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Coming Together After the Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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November 14, 2016 4:20 pm

Coming Together After the Elections

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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November 14, 2016 4:20 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 11/14/16.

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So how do we as followers of Jesus come together now in the light of the election of Donald Trump stage for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown friends of Michael Brown here. I've got a special broadcast. Today I want to share some things on my heart with you that I think will be really really helpful. I won't be taking any calls during the broadcast. But call a friend, encourage them to tune in. This is a matter of real importance. Obviously matter that we have to discuss as God's people.

And yesterday, Sunday, I was preaching in a church gathering in Northern California.

The bay area to Hayward California for about a half-hour to San Francisco and first Sunday. The two main churches using one building came together one church that would be mainly older white Americans. The other church that would be mainly Hispanic and somewhat younger Americans. There were others as well. There are number of of Asian young people who were students regrets from Berkeley University.

So was it was a diverse group, but that picture. It struck me okay this is their first service for both of these congregations after the Trump election and it just so happens because I was coming in that they held a joint service together.

I thought that's a picture as a public that's a picture of what's going to have to happen going to have to come together as one.

America needs us to right now. Even those who voted for Donald Trump and believe that he'll do a great job as president of the church has to do its job, unless we maximize this moment and do our job as I can to help the nation all that much of Donald Trump is present even if he does a great job. If we fail do our job as a church. Conversely, those who are deeply concerned about the Donald Trump presidency and feel he could do great harm to the nation all the more does it behoove us to do the work of the body, but how do we do it there very deep differences and certainly if Hillary Clinton was president, there would be very deep differences with there be rioting in the streets the same way. Maybe, maybe, so I don't think so as much because it is probable that with many of these riots there provoked by by activists there provoked by activist organizations and they are not only the frustrations of the people and the left just tends to do that more but there would certainly be massive discontent and I believe there would be plenty of people who would not recognize Hillary Clinton as their president look for it for years now this is that the rhetoric I remember it well. He's not my president. I didn't vote for him. So I would always go out of my way to say in the midst of my profound differences with Pres. Obama he still my president doesn't listen every election, every single election. Someone selected the tens of millions of people did not vote for, but that person becomes our president, however distasteful it is and it's obviously not time for an armed revolution against the government like we we threw off the yoke of Great Britain over us right now we have every opportunity to vote and to bring about change through the vote through democratic process and that's what happened this last time around.

By the way, and what I want to do is give you helpful ideas things to think about things to chew on that would help us come together as one as followers of Jesus are right, but for those who say will he didn't even win a the majority vote and you know it still ends up as a close count really that's immaterial because the electoral College focus of exist for a purpose.

The family father set things up a certain way. For purposes a great little video from Craig University that we put on our S Dr. Brown Facebook page that explains it.

But Trump and and it Hillary campaign to win states right if they were simply campaigning for the popular vote, then there'd be a lot more time to spend in states like New York or California where she New York Sec. stay Clinton could absently assume she's gonna win New York in trust and assume camp New York so anyway they the campaign to win the electoral college. That's what happened. So Donald Trump is your president like do not like the my president like it or not, how do we come together with all of the bag is certain. You know line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown (the line of fire. This is Brown your friendly voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. This is our first time now coming to get on the broadcast to step back to reflect and to say how we come together as one in Jesus as followers of Jesus, as those are called to be the salt of the earth. In light of the world.

How do we come together to make a difference in America in a positive way under a Trump presidency. There are some who are absolutely elated the Donald Trump is the president, born-again believers that feel that dogs you use them in a great way for a nation. There are others who voted for him, but have grave concerns and reservations about what kind of president he could be, but felt it was right to vote for him and against Hillary Clinton. Others say look whoever one it's gonna be a problem. Neither candidate was a good candidate were in trouble.

Either way, others absolutely mortified.

Horrified, the Donald Trump is the president and can't believe that other Christians voted for Donald Trump dislike, be hard for me to believe other Christians run for Hillary Clinton. So we are weary and deeply divided state more so than normal. How how do we follow admonitions like this.

Ephesians 4 verse one beginning verse one. I therefore, a prisoner for the Lord, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called with all humility and gentleness with patients bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the spirit and the bond of peace. On Saturday I was on Moody radios up for debate show with Julie Royce and the first half hour we dealt with the question say Brendan Jen hat maker.

They now openly and proudly support same-sex quote marriage.

Do you remain in fellowship with Christians like that.

I did life way. Do the right thing by by saying we won't sell Jen hat maker's books anymore.

Did the belong to her toward you the right thing by say will Jen hat maker can continue to speak for us so I I was the guest on this isn't up for debate. Yeah but they couldn't get anyone else to come on even before I was announced so I was the only one on there just discussing the issues representing the position I believe is right and in the second half hour there was a local Hispanic pastor from Chicago of Mexican descent and he was given the great balance of the time to talk in that second half hour. I did get to speak, but it was briefly and he very gently and graciously gave the perspective of Mexican American talked about what some of the young people buried are dealing with some of the families are dealing with of the trauma of of a Trump presidency are they going to be deported and you know that their status is kinda one of these in between sayings and will they be deportable about their family members and what's gonna happen in the people crying and upset and others wondering how could this be how can other Christians vote for Donald Trump on the same time you said look. Then he hears about someone you know it in not not far away from from his area a white guy in a black neighborhood annexing the guys getting assaulted and beat up, would you vote for Trump. Did you vote for Trump so his heart was grieved you.

You could hear the pain in his in his voice and his love for the Lord, and he reminded us that the gospel always goes to the poor and that the poor often seemed the most receptive of the gospel and yet here it seems. Under Trump presidency that the, the, the, marginalize the hurting would be would be that the ones that would be even more marginalized and hurt even more and eat. He said look dear the Donald Trump quote about Mexicans.

In it he may have quoted it in it in an exaggerated form but still, even if Donald Trump's point was to say that Mexico is sending the worst ones they have here.

Not that all Mexicans are bad or rapist or this or that, but that he's Mexico sending their worst ones across the border to Ostia, I assume, some are good.

Trump said that sending their worst rapists and are doing this and that, even if his whole point was to say there are many fine Mexicans but but most of the immigrants coming away there. The bad ones will have a field here in immigrant. If you're if you're a hard-working, law-abiding God-fearing family loving immigrant so I understand where they're coming from and yet he read some quotes and he wanted to share these quotes is really expressing his heart, but I take issue with these quotes. So again I'm going to give as best as I can practical guidelines, practical advice, practical suggestions for what we need to do to unite together as one in Jesus behind the controversial president again. A man that I voted for a lawyer posed through the primaries and had grave reservations about ended up voting for and and feel that God indeed could be raising them up for America's good for the good of the church. There is a gay website headline says this who's happy Trump one. The clan Nazis and anti-immigrant activists worldwide. The website explains races homophobes of Islamic folks haters and anti-Semites are genuinely ecstatic over his election will is that true. Worldwide is the KKK celebrating here in America.

Yeah but does that mean that Donald Trump is a racist or a hater because they're excited we say about their look at dinner, judge a man by his friends will he's not there friend yeah but why are they all excited.

What could it be because he represents a strong departure from a weak government in America or week America or could it be as racist and these are the questions on the table a great Popovich highly respected NBA coach San Antonio Spurs coach and also famous for often being very concise and and and terse in his interviews he said this am just reading a portion of it. I'm still sick to my stomach and not basically because the Republicans one or anything but the disgusting tenor tone and all the comments that are been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic, and I live in a country where half the people ignored all that to elect someone that's the scariest part of the whole thing to me right so here's a question white evangelicals photograph Donald Trump at the rate of 81% were they ignoring the xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic rhetoric, or do they reject that it xenophobic, homophobic, racist and misogynistic headline in USA Today proclaim white evangelicals just elected a thrice married blasphemer with a means for the religious right. A New York Times op-ed was titled the rage of white Christian America is a habit, but that's the world speaking. That's the world speaking and that's not the church. Speaking those not the coach of of believers in Jesus necessarily.

That's the world speaking well African-American pastor evangelical Jonathan Brooks said this in Christianity today. This is one of the quotes of Pastor Paco on the door read during my discussion on the radio.

Pastor Brooks at this Donald Trump is our president.

I'm speechless. Deep down inside, despite we've seen over the last few years I thought we had made progress. I just knew that a blatant racist and accuse misogynist could not be the leader of our country, but I was wrong. America prove that we care more about preserving a way of life that privileges a few than protecting the lives of our most marginalized why I know a lot of people that voted for Donald Trump so enthusiastically.

Some with great reserve, but I don't know a single one that for a split second, though, that there try to preserve a way of life that privileges a few rather protect the lives of our most marginalized in fact they say we had the most marginalized in an interview, namely a babies in the womb that the greatest innocent victims in our society. That's a major reason people voted against Hillary Clinton and now my turn to Pastor Brooks as a Pastor Brooks did you vote for Henry Clinton. If so, I'm in stock, I'm speechless you to follow me know by the way, I'm not arguing either way, I'm laying out the tension.

The problem here's another quote from Christianity today over the interview a bunch of evangelical leaders. The pastor on the door. Also read this is Dominique Juilliard. Another African-American event.

Evangelical leaders also working racial reconciliation quote will hear it. Hillary was undoubtedly a flawed candidate white evangelicals unprecedented support of Trump, despite his racist misogyny and ethnocentrism is revelatory and deplorable that this bear witness to whiteness rather than the gospel. What does this communicate to the world about God. Got one more quote all arena. The next segment did this happen with whiteness that was the last thing on my mind if you gave me a list of 10 or 20 or 30 or 40 or 50 or 100 things that I was voting for the whiteness or white privilege or white supremacy was not on that list but I was voting for a lot of things that that I believe deeply, ethically, and that probably these these African-American Christian leaders would also agree with it. How is it that so many of us ended up voting for a candidate who certainly is made misogynistic comments over the years. Quite a few was known for that.

Who certainly did say things to inflame racial or ethnic tensions.

Certainly did say things that they did stir up a dangerous national is not a healthy nationals of the dangerous nationalism. So how is it that we came to grips to vote for him. How can you be good for America. Will you say to African-Americans and Hispanics and and other minorities. The vote would probably say that I'm going to give you some gestures now is laid out the problem. I hope clearly enough we come back right here. What if I don't go anywhere.

The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown.

Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown know when I was Saturday in Hayward, California, near San Francisco.

Gentlemen came up to me teary-eyed and said you have been the voice of God to me and obviously it's humbling to hear someone say that you meant that much to them and he and I thanked him for his gracious words he said he said many others feel the same friends I hope I can be the voice of God you today by reminding us of our scriptural duties to walk in unity but also reminding us of our calling to be people who are quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, were talking about coming together after the elections and during the interaction I had with this, a Mexican born Chicago-based Pastor Paco on the door. He quoted the words of Sondra Maria von us up stall and this is part of the prayer she had prayed. How long Lord, must we live in a country that continues in the idolatry of white supremacy and self-preservation. Now I I can understand it's hard for me it's very hard for me but I can understand how people, Hispanics, and others, other minorities, Muslims, they look at this this massive white evangelical vote for Donald Trump. I mean, he got more votes than Mitt Romney and he got more votes than John McCain. He got a higher percentage of evangelical votes that he wants us since Ronald Reagan hi Donald Trump about the most unlikely candidate to be supported by evangelicals.

It's hard for me to understand how my fellow believers could could look at those of us who voted for him and think this has to do with white supremacy or something like that that are the idolatry of white supremacy because that that is again the furthest thing from my mind. I welcome cultural diversity. I wanted to be able to vote for our first African-American president but couldn't for conscience sake I I love hearing in recent years at the church worldwide is not predominantly white. It is growing in a multiethnic way around the world. I love worshiping with with believers multiethnic settings that I long to see multiethnic people raised up in so many different areas of life. Making a difference in a mall for more for you and I'm sure many others voted with me feel the same way. It's hard for me to to see how someone could think that it's easy to see. It's hardly sick as I I know it's not true for my perspective on the flipside, yeah how do why do we all gather on this candidate. You tell me it wasn't some right wing white nationalism.

I got stirred up. Now I said before the break. There's a healthy nationalism in an unhealthy nationalism. The healthy nationalism is one America to be strong. Of course we have to put our nation first for you to be strong and and and be a blessing to the rest of the world would be a help to the rest of the world are in first. All of us with your own house in order write up all rights if you will take care of your own family or worse than a nonbeliever. You've you've you've got a widowed family member. You won't care for that person. You know, say, a mama widow or widower. Your dad and you know carefully what the church to care for him to endorse nonbeliever seal we care for our own first in the week we care for others right.

We understand that but there's an unhealthy nationalism which is an America first nationalism that doesn't care about the good of the other nations that just as we alone have to prosper and do well and let the rest of the world fend for itself and if it dies, it dies know we've been greatly privileged and blessed by God and and we want to help others in the world. We want to help the needy. We want to help stand for justice and things like that but but here's what you have to do and I know I wanted to talk about this for a full hour. So if you miss any part of the broadcast.

Just go to the line of and just click on listening to Beale to catch the entire one hour later on. But here is where it has to start. I look at some of these leaders and say did you vote for Hillary Clinton. You voted for the shedding of innocent blood. You voted for an attack on a religious liberties you you voted for radical gay activists you voted for the weakening of our country in many ways. How could you do that as a follower of Jesus. Now were both incredulous right were both how could you vote, how could you vote for Hillary. How can I vote for Trump. That's where we start and say that and I know this is basic and I've said this a million times over. Not quite, but many times over in many different settings. It begins by doing our best to get one another's perspective and what it means is this show me why you feel the way you do. Help me to see things through your eyes. I asked last week by African-American callers. What is Donald Trump. Saturn done to make you feel threatened again II haven't heard comments from him towards black Americans that I would say a racist services will he talks about the Blacks. I don't think he means anything by it. It might sound disparaging, but I don't think he means anything by but many called or or or or tweeted me you are or posted on Facebook look when when he's when he's talking about when he's talking about. Were you have law and order in our country rearview country of law and order. They immediately think cops are going to have carte blanche in the inner-city is going to go back to worse than it used to be when there was no accountability. That's what they hear others had other concerns and and I had people call law-abiding God-fearing black American citizens who express their concern is not okay that help me to understand more clearly understood in part that help me understand more clearly. Nancy and I were talking and she suggests picture picture being a known immigrant Mexican hear me. Maybe your second generation may be your first generation how you feel are Muslim, or your young person. I said yeah but the media of fans things into flames so much. They increase the that the rhetoric that fancies into hysterics is and of course they do. But there's been enough that Donald Trump set himself, and she listened to former speeches of his informants resided that would raise concern.

Maybe some young person thing and he's really saying to let North Korea let you Pamela Moore get nuclear bombs that they actually said that actually mean that what's he going to do now.

We need to hear that. Look, I don't go for this white supremacy thing but someone needs to tell me why they feel that way so that I can at least see it through their eyes, friends, we've gotta start here and conversely, after Bill explained to them why I believe God is at work in the life Donald Trump and that God raised him up, and how he could be a good president for all of America for immigrants as well as his Muslims nosy be good president for all of America and and for the good of the church an end rather than argue first understand.

First, understand, and then go back and forth in your discussion. But we gotta do it.

We gotta start there. All right, can I ask you an honest question. Have we been a blessing to this year, almost 200 articles are written this year. Have they been a blessing to almost 200 videos of put out this year and what how many hours of 500 radio. Radio hours that's been a blessing to do need your help as we come to the end the year.

Such a blessing to us. Would you go to the website right now the line of

Click on donate generous gift as we stand together making a difference. It is time for gospel baseball. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown on listening fire.

This is Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

I'm not giving out the phone number because I'm not taking calls today want to talk with you about how we come together as one as followers of Jesus after the election of Donald Trump for Sunday say it's easy. God raised him up, and this is a great moment for the church to stand as one Rosa say how do we do it such a divisive president is going to be such a dangerous precedent and yet 81% of white evangelicals voted for him.

How do we stand together. Aside from the fact that we listen to each other that we hear each other out that someone says to me.

Here's why I couldn't vote for Donald Trump and I have a problem with you voted for Donald Trump and I listened until I understand their perspective unify different than a spheroid can I explain to you that I was especially voting against Hillary Clinton and therefore for the unborn for conservative Supreme Court for religious liberty. I was voting against what I felt was there. The negative direction our country take under Pres. Obama, a direction that would been continuing to Hillary Clinton and for me, this had nothing to do with white privilege white supremacy or white anything to do with the good of the nation and and again as I've said over and over.

I believe if there was a female conservative running against a radical liberal democratic male. So if we had. For example, Carly Farina, running against Bernie Saunders that evangelicals would've rallied around the white evangelicals. Males would've rallied around her and if the candidates that had been Dr. Ben Carson and he was the candidate against Bernie Sanders that the one thing that would've been of zero concern to the vast, vast, vast majority of white evangelicals was a skin color. In fact, many would've said great, now we get to vote for for an African-American candidate. Many just with the civil is is he qualified and say well, certainly rather have him in the Bernie Sanders so this was not an issue of race.

This was not an issue of sex. Nonetheless, because of the appearances of this because of the large numbers of those that voted in certain directions, it can feel like that but even when we put aside our communing with each other on listening to each other or talking back and forth one to another email we put all of that aside, you explain your position to me. I explain my position to you. Here's why. Voted and I have reservations of us and here's why voted enthusiastically so mousing. Here's why couldn't vote. So mostly here's whatever the failure.

Clinton easily. Either way, we we put all that aside because the job of the church remains the same right. We have to respect the fact that people pray people look to the issues people came to the conclusions they did and they vote. We have to respect that I like. I have a massively hard time with other believers who voted for Barack Obama and we didn't have Donald Trump as John McCain and Mitt Romney.

We have Donald Trump's is divisive is as he could be the somatic so the real problem with that and I and even though the alternative candidate was Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton. That is one of the two delectable candidates. I have a hard time with believers who voted for her client. I do and and I fully understand believers have a hard time with me voted for Donald Trump but we did we do our best. Did you really wrestle with it that I really wrestled with did we really pray.

Did we really think we were doing the right thing to be try to honor the Lord, did we agonize over this decision may be more than than the vast majority of elections that we been in our lifetime. And I certainly did.

I certainly was, was more uneasy about it and more up and down about it and then finally felt important for Donald Trump and I believe if you selected will be by the hand of God is no other explanation.

Now we go to work cut out for us, but either either way you do best idea. I believe you did do the cavalier way. He's our president. Let's take that as the Lord God, for better or worse.

And now let's do what we're called to do. Now let's give ourselves only the church will be right back. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown on a fire this is Michael Brown but I'm not today want to share my heart fully on the issue of how we come together as the church in the aftermath of the Trump presidency and is always evangelicals will not vote as a block reach 100% of the people voting in a certain direction. Donald Trump got the largest support from white evangelicals of any Republican candidate since Ronald Reagan was interesting though was interesting is is that he got slightly more black and Hispanic support then did Mitt Romney think house that will be because it wasn't just an issue of race and ethnicity. There are other reasons why people are voting. In fact, the mass number of reasons that people voted for Trump had nothing to do with race and ethnicity. But if you missed any part of the broadcast. This is something I'm taking a full hour on so you're listening now you're listening to the last half hour. Maybe some of you only caught the first half-hour didn't always going on with this you catch this all by going to the line of fire done or just later this afternoon and click on listen. You can listen today show. Also I have a lot of this in an article, there's a lot more depth than getting into. Obviously, one hour in the air but have a lot of this in an article and you can read that article on our website. A lot of and the articles entitled have white evangelicals joined with the KKK and Nazis and NII say this. Towards the end of the article. In short, evangelicals who voted for Trump need to understand why their anti-Trump colleagues are so devastated and shocked by the outcome of the election. There were legitimate reasons for their concerns. Conversely, anti-Trump evangelicals need to understand that there colleagues who voted for Trump or Knight are not white supremacist who blindly embraced the debased candidate and we had legitimate, prayerfully calculated reasons for our boats and in the end, since Donald Trump is the incoming president United States. It's imperative that all of us come together and work for the common good. That can only happen if we do our best to see one another's perspective. So again to say it once more we sit down with each other, especially those who are crazily on the opposite side and that we are just debate forever on social media and get in heated with each other no reach say right now with elections over please share your perspective, but I don't want to argue I want I want you to help me see through your eyes and want to help you see through my eyes and in this way least we can be civil toward each other and respectful right so over the weekend I was in Hayward California which is about 1/2 hour outside of San Francisco in the Bay Area and by the way, we have a good turnout from students and grads from Berkeley University. Mainly Asian Americans and their there they were praying. Tears with me for revival at Berkeley for for God to move and pour the spirit there. It's obviously a liberal stronghold in America and they were in the meetings we were praying were praying for the bay area, but the services were multiethnic and for the main meetings Saturday to meetings Sunday to meetings.

The two main churches came together, and an older white Assembly of God Church that owns the building, maybe six, 600 people and a younger Hispanic church that also uses the building and then elsewhere in the building.

I think there's a Filipino service and a Korean service with those of native language services also taking place of the principal and they were part of our services so Sunday morning I was gonna preach and the two churches come together for joint Sunday morning services instead of meeting. Two separate times in the daylight and normally do and a friend of mine is is a pastor white pastor in the New York area and of Italian descent and he was talking to me about meeting he was at hanging out with other pastors and it was a multiethnic meeting Hispanic pastors black pastors white pastors with their and they were talking about what matters most to them when they get together they get together for a service they get together for meeting what matters most, and he shared the story with me and I said to myself okay Sunday morning. It's the first Sunday after the elections.

And interestingly enough and even prophetically enough you could say these two different groups in older white group younger Hispanic group they're coming together as one for worship, to pray for revival to hear the word and you had Asian Americans and others that were there as well for the same purpose. All right, so, so I thought okay this is what has to happen. The church has become together. Should I tell the story that my friend told to these pastors.

Is it risky to tell it what if the folks here and send the greater majority would've been Hispanic, and the service.

What if they don't find it funny, I thought why I think it's culturally cute song and to share so my pastor friend from New York told me that when these pastors were talking the other white passes Hispanic passersby, pastors, that the white pastor said for them.

Their bottom line is that the biggest thing the most important thing for them is what's the bottom line. What's the bottom line. This is good to it. What's the bottom line.

Schedule this on the what's the bottom line.

That's what I want the black pastor said their greatest interest.

The greatest value was honor. They come together in a meeting they want to show honor and deference. And if you are white and you been to a black church you might be struck by that I wanted. It was honor this when they call pastors like maybe the first lady I remember speaking of her friend Charlotte, North Carolina area of black pastor great Churchill was entirely African-American and a love ministry for them and I remember before I got up to speak and when I have to speak. I intentionally went out of my way to say I was honored to be there. I wanted to honor the leadership.

I believe either four or five different times before I got up 120 others said we are honored to have Dr. Michael Brown with us. What an honor to have them with us. We honor Dr. Michael Brown in our midst.

It's it's just a value you might think you're your white there like mistaken forever and then traversed he might be a black Christian you shopper the white church and they just got out of the meeting. We did honor anybody. It's like why so resist different cultural backgrounds know what what about the Hispanic pastors.

They said there ethic. Let's have a party.

Of course, serious about the Lord passionate about God. I was busy but that was the cultural thing while I shared this morning and it got a great laugh from the people all that to say that we can look at things through different perspectives and and I can be saying, why are they doing that job in India sometimes think they're doing this all wrong don't know they're doing it the Indian way and then you can be an American thing you're doing. So wrong don't know doing it. The American way and a look at it like this when it comes to food when it comes to food in him in the old days when I used to eat differently than you give me pizza, posterior burgers and fries or something like that and and solicit all we have like a specialty it's it's no these delicious clams or or you know we cook this into something else that I did meet you know all this is really good.

So don't I don't want that. Don't give that to me know. Thank you and I'll give them something of ours are things delicious like transplanted taste like rubber.

So think of it. We have massively different tastes and foods is a matter of right or wrong is bad food and good food.

But you can you can eat that the favorite cuisine of some other culture and you almost vomit on the same with musical tastes right is good music and bad music. But we was the best music of another culture is a turnoff turnoff and hurts my ears the same way with cultural styles of dress and things like that. Now you say what has apply the church because with the church we deal with right and wrong with the church we deal with ethical issues with yeah but you may have a burden for something I don't and I'm have a burden for some you don't and I might say this is biggest priority you might say no, this is the biggest priority and we both may be right in terms of her own life.

Our own calling her own situation. So in that respect, I will honor you for voting for Hillary Clinton. If you did it with prayer and the fear of the Lord.

Despite my profound difference but I need you to honor me for voting for Donald Trump which I did. The fear of the Lord, despite your profound difference, so that we don't look at each other in demeaning ways. I don't look at that person that voted for Hillary Clinton saved their compromise, no care about the unborn.

You care about the future of America, measured by religious liberties of Supreme Court hams, your kids and grandeur compromise or if if that person loves the Lord and is a godly person and wrestled with this well that's between them and God given warnings not to vote for Hillary Clinton. But if you did out of the fear the Lord out of love for God. Hey, I respect is my brother, my sister and if you say to me man I could vote for Donald Trump misogynist that you want to because it was he said about it. You want that guy is present with several women look at the racial tensions in the ethnic tensions he stirred up in our country and make a mockery of the presidency, but hey, I trust that you prayed and wrestled with and had reasons for your vote, so I'm going to treat with respect now, let's get on with the let's get on with the work of the church. Let's get on with the great commission. Let's get on with God all the snow line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now going to 866-34-TRUTH your exam is Dr. Michael Brown.

I would go one last segment today and the special broadcast life. I haven't taken any calls just talking about coming together as one in Jesus after this volatile election season read my latest article right deal with this have white evangelicals join with the KKK and Nazis think you'll see that I present the viewpoint of those struggling with Donald Trump very clearly and seek to present the viewpoint of those who voted for Donald Trump. Clearly, as well, and the bottom line is, as far as coming together friends really have no choice really have no choice, regardless of our views about.

Presently, Trump and Dewey is are you will say he's my present I said Barack Obama is my president right this all works.

Every year millions of Americans vote and and only one candidate gets in and millions of Americans voted against the candidate voted for another candidate. And again, don't get hung up of the electoral college issue.

Our founding fathers did that for reason for the for the other. The rights of the states and and that no state would be completely ignored and would have a voice is just a popular vote say all the votes to your California decking protects a second carrying all the other states have no vote, but never the candidates campaign to win the electoral vote. That's with a campaign with their campaign for popular voted with campaign differently, but just as I prayed the Donald that Barack Obama will be the greatest president we ever had a pregnant Donald Trump will be the greatest president we ever had. I was disappointed with Barack Obama might be disappointed with Donald Trump. I hope not, but either way we we must come together and we must do the work of the church. That means living godly lives. That means preaching the gospel, helping the poor and the needy stand for justice.

We have to do that, regardless of who is president. So I wrote an article right before the election. If Hillary wins if Trump wins and I said okay six things of Hillary wins the sixth being in short, if Hillary is elected is wake up time for the church and then I give my six points for Donald Trump the sixth also be if Donald Trump is elected is to wake up time for the church. But here's what I said is our assignment. Trump is elected one. We must give credit to those Christians who saw God's hand on Trump through the election season. Despite his fleshly flaws, recognizing that there must be a unique divine purpose in his presidency, something no other way to understand how a man like him could defeat so many fine candidates in the primaries and then bring down the Clinton machine in the general election. And secondly, a Trump presidency. We have to recognize could do as much harm as good.

Since his wrecking ball methods and his questionable character so volatile and unpredictable that he could bring us down as easily as he could bring us up. I could you imagine what would happen, for example, if Kanye West is jokingly or maybe not showcases you to run for president, Connie Weston, Kim Kardashian, with her present first lady to maybe exaggerated picture. But what would that mean for American culture and life are in and then third. We should therefore pray for divine restraint on Donald Trump as president list to do or say something rash is president and we should pray that he will not only surround themselves with godly and wise counsel.

But I will also listen to his counselors do is fair and just when it comes to migration, security and healthcare in the economy before we should also pray that his resolve to do is right will not waiver, and that will not become a compromise who wants to prove he can work with everyone. We must encourage Trump to stay true to the Republican platform to nominate Supreme Court justices in the image of Scalia at the center for religious liberty five is God's people and must work against the deepening divisions in our country seeking to build bridges to be peacemakers are troublemakers also addressing issues of injustice and oppression.

Be there for the writer from the left. We must pray for revival in the church with the same urgency as if Hillary was president since we would be making a terrible mistake to look for Trump as some kind of savior figure to take her foot off the gas because the clients of the Clintons who for many conservators of the epitome of evil and deception were kept out. Of the White House.

Alright, so let's remember, God never said to the president. You are the light of the world. You are the salt earth. He did say that to the church and and if there is to be a positive nationwide moral and cultural revolution in America must begin with us. So let me share some final thoughts with you get if you missed any of this one hour up and speak about this. Just go to my website. The line of later today or today Monday. The show will be up and if you don't subscribe I podcast if you miss any parts of the show and are interested in catching all of it special guest.

We have a when you click on listen on the line of fire. You also see an option to sign up for the free podcast, but let's let's bottom line.

This best case scenario with Pres. Trump, God raised him up to spare us from the further loss of our religious liberties from the further war on the unborn and from a radically liberal Supreme Court that would undo many of the foundations of what America stands for and is as a nation is best case scenario on what would happen under double trouble. Also that our economy would strength be strength in our military would be strengthened, or security would be strengthened and that there would be a fair and practical and good and just, and compassionate immigration policy so that we secure our borders better to keep the bad people out, but we let the genuine immigrants. The needy ones come in. Yeah that would be a best case scenario around but let's just say this is the case, it means we been given time. It means that things would've gotten much worse for the church in America

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