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May 11, 2020 5:44 pm

Matt Slick Live

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May 11, 2020 5:44 pm

Open calls, questions, and discussion with Matt Slick LIVE in the studio. Questions include---1- An array of short questions related to the Trinity--2- What does it mean to take up our cross daily and follow Him---3- Interview with John from Transworld Radio--4- Was creation in a literal six days and why is that important---5- Who are the two witnesses in Revelation---6- How does the temptation of Jesus fit into the chronology of John---7- Should I continue listening to someone who publically endorsed the -Jesus Calling- book---8- Is the Christian Broadcasting Network a legitimate ministry---9- Do you have any resources on how we can reach out to the Black Hebrew Israelite movement-

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A previously recorded net selection of mass Y is the founder and president of the listed apologetics research was found alive on the more you have questions of our Bible doctrine serves a max what why rises your questions at 877 not there, the Lord bless you greatly today/Friday. The first day of me if you checked what you may call all you do is dial 877-207-2276 talked so well okay you know if I was to have four lines and will be doing your central question. So if you got a question your talk with the Lord you want talk about something related to theology and politics and all kind of stuff.

Just give me a call right 772072276 Justin from Georgia right in there just and welcome wrong here. Hey, Trinity.

Okay, but so my question, it kind of an array and I actually was talking to Dr. Brown about earlier on his radio show, wondering. We talked a little bit yesterday you said that whenever God and Janet talk about the plurality people say that he's talking about Angel, but you you mentioned.

I think 4424 about an angel to be creating anything out in the image of God's track right okay and make okay if somebody said the interpretation of people have on John one about people saying what God was worth what from unitary earn at home. Well yeah I've seen this kind of thing talking up for what I try and mix things up and Terrence trying change the word of God to make it say what you want to say but no John wants is what it says in the Greek of going over it many times in the Greek and it says in the beginning was the word word was with God and the Word was God.

That's the correct translation okay. Like with when it talks about and being looking. When Jesus and whatnot.

We have like him.

I guess I just wonder like why throughout his earthly ministry. You know I don't get godly like it but I guess why.

What why didn't they help to clearly state the Trinitarian doctrine anything like know God is three and wander like that why I get why this because I would and eight… I guess because he didn't like because God didn't ordain that will be done what he does do is take the revelation given to the prophets and apostles and gives it to the church and the church figures out the various truths that are woven within their will, undoubtedly, they knew of some plurality of God.

Undoubtedly, the you'll find that throughout history, what happens is doctrines are refined because of errors that creep in.

This is how it works so well the early creeds of the Christian church were sufficient for what they were then put his more more errors crept in the church need to get together and the whole define basic doctrines and so the Trinity developed out of that is not that is contrary to Scripture against Scripture or illogical, which is derived out of scriptural people sorta say what what is it exactly that God is revealed in the church as a whole would come together and figured out that's what was going on and I know like you like one question type thing, I don't think of anybody until I used to support what the Trinity is important okay so when I get in John 17 verse three. The only know you the only true God. My guess just like I didn't find it that way. I heard in that way.

Why would he say to you got caught came up with the reason would say that is because according to the Scriptures. Jesus is under the law. In Galatians 44 and as someone under the law he had to follow the law and serve God. Now this is interesting because he's part of the Trinity by his nature, his God has two natures, the divine nature and human nature, and so overseeing here when he would say select John 17. Three of the only true God is talking about the nature of of the father. Not that the father is a God, because Jesus obviously knew that he was in the Godhead, so he wouldn't say that the father's only true God. Knowing this about his own nature and essence because he understood who he was no one is a we have to understand is that Jesus was Jewish and Jews often spoke in exaggeration. And so, for example, notes that Jesus was a truly, truly, I say, or truly, truly, truly, one truly is enough, but they would do this kind of thing. They also do things and Jude wrote, for example, ungodly person to turn the grace of our God into licentiousness and deny our only Master and Lord Jesus. Let's Jude for a way to measure is the Godfather, not our master in our Lord will yeah what's happening is what they're doing is focusing on individual members within the Godhead and and saying things about them in Very High Way, Jesus did this Jude did it the other apostles that it so this is what we see is the exaggeration that is carried again. John 17 three it looks interesting.

There is that that he said just two verses later, the father, glorify me to go with yourself for the glory which I had with you before the world was while he's claiming to be have preexistence with glory that he had before the father with the father, God says he'll surely agree with nobody. Jesus is claiming that glory. So he's claiming to be divine. So what's he saying this is eternal life, that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ.

Now wait a minute he's sending you know God and Jesus. So he's putting himself on the equal level of having to know who God is and know him, but is not this simply think things know who God is, but you make that that they may know you the only true God and Jesus Christ whom you have sent he could.

This could be you can even say I'm I believe this is the case in a lot of Scriptures that God said things in such a way so that the non-elect would not get it in the elect would exit the theory as a statement like this. We know Jesus is God in flesh with the John 11 verse 14 Colossians 29 Hebrews 1 618-5213 I know right and what we know this, so when he sang Jill to God. He's speaking as a man under the law, who would have to say that there is a true God, the only true God, the God of Israel is true God. This is the correct thing speaking about and then he acquits himself on that level effect go to John five, which is really interesting because what Jesus says in John 520 through 23, he says, for the father loves the son and shows all shows him all things that he himself is doing the father will show greater works than these, so that you will marvel for just as the father raises the dead and gives them so the son also gives life to whom he wishes to the father gives life and the son also gives life. That's equality with God. God gives life in verse 22, not even the father judges anyone, but is given on the son. Verse 23, so that all will honor the son even as the father now let me notice of ludicrous thought. What if I were to come on the radio and say that you thought of me. Even if you got a father you would immediately six guys a wacko heretic at a multiyear, and rightly so were so used to having Jesus say these things will think about what course would say on them. Even as Alan father have because he's got we would think about it, but when running facility saying the people listening to him at that time all man what is going on here is he same frequency claiming to be see both of these things you see in John three you know God's will will give only begotten son. Women whose God and relationship with the son that one more thing. If you go to John 11 it says in the beginning was the word the word was with God and the Word was God's tautness as the Word was God against the divine essence being nature. In verse 14 and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. We beheld his glory now verse 18 no one has seen God at any time, with John saying no man seen God at any time because he saying that Jesus obviously is God in flesh and then John says no one seen God at any time you speaking about the father would know this is consistent with what Jesus said and what John chose to save on Jesus because Jesus in John 646 and not any man has ever seen the father at any time they were seeing God in the Old Testament, but never got the father. So what we see a study on this see is after verse 14 in John one each reference to God is a reference to the father so I don't 17 okay. He says that the only true God told true fathers essentially what he saying okay okay. Would you mind if I?

Christian living real fast. We got all of is waiting right. Okay, take up your cross daily date and one I met on Monday know what it what it really was living with verses in John 923 know what it is I don't like verse personally, I think of going problematic and it just reveals to be my failures showing how great he is actually what I'm really made of, you know that basic stuff so the we look at the issue of the cross. The cross as a place of death, and in the context of what was going on this before Jesus died. Even the sang the disciples if anyone wishes to come after me.

He's got deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow me. Could you imagine hearing this, the cross was the instrument invented by the Phoenicians 600 BC.

The Romans then took as a means of execution for only the worst criminals and sometimes he would do this during war to cause fear of people and I not only have ever done on this network here. I thing on the crucifixion and what it does in the human body for five minutes to go through and its horrifying will the people would've known how bad it was nice to pick up your cross go. This place of of rebuke condemnation, great suffering, death mockery that we saw you do that on a daily basis and you don't go next day. Okay, I think I just think of less folks right back after these messages the mats like why call 770-7276 tears. Matt's leg try to write a welcome back to the show now before you go to the caller. We got a little something to do here caller special guy named John. John your near body either back back at every yes I can all arrive good being with you in Boise Idaho are remembered or not. Together, and are good getting to know you a little bit while we're out there on that one to catch up with you about what were doing parental radio is working and got it done great things that parental radio would broadcast the gospel around the world. 230 language without and more than 4 billion people would be 4 billion people can turn on the radio. The good news of Jesus Christ through parental radio.

At that incredible when you think about it and what Truth Network is saying is we want to partner with tribal radio more radio and people and people can hear the good news of Christ and to do that were were inviting listeners right now to call and do a $75 radio. These are wind up radio and at $35 not only cover the cost of the radio that the cost of the shipping from China Africa and from the distribution cost, and the whole deal and covering all of that and you can put on wind up radio while wind up radio because batteries are expected and many people in Africa don't have access to electricity and fill line up radio tool and so that phone number in real is AAA 988-5656 AAA 988-5650 for creating the long-lived maker get there. Now we've been looking to do a goal hundred radios back and right now we have only 13 left to go there. We would love for you that finishes off right today you pick up the phone and you do one radio you live radios.

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There was hear from you what you pick affect on right now give us a call AAA 988-5650. Again AAA 988-5656. I know you love within the mat.

I know you love enjoying the kind of teaching and apart the word of God.

And that's exactly what folks in Africa need today, would you consider that gift AAA 988-5656 you know we we talked years ago and I was very impressed. Then we teaming the studio then Nintendo talked about the setting is everything. I really do and also things that happen since you and I talked last time we had my meeting this morning literally have a karmic meeting what weekly and we have gotten turkey a guy from Brazil.

I guy from Columbia and have a guy from Africa in Malawi and he he's always been telling us that guy said he will let me get a website get the Internet going down there and people can use Internet use it really have all that you know these countries don't have electricity.

Very much their health might not have phones that don't have computers and Internet mood issues revenue rethink how we do everything we would putting up material setting out the mess a whole other story. But it just confirms what you're citing people are hungry that your hunger yes is what he's telling us is named Jost her and he's been there hungry for the word you're absolutely right Jost are absolutely right. Back when I was in Malawi a couple months ago. It was amazing where we would get it radio to people who don't have a radio don't have telephone don't have electricity in their home and they are just so excited because now that you the word of God in Malawi. We've got an a network of FM radio station covering the entire country and people know about parental radio at very many people know about Truth Network people know about.PW are the people listening to when we were getting out is radiotherapy dioxide they would be able to hear God's word on the way and when you think about it, you are giving God's word.

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Today were trying to get 100 radios and weird 13 oh 13 radios away which piggybacked on call right now AAA 988-5656 AAA 988-5656 or you can always do it online stuff this when Stu and I talked about this today.

We're talking with Michelle once my stuff and he mentioned you we do get them on the air so he he likes it. I like it. It is great and folks, this is a spontaneous thing it really you really need to hear the gospel after I know that Islam is moving in and trying to destroy churches in people's lives and everything Islam is evil just love the idea gets adequate so they put these these ratings are wind up so they can listen, I'm assuming that people would just gather in groups to listen as I how works they do know what we were story. I love the colors we are driving down the road and our director from allowing says stop it or how and and drop off a radio, not about you Matt, I'm driving down the road here in US. I don't just randomly stop at somebody's house to give them a gift alert. Given that the thought of that, I would do. But when Malawi they decide to do that when their people found out they that we were from Transylvania. All parental radio in the house was. It was God. True, it would. The bricks were homemade out of clay. The kids were in the front yard playing in the start and dad's laundry hanging on the line and we gave mom the radio. She was just so excited and active well how did she know about parental radio. If you know should never radio though our our director after the question and she said all the transload radio through our neighbors. Radio anytime were out working in our farming and farming are field while that is exactly that. Just like that they're going take that radio in the house they're gonna gather around me listening PW are you listening to God's word and you know what God's word go and return void is going to accomplish the purposes for which he said that that's the beauty you don't want to get a phone number again because it's so important that we finish it off would give we get the hundred radios to countries like Malawi, Ghana, and yet Mozambique so many more in Africa. Your gift with the gospel and somebody and somebody years AAA 988-5650. I need you to get AAA 988-5656 you can call right now.

Give one radio maybe five radios maybe 10 radios we need to hear from you call right now AAA 988-5656.

We can always go online Truth stuff versus death's claim that he called by God blessed John as they slowly avoid so far.

I appreciate your volume advice about okay goblins arrived by boat spontaneous well similarly spontaneous thing with developers got it right back is to the man's leg. Why call 770-7276. Here is Matt's late arrival and welcome back to show them just a really fast at the summer schools online for check amount to school theology, apologetics, and critical thinking. Just not on the car homepage please give 24 hours for the sign of the work. Sometimes it can slow hey let's get to Matt North Carolina met welcome here. Thank you for taking my call. Adequate fresh employee in the creation of a literal six days and why is that important engine that well we to sin within Christianity there's a debate on whether or not it is literal versus nonliteral and I no problem with it being literal at all and the problem with being longer. Caesar, I think both are doable. From this text. I don't believe there is millions of years old.

Personally, I just don't buy that reassessment of the stuff and adds this work, but the idea of a 60 little creation is the idea in it. God is the one who sovereigns God is the one who put things in order God as one who did what he did and he did a certain order in a certain way to believe, and this is what the fundamental idea is within Christianity the trust's sovereignty to trust his greatness.

So the idea of this literal six day creation is certainly a doctrine that can support that we wanted to support God in that now does say the Hebrew word for Yum or different day.

Excuse me is your home and whenever it occurs, with a ton ordinal number first, second, third, then it means 24.4 hours except the one place it doesn't is that I found is in the seventh day this is the seventh day, but it doesn't say that it ended because the other days had a beginning and an end but not the seventh represent above the rest and so because of that that I can't say that every instance of some have said means 24 hours, though it implies the idea with 24 hour period in the six days the seventh day doesn't have that and I believe because of sympathy as the rest. Jesus is our rest in Genesis 5 genealogy between Nola between Adam and Noah and the names in English get a sentence and ends with word rest.

It says appointed to mortal men, sorrow, blessed God will come down when he dies it will come to the despairing rest and so we see that Genesis has literalness in it and representation in it as well and there are parallels within it.

Today, one day for day two and a five and a three and a six are paralleled in the Christian of the light and day one, but the sun on date of four and you'll see these things separating land and stuff in the two and the vegetation on the five so it is like what's going on here how literal is it, saying its nonliteral but I believe literalness in it but also it is more woven into it's a brilliantly written piece so because of all that I saved with the six days I do not lean towards that idea any problem with it but I wouldn't have a problem with it been a little bit longer periods but I do not accept lines of years and stuff like that like right now just was land that had a conversation with a friend of mine mentioned but I don't really think it was really thick day and think like that and I reread it, like well on the audit. I believe that if God wanted to create everything and escape certainly and literally six days by longer than that, it got really something that is they horribly inaccurate thing I have you know or let unite nothing heretical about that. I'd like to say biking abutted guy. Be careful when people start meeting in like evolution bag I got really upset. Go that wrong right and one missing the six-day model does is precludes any dependence upon the evolutionary theory and because it just doesn't get time for things to happen. The natural sentence of the six-day creation is demonstrating the supernatural ability of God, he could and six seconds one Saturday whenever so when he wrote this or had it written. It's very interesting and when I would first become a Christian had no problem with ending long, long periods in the older I get, the more I think about the shorter and shorter periods of its literal 24 have a problem with that from 24 hours and could've been in all but who knows of evolution. The orchestra should okay yeah I think he thought answering I appreciate of you have a great weekend God bless you. You two men, I write okay let's get to Ron from Cary, North Carolina Ron, you're on the year you got what the author appreciate sure. Revelation 11.

And I will give power to my three with and they will ballot the Lord for day of what wilderness does the series there's two theories, one at its Moses and Elijah and enters Moses in trying and having my baby but I'm leaning towards home. Elijah and the only reason I do is because Moses and Elijah represent the law and the prophets. I dislike that symmetry but you know maybe it's enough. Maybe because the Bible says in Hebrews 1126 to 26, 27.29% atomic, whatever. Well, that's a point on the many die once, and judgments of people people in the rapture but normally speaking, we have. Moses represents law that is the reason it's Elijah and Enoch named come back again a die because of two witnesses get killed, but years ago I used to talk. I know chat room and a lot of very interesting characters in her night I talked to a guy who said he was one of the two witnesses is really just a discussion is articulate and intelligent cities wanted to witnesses and of course he did not have all his positive litter box will help you there. Yes, that is thick and throughout Audrey's daily earth and was a source of light lamp stand plus lamp that was using the temple as a one of the instruments of holiness in the in the temple and the olive trees often use represent Israel. So there witnesses for Israel, who give the light stand before the Lord on the earth and assess fire flows out of their mouth and devours their enemies. No, what we would say it was literally on the amount I would say that they spoke in the fire comes down as they think proceed this way they have.

They have imagined in a movie today who had for godly written of the truth of God was at right and started lately. There killer and related recovery have vaguely rather than their right to the last part of the tribulation. Because the 1260 days is three and half years is probably the second half the jubilation.

When the antichrist reveals himself as being the antichrist and things really hit the fan and is witnesses are there and is part of the because that they also don't let rain down and so is famine and drought. Some problems of part of person and every hate somebody can destroy them until finally they are killed in the world rejoices to be the unbelievers rejoicing at the death that God not going to hear the elect likely with Matthew 2424 now in foster support.

This will rise many to deceive possibly even the elect rights of the lexicons given by the father to the sun before the foundation of the world and elected. That's Ephesians 145 okay were found generation or the letting work now. The elect are for the foundation of the world that the ones who become Christians and believers right so there there here they have been here they will be here to work with the Christians are the ones who work the elect. The chosen and given by the father to the son, John, six or 7/3 to 40 okay okay okay the caller shall remove all the help of private okay let's get on the phone with Josh from Houston Josh welcome your on here I met weekly speaking to you when you all of the young notice and not the Gospels after Jesus's baptism and how it led into the wilderness of the Spirit to be tempted by Satan. Now John's Gospel does not know for whatever reason mentioned that you probably know him riding later realized they had Artie been covered that just the way I've always understood it, but he chooses not to have the decision of Jesus, but this get back to this after the break. Talk about the five okay please hold on right back after these messages. Mats like why call 770-7276.

Here is Matt's leg right when looking back to the show Josh from Houston is still there. There is a wide attempt not recorded in John right right and not only that, but you know what that was written later so he probably realizes that the other dog and outputted America. Maybe Bob, no need for the redone rundown and pay but that indicator the chronology given, you know, like any others right after the baptism of the welder for the 40 day temptation, but in John. They seem to chronology chronologically go to the wedding you noted on the disciples, third day seat the issue. The reason John did include most problems because the purpose of him running the gospel to demonstrate the deity of Christ, the work of Christ along and connect with that deity because depending when he wrote it really doesn't matter. The idea of understanding of who Christ was, was becoming more prevalent among the members of the church and understanding who he was, what had happened and so as he's writing he's solidifying and declaring a lot of these issues about the deity versus their scenes that go throughout that that are not found in the gospel so many quality of Jesus with fathers and with John five John three the issue being born again and John six, which is an incredible chapter of the doctrine and insight into eternity and some very interesting things would John focuses on and shows a relationship with the father the son and the way in a better way. Actually, John 524 John 824 Jesus says, unless you believe that I am little diner since Johnny, 58, before Abraham was, I am an old John 1030 I and the father are one so obvious. The deity of Christ is the theme, and so John just chose not to include the temptation right and I know John dollars dollar technology. John's Gospel most your fine focus, but you might buy toward more eclectic chronological order for him to leave. They hold the temptation to gather things like right after the baptism. You know than John Thursday followed him. Now and then made the other two fossils following him and I know eventually go to the wedding and after two so it didn't seem to have that faith.

Also think about this.

Think about was going on. John know John one in the beginning was the Word was with God and to get the John things 13 know that's it says all things came into being through him and prefer him nothing came into being. This is a proclamation of his deity when you go to John to the wedding at Cana. Notice how many water pots are there because her 66 days of creation and the one who created is the one who sitting there and change water into wine, full maturity and the six-day situation is these are subtle things he's trying to show on the deity in a higher level, we didn't deal with the temptation because had other things in mind you want to get to okay is thematically driven, not chronologically driven, so you would not want the discrepancy does not pay attention to the chronology of Arabic discrepancy. All it would've taken you my wife and I gone through identical things.

And if we were to write in separate rooms for an hour an account of those exact same offense. Both will be accurate and both can be quite different so as not discrepancy you have differences of view. Differences of focus and that's what would be the case that initial discrepancy.

We just don't include something that'll sitting flat. We want you understand why they that I wanted and I say that it because it is there. That timeline given authority that on the third day after the event. Beyond the wedding again I left, but that it doesn't leave room in unless there is a different order. There maybe you know maybe some sage on the John given it like Pat Ward. Maybe in use will coming back to that area.

After the temptation in the wilderness and then the other, communally coming back through the Jordan.

And that's when Jonathan Seibel yeah and if you look at Genesis and you see with the third day is visitation and life and visitation includes no grapes wine is this is parallel. There so I think this would John is that I think John really knows what he's doing and he's trying to draw parallels with Genesis.

In the early chapters of five from the gospel and this is why he's not into the temptation because he's trying to figure something else out and get things going for those who have that Jewish mindset. They would see the deity. Okay good okay prepaid rent, but Raymond got blessed but all right assuming it to Nelson from Bakersfield, California. The long wait. Sorry buddy. We got no good man loving ministry for our figure. So Roberto yesterday and am I want to touch upon the other Junior coloring book. I know that book is not of God and them. But I listened to it about three years ago I visited David Jeremiah and I never think you might have to send me a link that is about three years ago. David Jeremiah was supporting that book really like will you shouldn't and you should not because of the things it teaches and if he did me tell you, like for example a week or so ago I said to be pink was an isolationist universal think it was and universal and I was wrong as something corrected me on well and in a broader definition of the long right, and I made a correction radio. The point is that so that preachers and teachers because are so busy because of this they will hear certain things they might give recommendation for something as a something is not exactly accurate or not. Try to be deceitful and just sometimes the people okay but it all depends jerk David Jeremiah if he is he affirms the Jesus: that would be a serious problem if I was attending his church and he came up and said this, then I would go to him and said you are you aware what this actually says in there and I would expect the say something like oh my goodness I had no idea we could see but it is as yet. I read it I think is great that I would mimic or the church is that that I fast okay Beverly, I'm goodbye quicker to continue listening to Amber or not the narrator we do we have an issue. Natalie teen says go to the one so the first thing I would do is is write to him and say you've heard he's as supportive Jesus calling go to the con website and book review on the Jesus: I read the book for the purpose of writing review and so you can then link it in there and say this, he still support the book when it teaches these bad things is dangerous stuff that you know he's not an apologist. I am in so I'm aware and more sensitive to some of the things of darkness that are woven into some of these feel-good books so I don't like the shack in the Jesus calling in my opinion are two deceptively written books. Not that the authors were intending to be deceptive. I believe that but there's deception that they have used without knowing that there deceived into putting the stuff of false things and in those books. Okay, okay. Remember great finger government tort a benefit to all right dispute over to Tom Thumb. Only North Carolina, communally or I meant.

I know we only have a couple minutes so try to be real great certain Christian media program that I watch and honest there regularly having words of knowledge and calling calling out miracles are happening in their ministry typically dealing do you think that that the godly do you think that this is a legitimate ministry that they have going on. I don't want to name the ministry which you would like to because I think things but Amen and amen. It sure Christian broadcasting network CBN. Yeah, there's some other subissues there and some concerns.

A lot of times in my opinion people ready to be on TV and speak need to be theologically very astute very trained one way or another either to formal education or serious study. They need to really have their stuff together because it's too easy to speak things that are just dumb because are sensationalistic, etc. now I do believe in a continuation of all the charismatic gifts.

I do believe can get words of knowledge. We have to be careful how we can administer the scenario practiced neither on TV and set TV many times in the studio on TV you don't understand hundred thousand people watching all the world. Okay am I gonna sit there and say hey I got word of knowledge. I'm not to do that them not to do anything like that because if you can move in the charismatic gifts you have humbled by it you should be intimidated by it and if I had some impression that the experience my methodology is the right one. But if I had the pressure was on TV saying I think I think this is the Lord. I would then think this might be something from the Lord. I really have a strong and proud and it's not even with that, because it about the request right and say it might be wrong, but this is the attitude needs to go through because with what we were technology charismatic gifts are to be used inside the church context for the edification of the body and witnessing the unbelievers, so are they doing it that way have not seen. I don't know, but it's a 20 foot you know what I'm think I'm thinking of the warning flag. I like the ministry I supported but I'm I'm getting a little leery of that daily miracles and words of knowledge which were going on on that minimum ring dishes are watching check things out date. This was occasionally in some miraculous things happen. Praise God literally comes daily.

It's almost remind me of is back in Escondido, California. It was his church attract the occult, but I get a kick out of the the heading that said Holy Spirit revival Tuesday 7 PM you know what you got the Holy Spirit and for that it's was the same kind of thing they have these daily now. Is it sensationalism the southern cautious about like that by thank you Matt, but it all right just get to Robert from Georgia, Robert began about a minute left the show, what's up man hey Matt, you are, and thank you for your website with a couple God and the Black Hebrew Israelites movement and they claim to be Christian called, if I get any tips from you and son with a woman. What will we have little information on the web DHI new expanded, but always always always do this, always asking to show you from the Scriptures with what they teach.

Don't argue with them right away and look in the Scriptures with them present go through it.

You continually do this. Let's look at the context and see if the context supports what they're saying you do this with them. You'll be surprised how many times you realize the roofing things out of context, then we'll see it to always be called always be ready always look at the word I was looking context.

You'll barely get real far that way. You also did not teach for good and is different DHI groups so you can have to stay*specifics I even write them down and stick to what you believe and then you have a better opportunity with okay like I okay Justin from Florida methylene call back Monday. Ron from Virginia that you call a photo of you have a great weekend.

The Lord bless you church of Yucaipa pray five by his gracious thought

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