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Answers to Your Questions Live from San Diego

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 17, 2017 4:30 pm

Answers to Your Questions Live from San Diego

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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Hey friends, I am alive in San Diego. You've got questions, we've got answers for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown was the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH.

That's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown. I don't get it. I'm looking out the window here. I'm broadcasting from Calvary Chapel Oceanside California Arezzo San Diego look outside the window and I I see palm trees, but it San Diego. Come on, it's overcast.

It's cloudy.

It's rainy come all the way out to the West Coast into the San Diego area for rain, but here we are. It's beautiful on the inside in the midst of a terrific conference on Israel Islam and the church. My joy to be with you so we live. Which means you got questions, we've got answers 866-34-TRUTH traveling with my portable radio studios redo around the world. 866-348-7884 anything under the sun. You want to ask me as long as it's appropriate for Christian radio have added my joy to answer questions get 866-348-7884 biblical, theological, personal, spiritual, moral cultural issues. Let's do it together. By the way some really fascinating things in the aftermath of Pres. Trump meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Then, in the aftermath of yesterday's press conference where Trump was trumped all those that voted for Tromp or that are Trump and Susie, as you were cheering him on, and this is pundits is financing is the greatest thing ever saw, and then taking on the media: dishonest and fake. And of course the the secular media the left-wing media outraged over it before. Of course the tension between them growing, but many felt it was a major turning point for Tromp to to push back on the offensive. And that's what he does best, taking things to the people and speaking for the frustration of the people. In any case of a couple really interesting things in the aftermath of the company. Tanya Netanyahu meeting.

There are right wing Israeli leaders right wing Israeli leaders who are enthusiastic about what's happening they are feeling. This is a new era. They feel that this is a new time in Israel American relations and they're thrilled to hear the tone of the meeting and even come speaking about the possibly one state solution versus two state solution. There are liberal American Jews who are up in arms and what one state never can't work what are you doing Scotty to state it's fascinating fast I got to delve into this more deeply. I want a better understanding of white liberal Jewish Americans are so terrified by the prospect of one state solution versus two state and then talk about that more on the air but at the press conference with this is with Netanyahu when an Israeli or excuse me, a Jewish reporter pressed pressed Donald Trump about anti-Semitism and increase in anti-Semitic anti-Semitic incidents in the states and people are appalled usually is appalled the Trump's answer. He couldn't answer the question what's going on. Well which interesting as this reporter was on Fox news last night and it's Jake Turks West correspondent for Jewish newsmagazine Omni magazine and he said we understand why this is so hurtful to him to see himself being called an anti-Semite.

He said charges of anti-Semitism against trumpeter and Pharisee I'm with them when it comes to being outraged about being charged with this anti-Semitism. The city had a prior relationship with Trump to cover his correspondent set of work with the president's people throughout the campaign for the transition semiconscious and some are causing media describe certain events as the waitlisted Jewish community certainly did know in our community so that way to this guy. Sam was trumped at a very helpful they start saying wow very interesting. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much more joining us on the line of fire. This is Michael Brown the with you anyway. Live from overcast, rainy, greater San Diego area today. If you're anywhere in the area. The Israel conference will continue through tomorrow afternoon.

That will be speaking at the Oceanside Calvary Chapel.

All three services over the weekend. That's Saturday evening, early evening, and in both Sunday morning services you got questions.

We got answers 866-34-TRUTH two things quickly. I wrote an article last night burdened wall flying to California skews me was posted last night and is getting shared left and right over 10,000 shares in the first what 1215 hrs. something like that of just on one website alone get the word out. It is called shame on the silent Christian leaders who refused to stand against government tyranny. Shame on the silent Christian is refused to sin against government tyranny is my response to the Supreme Court's 90 ruling against a barrel Stutzman saying that she discriminated against a gay couple by refusing to or decline your business. When it came to making full direct decorations for their wedding initiate service customer for years and employed gay employees and so the gay community problem for years just in good conscience as a Christian she can to the floor arrangement for the quote wedding.

Well, she's been found guilty of discrimination, and the court's order to pay for the legal expenses involved in the other side. ACL humans could be hundreds of thousand dollars to be $1 million. The court has the ability now not only go after business but to go after home go after personal assets corrupter after savings accounts and other and complete outraged the so-called Christian leaders to speak, go to my Facebook page asked Dr. Brown and you'll see it there share it with others. Also, I had noticed a great picture of some precious grads from our ministry school. Haven't seen them in years.

My dear friend and colleague Scott Voelker saw them and posted a picture and I and I was joking around with them. It's a great great family picture and mom and dad and bunch of little kids and I mention how content the mom looks and how awesome the kids are the great smile and a dabble to my amazement to my amazement there is a post from the wife and she said the reason I look so content is because of the plant-based diet I've ever dressed in the I've adopted the husband said absolutely I was there with my book breaking the stronghold of food. Our blackness and I wrote breaking the stronghold of food and it's changing her life. I just read a post from another man, a set of lost 25 pounds so far I've struggled so many years of lost 25 pounds. Start with your book, change man. So if you don't have it yet breaking the stronghold of food you can order it online.

If you've read it, be sure to post a review of its help you post a review on Amazon 86634 all right we go to the phone. Starting in Boston with Eric. Welcome to the line of fire. Hi, thank you Dr. Ron. My question relates to Abraham. The language that he spoke and this ties into a contradiction in the Koran. So in the Bible it speaks about Abraham coming from our of the County and from what I understand that this word or has an interesting history to it on how people understood it through history and apparently the chronic sort of picks up on an error that it meet fire claim so if that's the case, that would seem to be that you know it easily demonstrated lower in the Koran now just wondering if you could shed some light on like what is our meeting what language it is him speaking thing like that yes which is what we do know we know that when Jacob goes back to Pagano ROM. This is not one of the Chaldees. Okay, this is this would've been somewhat in between.

But when he goes back to Pagano ROM. They speak Aramaic and Jacob now has taken on the language of Canaan, which Abraham would've also learned presumably in the ancient language of Canaan. Then comes in different outlets like Phoenician and Hebrew, and things like that but that not would not have been their original language they would've spoken Aramaic, or Abraham potentially an ancient dialect a Babylonian that's called Acadian and asked for the actual meaning of of war were not when 100% sure and and here's what you have to figure with the Koran. Is this something that you would call an outright error or is this popular etymology. For example in the book of Genesis were told that Babel got its name Bob Vale because their God ball. All he confused the tongue so barbell ball wall right but in reality that that's not the true meaning above Al is Bobby E. Lewis Bob in the gate of the God or gate of the gods. So that's how it got its name.

And this is just a a play on words in the Hebrew it would be as if someone said I was given the name Mike because I'm always behind the mic something like that so that's that the name were originally from what we know, certainly does not go back to to a meaning of of of fire, but is the Koran actually sinking. This is the reality of this is what it this is what comes from, or is it just kind of a play on words. That's that would be the question there which should should we hold across to that standard.

To say it's an obvious error but from what we know and understand were not hundred percent sure about the original meaning it does not mean fire that could be related to words that do but from what we know does not actually mean that you know offhand the chronic passenger speaking of all I what that word actually I have an area after 37 verse 97 3797, okay yet will tell you adjuster when we have a break of the split often of Arabic and English and and and and take a look that's not sometimes and often subhead that being sedated which is a very solid guy when it comes to this and he's he's not into Internet conspiracy and I kind of thing so he he would be a good reliable source and there are times there deftly things Mohammed misunderstood as he learned them from Jewish and Christian sources or things that were just Jewish traditions that he actually thought were part of the Bible and that's how they get to crawl and straw and that's it in less you are Islamic fundamentalist and thoroughly believe that the crown was given 100% for divine inspiration than those things are are fairly easy to see a thank Eric and and if you keep listening. I have a bit more info for you after the first break up.

Let's go to Arianna and Long Beach out which which Long Beach Arianna Kerner all right because I grew up next to Long Beach in New York on Long Island.

Okay well look into the line of fire. What's on your line. So I chronic and terms that determine your parent" depraved that they literally have no underwear on and I often ate, and I'm just wondering that a Jewish arm current housing. The longer how he understand the nature of God, and yet those are great questions.

Of course I myself am not a Calvinist, but was from 77 to 82 had many friendly debates with my friend Dr. James White and others about Calvinism, let me first say that the Calvinist would argue that there just using Scripture to make their point. They would point to the sinfulness of human beings in the days of Noah, God had to wipe out everyone except Noah.

They would point out in Genesis 8. After the flood that God says the thoughts of human beings are evil continually from the use there we go to Psalm 51 were David says I was. I was born in sin my mother conceived me in iniquity, they would go to Paul's list of verses in Romans three recording from the Psalms about everyone being evil and turning away from God and and hence all human beings caught up in sin and all of us needing to be justified freely by the grace of God so they would argue that their position is is biblical and that respect, I would say that the determinism of the of the teaching of the. The understanding of predestination. You have some of it reflected in Dead Sea Scrolls were for the most part, those teachings are not found in Judaism and the way the question of predestination and free will are summed up in in second century. Third century Jewish teaching assistants. A short little statement which says cults of fully everything is foreknown there should not free will is evident. I would say that would have been closer to Paul's thinking Calvinist model of writeback on this error on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just very quickly back to Eric in Boston. I will continue with our own and Long Beach California if you got a question for me. Phone lines are open 866-348-7884.

Any question you want to ask me of any kind. If you differ with me. Want to challenge me on something by all means give me a call will have a friendly discussion.

So Erica stood to go back to this I have to see what David Wood's point was on the actual video.

I respect his work in Islamic apologetics enough to take seriously what he say his point may have been that the Hebrew for word can be related to the concept of flame and or in Hebrew is light but that would not have been the meaning of the original word if it had been say Babylonian or Aramaic that it would've had a different meaning. Again, without 100% sure what were meant in terms of in its original, I was this speculation different arguments so that would probably be his point that they are mistaking it as if as if Abraham's language was Hebrew, which it would've been later, but that would relate to. Or when he came out of warrior who would've either been speaking Akkadian or Aramaic, so that's probably the point that's being made. The, the Association of order and flame of fire that season to make. In Hebrew, so perhaps that's the point to be made after check the video for more. Okay, so Arianna, you can easily see that when you read church history and the first few centuries that they do not have an understanding of human beings being so bound by sin that they do not have a free will.

They are unable to save themselves. The church leaders would universally say this is unable to save themselves in need God's grace for salvation they can say yes or no.

They can they can turn to God as he calls them or they can refuse to. That's basically universally taught and that the bondage of the will, to the extent starting Calvinist mute find resurfacing again in Augustine which is for centuries after Jesus and Calvinist would say well he was the one that really took up and continued with Paul was saying, as was say. Obviously, the disciples of Paul, the disciples.

Those disciples got it right in Augustine got it wrong. So I would say that the the depth of predestination that is taught in Calvinism certainly would not have been taught in the mainstream by a first century Jew, I believe, portably believed and taught there. I believe that's what he taught in Romans nine, either.

As for the degree of total depravity being taught. It's certainly not taught in Judaism as a whole on this level. It wasn't in the ancient world and it isn't today, but I believe you can make a strong biblical case for human beings captivity in sin without God's grace.

So yes, good questions. The other thing is we don't know hundred percent sure everything that pharisaical Jews believed in the first century than how much of that Paul carried over in his beliefs and how much change. Those are the questions to ask, but I agree with you that the Calvinistic understanding of the text would've been foreign to Paul as a first century Jew I'd I do agree with that one.

Please complete all sure.

Let me tell you exactly what it is okay to complete your style of my esteemed friend Kelly David Stern is an overt attempt to get Christian readers to recognize how Jewish New Testament is and to help Jewish readers feel thoroughly at home in the text. In that sense, it goes beyond what the reality was, for example, when your time of the Holy Spirit.

So it's the rococo – right okay when Paul was writing to the Corinthians he would just write to them in Greek and they would read and understand.

In Greek, but David Stern wants us to remember the Hebraic nature of this concept when when Paul was writing to the Gentiles.

He was known as Paul and his writings to them. Even though there's Jewish concepts there Jewish concepts in them. He is he still writing to them as Gentile believers David Stern really wants to make clear the Jewishness of these things, the Pharisees, the proof, shame, and the Sadducees that subject came and things like that.

So let's just say it's over emphasized to get the point across as to how Jewish New Testament is both as a fine translation and for the for the Old Testament the respect of the Old Testament. He took the 1917 Jewish publication Society translation updated it and even more have her eyes did so Moses became motion, things like that. So overall it's it's it's a fine Bible to use. We just realize you're going to get of very very Jewish feeling even in letters to Gentile believers and things like that. Now I am like a lot, overly like the Hebrew root it's here's here's the challenge the Greek word Thomas can mean law as in the Torah which is more teaching than law it can mean law in the sense of like a principal right or can the largest here's the law about this. It is this so sometimes it just means law in general and the New Testament. Sometimes it needs principal but many times it means Torah and David Stern's a good scholar and he worked on this carefully, but there are debatable passages of, for example. Romans eight the law of the Spirit of life in Messiah Jesus set me free from the law of sin and death, so how should that be translated are either should either be referenced. Torah should both be referenced as is Torah so I'll just grab that here and on my screen and in Romans chapter 8 of verse two. So ESP the for the law of the Spirit of life is set you free in Christ Jesus from the law of sin and death complete Jewish Bible says why because the tour of the spirit which produces this life union with Messiah sure has set me free from the tour." Of sin and death. So there you might've said it was better to translate law then Torah, but the second type of accident cultural here and there, it's debatable, but let's just say it corrects a major issue, which for many, the moment they see law they think negative. They don't think Tori was a hole in God's teaching instruction so like any translation, use it.

But compare it with others in here and there.

You can respectfully differ with the translators conclusion.

I you're very welcome and I appreciate your sensitivity to these issues. The newer translation that I worked on the team. The tree of life Bible would also highly recommend you for good accurate study of the Jewish roots of the faith white friends stay right there on the phones on taking your calls another 90 minutes.

You can keep listening at the line of fire.ward and we have though submitted our aspect ran after Apple eight times already and they keep setting it back for modifications, we nonsense because of content yet will see will see. But in the meantime, all of you with android phones which is multiplied tens of millions of people you can download the app asked Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown right there at the click your fingers on your cell phone or android device you will have immediately all my latest articles on my latest videos all her latest radio shows links to all of our key sites going to stand C a MoMA concert. Download the app today asks Dr. Brown a SK DR Brown sure you visit my Facebook page and share my latest article urgent to get this out specially before some of it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us today. Whatever my voice or thanks for joining us today on the line of fire Michael Brown coming to a lie from outside of worrying San Diego rainy, windy, overcast, Oceanside, California, greater San Diego area. Boy I knew what kind of weather to expect when I went to Canada, Florida, Michigan, and back and forth 80° difference isn't whether THE time zones but this expect this. Maybe it will warm up and maybe the sun will come back out.

In the meantime it's always sunny here on the line of fire 866-34-TRUTH you've got questions, we've gone answers.

We go back to Canada, New Brunswick, Canada.

Reese, welcome to the line of fire the law.

Thank you.

Did you enjoy it yeah had a great time there and enjoyed being out there in the snow because I can be in it. Then leave. Enjoy the spirit of the folks is a great congregation face of our family, church, hungry for the Lord and very receptive to clear strong message so you have had a great time.

I say don't get it like was travel to get in and out was literally from leaving the hotel to getting home over 14 hours and three flights so it's just not easy to get in and out anyway but Ceci herself had a great time yeah, what I anyway I don't have yet thoroughly for my questions. I have two if that's okay sure number okay number one of them regarding the question on the screen regarding both profit and prophesying mostly so I know that this is something you mentioned on video going other places and I'm also looking into hiring a Christian and I know that's one thing they've been quite critical of. Paying up but there's no difference between all confidence among improper chocolates and wondering if you could clear up what you mean exactly and what your biblical support is for that and if okay and I will let Lester the first don't get to the second question okay you vertebrae simply I see in the New Testament the false prophets are hell bound deceivers right that it's it's not an in between saying Jesus says in Matthew seven. Beware of false prophets outwardly look like sheep, but inwardly there. There are ravenous wolves. Okay, so he's making clear they are not believers they are, they are not followers of the Lord there out from under his Lordship and they are doing destructive work there associated with false teachers. Second Peter two says the false teachers bring in damnable heresies, okay so that's that's one thing if someone speaks in an assembly. Paul says in first Thessalonians 5 to test everything he says don't despise prophecies. Test everything. Hold fast that which is good.

Don't quench the Spirit therefore strengthens 14 to 3 prophets should speak and in the other should carefully judge a right really should carefully judge so very simply. I understand that in the assembly because anyone could theoretically prophesy right. Paul encouraged everyone to seek prophecy so someone could think they were speaking from the Lord all right and and maybe their new and and they don't understand this and they could say of the Lord told me that it's that the rain is gonna stop in three minutes and the rain goes on all day cigarette I'm sitting here from God solicit you down and teach you and help you with that person is not thereby hell bound center. That person is there life not not a ravenous wolf that's that's into to fleece the flock and destroy people's lives, that person needs help and guidance processes restrictive 13 we prophesy in part.

Knowing could be you bring a word and it's not the fleet revelation that someone else brings the rest. That's how you judge together right will take this up on the inside of the breath of her plan and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us on the line of fire.

Michael got questions.

We got answers 866-34-TRUTH 7884 we get to every possible call that I can so be patient and will get you so Reese in New Brunswick, Canada from the Old Testament to the new we would stone someone that prophesied in the name of another God or that misleading will notice that they are speaking presumptuously. It says in Deuteronomy 18.

Notice it gives the two choices. Prophesy in the name of another God, which is not an innocent mistake or prophesying, so it doesn't come to pass.

These were national leaders are national voices, the, the, the people as a whole could not prophesy or discern other than bite by Scripture, and the weight and consequences were were much higher now. New Testament prophets do not have the same authority. Old Testament prophets had their part of church and submitted to other leaders as well and everything has to be tested and waived by others prophetically gifted as well.

So things are changed dramatically and everyone could potentially prophesy, so number one of someone simply is mistaken.

They they claim the Lord gave a word.

Many didn't you correct that person you help them become keep their mouth shut and to learn and grow in ministry due to C7 for the Lord nurtures let's say someone claims to be a prophet but they're really not that make him a false prophet will if they're saved.

No, it means that we should call them out for falsely call themselves prophets just like there plenty of people came to be teachers in the body and are not called and raised up by God in their the teacher joy: a false teacher and a heretic going to hell will not Lester outside the faith.

Also their teaching falsely I don't listen to their part Christian writer broke his note no attack on them. I just I don't have time to listen to a lot of stuff or read a lot of the websites that might attack me for different things or or attack of the three different things.

But let's say I found doctrinal error on those sites when I then have the right to call them false teachers and thereby hell bound sinners in opposition to God. No I say no there teaching some stuff that's not accurate and I differ with that they need to be more careful or I question about, part Christian radio.

Specifically, but in general I question her. That was really called to teacher not so that's how I approach it. That's my difference. I call out people regularly. I've internally behind the scenes, charismatic leaders and challenge them on different things and and and sought to hold people to account all I'll gladly do that but I'm not going to throw some under the bus, consider hell bound center. If true to the best of my knowledge there their brother or sister but they have some error and some issues not unreasonably just give you the opportunity to push back quickly if you were one of these folks that the take issue with me on this. This is this is an argument I had many many years of the first time Hank paragraph. I really talked on the air is actually ended up. I think off the air, but we since became friends and in the midst of differences we have were were friends with mutual esteem and respect.

But we had that same discussion that to him is a no-brainer so inclined to be a prophet or teacher there really not than their false proper postage excellence in the logic. But honest try to be more strict in my biblical definition.

What might the fellows a part Christian say in response to what I've said one thing I've heard a lot saying presumptuously are speaking in freedom thing, Lord. And it doesn't come to have amounted to blasphemy because you're speaking in the name of the Lord and that things do not come to pass.] Sure, but they would probably say yeah you need to step down 100% and you you discredited yourself like not necessarily your heretic limit that I'm not sure but you're probably completely disqualified from any ministry because it's such a good thing to the collection and I'm sure you would from what it sounds like you're probably better.

That's kind of what you would think through. I'm guessing will not let me say I deeply respect the esteem's words for saying if you can speak in the name of the Lord, you better be sure and and you better have accountability with it.

I I esteem that drastic absolutely and we can often go to the opposite extreme in the charismatic movements and hate everything has to be tested so you still take it seriously but you don't hold people accountable and I've watched carefully. Some major words to say okay, these things come to pass, if not I was I was ready to to contact her colleagues and say okay let's have a talk. Could you put this out there and was major and it didn't happen so there's no question that there is a lack in the charismatic movement in doing that. However, my understanding of New Testament prophecies. We don't prophesy with that same authority and that there were things have to be discerned, and it could be that you know I could say I feel the Lord is directing the you know to do this and move in this direction and then as you go, you get more clarity or things like that are or two or three different people speaking prophetically it's okay what we sense Lord same between us and becomes clearer. So I think we have to be very serious but I don't see it having that same authority is Old Testament prophecy had some of the difference are your other question, are you going to call our alright I'm in the role of ethnic alright bless you bless you Reese where were good and I appreciate that respect the other cause of sure they do. 2866-34-TRUTH hate limit. Let me say this, I will maybe one time on one show I had some interaction with the gentleman from from pirate Christian if if I'm correct and I thought it was a good call, appreciate, we had to say. If I'm correct in this but I appreciate that you know who they are.

We may have very, very deep differences great possibility that I haven't followed them close enough to know that we have we may have very great differences in many things, but they are who they are. In other words, you know who they are, what their names are, what they believe. Okay and the same with with other friends, colleagues, I have those that may not even look at me as a friend or colleague, but they are believers and you know who they are. You the website what what I don't respect is the anonymous websites. The heresy hunting websites and you don't know who they are civil you don't have to know they are because they're just reporting truth CheckIt trust me, at least the ones I've seen.

It is heavily dosed with their particular interpretation that in fact there was one I was looking at the other day and I was laughing out loud when I read the mistaken understanding of what it's putting on me at site and these guys actually believe. I honestly felt bad for them and assume it's more one-person male-female.

Even now, but you need to know who speaking what's their spiritual track record.

What are their theological backgrounds to whom are they accounts with whom are they in fellowship, though those are good questions to ask and now comes everybody else straight, and nobody knows who you are and I can get my respect at all and it and if you have a good job to do well then do it in the light while we can't because the controversial's eye cover controversial issues. I get death threats. I get death wishes I go because of Junko my week 24 seven that this comes with being a public figure. What's the big deal.

Let us know who you are that we can know all wow you have some authority in this issue. Your highly respected theologian wow you planted a 20 churches in your country, and their growing and thriving. Your your proven shepherd of the sheep.

All okay you have this theological training from this place in your strong in Hebrew and Greek.

That helps to know all your in this particular fellowship which broke away from that fellowship, and that gives us a little bit more understanding of your particular background gray that we can have a much cleaner and more edifying and useful car geisha conversation you want to hide behind anonymity. Shame on you. Shame on you when talking about someone doing secret outreach to ISIS and if anyone knew we were broadcasting from you be beheaded before the hour was out. Well, tell your mother went on about trying to spot reveal false teaching the wrong teacher error in the church and it's it's shameful. Not only is so much that seemed just bold.

Yes, I tell you it's bogus.

It's like you tell me.

Well Mike you're not in California right now you're in Timbuktu now.

I'm sorry. I know I am right now.

Some people report no and he probably doesn't. For this reason without regrets motivation that motivations acute kidney. I did a TV interview wants people estimated that the several tens of tens of thousands of not hundreds of thousands of books were sold through the injuries like you be kidding yet. Be kidding. Actually we we did sell any two to the ministry directly. I think it ended up with an order placed to the publisher of a few hundred books in the prelude to sell tens of thousands of books like you gotta be kidding, but possibly the stuff I feel bad for him to focus on what we do, though, and glorify the Lord reach out to as many as we can rightly come back we're going straight to your call to call.

Now that I thought that we had a minute or two that one of Russia's we write back your call stated file the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks so much for joining us on O just got a post on Twitter with a link to David Woods teaching chronic error was Abraham delivered from a fire and yet there's an old Jewish tradition that says that.

And again I mentioned that there are Jewish traditions that Mohammed probably saw were part of the Bible alright and as a result of that included them as if they were true that quite a few Jewish traditions in that respect, 86634 let's go to Michael, also in Canada for Erie candidate welcome to the line of fire… You're welcome. I am having a little trouble with my walker now because I actually your previous color was really timely because I'm having this feeling that I might be a prophet but I'm not really able to get any opportunity to test myself or have myself tested my congregation even though their Pentecostal right so first, what, let's distinguish between someone prophesying and someone being called to be a prophet as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher, and I believe there are apostles and prophets today, not with the authority of first century apostles the 12 apostles, but I believe that there continue to be emissaries or planters foundation builders pioneers apostolic leaders that God raises up and those are also called to be prophets again with the authority of Old Testament prophets, but functioning as prophets did in the New Testament.

There's a difference between prophesying or have the gift of prophecy and being a prophet, where's I look at that is as a deep calling as something that shapes one's worldview and mindset and just like an evangelist has this tremendous burden to win the lost and to equip the church to win the lost and is is consumed with that and a pastor on shepherding the flock in teaching and teaching and nurturing that the prophet is is more bringing kind of a wake-up message and enter a message that is opening up dimensions that are others.

On seeing and sometimes revealing send it needs to be dealt with. So what will make you right will helically what I've been going I can have.

The specific example they I've been getting feelings about about what's happening in Canada. Like with the Québec market pack now.

This motion, and 103 fighting against the Islamic phobia, but a lot of the agents restricting free speech the same time yet disrespected its restricting free speech and it's essentially a sharia blasphemy law and I want to I want to tell people in my congregation that bank trust that persecution is coming to Canada now. I think it's on the way and now we have to prepare. We have to read the Bible with that mindset that we will be persecuted soon before it can't only end up being counted about it. Yeah Michael let me ask this of these.

These are very serious issues and ones that that we should not take lightly. When I say you have no opportunity within your congregation does that mean they just look at you a certain way and aren't open to what you have to say. Well the people I've been talking to a they often agree with what they say you should ask the pastor for permission and you shouldn't interrupt and I think that an extent, but when I spoken to him about this. He also seems to understand and agree with me but he said I'm not sure the congregation is ready to hear the right so so what you do is is this Michael. Let's put aside exactly what God is calling you to do and take the specific burden that you have everything flows out of a birds in prayer number one that the prophets were were great intercessors because they were so burdened for their people, and they saw trouble coming in advance and hence it broke their hearts and and shattered them so first thing you want to do is really take this to God in prayer. More and more and more in the more you pray, the more you with him, the more you'll feel the confirmation. If this is really something that he's he saying it'll it'll burning you will get from the point that you sink it to burning in you and in a way that's very intense. This is part of a prophetic burden.

That's one thing.

Secondly, I would just do your best to write it out plainly and share with the pastor and then you leave the responsibility of getting the message out to the flock right you leave it to him. It's gonna be his responsibility, because God didn't make you the leader the church doubt make him leave the church for what he makes the right decision wrong stuff to him to do in process that say hey I want you to share this with the coronation. Take five minutes on Sunday or the say hey I really praying about incorporating that some of my preaching or whether he says I believe it's coming, but we just need to pray.

Now if if he says the latter and there's no way to get this out in spring in your heart. Just say hey do you have any problem with me just sharing this in circles. I have no social media or different things that I really feel we need to be praying. I really feel the persecution could be coming and then if it's release of the Lord saying that that will be a lot of others that you'll hear, or a number of others carrying the same burden saying the same thing because that the Holy Spirit will be warning and seeking to prepare the church and in Canada. That's one thing. The other thing is that it won't be limited to this that you'll get burdens in other areas about something that's that's wrong or something that's coming and it's it's heartbreaking and painful week we agonize over these things in prayer. But then we sense that that the Lord is saying this and then as we build a track record that we have credibility as you build a track record. People are more inclined to to hear what we have to say and to to respond appropriately. The other thing is if the Lord is gifting you in these ways he he may give you insight in to what what other people are going through.

Given times and you could call him say or email him hey I've been praying for you to set a sense of urgency; your family is everything okay Melissa wow this is really timely. We just have this thing happen with our son and so then that a church is okay. I'm hearing from the Lord more and then people will recognize that your hearing from the Lord. More than that. Then the the gift and the calling start to make room for themselves in that respect. All right. Okay. It was eventually Dick go ahead specific patient and yet patients and letting letting the calling surface manifests itself whatever it is, whether it's a specific gift that operates or something happens time to time, or something that becomes very deeply part of who you are and Mica said it will go beyond just, you know, I think this is coming.

It'll be something that stays with you and the more time you spend with the Lord that the deeper the burden will get an in the meantime if there's any frustration just let that be God's way of helping you grow in character.

Patients and perseverance.

Hey, thank you for the call. By the way, I know some of you listen I think.

I don't know I mean this God.

This God actually speak that way or so study the Scriptures study the Scriptures. Look at the word, and cultural conclusions. Hey friends, don't forget to download Orap asked Dr. Brown were still having issues getting it on our on on iPhones and iPads with downloads asked Dr. Brown not get it on your phones today to stand with us on that app, just click donate partner with us together. The gospel my bottom line to date. One thing for sure the spirit saying to the church. It's almost always wake sleep hey friends, I am alive in San Diego. You've got questions, we've got answers. It's time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome welcome to Oceanside caliphate area about 45 minutes from the San Diego airport.

Got in late last night was able to get old 6 1/2 hours sleep maybe came over to teach the first session at a great conference here in Israel, Islam and the church during breaks in my radio broadcast. I been interacting with some of my friends from Israel. Their flight was delayed multiple times in San Francisco and I'm gonna have to switch session so literally as soon as I'm done with this radio broadcast on medical back downstairs into the mandatory him and swap sessions with an Israeli friend that's delayed but all the joys of ministry and right now I'm thrilled to be with you live on the air with our portable radio studio travel with around the world. You got questions.

We got answers 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 7884 my article on the stream. Shame on the sonic Christian leaders refused to stand against government tyranny, please share it as widely as possible Shame on the sonic Christian leaders refused to stand against government tyranny. May I ask you to please get it to your pastor before this Sunday get them today or tomorrow, or if your pastor or leader. Please read it and say something from the pulpit tomorrow. It's very important, the outrageous ruling of the Washington Supreme Court nine. Nothing against religious liberty, 8663 freight 784 you've got questions, we've got answers and we go to Haymarket, Virginia Rick, welcome to the line of fire.

Dr. Brown, I appreciate your arm and elegant perspective on things and I don't listen to your show that often, but I always enjoy it when I do will thank you, my question today is on on predetermination written you're discussing earlier in the program and in the first hour call and was wondering if Paul is a first century Jew with his pharisaical background and the way he read the Scriptures. Would he have related to the predetermination of Calvinism and I said no I don't believe that he would have seen that that way. Some aspects of Calvinism, of course, it would've agreed with, but others no I don't believe he taught it, even a Calvinist look to him nor I believe that would have been his contextual biblical understanding either.

What kind of very much along the lines of what I wanted. And that I'm more familiar with the Calvinistic perspective on pre-determinism and I've heard lots of biblical justification for that perspective. However, I haven't heard the biblical justification or non-that the non-Calvinistic view on predetermination.

I don't wondering if you could please help me understand sure Calvinist would ultimately teach a double predestination of sorts that before the world was formed that God looked at humanity that he would create and chose some for salvation, for nothing in themselves.

Not that he saw that they would one day believe, but purely by his love and what to us would seem to be arbitrary obits.

There is nothing in us why he chose us and not others is a mystery and that he passed over the rest, thereby effectively damning the rest and I would say very plainly that the entire Bible tells us choose choose choose choose choose because our choices have not been predestined that when God says choose life, that you may live in Deuteronomy 37 for life and death. It's because our choices have not been predetermined. Joshua says in Joshua 24 choose service for Bill and I were to serve the Lord because the choices not been made in advance. I'll continue that side of the brain number by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. Thanks for got answers 866-34-TRUTH 784 so Rick in Haymarket, Virginia, a non-Calvinist would believe that there are certain things that God has predetermined that there are certain things. For example, that Jesus would be a lamb slain that was determined for the foundation of the world God for new that Adam would send. But God did not predestined Adam to sin. God gave Adam a free will and for new what Adam would do I believe God for he knows everything because he inhabits eternity and he doesn't see time we see we see time. He knows the end from the beginning. We believe that God predetermined before the world began that he would have a people in his son Jesus. And this this people would have a certain destiny but then it is up to us to respond with a yes or no to the offer of grace and mercy and salvation that we can harden our hearts, we can say no when the Scripture says today if you hear his voice to harden your heart that's an actual response. You can give as opposed to thinking that it's been foreordained before the foundation of the world that all ultimately be in or out saved or lost. So those would be fundamental differences. We don't believe that God has predetermined before the world began, who will be saved and who will be lost. Rather, he is predetermined that he will have a people in his son Jesus. And then he calls us to repent and believe, and he empowers us to repent and believe and we can say yes or no to his grace into his empowerment.

Okay, so I understand from the Calvinistic perspective the that that we do have free will as well on it to make our choices etc. but also on the Calvinistic view if they put those two things.

Bye-bye. Thought of it but predetermination alongside of free will that although we do have free will and the end and our choices will have eternal consequences that predetermination billing and what is this just a Calvinist district in your view, just Calvinist believe that you have free will.

When it comes to salvation Molly. The explanation that I have is that I understand it now not be alert and banning on it that it has to do with whether or not we have the reservoir of holiness because the right terminology within a that would allow us to love God and come close to God. To say yes I want to be staying in the Calvinistic view is that we are total depravity.

In other words, there is no island within us that would allow it to stay the company regarding the earth exactly write out exactly so we don't have free will and attempts to salvation as we don't have the power to say yes it's it's right so that's that's the whole point that when it comes to salvation. Calvinist would not say to you have free will and what I would say is that when God's word calms God work. God's word comes with empowering grace and we can refuse it, we could say yes we can say no and again I can get into a debate about you can watch some of the debates have had with my with my friend and colleague Dr. James White hopefully get the best of both sides. If you just go to my digital library and the website. The line of and just click on search and Calvinism or predestination.

You'll see from the debates I have with Dr. White's you can hear him present in his viewpoint be present in mind a but I guess we are totally depraved. We cannot save ourselves. It's like we are in a 10,000 foot pit and there's no possible way out.

If we had a million lifetimes.

We could never get out of that pit. And God puts his hand down and reaches out to us and says do you want help or not. And we have the ability say yes I need help because that that is a freedom that he's given us. He is chosen to give us that freedom. We cannot save ourselves. But we can respond to his grace, which is why the word calls us to respond over and over and over and that's why the God continually rebukes those who didn't respond because they had the ability to, and they didn't. You don't rebuke a cripple for not walking you don't rebuke a turtle for not flying. Why rebuke a loss center who cannot say yes why rebuke that person feels they can say is no, obviously they could say yes. Hence responsibility comes in and that would be a fundamental difference with Calvinist okay well and I understand all that and my my Brantley that make lifespan. The issue that I struggle with is that I know that everything that makes me of the neck barely correct biblically. Or, you know, in keeping with God's will. So what what I have heard in terms of the again going back to the Calvinistic support of the Bible when I have heard the people that support that you have quoted the Bible the accident died in only when you look at that. It seems that the Calvinistic view is very much supported and, of all writing and I think I got in other places in the Bible. Well, and so what I what I'm looking for I guess.

And maybe the thought behind it alleges that Nvidia what I'm looking for it is nonspecific work in the Bible or that non-Calvinistic view so that I can pay okay here are some verses that really work that is a lot watch watch the debates and you'll get tons and tons of verses many many sources but I say read the Bible and others read the whole Bible when it says choose, and God holds us responsible for not choosing and then God commands those who do choose and rebukes those who don't believe in commence those who do Boomer it's it's not it's not a mystery here in terms of will that may be contrary to what extent this is who God is regrading this image.

Certain things are right things are wrong.

Some things are just things are unjust. This is through the whole Bible.

Plus we have God categorically sing a number of passages. He has no pleasure in the death of wicked of the wicked, but rather that they would turn and live the goddess and want anyone to perish, but all to be saved.

God loved the world so much with which, in John's Gospel is not Timothy elected some of the most exciting all the entire world of the world so much that he gave his only son, that whoever believes would be safe. So I find an overruling message of God's love for the whole world of fun and overwhelming message of God's desire for the whole world to be safe in an overruling message that that we can choose to to put our trust in him or to reject him and that this is a choice that he and his sovereignty is given. So I find that throughout the whole Bible. And then I'd say of a few verses here and there could be misunderstood to support Calvinism here should we do differently but of course watch the debate and your you get the best of both sides to go to the line of and just search in the digital library for Calvinism predestination or whites you can get the brown and white debate say thank you Rick.

I appreciate the questions very much 86634. Go to know we go to London England calls. Thanks for calling. Welcome to the line of fire. Thank you very much for marketing Michael, you're welcome and understand me clearly yes I okay I have a question regarding everything for goat complex unity from the cable script this and more specifically about the benefits problem the book of Jeremiah 1214 and also 1415. I just looked at the verses in question were you from reaching Lisa. I am great okay excellent. So Jeremiah 1214 and you say yes and perfect one. Nowadays you have a thought in a number of Bible place in front of the king's a ESB NIV I am that appears to be more than one person at Divine Bessemer involved, even those two factories but in fact complete Jewish study Bible perspective contemplated differently and the evidence for goat complex unity is not that anymore I will buy it yet. At 1214 and the other verse was the other barracks also add that Amaya 1415 14 x 15 so and got my cup of 12 x 14 leading from the ESV effect that affect the load on fattening on my evil Nabors could not headache… I have given my people knew that the candidate so according to the fundraising that will at one divine person locating about my evil Nabors indicated that I have given my people. But then the.Bessemer five school the Lord in the third person.

So although that by certain speaks in the fact that certain. Five. School load in the fed bison so please give me the impression.that pleases design classes.I yeah I'll answer insurance and I'll I'll answer when you deceptively.

This is just becoming prophetic speech. Introduce God speaking and it's God speaking from third person. The first person all the time is very common, prophetic, the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown joining us today on the line with the fastest I've got this giant window at the church building that got me alone in this. In this back room here and it's at Calvary Chapel in Oceanside, California, in the midst of an Israel conference here got my portable radio studio and I just got this big window. It's it's right in front of me and I see these palm trees swaying in the wind. It is just completely cloudy, overcast and rainy here. Cooler weather than normal in the San Diego/it's hard for me to get my mind off the weather, but praise God I just look back at my computer screen and we go over to London, England, France if you got a question now is the time to call 8663 freight 7884. The phrase complex unity is a phrase I've used for years to help Jewish people understand God being one is complex and is unity which Christians often refer to as is try unity or Trinity. Many Jewish hearers have understandably thought were timeout with three gods or something like that.

So we had to clarify that. Hence I speak of complex unity, but all tolls in London, England. You'll often have the prophet and the Lord go back-and-forth because as my wife Nancy seven I was talking about Jeremiah when I was writing my commentary Jeremiah that sometimes you can't tell where the prophet begins in God and to regard ends of the prophet begins, so the prophet might be saying this is what the Lord says I say this to you and he says this and it goes back and forth you have it very commonly and that's that's between the prophet and the Lord. It's not a speaking of of a complex unity. There in terms of different in of God speaking as one voice here in another voice there so that against is very common to alternate between third person and first-person go okay in fact if you look Sarah yeah if you look at the end of of Jeremiah 8 into the beginning of Jeremiah 9 you'll see things go back-and-forth you think that's the prophet speaking in a thick momentous the Lord speaking because it sounds like the prophet invoices. I wish I had more tears to be for my people that he says they're all adulterers, they don't know me, says the Lord's like was that the Lord of the prophet that that's how good it really that prophet carry that burden yet go. Have you have time for the question. Thank you. Quite given up about the film tenancy in 1924 Eddie about then the Lord rained on. So the medical more soulful and fire from the Lord out of heaven where it was evident that include loads at all.

The defendant -dependent bathrooms into one Lord. Yeah so here's here's the here's the question. Is that an unusual Hebraic figurative speech with some of the rabbinic commentaries would argue that's the case that it's it's a little ambiguous. You wouldn't say it like that in English and that is what the Hebrew says then the Lord Yahweh rained upon Sodom and Gomorrah sulfur is far from Yahweh out of heaven. So is that saying that while it's all gone and having this kind of a strange way of saying it or is it sent Yahweh was also on the earth, and that Yahweh in earth rained down fire from Yahweh in heaven if you didn't know anything and were just reading the text, since at the end of Genesis 18 it said that Abraham and Yahweh had an extended conversation that Yahweh, the Lord visited Abraham was two angels in the two angels then went on to Sodom, so, so much so yet Yahweh was still on earth. Yahweh on earth where he had appeared in a body to Abraham rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah for fire so fire from Yahweh in heaven was rained down by Yahweh on earth why because he's complex is unity because he can be in several places at one time that he can sit on his throne in heaven and filled the universe with his presence. And yet walk among us on the earth, as he did when Yeshua came into the world. Some argue that when Yahweh appeared. He appeared his three-man but all three were Yahweh and that the two men that that Rick went to Sodom also for his presence.

And that's what it's talking but you can read it like that. I think an easy way to read it is that Yahweh still on earth and bodily form rained down fire from Yahweh in heaven, and yet it speaks of Yahweh being in two places at once and reminds us that he is God and he is able to do that not believe it. Also by other vectors like a a Morse 411, via the 19 and also Jeremiah 5040 what it would by Yahweh speaking and pain.I would love story Bobby loan like gold destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah so to me, Yahweh talking about another person in God. Yet that's that's possible. Or it could be the back-and-forth was first-person and third person that's okay yeah so it's possible that way or it could go the other way he tolls. I appreciate your questions very much may be good to meet you in London.

One of these days all right. God bless you and thank you for the call.

I tell you what.

Let me skinny, slightly technical, but my friend Pastor Bruce Bennett just sent me this text and since we did a debate. It's also you can watch on who makes the final determination and salvation. You can watch that on a digital library as well. Just type in Bennett B, E and ETT. He just states this hi Mike, just heard your summary of predestination from a Calvinistic perspective on your show. I did want to point out that though your description of God's passing over some is accurate for some Calvinists or prolapse Aryans other Calvinists like myself were in prolapse Aryans which disagree strongly with your disk description of God's predestination that we believe that God elected after he saw Adams fall. Hence, all of mankind rejected Christ in the garden through Adam and are therefore born spiritually dead, as opposed to before the fall, which are described on the air. Historically, most Calvinists are in flux Aryans.

I we would appreciate the huge difference being pointed out amongst the reform when you critique us in your ministry. Thanks well. Best thing I can do is read the direct words from my in flap serine friend Bruce Bennett and there you have his position at James White differs with the historical argument there in terms of the majority that I'm sure if he is listed have taken off on the dividing line but since we got all that out for you. There we go, and others alike. What did you just say I will get that right. In short, the differences did God before the foundation of the world have a double predestination. I'm choosing you, for heaven and you for hell or did all human beings and Adam fall and then God said, I'm choosing you for salvation and didn't choose the rest. Some would say does have the same effect. Yet in a way it has the same effect in that God chose those you to be saved and no one else has a choice in the matter. So the number of those who are damned was determined by God choosing those who were saved, since I have estimated her Saddam side I was there. Anyway, debate, discussion continues right that side of it.

It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 6643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you thank you joining us on the far today run come your way, live from Oceanside, California, in the midst of a great Israel conference, 8663 freight 784 any question you want to ask me any question under the sun is off is appropriate for Christian radio. Our phone lines are open can be of a difficult theological question or specific? Verse in the Hebrew or Greek bequest about moral cultural issues take Israel related question since I'm doing in Israel conference. Even though we had Arthur leaders Thursday yesterday rollover.

Let's do it 866 freight 7884. I am going to answer a question by Josh on Calvinists, name is Josh I'm 19 years old I run the logical Christian ministry on YouTube. Answer atheist Muslims and cults like Jehovah's Witnesses first us awesome awesome awesome. Not awesome awesome you're doing it. 19. Keep growing, keep learning, keep serving, keep speaking. God bless you.

But however I've had also found interest in the Calvinism versus Arminian debate. Josh says Calvinists often tell me that a mini theology makes man the Savior instead of God, and they back this up by saying that unlimited atonement only makes men savable. Thus, it makes man the Savior because it makes it to where they choose to receive salvation. Therefore, it saved them self.

I don't have answers, objections what if you could tell me with the best way to answer this. Yet several levels and of course this comes up. And so my debates with Calvinism.

If you want to watch my debates on Calvinism go to my website a lot of far the Lord and click on search search for white or Bennett white or Bennett.

You can then watch my debates on these issues with James White, Dr. James White and with Pastor Bruce Bennett. All right, so you can get in depth and then this way you get both sides to get my arguments to get their arguments and you can prayerfully look and see which structures be more scriptural.

All right. That being said number one. I find this objection utterly bizarre and thoroughly insulted in all my decades in the Lord never once dawned on, nor is it dawned on anyone that I know in the Lord that they somehow save themselves by receiving God's grace we fully understand our wretched condition. We fully understand. We cannot save ourselves.

We fully understand that we need a Savior, and all we do is say yes to God's extraordinary mercy. That's all. And it's all grace were stunned that he saved us were amazed that he had mercy on us were humbled to the ground to Timmy. This is an ugly insult because it put something on us, which is the furthest thing from what we believe and B told the candidate I got saved as it Arminian. I was a Calvinists from 77 to 82.

So from 71 to 77 Arminian 77 to 82 Calvinists and have not been a Calvinists since 82 and even as a Calvinist, never dawned on site. I knew my experience never dawned on me that I could tell some of your saving yourself. It's just like yourself. Save look at it like this during the war. It's a shark that your boats capsized sharks around you everywhere okay they they are about to devour you right Calvinists and so you're ready devour five I just refuse this argument in public and and someone throws your life is a rebuke. You can't even grab it. They throw some I get over your head, they just say, just let us pull you don't resist, and they drag you in with the sharks biting at your your foots even ripped up and you you get in the boat and euro say send oneself look at the resist when the no no no no, not the million years, you can't cut thank you thank you for helping me much more were saved from sin and damnation is 12. The word is explicit on this that it is. If it's by faith is not by works, what we're doing is putting our faith in God and pauses explicitly to the Romans. If it is by faith. It is not by works in three we're simply doing with the word calls us to do, which is repent and believe how by God's grace.

So we receive his mercy don't deserve his mercy turned damn without his mercy is mercy comes to us and he says believe save a horse like a great set of the rest and save yourself just were saved by the Savior will be back with your goals. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown just want to say one about Calvinism. It is very easy for me to caricature the God of the Calvinists is a monster and Calvinists making people into robots. But that is not true to what they believe is not fair to what they believe, and since I was a Calvinist for five years and site thoroughly enjoyed reading much of the Calvinistic literature of great leaders and theologians and commentators, and since I have admiration and respect for Calvinistic leaders in church history into today. I want to do my best to characterize their beliefs fairly and then to differ. Honestly, where I differ into differ strongly where I differ not to present their beliefs. Through my eyes in a way that is not true to what they would agree with. So when things are presented as if we believe in self salvation. It's a myth that's false. It's not true it's it's not a scriptural extent, either.

Now what unlimited atonement does, or rather the fact that Jesus died for everyone the world. It makes salvation possible for everyone on the planet and infallibly secures the salvation of those who put their trust in Jesus, he remains the Savior and Paul says this in Romans four that if Abraham was justified by works, he has something to boast about, but not before God. Right verse four.

Not to the one who works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due, to the one who does not work but believes and who justifies the ungodly, his faith is counted as righteousness, and Paul explicitly says that because it is by faith that it is by grace verse again this is all through Romans. For this laid out so because we are being saved, not by works but by faith. Faith is not work there for you cannot in any way say someone is saving themselves right we go to Plano, Texas.

Mason welcome to the line of fire. Hey, how you doing I'm doing all right. It is echoing very it was a little to speak right to the phone and what we should be okay okay my question is political but also spiritual like alert: to be in prayer for not just president but the various members of cabinet government and I'm wondering what we can trust out of Donald Trump's mouth like what we can, but we can take in and solidify his actual position. Given that he's kind of been back and forth so many times in in the past year to on different entity said yeah well first I appreciate your bird to pray it again, whoever's the president and the leaders of our country. We do need to pray pray for Supreme Court justices as well, but a first I I went after candidate Trump as a flip-flop or and I wrote articles or one article I listed flip-flop from here to here here to hear and then others got into much more detail and and had many more examples of flip-flopping. However, as the campaign went on, I found that there were quite a few things that he held to and that he wasn't flip-flopping on that this was who he was and it was in in one interview Sam one thing another injury, another which politicians commonly do.

I mean we've all been frustrated watching politicians, answer questions, sir. You think it's going to shove the Sangha shined tomorrow and he says you let me tell you that we have.

We are going to have more jobs for your states that when asking the question of, but as time went on I saw Donald Trump consistently standing for pro-life issues consistently.

Center for religious liberty issues consistency consistently standing for national security and and immigration reform, and so on and so forth. So thus far. I would say he has been pretty consistent acting on what he said he would. For example, appointing Jeff sessions as Atty. Gen. That would be a Trump like move, appointing Neil Gore such as, or nominally new corsets to the Supreme Court, that would be in keeping with his promises, his travel band. The temporary ban on refugees coming in from seven countries that are hobbits for terrorism, for a 90 dear hundred 20 day delay that would have been in keeping with his policies. Now there other things were through the campaign. He also spoke about wanting to be a friend of of gays and lesbians, and so on had in an openly gay colleague speak at the Republican national convention and he's done things in keeping with that as well. Those to me or inconsistencies where he has not yet worked out what happens when the inevitable conflict arises between "religious rights" gay-rights what happens there. I we had hasn't what walk through that yet.

I don't think personally he's being double minded on that. I think he simply doesn't see why the conflict is inevitable. We are doing our best to get that mention that that truth to him in many ways as we can try and it reinforced that to VP Mike pence.

Hopefully they'll be realization of that, but it remains to be seen what Pres. Trump will do certain things he can't do without the help of Congress, will he go ahead and move the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and Israel will he signed an executive order supporting religious freedoms will he be tough on unlawful immigration and yet look for compassionate solutions.

Hopefully he's having more understanding of so the complexities of the issues and yet standing strong that life doesn't just try to build a wall he flip-flop on that but I think you can build the wall and also have more compassionate ways to deal with those who been in the country for many years and are working and want to become citizens rather than deporting them and sending them back so II think. Thus far, he's been consistent and where he goes from here is going to be the bigger question to me. Okay thank you and I appreciate that clearheaded approach to what is actually saying in the post that you have a lot of liberal media, nattering the position is like that name calling and the them of the different article that Facebook makes it really hard to get a good bead on agency like there's a lot of voices out there that aren't coming from a constructive criticism. Had we built had we move forward. There's a lot of just like mudslinging and name-calling in it's good to hear foisted ground for what I do our best. I wrote an article appealing to Pres. Trump and VP Pentz to reconsider their strategy dealing with gay and lesbian issues. I would an article the other day saying yes there's all kinds of left-wing intolerance but is also right wing hypocrisy. Some I'm trying to call it as a C in that respect. Mason not encourage you to look at headlines on Huffington Post and then to look at headlines on Breitbart so Huffington Post, postdoc, and an they will be polar opposites.

That'll help you then start to sift through okay what's actually happened. When you look at the two extremes. I think find it helpful and go to the stream on a regular basis think you'll find balanced clearheaded commentary Christian perspective.

Applying that to politics as well and friends. Be sure on to share my latest article it's been shared now just on the screen almost 12,000 times of shame on the silent Christian leaders refused to stand against government tyranny. Please read it it's urgent, please share it. Please get your pastors before Sunday as well. I would go to Charlotte, North Carolina Roger, welcome to the line of fire and Arterburn order doing well thank you. I am in the whole week and a critical part in the instructor to around seven or eight about Jesus becoming a man becoming a servant defense that he emptied himself, what's your take on that.

I understand like a significant degree of the work yet that there are debates about this that gets super super detail and you you might have a view which is a standard view in some Christian circles and others will attack you and say it's heretical but the long and short is is this that Jesus always remained God the son when he took on human flesh and was fully man was still fully God. He never ceased being God.

However, there were certainly divine prerogatives.

There were certainly things that he willingly was stripped of. For example, I don't believe that when he was a baby he faked learning to talk know that he knew every language on the earth, but he would go Bobo Papa or that when he was crawling. He actually could've flown around the planet, but heat he faked it. Now he was a human being. He was clothed in flesh. In that respect. When he speaks about the day of his return and says even the sun doesn't only the father in heaven. It's because he didn't know everything because he was willingly stripped some divine prerogatives when he healed the sick.

He didn't simply do it as a son of God. He did it at what he said by the power of the Spirit, because the Holy Spirit was upon him to do these things, so that's what it means he remained God, but emptied himself of these various divine prerogatives so he can fully take on human hope that's helpful for your Roger here on the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown I got time, we can't get to them.

866-34-TRUTH. Remember, if you haven't downloaded my appy at the ask Dr. Brown that we were having endless issues getting it out with Apple.

Not quite sure what the delays are about we keep resubmitting it with changes but right now right now you can download it on your android phones your your android devices. So it's*Brown, A. S. K. DR Brown.

Trust me when you get it you will be using it all the time. 866-34-TRUTH let's go to Tammy in Little Rock, Arkansas. Welcome to the line of fire background hello out there sharing Goncourt wire and 11 and I want now is talking about or more than that, though he's deathly not silly, but the 10 Commandments I can demonstrate that pretty easily. He's talking about the commands he gave them to love one another and things like that and we see is this that the Greek word commandment, and to lay would correspond with the Hebrew meets far which is commandment and for example in in Matthew's Gospel. Matthew 519, Matthew 15, 359 1917. Keep the commandments. These commandments of the greatest commandment speak about the commandments of the tour, the same in Mark's gospel the same in Luke Luke one that they they walked blamelessly. Zechariah Elizabeth all the commandments and statutes of the Lord, and so on. But when you come to John Wright when you come to John's Gospel, the word commandment or commandment is is different. For example, the same word used differently. A John 1249 have not spoken on my own authority, but the father who sent me has given me a commandment which is similar to speak and I know that his commandment is eternal life. Verse 13 of chapter 13 verse 34 a new commandment I give to you that you love one another, just as I have loved you. You are also to love one another. If you love me, 14, 15, you will keep my commandments. 1421 whoever is my commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves me of 1510. If you keep my commandments will abide in my love 1512 this is my commandment that you love and those I've loved you, so when he talks like keeping my commandments, he means the words that I have told you the instructions I've given you the call to love one another as I have loved you and that's how commandments is primarily used in first John, this is by this we know it come to know if we keep his commandments. Whoever says I know but doesn't keep his commandments is a liar. I'm writing to know new commandment that that which you have from the beginning the old commandment is the word you've heard it's in you, but it's a new commandment so especially in John's Gospel each time it's his commandment is not talk about the 10 Commandments there so you might use the word, the father spoke to Jesus or the commands that Jesus has given us to live by and first John can refer to those commandments or to the other commandments in the Bible, but I've got a video if you'll go to my digital library. The line of and just search for the word commandments you see a video right talk about the 10 Commandments, specifically with regard to John chapters 14 and 15 okay great sure thing.

So, by the way, this does not address the question should be to 10 Commandments. That's not the question. The question is when Jesus said if you let me keep my commandments.

Did he mean the 10 Commandments and answers no, that's not what he was speaking about in that context are right we go to Richmond, Virginia Nick, welcome to light a fire background and Dr. Brown. You're welcome to come up here, probably after a million times but I just wanted to understand here. I know you earlier talk about Calvinism. What is your view at our God's sovereignty and salvation. Do you believe that a person can come to a saving knowledge of Christ and be all of the glory of Christ apart from the work of God or it be related at Concord and encumbered by their own their own will. All of course has to be a work of God. Jesus is no one can come to us. The father who sent me draw him then it says in John this John six and John 12. If I lifted up I'll draw all men to me. So the Holy Spirit has been drawing people to cross since Jesus died and rose from the dead, we can say no.

We can resist his grace that's taught plainly in a number of verses we can resist his grace we can receive his grace. But it's all his grace. Either way, what were specifically do you have a verse where where it talked about thing that great. Sure well there. There are number of verses.

For example, in Hebrews the 10th chapter, those of us who have been sanctified by the blood of of the cross and then turn against the Messiah and continue willfully. It says that we insult the spirit of grace, so this is to someone who was saved and sanctified, and out turns away from the Lord is going to have judgment hellish judgment of so that they will forfeit the salvation they had.

They will insult the spirit of grace that's that's one reference also in Hebrews 12 were told not to miss, or others will translate forfeit God's grace and and then of for example there are the subversively just get the exact verse in Nehemiah where there are specific references to resisting God's drawing. I got into that debate with with Dr. White. The idea that God's grace is this irresistible force is not taught in the Bible it is time Calvinism and it's the guy of tulip irresistible grace but it isn't taught because constantly through the Scriptures got sick. I called you but you refused. I held out my hands all day to a disability and rebellious people. As Paul us sites and enrollments. The 10th chapter quoted from the prophet Isaiah throughout the Old Testament have God beckoning and calling and people resisting and refusing and guiding and saying if only you had My commandments. If only you had listened to me so and then Jesus saying to Jerusalem how often I wanted to gather your children together as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings, but you weren't willing I wanted to you weren't willing Luke 16 the Pharisees rejected the will of God for their lives. Those and many many other verses would tell me that plainly hay but this is Nick. I apologize I'm out of time if you had a follow-up question. Hopefully we get into another time, but I'd encourage if you haven't watch my debates with James White and Bruce Bennett on these issues. Go to my website.

The line of and type in predestination.

Calvinism in the search box or just type in white banish and you'll see if you look through it. You see different videos and audios were we've debated these very issues matter time, though not cutting off would love to talk more and if you read through Nehemiah.

You'll see where God wants to draw his people and they resisted by God's grace may return. May we humble ourselves. May we repent and salvation is only of the Lord to him alone be the honor and glory.

He's the Savior and in his sovereignty he said you can choose. You can reject my grace when it comes to hay out of time, but I can still get in my bottom line.

Bottom line, goddess of Savior need to be safe. The message of the gospel

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