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America Pushes Back, and New Life Out of Lesbianism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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July 20, 2016 4:20 pm

America Pushes Back, and New Life Out of Lesbianism

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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July 20, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 07/20/16.

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Blessed that 2015 would be the year of pushback and of course is continuing. Now in 2016 stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of the fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown just to let you know we are going to give some books away in the next minutes that will be a blessing to you so stay right by your phones, 866-348-7884 Michael Brown delighted to be with you a bunch of things I wanted to talk to about today. Most importantly, how the culture wars are far from over. Most importantly, how the church and how conservative institutions are pushing back and how we can make a difference regardless of who ends up being our president in the years ahead.

Before I get into that I want to mention a couple of other things.

I assume the air about the whole Milani a Trump plagiarism issue that to me. The idea that someone would plagiarize from Michelle Obama's 2008 speech so the presidential nominees wife in the Democratic Party 2008, not even I have the presidential nominees, wife of the Republican Party 2016 that you do not plagiarize that think nobody is going to notice it sums some suspicious about that. Can see that happen. I also couldn't see that this wasn't plagiarism because when use.

Watch the side-by-side video under the got a Mike interspersed one next to the other. You can't deny Michelle Obama's words being used. Although their generic and things that other people would say the way there said it's clearly taken from that speech. So the explanation that's now been given by the Trump speechwriter is once again been a long-term speechwriter for the Trump organization. I spoke with Monica Trump about the speech suit. She said there were things she wanted to say and that she Sheila admired Michelle about for a long time and here are some quotes are some things from Michelle some themes that she that she wanted to use and put them in an speechwriter incorporated them without thinking I should check the actual speech to see if this is verbatim what that makes perfect sense to me now if she could have checked the original speeches and sewage. Did you get this from talking over the phone with Monica. That's a habit that that would make sense to me because otherwise intentional knowing plagiarism of something so obvious. In a parallel situation that makes no sense to me and he couldn't just been a coincidence that the same words were you so actually that's a totally viable explanation.

All so actually no big deal and interestingly the did share Milani Trump's heart just for the record. Okay, one of the thing I'm holding in my hands of five copies what I've got one in my hand, and four on the table here.

I've got my hands the book by Nick Hall reset Jesus changes everything with forward by Josh McDowell, Luis Palau and Ravi Zacharias highly praised book from many many different quarters and apparently select 350,000 people gathered in Washington DC on Saturday for special event.

Some of the people I mentioned, I just McDowell Rob Zechariah spoke at the event, though the few parts that I watched were quite centered on getting people back into the word getting people back to sharing their faith. Josh McDowell gave an incredible talk and open up about some things in his life. I'd never heard talk but maybe he always does. I just never heard that kind of really hear him speak so openly about what he experiences. Avoiding homosexual rape that he experienced, and so wanted is amazing stuff, but I I saw that there was controversy about the event I posted on Facebook and Twitter. Hey, glad to see this happening with a link and some people went ballistic. Very upset with the event kidding me.

Why would I think talk about that but in the publisher kind enough to send me five books of reset Jesus changes everything.

We come back and start giving them away for cleansing the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH paradigm is Dr. Michael Brown let's let's give a copy by the way, a hardcover book and part one the set up part two hitting reset reset my faith reset my plans reset my self-image reset my relationships reset my purity reset my habits reset my affections reset my generation so what a great read.

Let's just see old Toby Mac says I have no doubt, reset, leave an undeniable mark for the gospel. I want to try to sell us from giving away the first one to make real quick caller number six: number 68663 foray 7884.

A copy of reset by Nick Hall is yours as a gift from Nick and the publisher Multnomah 866-34-TRUTH 87884. All right, let me let me tell you why have puzzle a high horse. I always enjoy watching phones ring off the hook of her for special offers. So we we do it we do have a winner. We do have a winner but hang in there. I will be giving way more books. So stay tune we do have a window thank you. Here's what concerned me and it it is a certain critical attitude that, in the words of Jesus strains out a Nash but swallows the camel. In other words, in the ancient world with things being so much more out in the open and there plenty places are spoken.

Now it's like this, you can get flies in all kinds of bugs in your in your drink so you'd have straighter strain the stuff out and then you could drink.

Accordingly, without swallowing that math with the fly.

So Jesus said you strain out a gnat, but you swallow a camel. So here's a gathering with hundreds of thousands of people coming together.

The event had to be cut short because of the heat, but hundreds of thousands of people gathered together for this event. You've got some of the finest speakers in the body of Christ, who can be there.

People who are exalting Jesus people were pointing others to the Scriptures and the whole purpose of the event is not celebrity it's not to lift up a man if he's on the call reading it. The last thing on his mind as being the big shot there at the scene evident from how we conduct himself in and everything else. And all right, so Brian Schmidt of Midlothian, Virginia is our winner Brian congratulations again. We do have a winner and will be giving out more books a little while. So hang in there.

So I started getting reports on Facebook twitter some people very upset that the Pope is going to be addressing this gathering and it's a whole.

Kim Eck is the whole thing all roads lead to Rome and its ecumenical gathering and how could and that's all this in the nothing hundreds of thousands coming together the nuts and people coming together on the word not seen people coming together around Jesus what they should've said is why would the pope even want to make a statement. He approached the organizers he approached the organizers they didn't reach out to the pope and say, sir, we'd like your endorsement on the survey that one thinking that basically all the speakers are Protestant evangelical speakers. Now picture this picture Franklin Graham being addressed asked to address a Catholic gathering. All right, it's all Catholics basically all day with all Catholic leaders speaking, you would wonder.

Okay, as he compromised his own views has has he become Catholic. That's what you would think because he's participating in their event so I didn't get to see the pope statement, but I imagine it with a been a simple Jesus related statement I don't think he would've been saying a Hail Mary or something like that from my perspective. I would've expected him to say it's important for young people to follow Jesus were to live godly lives.


And you µ is he selling out the Protestant evangelicals by participating in the event that the last thing would've been. This is this Catholicism exalting pope, exalting all roads lead to Rome event yet that's what some people were saying you can't rejoice with hundreds of thousands gathering together you can't rejoice with Speaker after speaker so we gotta get back into the word we gotta turn to Jesus. We got a live godly lives.

You gotta be people of prayer. We gotta share our faith is how I feel about the Pope giving the Benedict speaking I have to see the actual video and and then I would. I would tell you, but that would be the last thing I would major on that would be the last thing that would be an issue to me and then someone discovers that there is an app with this. I guess how to find a church or or something like that at associated with the event and when they look there is a saying how to find a gay affirming church.

I could almost guarantee you based on the speakers who involve based on the nature of the event. I could almost guarantee you that that got in there completely by error there. Try to put some of the get about how to find churches and things like that and that got incorrectly because once it was pointed out, the thing was removed from what I understand, and yet people are there blasting me check this out there blasting me for being all roads lead to Rome ecumenical compromiser week on gay issues. Yeah this actually happen because someone reported that this event one of the apps referred people to gay affirming churches obviously by complete error because that's not the theology of the people involved.

This other belief system about their values. Look at the people who were speaking, and yet others are going to stand there and condemn the whole event. Rather than saying this is a wonderful the people praying and crying out to the Lord together.

Isn't it wonderful that some of the young people came from around the nation and and and prayed and sought the Lord is and isn't it great that that they were encouraging people dig into the word get to the word fresh dig into the word get the word share your faith, your reset stuff that is very important, very important.

There is another event were over 70,000 gathered in California mainly young people and they prayed faster 12 hours together. There are some great gospel messages.

There was much repentance in seeking the face of God and at one point the Catholic leader bowed low to the to the leader of the events in the lead of the event bow down before the Catholic reader what I rather didn't happen. Of course course, the bowing down in front of each other and what this could imply with the bound out of a Catholic leader in back-and-forth of course I wish didn't happen. Understand there was this mutual expression of humility and end this Catholic leader could very well been a born-again man there born-again Catholics in the bowing and Protestants. By the way, and their lost Protestants and their loss.

Catholics do I affirm Catholic doctrine, no.

Was it the Catholic there been ambiguity on my end. I believe there born-again Catholics. Yes, in case I wasn't pleased with that happening either, but that's all.

Some critics talk to us a hand on you get 70,000 people gathered together for 12 hours for prayer, fasting, repentance with clear gospel messages going forth, and that's what you may draw. It reminds me of reminds me of the religious leaders in in John V chapter when they saw a man healed on the Sabbath, carrying his mat. Instead of saying who healed you all by the way, by the way, hang on, you should be kind at Maddox you know Karen Sabbath, but wow that's amazing this incredible seizure healed no now the so they said this and who told you pick up your mat that's all they saw that they knew the man they knew the management healed and knew the cripple and you can healed. They knew that they knew that but but that's what they saw, breaking our tradition rather than who healed you. What a miracle. 866-34-TRUTH is the number to call. We come back a minute, give away another book and taught you about pushback in the culture push back in the culture. Culture wars are far from over and let me just tell you this for about a minute before the break, the culture wars are far from over. One reason being they keep coming our way. One reason being they keep going further and further and further. One reason being that they are they are coming our way in an unavoidable way in the schools and the courts and places of business and stores in the churches through the media, so this is not going away. One of my activist friends said I'll stop when they stuff the words as long as these things.

A knock at the door will respond but it's not in the sense of retreat or fear or hopelessness rather than sense of God's kingdom always triumphs one way or another. In this generation or the next, and the Savior the age to come, God's kingdom always trumps her attitude is one of faith and expectation. Check out my latest letter.

It is an open letter to Hillary Clinton about black babies.

I'm wondering how she could be so compassionate towards black babies out of the womb and so hardhearted towards black babies inside will be right back file. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown so I last the end of it. I meant it was the beginning of it where more and more Christians in America. More more conservative organizations would be standing up against radical gay, lesbian and transgender activism caring for people, church always goes, but standing against the activism I said that the bullying would backfire and that gay activists would go to for the overreach would go to for and provoke a response that is happening right now. 24 states now protesting the Obama administration's transgender activism when it comes to the schools and in Massachusetts were some radical things are taken place. The Massachusetts family Institute is taking a stand and I'm joined with Andrew back with Librium on one moment, but I got another copy of Nicole's reset book to give away caller number seven 866-34-TRUTH 784 beautiful little hardcover book a great read, reset 866-34-TRUTH seven €84 free, so caller number lesson seven are because yours okay let's go to the phones with Andrew Beckwith's thanks so much for joining us sir. We've often spoken with the mass resistance in Massachusetts and known that Massachusetts has been at the front front of the pack in terms of radical LGBT activism.

But, sir, if you could let us know what's happening now and about how you and your organization are pushing back that would be terrific. Greater real order worker doing wanted critical issues regarding truth and light out there, just 12 days ago the government signed into law will we. A bit of bathroom. Bill eventually transgender public accommodation bill which that the man who identified him and can you walk in shower facility as women. That's all it is a trip to the product safety real women and children. We thought long and hard against that legislation. Congress finally passed with overwhelming unrelenting pressure from the transgender activist community, but the good news that Massachusetts we have the ability to repeal bad laws by putting it on the ballot and letting people poke so today just an hour or so ago. Great outbox you bought the keep the campaign to keep and make matters to collect about 32,000 signatures to that allow us to get this bill on the ballot for November 2018 it's too late in the game and it was done intentionally by the owner of the bill click again to get on it. You got greenbelt list member but our plans to get on the 2018 ballot.

Hopefully in the next two years due to education and mobilize electric voters. We can repeal the transgender bathroom.

Bill paid off the books your messages. I doubt one of our great stations introduce W ECE that Ron right now. I like it in Boston in question got listeners all over Massachusetts in a moment I want you to tell our listeners what they can do to get involved but but first let me play the devils advocate here. What's so big about this.

Why make such a big fuss about it. After all, you just talk about sensitive people there suffering enough rejection and pain are ready. They just want to go to the bathroom and in peace. You're making them into being sexual predators and monsters. What's the big deal. How you respond to that predators were concerned about our early gender identity is one of the problems will the definition of gender identity is so broad that anybody who claims to be of a different gender is covered by the law. In fact there were attempts to amended to specifically exclude registered sex offenders in the applicant with Bill dismissed those amendments. So you can be a registered sex offender mail going to the women's locker room just after taking a long time to put your socks off observing everything limiting state of undress amended claim directly will and not only did you not be in trouble legally by the fires. The husband and father charted executive from that women's locker might go to jail for two year extraordinary and recently the target dressing room? It is said that nationwide that that man can just walk in dresses Amana fax identifies woman and in-store into the ladies dressing rooms, not just bathroom the dressing room.

So here you have a man identifies as a woman and he goes in there and he is filming was caught doing it by his own admission he was filming the women changing and sing for him. It's like pornography because he still attracted to women.

It is right so I guess he identifies as lesbian now direct certain waiter psychological wage earner Dr. Notary Public that a researcher or mode, you could just identify it purely out of conviction, Robert McBride for you. I we had a situation, target direct on here beer but spoke to the uncle of DPH girl situation on their various debt after any particle of the country because the make themselves a target own benefit. Let's want a real line. How about the bill by the proponent of the dirt. No problem talking no problems anywhere in the country don't have taken root. That's simply not the case get to go to website. Keep in amazement you can keep them a with a little earlier and across the country that happened tomorrow at one target net for people to go to start up again. The email list and once the petition each part of the being worked on the pictures picked up right now. The next week and 1/2 on postpetition is ready we can start funding amount and I think you will find him going to your local grocery stores, fibers, revocable gather start collecting the get on the ballot without any five-day truck to get that done. Keep in a safe job or get when listening in Massachusetts tell a friend then go there as soon as you have a moment, keep M a and get educated understand what the issues are and you know Andrew, we often feel like what can I do with your literally every signature matters in which you simply saying is let's the people vote. Let's put the facts on the table and we always hear about someone had sex change early on in hormones and a nobody would know that this person this this person born male is not actually female know whatever know that and you know you never wonder if you saw them walking through bathroom like that. We never would've wondered we never would've known never defendant to shoot, so if the thing wasn't broken in that sense when you try to fix the fact is there are plenty of people that everyone can tell. Here's a man identifying as a woman and now we just have to sit back without I was working out yesterday in the weight room near. I live in some young lady came walking and walked past me what the bathroom and and then was going to come out and I guess it's a treadmill or something and I thought there's no world and where is that we live in that I could go walking in their into her bathroom. She was without her feeling uncomfortable no matter who I tell her identify with. So friends go to keep M a Keep M a

Get informed. Let's get this on the ballot. Let's go to make a difference and we thank you sir for what you doing. Keep us posted and Rita in Brooklyn.

Congratulations, your next winter. Once again, keep M a it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friendship to the line of fiery 487884 is the number two call and let's see. Let me go right to the phones straight to the phones in Maryland Bob walking to want to fire tomorrow. Thanks. Call a radio program PAYOFFS feel and they apparently cannot remember the last payment of any archers that ballot out on the ballot by Mark Mosley, with his name I don't remember that show okay well I was predicting.

I think more on what he knew, as opposed to like the supernatural thing that the last trip the big job all that after that the Pope, persuasion, MMX Pope, after all I can remember plant writers that God told him to step down and then the big boat came from a basement, and South America is pretty liberal theology. They would, well it's it's always a curiosity, but certainly didn't. The next Pope was was anything but communist Pope Benedict. He was a hard-line German conservative and would have been strongly anti-communist in many ways. As for the current Pope. He does have some socialist leanings for sure, but what what I said II don't I don't see clear evidence of that. Deftly some socialist leanings, but would he be outright communist that I don't I don't think so absolutely no experts on all of his beliefs and of Larry Estes. It was was Malachi Martin saying that this would be some apocalyptic type event that this would be something of tremendous significance for the Catholic Church. I think everything that it was something that really had been planned for a long time. Basically I've got tickets Somewhere got it yet. Listen, I'm not. Maybe unintended that actually have been now you listen I've I've heard all types of things I've heard from a friend who's worked in Italy for decades that the next Pope was going to be black from Africa.

That didn't happen, you know, during the days of the Reformation that the pope was the primary candidate for being the antichrist so you got some of some professing Christians looking to the the Pope as the number one spiritual leader in the world you have other professing Christians calling the Pope. The antichrist partner remember years ago and I forgot about about a lot of pre-exploring like South America and Central America Texico preaching liberal theology which I didn't really care that much about all yeah yeah I mean there's there's definitely within the Catholic Church.

You have the strongly conservative wing and Benedict would've represented that you got the radical radical conservatives that almost right off of the Vatican, you've got your large groups of Catholics were fairly nominal, and then you got your liberals in your radical liberals and I would think that that the current Pope, Pope Francis would be in that the liberal side but not the radical liberal side which ends up putting normally political and social causes of way ahead of other spiritual related causes, but I was far as I can tell, will have some of the popes after this current Pope and we shall see what his influences. For better or for worse.

All right Bob, I appreciate the call and I'm sure you got some of the listeners are not going to try to dig up with a can find out about the father. Malachi Martin prophecies about the communist Pope has been long planned one wino I got know it inroads to the enclaves of the Cardinals, but I'm not big on the conspiratorial series like so Veronica will be right back by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks much for joining us on the line of rate 84 little while under the giveaway. One more book of Nick calls reset Jesus changes everything with forwards by a forward by Josh McDowell, Luis Palau and Ravi Zacharias. That's quite a trio to write forward for your book. All right, in my book, outlasting the gay revolution. One of the points that I made was that if we live by certain biblical principles that we would outlast the gay revolution that, for example by celebrating gender distinctions we would outlast the attack on gender by honoring marriage is God intended it, we would outlast the redefinition of marriage either Jesus would come first or we would outlast these things and I did say that there would be pushback that there would be pushback that there would be overplaying of the hand on the side of our ideological opponents that limit McLean as followers of Jesus we love God we love our neighbor as ourselves.

As followers of Jesus. We show compassion towards all as followers of Jesus, we open the doors of our church buildings are house meetings and say everyone's welcome to hear the gospel. Everyone's welcome to find wholeness and new life in Jesus. And we work with patience and compassion towards those who struggle and those who are having ups and downs and if two men came into our church service next Sunday holding hands during the worship we would not kick them out. We would not have an usher to go up to them and slapped her hands and separate them or something foolish like that our people would know to to bless our people a whole congregation.

They would notify those folks out for lunch and get to know them and try to lead them to Jesus. And as they claim to be followers of Jesus, then we we talk seriously we we do some serious theological talking and we would address the issues and if the civil look were searching okay. Will they keep coming, keep searching. Keep listening. If this is known over absolutely convinced that that we can follow Jesus and practice homosexuality. At the same time etc. then obviously we would we would have issues with them fellow shipping with us.

We could receive them as members or anything like that.

That's one thing when it comes to laws being passed in our society when it comes to marriage being redefine when it comes to the Department of Justice pushing transgender activism on our children's school and say that millions of dollars of federal funding will be withheld unless you allow a 15-year-old boy who identifies as a girl to play on the girls softball team and to share the girls locker room and bathroom. That's where we pushback. That's where we say gay activists have overplayed their hand. I'm being joined now by Matt Sharp. He serves as legal counsel with alliance defending freedom away plays a key role on the freedom of conscience team.

He is a graduate from Vanderbilt University school of Law member of the bar in Georgia and Tennessee is admitted to practice in several federal courts of appeal in District Court's up before Matt comes on let's do this. Caller number eight caller number eight get a free copy of the hardcover book by Nick call reset Jesus changes everything.

Super practical and inspirational 866-34-TRUTH 7884 caller number eight. The book is yours. Let's go to Matt Sharp, a Matt, thanks so much for joining us please tell us about the lawsuit now by 24 different states come against the federal government on transgender activism. Yeah, showing just how radical what the administration is doing and so there's been two separate lawsuits filed one of them was led by Texas and another one led by Nebraska but a total of 24 state that are suing the Department of Education and the Department of Justice basically saying you don't have the authority to do this to issue the mandate requiring us to allow boys to go into girls locker room showers, bathroom, overnight accommodation you have the authority to do this violates the plain language of title IX violates our authority as states and violate student privacy right and so we've got a large chunk almost 50% of our state standing up to the federal government think enough is enough, you're not gonna do something like this. It hurts our student and takes away state authority not met once the last time something like this happen with so many states say no to the federal government. Well, I think the most recent example was the Obama care case several years ago when a lot of states joined together in and were challenging another mandate. There I think what we saw there.

Parallels will rethink here.

There was a portion of that case been dealt with the Medicaid expansion in our going out the details but the federal government basically telling state you got to agree to this new expansion of Medicaid and in our new interpretation of it are working to take away all of your federal Medicaid funding in a state that no and the Supreme Court agreed with the state and that's exactly what's happening here. The federal government is threatening billions of dollars in education funding to date. This is money to pay for things like special needs program free and reduced lunches in the federal government is telling state unless you agree to our radical redefinition of title IX that allows boys and the girls private facilities were gonna devastate your school district or state education program by taking away all of this much-needed education funding, and I'm hopeful that the Supreme Court will do the exact same thing here that it did there and take federal government. You can't do that.

You can't hold a loaded gun to the head of faith and threaten their much-needed funding if they don't regret go along with your radical new interpretation of the law so sweet. God at least three levels of issues.

We've got the federal government's overreach into the states. Then we've got the whole purpose of title IX that's been turned upside down and then we've got as you mention the radical reinterpretation of it.

So the word sex now means something else let's let's talk first and about title IX. What was the original purpose of title IX and how is that now being turned upside down with this. This new mandate by the federal government. Philpott title IX was passed in 1972. A little over 40 years ago and it was designed to address a problem having a lot of colleges and universities in our country. They were discriminating against women, they were putting quotas on the number of girls that can be enrolled in the school, for they were limiting the majors they could apply for that you have a girl that wanted to be a doctor in the school would come along if they know you can't be a doctor girl have to be nurses.

The Congress stepped in it that we want to stop this type of discrimination we want to make sure that men and women have equal access to all of the educational opportunities on our school was specifically designed to remedy the problem of women being denied equal opportunities to men and repeatedly throughout the law they reference. You can't.

If you have to treat one fact the same as the other section so it there was always this understanding of male and female different but ensuring that they get equal opportunity never ever with that intended to extend to gender identity or any of the other things the administration of thing.

In fact, the girls female sports expanded massively.

The college level and things like that after title IX because now you have this outlet for women to be women competing against women and funded to have female sports. There was great expansion of sports programs. So now pathetically and ironically you can have biological males getting scholarships that should have gone to females simply because they identify as female, which completely undercuts title IX absolutely and that you can imagine growth in years and years and years honing their skills in a particular sport and at the last minute. Some boy shows up claim to the girl still that girl spot on the team filled her ability for a scholarship to attend the school should been wanting to. In fact, we are already things happen up in Alaska. There was a boy that tried out for a girl's track team ended up placing third in the state track meet and thumb thinking what about that poor girl that finished 14th been in her years of her life preparing for that and along comes some boy and rather than her getting an equal opportunity to compete with other biological girls. She was denied that was forced to compete against the mail and ultimately denied a third-place finish a metal finish and who knows what implications that can have her down the road and the mother was not happy at all.

It may have been that was forced to sift that whenever they they see she would've had her place on the metal stand because that that that they had four people standing there and she got bumped off and it's against a biological mail and we know just by nature. That's what we have it Olympics men's compete against men and women against women because men on average are to be stronger and faster. And now the Olympics are struggling with this because they want to have this radical ago to Arianism and everything is open and so you identify as a woman you could place it in that scoping group Bruce Jenner theoretically could have been competing against all the women back in his day, which would make in the greatest female athlete of all time. All right, I just have a couple of other questions from Matt on the other side of the break, so will be right back with Matt Sharp from the alliance defending freedom and I want you to understand the nature of the radical reinterpretation of the word sex but the Obama administration something that was never intended by the crafters of title IX other relevant statutes now getting threatened and yeah the guns being held to the head of states like North Carolina where I currently live you comply.

We lose billions of dollars in federal the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown I'm speaking with Matt Sharp legal counsel with the alliance defending freedom about a lawsuit being brought by 24 states saying no to the Obama ministration say no to the Department of Justice saying we will not go along with your transgender activism in our schools will allow others to be forced on us, so Matt there. The radical reinterpretation has to do with the word sex so explain what the Department of Justice has now done and and if they have any authority or legal precedent for what they're doing. Sure, though, in this May 13 dear colleague letter that the Department of Education and out to every school in every college in the country. They said you now have to treat the student gender identity as their thanks for the boy walking to school one day instead. I may be biologically boy, but I now identify the female from that second board.

The school must treat him as a girl in every aspect name pronoun dressed and of course that you the restroom, shower, change all of that no parental involvement is required. In fact, the school can actually get in trouble for reaching out to the parent if the student didn't want them to, nor is there any medical diagnosis.

The requirement that the student be taking hormone served on this for a while. It's just that the moment a student walked in and said I am a boy or I'm a girl for all regards that the school has to treat that student if that thick into what they have done is redefine fact that no model longer means which are biology which are anatomy which are DNA and chromosome say. Rather, it is what you subjectively think you are now what it means to be boy or girl I it is there any precedents for this and in the courts that has any definition be changed at any point on a national level, not at all. In fact, just the opposite, that there have been six court cases across the country that have all looked at this question of what to expect and mean under title IX, and specifically does it mean that a boy gets to access female restrooms and locker rooms and all of those cases except the most recent. When out of Virginia that still on appeal.

Those courts have consistently rejected that nothing in title IX requires this. In fact, title IX is clear they meant when they drafted that thick mean boy and girl based in your biology, anatomy, because when title IX was being debated this exact question actually came up during the debate someone fit well before creating equal opportunities for men and women and they get equal access to all of the program that now mean guys can get access to girl dormitories and locker rooms and and play on girl sports team and the sponsors that of course not. Whenever there is a privacy or safety concern. We want to make sure that school can still have separate facilities program sports teams for boys and girls, and so they wrote that into language of title IX and for 40 years, everybody has known defects mean boy or girl based on biology, anatomy, etc. and it is only in the past year that the administration is started to take this radical new interpretation that vectors no longer how you were born, but rather what you subjectively think you are on any given day, and there are zero colleges now sees we are not allowed to tell incoming students that the the guy that's going to be sharing a room with another guy is actually still female, but identifies as God is not even allowed to inform them that that's that's how far things are going so this is part of a larger activist war almost a war on on gender distinction themselves, and they can affect colleges that are female schools and now will have biological males there so that this is part of a massive can of worms and met do you expect more grassroots pushback as this continues to expand it. It doesn't do its having compassion for a kid who struggling it has to do with implementing social madness you expect more pushback across the country. I do it is worsening. The consequences of this of what it mean we hear situations like United. I think there is a guy in Idaho that pretended to be a female in order to take pictures in the changing room and target working to see the consequences of a policy like this organist see the impact it has on on girls losing opportunity fund on kids having their privacy violated so much more and I think organist, the more and more grassroots effort with so encouraging us to feed a positive response we been working with school district and and others across the country on this issue and consistently they tried to show great compassion to students struggling with gender identity. As you know if they all right you're not your boy, but you're not comfortable using the boys restroom will give you an accommodation will let you you the single stall restroom. Barnett is restroom. We want to have a safe place a price for your privacy and dignity is protected but we gotta give the famed everybody else and that's compassion but the other side refuses that because what they don't want it they don't want safety. They don't want compassion they want to dominate and they want to make everybody fall in select line with a radical ideology and manna so slowly get behind EDS will find out more about this particular case, what's the best way to do that so they can visited ADF or we set up a new website called safe bathrooms.or they can visit to learn more about all of the cases that ADF is involved in to hear stories of victims of sexual abuse and how these policies impact them and find out resources that they can take in and get their own school district or local college to adopt good policies to protect everybody's privacy and safety. I friends especially that second website safe Matt keep up the good work we expect great progress in the days ahead appreciated very much absolutely thanks for having me. All right, that was not sharp from the alliance defending freedom safe repeat the issue here is not one of having compassion on the kid who struggling but to give you the analogy that I've given over and over and over again. Let's say you've got a kid in school whose blind, I get a blind kid in school you don't have a special school for the blind in your community so you do whatever you can to accommodate that child recognizing the child has a handicap. They have a legitimate need and want accommodate them as best as possible.

But you don't impose that on the whole school. In other words, you do not say. Everyone has to close their eyes and now learn to read with braille ready try to accommodate that one student with a handicap. If you have a boy who believes she's a girl. There is no scientific evidence that he is a girl that he believes he is and is troubled by having to use the boys room I we have compassion on that child struggling whatever the cause of the struggle might be gosh we don't impose that on everyone else. If you can find this is it a nurse's bathroom or a single stall bathroom or faculty bathroom.

The child can use that but you don't traumatize all the other kids you don't traumatize all the other kids because the one kid struggles you don't traumatize the 15-year-old girls by having a biological male sure the locker room and bathroom with them in the school and play on their teams unfair to the other girls because the kid is confused about his gender identity.

If you should now know he's absolutely a woman in a voice but okay still in boy's body known for boys body and the girls rooms so sanity will prevail. It may take a while. Things may get more insane before sanity prevails, but trust me either. Jesus comes first or sanity prevails. Because culture cannot maintain itself like this. Please check out the website. We got a great resource offer for you. My 12 hour teaching series 8 lectures on how to be led by the spirit full of the word full of wisdom for the great stories full of practical application. 60% off for the download which is really low price and take advantage of that aspect around the Lord. My bottom line today. Don't be discouraged. Jesus is Lord. It's time while another great story you can't deny the reality God does safe people of homosexuality.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown looking friends to the line of fire broadcast 8664 truth is our number and I would encourage your friends that we have a special secret weapon that no one can deny they can fight against it, but they can overcome it. They can't silence it is the weapon of testimony.

It is the weapon of change lives. It is the weapon of what God has done in people's lives.

II was at a meeting one time and we were. It was the city Council meeting in Charlotte North Carolina and there was a social issue controversial social issue that was taking place in our city. At that time and the speaker said this is my position. Each speaker at the three minutes or 10 speakers each had three minutes to make their point to the city Council and it so happened all 10 speakers were on the same side of this particular social issue in our congregation had showed up in good number to pretty much fill the city Council meeting hall. So this gentleman stood up and said this is my position.

But if you agree with that, I'd like you to stand and with the exception of a couple people everybody stood up and you could see the city Council will will that if you deny a certain thing if you say there's no such thing as rain. There's no such thing as route let's a snow some some parts of never seen snow or menacing rain support through the recent snow there's no such thing as snow and I I've heard rumors about this no such thing as snow and I said okay were in the Northeast all of you who have seen snow yourself. Stand up. It's a stadium with 100,000 people packed in 100,000 people stand up. This is a little hard to argue against that. So we have something wonderful which is the power of personal testimony. Now authority of Scripture. We don't base doctrine on personal testimony but personal testimony can confirm doctrine. So if God promises a particular thing and we believe that promise based on Scripture and then see that confirmed in our personal lives that is pretty neat. That is when you say wow. Praise God. God said it, and I've experienced it and now I know this for myself how wonderful. So I'm to be speaking with a special guest today. Her name is Michelle Smith and I'm holding her book in my hands, called prodigal pursuit out of the lifestyle into the arms of Jesus and Annex lesbians Journal. She was a former assistant assistant district attorney she spent nearly 25 years as an out loud and proud lesbian arena from the back of her book.

She was a feminist separatist anarchist. She wanted to New Age police witchcraft Buddhism agnosticism all the other isms available to explore at last encounter the undeniable indescribable of Jesus and everything changed.

Today Michelle not only reaches out to touch the LGBT community with love of God but also speaks to the church sharing a message of hope to those who feel they have lost a loved one to the LGBT lifestyle silk we come back to talk to Michelle Smith flipping through the pages of this book right now and by the way, great book to give to someone struggling or to someone wondering about these issues and plan looking at some old pictures of Michelle here and you you better believe you have to believe everything we just read is what you live. Wow right back in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, Jesus really changes lives. This is Michael Brown.

You know my story, the age of 16 when I came to faith in 1971 I was a heroin shooting a list using hippie rock drummer.

I was speaking at a fine church in Jamestown, North Carolina right near Greensboro of couple weeks ago fine church there.

Many of you that were there listening right now and Silver Creek stations AM and FM in Greensboro and over the final meal with the pastor found out that the he had been a drug addict. He had shot heroin a series him this godly fine pastor.

Jesus really changes lives, but the one area where were told Noto he really doesn't change lives is when it comes to homosexuality. I discovered this years ago when I was sharing the testimony of of a close friend and it was in the early days of intranet and I was interacting with some folks about this and this is nominal heat.

He was never gay. If he's knocking out. He was never gay or he's just a bisexual or he's just repressing his real identity, but people really change if they do come out homosexuality there miserable if they claim to be heterosexual. Their lying, but either way than it really change about my guest Michelle Smith. Her book prodigal pursuit out of the lifestyle into the arms of Jesus, and X lesbian Journal journey. Her website prodigal pursuit., read the bio off the back of the book right before the break, and I been flipping through the pictures. Shaking my head. It is a delight now to meet on the air. Michelle Smith, Michelle, thanks so much for joining us. Thank you Dr. Brown. I'm I'm happy to be here with you, Michelle, when did your book come out prodigal pursuit at Mother's Day this year. Mother's Day, what kind of responses. Have you received so far. You know I've received really positive responses across the board. I've gotten people got in part contacted me through my website and have them email telling me that my book with an encouragement that it spoke to them at folk about their own journey back to God and out of the lifestyle and Dan.

I've also heard from a lot of parents and siblings of people who are still in the LGBT lifestyle and that it's been very encouraging to them and uplifting for them to know how powerful prayer is an a God really is transforming lives today not want to get your whole story as much as we can cram it in here that in the time that that we have and then talk practically about ministering to those who identify as gay or lesbian.

But let's let's start here. When was it that you surrendered your life to Jesus and said no more to the life you are living, and it was six years ago and after 20 about 23 years of living as a very activist active lesbian life. I was never whole. I would never I don't do anything halfway so I was as full on in that as I could be and six years ago I actually sat down with a Catholic priest who responded in perfect perfect ways and told me that being a lesbian would not prevent me from coming back to God and wouldn't prevent me from having a relationship, but it was something that we had to talk about was something I was gonna have to address and for me that was the final.

The final thing that I needed to hear that enabled me to come back to God's let's let's talk about your upbringing. People always want to know what happened.

It when did you start to identify as lesbian, so how we raise religiously and what kind of family I was adopted at birth and I was raised in a Christian family.

We went to church every Sunday morning and the evening if there is a service Wednesday evening. I was in love with Jesus. I was going to be a missionary.

I I didn't love. I love Billy Graham Crusade. I read voraciously any Christian book that was available to me. I read them and I love God, but when I was seven and older male neighbor exposed me to pornography and between that and then the fact that I was a reader who also read kind of what we would call mommy porn book now and I was reading them when I was in my early like my 12 to 14 after getting exposed to bisexuality through those books and that I had that pornography on the visual of the pornography as well.

By the time I was 14 I was thinking of myself as bisexual, but I knew that that was wrong and I knew that I shouldn't be thinking of myself that way and so struggled from 14 to 18 kind with those thoughts and those ideas that was during the 80s during the 80s.

The church really didn't have a good theology for dealing with people who had same-sex attraction and so I basically believed and thought that thought I was going to hell because I had same-sex attraction.

So, in light of that by the time I was 18 I decided that if I was going to go to hell because I was having thought that I felt like I couldn't control that I was gonna go all out and I'm gonna go to hell for good reason to just jump in the unit. This would be very obvious to you, but others it may not be so obvious why didn't she look for help.

Why didn't you sit down with pastor leaders and say hey I'm struggling with with these these problems. Why was this something that you're pretty much battling on your own. Well, I think that if a combination of things why teenagers in general tend to not think that adults can really understand them and I think that that fed into it and I also had heard Thurman the 80s with the time when a was really breaking out in the media is something people talked about. I'd heard Thurman about Aiden being the wages of been I was pretty clear on what my leaders would probably say to me and I wasn't willing to risk exposing myself because I held out hope that in my own willpower and my own control I would be able to conquer death and then nobody would need to know that I had been battling it right in and I asked the question because many people don't understand how difficult it is. Look, even today. Let's say your your pastor and you're struggling with pornography or something like that. You tell I mean if you if you told your future. Other church leaders.

Maybe you get you even get sent tagliatelle denominational leaders are afraid to tell your wife that with that would ditto hurt hurt you deeply. So I'm just going to comment suck it often and get toughened and get through. And then when you have sucked like this. As a young person, especially in the 80s. I made some wrong with this along with you. You can't dare tell someone because you can be totally ostracized. So it's the exact opposite of what should happen where you are because everybody's can struggle that everybody has fleshly issues.

Some go very, very deep note to the core of our being. That's why we have a Savior. That's why we we have compassionate leaders and friends and I tell young people.

I was just asked this question the other day. What happens if my friend and a teenager said that was my friend comes out tells me there gay I said say them and there was nothing to you, my friend, you first defuse the whole thing right so you're still my friend and and then try to let them open up to you and then just try to bring that to find a place of homeless in the Lord but yet it's it's so difficult and people don't realize that that's that's why wanted to jump in and so then at the age of 18. You made your decision and I am a long battle. Like I said, and right after I graduated from high school I went home and pretty much abandoned myself to all the things that I had not been doing because I was a good Christian kid though in a drinking experiment thing with drug lot. The fact I mean I wholeheartedly jumped off the cliff. I didn't play on the edge. I just went and that's when I eventually started getting involved in alternative religions as well. You know I was always thinking that relationship with God that I'd had when I was a kid that went when you talk about the way you are living at this point, we were you living in sin in a bisexual way, or had you just give yourself over the lesbianism that early. I had given myself over to lesbianism at that point I had dated a couple guys in high school. Neither one of those relationships work particularly well and so I just figured women were much easier. I understood them they were just like me and so I just gave myself over to that and did you begin to believe that that's who you really were. You may be born that way is supposed to. Now you describe the process in which you opened up to these things when I began, yet absolutely at that during the 23 years that I was in the lesbian lifestyle.

I wholeheartedly believed that I was born that way that it was my destiny.

It was my complete identity minute being a lesbian dictated not only who I slept with. It also dictated to my friend for what movies I went to what books I read who I voted for right since we come back on speaking with Michelle Smith this is a book you want to get prodigal pursuit out of the lifestyle into the arms of Jesus. And next lesbians. Journal website.

Prodigal the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution there again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with Michelle Smith often the lifestyle and lesbians journey Michelle some in the LGBT community.

I would say most take exception to the idea of the gay lifestyle factors say what's the gay lifestyle is like everybody else's lifestyle.

You get up in the morning go to work you have a family and friends relax. Now that's that's the lifestyle that you use the, the, the term often and you speak of the spoken about it on the air you have in your book lesbian lifestyle is someone who would. It has been there and done that. How can you phrase like that, why is it something that you refer to as a lifestyle. Well, I think back to what I was saying before the break with his being a lesbian with my identity and as such it dictated or at least influenced heavily many of my decision.

You know what party did I go to who were my friend what movies that I watch or not watch what books that I read who did I vote for what issues you know how did I feel about certain people based on how they felt about the LGBT people group. So I do think that it that it was a lifestyle much in the same way that I live a fitness lifestyle because I make choices about what I'm getting eat or wear them to work out and when I'm at work out based on my lifestyle choices of fitness and my goal of fitness though. I think that it somewhat disingenuous to say it's not a lifestyle and we all have lifestyle and we make choices based on on kind of what our lifestyle is a four vegan. We chose a lifestyle right so in other words, the reason I probe this is just to give people a better understanding in your in your viewpoint, having been all in for these 23 years before the Lord brought you back to himself and and again at this from from the back cover spent nearly 25 years as an out loud, proud lesbian feminist separatist anarchist. She wants a new age police witchcraft Buddhism agnosticism all the other isms available to explore so obviously announcing that all of those things are part of quote lesbian lifestyle yet. Having been raised in a good home now having been six years out of the lesbian lifestyle.

Would you say that the average heterosexual's life and relationship to family and things like that is just the same as the average homosexuals, or are there differences. I strongly say that there's different again.

I have a longevity of 25 years in that community living in different state than being in bulk to differing degrees and the community in each of the state.

I can say that while there is a desire on the part of many in the LGBT community to have exactly the same quote unquote lifestyle as their heterosexual friends and neighbors.

There are differences and there were certainly far more differences in the 80s and 90s. The acceptance rate has has changed that somewhat, but but I think that there are differences that the minimum to be really controversial here in Fayetteville had a domestic violence rate among the LGBT is higher than among heterosexual if you look per capita female female genius seems to be worse than male-female abuse sample their alcoholism. The levels of alcoholism at higher the rate of depression is higher. There is a study that came out recently and I believe that without a Netherland where they were trying to figure out what was the common denominator for the poor suicide rate than they actually found that that homosexuals had a higher rate of depression, leading to suicide regardless of how accepting everyone around them was of their identity, though I would say that there's a lot of issues and problems among the LDV LGBT people group that are greater or exacerbated when compared to their heterosexual counterparts, but it's not to say there like caring people. It's not to say there aren't great neighbors. It's not to say there are in committed relationships is not to say there that hard work. On and on it simply to say God didn't make meant to be with men and women to be with women, and therefore cannot be a life that is blessed the way life is lived according to God's order and by the way the study that I had read from the UK when they had looked at higher rates of substance abuse, higher rates of depression, high rates of suicide in the LGBT community gay activists and we can't blame this on homophobia. In fact, homophobia quote homophobia didn't occur in the report.

They said it's our lifestyle, we tend to be partying more, we tend you know that that no of course it becomes. The same conclusions we did, but they just said our chosen lifestyle is different and it leads to these various problems and obviously you're not going to have the same level of long-term bonding, commitment, family stability in in a homosexual population as you would heterosexual just on average.

And that's what you saw over 23 years exactly what I hear alright so before we get to how the Lord brought you out. You are out and proud what is that look like were that sound like when I was in my 20s. It looked a lot like I was very much, and activated I believed in public displays of affection which during the late 80s and early 90s was when gays and lesbians would get together in you know you would you would be with a partner at a restaurant or on a public street and you would hold hands.

He would cast whatever and it was a shock factor to to shock the straight people who were around you and to seeing you for stealing your identity as it was, though I marched in parade.

I wrote articles for an anarchic newspaper. I yeah I mean, I, I, if I had a choice between stopping at a regular business or a business owned by somebody who was LGBT I would choose the LGBT business every time and I was just I was very active in pursuing legal protection and legal right and acknowledgment from society at large and did you alter your appearance. Tutsis in the message as well. Well, I suppose you could say that my head was saved or nearly saved throughout most of the 23 years, I thought it was funny when I got mistaken for a boy, but it it was never my I would never, I was never confused about my gender.

I never felt like I was male trapped in a female's body. I never had any of the dysmorphia.

I just I wanted to co-opt anything that would male that indicated power in society and in sexual politics assassinated. Alright friends we get to the punchline we can find out how Jesus came into Michelle's life and transformed her and then I asked Michelle to speak directly to those who identify as LGBT than listening to families that family members going through struggles right now together probably pursued the websites probably like that. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6634 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown Jesus is a wonderful Savior. Jesus can transform anyone. If you're listening right now and fighting terrible depression and hopelessness. If you're listening right now and you're addicted to drugs or alcohol or another substance of some kind.

If you're listening right now and are struggling with sexual editions. If you listen right now struggling with gender identity issues, sexual orientation issues. My guest Michelle Smith is a message of hope and encouragement for you. Her book probably pursued out of the lifestyle into the arms of Jesus and ask lesbians journey her website prodigal after 23 years, living as an out and proud lesbian six years ago she surrendered to the Lord should be raised in a Christian home exposed to pornography at the age of seven and by the time she was 18, decided this is who I am and gave herself to lesbian relations and substance abuse, and then out and proud lesbian activist as much as she could be now following Jesus these last six years, Michelle, what was it. How did God get involved in your life to bring you back to himself what what got you to that point of sale. Okay, no more with with the new age, gender, separatism and anarchy in feminism and Buddhism and witchcraft agnosticism and all the other things you followed.

What brought you back to the Lord that you knew as a child.

Well, when I when I moved to Canada and what benefit got hired to benefit the district attorney. I knew that I needed to have a quote unquote normal spirituality that was how I phrased it to all of their booted them in the witchcraft and everything else was just all part of my spiritual speaking when I didn't know at that time was what I was doing was seeking a relationship with the God I knew as a child. What I decided live since I had no interest in being a Christian was I would become Jewish so okay and I had been studying Jewish mysticism and I thought well being Jewish. It is fairly mainstream. I can do that so I met with the reformed tradition. Rabbi who told me that we find to be a lesbian and I studied with with Rabbi David for for two years and just just militias that don't know reformed Judaism is nothing to do with the reformed Christian faith Reform Judaism is extremely liberal and therefore affirming of of not not only practicing lesbians and homosexuals. But that you can actually be a rabbi and via a lesbian or gay rabbi in the reformed tradition so this was. This is the route you and takes youth as a district attorney. Now would be good that you're into Buddhism or something like that. But Judaism, that's fine yes that's very mainstream. I thought that was very normal.

I studied with Rabbi David for two years and he said to me one day he said it's time for you to pick a date to actually come and booted to the Jewish faith and and make your conversion.

So pick a date and I went home and within about three days. My mom called to tell me that my aunt had died and was my very dear aunt Sally, 11 years old and a man with an unexpected death is very upsetting and I drove to Oklahoma with my girlfriend at the time for the funeral and while I was sitting in the funeral home listening to the sermon I heard a voice say you can't give up either and I turned to my girlfriend and I said did you say something and she shushed me in that no be quiet and I heard the voice again. I actually heard it three more times. You can't give up Jesus and I knew that it was by the time it but that it the third time I knew it was God and I knew that I was not going to convert to being Jewish and fellow that started two more years of speaking and I could not find a church that would accept me as a practicing lesbians and will find out. On the other side of the break to find a church that would accept his practicing lesbian and will be right back, and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown speaking with Smith prodigal pursued out of the lifestyle into the arms of Jesus, and X lesbians journey to Michelle right before the break, we cut you off in midsentence.

You were a district attorney, you're gonna convert to Judaism's you could have more of a mainstream etc. religion heard a voice saying you can't leave Jesus, you can't deny Jesus and now you're looking for a church that would affirm you as gay and Christian.

You can find one there.

There are more and more churches like this around what you think you can find one well when I got cut off what I could find them, but I didn't want to be a part of one of those churches walking in the churches. It like something in my spirit new that they weren't telling the truth why I wasn't willing at that point to admit what it was they weren't telling the truth about this new they weren't living lively churches and I didn't want to be a part of them and so eventually made my way ended up in a Catholic priest office, etc. and while I was struggling. I struggled for about a week before I finally gave in to Jesus, and I was arguing or I was talking with a girlfriend at the time and I said this is my identity being a lesbian is my identity who I am and I said that. It's as if I was right handed my entire life and now you're telling me I can't be right-handed at the stand and I have to be left-handed and immediately when I said that out loud what dropped into my head was a paraphrase of the Bible verse, which was that it better to go to heaven with one hand and held what to wow so you didn't know your little analogies to get you know I didn't, but when that happened. When Matt first dropped in my ad. I I knew that I was going to be obedient. I was going to acknowledge Jesus as Lord over my life, even though at that moment I didn't agree with him, but I was going to bend my knee to him as Lord and then what happened was because I took one step and obedience toward him.

He rushed in with with just so much love and transformation, and I was just I have been overwhelmed for six years with his unending and enduring love for me. Tell me honestly tell our listeners honestly Michelle who you were on the inside level of peace, joy, fulfillment, satisfaction on your average day in your old lifestyle compared to your average day in your new lifestyle. You know I I did not think that I was unhappy or dissatisfied. I was never depressed but not my personality when I was a lesbian. I thought that I would great. I knew that I would always questing and searching and speaking what kind of an inner drive for me and people would even comment about it, but after I came back to Jesus. I just became call I didn't have to. I no longer have that drive to seek and search and find because I've already found what I was thinking which was Jesus you know there's an old from the beginning saying that that we all have a God shaped hole in her heart and will never be satisfied until he is in it and that's exactly what I I look back on my old life and I say I wasn't unhappy, but I was never as happy on my best day then as I am now and what about this feeling of being loved.

You were in many relationships before I take it your you're single at the moment but good this depth of feeling loved by God.

It is there security. You have now is there something that you have that's different than before. There over the figures like I constantly feel like I'm learning more about Davison and God and God. You know God is one of his name is all sufficient and I've had to learn that all sufficient.

Isn't that he and I going to provide for our daily bread in a real mundane kind away but he's all sufficient in he can meet all of my needs for live and all my need for kindness and caring and I've had to learn that it wasn't something I understood from the very beginning that I'm not lonely when I I have a very full life.

He's brought wonderful friends into my life. I have a ministry and I even even when I am by myself now.

I am not lonely, but I was when I was a lesbian.

I was lonely and roomful of people again. These these are things that many people just can't understand it until they hear from someone like you, especially when you didn't characterize yourself is this depressed or you wouldn't characterize yourself as lonely and at same level in the past but when you experience the love of God, a new life than you realize it's like you been in a cave with limited light and you come in the sunshine. This this is what light is really about. Obviously people want to press the sexual attractions issue romantic attractions and I have friends that have literally had them transform some supernaturally overnight from homosexual to heterosexual. I have others that have had a modification in attractions and desires of others that say it still is attractions I just say no to them is, is that the a big issue with you right now is a quite secondary. Secondary I feel like I gave me a pretty dramatic transformation from the beginning, not 100% that all desires and attractions were removed, like in one snap of the fingers, but essentially one site that I was willing to give up that identity, then the same-sex attraction went away and the questing after that went away. I am very open to married to a husband.

Right now God is not brought that man into my life, but I'm open to that, and that I still very much in the beginning learn what taking thought captive meant right and how to do that and I have a number of of things I talked about in the book technique that I've used successfully to take thought captive in order to not give myself you know leeway it like I it's like looking at chocolate cake and wanting a piece of chocolate cake is not gluttony, but if I sit here and think about nothing but the chocolate cake and wish I had the chocolate cake and would be willing to take the chocolate cake away from somebody else. He was eating it. I've now entered the defendant gluttony and so taking the thought captive chocolate cake is nice but I don't need a piece right now. That simple, right, and I'm not. I'm not repressing myself. I'm not being inhumane to myself. I denied myself a piece of chocolate cake that I in fact do not need exactly. And it's important that you say it like that you know what you critics or are going to say. And of course as much as you get a great responses to this you get slammed by critics who can accept the possibility of change or the new life that you're experiencing in Jesus and in my book. Can you be a Christian is one of the big points I make the whole identity issue. I don't come from this background trust my own struggles but I've talked enough people understand spiritual principles that how we identify as is of tremendous importance old Michelle.

We've we've got a couple minutes before the break.

What would you tell someone right now that's struggling they they identify right now is gay or lesbian. But God's pulling on their hearts. What would you say to them, I would say that the first miracle in the Bible was when he changed water into wine and you know Dr. Brown how smart you are and what a scholar you are that that water wasn't just water. It wasn't just drinking water that was ceremonial washing water, though it was dirty and would not clean water at all and he actually changed it into the very best wine that with the Bible that the Jesus that the first miracle was to change the identity of something and I would encourage anyone who is struggling give that identity to Christ. My only identity is found in Jesus Christ. I join Paul when he says that that I have been crucified with Christ and it no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me, and by giving my identity over to Christ, he will change that. Just don't take it back. Don't keep giving it to aim and then when it gets hard to take it back because that easy because he will in fact change it permanently. If you just let him have it absolutely, and all of us walk with the Lord has indeed these deep, profound things in our lives in one level or another hearing from Michelle again youth city with a blood product will proceed.

I'm looking at the pictures you can see the transformation. Just that simply and will this book be helpful for for parents and family members who have kids and others struggling with these issues with with a funds helpful as well yeah yeah I've been told by my many parents that they have found it useful.

I talk about my mom in there and how she was how she behaved in the beginning and how to behave towards the end and how that was helpful in prayer and how powerful that is the website's prodigal The book sees Michelle Smith May the Lord be with you to touch many many gays and lesbians in the coming days. Thank you so much hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today, torchbearer one of our regular monthly support as it enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into many many different ways join our team become a torturer asked Brown a SK, click on donate file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us on the line of fire your number. I've got to books to give away Gateway if you in the first hour I've got two more books you call, he let a gathering of our grade 350,000 believers in Washington DC on Saturday like Ravi Zacharias and Josh McDowell spoke in fact his book reset Jesus changes everything has a forward adjoint forward by Josh McDowell, Luis Palau and Ravi Zacharias. It's great little hardcover endorsements from old wide wide range of of leaders, many of them very, very well-known, so all published by Multnomah but were giving away. I'm not trying to sell it to you so it's it's about resetting your life of the set up living the dream or the life don't settle good and also chew and then hitting reset Jesus reset my face my plans, my self-image, my relationships, my purity my habits my fictions my generation so yours free caller number 68663 freight 7884 free copy of this great little hardcover book reset Jesus changes everything.

So listening to my guess Michelle Smith talking about coming out of and out and proud lesbian lifestyle, which for her. Also included New Age beliefs.

Anarchism, feminism, all types of other strange beliefs is a moves agnosticism. She said if there is an assumption of his Intuit Kelly Dist. Atty. and from ages 18 pastor 40 so 23 years is actively involved in listening can issue could be that would mean she said not just relationships but the movie she saw the places where she shopped, etc. this this was this was who she was. It was her identity when she met the Lord when she met the Lord. Everything changed when she met the Lord.

Everything changed and here's how it began. Even though she didn't like it. She knew Jesus as Lord, we do have a winner but hang on.

I got one more book to give away, but we do have a winner. So thank you so much.

We do have a winner of when she said yes her feeling it was based on feelings or emotions.

It was based on obedience, that's when she knew that everything was different. Right at that moment God rushed into her heart and changed her dramatically. Take the first step of obedience whatever is going on in your life. Take the first step of obedience. If you know something is displeasing to the Lord say, even though I don't know how to change even though part of me doesn't want to change even though I don't like this. I know that you don't want me to do it by your grace I'm saying no more by your grace, I'm saying no more right.

That's where you start or you might say. The woman she was left. Her husband was a lesbian relationship for years and she said she didn't want to change.

She did want to want to change, but there is something within her that even though she didn't want to even want to. There was that fairly maybe I would want to but I don't want to something so deep and so weak, but that's what she presented to God and he helped her he helped her and deliver whatever is going on first acknowledge the Lordship of Jesus in valuing the even if you say I'm honest, I'm bound by this I don't know how to change and I don't want to in the flesh, but I want to serve you more than anything, he will help you saunter from Natalia Texas congratulations right Lester one more call in number seven: number seven they call reset hardcover free by the generosity of Nick and Multnomah 866-34-TRUTH 87884:7 so will do this quick will give away one more before the shows over so for everybody listening, here's where things start. Here's where they start they start with you saying Jesus technology was Lord and I want to do your will. Even though my flesh screaming I don't want to. Even though my mind is saying you can never change, even though it seems insurmountable. Whatever it is you're going to for me couple years back was still food issues with furnishings so we start there. We do have a winner. So thank you again, but we do have a winner. It starts with saying Jesus your Lord and I don't want to keep living the way and with the drug abuse alcohol sexual addiction, be it homosexuality be stealing be lying be just being backslidden or whatever right where you are right where you are. God is in Senate and he's he's watching you.

This moment is if you go to person the world is watching.

If you'll just say Jesus technology was Lord and I want to live for you.

God help me set me free help me if you help me or follow if you throw me the rope.

I'll take it.

It's by his grace. It's by his power and he will give you the grace to respond until your friend will be the first day of a brand-new life with your company Jesus for the very first time with you returning to him with your believer, who's been bound.

This can be the first wonderful day of a brand-new radically changed life. That's the power of the gospel. Jesus died for every sin you and I ever committed every single cent. Even the ones that are so embarrassing, so shocking. We don't want anyone to know he died for them. He rose from the dead. We put our trust in him. He'll never disappoint us, and if if you cried out to the Lord is coming to life.

Let us know she was SK dear and will be blessed to pray with you and for you Anna. Congratulations to Renée from Denton, North Carolina on your free book today, have you wondered about how the Holy Spirit speaks how you can be led by God, he can really know the voice of God does only speak to Scripture.

What about dreams. What about visions about inward sense perception how how can we really be led by the spirit. I did teaching on the spheres back some years back eight lectures, 12 hours super practical super biblical inspiring encouraging. It's a really low price but you can download it at 60% off on the websites was almost a giveaway for*around the Lord order in order for your friends wealth*around the Lord. My bottom line today. You better believe to this moment Jesus is in the business radically

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