and the Wicked Will Be Judged but That Does Not Work and It Can't Work Because in Matthew 1330 Jesus Says Allow Both to Go Together. The Tears of the Weeds and Nieces and First Gather the Tears and Got Her to Be Bundled and Gather the Wheat into His Barn and He Says This Is What Happens at the End of the Age and so This Is What Is Talking about, Which Is Paralleled by 24 Luke 17 to Mentor in the Field.

What Is Taken, One Is Left Ones Were Taken of the Wicked at the Good and We Can Know This Confirmed by Jesus on Words When They Asked Jesus at the End of Chapter 17 of Luke Where They Take on He Said with a Body As a Vultures Gather so There Is No Indication That Christ Comes Back to Times It's Only an Indication He Comes Back Once and When He Does Come Back Once Then Several Things Happen. In Fact, Let's Find My Notes Because There Are Several Things That Happen. See You and so This Was Several Things Happen When Jesus Comes Back and That Is the Judgment of the Good Occurs the Wicked Are Gathered, the Judgment of the Wicked Occurs.

The Elect Are. Gather the Harvest Occurs, the Resurrection Occurs, the Rapture Occurs. These All Happen at the Last Day That's What It Says.

The Last Day at the End of the Age. The Last Trumpet after the Tribulation.

So I Got Notes on This on My Website and People Don't Know about These Things Put Them in a Way That's Going to Go for Tangent There so That Is Going on Your Right. There Is No Double Return Date in the Lab. Well, That's It. See on That Day in This Table. What's This Day, Always Read Everything in Context on That Day Is a Day of Judgment, and Is Called the Day of the Lord and Is Also Called the Last Day in the Resurrection Occurs on the Last Day Which Is the Day of the Lord, Which Is the Last Trumpet but We Know That the Resurrection of the Good Has To Come after the Taking of the Wicked, Because Jesus Says in Matthew 1330, That the Wicked Are Taken First, He Says so in the Lot Abled People I Would Have a Couple Years before Start Admitting This That I Really Believed It, and That I Would Start Speaking about on the Radio Because I Haven't Heard Anybody Else Who Taught This and That Was a Big Concern for Me That the Wicked Are Taken First, but over the Years. I Just Examined It Every Which Way.

That's What Jesus Said That's What He Said at the Wicked and the Tears in Matthew 13, You Know She Was Chair of the.

The Tears Know 11 Both Together to Go Together to the Time of the Harvest. Now Say the Reverse First Gather the Tears so the First One Scattered of Tears Is What He Says They Says That'll Be the at the End of the Age Was Really Interesting. Verse 49 of My 13. He Says the Angels Will Come Forth to Take out the Wicked from among the Righteous. That's What Is What He Says Most People Think Is Good to Be the Wicked of the Glitter Taken Away for the Righteous and the Unrighteous Writers Were Taken Away from Us from amongst the Wicked. But Jesus Said in Matthew 1349 so It Will Be at the End of the Age.

The Angels Will Come Forth and Take out the Wicked from among the Righteous, so United Took A While to Admit That This That's What It Says It 880 Now You Made Me Throw Solid Any Old Thing at All. That's the Problem I Can't Find Any Holes in It Either. I Want to Believe Something like This Is What It Says and I Tell You This so You Know If You Want to Everyone's Know What Article That Is Articles on the Current Website. On Examination of This Age and the Age to Come.

This Look at That an Examination of This Age and the Age to Come and Have Taught This over the Years in Different Bible Studies, Redhead Chalkboards and Things like That and Said Everybody Will Read Scriptures You Tell Me Which Side to Put This on How It Works and Every Single Time You Come out with the Same Conclusion That People Tell Me That They've Never Heard This before, so That's What Bothers Me Is to Go to Website Folks Look up an Examination of This Age Age, so You Did This Right Sean You Did That Right and What You Think of No Hold the When They Say They Did Note the Plaintiff Double No Is No Way That Would Happen. Eight and Eight Only One Name Is One There Several Other Trumpets, but the Last Trumpet As This Is Nothing on the Last Trumpet, and with That, What Happens Then Is the Resurrection and That's Also When the Rapture Occurs at the Last Trumpet.

But like Jesus Says People to Read Matthew 13 That the Wicked Are Taken before Though the Glitter Taken so You Might Say Will That's at the Jubilation. When the Good of Them Are Already Been Taken out but Doesn't Say That No Place in the Scriptures Is Ever Intersite or Weight, I Think so. I Think so but You Know What I Mean. I Want to Say That I Could Be Wrong. I Certainly Hope I Am. I Really Do Is Not Me Just Offering Platitudes.

I Really Wish That That My Position Was Not the Right One That I Want to Go through Jubilation. I Don't Want This, but I'm so Dedicated to Scripture. I Don't Have Any Agenda Needed Domination of Follow. I Don't Have To. I Don't Care What Church I Go to on Hold with the Scripture Says, the Best of My Ability of Any Church Is Perfect or Not Brimming. This Would Assess so and I Challenge People This Age Initially, Go Check It out. Stuffing Okay RMF – on All Right, Let's Get to Bethany from Chicago Bethany Welcome Your on the Air, Fall One on Hot Mama Sure Mom That Allow Chart on My Part Could That Mom Had an Ally and Not down. Plaintiff Understand I'm Not Admitting He Called Black Hole You Hold on Bethany. I'm Sorry There's a Break. Okay Right Back to You Right after These Messages Socially Read Bethany from Chicago, Please State the Mass Y7707 Back to Bethany from Chicago, Bethany, Welcome Our Development Girl That Will Collect by Rated Moderate Outpatient That I Started Right Back at Five. They Their Behavior. You Remember Something about That the Tractor Do Some Stuff and You Had to Go Okay.

I Might Have Let Me That My Condo. How Old Are You Prepared and Right Now I'm Not Completely Out Of My Account.

I Will Not Let My Preacher Is Right Only for More Than One Crime I Can't.

I Yelled at You That Moment Man Who Does Not Need to, but Does in the Ministerial Context Is a Serious Problem. My Astronaut Candy Not Not Give out A Lot around One Is Your Husband with You When This I Heard so He's Heard This Question, Are You Alone with This Pastor in a Room Mate with Guzik That Would Be Exciting, Likely, but That Allow Harm a Public Apology with My Chart by the Passion Lack You've Called Several Times When Anthony You You Are so Sweet That I Wish You Were My Neighbor You Know You're Just in Your Office I Walked All I Want You Be My Neighbor but You Wouldn't Want Me to Be Your Neighbor Because I'm Not As Nice As My Friend Stay Away from My Wife to Call up He Could Tell Her Talk about Victim You and in Your Husband Is Not a Good Man Because He Says Are You Already Prepared like the Church. If Your Pastor Yells at You Is One Thing You Know He Blows up Once He's Had a Really Bad Anywhere Human.

Okay, Okay I Get It, but If It You Know Whatever We've All Blown It. I Mean, If This Is a Regular Occurrence and That You're Afraid Because of That.

The Bible Says That the Pastors and Elders Is Not to Be Quick-Tempered Is That That's That's a Serious Issue.

This Is His Way Bottle Not Blotting around My on Going to Bed and Why Are Canonical When Not in Behavior… And You're Gonna Play Christian Papal. It Is Not Handled like It Is Not Our Job to Run Take off That It's Our Job to Make Them and That You're Going to like Bob Adored and Therefore Angry and Looking for Right or Weight on Where Looking for Every Ski Die Here, Here, Greatly Walk by When I Expect That They Sent down Expect That Likely Amen.

The Price and on Where Not by Allow Keith in Our Day to Day Recording and I'm Not That I Am Not Denying That Hail That Felt like the Guy I Don't Know What Day You Help Me to Do and Went Back Sure How to Best I Can Do I Go on till I Got Alone and Just Put My Faith in the Lord You Know and Value Thing.

Well, I Think You Should First of All, You Pray and I Would Ask That You, the Lord Give Your Husband Was.

She Knows the Situation Better. She Knows You Better and I Would Ask That You Because You're Emotionally Involved. Not Nocking That I Know How That Is When Were inside of Something, It's Hard for Us to See It and It Sounds to Me like Your Husband Is a Good Guy and so I Would Ask the Lord to Give Him Wisdom and That You Follow His Advice. No, If I Was Going to a Church and the Pastor Yelled at Me Once You Know I Say Okay by Me.

A Bad Day Because It Happens Okay and You Come Back You Apologize You It's Fine You Know It's Okay If It Was a Pattern You Don't, Then I'd I Talked to Him like I Have More Authority Than Lotta People Because of What I Do When People Don't Listen Much of the Post, but You Know I Could Look Talk to Them but If This Were to Continue As a Sorry I Can't Be Here Okay Because the Bible Says That the Pastor Is Not to Be Pugnacious He's to Be Gentle and Peaceable and so That's Out Of Kindness Forever Sweeping Efforts of the 33 so If You Got the Problem You're Free to Go See Because You Want to Get Yelled at the Problem and I Would Make Sure Your Husband Was Involved with This and the Other Elders Did Not. Because of This, Is This Pastor Is Fearful Because He Yelled at It Could Be That You're Just so Sensitive That You Interpret That Way. That's a Possibility in the Other Possibility Is That He Really Is Blowing so That's Why Need That Someone Who Knows the Situation People Everything to Be Involved Is My Box I Will Acquire a Copy of the Bible You Need to Talk to Your Husband about This and Be Praying with Him. He's Your Spiritual Head in This and He Will Be the One That You Need to Go out to and If I Were Your Next-Door Neighbor. We Are Talking about It. First of All, Who I Would Not Speak. You Alone Say You Have To Speak with Her Husband Present for My Wife Present and I Would Even Say I Would Talk to Her Husband's Is It Okay If I Counseled Her in Various Areas.

With Your Permission, Sir. Nothing Here Alone by Him Neck in a Idiocy Showing Respect to Who He Is As a Problem. I'll Read Good, That's What I Would Do Is As I Was Thinking about It That Pop into My Head. I Don't Know of Which Is Me or for the Lord or What, but That's What I Still Lived to Tell You Okay Thank You for Welcome for Everything and Calling Matt Sir. Sounds so Unfriendly You Know It's Coming. There, It's Okay.

I Will That Would Perceive Your Neighbors. They Need to Call Me Matt, You Will Work Right Now I Have Found More Very Hot Here :-( How God That That Might and and I Will Start by Right Back Right That All We Let Well Thank You.

Appreciate That This Is Will Never Bake 930 That Will Definitely Be in Heaven Is Good Hugs Okay.

I'm Not Right That the God Bless Our Well Now That Okay Let's Just Get along to This Week Is Joshua from Coeur D'Alene Beautiful Corley Time Don't Okay, but He Would Gonna I Noted after the Glass Race. We Got Letter about Couple Dave… You before.the Prison. I'm Still Here Well and Doing Fine and so When It Comes the Gospel of Mark, Matthew, Luke and John, Probably at Part Two of Luke. We Don't Have Any Original Manuscript from You Know the Writers Themselves. We Don't Know Because There's a Fragment That I've Heard about That Is so Old That Some Have Conjectured That It Could Be Part of an Actual Original, but There's No Way to Verify so Technically I Don't Know but for All Intensive Purposes, You're Correct Right Okay so What Could We, for Example, That We Felt It Was Assuming I Would Have Any Battles Okay so If We Don't Have Any Original Quarterly Basin Coffee Bob Yes What Happens Is Limited Living, Attached Is Usually Healthy for People Going Have a Couple Minutes Left the Show, so We Just Can't Go through Quickly Is That in Greek. For Example, the Greek There's Only One Set of Characters Used for Both Numbers and Letters. When You Write a Word like Take Those Which Is What Fish Are Also Writing a Series of Numbers and the Battery or the Mathematical Total of Those of Those Letters in That Particular Word.

For Example, Is 1224 or Jesu Christophe Jesus Christ 8Z up to 888. So Every Word Has a Good Match for You Which Is a Mathematical Value. Why Is It Important When They Would Copy the Documents Nodded What He Can Read and Write.

There Were Certain People Who Were Trained, Highly Skilled at Being Able to Write and They Would Often Be Hired to Copy Documents and Reproduce Different Records That People Could Have As a Contractor and Contracting and Copy to Be Sent Different Areas so They Had to Be Very Meticulous Because He Sent for Legal Documents and Entire Cases Could Be Just Decided or Not Based upon Whether or Not These Documents Were Accurate. These People Would Also Be Hired and Would Also Become Christians and What They Would Do Is Copy These Documents. One of the Ways They Would Check the Documents and Was Called Codex Dakota See a Codices. It Was a Page Codex Document Is Pages Will He Would Write These Letters Horizontally and Able to Go with the Page Because It Would Copy off of an Exact Duplicate Right Original Addict Was a Page and a Copy of Letter by Letter While They Would Add up the Original Numbers, Which Also Letters on the Original Page and Then They Would Do the Same Thing after the Copied on the Second Page of the Copy and If the Numbers and Exact Identical They Knew They Were Accurate, and Even Check Him Again after That and so If There Was a Distant Discrepancy. Then They Would Use That As a Teaching Tool and They Would up Office and Decide to Use in Synagogue Scriptures Premiums and Homes and Things like That and so Then He Would Dismiss Teaching Documents so These Kind of Things Occurred All over the Place and so There's Thousands of Them like That and We All Compared There's a Black 99.8% Textual Identical This to All of the All the Documents Very Very Very Accurate That Allotment A Lot Better Accurately Than What about It That Talk to on Facebook Suggest That the Euro Accurately, and the Authors Not yet Matthew Mark Luke John yet at That Point I Refute Them by Saying, Take Your Right Hand and Put in Front of Your Face with Your Left Side Results. I Think That This Is Me to Have a Study Okay to Call Back Tomorrow. Gay Men Arrived, the Map That All Right Sorry Courtney from Ohio Missed You. The Lord Bless You All and by His Grace Will Talk to You Tomorrow. Have a Great Evening. Praise God through All of Everything Okay.

Let's Talk You Later

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