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May 8, 2020 4:25 pm

Matt Slick Live

Matt Slick Live! / Matt Slick

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May 8, 2020 4:25 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Why are you critical of Watchman Nee---2- For Jesus to be our substitute, wouldn't He have to have a sin nature -though without actual sin----3- Why did God choose a plan for salvation that He knew that the vast majority of people would reject. Doesn't that mean that God planned to fail---4- What does it mean that an elder must be blameless---5- Why did Adam and Eve sin if they didn't have a sin nature- If they could sin, why couldn't Jesus sin---6- Did God cause the Corona Virus---7- Is it wrong to have carvings and sculptures of animals if you don't worship them---8- What books to your recommend for someone getting into apologetics---9- My pastor frequently says that the Lord -told him- various things. Is that a problem-

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A previously recorded mats like shelf mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max likewise glances goals of responding to your questions at 8776. Here's Matt slick are you doing out there is actually a girl have a good Monday.

So, for the Lord bless you greatly if you would give me a call.

As usual, I'll do what was going week 772072276 and the city got a whole bunch happened for me over the weekend. This can listen to some unbelievers talk for a while that was resting for me right I want to go into chat rooms on the web. Just listen and now little good these chat rooms where people just use foul language all time and there's no need to listen looking faster by that. Why do you have to you so much foul language. Why cost why swear it's ungodly for one thing, and you need to sit for six I've actually got in the conversation so that very topic for last year. Earlier this year. Not quite sure a few months ago I was in his room and I raised the issue of why some people in here costs so much and boil to theatrical filled cussing and this one woman got on and try to get a little me about something about women. You know when women start acting like men should be acting like that when women start using foul language is just not very feminine. I knew what I said that there will jump all over me. And boy did they start fires and the rumor that still whittled they were done yelling and screaming at me and I just calmly continued on talking to say I just don't see it as being a feminine thing to do and every time I said it was really interesting is she actually changed. She actually started to curtail her foul language and several people it was just interesting to see that. I think it's a good thing that we need to point out to do that as Christians, we certainly don't and we doctrinally don't name it as many Christians often do you know they will still say OG OD we should all use the word Lord and God and Jesus. Things like that in a reverential way. If you don't use it that way is using exclamation stop. You're sending what I preach a sermon on this at a church where I will attempt not attending. I was in guest preaching there for a while and don't I noticed over the period of time that they were so I decided to preach a sermon on and I did and they will tell you the way you remember the sermon don't think I did during that time was I told him I said look I said if you want we can do is look at the exit. Please do look at the exits that are behind you, and I said when I preach the sermon.

Feel free to leave and people were shaken up by the sermon. It was loving it was.

It was carefully presented, but it was truthful. People need any truth, especially the Christians, nevertheless, is little to give you if you're interested in the truth, at least from the local perspective. Hopefully by God's grace I can present that and if I don't that's on my head and that your obligation is to check you for the sake of Scripture, so please do that all reference slick real name for the new listeners and the indicators are going to write slick now look at you and you recall, for open lines 877-207-2276 we have five best of Matt slick like podcast information, go to carbon/radio and see the link there for the podcasts and stuff like that. Just checking that out and you can also go to the Truth Network and you can look for the podcasts of parishioners well. Good stuff.

Why don't we just jump on the phone to get to Russell from Asheboro, North Carolina Russell you will hear is going going Friday and watch a now three years old at the Lord started reading is an everything like a lie about how I'm not like I probably was the long time since had any dealings with them but I still live close to their headquarters and I went watchmen yeah great yes yes there was. There was a headquarters in Southern California. I live not too far from there I went and I end up being threatened by them with loss of but they didn't officially threaten me.

They hinted at with a letter was a researcher and so when I got I why not. I I went in there and interviewed with or interviewed an elderly told me some stuff. It was interesting to find out what it is that he was teaching and then my received letter about a week later say thank you for the nice interview truly great. Some people misrepresent us and we have to sue them.

I'm sure you will be like that it was it was a letter like that, you know, and I knew what they were doing. It was just a noncommittal well-written letter about a threat. And so this often happens to be very very careful with groups and I can remember.

Unfortunately Too many the problems there's double Christian life theories.

There's some other issues of gender to get this information and it is been a while, but remember to stay clear of watchmen.

Neither would take everything on him. I do say I that he picked out.

Maybe you know are a lot of people could go to prison who are in Colts neck: you called but a lot of them because he is neither true and there's a lot of good things of watchmen.

He has said, but I'll just have to do a refresher tonight on it. Maybe I can collect more I can do a refresher and we talked a little more you know I got one out years old and a lower a pastor friend of mine gave me violation of the souls that welcomed and I believe the authority of bully and I really really enjoy it. That get out on the lack of cyano really know.

I now I want you how I do a little bit of research on the web and I didn't I watchmen the see what comes out and find my you find problems you find plenty of articles talk about problems with okay what why you stay with everybody yeah I'm only releasing a little bit of articles on him this week and this tune. The problem with Swaggart is that he's disqualified from being a preacher teacher because 1988, 87, 91's, the prostitute and the second time he said that the Lord told him to sit to the car geisha was that anybody's business, so this is just reprehensible that Swaggart sort of their police County.

A lamb that in black that you know I like you brought banana Apple rock media. I cannot recommend ejecting the Swaggart ministry.

I cannot recommend them with all the faithful consciousness.

I want you not get on TV and start having discussions and stuff about this. The very nature of what truth is.

In the Christian faith and naming names, and in doing what needs to be done because too many Christians who just don't know. The truth is, and being railroaded by a lot of people say everything Swaggart says is bad. A lot of what he says is really good. I'm sure the Lord is used him, but the Bible says that the elders to be blameless and we know of any man who claims to be a spiritual leader and then hug. This is prostitute planning but somebody else doing the same thing and then three years later gets blessed with another prostitute become a EE is not qualified to be the physician and he should step down and be out of public eye. That's is what should be no like to make that about walk. Yes, I will do little research, then watchmen the doctor said you one more thing the other callers second 2012 to and Jimmy Swaggart Bible it says in second Chronicles 712 to such a man was caught up to the third heaven, he says the first heaven is a clouds that's fine. The second heaven is a starry place. That's fine. He says the third heaven is the planet heaven U-boat of God have the planet and this is so ridiculously's that anybody would teach that it is just an executive closure. I shake your head look away you put your hands in the air say okay God could do with them is just as ridiculous. God doesn't live on a planet. This is Mormonism got it right and so is okay. What I have and I'm guided you to follow things appreciated.

Please keep listening. Okay.

All right, that was Russell hey filthy if you can logically give me a call 877-207-2276 20 from Wilkesboro, North Carolina 20 welcomed here very mad. Thanks a lot Chris Roxburgh: I have a question and belabor our cries since 78 I was brought up and when I looked at the difference between divinity and human vanity with Christ. It was almost that was actually always call that Christ did not would not have a say in nature and humanity part. I believe Christ was sinless, but as I've been doing some studying and I came across a couple of something going away about a gospel coalition that caused me to do some digging and it appears that most likely for him to be a situation or mankind that he would have to have that sin nature without saying gospel coalition to help the other was actually did some research and I tried to find that just the other day. Rather, they taken it down and look at again try to opted for about why, but now they're pointing more, no that dumb excuse me that you know he did not have €65 a break on this but not have a sin nature to say so was incredible heresy and will write back after these messages. Mats like why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's leg back to the show. Tony is still there. There are so with the gospel coalition little bit of research and article scanned through it at the end of it. It's technology does not have a sin nature so good for them and it's very important we understand that she does not have a sin nature. The Krista Delphian non-Christian cult teaches that Jesus had a sin nature, but never send some Christians will teach that in its blasphemy and I will say again, if they believe that their believing blasphemous teaching.

Let me ask you a question. Would you say that having a fallen sin nature is a blemish of any sort of sure thing or impure thing to impure thing impure. 17 once it is the law than ever. Jesus was made on the log. Galatians 44 right hit it and he can fulfill the law 315 you shall not sacrifice to the Lord your God in Oaks an ox or sheep which had a blemish or in the defect for that is a detestable thing the Lord your God. If Jesus had fallen nature.

We would say that is a defect when I've asked many of people and cults who hold this position and a few wackos who claim the to be true Christians and holds position as well as who it is a fallen nature defect and went to the question because they know the Scripture speak.

One thing and they don't want to say yes. It's a defect in the busted so that no Jesus had not have a fallen human nature. We know that Adam and Eve were not fallen at one point in their created so humanity is not defined by fallenness or unfallen this, but by something else. Human nature can be fallen and unfallen Jesus assumed human nature doesn't mean he assumed a fallen nature and the horrendously bad thinking is that he had to be fallen in order to relate to us or order the review to sacrifice all of that is just garbage. Okay garbage collection. I believe it then that obligate one if you read the coalition started out thinking it was in print and I'm actually thinking as I 17 when he became sin right mountain. I don't know is that if it night our infirmities is nothing we have a copy for He touched Bruce with my mom yet, but he cannot.

I'm trying to think of our Senate. But there's nothing that he doesn't understand that there are many that and that's where it bought me because he was. I know it was Burton born and it was born from the Holy Spirit of God, but he was still born of Mary, which was of humanity, and I was thinking for him to understand that because I was just doing some studying and what about it on my mind again. I was actually going to let it drop in. I was studying.

I think it was in Romans six and when he died he died and and and I've always thought maybe dad for the resurrection, but he dad to see and that condo started to fall back up again. Not that I'm saying & the letter that was poor at.

That was all say that for him to be a propitiation for us. He had to understand that and and and we can only cross I don't see seeking or BP she should get to understand. Go to the two goats that were what was a scapegoat in the Old Testament, they would put their hands on the head of the one and their sins were symbolically imputed to that goat was let loose they didn't have to stand anything case of this idea of having to understand inversion talk about neighbors. He was 415. We do not have a high priest who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses that the one who has been tempted in all things as we are yet without sin.

Now the questions it is concomitant with this is will Jesus is God. God can't be tempted. If he was tempted.

Therefore, how could he be God if you go to Psalm 10 614 talks about the people in the wilderness is reviewing this in Psalm 106 and this verse 14. The crate intensely in the wilderness and tempted God in the desert so well you illustrate this is you know I use myself as an example, I I have no interest in watching sports. There it just it's 01 have an interest and the consumables on I turn it on in order to watch the commercials in the, that's it for me so you could tempt me with the tickets to the Super Bowl you consider going out to dinner. My wife, you could tempt me, but I'm not tempted. There's two ways temptation can be understood offering the temptation, but I'm less susceptible to that temptation likes not that one is to not go to dinner with my wife to go to the computer parts that one tempted okay so this depends what's going on here but yet understand that Jesus did not have to be able to be tempted the way that I can be tempted and it actually be a temptation in order for him to be a propitiation understand the necessity because it wasn't a necessity.

In the Old Testament either but he did understand he was tempted in all ways that things came to him and we have understand we can't we can't know to what extent he felt anything because we have to ask questions when he saw a good-looking woman and he was attracted to a good-looking woman because he's a man doesn't mean it was sinful. Of course, not seeing a good-looking woman doesn't mean that you're lusting like if I married my wife happily married, and if I see a good-looking woman so I might go to such a good-looking, but that's as far as it goes in the temptation there. So, what level is temptation sinful in Jesus of course could not send doesn't mean that it was a temptation to him that he would progress into but we could say that we can with things he may, for example, notice that a woman's good-looking but so what. And not gone beyond that so he could understand certain temptations and certain things that come to us, but he always made them always succeeded through them and I was very careful about how foremen push this line to limit further. I don't want to hear right now so you can understand something about he was and I do not possess as sin nature. He did not possess a fallen human nature absolutely did not okay I'm not trying to be argumentative and be my last question about when I'm looking at this and what what I'd like to step back, the virgin birth, but I think David said in San my mother statement and understand okay so if Mary then Mary and end, sinful nature, so thinking because there's divinity because she was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit.

But as far as it goes, as being in the flesh with Mary that part understand that had debated humanity cry it out. It's a was 100% humanity and understanding.

Not saying that he did say environment and that's where I'm coming to. I'm not trying to talk about. It was a sinner and she knew the Savior liquid 46 talks about sports and 27 talks about this and that doesn't mean that Jesus had inherited sinful nature. One theory is the sin nature is passed down to the father is a theory because of a federal headship of representation. We don't know that's accurate but is a theory and here's another thing the Hague did not have spermatozoa leave yet in the world. Mary, it was simply and we don't see any obsessive your phone is in you and I let you go but I did everything that I do call back office more before my eyes are thank you for folks to write back.

These messages mats like why call 770727. Here's Matt's leg back show reported with Frank from Canada Frank Rainier thank you so much Matt appreciated one question that it will be for many years and I back of other number. I'm a believer.

By the way, my lack of other pastors and never got mistreated before.

I thought I thought you might question God came up with the rescue plan. Rescue plan is Jesus Christ. And as believers we know however God known before he ever came up with this plan that a majority of people with good project that rescue plan for Jack and reject the rescue plan. I keep wondering well if you knew that. Why did he go ahead and do that no going to fail fail.

But if you didn't offer Christ. No one would've accepted it up. That's true. So he offered Christ and yet understand this and you not gonna like this.

This is an answer. Pastors will give you God or Danes who shall be saved. He works all things after the counsel of his will. Ephesians 111. He grants if you believe clippings 129 he grants in repentance second Timothy 225 he hardens whom he wants to and he softens whom he wants to Romans 916. It does not depend upon the many will.

The man runs but got his mercy was 914 were born again, not ever tell John 113 were caused to be born again.

First Peter 13 as many as had been ordained to eternal life believed. Acts 1348, he protested.

He chose us and predestined us the foundation of the world. Ephesians 145 now doing here is getting into a level of theology that few people really want people and pastors we want to delve into God is certainly capable of saving anybody he desires all residue shows glory do is move the heart of the king where he wishes it to go.

Proverbs 1621 and acts 1614 God opened Lydia's heart to understand the thing spoken to Paul.

God is a sovereign King.

So when people and I don't mean this in any derogatory, condescending way at all when people asked me the question why would God do this knowing people and receive him with any answers found in Romans 992 23 in these verses. Romans nine 1923. Why would God do this kind of thing.

Well, made us review 22 and 23. You can read the rest of her own with got a little willing to demonstrate his wrath and to make his power known, endured with much patience vessels of wrath prepared for destruction and he did so to make known the riches of his glory upon vessels of mercy which compared beforehand for glory to the part of the puzzle. I'm showing you here is that God is a sovereign King. He's the one God isn't going to create or not create people or offer not offer Jesus based upon who he looks in the future to see will people will or will not receive him, because in that would mean that God's choices depend upon man's choice God is independent of man's choices he's noncontingent so this is what we see stuff in the Scripture says God predestines God elects God chooses God opens the mind. God grants to believe repentance is a sort of God.

Jesus says you cannot come to me unless the father draws you.

John 644 says you cannot come to me this is been granted to you from the father. John 665.

So one way to answer this very profoundly simple. God is the one in control he knows what he's ordained. And yes, multiple reject him now. On the other side of the coin, and I don't believe in defending Arminianism in this point where you have simple human free will.

It just doesn't work I can demolish that. But here's the thing. James 516 says the prayers of the righteous Mandeville much with God.

How can they avail with God very much if God or Danes, whichever shall come to pass. The answer is I don't know I just know that God does. I also know that when I ask God to save someone that somehow someway. It matters how it matters because her paradox is that I have what I understand these deeper things of God is revealed in the Scripture and his wife quote the references to show you this is applicable would access the other hand, the more we preach, the more people apparently have many 28 are deeply turned from eternity past to be saved, how's it work. You know what I do not know the ultimate answer query. Yes, it is certainly okay to have mystery and you know I pride myself then knotted up hopefully sinful sense but you know my job is to answer questions and unable to answer a lot of questions and a lot of can't. But sometimes just got a come of site good question. I don't know how it works. I do know this. If he hadn't offer Jesus. No one ever say and he has that right to do with his creation as he wants and yet at the same time, there's a real interaction between us and him and I believe that this happens in a way is beyond our ability to understand and I'm okay with the object of the rhetoric that the court God is God and I am not that that's right yeah that's right, they say that but turned seminary very clearly man Prof. getting into whiteboard with colored marker to gentlemen on federal guys in the classical Salina teacher was most important things are to learn. Seminary two sentences. There is a God, you are not him, and he was right all thank you so much Matt.

I appreciate your light on. Hope it helps.

It's a good question and there's different ways of answer that it but I think that the way to go was because God knew it, and he ordained it toward the coordination of different levels.

Seven direct causation some indirect other issues to the question that I thank you I appreciate God bless finite right let's get to Rick from High Point, North Carolina Rick, welcome you on the you don't do all right hanging in there meant while ago you and it gentlemen were talking about Jimmy Swaggart. You quoted Scripture and I'm not good you are about being blinded is that right above Rick approach and it doesn't mean that the pastor has the perfect younger pastor nobody as we understand what he can't go around present prostitutes exactly exact that real quick one that stop me for a long time. Okay, don't you know Jesus born merit and where you had no sin nature so good and blah blah but at the time time now. I think I noted there is but I wonder but that wasn't what the law was then that you need correcting. Always eat anything because they were able to send now just look at so I wasn't getting it didn't want to break you know it was held in the here and I did not because he did not. He did not have the legs so you got a different essay will explain why many free will and Jesus has free will to use it. The reason is because there's a document called the commune a cot to do my thumb and it is Latin for the communication of the properties and the answer is found in all explain Jesus rang one person with two natures of hypostatic union.

One person with divine nature and the human nature, but the tributes of both natures were described as a single person to the person on would say things like, I'm hungry and thirsty. That's claiming human attributes. The same person.

I said I'll be with you always, even the end of the earth, claiming divine attributes, so the attributes of both natures, the divine and human were ascribed to the one person, and since God is by definition holy and cannot sin the attribute of holiness is thereby ascribed to the person and Jesus as a person could not have sent okay Adam and Eve have a divine nature, with the right to commit cutting tomato. They didn't have that communication of the properties so they had the ability to sin and they did. Jesus could be tempted in his human nature, but on fallen nature because he was sinless.

First Peter 222 and he did not have a defect or a blemish.

That's to run 17, one for the law of the log license for four so the attributes of divinity were ascribed to him.

He could not accept what I would today. United commentaries on the registrations about coronavirus and they went out with a bunch of believers and and so many levels. What I want God's house and in which he didn't want God's allow knowledge network people, you know what God is just allowing Barbara Matt didn't happen, and I'll play can't say I will, we can say God did not cause right now. Every day, folks. Be right back after these messages. Matters like why call 770-7276 here's Matt's leg. Looking back at the show before he could call her to remind you that we have three online schools of your subject amounts he can learn theology learn apologetics and hopefully learn some critical thinking skills. You do is check in the right hand side you'll see the link. The schools check amount demos and stuff like that are self-paced are very easy and there and also check out the new book of written old-time trap information on the homepage there.

Check it out simply working on some new books as well. All right, let's get back on the air with Rick from High Point record their right now you get a list of question elders would need to get a that the caller is waiting to God because of coronavirus we can't say yes he did. We can't say no. He did not start the God does bring sicknesses on people in the Old Testament and the new test to try right so I guess Illumina okay so what will your question elders remember frustrate never been noted about you. You're getting my life would totally agree with you she thinks always wonderful.

This people drown you.

You always backup what a quote from the Basque hardwood that is God's word is right. You have a good day man. Thank okay all right but he got okay are all right.

Let's get over to lease shall North Carolina Shelley welcome on their becoming fine. Thank you, Woody, okay, I have a quick and I'm beat. I bought the book about him he should not become an equipment image and he carved out a me to think about it the wrong house and car like I have I have a carved team can have carbon grabbing have you here. It is drunk with Artie did just that you should not follow don't worship that is talking about. Remember, God didn't create this infant had had it made the serpent up on the pole and lifted up in the air and told him to look for the people of Israel look upon it, so that they would be healed of the snakebites and stuff like that. And so it was a sin was wrong to make an image like that at all and God would've done it would convict himself so we know that he did do this and it wasn't made as an issue of worship and adoration. This was going on. Nexus 20 did not make for yourself an idol or like the southern etc. they should not worship them or serve them is talking about the idols and things made in religious services for worship, adoration and participation in don't do that you can have a young but you can have a little statue of your pet cat or a cat or no frog in the backyard and think about this. You know I'm a cat person dog person. Cats and I think cute and fun and with a picture of the movement can't which I did have 1.3 cat, Luther, Calvin Finney people laugh at that. But now we have one called Obadiah. We also called pig start because he's like 17 pounds so I think a picture of fixture multiple killer anywhere addressing is an image not bowing down to it and using it for worship or anything like that. If I put a picture of the cat up on the website or on a wall does make a difference for the picture of a bird like this that that's not the issue. The issue is being used in any way of adoration to Catholics, for example, a break that commitment because all have statues of Mary and will use those statues in their religious services in worship and adoration and Southerner committing sin, and the Roman Catholic Church is encouraging its members to commit sin in the process put in my car payment. Idol worship that which I would get in the catheter that my worshiping a statue either. But the point is using it for image that you would bow before and use in religious or ceremonies.

That's the issue.

Okay I want to quickly get out.

I have an adequate and that they had a hard father married and forget everything I would that be still a pathetically key because life not knowing that either find it a fun game. Why would… The date that you think because the 10 Commandments is a patterned covenant document after the suzerain vassal treaty pattern of the third millennium BC sounds pretty sophisticated. What it means is that the covenant documents the 10 Commandments and two tablets were 10 and 10 because the covenant covenants document testament contract, and each person gets a remember the good of the party gets a cop, and in the 10 Commandments would have is the introduction. This is who I am. This is what I've done on the God, the Lord God by Trinity.

If this would've done and then he has stipulations don't do this don't do that for if you do.

The punishments this is the covenant pattern is what he is doing is simply saying that if you do these bad things covenant penalties will come upon you and just be upon you on your generations to follow. Think about this. If it's a family father decides to worship a false God and he raises his children that they will also suffer the consequences of breaking the covenant because covenant kit are entered into a covenant not necessarily voluntarily either. There's a little thing like covenant.

A lot of people don't know, so the children were not coming to church and no they were. It doesn't matter if they do or do not know they are still wrong for breaking the covenant covenant is an interesting concept in Judaism and is not really understood in Christianity very much in Christian circles and churches, but mailed may be of particular could be entered into the Abraham covenant by circumcision at the age of eight days old and he was entered into the covenant and as such, certain covenant privileges were afforded to him by that from God. And so you have to be aware of the covenant this that's proof.

One of the proofs right there in kind to covenants but nevertheless the children under the apostate father would suffer the consequences of his covenant breaking as well as her own sinful things. Until hopefully, the okay okay what happened that when any phone contact with Chris and Aaron when he looks like the netbook we got people just filled up here. Can you call back with that is a little more lengthy conversation about millennium install collect more about out could have known about what David okay and S. Okay. All right. Let's get to this is John from Detroit John welcoming on the air. I all right we got what good I would like to get a new beginner.

I don't know much about about on the correct email them both but that I would go to John Frain's book apologetics of the glory of God that did good intro on apologetics and I would also and so to my own horn a little bit. I would go to Carmen and start reading up. I would read the Christian theology section you need to read the theology you need to understand the theology you must understand Christian theology you must you must you must talk of the Trinity, the hypostatic union communicative to into Martin propitiation, imputation, sanctification, predestination, election know about sovereignty. You have to know about all kinds of things build to find them and how they interrelate because you have to be able to defend the truth and you will defend error if you don't know the truth of the first thing is study or doctrine. You have to study it yes no well and then we have to do is getting into areas on the web where you defend the faith and you will quickly find those areas of your own weakness.

Some might come to you and say will of Jesus is God/wise at St. John 1428. The father is greater than I, getting an answer for that is when a car so you have to learn how to put together good information.

It takes a little bit of art as well as logical thinking practice. I know it was for 40 years. Unfortunately, to be a good apologist may just be quite knowledgeable a lot of things have to be maliciously gifted that that those were really good apologists have intelligence and knack and things like that meeting on the mediocre apologist. There a lot of great apologist Dr. and I can pay what I know and my goal is to bring down the complicated stuff down to the average person so they can understand what's going on. That's me and so I write super sophisticated apologist materials you'll be able to understand the basics of what I say and then you can go on to bigger and better things from others like Greg Johnson okay Greg Johnson I would deftly recommend you study apologetic from him, and learn the presupposition approach because it presupposition Elizabeth, you'll be able to go a lot quicker a lot for our I created you welcome will.

God bless that up. Sorry about that, all right, let's get to Hadrian from Greensboro, North Carolina. We got about a minute or two of the show we got what's up. Well, a couple of Braithwaite and Wells get personally fast thank you. I got to a nondenominational church started on your power member long time of day about a nondenominational church that made me think. Well, maybe I should be going. Here found that I don't understand what the context was a remembrance.

I can't tell you you did have genetic again will we only have a minute left the question, yes, can you know now hello can you hear me sometime this you hear me okay yeah I don't know the situation is that you're talking about pass I can't answer that week. We are almost 7 times to have a quick question last week about my therapy well I got a work from God or the Lord allowed me to say that all the scary scary you because if the Lord told him is he acting on it. How do you know it's the Lord is inspired wise he got it in the congregation doesn't get it.

Why is he standing at the porch talking to me why you doing right there's problems their survivors think think I got to the Lord and preaching it safe.

I think maybe I've where this really happens in with fear and trepidation I tell you is not a casual handler told me in my heart, and you know my father so casual, the presence of God. Now, okay all the time. Sorry Hadrian Adriana had a call back tomorrow okay and Nelson Bakersfield call back tomorrow for? Joseph Rutherford I think is anyway call back okay and folks ready time the Lord bless you and I hope you read by his grace back on your

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