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May 11, 2020 4:32 pm

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May 11, 2020 4:32 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- Do you believe that anyone who accepts Mariolatry is going to hell- At what point does Mariolatry become idolatry---2- Does the Bible forbid acupuncture---3- What are your thoughts on Beth Moore---4- Doesn't the rosary and the -hail Mary- constitute idolatry---5- When God says -let us make man in our image,- doesn't that mean that God looks like us---6- What is your response to the book -the Jesus Calling----7- Why does God speak as -us- in Genesis but -I- in the rest of the Old Testament---8- If God is a Trinity, why does the Bible say that God is one-

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A previously recorded Netflix show why is the founder and president of apologetics and research what is found alive for you have questions about Bible doctrine. Why five lines 772072276 the last four digits spell see you your room on your phone.

Recall, we have nobody in the line right now.

That's okay guess what I'm working on. I'm working on a paper on slackers and hopefully will release it tonight.

Maybe I'm going to Bible verses like research on it and I'm so convinced it's letter stuff is wrong even more stupid now and so will be releasing a paper article here pretty soon and it's one of my longer want to try keep my articles slick and quick to skip short pendulum is not just can't do that.

You look at the Hebrew and go to different verses, Isaiah, Psalms, Daniel Moorad of Isaiah Chronicles Psalms doing what is allowed to happen. I turned it down and I should take care of everything and was really interesting. I'm using Bible verses going through a lot of what the Christian flight refers will say finding that their arguments are weak, I do not know why anybody seriously would hold to flat earth just so many problems with it so hopefully will build a release that today. Looking back into just doing generic questions getting into anything the Balkan and stuff like that so look folks going to call 877-207-2276, and also let's see we have three online schools and if you are interested in studying the one-to-one theology is important for us to learn with my blush teaches about the Trinity about the deity of Christ, about what salvation is, things are revealed in the Scripture. I have spent literally decades, decades debating them, teaching them, studying them and I got this information down and put it into a school of theology which is not accredited or anything.

This is something you you will sign up for and you take on at your own pace and it's got a lot of good information at her and then I build on that. Do apologetics school apologetics and also you know her. Do thinking and so you can study those you will be lumber grounded in the faith. I get people telling me that they listen to me, and the study of my stuff and they will learn more in six months and they haven't years and years and years put together bragging. The thing is, I just put together this what it says you don't need to read 500 words before you can answer the question if the she's done right away really quickly. No quick and slick so that's that. And if you do sign up for the schools disallowed 24 hours for the whole side of process to work through usually pretty quickly, but sometimes a little glitch in the system to let you know about and I want to jump on the phones. Let's get to Canadian Catholic welcome welcome back like a surprisingly book by Ron Mr. slick do you believe that young people leave that anyone who accepts Mary all going to hell no, because I think is different degrees of ignorance of people can manifest in various things.

But I do believe that it's idolatrous and ultimately as I got you. I don't think we spoken is believing that Mary was a Trowbridge idolatry anything no and that is believing God. I don't know. It is believing that she assumed him to happen. I don't and the answer is no is believing that she was immaculately conceived idolatry low to that one to get idolatry to gain inspiration from idolatry. Start soon. Idolatry is we have to start with God, so God has certain attributes of block to him alone on the presence on the tenants the ability to hear our thoughts to know our thoughts intention of our hearts that Bible never says anybody else could do the and so when we give to a created thing, the attributes of belong to God than that idolatry should only give what belongs to God to God.

So if we would do if someone were to say is the example Mormons do, they will give the attributes of deity to a created thing, which is their God, and you see a man on the planet and he became a God so they give him attributes of belong to the true and living God. Idolatry is whatever you give anything that belongs to the true living God to credit thing it's idolatrous belongs to God alone. For example, the issue of of God alone being able to hear our prayers in multiple languages all over the world. Both thought and spoke with this is an attribute of God and the Bible gives the quality of the attributes of that to God alone and when the Catholics give that same attribute quality to Mary. That's idolatry. Furthermore, when you pray to God you're trusting in him and you're asking God to intercede in the spiritual realm etc. etc. you are trusting in him when you're praying to him. She's not like talking to your buddy next door who is 5 feet away from you and you're having coffee and talking he could pray for me that's not the same thing is getting on your knees and praying to God because it intercession is not idolatry. When you ask your friend to help, but it is idolatrous. If you ask a false god. God of Mormonism of the gutter Jehovah's Witnesses of the God of Islam.

You can't ask those gods as false gods for intercession to help pray to. Because the object is false. So when we talk with this issue of prayer. We realize our God alone. And so when you give it to Mary, the settings that idolatry and this is how it works. Make it work.

Your assertion that unless I am very like I'm being in ink. It is something you assert that I am not I can I worship Mary, will I have a quote from Pat Catholic publication or size of worshiping Mary what they want to do is say no it's not true worship type duly I do not worship Mary, you absolutely anyone who does not worship Mary is not following policy. But it was meant to be Catholicism teaches that this close to the door. Mary seeker intercession with the intercession of others, pray to her and I do the Hail Mary and say these things and hopefully get you more grace. Infusing your soul. All of this is a false document idolatrous many things that you do not agree with you but you don't believe that you also don't believe you was happen but you don't think anyone think that I don't think it do you think that I got not what I think you cannot look at my never married your assertion that I never worship Mary good enough.

If you say you don't just begin consistent not truthful with what you should worship and adoration on do you pray to Mary to pray to God like you to get your knees so to speak. Ask God for things.

Confess your sins to God you talk to God as you do the same thing the Mary you talk to Mary asking for an obsession you prayer as per okay don't prayer a lot of only the King James, the quaint need. For example, a man got worshiped. I do this for Mary.

No, you have given solemn and reverential requests to God in prayer right. Have you given solemn and reverential requests to Mary Revere have done it, but you just said yes to God when I apply the same thing the Mary 91 different definition see what you're trying to do is with a lot of Catholics and a particularly Lotta Catholic apologists do is try and find a nuanced definition that they can steer Protestant tortoises that were doing certain that I'm beginning to get away around what I worship that I do not worship Mary, you're telling me that you not worship Mary, you give I don't you give to Mary belongs to God you pray to her and submit allowed to tell you you submit to her in her will you adore her, you exalt her name you glorify her, absolutely. That's what you do when you talk to Mary because did nephew do you believe that Mary can hear all of your prayers and both spoken and thought I God is capable of letting I asked that I can God do it. I said, can Mary redo it.

Can Mary do ice right now and let's not let the Scottish offense of his God let her know 100,000 prayer simultaneously for people like what is okay got so you can hold on. Can I really comprehend 100,000 of these prayers of God gives to her all at once. Okay so now what you're doing is giving a quality that belongs to God to marry her. This is idolatry. You are giving to her.

A characteristic of being able to comprehend at least 100,000 simultaneous prayers and understand each of them individually. At the same time. This is what you're saying Mary until now, there is nothing in the Scripture says that at all, but it does say it does say that God can do these things since he hears the prayers of all of us.

So now what you're doing is giving to Mary what belongs to God. That's idolatry going like I believe that God gave prophetic Like one, but one of them felt like you know that I can give it to get you not listening to me. I said, for example, 100,000 simultaneously comprehended a prayers. You say it's possible that's the exact exact examples of what you do you sidestep and you go to prophecy and a prophet is not were talking about.

You are giving to the created thing Mary. What belongs to God.

The ability to simultaneously comprehend at least 100,000 prayers at the same time. This know God. Yes, so that I can get bit of knowing 3 trillion possibility, but knowing which one of them will come to know you begin consistent variance is not focusing on the recall joint call back later get one thing to read that Gaffney's messages if you want to call 770757707 Robert welcome back to the show. That's good for Steve from Kernersville, North Carolina with yes or no answer, and you have any biblical question not, no problem. It's in the human body is very complex and the Bible doesn't talk about saying no to the treatments like that for medicinal purposes and a lot of people are surprised to find out. For example, Proverbs 31. Six God says to the press. In Proverbs versus good strong drink to the one who is perishing in wind of the one who is in distress. So there are admonitions therefore anointing and medicinal use of various things if acupuncture can help you is not drug. It's not evil or think they can help the din and go for it. Thank you. Journal from this totally weird occult stuff with it okay thank you sure alright let's go the phone with Chuck from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Chuck welcome near I would like to know what you have to say about that floor stay with. I will look again made it look like because our characters and dorsum upper class women in the church that's more elderly and Beth Moore undoubtedly has a lot of good things to say and she's a gifted teacher and that she's good can communicate quite well. However, the average Joe won't understand a lot of the things that she does that are bad and let's go over a few things. For example, she has said like initiating Scripture Matthew eight 2834 shall say things like this quote before we proceed to the next point. Consider a fact revealed in verse 27 the work like you shouldn't be a preacher and teacher of them anyway. But this the demonic didn't live in a house she says she resided in the tombs and if she goes on. I wonder how many people are living in the tombs I know woman who still suppressed by the spirit decades after the loss of a loved one.

She still lives in in the tombs. It's a horrible application you are taking the word tomb is a literal thing. The demonic, present, and now spiritualizing at the tombs of your own life, and this is just not how you want to do preaching and teaching and a lot of pastors will do this and it's very bad because in the text does not lend itself to that kind of thing is a problem in Psalms maybe but not here when it's a historical narrative and there's other things like this if she gets wrong almost certainly don't was inexcusable, but this is serious stuff because when you make those kind of mistakes.

Then when it's telling me is you don't understand really the deeper parts of how to understand the word of God and you'll make further mistakes and further mistakes are made, so she has said. Like for example in praying God's word breaking free from spiritual strongholds. He says quote God reveals incomparably great power for those who choose to believe we did again incomparably great power more than enough to break the yoke of bondage or belief unclog the pipe and invites the power flow. I would like to know any verse in the Bible it says our belief in God does anything like that.

Show me you know that Jesus could heal because of the unbelief of people that's a different topic, what's going on is the Messiah you doing various things and he's God in flesh. There's a lot going on there but is not that our faith is what unclog the pipes of belief, whatever that could mean that we should have faith but this is just one week exegesis and would be the more serious stuff is an error can come to the Christian church called contemplative prayer and she advocates that is a dangerous practice is been creeping in via Roman Catholicism is a form of Eastern mysticism packaged in Christian terminology and she approves of it. That's the address right there.

She also says that the Catholic churches, Christian, and it's not okay so that's a big fat one okay and there's a video got a link to a video. She talks what is hopefully the video still there but the concern in the video is that she scooters Roman Catholics churches to be Christian domination and most certainly is not. Then she says that God shows her visions as a vision of the church where she gets in and she says I see God doing something huge in the body of Christ. I do not know why I have had the privilege to get to travel around the sea want your check another one group of believers after another and I'll suggest to you that I'm not the only wanted tonight to do my absolute best to illustrate to you something that God showed me sitting out of the back porch. He put a picture. I've explained to you before, very visual person, so he speaks to me very often inputting a picture in my head and it was as if I was raised up, looking down on the community. As I saw the church in a particular dimension. Certainly not all dimensions, but many will discuss tonight, but not a lot of water, not like praying to Mary was Catholic 28 year last 50 years the recovery but I know that rosary you might with the rosary okay the rosary, there are 53 Hail Marys there only six our fathers, while thousands great 53 Hail Marys in the second month Hail Marys at holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners pray for us sinners now and at the death amen is not idolatry. I don't look at the clear it's very good plan.

Glad you brought that to the other guy in the back of my files in back of my head. Yep, that's right, is the task of do you pray the Hail Mary and try to its biblical know it's not because part quote actually yes it is boding that you write 120 quickly. Where can I find the information that you say it is been about the Catholic Church is about the various apparitions as a color in their at least external is referred to as a pleasant working… I think I like you got going and thought about you it's it's idolatry. They promote sharing information is sure to give you more about the separation working out go to Carly kind harm. See is my website and go to the section Catholicism in the subsection Mary and therefore Marian dogmas can marry her prayers. The exaltation of Mary Mary's virginity full of grace. I analyze that the lit native blessed Virgin or claim any good in the apparitions. Let's see where the approved apparitions of Mary and the Roman Catholic Church. That's there as well and then I have the quotes inside. I believe inside of those but also you can go to the cut-and-paste section and I have apparitions there listed is that a lot it's consolidated. The documentation is there and the stuff that they say that the Roman Catholic Church says that Mary is really Mary it's demonic all right it was Chuck from Greensboro, North Carolina for open line 70725770727 charismatic slave back recalled three open lines 772072276 Mike from Greensboro, North Carolina. We got I got it ready by the sure that make man in our image, golf cart that that would… No it's the image of God is not physical. Jesus says in John 424 that God is Spirit. Luke 24 $0.39 per does not have flesh and bones as you see I have in God encompasses the entire universe everlasting everlasting God. Psalm 90 verse two, so he's not in a physical form. What you could encompass the universe eternally.

The image is that that image of God. God hates we hate God loves. We love God could think we can think were made in his image. In that sense the animals are not. So we have this ability of sentience, morality, and things like this and rational ability, rational things, so this was going on okay and topical that they were right down that white paper. Father by size that no power, no no you will not. No case study with the Mormons teach the teacher God is money flesh and bones is about 6 feet tall and three made his image musically made his physical limits and they say that there some heretical teachers within Christianity there teaching the God have is a planet like Swaggart and Kenneth Copeland so close to Mormonism also know God. God is everywhere, is on the present rights. We can't benefit your physical form for that. There is no physical form of God.

Okay, he spirit okay okay why are you asking William Caruso because you know why you asking me to make sure you're in the right track. This is settled. I don't want you to go okay disagree and you go on because that would be idolatrous on your part. If you to consider that God the father, for example, has a physical form. Oh, growing man or up in my head. Optical will show him what you said. I have you turned up Max on the on the volume here. I am not allowed okay when they went up on the mountain and back by 33 that well will the doctor that you teach a little bit here. Okay, do not believe in a Christian but I would strongly recommend that you go to the car and website asymmetric and I want you to go to Carmen.

See site for almost 25 years and you can go there and learn Christian theology doctrines are there. The Scriptures are there you go through and read a lot there in the Christian doctrine section. You really need to do this, but if you don't get grounded well be opened up to all kind of deceptions now. Who were they seeing in the Old Testament. This is important because in the doctrine of the Trinity, which is one God in three distinct simultaneous persons with a person we don't mean a person like you and me with the body, flesh and bones theology as the definition of person and personhood relationship with the father and the son and Holy Spirit amused by person.

In this context is having the ability to have a will to love to hate to speak of.

Others speak of themselves. This is the idea of personhood. We know this is possible without a physical body because of collage screwed me of second 2012 to antiquities 58. Talk about being alive apart the body that right now. So God has this characteristic in three persons, but only one being, not three gods.

Okay, one God, three brings the second person of the Trinity became flesh and dwelt among us. – John 11 in verse 14 is Jesus, who has two distinct natures.

The divine nature and the human nature and he saw a man right now in heaven on the throne. He has holes in the side his feet and his wrists. This is who Jesus is and I can expand on that some other time. When we get to the issue of, for example, in Exodus 3 in Exodus 33 when God is talking to Moses and the kind of see Moses and also annexes 24 nine 211. In Exodus 6213, number 12, six through eight, Genesis 17 one and 18. One thing see God in sometime to see a physical form, but it's never the father because Jesus says in John 646 that no one's ever seen the father at any time. Paul the apostle says in first Timothy 616 and 1760. He says that God to speak of the father wasn't unapproachable light to no man has seen nor can see when you go back to the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve were walking with God not walking with the father because no man is ever seen. The father John 646 and the Holy Spirit. Whenever we see him manifested in the Old Testament and the New Testament in wind and fire and things like that.

So what we conclude is that who is being seen in the anthropomorphic form author Bossman Morphy form man form a more thick form of a man is the pre-incarnate Christ in the Old Testament so just as the pre-incarnate Christ was walking with Adam and Eve in the garden and they sent he shed blood by covering them with animal skins. He began the gospel in the garden and he finished the gospel in the garden of Gethsemane when he died. And so when you see God appearing like this in the Old Testament. It's the pre-incarnate Christ and that's who's appearing and that's what the answers okay that makes sense. That's that's it right. That is the answer and that God does not have a body flesh and bones as Mormonism teaches, and he does so he's everywhere all the time and you can get facts to go to my website Carmen and he just look up who is God's go to the search engine and who is God when you'll see there is an examination of of him as being is a Trinitarian being a little bit on the Trinity and some truths about God's nature and a lot of related articles stuff to check out is a lot of information. Only understand your glycidyl going out on a regular name slick that's your first warning flag Rector just got slicked of the careful, however, I have been studying this for 40 years debating it left and right often on for 40 years and will debate every topic every day. I mean, this is what I've been doing. I spent hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of hours talking to Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims and atheists and Christians you don't know things and not knocking them a dispute written a great great deal on this and had articulate all kind of stuff and so is up the example of verses. I was quoting to you all from memory bragging. Just think that's how much I'm done I put this down in these articles on the Christian doctrine section in their free, just go to Carmen look at the Christian talk and start reading.

And if you go through those and check out what I say what I've written on the with the word of God you check it out. You make sure it's in the Scriptures you do that you will learn so much so fast, you need to do okay okay buddy okay more questions.

I had it right now that okay that's fine and call back in line if you want. We got the open lines but after you and talks more if you want all right you find a good church and don't get dad churches all right. This is one car might have in an article what to look for in church look that up and it will help you great deal. Okay. All right. Mike will go blissfully well is Mike from Greensboro folks. We have three open lines. If you want to give me a call eight 772-072-2760 right back after these messages the mats like why call 770727 to the show laws had a question I want addresses on the book the Jesus calling and I want talk about that next caller at the Jesus calling is a popular book in Christian circles, and it's got thousands of very high rated responses on on Amazon and it's a book full of heresies and its New Age and it's dangerous like this book, the shack that was so popular years ago.

It is another book that unfortunately has done damage in the Christian church so read a little bit.

A lot of out of this book. Some excerpts of what you understand this book as is very dangerous quote.

During that same year, 1992.

This is the author speaking this number 2004 version which was later removed in a later version.

Why would he be removed. Okay which is taken out of the later version 2011 version with the 2004 version of the book containing this during that same year, 1992 I began reading God calling a devotional book written by two anonymous listeners.

These women practiced waiting quietly in God's presence, pencils in hand, pencils and paper in hand. According to the messages they received from him. The messages are written in the first person with I the snake God should put this in.

This is our cultism automatic writing. It's an occult practice and sheep included in a book she didn't have the training and knowledge. The depth, the wisdom be able to know that's profound heresy. It's our cultism, but I'm sure people complained about it and in the next version that was removed and you'd also shrewdly removed this the 2004 version said.

Remember the extreme measures I used with Abraham and Isaac. I took Isaac to the very point of death to free Abraham from son worship SON worship with Abraham and Isaac suffered terribly because of the father's undisciplined emotions when you release loved ones to me. You are free to cling to my hand… Full of crud and was changed to Joseph and his father Jacob suffered terribly because of Jake because Jacob this is completely changed in the same context read the whole context. In this excerpt are changed or changed because of superstition, heresy, and wait a minute. This is what people don't realize what this book is supposed to be a book from God were God gave her knowledge and wisdom and teachings. She would write as though God was speaking to her and this is the Jesus calling and the time of the writing, which was back wrote this back in 2015. It was almost 9005 star ratings, and almost 404 start start ratings. There should be 1/10 level should be no ratings noted by it or those who do this you give it negative ratings is really bad here so they went up on the step on some toes on the say this is a good mix of anatomy, so the numbers impressive. I went through the top 10 pages of reviews looking for the names of the reviewers to discern whether male or female. Of those authors names that carried gender six were males and 50 females. That means 88% of the positive reviews reviews were from women.

Why is that I believe is because women are more emotional than men, generally speaking, more sentimental love that touching that feeling that closeness thing and because of it. They lack proper discernment.

Sometimes when it comes to reading things like this makes it mad at me for saying that won't get mad but you see men and women have strength and weaknesses for what they are.

And this is a weakness here. Why would 80% of the positive reviews be from women.

It shouldn't be the case that way. I'll tell you. I believe it's because of the emotional kind of sentimental touchy-feely kind of thing is presented in this book, a touch reached out to touch the heart of women seen this bad in and of itself, that's okay.

But the problem is that this woman who wrote this book doesn't know what she's doing and she's misleading people in New Age philosophy and our cultism.

It's horrible and so one of the quotes in the book if you want to work with me, you have to accept my time frame. Hurry is not in my nature really. I went look at the word hurry, guess what Jesus said in Luke 19, five, he said.

Second, Zacchaeus hurry and come down for today a mistake or house, but if hurry is not in his nature. Why would Jesus was God in flesh say hurry. This would bring me the sacredness the sacrifice of your precious time. This creates sacred space around you. What it creates sacred space that is ridiculous is New Age thought talked about the negative focus darkening her mind.

New Age there's another one a golden toned bells of Joy ripples of good tidings in ever widening circles. These are poetic kind of statements that don't mean a whole bunch. But if you're emotionally needy in your reading through things you can insert into those things the needs that you want answered. This is the problem with this kind of stuff. It's new AG-ish, tell you it's just stuff there. So my best third world we have to be more discerning folks the way to be more discerning. Is this the word of God. If you have to go to books devotional books more than the word of God, you got a problem if the word of God is not your your anchor.

The thing that you judge truth by if it's not there. You even know enough about it, you read someone's work.

You can even tell that maybe some of you said yeah it's a great book. It made me feel good. And if that's the case, I'm sorry to hear dislike people who fell into the deception of the shack which says belief in heresies far worse than ladies and it was turned into a movie. Why because Christians were buying it all over the place. Having no discernment whatsoever.

Truth really is because the stories made me feel like it was sentimentality. This is a problem when sentimentality overtakes the truth of God for the error comes into play and deception files folks study the word of God.

Read the Bible regularly study what it says and dare I say go to Carmen and read articles on theology and doctrine the Trinity and who Jesus is and salvation check everything I say gets the word of God check everything on the site with the word of God. Major Bible should be open. Check you will grow the growing truth and you learn to submit your emotions to the word of God and his truth that we need in the Christian church today.

Let's get to Justin from Georgia just and welcome your on their hey thank you so much. I know you and II don't know if you no longer, but my question here, just like a multiplicity at an early get everything in the guy so it has to do with the Trinity, so Mike I was watching him. James White debate 1955, not credit myself and that so my question it. I have a few Genesis, and that one I like looking at the market. I don't know if you get all of understand, but quickly slept with winters was located four minutes.

Sure yeah so one why did you three times in the rest of the Old Testament used the word I in your personal program because because God will often speak in the plurality, as well as a singularity designating both the plurality this Godhead as well. The singularity, but in the very creative order.

There's a reason for it to go to Genesis 11 in the beginning God said, and then the next couple three verses B like to God created he spoke to Jeff to John 11 in the beginning was the word word was with God the Word was God the Word became flesh like among us. Verse 14 between those talks with the created order. So what were seeing here in the in the Old Testament is a hands of the work of Christ, the creator, which is also spoken of in Colossians 152 70 direct creator of all things, and we look at this we go to Isaiah 4424 which is a God makes all things by himself. So what he's saying, let us make man in our image.

Genesis 126 and the end. Genesis 11 seven left us without confounding language is talk of the plurality of God. The Trinitarian essence is that's their is being hinted that it occurs in places and in the nude Old Testament also hurt the reputation that one Unitarian data that are taught he could be talking about Angel. How do you, how would you let us make man in our image now when you go to go to this verse I read mentioned it, but only quickly. Isaiah 4424 thus says Yahweh your Redeemer and the one who formed you from the womb.

I am Yahweh, and the maker of all things, stretching out the heavens by myself and spreading out the earth all alone was hurt anybody with him in his creation. No angels weren't the ones who were doing any of the creating with them later and if the oneness of essay. The Angels are doing creating what idolatry you okay okay and it felt when Mark 12 you know that you are the argument like a scribe of the tank that you know why would you want levity, not just give the tri-unity simply there quality that you know you're not far from the kingdom of God by Zach for Mark 12 2834 is of the Lord is one Lord would one in the Hebrew and from Deuteronomy 64 is he'd which I think Chuck notified which means composite unity like one group of grapes and things like that so you understand that much to be happening in the old old and the New Testament.

You see a mixture of the plurality in the singularity when we see Jesus quoted in the Old Testament.

You have to understand that he was made on the log license for four for little while the world and the Angels Hebrews 29 and would speak sometimes in a way to cause us to go. What's he saying this as he says in John 1030 on the father of one right and he says says that the claim of deity, but was exactly the center complete question, but a scribe teacher. I lived together. He is one of their is no one else was item yes because he claimed to be God, but they did it fair to her farewell thing to understand the plurality of God in the Old Testament technical okay right and I never heard the argument in Philippians 2 where he talked about like Adam thing around Christ being Adam or something then quickly your I not know in no but he's the last Adam and that's it for/1550 is 56 and this deals with the issue was called federal headship of the Muses can start here any second.

You need to call back tomorrow. We could talk the federal headship in federal headship has nice representation male representation and so the first Adam and everybody, the last Adam. Jesus represented only his people. It has a federal headship, even for is 1522 in Adam all die in Christ also made alive. This is why he's called the representation. Okay God bless, logos, question hey folks, I hope you going to show the Lord bless you tonight and by his grace back on your

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