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Exciting News Live from Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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February 28, 2017 4:30 pm

Exciting News Live from Israel

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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February 28, 2017 4:30 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 02/28/17.

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line of fire dr. michael brown

From climate change to Galilee in Israel to cover today stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH your Jim is Dr. Michael Brown and live from is I got a good portion of our tour group here that's joining us again for the broadcast sentiments. You've got estimates he of Tiberius last night in a way we are where we are here in Israel and folks having a great time will get to hear from our tour group in a bit and out. Limitations can be a first on the broadcast today.

Not just a first from Israel but the first ever. You've noticed that their subjects a talk about their subset talk about with some degree of authority. This is subject to talk about frequently biblical, cultural, spiritual issues, I'm there so I don't talk about much at all because I don't have expertise in them and one of them is climate change, but we are going to bring on a teacher of creation. Creation ministries to interact with some clips from the science Guy Bill Nye about creation what you know. So, creation, climate change, some interesting issue.

So that's coming your way again. First time I have ever discussed this at any length on the air and you get to hear it live from Israel okay also I will give away a book.

Here's number 866-34-TRUTH 866-348-7884. No call yet but were just chatting about this. One of the Joe manometer group got a free book by being the right number caller when it was called number five or 15 or whatever and we just someone we give away a book in another tour group suggested our hands are stained with blood, except I got a story that ties in with that or hands are stained with blood.

So let's just do it: number seven 866-34-TRUTH 784. This is my most translated book. This book has made an impact on church leaders and believers around the world. I want to give you a free copy of the tragic story of the church and the Jewish people, and of 866-34-TRUTH.

I got a letter today from a gentleman's got a Masters degree and is a medical doctor and out. When he came to faith as a Jewish believer. He was told by a Gentile Christian that he needed to eat pork in a public ceremony to prove that he was no longer under the law, and that he could quote accept the word if you could believe this, so yeah. Amazingly, amazingly enough, these things still happen. I have I have other friends that that's happened to other friends of that's happened to work were told to eat a ham sandwich to prove that they were Jewish. If you want to know how absolutely horrific and mind-boggling.

That is, we do have a winner. Thank you. We do have a winner if you want to how mind-boggling that is. Get the book or had to stay with blood, but it is free for caller number seven but we do have a winner. So thank you for calling okay I got a very special announcement before we get into this climate change issue, or any other sensitive discussed today and more news from Israel before. Do any of that very special announcement for everyone listening on W MCA in New York 570 a.m.

Our biggest station actually in the country, but we have been investing funds for many years to broadcast in New York of the show does not pay for itself. We raise funds to be on the air in New York.

We've been with you for six years but at the end of this week. There will be other programming will be taking the place of the line of fire, don't panic. You can still listen to us. If I can listen to us two hours a day, you do it on your cell phone or tablet or computer rights. We won't be on your radio at least for now, severely programming coming on but we just want to know W MCA five. 70 a.m. is not good for it for the last six years only one station to keep listening to me the website. The line of fire line of tablet phone computer for download. The S. S. K.

DR Brown in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Here again is Dr. Michael Brown to the deniers out there extreme skeptics.

I want you to think about what's called cognitive dissonance.

Remember cognitive dissonance good liberal arts education thing. This is a psychology theory that you can run tests and show that it's true. So I submit to climate deniers that what you're doing is instead of accepting that climate is changing your denying the evidence and along with that you're dismissing the authorities. All right, that was the voice of the science Guy Bill Nye and he was doing an interview actually with Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders during a live Facebook event and what he said plainly is that those who deny that it is human beings causing the rapid climate change that we see today. They are suffering from cognitive dissonance alludes.

They are denying reality and he has some other quotes that are even more volatile. Another if you know my background you know that I'm not a scientist, and I don't pretend to be a scientist and there may be overwhelming evidence for climate change that is caused by humans could well be of never discussed the subject or studied it in life.

It's not something that I focused on remember my story and in my high school years. When I should've been taking serious science classes that the first couple of years I I I was doing drugs. I was getting high and pay attention then right before I got saved at the age of 16 I went on strike in my school and we were given all the special privileges for some crazy reason. So I had no formal classes of band and orchestra. My last two years of of high school and college and through my PhD in somatic lines as I took the science classes and I've just never focused on this particular issue, but there are some very, very strong words for those that disagree with the idea that climate change is being caused by human beings and will play one more clip and then were going to bring on a special guest Gary Bates with creation ministries. He's been teaching on creation evolution since 1990 and is also focused on the issue in question of climate change things like UFOs. He's covered the controversy so he's going to be joining us momentarily, but I want to play one more clip for you and that JJ let's grab clip number 11. This is Bill Nye April 14, 2016 on the C fact YouTube channel about to be criminal charges and jail time for those who deny climate change being caused by human beings, which are thought on jailing skeptics as war criminals will see what happens. Was it appropriate to jail. The guys from Enron interesting okay right so we'll see what happens if was it appropriate to jail people from cigarette industry. You insisted insisted that this addictive product was not addictive, and so on any think about. In these cases for me as a taxpayer and voter of the doubting the introduction of this extreme doubt we go with extreme doubt about climate change is affecting my quality of life as a public citizen so I can see where people are very concerned about this and are pursuing criminal investigations as well as as well as engaging in discussions like this. All right. Let us bring on Gary Bates from creation ministries International, Gary, thanks so much for joining us today on the line of fire met Margaret and the re-speaking to you from Australia and McNamara is a bit I headed up by US office creation ministries International Richard Bystrom, Atlanta, Georgia, but we actually have seven offices around the world enemy to say it not just give a plug but is going to be relevant to our discussion at the best of my knowledge creation ministries International CMI.

I think we employ most sought and multi age days than any Christian ministry in the world and the reason I mention that, as you know when I hear comments like those of the weather.

It's about climate change or the science of federal evolution. It's an argument about authority, their authority and you know that basically climbed up the there is no dissenting science and it's simply not true. Amen. Steve. I didn't have the pedigree; flyball plagued him from executive time secular universities of the evolutionary believing community. For example, so you know that argument from authority is really trying to stifle any contrary opinion will, contrary to stamp and that may potentially enter scientific anyone yet, absolutely.

And look, I understand. As someone that went to grad school with all processes that differently college and grad school you can be intimidated by that they know so much that when you find out someone who agrees with you who knows as much as they do in challenges their views. It really is faith building and certainly Gary you know how many believers a high school college actually lose their faith or go through temporary faith crisis because it seems these learned professors have all the answers and they they attack any view of creation and things like that so it's it's important what you're saying is important.

Yet God is God. If if everyone believes in him is no believes in it but the idea that science has settled certain issues is really a myth. You mention that because I finished conducting bentonite came up so that I on college campuses around Atlanta and there's been a lot written statistics produced by various denominations to show the amount of youth leaving the church in one

Yet the message Levinson beginning first reaction to the film crew went out on these colleges and when he asked a couple of questions that we prepared pretty much only wanted to identify them and after that walking along the campus will you raised in the church?

But if they were we grabbed a question. Evolution of creation. What is triggered and overwhelming out of the dozens and dozens of kids we interviewed by Lisette evolution. Only a handful saved by his belief in biblical creation. Member the kids right in the church.

Next question will you ever exposed to any scientific evidence while you were harmed in the church to show that biblical creation might be true, not every single child who said that belief in evolution. Said I would never exposed to an alternative point of view the handful of kids who said they still believed in biblical creation.

Every single one. Michael said they were given information bitterns creation presentation of video some bookstore or website that showed there was an alternative view. The next question is to church and every single student who said that they believe in evolution were never shown any alternative scientific evidence. Except one no longer does the church, a man full of the bed believed in biblical creation sentiment. Every one of them interviewed said they still got a check payable data creation, the company had remembers not a website for a big banner on the front page called amount and multicultural webpage where we discussed this a medically complete file of all of the 27 minute video and in this time why when it comes to issues like climate science argument when I was reviewing the bill my videos. He mentioned when he was on Fox News that is a member of two skeptics organizations run, but in fact one of the world's greatest climate change skeptics or denies is a fellow skeptic evolutionist, anti-Christian, anti-creationist by the name of Prof. in the employment and certainly my friend about from Australia so that leading scientists in his eye and Were even in a non-Christian evolutionist who do not hold them on the same side of the believing as he does, that the situation with the alleged climate change is as benefited as bad as it is one of our associates, Mark called and he worked hard to meteorologist worked with the government private 30 years and that we gotta talk video people can get from sought. I called the great global warming debate and he's basically saying looking at all of the stations and around the world that it been recording temperatures in downtown are not claims it's accelerating drastically because of human activity at my cloud is a specialist in this particular area would say you know what we don't need to majorette react now we need. We haven't we have more time and we need to collect more data that's a scientific approach and trouble is what happened today is the whole climate change idea has become politicized celebrity you even believe it's happening or not. It doesn't matter. Governments believe that it happened, the getting you making knee-jerk rapid responses based upon fonts that they're being given and they just apply the consequences for dendrite in Australia, my home country.

The previous government Taliban we have now introduced a carbon tax that everybody was paying money as a result of inability greenhouse gases that become attributing to the atmosphere and the present government we have now. When I got him mad. They reversed the side they got it been politicized. Got it right this guy we come back. I want to play another clip or two from Bill Nye and here's the big question I can understand why someone who doesn't believe in the Bible doesn't believe in the God of the Bible would assault the idea of creation and a creator. I can understand the spiritual reasons for that. That makes sense to me and they can claim a little scientific fine but for many it's clearly a spiritual battle.

I don't get why the city spiritual battle over the issue of climate change is just political, economic, Gary Bates from God, your way of life from Israel from the inside of the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the poor question from what I can tell, is why the change is a part of the endless cycle of climate change or human activity causing it. That seems to be the debate to me and it seems an open question nonsense question.

To what degree human activity is causing that is not open questions are so Russian that was bill my speaking with Chuck Carlson were joined by Gary Bates from creation ministries International come away live from Israel. All right again, if you listen and WMC hear my announcement the beginning of the broadcast. Stay tuned in the next few minutes and will share this again Gary I would love to get you.

We could take a whole hour and talk to a bunch of creation related issues and and how we can educate kids and how they can take advantage of your website.

It's so important we we done this at other times, but as you share the stats about kids falling way over this and not being presented with with alternative evidence and facts on our side. It's so stagnant.

I'd love to do it again, but right now we focus on climate change issue.

So, in your opinion, why is someone like Bill my not just dogmatic on the creationism issue understand why he mocks our position understand why his spiritual viewpoint or presuppositions.

Whatever would bring him where he is. But why this dogmatism about climate change and human involvement in it. What's mature take on that matter near. I would have them with an evolutionary scientist and I discussed the role of photosynthesis and I am filing plan for something like that. You can have not conversation about the fonts but as soon as you bring design or the creator into it. You'll see an immediate change in attitude and ultimately this gets back to that Dominion argument. If you want creationist creationist. I believe that God put man as a steward on this planet. He made this planet, not only for his benefit this universe for his benefit for his glory but he put he might as as stewards of data on the greening that I absolutely believe that we need to take care of our environment. We need to take care of our planet because it's in our own interests.

When we fail when we sinned and rebelled against God, they were massive effects to our environment, he shall put thorns and thistles in the grant. You are now going to die.

There are consequences for our actions. So it's not a nonbiblical thing to say. You know, we need to look after those things that God has given us when we do that we believe is Christian because God is the creator of the University's gonna create a new universe the new heavens and earth in the future we have that element of trust. There is a future hope for you and I you know we we secure in our belief for the future and not by Mr. Michael is temporary right it's not going to be this gonna restore and recovery, he cannot re-create from the staff are delayed by the gonna be and you have the next for the evolutionist and the anti-creationist like my, what is for future. There is no greater hope to put it in except Vista benefit and so for them if they really believe that our activities was a great harm to the there is no future heart that because he passionately believes in it. He thinks that anybody that is against that view is an offense causing criminal activity in your notice. Please comment about the Enron director. I'm sorry to be blunt about this, but what a ridiculous strawman argument with them negligent in the performance of the Judy as company directors by not having same site got. They went simply expressing a different opinion about the science is no different. You know we had people like Lawrence Krauss famous evolutionist in this country since teaching creationist child abuse Richard Dawkins in Ukiah said of people take creation in a belief that children should be removed from them except that at the beginning of the show. United earth scientists who have very very different opinions about the world we look at. We interpret facts differently and we do it based upon a worldview or belief, and ultimately that's the problem here is worldview belief system is that ultimately you and the product counts random processes of amendment and dozens of you and the earth is that there is nothing beyond this loss. Once you die.

That's it.

So I guess what we gotta try to maintain and keep this planet going as long as we can for the benefit of the human species. But Event of the fun time.

I think it's kind of the bed around is a paradox in all of that statement because the gray green movement and actually wants to demand the value of humans that I deny lesser organisms but evolutionist. Since I will live atop of the third time at the heck with the spacious because it's above of the fittest fact, I remember. Yeah, I remember Gary some years ago that one of my friends was approached was probably late 80s early 90s because remember where reliving when it happened and some from the Greenpeace movement came by knocked on his door and they were raising money to help baby whales certainly we we care about all of creation in this. If there is some abusive practice and cruel practice. You know that they get your attention, it's that they they were raising money to help protect the baby whales and save the baby whales and he looked at them and said I'm more concerned about saving the baby humans and they stormed off in anger, this fast that he is to say that many of those who are the most radical environmentalists are also the most radical pro-abortion people you think something is not lining up if you care about the earth and you and you care about a whale or or puppy. How much more about the baby in the womb, but it is enough. You should hey Gary if if folks go to and they want to find out more about climate change and see what does the sign say what which the take of your scientists there today. Just search for any any place if you recommend I can type them in climate change in our greenhouse gases wake up over 12,000 article website with about 36 years of creation research, there, and that greatest video responses to bill 95 I got a multimedia center on their we put a response to his unit creation teaching creationist child abuse response. I bought a couple guys in a Canadian ministry that says evolution is not appropriate for anyone.

A response to bill not excellence like friends that's all Gary, I will look for the schedule you get a whole hour and will let folks call in that differ with you. I'm sure will be more than ready to answer them.

Thank you so much, sir. You're welcome, Michael Hackett alright so friends will never go to search for Nye NY E or global warming to find out the take of their scientists on these issues I friends get if you listen on W MCA 570 AM in New York a great station New York City into New Jersey, onto Long Island.

As of next Monday.

They'll be another program airing during this time, it's been our joy to pour into you and to raise funds around the country to point you there in New York, but this can be a programming change but you can keep listening on your computer on yourself on your tablet.

Just go to ask Dr. Brown cover or download the app. The aspect of an app on your android phones or tablets, or just the line of the line of

Listen live for two hours or any time subscribe to the podcast want to stay in touch wanted. It's the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I hear we are live by the sea of Galilee as many trips to Israel in the second tour with the help of Mike different Scott falconer tour guide Keisha and that night we do the radio broadcast live from his resorts 9 to 11 in the evening here since 930 while I finished the broadcast last night and I go walking out this familiar face. I had to be reminded of of the owner that faces like what in the world are you doing here. Well it's it's kind of a crazy story that you're going to hear in a moment is and be joined by Steve Coogan. We connected in the states because of his tremendous heart for reaching those who identify as LGBT. Not so much to get involved in the political issues the cultural issues but to reach the people with prayer and the love of Jesus, and he invited me to participate in an event with him and I knew is not to be some massive advantage, and I knew we were can I have the key leaders from the nation. I knew we would have people who really had a heart of love and really wanted to see lives changed and willing to sacrifice in prayer and fasting outreach to see that happen, and somehow when were flying out of JFK Saturday night on the way to Israel here. One of the gentleman comes up to me and introduced himself.

And I remember the face but I couldn't place him. He said hey, hey, he was the he was the driver when I was in this ministry with my guest here and I remember him from that will we end the broadcast. And here's the get. What in the world. How did you find us in this shop work if it were work with Dave turned over to us and Galilee experience for us to do broadcast how the world did you find it so it's an interesting story message. If you still here. Come and join me.

So Steve Coogan walking to the line of fire. To be here right Steve. The ministry that you lead in the states. What's the calls. Called firebase movement, firebase movement, how if you been doing this. I've been a missionary in the states for 12 years but this firebase movements kind involved in the last three or four rights of missionary in the states, so you feel the calling, just as if you're missionary to a foreign country. That's right yeah and in what what drives you, what Lucy well and moves me is how many lost people. We have all over our nation. When I had an encounter with the Lord as a corporate finance attorney that that's my story and had a radical encounter with the Lord. And when I came into the presence of God. For the first time. I just wanted to give that away and so that's really what's fueled everything that I've done since that moment is people need to know about this is Jesus is real. The Holy Spirit is real.

It's not a religion. It's it's reality and so and no one had it share the gospel with me, so I really my heart really burns to see people encounter the Lord and you have a team that works with you.

I do yeah we have about 20 missionaries across the country. The US somewhere in about seven cities right now, and in what would you say are the key characteristics of of this ministry. Well we we are intimacy based. What we found is that you can't give away what you don't have. So as we as the Lord began to call us to mobilize the church into the great commandments and great commission, we started to bring the church out onto the streets. Not that everyone is going to be a street evangelist but we feel like you know it street ministry is a great classroom to break off fear to break off apathy to get people out of their comfort zone and begin to realize that the Scriptures are true. If we go out and we actually you know engage our culture in the spirit led way.

The kingdom of God gets released so were huge on intimacy, but not intimacy just to sit around and get into the presence of the Lord that but unto proclamation of the gospel so not it so and how to gone in and out of an encounter with God.

Your heart breaks for dying world filled with his love and you go to take that message so what we'll talk a little bit about what happened in the states and some of what you see in terms of reaching out to those who identify as LGBT. But right now were were all in Israel and I've no idea your initials I so you :-) less than it didn't show so we'll talk about how the world ended up getting connected here in Israel.

The encourage it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I out touring all day and then busy day. Then dinner then we just had a meeting out, hang up meeting from 7 to 8 here in Israel and came right over here so these these folks are troopers will see how they do tomorrow on the tour if there fading does give their little tests today will we have a joint meeting which was I whenever to close their eyes and meditate for 30 seconds to see how many didn't open their eyes after 30 of this is Michael Brown thrilled to be with you. We've got a special week of broadcast that today, tomorrow, as last night as well from the Galilee and then tomorrow, Thursday, Friday from Jerusalem gobbling so looking forward to all of those before I come back to my guest Steve Coogan in how we even connected. Here is just further evidence of God's hand. I want to go back to one thing right before the break was talking with a leader with creation ministries of how Gary Bates about the issue of climate change and things like that and and what our approach should be in and we discussed in the fact that many who are seen to be the most radical environmentalists and I'm all for protecting the planet. Being good stewards of the planet, but some who seem to be the most radical environmentalists are also radical on social issues in ways that would surprise you.

Instead of being radically pro-life want to protect the baby in the womb. They tend to be radically pro-abortions for the grab one call on that of Frank in New York City. Thanks for calling so what's your take on why some folks who are real strong on global warming is his human human change whether it is not that I'm debating it right now.

But why they tend to be so strongly also pro-abortion Michael God bless you. I most people miss is a very strong connection between the green pieces if you will, and pro-abortion crowd and I got certainly pro-abortion. Most earthmovers believe that there's only a limited amount of resources on the planet Michael and them abortion is actually a very good thing called the heart keep the population of the planet down because they worship the creation rather than the creator. Now we have a situation here last week in New York City. You may have heard about it where a pole escaped from a slaughterhouse queen and it was running through the streets and had to be tranquilized for several and five for employees will drop dead in the street and what happened was you had a bunch of the earth troopers coming by and holding of vigilant in front of the slaughterhouse and memorial of the bowl and one actually said that the bull was his brother.

These are these people would never be caught dead doing such a thing in front of an abort your abortion clinic because it would undermine their whole court if they believed in God, they would have to get away from their abortion experience and it would undermine the cause of keeping the population down on the planet. So it's all tied together. Most believers don't miss this completely US very very good question. Why is there a connection. This is the main connection with the banks really didn't touch the main connection.

So we have to be aware of and not fight them all the more.

I take Frank's night.

I appreciate that. And yes, I've never thought of that connection and I just had a thought.

Frank from New York City are our faithful Catholic listener might have an interesting take on it. Thank you Frank for way and I appreciate and look up. Obviously if if honest if we get got a tour of of a slaughterhouse. We might all become vegetarians after that. But what was seen what a picture he just painted not. I took the call limits my discussion with Steve again because Steve you have reached out with compassion to to gays and lesbians, and others.

You have reached out to those that would be marginalized sure you have a burden about abortion. Pro-life, in your view, it obviously can look at this almost spiritual way, but what's the worldview. How is it that people that don't believe what we believe are seeing this life differently see in this world. If there are many different presuppositions and boil it down in terms of your perspective in terms of abortion abortion and homosexuality THAT that those that don't believe what we believe tend to have different values and and and different priorities and and that their champion for this because it rethinks the wrong because it what you think it stems from well for me. It stems from not having the spirit of God you know in their hearts mean at the at the at the end of the day. I mean, I would've been fine and I was the guy at the abortion clinic escorting women into the clinic. I was the guy you were. All I was the guy yeah before prior to having an encounter with the Lord.

And so when you don't have God's heart on something when you're when your heart is dull to it. You just eat your you know you your your mind doesn't understand like that the heart of God is are you doing it while you escorting what I was doing it because I bought the whole immune I believe it is a spiritual matter.

I believe that there are no power not wrestling against flesh and blood were know that there are powers in the heavenly's that are pushing a demonic agenda and any heart that's open to receiving their agenda gets used to promote that agenda and so you know the Scriptures are really clear with us about, you know, in less were in the kingdom of God were enslaved to darkness and so II think people are slaves to ideologies and they don't even understand why they believe what they believe. It doesn't make sense. That's why a lot of these contradict these logical contradictions show up in the hearts and the minds of pre-believers.

I like to call pre-believers at his I believe there's a redemptive path for everybody.

Once they have an encounter with the Lord and begin to get his heart so you know I mean I was that guy was the guy getting my girlfriend pregnant and then encouraging her to get an abortion and then when I got when I was born again. When I receive the Holy Spirit. Obviously my whole mind my whole outlook began to change as I discovered what God's heart was through the Scriptures and then of course I was broken repentance you know and and obviously pro-life now because I know that that God is pro-life yet. I've mentioned this on the year before and and written about it a little but the first Operation Rescue type event. I was involved in where everyone sits around the abortion clinic in Ukraine. You worship that you get got arrested and allowed to be there. I was shocked and and what I participated in, and then another one where friend was speaking but he was a leader in that movement and I was in a meeting where he was speaking was the same thing that you have these rabid protesters running rabbit.

I mean, screaming, yelling and ugly words and terms and but there were there were many lesbians on there were atheists and they were Satanists. I think of what what brings them together on the issue of abortion, but it was some in a certain way. There was sick there was an ungodly coalition spiritually that you can understand and the others. A logic is is frankly safe New York if you get limited resources on the planet that you want less people right and Encino see you got that ideology to but ultimately it ends up in non-reproductive life and so you have in Europe, for example, there's a growing crisis. The birthrates of Sheila. You must have at least 2.1 babies born for a bonus of between 18 and 44 be the average of childbearing years that on average, each woman should have 2.1 children.

Otherwise, if you dip below that, then there's not enough in the generation coming into support the older generation and the society cannot sustain.

There's no society in history that sustainment strop comparison below that in Spain some 1.3 children and I think the average age of 47 Chelsea Mike 32 and it does mean it's wrong. If someone out there that have kids that are there old and that marriage is the whole culture doesn't celebrate life and it is a whole outlook with it, but it ends up it can't be sustained long-term, so we have an answer to message that can be sustained long-term and before we get to Israel and and how we got together last night. Give me one example you got a minute and 1/2 of something you see and reach out with compassion to the gay and lesbian community in America. What I've seen is there. There broken people just like people in the church when I when you get face-to-face with people in that community. This is, I guess that the biggest awakening for me you found out that the lie that that they're all against God, or that they have a hostility towards God. That kinda falls away.

Actually when you start to just love on them and listen and you know what we talk about this all the time, connected to the work we do that evangelism and outreach is a lot more about listing than it is about talking because as you begin to listen. You begin to get a topographical map of that person's heart you know Jesus said, out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. And so, as you do the ministry of listing you find out that there their wounds and there's just brokenness. That's common to man and that particular community is got sexual brokenness, just like the church has sexual brokenness. So when I minister to that community.

I minister out of a place of my own sexual brokenness and how the redemptive story of God broke into my life and brought me out of that and begin to explain God's boundaries for sexuality. You know, I think in that community. Their perception is God just waiting to crush them. Yeah, and that there judged and that there is no hope for them and they're just stuck in this place, and the truth is, God loves them and and and there is power in the gospel that's available to them to overcome and come out of that sexual brokenness and often behind a lot of the anger is hurt yeah well all right here we are in Israel. How in the world connect in this studio last night to find out we come back on my line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown live from Israel gets more amazing than the next water baptisms and Jordan which one will be first in a few years ago was like those a little hokey, but were touched and it was his. I thoroughly enjoy doing. It was kind of a highlight of the trip so Jerusalem yet, which is always amazing. Micah Steve Logan if you want to find out more.

His ministry is fire base fire see I only said it wrong once because it helps you learn it better. I silt fire base all right. The reason I mention it is because they often do outreaches in different cities and they look for people at partner with and that will pray have a like heart and you outreach okay so I had no idea that you are part of a tour here in Israel this year on a tour with others, but as a lover. Jesus euros looking for an opportunity to interact with people in many PEOPLE here it is. The folks at live here. Managers. So what happened last night while we were where on the Mount of Beatitudes to spending some time with the Lord. We did the organize tour kind of at the beginning of the week and then Colin and I broke off and the two of us have just been traveling around to some of the other sites that we didn't get to and spending some time with the Lord and we do what we what we train and equip other believers to do, which is just to inquire of the Lord you know and say Lord. Where do you want us to go have dinner so we prayed and incensed. This is kind of weird leaving, but felt like God was saying Chinese food, so we look up Chinese food into intent, Tiberius, and there's like two restaurants are like okay which one is it and felt kind of a nudge to to one of them rather than the other a place called the pagoda here in in Tiberias so we show up and there's this young woman who is our waitress and we ask her name because we just want to love on people.

And that's one of the real easy ways to disconnect with them is what's your name, and she said it Shri Ed and Shri L mean song of God. And so what we found is that the Lord will always give you a key to open up a conversation and so when she shared that her name was song of God. It was interesting because we landed in Israel, the Lord given us a new song. I mean he just Colin was playing his guitar in Tel Aviv. Then all the sudden this prophetic song came out and said well Shri L we we think we have a song that were supposed to sing for you. So she was open to it. She asked the manager if it was okay. They turn the music down in the restaurant.

I'm serious. This is really what happened and Colin went out and got the guitar so we stood up and we just began to worship the Lord in the middle this restaurant in the staff starts to gather and other customers start to gather and then we start to call down the rock cockle – we just said Holy Spirit, in the presence of God starts to manifest in this restaurant, everybody's getting touched by the Lord. We had Jewish families come up to us and thank us and ask us where we are from.

And of course Shri L. We got some one-on-one time with her.

We began to tell her the story of why we were in Israel so I shared my testimony should hide had an encounter with the ruler cockle – the Holy Spirit and then eventually met Yeshua and she said wow I hope I can have an encounter with the ruler cockle – and so we said, well we we think you can, you know. So is it we want to pray with you but we also want to get you a copy of the New Testament in Hebrew, which is God's love letter to his people and she said okay that would be amazing and we ended up praying with her. The Holy Spirit just touched her, and we actually ended up going back tonight to get to to to give her the that the copy of the Hebrew Scriptures. But last night we came back to the hotel. We didn't have a copy of of the New Testament in Hebrew were up in the hotel. It's about 9 o'clock Collins out.

I mean literally. I hope I'm not uncovering him, but he was in his PJs, and you were just kick back for the night was their modest PJs. We have their very modest, yet very modest PG-13 PJs and and so we he sitting there he goes you know I think there's like a messianic bookstore down on the boardwalk on the waterfront. It was like 9 o'clock at night were thinking nothing's open. I said well because I think there's some lights on in there.

I said will let's cut down and just see if they're open so we can buy a New Testament in Hebrew Bible.

Hebrew Bible for this waitress will bring it there tomorrow so he he reluctantly gets his pants back on.

We come down here we come down and see that the store supposed to be open till 10. It's 9 o'clock and the doors locked.

Select all man what's going on is like oh well, it's Israel and I like you know… Knocks we knock and then a minute later, a woman comes to the door and she's like I'm sorry were closed as a radio broadcast going out from here. I'm like a radio broadcast from I'm from a bookstore. This is kind of weird. Can we just get a Bible would try to get a Bible for someone she goes okay. Come on, and so she lets us in. I will I walk in. I look through the glass and here you are here you are like doing your radio drove me around here is his have this union buster would love and honor each other so much that the bookstore worker who is not believers is Jewish, but not a messianic believer says while every time when I see you guys. I want what you have while come on you, and yet the Hebrew New Testament.

We got the New Testament we delivered it to the waitress tonight and and I, I come out of the show. There's you :-) and take a second to realize you are the world's also listen for the skeptics out there.

God does lead but here's the biggest take away for me. The motivation of love that. Look, it's fine to discover restaurant to get a meal that's fine and it's fine to just be out on the tour the country. Just enjoy the country but it's also fine to say because you have a plan. Is there someone in need, because now that means that you're not just going to eat and to get but give an end.

Look at what God opened up here and one other thing. Just my little pet peeve uses as a teachable moment. The one term that universally mispronounced in the messianic Jewish movement in the Christian world is Holy Spirit and its rococo – with the accent on the first syllable of the second syllable, but here I am pronouncing it correctly but it was my brother who is out in the restaurant being used by cost so the point is you don't have to know Hebrew perfectly. You don't have to be able to sing you. You did, you have to love people and know the Lord, and if you do you'll have something for them.

You'll have it you can just pray, hey, can I pray for you that if if if it's from your heart that you really care about others and the Lord is in you, something will happen and when it doesn't. That's what drives you back to God. This, and it draws you back on your knees to say God is going to be more and III don't want to be just like the rest of the world, but the very thing we were taught about ready for the broadcast. How does the church provoke Israel to envy.

It's not a be more Jewish than juices, not by being smart step in making more money. It's not by having better traditions. It's by having a certain relationship with God and walking and forgiveness of sins and life in the spirit that makes them say I want what you have. Hey Steve, of the time I spent with you. You guys are true blue and the moment II heard the story you being here.

I said I said awesomely. We've got to get you on the year and I believe your your provoke many that listen to the show today, so one more time you do it all the tricks give us the website firebase and you have any outreaches scheduled in the states we do we have an outreach in Detroit May 7 to the 21st love Detroit. Two weeks of of 24 seven worship and prayer, and 24 seven outreach into into motor city and then June. I think it's 18th 210 days so the 27th in the Twin Cities Minneapolis St. Paul fall October 28 to November 4 in Los Angeles.

Hi, awesomely friends.

Let's pray for Arielle my bottom line walk in love, usually a friends you can find out how to live amazed in God today it's time for the line of fire, your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I don't know.

I don't know and that is beautiful voice of Marty gets speaking words from Psalms in Hebrew.

We are here live in Israel in the Galilee, in Tiberias, I drink, and we had an amazing first hour encouraging me to gate go to the line of the line of just click on listen. You can listen to the whole show both hours as we now enter our second hour of radio broadcast major voice of moral insanity and spiritual clarity the midst of a world in chaos in the church.

All too often in compromise. If you have a question you'd like to ask me for especially Israel.

Jewish relatable take some calls 866-34-TRUTH 866-34-TRUTH 87884. But first I want to hear from some of the folks in our tour group living broadcast James Robison's going to be joining us. He's got a brand-new book out called living amazed talk about divine encounters. We just heard the amazing story about divine encounters that you want to hear for yourself if you don't get our podcast. Please subscribe it's free.

You can get it on the line of all right, let's hear from some of the folks that were out touring today who wants to go first to write somebody survey, and describe right Greg disliked out what familiar face.

I think from from last night. Will try this again what what most impacted you today on the tour. Give us your name again. Yeah, this is Jacob from North Alaska and claims he seen L.

Next week we dispute that ESL anyway today is amazing. So Scott took us over to an underprivileged Jewish home and I guess that they have like 15 kids from this particular city. I believe it was Tiberias, and in this by the way, their scores and scores and scores in places like this.

This year there is an issue with poverty and with with underprivileged families. It's it is a real issue here yeah and so this was like 15 of the like basically the poorest.

You know, hardest hit kids and so we show up here and basically the kids run out to us and greet us and then all of a sudden were interacting with the kids and playing with the kids and my wife grabs the face pain Thursday in the face paint on the kids and it was just amazing because here we are in Israel you know coming to experience the holy land and all of a sudden were playing with these kids and so humbled and just seeing God move in.

I guess you not of seeing all the things and doing all the activities like just meeting these kids and just having such a heart and in Scott really like emphasize to us. You know like that's one of the number one things that we can do is bless Israel and bless the people of Israel, especially these kids in the least of these analog Jesus said like as you do want to the least of these you doing to me and I was so impacting to just go out there and do that today.

Yeah and let me say this went when Paul and Peter have their discussion, Paul, Peter, Jacob Jameson. In Galatians the second chapter. They said I Paul you've got the message of the gospel for the uncircumcised regatta for the circumcised suggesting God takes most educated Jew among them and sends them to the to the Gentiles. But here's here's what's fascinating is that they suggest remember the poor which Paul was have to do what he meant.

They are what they meant was the poor in Jerusalem, that's who.

Paul received the offerings for which the poor believers in Jerusalem remain something sacred to to meet those in need in Israel guess why Christmas is all on hold often get that in Israel.

This is actually money that was raised to Scott's ministry to get official Scott both discussed and was rumbling God TV gave this project is to make her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown, the Galilee, in Tiberias try to let's hear from a couple of folks on on this tour and just some of the impact of being here and I think it's good to know if you have the opportunity going toward Israel. If we do it couple years and that that does happen just just find out why so give us a first name, all right, and and where you're from and then what impact you today you'll hear another familiar voice must like these young guys are straight to the mic here. Go ahead minds. Michael from Germantown, Maryland, and you, you also want to book one time by whatever number caller was there. It was getting a question right to ask again the question right about you being a drummer, if you remember okay posing a question I don't play play play clip. Okay, we discovered some old clips refer I was safe and in a rock band right right got it okay. And did you have to guess what what instrument I was playing on it exactly heart and I remembered you said your pajamas. Good job there. That was pretty all right, so what what most impacted you today. I would say the boat ride on the Sea of Galilee because it is just something about being on those waters is not only going on any boat ride, you're going where Jesus walked on water where where he taught where he did miracles is something powerful just be on that boat and we had worship music on how this really ties yeah and you know it's interesting I was.

I was praying by the Sea of Galilee tickets just to be in your hotel and figure cases water is water that working adjuster walking on but when something actually happened there.

I remember in 1989 as I was finishing writing my book the end of the American gospel enterprise that I was the last two chapters I was in Connecticut and the pastor said hate where Jonathan Edwards preached his famous servant sinners in the hands of an angry God. Enfield, Connecticut, wasn't on of those Connecticut there was Enfield.

He said that's not that's right near us want to see it and there's just a boulder there. The church building is there anymore. This is the big rock and it's written on it, and whatever summer of 1975, 1741. He preached this message and was stirring on when I finish that book, which is a book about repentance and revival started like it had something half.

There's an outpouring there you're talking something of greater greater consequence than than an outpouring United States retirement were Jesus himself performed America's things you read about in the Bible it if if someone was to say to you. Okay, so how are you it's amazing. But how do you think it actually impacts you what what now happens in your thinking in your life. Having been there could could you articulated. One thing I felt was was even more of a love her for Israel and in the Jewish people just just being in Israel and actually experiencing that moment yeah this is knowing that this is the apple of God's eye and where you know it we sung Israel's national ham on the boat as well. Yeah they just this reminded me of how God brought them back to the land to you and how prophetic that is significant, right here in the midst of an ongoing miracle despite political issues and controversies in an affected is not perfect right in the midst of it. I saw somebody else I come around what led the machine they were you're from, for stemming from an than what most impacted you today my name is Harry and I'm from Fort Collins, Colorado. Okay, we went to Capernaum, which is the home base hometown of Jesus during his ministry.

The ancient ruins their hand.

Yeah, we saw the ruins of the synagogue Jesus probably taught in their absolutely holy place.

Just amazing. Yeah and think of it, how many people you think you fit that synagogue. Maybe hundred 5200, 300 yeah I mean made maybe Max is is all he was speaking to hundreds of thousands but that's where those disciples were common in here and listen in and growing of what what were you feeling when you are in the middle of the century ruins. I felt a certain kind of connection with a holy past something that happened there. That was so miraculous and wonderful yeah it really is. Seven. There is some connection that happens it's it's it's invariable that when you're coming in the midst of it.

The perspective this change say I appreciate that in my office. One way and I figure Jan Gould from the UK. All right, yet the whole expedience, not just today but yesterday as well as being quite profound.

We had from Tish and scoffs some of the history some of the things that God is doing in this great land. The restoration of normal the power of God that's been brought into place here now on the changes that are taking place in quite a short space of time on them. You know somebody instructions not to shipping. Given that you know is a brick British collie to Tish as our tour guide you and teacher is of a British monarch always very interesting although I have studied about the Balfour declaration. Think like that 19 1700 years ago this year. It's interesting that you chose that they hung the blood. The book that you given away the floor are interesting with like ions staying with blood on a thought how culpable Albritton as well in this matter because surely they will be okay.

All in Renate and on some of the yeah and it it it it is tragic if if you think that there is real warfare means Gothic Menachem Begin others that were part of underground groups to try to overthrow British rule and in in the country leading up to, to 1948, but when when Great Britain did not allow Jewish refugees coming from Europe to enter Palestine in the can save their lives.

And somehow there is, there has been a deepening a deepening rift, but by God's grace. It's not over and and we we want to see that history changing out Derek Prince says the saw it. It's his testimony not mine, but as someone that that spent a lot of time in Israel and was here the birth of Israel, modern rebirth and and as as citizen of England and and trained as a scholar in England that he felt the Lord showed him that Great Britain ceased to be great. Used to be that that the sun never slept over Great Britain right and that as Great Britain turned away from standing with his wrist and with the Jewish people. It it has declined to decline to decline the gang and have people at the speed that you can't definitively prove it. And in your heart of hearts had how you feel about that.

Yes, I actually went.

Tish was talking about this funny thing I could catch me. The culpability of Britain on the Monday, when the mandate was Giuseppe administered administration on the percentage of land that was given to the Jewish people as compared to the percentage of loan that was given to Transjordan in the out ups on the were supposed to be a transaction with it with the Jews, Jewish people taken up to their possible on the out approach taken to Transjordan on the thoughts we self will. If that would've taken place that actual transaction, and it been done in that manner, you wouldn't have the problems that wouldn't be the problems between Jews not have a two state solution, you would've had that from the start. Yes, I see an example. Therefore, if that would've happened in the lights of prophecy, where, how could prophecy be fulfilled, fulfilled, if that would've happened. Yeah one got gaga probably has about 11 answers for that you don't know yet but but thank you, thank you for sharing that so poignantly. I do appreciate it.

If these are serious issues we don't look at Israel idolatrous way and I have all people is a Jewish believer in Jesus. That's the last thing that I'm going to do and and it in.

It's always a spiritual battleground and in that regard being Israel with religious Jewish influence and and and not believing in Jesus issue and and other problems that Israel has like everybody else has, but it's undeniable to look at and see what God has done in the restoration that he's working to me it it takes eyes of anti-faith to deny you have to deny the evidence. That's all around you hate we've got a bunch more to share with you. We come back on that. It takes some questions from our tour group here in a few minutes. Bring on my friend James Robison living amazed that's his story and he's been amazed for decades that what God did in his own life, and if you don't know his story if some people.

That is why he never would've been born. He was conceived in rape and in here got used in extraordinary ways. In those is a close confidant of the present United States right now who knows what God is going to do but look always looking for is is not some amazing talents and amazing abilities and superstores is looking for people who completely ghettoized.

Ahimsa got here I am sending you some of sit for many years. If you don't hold back anything from God. He will hold back anything from you soon Laura. I want to serve you a one on the I want my life to count. I don't care about being famous or no, I just want Jesus to be glorified through my want my life to make sense in light of eternity got one shot just like this tour group. There are not spending all day in bed and and never going out to see things that are here with a busy schedule because it's it's it's intensive week and if they paid money to be here next travel to be intimate sacrifices to be here.

They want to speak to account for the rest of their lives will how much more should we want our lives to count less eternity wherever you are, whoever you are, today, that if they receive God. Everything I have trust me has things for you to do will direct them in the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks for joining us. Yes we are coming away live from Israel. Yet, we still have.

We still have folks with us from the tour group is 1020 in the evening and at what times the bus Levite thing a meeting you somewhere line at 8 AM. Yet the coming year. But that wake-up call at 630 I got a wicked, room this morning. I was just going to sleep actually to stay up late. Okay 866-34-TRUTH if you have a call or a question, but I am looking an email that came in during the break from an old friend. He has a friend Jewish believer and that it's been a leader in his life and now he he's got some questions. He's got some questions Jewish related questions and issues that that are coming up that are giving some question was here we are to help the friends of we can't do this on our own. We need folks praying. We need folks giving serving on one person and the more that we can multiply what we do, the more people we can reach.

There are Jewish people seeking Jewish people with questions of the more that we multiply our resources are out there the more that we can have people sharing the gospel reaching out to Jewish people share a resource with them the better. So pray with us that God would enable us to be even more effective in the coming days and reaching the lost sheep of the house of Israel doors are open hearts are open believe God with this if you want to help us financially. Just go to the line of and click on donate just as needed for Jewish ministry in the help us directly reach the lost sheep, the house of Israel. I take a few questions from folks and are tour group here I am holding up a mic and whoever comes around first.

All right here is your first name, where you're from and then your question, go ahead. I am coming from the UK. All right you know the other guy we just had for the UK, 25, E, I, I, and leaving them to loosen to pass on last weekend and that it was amazing everything close down. It was quiet. Maybe the Orthodox Jews walking the streets. Everything stops the traffic.

There's no charms is no cause no buses so peaceful. I mean, it's a little bit busy once again failed.

60 and NLS avail day of peace and pray and then come Sunday, we walked to the L6 to come to Christ catch to get to chat so noisy. It was so busy and it's just not easy and it was really hot to such that same piece going to attach Sabbath, but it was peaceful and the service sale but to make the chasm seem so why somehow do we cross the chasm.


So when you're in a country like Israel, which is officially a Jewish state even even though the face can worship freely. But you're going to have laws where things are closed on the Sabbath, especially more religious areas is nothing going on, and Sunday's normal school day workday fruit for Israelis six day weekend Sabbath. This is the day of rest.

So in that sense, you feel even more out of place and your faith is even more different if you lived in Israel and really wanted to have more of a sense of identity with the life flow then you you Michael messianic Jewish congregation that would also meet on the Sabbath and Friday night or Saturday morning and that we give you more of an identification with the life flow if you can celebrate Easter celebrated in the midst of the Passover, the way it would have been the death and resurrection of the Messiah as opposed to a separate holiday that would give more of a sense of connection, but the bottom line is that a Gentile Christian does not need to show a Jewish person how Jewish they are decreed. Because here, look at look at me, born and raised in a Jewish home bar mitzvah. 13 but not a religious Jew right now Jewish follow Jesus over 45 years and fluent biblical Hebrew. And all this I can talk to rabbis about the rabbinic literature and yet because I don't have the beard because I don't where the ritual fringes because I don't practice everything and it's it's intricate and it's every area of your life. You pray certain prayers at certain times. They look at me as we got Jewish when they know I was but secure your foreigner to us. So it's it's not the ultimate religious Jews. It's not a matter of you show them how Jewish you are, but rather number one having a relationship with God that is attractive to them. Number two having a personality that that is attractive that that you do have the joy of the Lord that there is peace in your heart in the midst of crisis that that you pray and have a relationship with God. I remember talking to conservative rabbi that befriended me shortly after I came to faith and we had a series of miracles with the buying and selling of the house when God called me to quit my job teaching the Bible school and is very specific with your job. Do this getting the house is an impossible thing. The whole thing happened, I felt the Lord spoke it and I was sharing with this Rabbi friend said he said Michael why is it that God seems to be your next-door neighbor.

Now of course we have problems and issues like everyone else, but heat he recognized and he said it seems like you have this relationship with God. The old testament prophets that you know the intensity and the practicing normally seen all my friends.

So having that relationship and then having a genuine love for Israel and respect for the Jewish people. You can do that as a Gentile Christian without showing that you are Jewish you could do that going to church services on Sunday that the whole bit because in the Jewish mind. It's a separate religion anyway. But as as your heart is hate. I have a genuine genuine heart for the Jewish people have great respect for Israel and and say hey we are enjoying your Messiah.

You may not know this but but Jesus, he's Jewish Tessie that's that's in the soft measure were indebted to you as that happens. Doors can really be open and it outside of Israel.

The vast majority of Jews come to faith through the witness of Christian friends, just a demographic thing so many Christians in and the prayers of Christian so never underestimate that that that we have wonderful spiritual weapons of love of prayer of grace in our lives and that does provoke people to jealousy and then your average Israeli is not traditional they may be very spiritual and I put the not religious. Many may be atheists even have an Israel UFO healers. People claim 30 to heal youth through the power of aliens and he got so there is a certain spiritual hunger and thirst, you'll find a disproportionate number of Jews in the cults and false religions. One of the leaders of the Hare Krishna movement, and in New York was based in New York told me at the height of the movement that 75% of leaders when Linda Cameron from India, of whatever his name was swami up front. Forget the name but come respected Sanskrit scholar came over from India launches Krishna consciousness movement feeling he was being led to to do it sir New York City. All these hippies, always Jews among them.

At the height of the movements 75% of the world leadership is Jewish. If you have the Hare Krishna movement there so many Jewish converts to Buddhism, the highest percentage of of Jewish converts to Buddhism in the West Jewish that the term Jew booze was coined to refer to them so all all that to say that Jews are open spiritually and Jews are coming to faith in Jesus all the time and when it comes to the really really religious massacre talk to a woman anyway. Strange woman and and this can be so much of a gap there but God has ways of reaching them. And that's when you really pray in particular that the Holy Spirit would do it. Hey friends out.

We will be right back from Israel. We've got a bunch more coming away will take some questions from our tour group and this is a maze right here it's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 866343 here again is Dr. Michael Brown welcome to want to fire alive from the Galilee area still have our holy remnant with us well into their long tour date. It is 1030 at night in Israel delighted to be with you.

Michael Brown always blessed to have this time broadcast around the world, but it's always extra special to broadcast from Israel so gobbling got one more night here in the Galilee broadcasting from the Galilee experience of your attempt Israel to the galley. Make sure you stop by the bookstore here and check out the Galilee experience and then such as bookstore, it's a it's the Jewish store and then doubling Thursday night Friday night will become your way live from Jerusalem is the spiritual center of the world.

Or is that Old Testament will talk about all right out before I bring my friend James Robison to timeout living amazed in God. Why grab another question from our tour group or comment as to what impact you must what you most enjoy. So give us your first name, where you're from here you go. My name is Heidi and I am from San Antonio Texas and originally from Barbados. Barbados. Since the accident. Okay.

Of events Israel before yes but you felt specifically to come. This time you wrote you called on some with you. 11 almost 11 Reiki: 12 and and your mom came along as well. She's been before, but folks used to be here. So what's happening, what's what's going on with your son on this trip. Lisa Sharp is a strength of the kid he certainly ends keeps me on my toes and I really started homeschooling him about a year and half ago. I have three boys.

The other two are in school, I took an honest life. Alec that was best for him and so fine that is just incredible for him and I just felt like the Lord wanted me to bring him unequal" field trip to Israel on this tour and that's an incredible today at one of the things that was really neat.

Today was when we went to Donna R. Mantilla, Nancy pumping macula that there was a silly little Irish lady.

She was so precious and she did like a little teaching there and really brought in. I don't know how to explain that helping us to imagine what it was like with the people in the city and you know this one's grandmother gets healed and she's telling the people in the city because the grandmother at the sun works the best man and then this man wants to got to see Jesus so here the disciples are coming and it's hard to really explain the way she did quickly that she did it in such a way that Kiffin may €11 and you know he was talking about it in the hotel room. You know how he could really imagine he could to keep your picture right.

He pictured the disciples walking down the street and into the kids running up the street and telling you know someone's father and the father telling the neighboring just brought everything to life and I think when you come to Israel that's something that happens in every aspect as it just comes alive in and you can picture yourself that you can picture how you would feel in that situation or how it would move you and seen that happen with him. It's just increment incredible office of Daniel. There were those that inquisitive little mind of his. What what he's getting in and taking it you know I was in Farrell Islands January of last year and it's an extraordinary place. It's I think 1819 Islands is something off the coast of Iceland, and maybe 50,000 people there. Max and a lot of the culture even though they go for college and education. Scandinavia's mission to Denmark so it's got more liberal, but a lot of it is old world and I pictured there so the Hebrides Islands. The outpouring from 1949 to 1952 office coast of Scotland where a whole island would know about the spirit falling because they all lived there the whole lives that everybody knew each other. They said you could just raise your kids listen let them run free. Everybody knows everybody and I suddenly could see it better be in that environments like yeah that still that old spread everywhere. How much more you go back to places where Things Took Pl. in Bible days a year. There someplace I could see that happening is that holy reality all right. Are you amazed at what God is doing in you that is the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I once more, we still have our tour group here live in Israel yet. We've we've we've got more than that but can't get them all in here with us. Plus they have a long day already.

Will this the first time.

I think that I'm bringing my dear friend and colleague James Robison wall broadcasting from Israel. James, what a joy to have you on the line of fire today. However, my world related, and we can talk like this and it just just extraordinary. So, speaking of amazing.

I'm thrilled that your new book is out living amazed how divine encounters can change your life and end James. I remember being in a meeting with you a couple years back you gather together all the editors working for the stream contributors. There may be 25 or so of us at that point. Of course it's grown much since then. But these were key people involved and you started sharing some your life story at some point sharing the gospel with this famous actor in preaching to these crowds and seeing God move in and what I remember was how amazed you were about how God has worked through you and that's that's really something that this kinda shines out from you that your you seem to be. After all these decades still amazed at the grace and goodness of God is great. My supernatural gifting. I'm amazed that gifting and you are remarkable remarkable gifted man you are and then the kingdom go study puts before us were were not here to get out of here were here to fulfill a divine mission were only assigned and it breaks my heart to see that people can Leo overflowing with the amazement of his grace and ears gifting is guidance in our life really offer and not live excited about fulfilling this mission of proclaiming the kingdom of God, not just in word but in the actions of our lives might God manifested through our 11 grandchildren as an example, the youngest being 18, the oldest being 30.

They are so all the glory of God the grace of God as well as the gifting of God. And by all know their hero divine monomeric sonic this should not be the exception to the root we we have search of an incredibly indescribable father and we have the potential for finding the relationship you and I have to get is nothing short of super natural the respect and appreciation that we have the willingness to speak into one another's lives. The desire for each one of us to see the other blessed by God and a blessing to other Christians teach you some supernatural aid is just like it's like breathing to me, to forgive others. It's like breathing to want to share life and the beauty of God with people I dated with the waitress today at lunch.

She was beautiful young black girl 20 years so just so precious and just talking to her about sweetheart find some bowler you know they're all looking forward to verify your list, you kind of bored and love Jesus more than you'll ever let you and you below the white every woman would like to below now what was difficult about that conversation and the fact is you can't enough to speak and that love came out of you. Somehow she could does she trust you James.

Why would you be such an unlikely candidate to have a massive international ministry that detaches millions of people around the world. New York Times best-selling author of the book indivisible many other books your your and our friend and spiritual confidence of Pres. Donald Trump you been a friend and confidant of other presidents. Why would you be such an unlikely candidate where on fatherless.

My mother was right to conceive me. When she asked Dr. Kevorkian. She was 40 years old, have an income never enter a certain level among a report that by manual. You may be forwarded by your first child is not married, and it was not expected plan situation, but not limited already and serve as a miracle in the group and poverty deleted shiny skin on the planet. I think that's something people really need to grasp.

I was the kid that moved so often from one location to another. No one knew when they pick teams to play a game. I was never paid out per sporting event operating nine nobody knew me as a lonely kid nobody Christ make nobody sick good hits on my scrotum. I sketched nice round and I was the shines. I believe the spirit I wouldn't go eat lunch in the cafeteria would not stand at last report I would shake hands of the put their hand on it and I was terrified by people and for God to call acute back shot of popular skip to proclaim the riches of his glory in Christ, and the father that we can hamper because of redemptive regenerated power of Jesus Christ and to call that shy kid, to proclaim the gospel boldly and in less than three days.

Take me from such timidity that I would tremble and suddenly I am proclaiming God's work three days after call with the same force assigned confidence the same bonus. The same party that you hear right now coming out of my bones.

When I've had at least three different presidents to you know it's almost intimidating to be in the room with you and I would never even open my map is that we know how to explain it varies in authority. I remember telling Ben Carson is with them again last Saturday.

I love them so much and they are not praying that God give me your compassionate gentleness over and over, but also great also speak as one having authority, because aptly Jesus spoke of course, Ben Carson and I laughed about that authority is not all you it's a confidence in the Lord and Ben Carson. Of course you'll close with audience that God did something in a shack.

It is nothing short of supernatural late.

You can use anybody living amazed meetings are to live up might you go to sleep ways that you sleep through the eyes of Jesus and begin the respondent what you want you to and you are not only grumpy appraised the people you communicate with will be a might and strength.

You would be hard-pressed to come up with a better list than James Robison's as to why God couldn't use you when you just heard his list so it's out of our weakness that his strength is made perfect in and living amazed is written, not just to tell you amazing things happen in the life of this famous Christian leader but to say this is that the great God that was serving a maybe you know the name Andy Pettit. I certainly do is a New York Yankees fan. He was at a top picture for the New York Yankees Houston Astros he says of the book James Robison is hit a homerun with living amazed chapter after chapter of intriguing stories and I'm amazed to see how God has used him and his wife Betty, his boldness should be an inspiration to us all that we have nothing to fear when living for Jesus Christ. James, could you write living amazed for.

I wrote it for every single person that actually sometimes questions are we here, and more importantly about the life has become almost monotonous.

Sometimes depressed, tell you something. You can set your site so high and godly to be on the lymphocytes to when you're not fulfilling your dreams. But history is dreams fulfilled and you and another thing you need to know God is very much interested in the things are increased.

You… As perfectly as any parent to allow the best of their own children.

The difference is he knows how to deliver he will deliver and he will deliver us from evil, its alternate angles and hold us in bondage and I I experience that dictate even as a Christian I was like those in the Old Testament of the prophets. The enemy of settling down and you become a smooth road tormentors Toronto. Many people are being run over right now but on much of these things you aggress up microeconomic transgender confusion that you aggress supernaturally. Dr. Brown restraint Junior what a blessing you are. People are leaping in and Kristin and missing so much that God offers us in Christ. When you read the book living in my going to see how God can use someone that no one has a happy early stranger passing through town and illiterate with no charge was basically turn an entire town upside down in a matter of being continue known for months and years.

It is the most of my using thing what God can do with you last you you work here to live in my in our he is divine in my that's that's supernatural or more that is God taking the clayey up your life and shaping the vessel of honor for his glory your printer. And to bless everyone you come in contact with. You can live so excited. It's almost unspeakable. By the way Andy Pettit was supernaturally healed on the power of God.

Right after becoming the winningest pitcher. Young is 20. He was about to lose that year, and perhaps others.touch team. We talk about that and then Andy Estrada basically a client gave his testimony about one moment as he did with me over 700 people gave their lives to Christ and beyond works of God used him like that and is little fundamental Baptist church to see a beautiful miracle of God's healing power come back to the studio to tell the world about this amazing James you have a couple minutes to stand the other side of the break obligated be a pretty high please give thanks the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and I'm speaking with my dear friend Robison, who has lived amazing life and as we become very close. The last two years, I stand amazed with God continues to do and now we partner together on the stream. This is something that James is published if you don't go there regularly do it I'm blown away by the contributors there. I II know. Thankfully we have a lot of folks reading there but I keep being blown away by the contributors and the wisdom they have in the spiritual insight and the understanding what's happening in the world are there politically sharp and economically sharp and spiritually sharpen if you don't go there regularly adduces several times a day you might be saying I like this guy always ever had a success and and things of God in a maybe had a rough upbringing but since he got saved, it's all been great James in this book of living amazed your your very honest and you you talk about going to burn out ministry burnout.

Why did she put that in your book why it's so important for us to know that were going to hit these rough spots along the way where the girls were under continual attack were not suited up in our trust in you get distracted and we are were apt to stumble on the ground ourselves in.

My own fighter here. He delivers a McDonald's on the direction and guidance eat so clearly alters.

We don't spend time with them I was going to work to get sermons rather than going to work like an eye. I have a gift to preach but I didn't have to the fruit of the spirit being produced in my life because I was was not plugged heart and mind of God.

I wasn't yielded clearly more outlook becoming hardened I was ground steel that was so filled with predators of the birds of prey were attacking me and I want to say to people all your thoughts are not your own writing original. You have a person it's constantly suggesting things you know somebody hurts you need to heal sorry the enemy are segregated on purpose. You know Grigor you have thereby meant an end. There is an attractive woman in your officer so you move cargo.

She spoke to get some problems right now. That's the enemy you just sit around and cream up things are stretching the enemies they become a primary suggestion of the enemy when they large and they begin to burn your mind like unforgiveness are great your lots. Whatever the people need to know that actually expose that very clearly in the book in a very compassionate healing light and I just I am telling you book deal with the transforming power of God in such an inspirational. It's like the pilgrims journeyed you know it teaches them amazing thing that God will when we realize even the journey years ago because were continuing having opportunities to learn even an and in recent years read in recent months.

You continue to be amazed, and that God has joined together with some, like Donald Trump who all his life basically would've been known as a wealthy businessman and narcissistic Playboy anything but God-fearing anything but champion of pro-life movement anything out but conservative and yet God is change his heart in the midst of his flaws and imperfections constantly raised him up to be the president. That's another amazing part of your journey is not where the laser save millions of my stubborn abductor like typing.

He's coming to talk about the book living amazed because he watches watch my journey from here in our body regenerate your care that story but you also tell the story of not only what happened to writing our exchange president right but I guess what took place in Reagan's life because biting count on the people around right they watch it up close and personal.

These stories are very very interesting and I really think you'll be inspired and right now with Pres. no one is ever perceived me more openly more graciously and with greater appreciation now. Don't try to shake him in your image. I don't try to let God shape but keep praying for them because I think were watching a miracle before I and God knows we meet one. And God knows we all need correction change in our lives. I find Mr. Trump very willing to here willing to listen. Willing to be shaped person yeah and friends all these stories.

The amazing journey in the new book living amazed and by the by the way, I do not have a physical copy of the book yet so you only one dear brother. I will yeah I am sure everybody can get it on right now go get you quickly. Also get a Kindle reading online.

But you know what people are signed 800 million copies under gateway church might and I spent the most, so Alvarado spoke to minister the church.

But the point they were buying copies for their friends because they want their friends and family members deliver might I think that something you'd consider the book is actually a wonderful way to share your faith and the greatness of God in your life. I friends you can go right now to get the physical copy of the book or download the Kindle. That's what I do, I'm interested in the book within seconds. On reading it and it is inspirational and listen friends.

It's all real. I've I've known James long enough now and watched them over the years to know this this the real deal. This is the real story and is a child of God is my what weaknesses struggles you have what odds are against you don't did the to live depressed and hopeless because we have an amazing God, and whether no one knows your name or the whole world motioning friend you to commit amazed that is the new book by James Robison hate thanks for putting your stories and praying for all of us to benefit from and to inspire us to believe for the impossible. Appreciate it. Love you man. Thanks a much larger you to send all your viewers might God bless. All right again the book living amazed by James Robison. Yeah, you get my my coffee when I get back. Hey listen I posted an article on the stream today.

Chromosomes don't lie in biology is reality, not bigotry and there is a picture the graphic. The publisher put up a it's a boy it's a girl with blue cupcake and a red cupcake and someone in response to that tweeted me just moments ago. This kind of hateful BS is one reason the world is so messed up right now.

I substituted for some of the choice words there so just say chromosomes don't lie.

Biology is reality, not bigotry that there such a thing as boys and girls in gender distinction that is hateful and that is why the world is so messed up that is why fact, the reality of that tweet points to why the world is so confused, so turn upside down and what we seek to be your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution.

Read the article go to the line of fire. Tell her to read it. Check out my latest videos. If you haven't seen the video know you don't get to choose your gender that's getting a lot of attention, a lot of interest and let us be a blessing to let us equip you inform you and strengthen you so that you can go and run your race all the more effectively and touch all the more lives and to stand with us to become one of our torchbearers part of our support team. By all means, by all means go to the line of Click on donate dry support team together.

We are making a difference by God's grace around the world and this life from Israel. My bottom line. Yes, almost to fill your life with his grace is transforming power to live amazed

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