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Answers to Your E-Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 3, 2017 4:00 pm

Answers to Your E-Questions

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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You can feel it in the air, catching you got questions, we've got answers.

Let's do it stage for the line of fire with your host activist all the international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by going 866-34-TRUTH nuts 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown befriends Michael about her class and delighted with you. I am to focus on your questions today your email questions we have so many of them up and wanted to get to every so often we do show just focused on them. So that's what were going to do on the broadcast today. Let me say a few things. First, though it's good to ask questions. Not always. Sometimes is wrong when, say, a parent tells a child to do a particular thing as the authority in the chosen question everything that can be unhealthy or if it will take no for an answer, or if it were always going to question God in a skeptical cynical way.

But it's not good, but to have an honest question about why God requires a certain thing.

Father love you understand this to an honest question about reading your word, but this does make sense, or seems to be contrary to the southern verse or truth. It's perfectly fine.

Don't be afraid to ask. There are answers and at times when we don't have answers there is God where I mean sometimes the answer is more than we can understand more than we can handle and at times like that God often reveals himself and just his presence is enough for us to know everything makes sense. Everything is gonna be alright. I got a call last week from a brother asked me about second Kings 327.

I told him was a verse that I and many scholars have struggled with many Bible readers struggle with over the years of one exactly does this mean so II just dug a little deeper to refresh my mind and some of the different interpretations I just want to present that to you to start the show. Hopefully the caller is listening again either live or on podcast you hear me address this question of yours so it's in the second Kings third chapter the Israelites are in battle with the Moabites and the Israelites are decimating the Moabites. Verse 26 when the king of Moab saw that the battle had gone against him. He took with him 700 swordsmen to break through to the king. The king of Edom, but they fail.

Then he took his firstborn son who was to succeed him as King and offer him as a sacrifice on the city wall, the fury against Israel was great.

They withdrew and returned to their own land you would've thought it was of the fury against Moab was great because the king sacrifice his own son.

Instead it says the fury against Israel was great was great indignation against Israel. One interpretation that I shared on the air last week was from Rashi, the foremost medieval commentator in Judaism, the foremost of the glucometer of all injurious live in the 11th century and he said that this sin reminded God of all of the idolatrous since that Israel committed so the king of Moab committed a horrible act that reminded God of Israel's horrible acts and that's why great wrath came upon them obviously stretching things. It's not an obvious or logical meaning of the text with all respect to Rashi's brilliance, similar commentator said no were reading it wrong, it's that the Israelites got indignant. The Israelites were furious with what happened and they were so furious that that they they they just walked away from the battle. The problem is it seems that the wrath comes upon them. In other words, it's divine wrath coming upon us, so it it it. That would make great sense that they were so indignant by what he did. They just left off the battle when he did that is another interpretation that suggests that great wrath came against Israel because they had so attacked the Moabites and hurt his nation over and above what they should have provoked him to do this horrible thing. As a result of which great risk came on his my satisfied with any of those interpretations no just want to say we keep digging and looking to understand the serious past error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution of your exam is Dr. Michael Brown, welcome back Michael Brown here last, and delighted to be with you. We take a break from some political commentary take a break from focus on Israel to do on Thursdays and Fridays. We answer your questions Bible questions theology questions or they can be questions about anything practical, spiritual life, they could be moral cultural questions, but this the day we take your questions were always driven by your calls and try to get to as many calls as we can.

But every so often we just focus on email questions and that's what I'm doing today to get your email questions to us.

Just go to asked Dr. Brown a SK DR and you see a place with his contact. That's we can send your email questions if you post them on Facebook, RS, Dr. Brown page, there's an excellent chance we won't see them there.

Just because we have well over 1/2 million people in our Facebook page and we we get to millions every single week.

If you'd send it to me via twitter the excellent chance and I can see it there. If I see I may not be able to respond with their so the best way if you're unable to call in on a normal week you'd like to email your question, email it to info and asked Dr. info asked Dr. or as I said, you see, contact on the aspect Brown website. Have you been enjoying the asked dark brown app setting here about okay any day it's can be available from iPhones literally any day were just waiting for them to notify spirits available for android phones or Samsung phones and all the other android phones out there. It's a great app is super user-friendly. You want to catch up on my latest articles latest videos latest radio broadcast. You want to listen to the radio show lot.

Let's just say you live somewhere that doesn't carry our or radio program and you want to listen or let's say you only get the first half-hour of the two are broadcast just on your app on the cell phone boom click on listen on the modifier and you can listen if you want to call in the but it's ready program. Just press on that you stand with us and support us press a button to do that so get the asked Dr. Brown at it's a SK DR Brown all right right on the Google play store android play store you get it for your tablet as well, and any day be available for iPhones. Okay, get your email questions. Robert out wondering if I can get a suggestion concerning the best modern commentaries on Zechariah on doing some work on chapters 12 through 14 and realize that I don't have anything on this book.

Commentary was thanks in advance. Blessings in the Lord Jesus. Robert let me encourage you to make one serious investment and to get one massive commentary. It's detail it will get into real depth in the Hebrew it will interact with scholarly literature but one commentary on Zechariah. It's it's a recent one and it is worthy of your attention of a friend and colleague of mine, Mark Boda rooted for the new international commenter in the Old Testament series B ODA. It's a hefty volume you you you will get a cheap but that one volume will be more than enough you to dig in and study in the years to come. And if you're looking for other references once you're in there, then by all means that those other references in there if you want something from many years ago and it's it's especially devotional in tone and through the eyes of a Jewish believer, you might want to look at David Baron's commentaries from the 1800s PAR ON his commentary on the book of Zechariah. It's an old classic very, very rich, but to get a modern up-to-date full-blown commentary that will get involved in all critical scholarship and an take you through details of the Hebrew. The ancient Texan background and things like that.

Check out Mark Boda B ODA. His commentary on Zechariah.

All right. Eric hello Dr. Brown I have a question about Psalm 45 verse six the throne of God is forever and ever. Is this a reference to Jesus and his deity.

The author of Hebrews thinks so what you think will obviously agree with Hebrews, but is Hebrews interpreting this in homiletical way is this really what the Psalm was about. Yes, let's understand this is a royal Psalm. It's a psalm about the king of Israel, and it's a wedding song.

It's a psalm that was song that was recited for the king of Israel at his wedding, and God is referred to in Psalm 45 as his dog. Specifically, your God, has anointed you and yet immediately before that those words that you mention thy throne of God is forever and in the Hebrew case of Elohim, the along the edge of your throne. Oh God is forever and ever.

Some say will know it could mean that because it's time of the earthly king Solomon or somebody else how could you call him Elohim, God.

Hence some have translated your throne is God or your divine throne. Those are not impossible translations. They are just not the most natural when I was studying Hebrew in college and very new at these things I brought my Hebrew Bible in one day and I asked my professor, who was an Israeli and there was also a rabbi. I asked him, could he translate the verse for me and he he read it and he said yes. Your throne of God is forever Teresa praises to the Almighty ice will keep reading and then the next verse. It it says you loved righteousness and hated weakness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of joy above your companions and really got little bit red in the face because he realized that this was about the king was: the king Elohim that was the most natural way to read it so is a direct prophecy of Jesus. No, it's not a direct prophecy of Jesus in that the Psalm had no meaning in the ancient world. It was a psalm recited for the king of Israel and to call him Elohim was really to stretch the bounds of human language. Angel Scobee called Elohim earthly judges could be called Elohim, but to refer to him as Elohim.

In this context is very very lofty language is one of those things up would almost raise eyebrows. Are you calling the king divine. But when we see that the earthly king is a foreshadowing of the messianic King. When we see that the earthly king is a foreshadowing of Jesus the Messiah, then it makes perfect sense. So yes it does speak ultimately to the Messiah and his deity all right. Edwin and gift just turning and I'm focusing on email questions today. He wants to know which point or line crosses become a Christian say that they are saved through his question. Where exactly is the invisible line so to speak.

In other words, it which exact point can a Christian consider themselves a is an absolute necessary for them to believe that Jesus is God first. This is the exact line so to speak that needs to be believed first entrance into salvation. For example, right now, I envision a chain-link fence on one side is absolute salvation. On the other side is lost world. Is it possible to be face-to-face on the opposite side of the fence look at each other, but one of the persons is not saved. I'm looking for the definition of the exact line or point that needs to be crossed first in order to be safe. Thank you for your precise question Edwin that the Bible is very clear on this. The moment that I truly put my trust in Jesus to save me from my sins. The moment that I truly believe that he died on the cross to forgive me and to purchase me to God the moment.

I believe that he died for me, and rose from the dead and confess him as Lord. That means more than yours Lord I belong to you, Lord, I want to live for you.

It doesn't mean that we've done any good works yet, it doesn't mean that we got out accomplished anything yet doesn't mean that we've made demands for our sins yet, it doesn't mean any of that.

It simply means the heart has turned to God asking for mercy through the cross. Do we have to understand at that moment the full deity of Jesus. I don't think we have to understand that although it's a truth that will be we will come to grasp. Do we have to rebaptize at the moment we should be baptized soon after our confession of faith as as a true believer, but were still Baptist saved even before the moment of baptism so clearly if you believe in your heart that if you confess with your mouth and you believe in your heart. We have to believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose from the dead, and you have to confess him as your Lord the moment you truly do that it's not soon continuing synapse of the gospel lesson salvation. Lord forgive me so I can keep sending although he's not Lord would like to prove there is Lord of if I smoke cigarettes for Dragon by sleeping around and stop this, this is uncle Morneau.

At that moment using Lord save me Lord from your aunt your my lord you're my king you're my Savior, save me from my sin. Forgive me.

I believe you died for me rose from that at that moment you receive eternal life. At that moment you go from the kingdom of Satan to the kingdom of God.

At that moment you go from darkness to light from death to life at that moment you go from guilty to forgiven at that moment you go from unrighteous to righteous at that moment you go from unholy to God call you holy and now you're set apart to live out a holy life at that very moment again.

That means you are born again and you will live differently and the proof of that is a different life in first John explained in several verses that if you claim to have been born again and you continue to live the same sinful life than you've never seen God or known him something truly happens, we do receive eternal life, but it is by God's grace at work in us in faith and repentance go hand in hand. I'm saying God save me from my sins.

That's the power of the gospel is that moment you receive eternal life. At that moment if you guys Lord ever and ever. All right will be right back with more of your email questions today as you requested, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear Jim is Dr. Michael Brown, are you ready to go. Let's dig back into your email questions today. This is Michael Brown focusing on email questions rather than calls today. By the way if you live in the greater Detroit Michigan area. Join me tonight, Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday morning at Rochester Assembly of God less than an hour outside of Detroit, a fine church with a great pastor, their dear friend by Richard Crisco. If you're anywhere near the Detroit area Friday night Saturday night and Sunday morning. So the third, fourth and fifth of this month.

February all right back your email questions. Nathan Dr. Brown, my name is Nathan. I hope the question about to ask is not dumb. However, it's a question that baffles me. So he's looking at second Samuel chapter 24 and it says that David appoints Joe up to take a census of the people. Then in verse 10, but David struck heart struck him after he had numbered the people as you can see from the text. The right is the scheming David number the people you previously job was said to number the people. So who really number them was Joe Joe up only, and David David's authority except a job severing zone number yeah as is Nathan.

You go on asking their it's either cancel sorry. In other words, Joe. I didn't physically number every person either, but he didn't go and count every search every person in Israel. Every person in the Army or you didn't do that right he would, he oversaw it and other people did it out of the comedy decades would take to go through the whole nation account every other human being. Otherwise, so he didn't physically do it either was done to him. David appointed him but you got to know Solomon offering thousands and thousands of sheep when the temples dedicate will obviously didn't personally offer all of them.

It would be like saying President Bush went to war with Iraq. We didn't physically go to war. He didn't even fly over in and drop bombs or or he was one of the boots on the ground so this is very common speech throughout the Bible and we do the same thing. It was under the king's authority.

So David numbered the people because he gave the command and the order for it to be done and you will find expressions like that, even as you mentioned in your email. They signify expressions like that throughout the Bible. All right, this is from Gail dear Dr. Brown I've been using homeopathic for a few years and recently found out that it may be linked with the cold roots. Is it safe and a godly form of medicine for use. The practitioners, a Christian, but if the medicine is not that I want to avoid my understanding is that the roots of pharmaceutical medicine really is no better. I've been praying agonizing over this for quite a while now. I still have no clear answer from the Lord myself. Thank you so very much. Your sister in Christ Jesus Gail Gail, I am absolutely not an expert on various homeopathic cures and medicines.

I do know that a lot of our Western medicine has sound scientific roots that that we believed in for many many centuries and in other things are things that were were working on.

For example, chemotherapy is hardly an ideal way to treat cancer, but it's one of the better ways that we found so far to treat cancer, but we know at the same time it's it's destructive of of other things in our body. That's why even the best doctors will say were practicing medicine. The other plenty of things that that Western science understands that it can do very very well. The other things they were redoing our best and we appreciate the efforts of of medical science will the same thing with with Eastern sciences and approaches to health and medicine with various homeopathic cures. There they are of varying degree summary just superstition.

Some or could be demonic in origin and others are just different usages of of physical substances.

The gods put in the earth. We know for example that there are there are certain things with healing qualities that God partly earthly like bomb and and and manufacture these things for healing. Oil and wine were used for certain medicinal purposes in the ancient world. So I I am no expert on what I would encourage you to do is this is the thing itself pagan in ritual if it involves some recitation and some chanting to some demon spirit which I'm sure is a case with a Christian practitioner, but that obviously the thing is absolutely wrong. If it draws on some kind of supernatural power.

Rather, having a natural healthy quality know for examples of learning, eating healthily that that the things God put in the earth that healthy vegetables and fruits the things up in your date. They are great at fighting various sicknesses and diseases, my immune system is night and night and day different now, but eating healthily. This things of God.

Just put in the earth put in the ground so if the thing itself is not pagan in its application.

If it does not rely in some kind of supernatural power and there is simply some quality that God has put into this, then fine, use it again. I'm not an expert in the areas of which you speak of me to just look it up and search online. I'm not going to know more than you've known. Having looked at it for a while.

Just because pagans may use it just because idolaters may use it just because really people may use it doesn't mean that the thing in and of itself is wrong about and yet you are right. A lot of the pharmaceutical answers industry is is based on making money. I'm sure there may compassionate people looking for cures with it than others are simply out for greed and making money. And that's one reason why things are so expensive because of all the hoops you have to jump through it get approval on server three good reasons of her bed and yet there's there's a lot of good that is done there there cures for diseases that the top of the mitzvah system so the system itself throw you look at the thing itself of God's given it if the substance within it that the gods put their great if you happen to be expert in this, you say, Dr. Brown, you're not helping this person. I know this call should also light Judas a light shoot us a note right right to info it asked Dr. will gladly pass on your information to Gail right Sam, I have two questions for Dr. Brown regarding two very concerning transit are slowly creeping into very influential charismatic churches circles was wondering what Dr. Brown's opinion is one dominion theology and the seven mountain mandate dominion theology and the seven mountain mandate.

I first know this is creeping into charismatic churches, circles, nor do I think this so that dominion theology and seven mountain mandate on this of the same thing. I believe it was Dr. Bill Bright and Lauren Cunningham the same time.this revelation forgot about seven mountains and culture that we needed to infiltrate if we were to have the full effect of the gospel.

It's it's not a matter of taking over the world and and enforcing Christianity on the world and and taking dominion in that sense, it's a matter same let the influence of the gospel be felt in our university campuses. Let the influence of the gospel be felt in the media.

With the influence of the gospel be felt in the world of entertainment and and this is a way that we spread the gospel. I'm all for that. I'm all for that. I'm not all for the idea that we take over the earth, and that we are now going to somehow Fort not forcibly but but we are going to rule the earth for Jesus before he comes. I don't see that in Scripture. I don't agree with that but should we as salt and light, influence and impact every area of the cultural why not? Why should we give everything over to the devil. The music laws a double and contemplative Dell sports was to the Dell universes want to develop families want to know now we want to let the gospel shine in the midst of all of that I was on the questions I want to focus on this one.

First, have you join our support team special reasons to do this we go to the line of fire. Double it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown (the line of fire. This is Michael Brown. I am delighted to be with you. It is a day were refocusing on your email questions so not sure calls but your email questions. We do every so often on a Friday is assuming that email questions want to get to.

We we answer many of these, of course, off the air in our staffing team respond directly and sometimes we we answer them online, Facebook, Twitter, different places, but best way to get the questions answered is to email us asked her to just click on contact to get your emails to us. If you've downloaded the S.

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It's out for android now about to be out for iPhone for your free Apple phones any day now get the ester to rent apps. Describe the play store downloaded ASCII dear Brown, there's a place to click to contact us.

There as well. You can get your email questions. That way, all right.

I got a twofold question from Sam part one ask about dominion theology and the seven mountain mandate these things creeping into influential charismatic churches to be clear, to be clear, there are churches that have gone in this direction, some influential but I do not equate dominion theology with seven mountain mandate is one the same thing as I understand seven mountain mandate goes back to Bill Bright, Lauren Cunningham, is that we must bring the gospel into every area of culture and seek to make an impact this old saying don't let the world control everything, who looked our universities were largely founded the first 250 universities, colleges founded the American history were the vast majority were right. Churches and Christian denominations in a school like Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. These were all seminaries first and and then schools for the general public.

Second, who says that the world is supposed to all of us. Why can't we bring the gospel more and more into every aspect of society that that's healthy. Did it really take over and impose our face on others, that's a different thing. But now, by all means, by all means let us have us influence okay what about borrowing truths from New Age regarding what they found regarding quantum physics and calling names like quantum mysticism, quantum glory. Example would be a book called the physics of heavenly popular by Bethel church in Redding, California. II got the book I started reading it but not enough to make serious comments on it. Okay, so let me step back and say this I have no issue whatsoever with looking at fascinating things like quantum physics, which are not in my areas of learning and to be candid, I am.

I am better with textual, factual, things I I'm I'm better at dealing with those then dealing with abstract science abstract math abstract philosophy I'm better with what's called philology and exegesis of and those things are so some of the concepts are a little little different than my way of thinking about left brain right brain stuff whenever but I do know that science often grabs hold of something that's a truth in God's sight that we haven't seen in other words, science may have no problem whatsoever seeing 1/4 dimension when we only see three dimensions. Science may have no problem with that whatsoever, and multi-dimensions or the connectivity of things from one dimension to another. That seem unrelated to us. Similarly study that learned that New Age is may get it to find but but we may look at that and then come back to the Bible and come back to spiritual things is a way for something to this. There's something to this. And in that sense I have no problem with if I'm simply borrowing a pagan spiritual concept. I've an issue with that.

If I am taking something that is unclean and its roots and and now just trying to make some type of spiritual adaptation that would be problematic. So I haven't read this sufficiently. But let me just say don't necessarily react based on critical reports I revoke the stuff about me online day and night ridiculous articles written about 11 other news truth. I could accuse A crazy thing so just study for yourself. Look at it for yourself. It's okay for these insights that are worthy or are they not for cleansing by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Boy am looking at some question part L questions that our listeners and our friends have sent in want to do my best to get to as many as I can on this Friday broadcast. You got questions we get answers spoken hundred focusing on your email questions to get them to be good or a website asked her to SK your just click on contact to send them to us or if you have the asked Dr. Brown app you have it yet asked Dr. Brown. It's available for android phones in any day for Apple phones for your iPhones and iPads grab it today downloaded from the Google play store the android play store and you'll have at your fingertips on your cell phone or tablet. All my latest articles mowing the poster website Boonville be there. All of our latest radicals live that what it vehicles political's videos videos, articles. Write the essay three times, articles, videos, articles with articles and then close when you get the latest articles you get the latest videos you'll get all of our material that's online just right there a click away on your cell phone if you're ever out of range to listen to the show.

If the station that's kinda show Iressa change with different program you keep listing right on your cell phone is so easy to do with the asked Dr. Brown, app.

There's also place to contact us. You can donate help as you can become a torchbearer. We got some very special resources as our gift to you when you become a torchbearer this month. So do that all on the app all right. Christine hi I live a long way from home. Every day I come across so many temptations to which it's hard to say no then are times when I don't even know if it's a temptation living alone want to socialize more of office suggested things I should say no to and in the long run I'm suffered because of falling into those temptations really will leave it live itched each day in peace and resist temptation without hurting anyone how I do it. Christine it may not seem easy or doable, but I want to assure you that this time in your life. Living alone away from home can be the greatest, richest, most fulfilling last time of your life. I want to assure you that this is the time when you have less things going on in your life and less people depending on you. You don't have four kids that need your attention. You don't have a husband that need your attention.

This is the time to go after God like you've never gone after him before.

This is the time to get alone and pray and get the word and worship and listen to messages read things that edify you and bless you when when I was in high school. My last two years of high school I had a very late light high school schedule. Long story but but I did and I got saved right at the beginning of of my junior year. So when I was 16 1/2 years old and because I had a light high school schedule. I have a lot of free time every day. I had free time to read the word and free time to pray. I went to church services every night. The building was opened up going five nights a week.

I was busy in many ways, but I had a lot of free time and I used it to go after God. I used it to seek God in the word and prayer.

And I remember some nights I want to hang out with a friend to do something in each of my friends had plans that night and I think what am I gonna do, and I thought this is it. Close the door. My parents would be respectful if I close my bedroom door. I can spend the night worshiping God and pray more, being in the word more and it was it was exquisite. It was it was so wonderful and you don't always have those times you don't always have those seasons and I'm telling you in that environment. You're not can be pulled with all kinds temptations the same way your desires you to change your interested in a change if you spent more time in the word and praying and worshiping the washing TV or surfing the net, watching movies or doing whatever you'd find your life enriched and and then you can pray in that context God bring the right people into my life that I can relate to give me wholesome relationships. What when you hang out in the right places.

You'll meet more the right people you hang out the wrong places you meet more of the wrong people, so it may be lonely and and I know that some of you listening say hey Dr. Brown what you're saying is absolutely true. That's been my experience has had real difficult times and I was all alone and I turn those instead to my spiritual advantage to seek God and those are the most precious times of my life so may the grace of God help you encounter Hamby's on the what to do. Talk to him.

Port your heart and read the word and worship in whatever edifies you, helps you take advantage of the resources our website. We got Mandy many messages you can listen to that would bless you and teachings that would edify that you could watch in and read whatever you do to help you and bless you and strengthen you and then spend that extra time with God and you'll find yourself stronger than you've ever been all right this is from Sharon. Looks like hi Dr. Brown, my husband and I are pastors we agree that pastors need to address sin.

I recently post your Facebook quote photo about pastors need to address sin and a woman totally disagrees. Make so that people need to know God loves them. I give this to, but I happen to think that need both and told you so but she totally disagrees with. Why do people believe that addressing sin is not an act of God's love. He did address her sin issue. He sent Jesus to die for atonement is the people of an unbalanced view of God's love because they have unhealed hurts visit another gospel all the benefits but none of the responsibility.

I also post request for Christians to be active in the Australian government's decision-making, especially decision-making, especially regarding same-sex marriage and abortion. Does that make a hater of homosexuals, maybe header homosexuals religious nutcase who happens to think life from conception to death is valuable. I think gross of anyone sin. There is forgiveness and restoration through faith in Christ is wrong for Christian feel passionate about social issues. I'm sorry Brownlee by 1%. The word accurately.

So I would appreciate if you could find the time to address these or Sharon.

Your anything but crazy insane. This number one we address sin because we love godly love people. Yes, people need to know God loves yes yes yes this most important thing anyone could know was that that God loves them.

But God's love makes demands on us and God's love is not this passive syrupy thing that no got God's love is active it here if you love your child and you see your child is developing bad habits they can be destructive.

You tell your child. This is wrong. You sit them down.

You say you can't do this. This is wrong why because you love them.

Let's take it from Jesus himself. Revelation chapter 3 verse 19. What is the Savior say, speaking by the spirit as many as I love I rebuke and discipline. Therefore be zealous and repent. That is the son of God speaking if if if I love you and I see you driving your car and and and you don't realize you're distracted and you're about to drive off a cliff on a do everything I can to get your attention and if after running from your car to try to stop you because I love you God and his love confronts our sin, not to condemn us, but to save us, not to destroy us but to help us not to hurt us but to heal us. Why are some people hypersensitive about this. Maybe they've come out of a legalistic church. Maybe they do have unhealed hurts in their own lives. Maybe they have a very poor self-image and field self condemned over time. Or maybe it's just their selfish and self-centered and if use of all the benefits with other responsibilities. Either way, we preach the love of God just like the whole New Testament and the whole Bible. We will address sin. That's what love does but it doesn't do its condemn it, just to save and to free and to deliver three impassioned about social issues. I can understand you can be passionate about God and not care about abortion. I can understand you. Be passionate about God and not care about the effect of redefining marriage in a society understanding to be passionate about God and not passionate about the family not passionate about social justice. If we live during the days of slavery.

Understand you could love God and not be passionate about. One of the change that if you lived in the days of abortion, you can love God love you passion about when to change it. I don't mean that everyone can have the same burden and not everyone may be called to the same level of activity.

Although we should do whatever we can if we all did our part we change the nations in which we live. We have millions and millions of believers in the nation, but know it is just the society is gone cold over the societies got hostile to the church is gone: all these issues up to just stand normally now makes it seem strange.

Watchman Nee said by the time the average Christian gets his temperature up to normal. Everybody thinks it's got a fever when Ravenhill said that that the church is been subnormal for so long to follow becomes normal. Everyone thinks it's abnormal. So thank you for being normal here is walking love towards those who don't see our way and help them to the fellowship of the truth to change their perspective.

That's it. Spec per spec per respective been mispronouncing words on the radio today. The good thing is I get to correct them immediately.

Okay that I don't have time for this question out on the oh so the break I'm going to get to Steve's question and if you haven't read my latest articles watched our latest videos we keep pumping out every week, 345 cutting edge videos things that will bless you and teach you inform your interest youth 345 cutting edge articles offer you all free on our website go to the line of

Click on the digital library explore what's there it's there for you with your with you here to be your voice more cultural and spiritual revolution in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown.

All right, we've got time for email questions I often wish I could just go through the emails like super fast and do like 30 in a show but that that wouldn't do justice to our maybe about to go through as quickly as I can one day but I want to do justice because some of the questions are heavy in Syria. So here we go.

Steve, Dr. Brad, could you please address the issue of judging in-depth reporting to resource on that subject simply don't judge.

Some say only judge those who are in the church of his drug distinctions about the different definitions of the word translated judge you to break this down to a basic understanding clear up the confusion. Thank you for your time. It seems like you have more than anyone see how much you get accomplished its mind-boggling grace and peace to Dr. Brett hate.

I do try to seize the time and use what I have and by God's grace sees he's help me to be productive all right Steve first thing go to the line of and just rinse his search type in the word judge or judging and you will see teachings of done on it.

Articles are written on its whatever resources are there.

They'll help you, but we have a few issues we have the issue of definition which you can correctly raise. We have the issue of application when you go through first Corinthians, you see that Paul says in first Corinthians 2 with the spiritual man makes judgment about all things and prescriptions for Paul says, don't judge anything before it's time, and he says he doesn't even judge himself in first Corinthians 5 were told to judge those within the body of risk within six were told that wonder him judge angels in first Corinthians 11 were told that if we judge ourselves will be condemned with the world so do we judge do not judge what is it mean right. We are not called to be judge mental in our orientation, which means when Jesus says don't judge lest you be judged.

In Matthew seven and Luke six means don't judge hypocritically. Don't judge superficially and don't condemn otherwise if you judge superficially, hypocritically, you will miss judge you will wrongly judge if you condemn without hope or mercy, then you're not having God's heart, but when he says that we should do this, take the beam out of her all night it so that we can then take the speck of the other persons I know what we've now judged ourselves, we can judge righteously to help the person Jesus says in John 724 don't judge by outward appearance, but judge righteous judgment. So we don't judge hypocritically. We don't judge superficially, we don't condemn, we don't judged by mere outward appearance, but we do make right judgments. So on the one hand, you want the court to to make a right judgment.

Yes, you want parents to make right judgments.

Raising the kids will make right judgments and decisions.

But yet we we make judgments all the time, but we are not judgmental. We don't judge hypocritically.

We don't judge superficially, we don't judged by mere outward appearance right now when it comes to the type of judging Paul talks about first radiance five pieces were not to judge the world, meaning take action based on our judgment that yet we see someone in the world is sleeping with his girlfriend. We see somebody in the world.

She's getting drunk. We see somebody in the world and in their greedy and their extorting money pulses don't leave them don't forsake them have meals with them be with them always have to leave the world right and seek to be a positive influence in women to the Lord, but within the body. We are to judge, meaning we are to pronounce judgment and if someone within the body. Here's a guy's man I love Jesus and I was praising God is get up and testify church and God's always great things in my life and you find out that he sees living with his girlfriend and and you lovingly reach out to him and say hey man, you say you love Jesus and following God always great things, but you're living in sin suggests a sin. God gave us the permission to do it while you bring a leaders and sit down. If that person refuses to repent and they go on living in open sin, then it is our sacred duty to excommunicate them to bring them before the body if it will come before the body to pronounce them before the body as living in sin and outside the fellowship of believers we are to judge them and put them out of our midst with the goal being that they repent, or that this individual repents and comes back to God. So that is the type of judgment we ask is that we don't do that on the world because the world is in the world. This we expect of the world. The people do worldly things so they're different nuances depending on the application judgment is a healthy and good thing. Judge mentalism is negative and destructive quarterly. I was married for 41 years. My husband left me in 2014 became unfaithful in 2015 and divorced me in 2016 my allowed to remarry. What about first Corinthians 739 I'm confused.

Please help. I am so sorry to hear that 41 years of marriage and then to go through that. I am so terribly sorry. I want to assure you though, that God can be nearer to the you've ever known, and that he does promise to be a husband to the widow, and that that would apply to you.

In this case your husband being as if he was dead. In terms of leaving you and abandoning you for someone else. So first I pray that God's nearness would be surreal to and that you'd find that the comfort in times of extreme loneliness and pain. Can you remarry if you're able to stay single and focus on helping others as she drops the older probably in her 60s or older. That's great if you could do that is what Paul addresses in his letters, but if not, I do believe that you can remarry due to the circumstances not just be sure that you feel confident about this before the Lord. Just be sure that you you go to Lawrenceville or whatever you want if you want me to be single. The rest of my life that I ask you for the grace to do it.

Lord, if I can marry with my husband having divorce me if that's something that you spoke about earlier in first Corinthians 7, Paul talks about being married to someone if that person is unbeliever and they leave you that you're not bound to seven. You're not bound to stay with them is that mean you're not bound that you can remarry different once interpreted different ways is Jesus saying that as long as the spouse is living that you're in adultery. If you marry or if there is sexual immorality and adultery have the marital bondsman broken at frustrations and possible you're free remarry.

I believe you are, but I encourage you to go to the Lord and say father give me assurance. Either way, if you want me to marry and that's pleasing in your sight and bring the right man into my life and do it in a way that all know is you and give me assurance of heart. If it's not, according to your will to word is against it. If you have something better for me.

Show me, Lord, what ever you show me all obey and he'll make it clear Coley trust him. He will make it clear to you so you will have peace, whichever direction you go hey let me thank all of you who have joined our support team become part of the very nucleus and backbone of this ministry by being a torchbearer for the first time ever, were sending USR thank you gift when you stand with us two books revolution and revolution of the church. I'm telling you these books will rock your world and bless you, along with a laminated card 10 commitments of the Jesus revolutionary the registry every day.

Here's what I can do to be a world changer for the Lord. If you haven't joined the supporting letters for these great resources into go to the line of fire is our Lord's. He had a joyous right on the homepage.

My bottom line today is looking for himself out of those who yield to him.

Let's do it

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