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QB Questions (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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October 28, 2022 8:29 pm

QB Questions (Hour 2)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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October 28, 2022 8:29 pm

What's the future of Baker Mayfield and Carson Wentz? l Howard Griffith, Big Ten Network analyst l News Brief


Is there something really absurd that skews you out? Getting a paper cut on my eyeball? A fear you can't shake? I'm gonna leak ocular fluid on my cheeks.

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Need to know what it takes, fit your budget and your family well. Rocket can. Before we get to a news brief, and Howard Griffith's gonna join us coming up 20 minutes from now, we'll preview the weekend that's upcoming in college football. Before we found out about this last night, where John Harbaugh may be the best 60-looking year old man on the planet with the great shape that he's in. And I would never would have thought that he's 60, but I guess it does make sense. How old would you have guessed last night? If I just asked you before the show, Hickey, John Harbaugh, how old do you think he is? I would have said like, I don't know, 52, 53. Right, that would be my guess, 52, 53. Nothing crazy from 60, but I was surprised when I heard the big 6-0. Now he's been the Ravens coach, what, since 2008 or 2009?

Something like that, maybe 07, whatever it is. So he's been that, he's been a coach in the league for a long time. I just would not have expected him to be 60. Harbaugh and Pete Carroll, they just do not look their age.

Like Pete Carroll's in great shape. And what is Pete? I think Pete's 70?

I'm pretty sure. Yeah, I never, it's either 70 or 71. Him and Belichick, I always get confused of who's the oldest coach. I think Belichick's 68. Okay, so right there. So I think it's 70 or 71 then.

Gotcha. So it's kind of crazy though, as the Ravens win last night, and they're a team that I do believe that the Baltimore Ravens are gonna be really damn good at the end of the year. They're gonna have a really good record because of where their schedule's at, but it's gonna be tough to say, I love the Ravens because of what we've seen early on this year in a big spot against Miami, in a big spot against Buffalo, up against the Giants.

They had big leads, not just leads, big leads, and they couldn't slam the door shut. Like we talked about it, going into the game last night, there was, since 2000, there's been eight teams, including the Ravens, that have had 10-point leads in every game they played in their first seven games of the season. All those other teams won every single game, didn't blow one, which was a little bit surprising. And then you had going into the game last night, the Baltimore Ravens be four and three. Ravens won last night.

They're now five and three. And on the flip side, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. See, you know what the worst part about the Bucks' loss is last night? Not that it ever looked like they were going to be this great team last night, but they were up 10-three. And when it was 10-three, and the only three points the Ravens had was off a Tampa Bay Muff punt, which gave the ball to the Ravens inside the 20 yard line and the Ravens were only able to get a field goal. When you're up 10-three, you would have thought with the way that the Bucks have struggled this year and haven't played one good offensive game, that they were going to find a way when they had the ball to march right down the field and extend that lead to 17-three.

And I did buy in. And Tampa Bay has kind of showed you this year, anytime they've received the benefit of the doubt, anytime you're about to buy in, they've just been a bad football team. But with the way that that game was playing out early last night, Hickey, with it being 10-three, we both kind of looked at each other last night. I was like, all right, maybe this is going to be Tampa's night to get right. And this was going to be more so this show today about Baltimore's problems. But as the game played out, Baltimore showed, even with some of their disappointing finishes this year, Baltimore was clearly the better team last night. And I think our theory is proven right last night. The Ravens cannot play with the lead, but they are the best at coming from behind.

Yeah, we were joking about that last night. I think that was part of the game plan. Where Baltimore, maybe this is a good thing, they look lifeless to start, not dominating. So maybe since they didn't have to really play with the big lead, then you're going to have Tampa to find the, you're going to have Baltimore to find the way to get the job done. But even in Tampa, that one driver, they just settle for a field goal towards the end of the game.

It was, they could do nothing right. And even when they had to go for it to, I think was making an 11 point game, they were going to go for it down the two. And then they, they take a penalty for five yards, a false start, Donovan Smith. And they just, they couldn't do anything right for a sustained amount of time last night with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. And if it wasn't for the fact that the NFC is wide open other than Philadelphia, if it wasn't for the fact that the NFC South is an absolute disgrace, where the winner of Panthers and Falcons coming up on Sunday is going to be in first place after the first eight weeks of the season, this Tampa team would be screwed. This Tampa team would be dunzo. But because of the fact they play in a cupcake division, even though it's getting really ugly right now, I'm not asking them to be a 10 and 17. I'm not even asking them to be a nine and eight team.

You get to eight wins. I think you win that division this year. So Tampa, I guess still has everything in front of them, but the two things they need to fix is their offensive line. And I know that they have so many guys that retired this off season and go elsewhere or got hurt before the season even started. And then their defense, they just got gashed last night. Didn't matter third and long, third and short, the run game was just working over and over and over again for Baltimore.

And I remember the 300 pound fullback where Lamar Jackson was clearly running for first down. The only thing that could stop him was Baltimore Ravens penalties because the Ravens had at least 100 yards in penalty yardage last night. So this Tampa team, their one saving grace, and we'll see if they can turn around if assuming they get to the postseason is they still should get into the postseason because of how dreadful that NFC South team is. And really, I only consider two teams that could win that division this year. And I don't care if the Falcons lose to the Panthers. I'm still not believing the Panthers.

I'm not believing the Saints. I really only think that the Falcons or Bucks are the two teams that I would consider for the NFC South. As crazy as that is, because everyone technically is still more than well alive in the NFC South this year, Hickey.

Just laughable. Like here we are talking about in week eight, the Falcons and Panthers playing for first place halfway through the year. And remember, the Panthers were the first team and the only team so far to fire their coach. Right, and they're playing with a third string quarterback.

You're gonna call them down to PJ Walker, which is just mind boggling. Baker Mayfield's the backup this week. Healthy backup. How do you think Baker's handling that?

That has to be the most humbling moment of your life for a guy that's so proud and has defeated the odds his entire life, walk on, ends up winning the Heisman, transferring, all that number one overall pick, gets the Browns to the playoffs for the first time since 2002, their first playoff win since 1995, back when Belichick was coaching the Browns. And you just got benched early while he got hurt. And then PJ is playing. And then PJ, since he played well last week, they go, we're not benching PJ Walker right now. So Baker, you go grab some bench and be QB too.

I hope this is the wake up call that he needs. You can make it out after the whole Cleveland thing. Oh, they got a better quarterback.

They screwed me over, screw them. Like I said, to get benched for PJ Walker, no disrespect PJ when you're healthy. In Carolina, your second team, if that is not, like I said, a humbling wake up call to that something's got to change, Baker's never going to be a true star in the NFL ever again. It was never, ever going to happen. And I explained this to you that I agreed with you when we were having this debate.

I'm saying you were right, but I'm saying it's never going to happen. The best thing for him this year would have been to stay in Cleveland. Knew the offense. That team has talent with Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt. They got Amari Cooper. I know in joke who's hurt right now, but in joke who was starting to turn things around before that injury, the best thing for Baker would have just been, swallow my pride, check my ego at the door.

Let me play the first 11 games of the season or however many it was going to be. Watson gets suspended and he's going to come back and he's going to get the team. But Jacoby Brissett has not been good. And it's been like one or two games where he's played well. Baker Mayfield would have been much better than Jacoby Brissett. And in Carolina, you're in a crappy situation.

The line's not good. Even though they improve the offensive line this off season, Robbie Anderson, no longer there, but that guy's a head case. Christian McCaffrey can never stay healthy.

I know you have DJ Moore who's solid. I'm not saying Baker doesn't get any of the blame here because he hasn't played well, but in that late in the game, coming off an injury to have to learn a new playbook, learn a new team, build chemistry, when it's all about timing for Baker Mayfield, he should have just stayed in Cleveland. And even though they did not want you anymore, even though you were pissed and you had every right to be, it would have been the best thing for his career to just simply stay in Cleveland. And his ego wouldn't allow him to do that.

I can't say if Faltome, I think week 11 or 12 would have been a sight to see for sure, is he had the old transition from Baker to Deshaun Watson. Especially if he was playing well. Imagine that he's like seven and four.

Holy smokes. I don't think they probably would have had that good of a record, you know, talking seven and four, but- Let's just get nuts. That would have been fun. If you're looking to set yourself up for the next job, which at that stage, that's what you were looking to do. And I could understand, right? If they came in and they said, hey, Zach, we're replacing you, but the guy we're replacing you with did all these things off the field where now he's not gonna be able to do the first three months of shows.

We want you to stay on board. If that happened, I would probably say, no, bleep you, you're replacing me. I don't wanna work here. But if it meant doing those three months or going to a radio station or a radio network, that is just a terrible organization. No one could hear the show and the management team is horrendous. Even though it's not an ideal situation to stay in a spot that's replacing you, if you do three solid months of shows, especially in a league where quarterbacks, they're needed each and every year and everyone thinks they could fix someone's garbage and turn it into gold, it would have benefited him.

And I get it, that's tough. I would not wanna do that. But compared to the alternative where he wanted to go to Seattle and good on Baker, at least he realized that that roster is better than what we thought it was gonna be. And then Seattle didn't want him and it's worked out for Seattle.

To go to Carolina, when you gotta learn everything on the fly in Carolina has been bad, as we know. That's a move that if Baker, here's what I would ask Baker. If we could have Baker in studio right now and we could shoot him up a true serum, if you could go back and do it, would you just stick around in Cleveland for 11 more games? And I'm fascinated what the true honest Baker Mayfield would have to say on that question.

And you know what, Ryan? The scary part is, I think if we got an honest Baker Mayfield, I still think he would have taken the Carolina route, even with how bad this has gone. You're probably right.

He can't check his ego. You're probably right. And that's what's gotten him to this point, to be fair. But it's also like for how, again, you're sitting here getting benched for a healthy, like when you're healthy, PJ Walker.

For PJ Walker. You would have to, knowing what we know now, if you had the chance to do it over again, I don't see you would still go down that road. Logic would say so, but this guy's not logical. He's not Baker Mayfield. You're not wrong, but now his career is in peril. Yeah.

Compared to, again, it wouldn't be easy. Like, especially if there's seven and four, let's just say, probably won't be, let's just say they were. You know where he is next year? I do, but I kind of see commanders with him next year. You're not wrong.

Isn't that a Dan Snyder move? Him and Carson Wentz battling it out. With Taylor Heineck, you're probably winning the job of all people too.

I think Carson may be, I don't think he'd be a good announcer, but maybe time for Carson to hang it up. Stay at home, dad. Professional dad. That's not nice.

Well, and listen, when you get paid the money you have, like, I would do that. At least I set the guy up with a potential job. Oh, he's not very good in the media. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Maybe he'd be unload. So, yeah. The Carson Wentz unfiltered podcast.

I listened to the podcast. Yes. Like, Big Ben, just let those thoughts rip. Yeah. I would imagine the stream would get intercepted as well. You'd be locking in and- Oh, come on. Send me to some other podcast.

What is this full Gazy website? For Carson, can't even catch a break in the podcasting world now. No, dude. But I don't get how, they can't have him back with the commanders next year. You just got to get rid of him.

I would agree. Now, still a lot of times, there's still 10 games left. So maybe when he's off IR, he'll come back and he'll just regain his form.

Like he saw the first, what, four games, five games when he just stunk. What form? The bad form.

Where you can just say, okay, we can't do it. I wonder if the commander's free. Oh, he's hurt.

Hell, you know, year two. Again, Jim Merce said, he's out here. I think Frank Reicher would have brought him back and he made excuses. Could Dan Snyder make excuses?

Maybe. I don't think decision is Ron Rivera's hands. No, I don't even think the decision to begin with wasn't Ron Rivera's hands.

So let me alter that. I think the decision was guided by Dan Snyder. Reports are out there that it was a Dan Snyder driven decision. And maybe that was more so out of the options that were available and your owner wanting a specific quarterback, you were like, okay, I could talk myself into this. With how patient Ron Rivera was.

You are right, actually. With how patient Ron Rivera was. Remember he said he wants to build the team, then find the quarterback.

That's the guy that you put all your chips on. And you had to trade up significant draft capital. Like the Colts didn't have leverage.

And they rushed into it. That's the biggest baloney that I've ever heard since when we found out about Jordan Love. Remember? Oh, well we had to trade up to go get Jordan Love, the Green Bay Packers. Who else was going for him? And there was a rumor that the Colts, like who else was interested in Carson Wentz's off season?

The Panthers? I think they're going to cut him. I believe that was kind of the scoop from Indy. If he wasn't going to get picked up and all of a sudden the command was like, Oh no, here's two third on picks. I will never forget when I texted you that Carson Wentz got traded. And you said, what's the return? And I said, a second round, potentially. It was a swap of twos and then two threes. And one three could turn into a two. If you play 70% of the stats, which looks like it's not gonna happen. Thanks, thanks for nothing Carson.

Thanks a lot. So you think Baker, if he go back and do it, would say, okay, I'll just swallow my pride and go back to Cleveland for 10, 11 games. I think you have to just because like ego, I get it. But seeing how his Carolina Panthers tenure so far has gone, you can't say, I'll sign up for that.

And basically I have career suicide compared to sucking up her ego for 11 games. Well, what Baker's biggest strength is, is also his biggest weakness. That belief in himself is his biggest strength. That's how he got this far.

But it's also his biggest detriment, because sometimes you just gotta realize what the layup situation is. Zach Gelb shows CBS Sports Radio. We'll get to the news brief coming up at 7.40 p.m. Eastern. When we come on back on the other side, we'll preview the upcoming weekend in college football with Howard Griffin.

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So get started and download the free Odyssey app today. You're listening to the Zach Gelb Show. So let's preview this weekend in college football with a great big 10 analyst.

And that is Howard Griffith. Howard, how you been? I'm doing good. How are you doing? I'm doing fantastic.

Appreciate you jumping on board. How does Penn State try to keep it close this weekend, tomorrow up against Ohio State? You gotta be able to turn them over. The defense has to be able to get some turnover. They also have to be able to try to slow down the running game of Ohio State. I think Ohio State will take a little bit of a blueprint of what Michigan did with them.

And that was be physical at the point of attack. And really go too tight, go big personnel and just try to shove it down Penn State's throat because they weren't able to handle it versus Penn State. When it comes to their quarterback and Sean Clifford, we know it's loyalty and he has been horrible this year, but that's why Franklin keeps on playing him. If I wanna have a chance at this game, I would just start Drew Aller, but they're clearly not gonna do that.

Yeah, they're not. And honestly, Drew is gonna be a, he's gonna have a fantastic career at Penn State. But I don't know that he's not, he doesn't give them the best shot of beating Ohio State. And the reason I say that is that's one thing to be able to come into a game and mop up duty or being able to play the entire fourth quarter.

It's a totally different thing to start out as a starter. And you know, it's tough for teams, tough for young quarterbacks to be able to handle that. And this is an Ohio State team that is gonna give, they're gonna give Sean Clifford all that he can handle. But I think Clifford gives him the ability to make a few more plays with his legs and also with his arm in this matchup, at least right now.

Aller is gonna have an unbelievable career. I do believe that. How do you describe James Franklin as a head coach? You know, I think he's a really good head coach.

I really do. The problem is he's in the East and he's gotta go against Penn State. I mean, Ohio State and Penn State are rather Michigan every year, right? And if Ohio State and Michigan are rolling, those are two programs that are really hard to beat. And so what happens is, you know, Franklin wants to look at the record versus, you know, top five teams, the top 10 teams, and it's not great.

But who does have a record against those caliber teams? So, you know, I think it's difficult, but I think he's done an outstanding job at Penn State. I do understand the criticism the fans have because they wanna beat Ohio State on a consistent basis. They wanna be able to beat Michigan on a consistent basis. But I don't care who your coach is, if Ohio State and Michigan are maximizing their resources, it's tough for Penn State to be able to jump those gaps. It does seem inevitable, Howard Griffith, that we're gonna get an undefeated Ohio State up against a undefeated Michigan in the horseshoe coming up on Thanksgiving weekend. What do you think is the difference between Ohio State and Michigan, and what gives one team the edge over the other this year?

I'll tell you right now, there's a biggest difference in Ohio State right now. It's really the way they're calling plays offensively. We've been able to see Ohio State, and again, be able to utilize the tight end position, be able to utilize the full back position and two back set, be able to go four wide. So when you're preparing for Ohio State right now, you have to pick your poison because they just have so many ways that they can beat you personnel wide from their offensive stance.

So you're not just getting ready to run or prepare for a team that's gonna spread you out and run spread all day, and then try to run the ball. You're gonna play against a team that can come out in multiple formations and have success. Now, to me, that's the biggest difference in where Ohio State is from last year. And then you look at the defensive side, they're playing much better on the defensive side, continuing to get better on that side. So that's a good thing, but Michigan has really picked up where they ended up last year. I think this is arguably a much better offensive line than they had last year, and they won the offensive line at the year awards, the Joe Moore award last year. I think this O-line is better than that.

They are unbelievable in defense, call them the no name group because they're no necessarily first team, all Americans out there, but collectively, they have done so many things to cause so many problems for their opponents. When push comes to shove with JJ McCarthy, and I agree with you, and Blake Corum said it on our show, I think like the second or third week of the season, and he thinks this Michigan team is better than the team a year ago, but with JJ McCarthy, he's a much better quarterback than Cade McNamara, but they haven't needed him yet because of the schedule to go win a game. Can he go into Ohio State and win that game if that's the game that he's gonna have to step up and deliver in? Definitely, he's gonna have to step up, and I think he's gonna have to step up in his 10-state game too as well, but I think he's gonna have to use his legs more versus Ohio State than he has up to this point. And really, again, the last time he was out, I think he rushed for just under 60 yards or just over 60 yards. This team becomes very dynamic when he's able to get outside of the pocket, and they haven't had to expose him to that thus far this season.

Has he made some mistakes? Absolutely, but he does a great job from the pocket. He can sling it around, and he really is a student of the game. So I think the way this schedule was laid out, he's gotten better and better each and every week, and by the time they get to Ohio State, if they don't have any bumps in the road, this is gonna be a really good game. It really is gonna be dynamic, and I do believe that JJ gives them the best opportunity to try to stop Ohio State. How does Michigan State keep it close coming up tomorrow against Michigan?

Special teams, student plays here and there. When you look back at the history of it, if Michigan plays a clean game, they're hard to beat, but they've had some issues in the past where there's a big play here, a big play there, which has caused them to lose the game. Now, you look at Michigan State again, you know, they've had some success, Mel Tucker has had some success in the last two years, so they're not afraid, and they understand that the alcohol is that hatred between these two programs is alive and well, and you can't underestimate it, and it's gonna be a heck of a game, and I know Michigan State is taking a step back from where they were last year, but this field is a tough physical game, tough physical team, and if they cannot turn the ball over, it can protect the quarterback, because that's been one of their biggest problems. They haven't been able to protect the quarterback, and really, when you look at Walker last year, he's hit a lot of their deficiencies in their offensive line. I think it was three weeks ago, you know, the running backs were hitting the backfield or for negative yardage, 58% of the time. From the line of scrimmage back, they're having to dodge people as soon as they touch the ball, and that's one of the things that Walker was really dynamic at last year, so they'll have to be able to really be solidified up front offensively to really get themselves a chance in this game.

Rapping up with Howard Griffith for your alma mater, Illinois. It's been a heck of a year for Brett Bielma. How has he been able to get this program moving back in the right direction? Well, I think one of the things that Brett has a true understanding of is what it takes to win, not only in this conference, but what it takes to win around college football, and his program in Illinois right now, they're doing the things that these programs are doing, and when I start to talk about that, people say, oh, we're just trying to compare them to, whether it's Tennessee, Alabama, or Ohio State.

No, I'm not comparing them right now. I'm saying that from a back office standpoint, the way they're recruiting, the infrastructure that they have that people don't see on a day-to-day basis, that's what really is different. When you look at Iowa, when you look at Northwestern, when you look at Wisconsin, they're doing things the way they historically have done them, and that's not how college football is played or run at this point right now than we're at. And Brett's been able to tap into that and make the adjustments that he needed to, and we're watching the traditional powers in the West that I just mentioned kind of fall into the wayside, and I think part of it is because of the way they recruit, the way they run their back office. You know, it's a philosophical question, but I think as you look around college football, you'll see that, for the most part, the teams that are having the success and that are continuing to play really well are the teams that are embracing this new age of NIL, recruiting, managing the portal, all of those things that people don't see on a daily basis.

I think the teams that are really playing well right now are really utilizing a lot of those resources in the back office that I just mentioned. How would you describe the Nebraska job since it has opened up, like how attractive is that job still? It's not as attractive as it was 25 years ago.

Sure. By no stretch of imagination. I think the college football landscape obviously has changed. When you look at conferences, it used to be Nebraska and Oklahoma, right? That used to be the big game on Saturdays on ABC Sports.

That no longer is the big game when you talk about Nebraska. I think they have the resources to go out and do whatever they need to do and get the best coach that they need to get. But I think they need to splash higher. I think they need to get a guy who can build a program. Because I don't think they're that far away, particularly with it being the East and West divisions right now.

But I'm going to tell you, that's going away. I truly believe East and West is going away the closer we get to a 12-team playoff for college football. It's going to be one conference. And that job is going to become even tougher when USC comes into the mix. UCLA comes into the mix. So it's not as great as it used to be. But I'll tell you, this is for the right coach.

This is a builder. This dynamic on the recruiting circuit, they can make it back to being a really top flight job. Will it ever be Ohio State and Michigan? No, I don't think they're going to get back to that level as far as the prominence of the program.

But they can still be very consistent and go out and win a lot of football games. Is there a name or two that you, I'm not saying that you think is definitely going to get the job. But if you were doing the hiring, that would be a name or two that you would definitely target. I'm going to say this.

And I've said this before, it's not really popular. And I don't know that he'd even be interested in a job. But I would tell you, the person to me that can flip this in a hurry is Urban Meyer. I understand the baggage. I understand all of that. I'm just saying, if you want to flip it and you don't want to wait and you want somebody that can turn this thing around in a hurry, he would be the guy. But is he interested?

I have no idea. But that's the name that really comes to the top of my head when I think about Nebraska football. Because they want to get back to, you talk to their fans, you talk to that best fan base is a great base. And they want to get back to it. I don't think they want to wait four or five years to try to figure it out.

They want it right now. And they need to get a guy, I think, ultimately, who can make that happen. And that's why I mentioned Urban. I think he would be interested. I just don't know if the school would be interested, the people that do the hiring because of all the baggage that comes with Urban Meyer, like you said.

I would say this. I would tell you that Trev is a very strong athletic director. And it would take Trev having to believe that Urban is the right guy. But if he believed it, they would buy it. Because he's strong enough to be able to sell us the powers that be.

It's like you just said, though. We don't know that he would even be interested. I don't know that Trev even has him on his list.

I'm just throwing out a name that's out there that I know would be dynamic in that position. Howard Griffith for Wisconsin, is it still inevitable that Leonard's going to get that job full time? Yeah, I don't think so.

I don't think so. I think had it still been Barry Alvarez as the athletic director when this happened, Barry was the athletic director. I don't think he would have moved away from Paul Chris. I think that Mackintosh also wants to do his own thing. So making the move away from Chris signals to me that they want to do football a little bit differently in Madison. And I'm not saying that Jim can't do that.

But he would have to be, I think, the opposite end of where things were being done when Paul was there. Again, I'm not saying it was right or wrong. I just know that the way they are operating is the game plan that they've had for so many years.

I'm the Barry Alvarez. And it has worked and brought them a great deal of success. I just don't think that formula right now works in college football.

And I think teams are starting to move away from that and increase those back offices. Last thing I'll ask you, Howard Griffith, there's always this great job for the Big Ten Network. Right now with what you've seen so far, if you had to take a stab at it, who's the four teams at the end of the year that's in the college football playoff?

Wow. If I had to take a stab at it, I'd say Ohio State, I would always say Alabama's going to be there just because that's kind of the way it's starting to look to me. I could see who's playing really well right now in Oregon.

I mean, they're out there well. But I think you could probably see two SEC schools in there. I don't know what's going to happen with Clemson, whether it's going to be Georgia, maybe Georgia again. They were really hot early in the year.

We'll see how they're able to withstand and hold up throughout the rest of the year. But I definitely believe Ohio State will be there. I think Oregon's got a great shot to win.

It's playing right now to be there. And Alabama is always, and I think Georgia is there as well. Tennessee's going to have a lot to say about it all, though, right? No doubt about it. They got to win this weekend against Kentucky.

But then everyone's going to be waiting for that matchup against Georgia, no doubt. Yeah, no doubt. Well, Howard Griffith, we appreciate it. Good to connect with you. Thank you. Hey, any time.

Take care. There's Howard Griffith from the Big Ten Network. Yeah, the way that I look at this in the CFP is two SEC teams are going to get it. And you pick between three, however it shapes out Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama. The winner of Ohio State Michigan is going to get in.

And then you have that one spot open. And if Clemson, who survived last week, is undefeated, I think they're going to get in. But the Big 12 and Pac 12, whoever wins that conference, they're going to be deserving. But I just don't know if there's going to be a spot. And that's why I was kind of rooting for last week, Clemson, to go down to Syracuse.

But we didn't get that to happen. Football season is here. The new Odyssey app lets you stay connected to your NFL team. Your station, your shows. Follow your favorite stations and come back again and again. Get real time updates on everything you care about.

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Is there something really absurd that skews you out? Getting a paper cut on my eyeball? A fear you can't shake? I'm going to leak ocular fluid on my cheeks.

It's going to go into my mouth, and I will perish. Whatever scares you, I want to talk about it. Join me, Larry Mullins, on my new podcast, Your Weirdest Fears.

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That's the real body. Time for your daily news brief. We get you caught up on the rumors, reports, and reconnaissance from the day in sports. This season, for the first time, you can hear every Western 1 NFL broadcast stream live for free Mondays, Thursdays, Sunday nights, the international series, holiday triple headers, and every postseason game. Catch all the action on the Odyssey app on VOS01 station streams are by asking Alexa to open Western 1 Sports, all sponsored by AutoZone. It's time to say good night to that check engine light.

With the free AutoZone fixed finders service, it will help troubleshoot the likely cause of your life for free restrictions, apply, get in the zone, AutoZone. Hickey, out of all the coaches in the NFL, you would probably agree that the audio that we love playing the most is Belichick because it's so funny with how much he hates talking to the media, correct? The moon does?

Yes. And then in terms of actually just being funny, Mike McDaniel probably would be the funniest coach in the NFL. He says the most bizarre stuff.

He's out there. I find Belichick very funny now, but in terms of actually trying to be cute and funny, yes, I would say McDaniel. Now Todd Bowles is the nicest compliment Todd's ever going to get. Kind of falls in the Belichick category. Now, not by style of coaching, but you could tell Todd Bowles hates speaking to the media and it just, he doesn't like to give much. And I don't blame coaches for not wanting to give much.

So Todd Bowles after a loss is actually kind of Belichick-ian-esque, let's say, where he has to be up there, but you know he doesn't want to say anything. Here is Todd Bowles on why the offense has been struggling. Shooting ourselves in the foot, whether it's mentally, whether it's penalties, whether it's missed assignment, you know, we got to play better. You know, we got to play better all the way around. It's not just the offense, it's the special teams and the defense. It's Belichick-lite.

That's what it is. You call Bill Mr. Mumbles and maybe Todd Bowles, like Mumbles Jr. Todd Bowles on how Tom Brady has been playing so far this year. I got to look at the tape, but anytime we don't win a ball game, nobody plays well, you know, nobody plays well. I always wish member of the medias and the media, when they go, a coach says, I got to look at the tape. We just go, coach, I have a few clips from Twitter. Can you dissect this play for me of a negative play?

And they could look at the tape in the moment, but no one ever does that. Todd Bowles says changes could be possible moving forward. We're going to talk about everything this weekend. You know, when you're not playing well, everything's on the table for us and we'll discuss it as a staff. TB12 Tom Brady, who is now a single man, says nothing is working for the Bucks offense. You know, I think we struggle pretty much at everything. You know, we're just struggling red area, struggling third down, struggling run game, two point plays, short yardage, backed up, start first quarter, start of the third quarter, not very good offense football. Yeah, we sucked in the first. We weren't good in the second, the first 10 minutes of the third, oh yeah, and then the final five minutes of the third, and then all the fourth, we just suck.

That was battle check like to Tom Brady on it. This is the most frustrated he's been in football. You know, we're playing to win. So no losing is no fun for any of us.

We put a lot into it and yeah, we're just coming up short. I would love to have a friend like Mike Evans. Remember a few weeks ago where Brady got into it. I think against the saints it was and Mike Evans comes running over and then gets into the fight with a Latimore and he goes, it's Tom Brady.

What else should you expect me to bleep into? Well, Mike Evans says Tom Brady doesn't deserve blame for the Buccaneers offensive struggles. He's the best to ever do it. I mean, he hates losing. That's all he knows is winning and being three and five is not good enough.

So we got to turn around and soon. Is it fair for people to only point the finger at him? Nobody's pointing a finger at Tom Brady. The whole team is a team game, the ultimate team game.

It's not just one player, it never has been. How much blame does Brady deserve here? How much did he get?

He had to put like a number on it, Hickey. Um, 20%, like there's a few other areas you can blame before him. I think you start with the line.

Yes. Then you, then the defense has been bad where I thought that was actually the best part of the team. So I would say the line first, then the defense. You have to add some, I think for injuries, right? I know every team is dealing with it, but. Well, that's what I was also going to say.

Small percentage, but. Yeah, injuries too, and then I would say it's Brady. And I know now someone's going to say, well, what about Todd Bowles? I don't think Todd Bowles is a good head coach, but Todd Bowles isn't coaching up the offense. This is Brady's offense and Byron left, which too. And yeah, you can get on Todd Bowles for the defense. And we know Bowles is not a good head coach. Just look back at his time with the jets. When you have these legendary players, is there a part of the conversation that can be on the coach?

Yes. Like in green Bay, Matt LaFleur is overrated, but the conversation starts and ends with Aaron Rodgers. And that's the same thing for Tom Brady.

So that's why I did not put Todd Bowles a little bit higher up on that list. Aaron Rodgers talking about the devil himself, says the team has to be okay with criticism. We all hear criticism in our own ways. And we all got to, you know, be okay with it and take it in, process it. And if it doesn't fit, then it doesn't fit.

But if it fits, we got to, we got to wear it and improve on those certain things. Hickey, when you were cutting up tape for the show tonight, did you only supply me with resources of guys that just mumble? Bowles, mumbles, Brady, mumbles, Rodgers, mumbles.

Was mum- Was mumbling in her dryer for the show tonight? I feel like I got to balance it out. You know, Fridays, everyone's always upbeat, excited. Let's bring, you know, bring a little negativity, maybe wean down some of that excitement. Okay. Let's hear from Justin Tucker talking about excitement.

This was courtesy of Marlon Humphrey's Instagram. Justin Tucker is the latest, the great kicker is the latest to pile on when it comes to just the disgrace and the clown show of Russell Wilson. Real quickly, Broncos country. Let's try. Listen up to Justin Tucker in the playback. So this guy, let's talk this a little bit.

Jay Tuck? What do you want to know? What are we doing on the plane right back home? I heard, I heard the Mars leading us in high knees, raving flock, less fly. Unlimited. But we got to play him, we respect him. Yes, yes. We like him. Yes.

Oh, actually this could be used as bulletin board material. Probably doesn't matter cause the Broncos suck anyway. That's what I'm talking about though. And I said this the other day, the guys on the Broncos must realize how much of a joke Russell Wilson has become and how much of a punchline he's become. The Ravens just get a nice win where they found the way to come on back. Then they were dominating the game, big time run effort Thursday night football.

You're getting the whole weekend off. You've had some, some bad performances this year where you look like you were going to blow a team out. Then you blow a lead against the dolphins. You blow lead against the bills. You blow lead up against the Giants and Justin Tucker on the plane. The first thing to come out of his mouth is Raven's flock.

Let's fly and I got to do high knees. Everyone is clowning Russell Wilson. So how can his teammates actually take him seriously? How can the teammates in the Broncos locker room actually take this guy seriously when all the other teams in the NFL and all the fans are clowning this guy and he deserves it? It's especially bad when you have an NFL kicker, no disrespect, Justin Tucker. He's one of the greatest kickers of all time. He's still a kicker. Openly disrespect, not just another team, but a team are going to play soon.

Like usually if that was after the game, one thing, he said, screw, we have no respect for it. We're playing a few weeks and we'll still say this. No one fears Russell Wilson anymore. Dude, this, this is starting to turn out to just be a brutal trade, like one of the worst trades ever. And even if it starts to get turned around, what does that mean? This is at such the bottom of the pit of misery right now, where even if you get 25% better, you still stink. I've never seen something like this where a guy was that well respected and a guy was that well thought of and played that well.

And after seven games, everyone just knows that he's the punchline to every joke. The Listening You Love is on the free Odyssey app, your trusted local radio stations, coverage of your favorite teams, live news from your hometown and millions of podcasts on demand. Best of all, you can completely customize your listening experience, follow topics you care about, like leagues and teams, pause or rewind your local sports and news and add shows to your queue to catch up later. There's a lot to listen to. So get started and download the free Odyssey app today.

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Download the Odyssey app today. Is there something really absurd that skeaves you out? Getting a paper cut on my eyeball. A fear you can't shake. I'm gonna leak ocular fluid on my cheeks.

It's gonna go into my mouth and I will perish. Whatever scares you, I wanna talk about it. Join me, Larry Mullins, on my new podcast, Your Weirdest Fears.

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