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March 27, 2020 9:00 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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March 27, 2020 9:00 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Matt talks about recently released articles, partaining to the corona virus.--2- The thelogy schools are being sold at a discounted rate for the next few weeks.--3- How can I help my Christian friend who struggles with pornography---4- How is Jesus both begotten and uncreated God- Colossians 1-15--5- Can you explain 1 Corinthians 11 with head coverings in regard to the angels.--6- Does the Bible teach that we have free will- Does God force-compel people to do things they wouldn't otherwise do---7- How can I best deal with the JW argument about John 1-1 saying -a god-

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Matt Slick Live!
Matt Slick

Matt slick, why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive that morning you have questions about Bible doctrine earns a man slick why Brent is called in responding to your questions at 877 Matt slick welcome to show it to be met slick and hope you have a good time listening.

If you want to give me a call longer do dialing 772072276 and that no body waiting right now all you do is dial 1558772072276. All rights see let's see, I released an article today on what are the responsibilities of the church today or will and I did one working on one now is isolation from disease biblical course would get questions and comments from people on the Internet and on email radios like that in boil tell you yes isolation is definitely biblical summer research today and found out some interesting stuff that saw the black plague of the 1400s beginning 4246 the black plague killed millions of people spread through Europe very very quickly and it was stopped by people of Vienna. Leaders of Vienna.

What they did was they started adopting biblical principles of isolation and which was really interesting is that you can quickly and other cities followed and followed suit and the plague was abated.

So I was doing research I heard about this and so what I was.

I went online and looking black plague biblical principles things like that. Doing different combos of words in order to find out what was going on and none of them would give credit to Christianity to the Bible And I thought maybe I heard that wrong. So I kept looking and I found a couple quotes I put one up on articling of Lisa today where it talks about how is documented where the people of Vienna, Italy. They started to adopt procedures and work. But what I thought was interesting is that the secularists would even give any credit due to the principles I did find a second article that said that the people of the nano religious leaders and say religious leaders. The leaders finally got got smart and started isolating people and it wouldn't even give credit where it was due is pretty typical. It's what happens for China's so well anyway I got that information out there.

I think what to see what articles dinner released recently website because I see today I did a work of the church's duties during the time the coronavirus and that yesterday what is the purpose of the duties of the Christian church as a whole and then a four letter word article is the coronavirus of biblical leg from God. So I'm working on one now on is isolation from disease biblical customer articles as well. You can check those things out to score the car website and on the left-hand side you'll see what's new. Go to the new articles list so well working on those, try to get things going and just to let me know if you are bored and if you know you don't know what to do at home and you have this urge to study theology apologetics critical thinking. Coincidently then we have some schools you can sign up for enemy saying this, I'll say this again if you want the school for free. All you do is ask ask us just email us for free to say you can afford it and will give you access but we do use them in part with other things to help keep the lights on bills supported missionaries and things like that so cough going on.

So if you know you want help us out, but you also like the school at a great discount I get to do is go to car and on the homepage will seek information.

There you can sign up and will be doing that for next few weeks and for the back to regular price and stuff like that but again you want to study the stuff that you don't have the money whatever reason when okay to tell us we will ask all rights we have for open lines 877-207-2276. Let's get to Joshua from my what Joshua welcome you on here. I got right.

A product little hard to understand little hard to understand how ships in Iraq. I do not go to art mammography and knowledge them not block so that wanted to get you yes there a lot of issues here don't deal with is wrong for a Christian to watch that stuff is flat out. I do understand the difficulty that it presents. I do understand the ease and temptation.

It is there. I understand what it means to be a young man and out when hormones you doing jumping jacks.

Trust me. Boy do I know about that and it's something women just don't understand. Generally speaking, I don't know what testosterone does make it not justifying anything, but it's really very powerful. So what I recommend is that a person struggling with these things. What you can do is missing. Try to find a website and a friend of mine who works with addictions and various things like that and can't find the Reformation Reformation recovery forgot which one was and am what I wrote recommend recommend person do is first of all, pray and study the word of God. That may not sound like much, but do that, pray and study the word of God and ask God for deliverance of this. It's a very difficult thing to deal with the vertical thing to master, but that's the step one better step is to find someone that you can be held accountable to and talk to say, being tempted. I fell whatever it is, get counseling and reassurance.

In that sense, saying, this is okay justifying but I do understand the difficulties I do understand that people fail what we do will fail.

What we do is we go to the cross and we seek that repentance yet again. We seek to honor God and we ask for his strength and if and when we feel again supplies all kind of variance. What we do is we go back and we ask Jesus for forgiveness. Yet again, not saying that we just abuse the grace of God, but I am saying that the cross of Christ in the blood of Christ so powerful that it cleanses us from all of our sins closer to 13. All of our transgressions, first John 19 talks about this and Jesus cleanse us of our sins for our sins by the cross.

He chose us for salvation.

Second, this loan is to 13, before the foundation of the world.

Ephesians 1.5 and he did this knowing everything about us knowing our failures. Knowing our sins doing, though, since I have mastery over us and we don't have mastery over them, and yet he chose to save us. We can always go to the cross we can always look to Jesus, we can always find peace with him and this issue of the pornography we can do is put filters on our web on computers and they are out there look for Christian filter, pornography, and there things that you can download that on your system and then you give someone else the password and you don't have the password you on the computer do all kind of stuff. It just won't go to certain sites and you can't bypass it etc. and this is another thing that can be done so these are some of the issues with discussing expanding on and the like is a difficult issue. I know how it is and there is victory takes time to practice and always keep your eyes on Jesus, process, so there is victory. All right, having said that, let's get to Gabriel from Long Island New York Gabriel show you're on the air allowed to go is no pigment and we got about 80 just wondering how to wrap my head around the idea right right, the only begotten know and I know God is God cannot be there.I'll probably how it God and both begotten we say in theology that Jesus has two natures that was in his body is the human nature but is also the divine nature. The Bible says in Colossians 29 for in him dwells all the fullness of deity in bodily form to the Bible talks about the attributes of his divinity as well as his humanity. Jesus said things like, I'm thirsty and hungry and tired and that is demonstrating his physical qualifications dealing with his humanity. But he also said things like the father never coming back are abode to live. John 1423 and if you will always be with the disciples 2020 talks about this Saturday he's there talking about these divine attributes. This is evidence biblically that Jesus has two distinct natures of divine nature and the human nature to human nature was created and it began about 2000 years ago the divine nature, which is a second person of the Trinity. The word became flesh and dwelt among us John 11 in verse 14 to the divine nature is eternal with the human nature had a beginning.

So what we have here is the joining of them not into 1/3 new thing with the nature of the divine and the nature of the human or separate their distinct yet they are united in the person of Jesus. We call this the hypostatic union system big phrase use of theology, hypostatic, and so when it talks about Jesus being the only begotten what we can understand is it's a title preeminence as well as divine quality in the context of Christ.

We look in the Old Testament of Abraham and Isaac get on that notion house. He's got to do after the break is expand on this talk about the only begotten here. Please stay with this gay really write back in photo three of the lines 87720722 max Y call 7707 is Matt's leg during the break was looking very humble on Colossians 1. He was the firstborn of all creation correctly that that now that had me thinking so you would say that that right not to firstborn. I like being created by that preeminent yes firstborn is a title transferable lot of people don't know that. And so, for example, in Genesis 4151 to 52 it says and Joseph called the name of his firstborn, Manasseh, and he said God had done so in this name. The second was Ephraim for the first one was Manasseh the second was Ephraim in Jeremiah 31 94. I'm a father to Israel and Ephraim is my firstborn.

We also know how Jacob and Esau, Alisa's sold his birthright for porridge for strength. He transferred his his birthright.

So it's if it means preeminence does not mean first related. So first creators Prateek Thomas but firstborn is Patoka's so there's a there's a different word in the Greek okay pool. Total cost is firstborn Prateek Tess is first created Jesus not Jesus.

As in the divine being is not created his physical body was but with understand the eternal divine word remained in that body and was united with this new physical aspect and human nature. And then from there on a continuous so we have the infinite God joining with the finite body and continuing on together forever is called hypostatic union that help okay you think you will out that okay look, I'll tell you that you can go to the current website. I go through a lot of questions dealing with this is an various questions and issues that are raised challenges deity, so I really strongly recommend that you go go there because I've written them in response to questions like you phrased and are there right thank you very much God let God bless you. Okay. All right. We have three lines. Ladies and gentlemen, if you want to give McCall only to do is dial 877-207-2276 last four digits are see ARM Carmen incarnate org through finalizing the call Courtney from Ohio show you're on here And cover cover what is the question I don't have an answer to what to do with the Angels. That was a good one, but might be this Isaiah 6. Two seraphim stood above him, each having six wings with two he covered his face to he covered his feet, and with two he flew, there seems to be maybe an allusion.

I LL but a LL referencing to something like this where the Angels in the presence of God covered themselves and so maybe has to the covering has to do with the angelic relative. Isaiah 6.

Two seraphim now. Also, what was notable is in the Corinthian city that pagan sacrifices occurred and what the unbelievers would do in their temple sacrifices with the males would cover their heads and this was filled it would not be distracted by anything with your offering sacrifices to their false God and so maybe there's some cultural rebounding from that in the sense of don't do that because we are not of the pagans that we don't cover our heads pulsing such a disgrace to have your head covered, because it represents the pagans of practice of sacrifice to false gods. But as far as the woman goes the issue of her head covering. She is to have her head covered because she's under authority and as a man is an authorities and the authority of Christ. She's under the authority of her husband so the issue of authority, the symbol of authority in subjection to the way things work in marriage was that simple of overhead covering and so she were to take that off in the culture, what she was doing was rebelling against the culture, the married marriage vows in a large sense, because in the culture woman to be divorced for letting her hair down in public because it was considered a very sensuous and very private thing only for the husband or the immediate family and the other children in the home and to go outside the home and do that was just ghastly and we don't really live fire your letterhead out in public. Okay now think incidentally decides to go to Luke seven. I think 36 weather were Jesus went to the Pharisee's house. The prostitute came in and touched his feet and let her hair down and kissed him all were talking major major faux pas's here all man people in their you know bold or just coming home to him, no heart attack again and am yet Jesus praises her so he praised her for which I love that To connect everything to preach and he praises her because Simon the Pharisee did not give him a holy kiss, but she kissed him. He did not have Jesus feet washed, she was washing he did not greet her meet the Pharisee didn't greet Jesus pump properly, but she did she anointing him pulling his head as he supposed to do that and she never's and it's just when expand on what I teach on a preach on it. Sometimes I get up and crying because it's wonderful place is willing very favorite section of Scripture that you know the culture all soon and what she did was incredibly beautiful. She's just awesome and hopefully will have a meter to do the just the feet of my Lord Jesus and over his dirty feet.

Anyway, so there we go. I can get dressed. I know Tom hopes I you're welcome, goblins. It was Courtney from Ohio we have four open lines. Once you McCall 877-207-2276 Liska to Lord David Richmond, Virginia. Welcome you on your that the David you did is Lord David, but that's what is. That's okay. We got up my about the wheel may I agree with but go live very, hold on, hold on and question get her free will of my favorite topics vociferous in lines 8 772-072-2760). Max Y770727. Here is Matt's 7276 the script to read, welcome okay right you are you are right that question yet any rate, Scripture, and must have real events now you will know nothing says the way work work speaks like that. We were talking we had to define our terms first and understand the Bible teaches that we have free will and free will is the ability to make choices are not forced this choices are consistent with what we are and so therefore we have free will. When I say that free will is the ability to make choices that are consistent with what you are very much forced is because I use God as a standard of what free will live.

God certainly has free will and he is not forced to do anything and's he is holy, so his free will is only operable in a manner consistent with his nature and his is holy, he cannot freely choose to lie or do anything wrong.

He cannot violate his own nature, so free will must be defined by God's standard, not by man.

What we have humanistic philosophy.

So, since God is free, and he does not sin cannot sin and nobody forces him to do anything, therefore, was a free will is the ability to make choices that are not forced there also consistent with the nature does this apply to man, and yes it does wrong. Genesis 126, 28 were made in God's image. We have free will.

Yes unbelievers and believers both have free will are able to make choices consistent with their natures are not forced to making these choices so they have free will. The question becomes is a compatible list of free will are libertarian free will compatible list of free will says that human free will is Hannibal with God's sovereignty destination.

Libertarianism says that human free will is not compatible with God's sovereignty and predestination and then we have an argument from their that help while I waited. That would, I believe that God wanted to get at what what was it again.

The got what hell they do not like what I like Abimelech don't know what they don't want you to specific sample letter specific example, we can't really talk about the particulars about what Jonah did not want to relationship why this is Joan as an example, so did God violate Jonah's free will to say that God certainly has a right to do whatever he wants to make someone doing something problem. There's no rule that says God can't violate someone's free will.

Nothing the Bible says that he wants to go to for somebody go someplace he can force him to go someplace like this because are different levels of how we can understand the see issue freedom. So Joan as an example, God told him to do one thing and Jonah freely chose to do the opposite. So Joan is on a ship and a storm comes down and they throw him overboard and Jonah confessed his sin before God. In this, and he was swallowed by a whale and I spit on the shore later so he still freely chose to confess what he did freely chose to be the one who be thrown overboard. And then he freely went walked and one, so it's not like God.

He puts a hand on your hand and makes your hand going to gonna pull the trigger and said that you're responsible for that is not what happens then we could get into if you want get into it's called the ultimate cause.

The proximate cause in the efficient cause of things. The ultimate causes, God brings universe into existence therefore is ultimately the cause of all things, the proximate cause is an event that leads to another event and the other event is a choice that we make. So therefore if I choose to lift up my computer mouse on my right hand. I'm the efficient cause of that God is not the efficient cause is the ultimate he could be the proximate cause and that he puts that he could materialize if he wanted a mouse in front of me and I don't know if materialize. I just picking up the proximate cause of the ultimate cost of the efficient cause is not responsible for our free will choices of sin. This gives users of the thing to talk about what we discussed his issues that help setting, but some of the issues that I will not even got everything going on already. Well, God certainly can work things out in the hearts of people to do exactly what he desires. Proverbs 21 one says God moves the heart of the king where he wishes it to go to me ask you I forgot to get this.

Are you a Christian, yet okay so do you believe that Jesus Christ had free will.

Duly God and yes and thought about what he could have called out her name probably will will listen to this. Jesus is God cutting flesh, God has free will. Therefore Jesus has free will. Now is his free will, consistent with the predestination and ordination of God, and he answers yes Jesus in John 530 I can do nothing on my own initiative as I hear, I judge in my judgment is just because I do not seek my own will but the will of him was sent to Jesus in John 530 to do nothing of his own initiative. He also says in the same thing in John 828 and then in John 829 he says he always does the things that are pleasing to God. He said in John 638 through 40 that he came down not do his own will but the will of the father who sent him and he said in John 519, the son can do nothing of himself.

Listen to something he sees the father doing so. This is proof that the compatible listed ideology of free will.

Jesus undoubtedly had free will because he's God, the attributes of the divine nature ascribed to the person of Christ the skull to communicate you in your bottom doctrine understand some of the time. It's what we know as Jesus had free will that he could only do what he saw the father do other words, he was preordained for the foundation of the universe that the word will become flesh and do exactly what Jesus did, because the Bible says in Ephesians 111 God works all things after the counsel of his will. That means Jesus, who had free will work in a manner consistent and compatible with the sovereign election predestination and ordination of God so you will get what they want is a yes or no to that because we can understand it different senses. He certainly had the free will to disobey and well this is the plan to have elicited humans because he's divine. He it's impossible for him to be able to disobey the father because he will be disunity. The peer paresis of the Trinitarian ontological nature. We can't have that. And yet we do know he had free will because he's freely able to do what he wanted to do because he chose it because I do this I walk and he speaks is as though yes it free will. When we look at humans. Humans have a different sense of the ability of free will, but it's consistent with the nature Jesus is holy. We are holy and not wholly the same time Christians ever fallen the Christian for example, can choose to do something in rebellion to God. He has the ability to free will choose against God, but he also has a free will ability to choose to obey God or Christ doesn't have that free will of validity to disobey God because he's God you can't disobey himself.

So there's a slight differentiation between the quality, nature and essence of the relation of Christ to the father in you and I the father. I know we don't about that regular muscle statement and have a question, talk about it. I photographed for open lines give me a call 877-207-2276 if you want talk with us free will. Things more mats like why call 7707 pairs mats like show what right under God by nothing like I have concluded that there are people that have no real God people that you got what you did there go all I got whatever you wanted. So I ate the God made my way at all and pleaded him when he's ready and he will complete my heart that I have. Then there are those, like the Christ that they get really short on for that reason you and family and I'm not talking about what you wear, how you doing what we're doing though is conflating the term of will and choices here. Things like different senses in which those things can be understood in the context we decide without clarification. Usually what happens is people and the error understand the issues.

This is why when when I do talk about this with people who have discussions like this off-line. I have some very deep conversations with people and we will discuss our terms.

I always say define the terms very very clearly people can have frequent and they do have free will, because, and how do you have responsibility if they're not free to build a moral choice.

How can they be held responsible for the moral choice is a serious question so we have to understand that that people act but yet they are also responsible for what they do the unbelievers wells a believer so God is the ultimate cause without efficient cause of the choices they make. And plus there's lots of stuff in Scripture that says things like forever 21 one God moves the heart of the king where he was to go with the Lord change someone's mind change that in Jeremiah 2619. He puts the fear of him in people's hearts were born again, not of her own will.

The references just reading scriptures, God open the heart of Lydia to open others in the things of God is all kinds of things like this. Revelation 1717 is interesting for God has put it in the hearts and their hearts to execute his purpose by having a common person purpose of giving the king the beast until words of God should be fulfilled. God has the right to with his creation as he desires and move their hearts were he desires.

But there still responsible for their actions at these are tough questions but there are answers that acquire a lot of discussion okay okay I help I know whatever that will not work and rest more articles on the issue free will, and if it comes up again also possible speed to Q&A I think is one or 3 o'clock I forgot which on Saturday on discord, but I may know now so do a Q&A session sometime spot or nights is call if we have these long discussions okay thanks a lot I got about all right, let's get on the phones to Adrian for Michigan. Adrian welcome you are on the air like I'm arriving guy in there when you all a phone call sure that I have a question I want to talking about Jehovah's Witnesses.

You and I talked about them before that and somebody in mind, I will look up to a text this morning regarding something to start this for me and we haven't had dialogue regarding doctrine in a while so he sent me a message talking about how there is over that link I should say fathers over hundred and 80 something different translation that talks about John one 183 being, you know, one where he said they got John one so I am explaining to him that you know well and I get that but this still does not exist in the original Greek and yelled out, according to him, he can show me in the original Greek language that New Testament was written and that he can show me how old the original Greek language supports his theology now and I told him we can't do that were supposed to talk later about that but you cannot show me where you know Jesus being a creative being in the original Greek and I didn't want to get me to pick your brain about something.

I think this talk with them about that because everything that a lot of issues here a lot of issues we start off by saying Jesus was created, Jesus was created Jesus the man was created Jesus. The word was not created because Jesus has two natures of divine and the human and Jehovah's Witness theology.

This is mainly the issue with the want to say is that Michael the Archangel became Jesus. We have a continuity issue that's a topic we'll talk about in depth right now and so there's problems there. What you teach is the true doctrine of the hypostatic union. The word is eternal and was with God nothing to say he was a got to get a second and the flesh is what was created and so we have two natures in the person of Christ divine and the human now get into the Greek enters these various laws and miles of Greek acid and Arthur's construction, which means that there both of us like to say that that there is no indefinite article of the Greek we have an indefinite article, the letter a which is a word word was a God.

So the word it pays us a letter but we have the definite article which is the words the definite article the word that existed great but the indefinite does not. So instead of argue the joy with us over the Greek because it can all hundred 83, which I'd asked for documentation on hundred 83 take a God and you once you argue, but the Greek with them and this is will says a got. He's not to listen is not can happen there care. They have the evidence.

I think this can approve the point so I could do is say okay so you want to say he's a God, right.

So many gods that make this work with his neck to balance her or one and is not a real God is not a real God is a God, you say he's a God who is he a God or not a God will. He isn't a got all the water you sing it says he's a God is not a God like God was a lesser God.

We saying is true God is present Jesus in John 17 three is only one true God.

Recent Jesus is a God. So he is he a false God is only one true God. Just don't like this with little to do with these kind of questions and you can also go to Galatians 489 you serve by nature, we did not know God you serve by nature, those which are not God's was Jesus by nature a God will know why the Bible: God will will say because he is Moses was called God to really what was that in a good extra 71 and were God to see him make you ask God to Pharaoh and your brother Aaron shall be a prophet and you say what was the context read it as you make you as God in what sense is God always powers was Moses actually a God, and the J doublet, the signal was not what God is saying here Nexus 71 that Jeep that fit that Moses was a God but that he be like God has got right so that doesn't work you have anything else with Casey. This is what you do because if you spend two hours arguing the Greek with them and I've had for 1/2 years agreed with seminary it if you know it just doesn't really work so well do with them is is go otherwise.

And if you got time and I got something to share with, but they cannot answer is on the issue frequency is 12 colors Wixom includes quickly God said Bible says many places they called upon the name of Jehovah calling on the name of Jehovah called on the name of Jehovah, calling upon the name and asked J job Jehovah's Witness agenda lysate is a prayer to God.

Yes, it's only Jehovah right that's correct.

So whenever we have a phrase called upon the name of Jehovah we know it's a prayer worship to God.

Right. That's correct. Good the problem. The Septuagint is the Greek translation of the Hebrew words about Tunica BBC Jews translated the Hebrew Bible into the Greek Old Testament. Guess how they translated that phrase call upon the name of Jehovah.

They translated it into the Greek call upon the name of the Lord. Okay, now you go to first convinced one the first two to the church of God was at Corinth, to those who have been sanctified in Christ Jesus, saints by calling with all who in every place call on the name of our Lord Jesus. Why would Paul use the same phrase that is only meant of God Almighty.

Jehovah apply that the Jesus Jesus is not God and that Mr. Jehovah's Witness number on the defensive.

Go to John 2028 go to other places and other things and stuff like that and actually some other stuff in the Old Testament call back tomorrow and ask about appearances of Christ in the Old Testament will show you how to do well tell you. That way you do and because you have done a lot of operational so John one thing asked those questions.

How many gods is that now they all believe in more than one God work with them. I don't mind calling them God. The Bible says it is. I don't believe the Bible says that another translation I used that we are travelers. They might say something I will you know there's many God in the Bible.

False gods false gods. That's right but remember Galatians 48 Galatians 4844+4 is eight… 48 when you did not know God you serve by nature, those which are not gods, so is Jesus by nature true God or not a true God. So why would he call in a God like Moses, 271. That doesn't see now you're stuck okay tomorrow and keep it up buddy good work right right let's get to see Texas reluctantly.

How about Giovanni from Oklahoma. What will show about a minute near what's up hello. We got about a minute left the show, you know what you and okay I would and nine God's people you want. I've written articles on Romans nine and I can okay go back tomorrow would actually says a guided goblin boy.

Romans nine well tell you folks were contrary to the old chapters of the Bible is a by his grace back on

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