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Is Trump God's Chaos Candidate? And the Glaring Bias of the Secular Media

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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October 19, 2016 4:50 pm

Is Trump God's Chaos Candidate? And the Glaring Bias of the Secular Media

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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October 19, 2016 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 10/19/16.

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Is Donald Trump.

Dogs chaos candidate. My guess is absolutely yes stage for the line of fire with your host activist and other international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. Let's 866-34-TRUTH your again is Dr. Michael Brown.

It is a joy to be with you today and we are going to have one fascinating broadcast my guest Dr. Lance worn out catalytic thought leader internationally recognized speaker and business consultant with premier speakers on the subject of cultural transformation and Swarna has written a book, God's chaos candidate about Donald Trump and although Lance is not prophesying that Donald Trump will be our next president. He believes that God has raised him up to be like a Cyrus someone who did not know God. It was used for divine purposes. If you feel that you cannot vote for Donald Trump. You have a hard time send you vote for Donald Trump. I want you to call in this hour Dr. one I will not be intimidated by your questions. These probably heard them and thought about them already and if you don't raise them all raise what I can, we will hear his perspective. 866-34-TRUTH 87884 without further ado, Lance. Welcome to the line of fire. Well it's good to be with you again later.

Yet we had a great time hanging out in Dallas that you been in Israel and back since then. Correct without the connector and the meeting with the diplomat. Local leaders and you would be a prize.

I was shocked at how many African leaders actually like Donald Trump. I know I would've expected it. I west side of the baby bear.

African-Americans voted like 90 dispute against them and it was a very unusual thing about sociological awakening like a whole world of the United States. Interesting.

I Lance, let's just start here will take two minutes we just got a short opening segment and explain what you mean by God's chaos candidate and then will start on practice will go to the Cyrus prophecy all raise my questions and represent your case what you mean by God's chaos candidate. I mean that America is in. Unraveling and you know it. You speak about the direction of the Obama administration of progressives in general and academia in media and politics.

You see what happened within culture within the LGBT community. Your urine able and sympathetic. You know, I advocate for Christian worldview.

All of the mountain on top of what's going to be a $20 trillion debt is the end of an era. I am predicting the width of an almost mathematical certitude that America is having great or personable and beyond. We gone through three that define us as a nation. I don't think we have the moral stopped the makeup of the court, personable. I think Donald Trump is God with vision for this because America is not a Christian nation, we felt with his political switches.

Christian. And so God given to someone who has a Winston Churchill Lincoln Bacher capacity to be shaped and led by the Lord will help with these individuals on God's terms, not on our holy undercurrent that when when you say I God's terms rather than our holy standard terms. If I look at some like Martin Luther. He was like a bulldozer in a china shop. On the one hand, he took on the Catholic Church in the society of his day, but had so many rough and violent agency did a lot of harm as well, isn't that a potential author for potential danger and so Norway target with the Lord over the short ballot if you read the vineyard history of the Reformation, you'll even be more shot at the at the crass language of the Luther I mean very crude and yet this is the man was going to be a martyr for the sake of advancing the word of God and conscience over the tyranny of court and pokes so God uses my whole point. The religious mind that is looking for the perfect deliver what we have to recognize is that we have a Sampson Sampson, who has a history was right there using play using pairing Donald Trump to the Samson Sampson has a history as though Donald Trump didn't Sampson in the day because I sincerely thought Obama has to say we file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is Trump thus says the Lord's anointed desire is his right hand. I have elders of their nations. I will go before you click a place to scrape. That's the voice of my guest, Dr. Lance worn out, author of the new book, God's chaos candidate is selling well.

It's creating a lot of discussion is the right word is is is this a prophetic perspective, we need to take hold of. Does our church background hinder us here.

Are we looking for someone it's more in the lines of a church elder or is this another flaky charismatic idea that will end up laughing at. That's the discussion and my guest. Dr. Lance worn out ready to take your questions.

If you say no way I could vote for Trump knowing God's raising of Trump reason.

Do more harm than good. Give us a call 8663 freight 7884 right so Lance right before the break you compared Donald Trump to Sampson, who had his own history. Obviously, Trump has his history so once you finish that point yeah I look at is an important point. We look for a certain kind of vessel but I believe what you got it we got Sampson had a history with Philistine bait, and that you got your playboy billionaire right there but you got somebody that's fluent thousand Philistines with the jawbone of a nap and I'm saying that even though Donald Trump has the time rated capacity that you have that jawbone of the is the anointed vessel display what needs to be played in First American power and what needs to be slayed in terms of American politics. The corruption that you have right now in Washington this the collusion of Republican and Democrat. This is really only explode. I think by the wrecking ball himself by Trump candidate when in the world was imaginable that McCain's and Bush's and Romney's two other careers. The Republican Party would actually break with their own ticket and prefer a progressive because they'd rather work with somebody there familiar with, but then somebody who doesn't owe them anything or have any connection to them. It shows you how incestuous power is in Washington that if you don't have some kind of quid pro quo behind the screen. Some alignment and allegiances you come in for me outside your greater threat than someone who comes in with the other parties alive and shows that in Washington there's really no anxiety about the stuff you and I would be concerned religious liberty. That's not a top priority to guys in Washington they're not worried about Hillary Clinton advancing an agenda is going to come out again hate speech is going to target people like you on the radio. Michael Brown, that's not their concern.

And so I say that you know there is that there is a corruption at a higher level that have to be broken. Trump is the perfect outsider to come in with no commitments to that game and break it up again is as we discussed before coming on the air. I will I will play the anti-Trump advocate.

Three. To show you you're more than able to present your position. So one reason that I supported Sen. Ted Cruz, even though he was elected Sen. was that he was Mr. anti-establishment widely hated even by fellow Republicans because of the stance he would take in calling out the Washington cartel a.

Couldn't he have been a divine wrecking ball without as many destructive habits is Donald Trump. Good, bad and and it would've been a perk up reference in terms not soundbites are going to come out there going to be incendiary is an ideological conservative at all about the fact that something came out and him and not covered by the way right now. The book is like in the top 100, and am making a stride which is weird but relic a week but I cover something about crude that I think is important it in the failure of Ted to properly reconcile with Donald Trump in Malaga, before the convention, and here's a guy who is running as Mike Paxton, representative and who I could feel comfortable with supporting wholehearted and you know and when he runs he reveals the day after his non-endorsed that the issue at heart was his personal offense with Trump and his treatment of his wife in a spot and I say that's okay for anyone who is not running as the evangelical solution to America's problems gonna be a Christian. Running as a Christian, but you gotta get past those personally what help in the book I wrote, I would generally bet Eddie flown to New York with his wife and Paul Milani has died and gone outside the listed let's talk about overcoming you know the gap between us. I personally have a lot of animosity my heart for dutifully treated my wife and my father, but as a Christian I can live with that. I want to ask you to forgive me and if he was to walk Donald Milani for a positive. I apologize if you preferred Milani anything on my team is done, it would've modeled something so profound and who's to say what would happen if Heidi had put her arm around Milani style evangelicals like we do, we do so with that said, I want to be here to help you.

This can be a grueling process.

I will be a friend.

This would've been the strongest female Christian Milani is like probably the embarrassment of having an intern copy Michelle Obama's reach and humiliate or soften public that's what happens when Christianity doesn't show up law. How much of this characteristic is in Ted but we don't know about that.

God knows about.

Maybe God's that pet is it ready yet. I don't know the answer, the Cyrus prophecy give us the background to that liking back from my first meeting with Trump and I think it was an instrument of God was put on the list of evangelical Trump because the PR agent for Paula White heard me speak and pampered like in my study Mountain Dew known culture transition what happened in America stuff I got for me on the list and so I'm up there with people I collide. I don't have a national name is Mike not like a sky can investigate a report on the corner watching." I went there I heard the Lord say Donald Trump is a wrecking ball to the spirit of political correctness, so I knew that he was going to change the narrative of the discussion regarding politics. I had no idea if he was annoyed when I came home Dr. Brown after that meeting the Lord and I don't have.

I'm not one of those charismatics is that the Lord so the Lord my God.

Some people fear God in every day. I don't but I got the strong impression as I sat there thinking. What was I doing up in New York Lord, the Lord said Isaiah 45 I let my Bible and really know what what and then I read thus says the Lord's anointed the stylus. I mean, Cyrus Cyrus, who's going to break in pieces bronze gates of bronzer. There's a wrecking ball and go you know me not all my gosh this guy doesn't even know God anything proper in the fund company 45 for it is the next president. The 45th president so I look it up and there's Obama 44 two times because he is reelected to New Jersey to get the same number so the next president. 45 and it starts Donald. I believe God is saying that Isaiah 45 is busy even anointed to be able to leave for God's people say a screw, the closable what I'm saying is the unraveling the period of intense arrival so that I start thinking oh my God, out of all those great evangelicals are talking Huckabee and you know you know Marcos got more you tell me the guy that doesn't know you is the one that got the Cyrus anointing that I heard the work common great. I go to grandma's theological book title, grace, grace, grace is the grace of God comes on an unsaved person in order for them to be able to comment about sympathy or alignment with God's disposition regarding justice or good judgment is what essentially restrains evil in a world where people are born again. It's that sense of justice. You know I'm a court or you no sense of fair play in the decision so common grace is the grace that comes on unregenerate secular leaders like Churchill, that's for thinking Churchill Lincoln Patrick even rank it was like was no look at astrology.

Mike cannot wear it were always looking for the born-again born-again Jimmy Carter, George Bush, maybe we should stop looking for the Christian candidate. I look for the one who's got the anointing for the job and maybe we need to start thinking that got asked anointed viruses who don't know him that the shocking theology right so the question then would be if you look at what happened with Sampson, yet he did. He did drive back the Philistines. He also end up dying in the process. One of the reasons's stories and the word is is to caution us about what happens when you have a leaders with an anointing from God, in his case, a very specific covenantal anointing, but the flesh dominates their lives can bring destruction on them or are we just walking into destruction well and begin to keep it strictly within the biblical context of what you the destruction Sampson rock was on him, not on not on his what he did for Israel was brought deliverance by destroying Israel, tenant, so might Mike take on Trump is that he had a 2015 2015, which is ironic record of the time to be audio and he had discussions with his wife Elizabeth.

I got us in the book 3rd chapter of his life is 2015 when he gets married he becomes monogamous. He did an assessment of the parenting he decided he could not afford another divorce is children cannot afford to have the legacy of positive change since 2000 and S6 stay right here come back I will start to get you call Stan aligned your calls for documents.

One of the book in God's chaos candidate for plan and by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us and I guess Dr. will now his new book, which quickly became an Amazon bestseller God's chaos candidate Donald J.

Trump in the American on raveling I lancer let's get some calls get a ton more stuff to talk about.

I will start with Joshua in Jersey City New Jersey. Thanks for calling the line of fire. I will close Outlook people oligarchy on the euro. A look at Donald so all you fear, anger, will you look at Hillary knowledgeable. Remember how stupid it was valued all global put them together locally got whether the we talked about Donald Saul thought, and you make them a better person, but it regarded all hell breaking loose water and auxiliary when you know about women. The way where you're our dialogue and know what else to say about this on my mind that I want to know the eye. Joshua, thank you so blessed. Let's divide into two questions. One, do you see Hillary as something of her heart, and you know in general. Generally speaking, end, and to what is Donald Trump's anger could be so volatile that you might get angry if you get angry with some Saturday Night Live parody in which he could alienate our enemies he could he could stir up all kinds of division, hostility, anger in America with his temper with his volatility so that you are an important question for Josh was basically saying hey, I'd be Hillary being forgiving with her husband so she has professed love in there and the anger and and doldrums up I've ever met somebody who expressed the bear emotions rule strongly aggressively who actually is love and commitment Jesus and the profit on how to guard the conversation by saying some really strong thing and yet be motivated by love. I think the difference between Clinton and Trump in terms of emotional or is it Donald Trump is issue agitated and in the Corbis heart is actually for 30 years. Everyone knows and is is a is a likable charismatic society socialite is not a brooding Howard used type you know a guy with eccentricity.

These are social animals and people, like his public persona and before he went into politics was a likable guy and then he plays the role of the tough leader because he feels that the brand issue that America needs them grace to go through some tough building on the other hand, has a cold contempt it's it's it's not a personal style is warm and loving and gushing of public style that Nicole is a personal style that is cold and her statement on basket of deplorable friends compared to Donald Trump misquoted statement on Mexico spending rate is fascinated. Donald Trump was saying Mexico is not spending the best and then starts to quote crime statistics coming Hillary on the other hand is off the cup she is calculated when she said that she considers one half of the Republican Party to be there irredeemable and McCormick's Islamic bug above it better that a policy content and this is important and and Dr. Brown. You noted Trump make conservatives nervous because he doesn't have an ideological red that is conservative the coming of the philosophical concert becomes an issue by issue got Hillary on the other hand, Obama are part of the following progressive political machine big, with filters and lenses block on their head that me you are the ideological quote, you are their opponent. Evangelicals are a people group in the Republican Party.

They must often destroy.

There is no warm because you're perceived as an ideological adversary that has to be stopped. There's a difference between the two trunk and get along with anybody.

His battles will be issue specific Hillary and the Democrats are issue specific they are philosophy specific and you and I fall into the Enemies against their pilaf. I let's ask this and just as a follow-up, Joshua, thank you for calling. I will get you more calls in in the moment and working to continue this discussion of for quite some time.

So by all means call in 866-34-TRUTH 784 and will get to as many calls as possible in the time we have Dr. warm out with us but as far as Donald Trump get along with with anybody. He criticized Ted Cruz, nobody likes to cruise, but you know who's divided people more than Donald Trump you like I can think of a more divisive candidate and dividing the party did the dividing Evangelicals dividing the nation.

It is, he really got us going to unify anything that you provided. I'm wondering about that.

I think that as Christians we should be careful to distinguish going somebody who alienate people by their prejudice or ignorance or somebody that divides the because of the clarity of their positions.

No matter how in an elegantly stated so in Jesus's day.

You are therefore more against neutrality is hard to find once you start getting around Jesus in Jerusalem given a like array so I think that the idea is that Trump brings dark focus on certain opinions that will cause you you like him or hate him, but I'll be honest with you, this is going to make some people agitated but I find that unlike Barack Obama was a blank slate where people he ran as a blank slate on purpose where people could attribute to them what ever they want.

He ran bay so that you could literally back to him with what you were looking for in a leader. Trump is the exact opposite is a member and if your hyper religion. He offends if your hyper law will reoffend and it's almost an involuntary gag reflex. I think people actually respond to Trump like a mirror not a blank sheet any really speeds back to us. I think some of the prejudices of our own thinking everything is prejudiced. I think he actually exposed to the prejudice and people thinking right so one thing that will happen. Someone that is a a volatile excuse me someone who's used to reveal what's in people's hearts yet. A lot of controversy straight up around them.

Question is, are they generating in the constructive aura destructive ways of there's a debate tonight. The third debate right now Trump is behind in the polls and got a minute before the break that I want to get to two more calls Lance what your gut feeling Trump is not looking good right now. Things Katrina Dahmer the polls accurate what you think two things. One, I have a real concern because the medium I power of the pressing of the fathers understood protect rest because it's the only estate they can actually not be controlled by government. We now have that is controlled by five interlocking interlocking corporations that are an echo chamber for the ideology of the progressive left. We better wake up because the average Christian doesn't think the average Christian just processes information to your social media from Branson TV etc. they are not really hearing from God on a daily basis via people like us to teach and stop the kind of awaken awareness.

I'll tell you if the church doesn't wake up right now.

I strong words last swallow his cause chaos candidate friends. You can continue listening in the line of I got some. In fact, I got a brand-new article about bias go to the line of fire is not it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown and all, right.

That is the Trump train my guest Lance worn out not the singer of that song with the author of the new best-selling book, God's chaos candidate. Speaking of Donald Trump but let's let's get this more callers get a bunch more questions for you. How we go to Brian in Bowie, Maryland. Welcome to light a fire under dark brown welcome wanted to be for you. You won't have Dr. Antoinette yes correct. You okay you basically restating regard to our topic being used as baby something will God be felt Christian in regards to the voting election and I believe that one thing that basically God never basically says differently is that you could, we shall know them by their firm and in the spirit of Christ is all over somebody that God is going to you. They do not divide the country and I believe that Donald Tom is bigger basically dividing the country in regards to racism and all kinds of different things with his temperament and because of the way he lived his life for his whole 70 years is totally different from Hillary in regards to early years of service between you look at her life and knew that something about Pres. Obama. If you look at his life. Look at the firm because epic Christians are blinded because the spiritual warfare and I don't think we see in the practical with the flesh that were using privacy spiritual things to say want one thing and then turn it over to 202 10 going to the freedom of press.

A volatile notice we had a more divisive president.

With regard to the fruit of Hillary Clinton. She has whole continents like Africa upset with America because of pushing of homosexual activism and and as I say, planning vote for Hillary Clinton.

You've got blood on your Hansen got the blood of the unborn.

So under no circumstances can I see a follow Jesus voting for Hillary Clinton and in any shape, size, or form, such I just want to say that :-) so Lance did did Abraham Lincoln initially divide America unite America what was the response to it to him.

Fascinating moment right here because the callers making a great point and that the power of media propaganda what you have in race relations has gone far worse and more incendiary in the last eight years of Pres. Obama. Al Sharpton made the trip to the White House and the emergent of of activism that is created divisions between the African-American in the white community has been unprecedented start is almost part of the strategy of disruption. The, the, the way in which we had an argument you notice when we have be a White House bathed in rainbow colors that a person could have simply acknowledged the green court decision for same-sex marriage and realize that what we still have a lot of common hundred million people or so that art art art on board with it, but you don't rub it in the face of all those people by you. Now you let the court make the decision. You don't sit there and high-fived the court on the there are so many what is in which Obama has moved divide almost like a knife sharp you don't feel the cut and a Donald Trump on the other hand has been this is interesting is coming out every day, but nobody's reading the Democratic Party actually paid and I asked is a incidence of violence as the late James O'Keefe project Veritas videos, media basically not reporting on with some very shocking revelations. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I really do think we need more love and kindness in our country and that's why it's important to stand up to bullies wherever they are and why we should let anybody only his way into the residence because that Donald Trump is not entirely I say Hillary Clinton and her party. They are the bullies and they are the ones who will be coming after people like you and me who are believers in Jesus with conservative moral values who prize our speech, conscience and religion that we will be targeted. I've written about it this week article on that is gone viral. So I sound the alarm on that is clearly as possible, putting Donald Trump aside Hillary Clinton Democratic Party. They are absolutely bullies.

So Lance right before the break you were talking about these videos from James O'Keefe project Veritas where it seems that he docket has documented Democratic operatives who allegedly are in touch with the Clinton campaign with higher homeless people to disrupt Donald Trump meetings as if they were trump supporters to rub somebody up to make it look bad.

So you're saying that the there is collusion to try to make him look worse than he is. I am saying that one of the great danger to democracy is the takeover of information source like George Orwell mama living and you can call it sincere people who simply don't have the time here the veil like you and I have studied with George Soros back the number on umbrella group of the wealthy political donors and to the point about who's stirring up hatred that his email just got exposed and what there's celebrate his list of the best we have help support moments of uprising active making sure they have the material food supplies type of bail fund pain and escalate their disruption of business as usual listed in their funding the uprising in Baltimore transgender delegation for the I hang on that looks like you lost Dr. Wall now there for a moment. So Howard will have to get him back on the air. Not sure what happened but he just got cut off was that conspiratorial was that demonic was could just be some technical issue that came off but will will get right back to Brian thank you for calling I would say this though, that yes it's great if a political leader can unite the country.

That's great and and I would be ideal, but in less that's the that's around common values this that's not the second half in and in other words if you have someone who really stands for godly principles. What what that is is going to mean someone really standing for godly principles is is is someone that's going to bring tremendous divisions of the nation because it's going to expose the degree of anti-God sentiments is going to expose hostility it's it's going to expose all types of of corruption. It's going to expose the divisions over family and morality. It just takes issue of abortion takes issue of abortion right if you have a strong pro-life candidate. That candidate will be tremendously divisive in the nation. That's just the nature of it. So ultimately we want to do what's right. We don't want to be on and we don't want to be unnecessarily divisive because of our carnality or immaturity. We don't want to be unnecessarily divisive because of our personality quirks, but by all means, by all means if we stand up for what's right, there will be division again. I'll leave it to Dr. wall mounts to argue on behalf of voting for candidates Donald Trump since we got back on the line will get your call so ugly. Please be patient and not sure what happened there but right looks like looks like we got back I Lance what was that George Soros at work there and cut off the caller. What I'm Dr. Brown.

I kid you not. I have had three interviews Devereaux television, radio, every single one has had an unusual energy stirred that literally interrupted the broadcast. And it's telling you when we hit on certain subject spiritual atmosphere.

People can laugh about this stuff.

It's so energized that we get on certain things. It's almost like it if I could keep both an electric pulse and called to drop by the broadcast stopping babysitters go. This never happened here is that, well, the subject matter and you know it is my thought about needing a mind control the power of media to control the populace is like broad hey friends, you sort that out your witnesses as we go along here so would you get the wording on your interpretation would have it's been three times straight will see if we get back to that subject with what maybe will do a trial would get back to that the media control and see what happens but but it all in all seriousness I share very deeply the same concern you have the when I like North Korea, where it's blatant and there's no Internet access and you only have one source of news, but when when the media reports what it wants you to hear and doesn't report what it doesn't think you need to hear and and then, in addition to that, reports things in certain ways they give you perspectives and that's what people think is reality, it's terribly dangerous, terribly dangerous and watching all arouse the potential further censoring the power save a Google or Facebook or other social media to censor dissenting views it's it's really serious and we need to take it seriously. Lance just one question I had though about the unity issue when Abraham Lincoln was first elected as an antislavery candidate did our nation almost tear apart at that point absolutely great point you're making on the fact that it may not be the candidate was the catalyst for division issue that a catalytic and a candidate like Trump comes along like a businessman, antibiotic, inexpensive like like he bumbled in through the point but don't blame him, because the borders are poor and what you have coming to the United States is an incredible insurgency of terrorism and cartel activity at the use of please bring it out there and elegantly Lincoln did not create the Civil War Lincoln basically was a hostage to a division regarding the nation and the division between the left and right. I would say in the area. Think of the public square, which is the area of stability and civilization will remit each other and in the annoying sporting event and and commercial bank. Look at how the left politicize everything even the NFL has to have political because the left is the is almost like a regime that want to control every aspect of what you think and do. It's a form of control and it was every bit as insidious. Although subtler than dictatorships. The mother country because it will tell you what you can say what you can say what you can do what you can't do, and there's no place like you're going to be your go to five politicizing of everything right out of the bathroom Iraq happened yet they have been festering testing politicize written sunrise, including our children's elementary schools. Let's go to Riverside, California John walking to the line of fire drunk tremolo nursery on radio, but the issue just really quickly at what what I say I don't include you in this back as well, calling to their appreciate your fairness in this whole executor, but I'll be blunt but courteous. I vehemently have to disagree with your guest, and the reason is there is what I see a lot of division in the body or the church much like there is the secular world except the perceptions Trump is very divisive, divisive in the secular world, but people to your guest or other evangelical leaders are being divisive in the church. What I mean by that the it. It appears that they are rationalizing every twist and pretzels to support or endorse, and it gets confusing because it is not outright.

Whether through secular means or through Scripture. If it through Scripture. It really felt like I think Jesus or if, at the very least very messenger patient Scriptures just to justify and left belly with that is just the phrase I got your guest at one break was evangelical blowing the selection per truck to me. That is the hyperbole that is dividing the church. I have a wife and two little girls to try and explain any support for child please check now the comments about Mike to come in. Every rapist wasn't as big of an issue as much as in criticizing the judge I become a judge would liberally document but he didn't go to Houston specifically with his racist but can hurt so in my opinion, and many others be the idea also that he is dividing the church and I think Obama uniting the church because we were against it, but truck through asparagus evangelical leaders how dividing it, especially even seem to the student at liberty with straightforward junior so how's I've just been nervous of you that John first great job is to be nervous and thank you for the kind words that we got a break coming up.Walmart will respond in detail. You say your questions good questions one was asked to stay right there right after the break.

The formal response again. His new book, God's chaos candidate in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice aboard cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown deemed every election cycle.

We are come together we talk about a young is this finally the death of the religious right. Well, it looks like that epitaph could be written. This election cycle, with the candidacy of Donald Trump knows the words of David Gibson religious news service reporter so Lance what your response to those important questions asked by John from Riverside, married with two girls, and Hispanic. Yeah it you can answer. And actually what I would say John and I gladly called for a phone call. Compass is my first time doing radio signal caller now. I appreciate I would say that he would be fortunate if his girls looked up to him and have the same admiration and affection for him when he was 69 of Donald Trump have from all his children right now. The amazing thing that I find.

The people decrypt especially forgiving people. Donald Trump is repented for something he did a decade ago made a decision is going to be a monogamous husband and marry Monia hasn't had any activity that is gone got married.

He was caught running his mouth in 2005 for a decade. The guys been a consistently dedicated husband and father. I don't know why he doesn't get credit for the incredible job is done raising billionaire kids to conduct cocaine up and running around unit and rehab like so many of these are discipline dedicated conservative family oriented couple the trunk, get you know a father get an F on marriage but in the third one you finally got it right Christianity, if anything, should be that the place of redemption, not the place of embarrassment over the dust of the story is your girls might have a habit of a boyfriend that she thought he has to own it yet to say sorry any of the changes way because that's the real world we live and if you can have if you can have children love you like Trump, came out loving him more power for a baby final a lot of breakers done at the busy asked about their dad's administrative Trump Barb Dr. doubted that some of the masses Lance when Monia Trump was on CNN and she talked about the man that she knows and who Trump is and how is always treated her. That was obviously important to hear but when she was asked about her photo spread in the past, and neuter near nude whatever and she said she's proud of it as she's glad she did it in Europe they don't have shame about their bodies and not uptight about those kinds of things. There is a larger feeling that just the kind of person that that Trump has been in certain ways as seem to perpetuate side from recent apologies and some felt were not strong enough. But you know to dismiss certain things as locker room talk. For example, and then the is saying, hey, I'm proud of what I did.

We know what happened with Bill Clinton in the scandal surrounding him that suddenly is a generation thought that certain sexual acts were not really sex.

Couldn't Trump presidency have a degrading Volga rising effect with them along is a first lady. We forgive the past, but she's proud of it couldn't couldn't and he's proud of it could not have a larger Volga rising degrading effect on the nation which is very negative. Not Christians up to really grow up, so here's your moment where you got couple are drawn more, even job like Heidi the Heidi Cruz moment it was meant that the case at moment, and I pray that some of the other evangelicals that are around couple components that mean you know actually advanced understand unexpected dinner ultimately develop a Christian conscience over every artistic event or wrongly, I don't want that. I want to religious conversion on authentic one. She's an apt apologize for the spread she's done in the past is as a model because there from our perspective that that's the art of what she did. She wasn't doing porn with another guy like that of video and so I look at this thing is they listen. She needs to meet Jesus. Trump needs to meet Jesus.

I wondered evangelicals are better surrounding them that they can have an encounter.

But even if they don't, and this is critically important. We are talking about two different platforms.

Forget about maligned she is not the Republican late-term abortion, page 37 of the Democratic platform. If you've got Westerners out there that are hesitating are voting for Hillary or front with about your voting for late-term abortion.

I don't know where Gabe Lyons and Beth Morris of the other evangelical leaders started coming out making against Trump.

I want them to explain why the airport late-term abortion because that's a good job you about. I want to know what it bought LGBT progress regarding the deterioration of a marriage in America and the advancement of that legislation into every area of evangelical light on the basis of discriminatory policy. Why are these evangelical leaders promoting discrimination against against the heterosexual marriage the Republican Party and page 31 a. To explain the support for natural Democratic policy page 19. This is my comment that Israel you know that Israel ever get all nervous about it on your your Jewish I got increment R George got bound up with their the Democratic Party and page 49 ultimate Aleutian is a two state solution. Let's go ahead and divide and pay plan from Israel Republican page 47 that unequivocal support for Israel. A vote for Hillary at the poker late-term abortion.

The division of Israel, and the disruption of the American family.

That's my answer to Philip Yancey, Beth Moore, Gabe Lyons and every other evangelical token the wrong mocha wrong stuff during the election.

Hey John, thank you very much for calling and much appreciated, Lance. I ended my article of Christian conservatives. Be sure the president, Hillary Clinton will declare war on you. It's it's really gotten out and with limited post on on Saturday, October 15 in the evening.

It's going viral sense, but I ended by saying II do understand that many of you cannot find it in yourself to vote for Donald Trump for whatever you do do not vote for Hillary Clinton. Please encourage your conservative Christian friends not to vote for her either. To do so is to hand her the tape to gag your mouse and the rope to fast your hands. You have been forewarned. But obviously you're saying goes one step beyond that, because you're saying that an obvious and try to tell Christians that there think you voted for Hillary Clinton. Don't do that that I can do passionately but in your mind you have to go one step further and vote for Donald Trump when you have to like thing you know we only got so many lifeboat on the Titanic. The iceberg has already have the country.

I think we can unravel the question is who do you want whose value system whose playbook are you going to endorse if we give or more years noted, we know the media power now that we know source on the nothing of the aggressive way in which the activist group create an aviary incident that the media covers up and report that was actually real. Can we really afford to have four year of pillar is present because the notebook for truck the boat regularly. If I cannot make a decision about Jesus is to make a decision against her own salvation. As much as there was a lot of choices out there I stay. We have one joint if you were going to be Trump or it's gonna be Hillary if you're not voting for 12 you might as well vote for Hillary because the evangelicals concurrent selection, one where the other 12 put a lot of a lot of goodwill and even gullible people leaving evangelicals more than we believe are felt. He believes that the evangelical community is the core character that can shape the nation for price. I just like the last one out. Stay on a few more minutes is still call to you listening on the line of fire is out News of God's chaos candidate.

The bottom line, no question. America is shaking unraveling what God you believe is right now her height. The elections are upon us. How did we get where we are today.

It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I just spent a very formative hour on the air with Dr. Lance worn out.

The author of the brand-new book, God's chaos candidate. He is an entrepreneur, business leader, Christian thinker and he is challenging a lot of people to look at Donald Trump. Not through traditional Christian eyes, but through the wider spectrum of how could God be using a man at a critical time in American history. Even though this man does not presently know God and has his many evident deep and serious flaws, even likening him to a Sampson that one has consented to spend a few more minutes with us so I want him for all of you just tuning in, now is turning to the broadcast I want to warm out to explain what he means by saying that Donald Trump is a divine wrecking ball against the spirit of political correctness, and then I want to give you an opportunity if you feel that you cannot vote for Donald Trump or really having a hard time voting friends I want you to call in Dr. one house will gladly take a few more calls and address your concerns so that Lance welcome back to the broadcast good effect right you explain this in the first hour, but we got a bunch of brand-new listeners as well just joining us now in the second hour from different parts of the country of could you explain again. Maybe in some different terms how you see Donald Trump functioning as a divine wrecking ball against the spirit of political correctness as opposed to just some blundering narcissistic, quick-tempered, volatile, immature businessman whose destroying the nation is not even the president sure you know the reality is that if you have a question that Washington is rigged that there is a collusion between establishment Republicans and Democrats would've allowed the deficit to increase $10 trillion, and no one has the guts of the spine to be able to call out the fact that America can have a Great Depression the dollar can become no longer reserve currency that we could have an absolute spiral into chaos. You look at Ferguson you look at both the more you look at borders work heartfelt and overall you know hundred 70,000 criminal criminals and able to get over those orders and commit acts that are there now in jail for.

If you look at all that and for yourself. Do I want to have Hillary Clinton was never done anything interesting or unique in the order of change renovation 30 years. Three decades of political life, but one her with the Republican insiders running the show during the chaos or do I want somebody who comes in as an outsider dealing with the American economic melt basically is the business approaches were not hiring that the number will you know Joel O'Steen is president over hiring is the Churchill World War II looking for someone who has an uncanny almost prophetic instinct for decision-making and collecting data moving in an unconventional way because Hillary Clinton has done nothing accurate or innovative and 30 years Trump in one year, 90 minute president is great to finally elect boreal landscape out this guy is the change in and you want to have somebody like church member Churchill was kicked out of World War II and he was retired from autographed report.

Sometimes you need that unique combination of competence great courage and determination to be able delete Trump is the guy that will actually protect religious liberty gearing the American unraveling out. They will happen if we don't have that Supreme Court justices are going to get pointed in and you're going to have legislation. Dr. Brown's benefit you and other talkshow host of people like me and gagged under under the category page beach and especially in the social era meltdown. We would be held, people responsible for serving this. I will be right back dire warning that one gives us a warning well believe in the Bronxville and Virginia. Since become that the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

So much for being part of the broadcast. My guess that Lance will now author of the instant bestseller on Amazon.

God's chaos candidate. Let's go to William in the Bronx request in for Dr. worn out brown will know I Donald Crump, evangelical from the book outsider.

Stretching your quite a bit because he's been an entitlement like usual. He supported a lot of Democratic candidate, including give them money millions of dollars to Democratic candidates okay 12 years old.

That's not disputed is also adult to Lisa's same for the issues you get the LGBT right you never said anything about that might affect the few times he has talk about. You can find it also clamped out to support) 1 abortion that he doesn't stand for Christian principles we think you got what he doesn't want number two is a chance are you doing all right already change the evangelicals you white evangelical leaders are supporting them left and right from you know give a big group from your guilt. Liberty University very bill present, but Evangelical and urban cities like Pakistan to give identical regular notable Trump asked black evangelicals in the city but notable none of them available so you got you. If he becomes president that that's going to be working directly could be with thinking positive drinker could be put on hold already.

We already see it in the polls have to be supernatural exhibit and elicit a supernatural insolence about you when limited the company could be good government of God upon America. Thank you. I will thank you, thank you for weighing in your response.

Let's hear the intensity of emotion out there, no matter who wins on November 9 America by the countries that were fat and that's going to be something we have to deal with the title isn't going to go to Gethsemane and the city and its panic community and that the 2 million owners of small businesses outside who is thinking about against them in the African-American committee is gonna be the treatment.

1.9 million owners because they recognize that all the trucks are going to be able or small business and economics is the only way out of the problem in the inner-city bus for expert trumpeters, LGBT support. I was agitated. I can agree with them and everything.

My gosh, I'm editing out the fender and but I saw the wisdom, oddly enough, and then up in a strange way track with by bringing the LGBT argument not out by the Republican Party, but thing that we have a place for you here. What is what is essentially done if he can become president. The Republican party than an shape the aggressiveness with which the LGBT agenda is launched and trusting is an aggressive agenda that is out to target people of that amount does.

It won't be able to do so in the Republican Party because in a sense, being in the Republican Party of proposition.

There's too much commitment to marriage as if you read it be the definition of marriage and Trump platform.

We do not accept the Supreme Court's redefinition of marriage and we purchase reversal, whether through judicial reconsideration or a constitutional amendment return control over marriage to the state. That's about as far as going from find off-line that I can agree with that but he doesn't want to make adversaries that are very powerful lobby like I was getting beat up already by the media and his enemies. He couldn't afford to add to that the fuel of the LGBT youth juggernaut was interesting. Lance is that human rights campaign, the world's largest activist organization has granted him snap you direct quote of the most dangerous anti-LGBT candidate ever. So they all pretty well feel he's he's against them and it is true that the Republican Party platform.

It's the strongest pro-life platform we've ever had and it's that it's extremely strong for for pro-marriage and family as God intended it might my take is that Trump over the years has had many gay and lesbian friends, coworkers, and he thinks they should be treated fairly and in addition be targeted and shot at things like that. But of course he wants to defend religious liberties and I know evangelical leaders have been pressing him on one rubbery so I just don't think that he's thought through what happens with the conflict fully, but for sure he continues to be stratified by godly leaders giving of the Council and whatever he said about Planned Parenthood, he signed off on the party platform and keeps assuring that he whether appoint justices to the praying Supreme Court in the model of Scalia and look at you know how reluctant I've been to say I would vote for Donald Trump asked actually believe that he would defend our liberties and that he that he would stand that he would appoint the justices he saying if if elected, for whatever reason he has been attracted to these believers write about William thank you for the call. Your passion and your your concerns are duly noted. Out we go to Bill and Harrisburg, Sydney, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Welcome to the line of fire broke Dr. Berg this is Bill. I was a good whipping interview until we got them through to the end of the first hour were I was told if I don't quote for comp I'm voting for Hillary.

No, no, Copeland recently made a statement that if we voted.

If we did not vote for Carl. The blood would be on her hand referring to the abortion issue.

I don't like the study is any way to treat a brother and sister in the Lord, who has prayerfully considered an commodity clear content vote for Trump now wanted to talk about a couple priest's opposition to this attitude have all the first one of the most important is that God has ordained a two-party system you have to believe that if you say if you don't for a photographer voting for Hillary. The second one is that God requires that we will vote for a candidate that will with the third one is we must have secret knowledge of who will win all give you an aside, I don't think comp is going to win and forth. We must believe the top will not change his stand on issues again this is a real problem. I will be voting on the issues because my integrity and conscience are at stake. I will say this McMullen at Castle are also pro life fail more soundly pro-life than competence and I believe the God would have me vote for the candidate match what I want to see the most, and finish it up. I want to go back up as presupposition that's my question about the two-party system, but I will say that whoever God put into office.

According to Daniel 221 is up to God.

I thank you Bill, thank you for laying out your points clearly and strongly I'm looking at an article from right wing, watch Star Wars, they attacked me quite frequently is an honor when they do, I often give shout outs on the radio time is good place to attack me of it.

They have an article about my guest document smallmouth from two days ago when smallmouth slams evangelicals who want sticking with God's chaos candidate Donald Trump, Lance, are you trying to play God. Here and tell people who they should vote for God is unhappy with them. If they don't vote for Donald Trump on the way I look at it is called upon for any recognize this is just a passenger on board the ship and it gives a perspective that serves autocracy that this board is going to be with much damage and possible loss of life. If we take off now and so he put the matter of his own perspective out and the they had a boat and they voted and then overruled and was warm that they almost forgot gold. I'm saying America is unraveling is heading toward the sport crucible callers like I just respect his opinion, but the idea of a God ordained a two-party system is the very reason why you need to vote for Donald Trump because of the immigration laws are allowed to continue to invite open borders so that anyone can come to the country. 90% of people to come in the country that don't have jobs immediately vote Democrat. That means the Democrats into a one-party domination of the rest of the history of United will not be a two-party system because the nature of the economics of immigration is that those come into the country start off Democrat gradually as they get on their feet nailed property experiments just a sociological they end up becoming more Republicans might start putting money, their pain factors in. So what you've got here is a one-party system is about the takeover immigration policy and 30% of you people following standards of young people offer social American youth are being so corrupted through academia. One of the mountain that they understand the genius of free enterprise and what made America great in the first but in terms of its faith and free enterprise so I don't think I have a two-party system that's the argument that I would say the reason I want to vote for Trump and audit from changes mind you might you might change management, but you're surrounded by Mike and Bennett Congress and the staff members and the evangelical community of the way that you will use operating is going to have strong pushback in any major deviance from any platform policy. However, Hillary will be totally ruthless in executing process. While yes I think she'll change her mind and then follow his last final season was in got a system which is parties your your point is all the more strong then were not so supposed that one party. That's the key thing I thank you for plan and gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much more joining us on the line of fire. Today this is Michael Brown blessed to be speaking with Lance wall is new book, God's chaos candidate.

He believes that chaos candidate is Donald Trump that America is in a position at time of unraveling and W's Donald Trump is a divine wrecking ball against the spirit of political correctness also feels that we cannot look at these elections through eyes that would be missing God's larger purposes, meaning we disabled one Christian candidate when a godly candidate. Many CL but we had Jimmy Carter that he was the Sunday school teacher.

The godly candidate and you end up with a man being raised up by God Ronald Reagan with his wife into astrology and a former grade B actor so who knows what caused you to do, how he's gonna work out Lance during the broadcast. You may reference a couple of times to seven mountains you've taught about this for years. It is one of the things that I think is most widely misunderstood by secular media who who end up referring to the Dominion is him that Christians basically wanted to take over the world and impose their views on everyone with maybe with death penalties for noncompliance and things like that.

Could you explain exactly what you mean by seven mountains sure and by the way, you know, I think that the guy we could have that the speculator really ignored until we had territory that the devil get nervous about going to come out and talk about gender issues or sexual orientation.

Look at it. You talk about revival in God in the Trinity and healing and salvation only gallant. I always look to see where the devil is sensitive to know where you need to get it this subject makes liberals crazy because what Einstein is that the gospel of the kingdom is meant for all society. Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God, not just Christians and Republican for God's word meant for the benefit of all mankind got with them is in the Bible per economic family, education, art, government wall and the moment you start taking the word of God, Michael, and you say I believe the Christian ought to be the head enough detail above enough and according to what the blessing of Abraham as we should be shaping culture rather than allowing culture to become Gotham city of Babylon special.

We have 100 million of us sitting on.

We should be the ones that are shaping what happens in media. If Christians organize like the NRA and have 5 million members that boycotted when it started to get aggressive against against that business would change overnight because they're they're interested in making money first and caused second. I think that the inside of the left is that were finally waking up to America's decline is because we did not actually go into all the sums in our country. We were content to hang out in church and go you not have ministers your preaching for so many Christians in government Christiansen education Christensen art media in business and in communities and and preachers were the backbone that aren't afraid to have opinion on on current social event. So instead of preaching abstract sermons Big Creek permits, the people can live out with the left foot right foot when it comes the moment like this when you're voting for the future of your family and your nation so let's say that that we start to dominate universities when liberals are dominating now what do we do with dissenting views do we censor them the way liberals do.

We punish those who differ among how we do it ended everything up. A beautiful thing. Christianity is think only worldview that allowed for Kurt in the public square for difference of opinion. The progressive left, my friend.

The progressive left is the totalitarian system that will shut down every voice the consent of the spent, they will shut down the voice of Christianity IS the one time I go to Harvard to go speak. I have approached that the ACLU organizes the right wing watch publishes, but the newspaper comes out against me. I didn't know what it is like the Lord is lost on you just found a nurse that don't care about me doing my revival meeting and stand it when I go to the B UN Jerusalem or are and I get right after I have my protest and I got all the feedback so if the church through some strange move of God which is which is I think even beyond my imagination.

If the church was to occupy all seven of those fears. Here's the twist that I brought in with the book God's chaos candidate that set that sets back the liberal anxiety about a evangelical Taliban. I say God anoints unsafe people. This really freaks them out.

Besides that, you know what to get behind Churchill are I forgot to blow smoke in my face is going to be drinking a squirrel in his thoughts tonight, but you know what I think the guys and wanted to deal with Hitler.

I think this the dyadic rally I could deal with Margaret Thatcher. I could deal with Lincoln who does he go to church or participate in revival I could deal with and you know why because God anoints secular rulers like diarist Darius the bigoted people. Therefore, we don't have to have a Christian Taliban.

All we have to do is see who is God anointed Joseph disturb those sparrows and where they don't exist. I spake you know the head enough that they'll go as far as you Christians create a public where were you can debate your differences common and socialist and fascist progressives will shut down and put us in jail. So you are not advocating save if Christians come into senior leadership roles in all of these different seven mountains you're not advocating that we restore Old Testament law.

For example, that there's a death penalty for Sabbath observance or a death penalty for for adultery or that this is this is not which are out of those and probably goes back to God.

The well ahead of my generation who have the reconstructionist doctrine and there you know probably rush doing the under different names like that. I came along much later than I'm a practical guide, New York business.and to me more than spirit of of the law. That is the moral law.

That is the New Testament is the glue that holds society together are trying to impose religious values or try to. We have the battle of persuasion we have to do better. We have to be able to win even abolition you know that Lincoln had to wait had a victory in the Civil War before he could not do the Emancipation Proclamation because there's a public persuasion aspect, but Christians have to have we have to persuade people we can't force people to do what we want them to do we have to do a better job of persuading them to do that we have to occupy academia journalism media arts in business more intentionally. Those are the openings that shape the collective minds of nation. Yeah, I wish we had hours and hours to talk about this Lance at such a critical subject and the way people react to it really does show a nerve has been hit because we talk about kingdoms that others rule in this a threat to that Jesus was a threat to the religious system was a threat to their authority in and dominance near that's what you are dealing with hate Lance you been on for an hour and 1/2 if you want to stay out a few more minutes whereabouts of blanket DFW that we got a few more because if you got a go.

I understand now I can record all on my own room from I all right say stay right there and I will get your call.

So Brian James, your next and will open up the phones to all of our DFW listeners.

Momentarily the new book by Dr. Lance worn out God's chaos candidate namely Donald Trump. It's the light a fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 66343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown make you so much for joining us on if I would read all of our listeners in the greater DFW area. I guess Dr. Lance wall mount New Yorker but now a Dallas area transplant businessmen Christian thinker leader in the body and his new book, God's chaos candidate is an instant bestseller on Amazon and he believes that America's and unraveling in the Donald Trump not even knowing the Lord now with all his very evident rough edges and and fleshly past has been anointed by God for such a time as this, Lance. What type of advertising campaign did you mount to get your book so prominent on Amazon was not meant back.

I was going to Jerusalem lament the fact that I wasn't in the United States to do TV and radio and as a week ago.

What is the feast of trumpets and Rosh Hashanah and the frontline the land where the Lord goes pork Jerusalem must've prayed for bestseller but yeah okay though away it went.

But what happened was I did today after the 2005 closure of Trump soundbite. I started this. Don't be like that 11 candidate I I did a are you two I and I did a video like on Facebook and honestly Michael went like 3.6 million views and I think people at saw my discussion of Trump work The God anoints the jawbone of an aspect of the listing benevolence, not just about animals just projected such a bold statement that it just got a lot of boggled and the next thing you know I list the books public about viral and the chemical bestseller, yet it must have written almost 30 books now II know what it takes in the natural for books really do well and when I went to check on his house on a couple days ago, I thought, look at this. Will you like it or not.

This is obviously hot subject and you've you've hit a nerve with it. I want to play a clip.

JJ Grant clip number 61 play clip get your response because this is a short segment with only got about two more minutes and then want to get straight to close. If you have a problem voting for Donald Trump if if you don't see how you can vote from. You have grave concerns, please call Dr. Weil would be happy to answer your questions, 86634 of this again is religion new services a reporter David Gibson on religion and ethics newsweekly speaking about the death of the religious right. This latest video the ongoing allegations of sexual harassment, sexual assault that are coming out the way the candidate is responding really have divided evangelical leaders in a way they hadn't even been before.

A lot of them are doubling down, especially that old guard religious right, doubling down on theirs and of Trump never Trump evangelicals are saying, look, this is the last straw. There's no way any good evangelical can support the sky. The key is that you're seeing some of the showing up in the polls for white evangelical voters there only supporting him about 65%. That's not nearly enough to get Donald Trump into the White House. I lancet in a minute.

Have we discredited ourselves lost our moral authority by supporting Donald Trump is evangelicals not readily office that I I think that the great wrecking ball of the be partly presented, but there's a whole lot of compromising preachers who avoid incendiary subject matters that I want to lose people and their peers that I would lose dollars, the donor base but I want to have activist on the parking lot. I think Christians to become power when it comes to having opinions on subject I want to go along. I think Trump forces you to define whether or not your if you're afraid of having an opinion in standing or what you believe is true, then Trump is going to be someone who is a frustration for because force blushes you out your position this year is been a bit of on 500 anniversary of the part of the Reformation. I think spiritual this year's body and just realize it's time for God is not. I write back with Dr. Lance worn out his book, God's chaos candidate your calls next hey friends, this is Michael Brown I would encourage you to join our support team today become a torchbearer. One of our regular monthly support as it enables us to broadcast the line of fire in America and around the world and all. Every month we sold back into and many many different ways join our team become a torture asked to run a SK, click on donate file.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown that when I was seven.

You are about candidate trump during the Republican primaries and urging evangelicals to vote for candidates other than Donald Trump. I also said now Dr. Lance wall now believes that God spoke to him out of Isaiah 45. God showed him the Donald Trump is a Cyrus type of person raised up and anointed by God. Even though he doesn't know God and that God was going to use them I said hey maybe my role is to sell mornings and then deduct 1 mile's role is to give this prophetic word and I've set II hope he's right.

I said that often, but I gave those warnings during the primaries, we had other alternatives. Once it was now Trump and Hillary. I said that that I will reassess my strategy, but I've said many times, I hope he's right.

So I'm not being duplicitous in any way in. In discussing these issues. Lance knows full well where I've stood where I've been on these things and also I've never had a problem with someone saying look I understand all that those the failings and shortcomings of Donald Trump. I believe God has a purpose in raising him up for the following reasons versus evangelicals they got behind my kind of saint Donald that's what concerned me the most. Lance ready for a few more calls. I let set.

Let's go to Ryan in Houston. Welcome to want to fire very well, thank you, Ron.

I will have to I cannot can vote for Trump Nicolosi Trump is a secondary version of Ross Perot back or not. The other Clinton was running for office white disc, a businessman put in there to take the votes away from the Republicans so that the movement though I feel I feel are you going into business with you on the lineup you go ahead Lance your response. Thank you Ryan.

I appreciate that.

Not now. You're better listener to me so that I understand. But The kind of funk deal that was made to put in our Ross Perot so that it was going to win anyway.

So why book form yet rhymes you said you see him as a Ross Perot type not not just a chance of winning, but someone this is going to get the Democrat line. Ultimately, it is not enough. So I have dropped out of the other crew or for a while dropped out of it. It's it's funny to me because it I just II don't be the as they actually more the show than Dennis realpolitik let every politician have to be in the I guess the same as the predecessor.

So yes I do see that no businessman Ross Perot was was brought in to divide the boat now to ensure the Bush would not be reelected. Bunking with the whole front and back that hey, let's try again.

It worked twice as you feel this collusion and it Ryan.

I definitely front, from whom our firm, however supporting learning the monies coming from, that's pretty much all the matter is their legacy's nursing then that people wrote pro-Democrat from truck pro-Democrat, business people, rich donors power mongers are basically pulling the strings so that they can just get their Democratic candidate is that your basic point politician mean you want to follow the money. And as long as the only people recanting their endorsement of Donald Trump because dollars why I actually like Donald Trump because Pollock is now afraid of Donald. Something always know it's not to get the usual guy actually is elected, but I want to face faith.

I'm going to camp endorsement. I got it Lance your response. Yeah, yeah, clearly clear the air. Donald Trump, self funding, there's no strings attached from the bird, the very premise that he's got some kind of a manipulated candidate. The Berta Rigby election ball line because Trump ego is domestic he would never intentionally lose anyone and anything.

Nobody is accusing him of that he's funding himself nobody's got strings attached. No, you are rightfully rent one thing Donald Trump is the change agent Bill Clinton when he did his speech of the Democratic Party. I listened with Braden built a consummate politician elected twice. Nobody. He said the presidency is all about change his job at the present Hillary Clinton as the ultimate get it done.

Change agent telling Donald Trump is the ultimate change. The guys changed everything about politics despite his emergent clip is not a change agent is a policy walk with a progressive agenda so I'm understand if you've got an unraveling applicant happening in America you want to have the wildcard because the fact of the matter is I want someone like Trump because he is not predictable and I don't want business as usual. I do not want anybody doing business as usual business as usual is going to think this ship right so let's thank you, thank you for the call go back to one thing Lance.

You mentioned the end, by the way, amen to business as usual is this gonna sink the ship have absolutely totally okay so here's here's my question. Here's my question. You mention the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. We know how greatly God use Martin Luther. We also know his terrific words against the Jews and others, and you he read widely in these things about the Reformation, the peasants how his words brought destruction on many other people.

There is a concern was Donald Trump that he could be used for a lot of good, but that his personal failings is volatility in the these other things are such that that is it that the way the demeaning nature that he brings to everything so that the politics now seems like it National Enquirer reality TV show Jerry Springer select that that yes he he brings good, but the overall package is so destructive at the end you don't know if it was better or worse. Well okay so my answer that is governmentally and the mentally and 11 Latimer Puritan Russia Trump style actually is what we mean there is such a universal content for America and the world.

Our president Barack Obama is actually I believe auditioning right now to take over the United Nations and you imagine it.

Hillary Pres. Barack Obama as the ultimate global community organizer working with her with the drumbeat of media behind the kilogram with world events. I got every end time scenario is happening there. Trump on the other cannot talk Middle East leaders about the Middle East businessman I work with them. Actually, and your basic we get Trump because we don't understand how you configure force, but you're not sure you really with Obama's like United is playing a game with the Middle East but nobody quite is not not supporting his friend and is winking with Iran is enemy. I nursing leadership fully understand the Middle East really doesn't like complicated you know presidential policy when you're dealing which want Puritan get it by dealing with a rich egotistical oligarch have to be careful what he.Middle East same thing give us clear boundaries. We know how to relate you want to deal with terrorism.

Just tell us your behind us in office and will turn on the Wahhabi extremism in the study ranked that's what America needs more the chaos of what the ducklings done to change agent.

Quite frankly is made things worse from living up to the expansion of Isis on how lady that intelligent could be complicitous to make dumb decisions. Trump, on the other hand, very practically, the businessman, he will not eat eat you will come across with simplicity in his agenda and his items in the whole world. The British fiber leak, but by the president they can work with and figure out yet when I was in Israel last year I was fascinated to speak with Israelis from a cabdriver to others and hear anecdotally what I had read in other settings and poles, namely the deep, deep feeling across Israel that Pres. Obama was not different that he could care less about Israel. They felt George W Bush was was a much better friend than Obama. And then of course there is that the personal insults was Netanyahu in certain occasions and know that that obviously can help but the perception towards Trump. Interestingly enough, is different what we've got one last segment out. I want to get to James and Raquel see we get to one of the call.

After that the land some fascinating I'm on right now looking at you because chaos candidate Donald J. Trump in the American unraveling certainly stick a controversial positions.

But here's what's wild the book ready has 392 reviews it's been out for less than a month and that's more reviews that I have of any my books on Amazon. As far as I know, but they are 97% five-star that's crazy with a controversial book like this. So friends check it out God's chaos candidate Lance wall. Now is the author will be right back in by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown your music from the Trump train.

My guess that the Lance wall. Now author of the brand-new book, God's chaos candidate Lance before we get to our last caller or to what your expectation in the debate tonight. Well I you know I really did debates drive me crazy. I'm constantly wanting to participate on outline so I have added that Mike my challenge with Donald that is greatest need is going to be to connect an emotional level with the people he has yet persuade 330 God is based in our short up and disappointed by the 68% evangelical vote that the minutes of the walk limits, office in the future without sure that up but I think he needs to be able to communicate a list and you know I will not apologize for what I've done this gonna remember that the decade ago and that that's not no, I am now and and I think you need to do like not focused on on Bill Clinton and handle stock.

I think you need to make some clear point on how the fat and the government at 19 trillion can be software these people you're the deal flow people there like in a cash and carry the burden to kill the economy and I'm a businessman on how to fix it.

I became used to image the slash and burn on the on the on the contrast between his policies and Hillary policy. I was going to take America, including like the immigration he is not against immigration merit immigration built America is against what her policy will bring into the country that will destroy America if he can make contrast between certain key idea and and touch the heart. They, father, dad, I'm I've learned to be a great husband. I understand the crucible. America is been exported must you need a businessman who knows how to fix thing, not a 30 year policy machine, which is what you're about to put in office you don't grab and then you know what I think if he does that he configure when the debate, and you feel you can still win the election.

I feel he can win the election.

I think guys like me and guys like you don't have to go sure about evangelical vote would have to move up to 68. Updike, 80, 80% I think is going to be some heated moments on Fox were going to have to have a discussion with the family about what this particular rep but I think there's a lot of correct about, and here's why me, there are a number of people who aren't calling it is not caused by the people who are calling it are the people that approach Trump at the request of a lot because they're embarrassed to be associated with Trump in terms of the social backlash but they're not in disagreement with them so everyplace please feel free for five point read the one thing that is very uninsurable phenomena is the breakfast thing. It's going to be the people to come out and vote who did not say there were going to vote for Trump but at the last deck I got a stay of God and I can't stand more of Clinton's former years in the going to go with the unknown, to say this but I had asked folks to call in today who had a problem pulling for Donald Trump so that you could respond and he would be presenting approach and position to the show and yeah I know what there were people run into on the street.

They don't want to leave it in a vote for because they don't want to get on the phone for Trump but trust me Lance. I get flooded with prodrug caller. Some of them quite rabid so this is this is a safe environment for them to leave we talk issues through yet that is that X factor in terms of in terms of will. People vote that are just not showing up in the polls and in the massive crowds. It does make me wonder and then I do want to get to one more call, but if you could concisely respond to this. How can God raise someone up to be a Cyrus like you raise up a Cyrus and Cyrus doesn't get elected. How does your theology work on it in my consolation on is why I always go to that chapter in Malta with Paul, which is how can God give us the perception of what he wants us to do. Give us the advice that we should do it, speak it out from his own people, and then have and have the Council of the apostolic overruled by the open of the captain of the ship and owner of the ship and and the sailors so I have a precedent in the Bible for God revealing wisdom what to do and having people put up to about an overly got it all clear. I did want to address that nested and for anyone saying Lance Walnut has prophesied Donald Trump will be the next president states know he hasn't.

He hasn't. This will make that clear.

All right, so let's it's one last call James along with James Raquel is God's intent to what we we got we got a bunch of of other folks won't be able to get to get to them. I appreciate you spending this much time with us in articulating these things take the last minute and 1/2 and give your last shot to my listeners as to why you believe they should look for Donald Trump and Dr. Brown. You that Kierkegaard thinking about.

We are so I started there were we don't like is found by we don't like is that at the root of chapter the book of the liberal from Trump patient which is every quote he ever made. It's been misquoted properly. Quote you can see what he actually sent overly concerned by Dr. is the fact that there are like 100 nation depending on the United States 100 nations preaching the gospel, that when our country goes down economically and we reduce our role in and not as a stabilizer militarily in the globe when we are no longer the current influence to promote the right kind of democracy value for the freedom of religion. It's going to be a global and it's going to hit this gonna reverberate all throughout the world. When America is no longer the protector of religion and freedom speak. That's what the devil is doing everything he can to take this country down now Donald Trump may not be your perfect candidate, but I think God is making a statement. America hasn't been at the client deep. We haven't stood up her right just as we haven't when it comes to our wallet and RP. We have been far more compromising and self absorbed that we should have been.

And now the Lord's bank.

I'll work through an unsaved man who was going to be an offense to you because America is been an offense to me but I love you and it.

My wisdom in this. I will see you through the Christ death-God's talk and the world depends on America not screwing us up. Frankly, the world depends on the church not screwing this up because if we get this wrong is going to have reverberate like dominoes in the pre-democracies of the world worldwide.

The church will grow got it right, you heard from Lance worn out his book, God's chaos candidate read it evaluated.

I think it's worth your time before the selections you've heard many strong reasons why our listeners so they could not vote for Donald Trump and issues I've raised as well.

You productive on those answers. Consider carefully to miss any part of this broadcast go to the line of the line of and you can hear the entire broadcast of a couple hours from now be posted and Lance what your website.

Folks want to visit their sure Lance wall W a LL and a you and your post on Facebook or not, were inaccurate broadcast upon our Facebook soon ended*God's chaos and they can get access to the book thereto.

I also hate. It's been great talking to you stand on these for God's purposes.

I appreciate his all right friends we got a ton of relevant resources. The line of go there. My bottom line today. Yes, the critical election does matter

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