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The Pilgrim Quadricentennial

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November 26, 2019 2:58 pm

The Pilgrim Quadricentennial

The Steve Noble Show / Steve Noble

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November 26, 2019 2:58 pm

The Pilgrim Quadricentennial

The Pilgrim quadricentennial is right around the corner. That is, of course, the 400th anniversary of the pilgrims landing and the first Thanksgiving! Moreover, Jerry Perera with Leyden Preservation Group joins to talk more in-depth on the quadricentennial.

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Everyone I know will show the entity meets every day is like your home work and even in politics is an ordinary man who believes in an extraordinary God it on a show, there's plenty of grace and lots of true no sacred 866-34-TRUTH or check them out is your host in December that Pilgrim Bicentennial that Daniel Webster was a great founding fathers of our nation was at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts, and said the following, we have come to this rock to record here her homage to for our Pilgrim fathers our sympathy and their sufferings, our gratitude for their labors.

Our admiration of their virtues are veneration for their piety and our attachment to those principles of civil and religious liberty which they encountered the dangers of the ocean. The storms of heaven.

The violence of savages disease exile and famine to enjoin to establish and we would leave here also for the generations which are rising up rapidly to fill our places some proof that we have endeavored to transmit the great inheritance unimpaired that in our estimate of public principles and private virtue and are veneration of religion and piety in our devotion to civil and religious religions liberty in our regard for whatever advances human knowledge or improves human happiness. We are not altogether unworthy of our origin. That was Daniel Webster December 22, 1820 there in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

The location of course, of Plymouth Rock, and as we are on the eve of Thanksgiving. Yesterday we spent the entire show going through really a lot of our legacy from back in the 1620s, ending up in 1789 with the first Thanksgiving proclamation by George Washington, but in 1620.

We were looking at the Mayflower compact yesterday. We looked at the city upon a hill which is a part of a sermon by John Winthrop Winthrop in 1630, and our rich heritage, which were losing rapidly isn't taught effectively or accurately or honestly and recently just recently within the last couple weeks I was tuning into Glenn Beck and all of a sudden he's on location. It's that this please call plot number one. You know he's a history buff and and very passionate about the true history of our nation, which I deeply appreciate and from plot number one in Plymouth Massachusetts on what is this and then I realize it didn't even cross my mind until I heard it that were coming up on the Quadra Centennial 400 years of the landing at Plymouth Rock 1622 next year 2020 and he was talking to a gentleman by the name of Jerry Pereira is with the which is a website you need to get to today no later than tonight and check it out especially on the eve of Thanksgiving, but the Quadra Centennial coming up next year, so I emailed her fired off an email right when I was listening to the show and by God's grace we are able to get Jerry lined up today and so Jerry Pereira joins us by phone here just two days before thanks giving Jerry things for Colin and how are you will great you will reap what you think you will usually very encouraging to hear your walk want you all the people and there are there are not that many of us. As you know, Jerry. Unfortunately, that are good that are really paying attention to this legacy in accurately transmitting and of course we have to learn it first, which is pretty much my number-one reason for wanting to have you on the show today and thank you so much from making the time to be with us and also to share your own personal story and how did you all in help it. Plot number one.

What is plot number one will talk about Thanksgiving before we finish up our our our show today and also talking about anything I want to talk about what happened in Jamestown in 1607 versus what happened in Plymouth in 1620, and why this is so important. All of us. We especially are in a time of great dissension in this country where we were unity seems like a old-fashioned concept and not even possible but we do have this origin story that every American shares and so I want to can unpack all of that over the course of the show today, but I'd love to start Jerry with just you and your wife and how did you all end up in Plymouth and plot number one and and also a being a part of the 400 and some great materials that I downloaded the other day which are just awesome for Thanksgiving but the how did you guys end up there you go broke the white boy normal. The we reviewed his treat your children will were growing up and really old folk or marker of American heritage and your heritage for Christian so we were.

We were slowly getting in. I am a Sri Lankan but there is only California to all the and are you heard them understand it, or do today. Sri Lankan plumbing and growing up in America all my father talking on the land of freedom seven-year-old boy you thinking you can't get a new life in and go through through observation and living in the land of freedom. Start being an understanding and appreciation for and so what was it so you were seven when you came over from Sri Lanka and growing up in America when did you start to kind of coming to the understanding that week this nation had this rich history and and especially a rich Christian history will I would have. All you will after a very and really start start.

You don't freedom without probably go we won't trouble you and I always. Something different.

When the plane landed in my feet got back on American soil. I couldn't describe what calculating family understanding of people forced my wife to the patriotic American of 32 looked deeper into what is this story about why you American liberty ingrained in the Forrester started out with encountered a gentleman here in front of me is 40 you know some basic are so much appreciated share the phone for you because it's not such an integral part of what it means to be an American.

In everyday American life, and I teach high school age homeschoolers. I got 112 students every week. Right now I three Constitution courses into Christian ethics courses in and they think like Americans.

They process like Americans. They process in ways a look at politics in ways that are not even aware of where that came from but yet it's there, and they weren't specifically taught it. It was just gonna part of growing up in America, and this American experiment that started almost 400 years ago were talking to Jerry Pereira, is a great great resource. I made this a small donation like $10 with his incredible resource just in time for Thanksgiving is called a time for thankfulness will be right back to these early but that's something that we should celebrating year-round. We should have an attitudinal posture, thankfulness, and oftentimes we don't we just you know cut rolls around once a year, but even then not our understanding of Thanksgiving I think. Unfortunately for most Americans is pretty thin at the time to get together with our families. It's time that some great food and overeat with plenty of football in a couple days off and all that good stuff in oftentimes and we do this at the noble house we take the time during our Thanksgiving meal to go around the table and forcing putty to come up with one specific thing that really thankful to the Lord for we talked about our our rich heritage in the past and haven't spent a ton of time on it, but this this year I'm armed with a little more information than I normally have in my head and this is a resource from our that's the website for and when you slide down the home page of just come down a little bit and you'll see this what to read it. Your Thanksgiving table so minimum donation of $10. This is an incredible downloadable skull. The time for thankfulness. A family compendium on the importance of thanks giving Day which really takes you back 400 years who were these pilgrims who were these folks that came over here why were there hear what what was their purpose.

What was their goal and the ones that matter for us today so it's got just recommended reading at the dinner table of Plymouth plantation. The Mayflower compact Washington Thanksgiving proclamation which I read yesterday which is from 1789, seeing the old 100 which is Psalm 101st Thanksgiving. The pilgrims just incredible. These great Thanksgiving quotes in many writings from the earliest days of our nation's history. Ugly back in the 1600s, just a beautiful group really beautifully well done piece you just download the PDF minimum donation of $10. No big deal to an incredible resource.

I'm really set up and have it printed out color tomorrow and I'll be using it at the noble house this Thursday for and what's up with that website, they will. That's because next year is the Quadra Centennial 1620 when they landed at Plymouth Rock next year is 2020 today to help us to understand the rich heritage that's a part of all of our lives. Whether you moved here weren't born here like Jerry Pereira is from Sri Lanka and moved here when he was 77 California he's with the Leiden preservation group and for was the website you need to get to right away and prepare yourself mentally for what were doing this week before what's coming next year it's gonna be super exciting as all these different events and things going on.

Also Jerry thing again, thank you so much be inherent in thanks for your patience during the commercial breaks but how do you guys then end up fully investing yourselves in our our our actual heritage going all the way back to the 1600s with the pilgrims because obviously you guys made a big decision to pursue this and with passion and with allegiance to the truth in our history and then and then I want you to tell everybody about plot number one, which is amazing to your one property was actually owned by you to understand more and we told her we would be at 80 pain down and more active in presenting this wonderful story and so white. Why is this such an important topic because often times, and I think we trivialize we minimize the pilgrims and what was going on here in 1620.

Why is this such an important part of our lives as Americans. Why should we study a why should we understand this more deeply than perhaps most people ever been taught. You mentioned a deep understanding get involved family plot in you and who were basically found in family usually come across the 1500 floors that goes involving three. You have family and whether you understand our programs are not tomorrow the Lord traveled in America. People are reconnecting with them is almost like fluffy friend of four, so families are coming here because they had all persecuted. In England for their state. They wanted to separate from salt towards the hall, but will always always a work thing. The secularization of their children. The next generation so they had to make becoming increasingly secularized making a decision to separate from 12 entry permit will and you know the northern shores of the junior their phone off for no legal standing to coming here where an agreement for the day virtually make the Declaration of Independence early declaration on the name of God and the government will so remarkable and that's why we think this is special plot one referred to this first sheltered by all the children stayed on board.

I'm actually looking outside of the office water and women and children already board or so sheltered while one I think was very significant for sheltered. Keeping you in words used for work were humble part of it.

If you want to share it with you fight school the next few years to celebrate only the 415 2140 celebrating 400 years of Thanksgiving that look like and how do we give thanks to Dr. Beth really amazing and and I would imagine that you guys are still everyone thought to be very surreal to be occupying a piece of land in the be in a home what's underneath that the earth that you're on was such as just just Ground Zero really for the pilgrims all the way back to 16, 2400 years ago is just mind-boggling to think about that in an art.

There are the remains of the pilgrims in and up and up graveyard somewhere around there in Plymouth will you know you broke the day walking across the street from where we are the 300 remaining phone pilgrims that were on top of the portico. When Daniel Webster spoke little portable phones were up there and get together and celebration. Look at it right up your on the bill overlooked or and as I walked through there today I realized you know they were being persecuted in England across the major structures boarded they got here, they faced a hardship and great loss that first winter and yesterday first year reflecting all Nigeria considering all that thought right there were up against the bravery picking up right there only come back talking to Jerry Pereira, 400 anniversary the Quadra Centennial the landing next year and in the first Thanksgiving year after that will be a we signed focusing on that, yesterday started really ugly back in Eckstein 20 with the Mayflower compact with William Bradford which they wrote and signed while they were anchored off the coast there Plymouth Plymouth Rock.

Of course we all know that and then we looked at the city upon a hill which is a portion of the of the sermon given by John Winthrop, which is all the way back in 1630. We are looking at some other early documents and we ended up in 1789 October 1789 with the very first things giving proclamation which was commissioned by Congress and sent to George Washington. And when you even when you see the language that Congress is using. Back then are our Christian heritage is deep and significant and profound, and we've lost most of that we lost in the public school system and even in private schools. It's it's doing well in the in the home school environment, which is where we've family been for 16 years homeschoolers but it's it's been lost largely to our society and in a time when were so divided recently on what we have a what is the left cabin, with the right would've lost people have in common with save people. Our common heritage as Americans going all the way back it will be 400 years, with 400 anniversary Quadra Centennial of the landing a Plymouth Rock that's next year.

In 1620, is sorry 2020 16, 20 to 2020 and in the very first Thanksgiving will be the Quadra Centennial 1621 to 20, 21, so over the next two years will be incredible things happening in and just set thankful to God for what's going on up in Plymouth and in a lot of that God is been using Jerry Pereira and his wife and their team up there is the website for and just can't encourage you strongly enough to go just on the homepage to slide down a little bit near to see a section on Thanksgiving. They have an incredible PDF that they put together just a great resource for Thanksgiving for your family and for you personally to study and enter really kind of go back and see what God did for hundred years ago that were still pulling the fruit off of that tree. It's really amazing is called a time for thankfulness. Just a minimum donation of $10 or more to help with that 24 pages PDF full-color, just beautiful with all kinds of great resources that will take your Thanksgiving to a whole new level. It's great when worth family.

It's great that we have these wonderful meals in this time together football and all that fun stuff. But the true meaning of Thanksgiving is all whole lot deeper than that, but start with families that came in 1620. And that's why were so thrilled to have Jerry Pereira here with us today and as soon as I heard Jerry on what the Glenn Beck Glenn Beck was actually out there about 10 days ago. I think, and I was just riveted to that conversation, and the thought of that plot number one in the meeting there and I was in Jerry I was just in Israel. About three weeks ago and I was my first trip there and to see that what this origin story of New Testament Christianity.

Much of the Old Testament and for us as Americans.

The origin story goes back to well exactly where you are there. Plot number one in Plymouth, so I wanted to ask you because I deftly want to spend some time talking about everything that you guys are working on coming up over the next two years, but what it what help us understand the difference between Jamestown which is 1607, which is a train wreck and then Plymouth in 1620, which is obviously what gave birth to the life that we are enjoying today in America. What is the difference will you will be quoted 50 welfare you know it was very quiet function of theory struggle getting out there.

Are to maintain heat and without it very difficult along; so were as spam family over Martinsville before the trade route to take things back. They were coming. They were actually coming mostly why they change the thing their function conscience from liberty consciously granted by their Creator conscience was given to them. You write the most important property of the day we were facing tyranny persecution and hardship.

They they function them.

I believe very incurable. Family and that is my take on simple difference between Jamestown employment even when you look is just at the Mayflower compact. This is just one section.

What is not very long document. Obviously, having undertaken for the glory of God and advancement of the Christian faith, which is okay will what are we doing here and then they go on to say Bradford goes on to write this mutually in the presence of God and one another covenant and combine ourselves together in the body's civil body politic, and is the goal will, second, that sounds like they've got a mission mindset here. Almost like a church plant and we go forward. Just nine years, Jerry and you look at the fundamental orders of Connecticut. This is in 1639. This just nine years later, and if things like this for as much as it hath pleased Almighty God, by the wise disposition of his divine providence of the order and dispose of things that we are in the habitants and residents of Windsor, Hartford and Wethersfield talking about the word of God according to God and do for ourselves and our successors, which is their posterity, which is people like us 400 years later. Listen to this, to maintain and preserve the liberty and purity of the gospel of our Lord Jesus, which we now profess, I mean these were presented earlier religious separatists who loose their lives for their religious liberty in their conscience so that they could worship God and to advance the gospel and what will your family, all the people of the book and it brought up the they had a superb understanding of understanding the law here were were practicable. You have, you have to civil patient. European families you have the native population are already here. I think you) grants the kingdom of the Lord. What will show how I look at reader review her distinction in principle, the name Margaret created the first seven understanding of who Jesus Christ was reviewed and this is the message that you will be able to find that word for word of God is the natives that would receive. And this is worth what wonderful about and why is it one of the first Bibles printed in American American because you don't want to follow and indoctrinate native think you will your future you want to get the word of God's authority and let that transform just some is just remarkable to see God's hand of providence over all of that. Even the story of school squad tell you here that the first time it is to think. Come on, really, that something 70 made that up now is captured by slave traders taken over the Atlantic. He learns English. Then he comes back and is able to help with the pilgrims will tell us Jerry just a little about that very first Thanksgiving and then in the last segment of the show on a talk about everything you guys are planning that's gonna be over the next two years were talking to Jerry Pereira, is the website we can see all these things going on the Quadra Centennial the 400th anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock, which is next year and then the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving which will be in 2021.

And that's why were talking to Jerry Pereira today to tell us about that that circumstances around the very first Thanksgiving. I think it would make you drink more, will you you were women and children that you while Lord were were hostile native people came earlier this was a different route and she thing about this, there was a peace treaty made here, which is the longest lasting peace treaty of American history and I believe if you look at the timeline providential remarkable miracle 53 landed December and after enduring the horrific first winter, finding peace agreement with the station that destroyed this patient was walking off by April early April.

Right here at 413 report on the wall clock on how to talk about peace engagement And fear about being here on using it to tell the story yell. What an incredible opportunity. God has given you all and the Leiden preservation group which is which is one part of it, but which is the website that I want everybody to get to as soon as possible. I knew that one back.

Had you wanted your website crash. I'm sure that you got all kinds of traffic that you are used to get well you know we we will inform people in the world story to your just super excited to find out more about that were coming up on a break Jerry were talking to Jerry Pereira, and I want you to get there soon as possible.

Just a Raven right now in the commercial break because you want to get a hold of a tough time for thankfulness, which is this incredible PDF just for a minimum donation of $10 or more in its downloadable so that you don't the way to get mailed to you. It's gonna be in your computer when you're done with that I got the other day. It's fabulous for him using in my house. I would strongly encourage you to use it in your check that I will be right back little happy early tomorrow will be our annual things. Eve show where I just open up the phone lines of what I wanted to prod you too much to get going but just open up the phone lines for people to call in and out really come to give a shout out to the Lord something that you think before deeply thankful for that. God is done in in the last year since last Thanksgiving and the phone lines are always jammed and it can't be don't give me a Sunday school answer.

You can the family okay why you be more specific. I'm thankful for my health.

Okay, why some specific times when you do prayer request man world Johnny on the phone.

It's time to offer praise and thanksgiving to the Lord. Hey, what's God doing in your life lately oftentimes are met with silence, which is set we need to be people of thanksgiving not just in November every year, but all year round. That should be a normal posture for us as followers of Jesus Christ.

Even if you just revisit the fact that your saved that emotion. I wrote today, I think, a Psalm 122 about entering into the Lord's house and struggling with extended talked about how we can sometimes be go to church with an appetite but with an attitude and I struggle at that to but the very fact that you actually belong there. You belong in the house of God, that you belong with the Fellowship of the of the saints that you belong there to worship and to learn because your Christian I mean wow marketed churchgoing he actually belong here.

That's a miracle so let's all work on our thankfulness this week and that's why were talking to Jerry Pereira, is the website for in the really can't. I encourage you strongly enough to grab the PDF there a time for thankfulness such as the minimum donation of $10, but I think what you hear everything that God is doing through these fine folks out there in Plymouth there in Massachusetts and literally a plot one. One of the earliest locations of American life. 1620.

It's just amazing in the history there. It blows my mind Jerry that you actually see or actually sitting in plot one that the house there right now aren't you going to share what one would you want to talk enduring legacy left.

We are so meaningful you're very welcome and just saying attitude to the Facebook live audience during a commercial break. I'm deftly going to be plan and at least one trip up there so I'll let you know and and I'll coordinate with that with you, and I certainly did do not have Glenn Beck's platform but I certainly share his love of our true history in America and so I'm excited to be able to come up there next year. The group will have a great do some shows up there as well.

So tell us everything because this is just starting to get built out for is the website a lunch. All the visit to tell us everything that you got planned out over these next two years because next year as we mentioned, 400th anniversary of the landing at Plymouth Rock. But in 2021. It'll be the 400th anniversary of thanksgiving itself. The first Thanksgiving will there are all celebration that will be posting on the website that will happen next year really want you to be in. Below will really have a large gathering of the fall 2020 celebrate work program at the end.

And those are promises that the people or hundred years later, it might look very good. It might look like station out there. Look around and cultures is made from to go walk like and I believe that you know about his word about Buck in the name of God is what we want to remember you will remember that you want to remember the fact offer "and look for blood. To say I know various organizations out there but the thing that I really appreciate about you and your is that really the emphasis is where it should be, which is on God's providence in God's hand in God's guidance that enabled all this to happen in the first place and then the fact that it was solid really committed believers that risked their lives to come over here for religious liberty and for the advancement of the gospel that we are still pulling fruit off of that tree, but that's where you gotta give credit where credit is due. And yes, they were brave and yes they worked hard and they were hardy and all of the other stuff but without God. That story goes nowhere. Remember that we can remember God is 20 that you the opportunity really ran thankful time was remarkable and devastating the miraculously interested people and then it building security and NASDAQ all year harvest version.

Or what. Yeah, it's really amazing when you when you take the time to study and learned that because it becomes much more weighty. It's a weighty story anyway.

But once you see just how God's hand was involved in all of this, it becomes a much more meaningful, especially from a Christian perspective so that we can give credit where credit is due. So give us some give us some input.

Jerry on and how we can come incorporate this even this will really two days away from Thanksgiving and one way of doing that is to your great PDF. That's a great resource of time for thankfulness which is available at the homepage for hundreds but help us to enrich Thanksgiving this week. Just what can we do what what would help in and what's most meaningful to you about Thanksgiving will you know where were here would walk along what is wonderful week. Carry that message all share the next generation and generations you all in good time. I believe the Lord wanted understand their heritage and declare interest. Special social America feet. I believe all American special will find will find several narrative poem on all of the art, you know about that truth that affected what places they should part of God for God what what would you call Jerry and will be done just a couple minutes here and I really appreciate you being with us for the full show today, but what you pull out of the out of the pilgrims experience and what happened back then in 1620, 1621 into a modern-day life in its it's 2019.

We live in a very tumultuous time as followers of Jesus Christ in a country that's increasingly becoming more secular.

What can we pull from the pulled pilgrims live in apply to our lives today that from your from your study and from your understanding will. Looking at remember what you eat." Direct quote about a hundredfold came over and began work which God what is holy name and that's what we do church American church worldwide secularization thanks can we reflect on Tuesday and that after eating 30 years after all the effort. After all the hard truth be told what what so and is one of gratitude and you will enter his gates to the court, Thanksgiving and praise the thing yeah what a great point Jerry Pereira so great having you on today. I hope you and your family have a very wonderful Thanksgiving celebration and thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your dedication to getting this story out this truth in God's providence and what he did for all of us really starting 400 years ago on this land we now call the United States of America. It's great having you on Jerry and look forward to having you on again. We reviewed everything you as well. God bless you will talk to you again soon. As Jerry Pereira is the website for again you slide down the homepage a little bit and you'll see the resources available there a time for thankfulness at the PDF minimum donation of $10 to help out that organization and their efforts as their gonna be doing all kinds of things over the next year and year and 1/2 is next year and in the fall will be the 400th anniversary of the Quadra Centennial at the mall for the Quadra Centennial of the landing at Plymouth Rock and then in the fall of 20, 21 that will be the Quadra Centennial 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving feast and in looking back on all of that as Jerry was talking about that when they were facing tough times and they had challenges they had ups and downs, they risk their lives for their convictions, they risk their lives for the gospel.

They risk their lives so that they could worship the Lord freely and risk their families lives. They all came over the original pilgrims who were religious separatists and Puritans, and they were deeply committed. So today, as we face an increasingly secularized America, the same challenge goes forth at what are you willing to risk what are we willing to do to preserve the truth pass on to our posterity, our children and their children the truth of God's word what he's done for thousands of years, but specifically in our context in America and specifically to more recently in your life and mine. That's all falls on our posterity cannot drop them all we can afford the nation cannot afford. So this is just a great week to refocus and all that will be back tomorrow. The phone will be open for the whole hour. Hope you'll be a part of that call in and share what God is near like the feeling thinking for the last year. This is Steve Noble and Steve Noble show, God willing, will you get in. My dad always used to say never for

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