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Dr. Brown's Spiritual Commentary on the Latest News and an Interview on “Spiritual Prepper”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown
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March 29, 2017 4:50 pm

Dr. Brown's Spiritual Commentary on the Latest News and an Interview on “Spiritual Prepper”

Line of Fire / Dr. Michael Brown

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March 29, 2017 4:50 pm

The Line of Fire Radio Broadcast for 03/29/17.

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From Planned Parenthood to the confirmation of Neil Gore such to trump care covered right here stage for the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of Ministry get into the line of fire valves like always 866-34-TRUTH that's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown know I'm thinking of writing article, I might write it tonight. I'm battling demons more than Democrats or where battling demons more than Democrats, by which I mean that our battle is ultimately spiritual, not primarily with the political party I could've said to say about Republicans, but it doesn't rhyme as well as demons and Democrats.

Some of the right would refer to the demon Kratz hate the bottom line is our hope is ultimately not in Washington this is Michael Brown.

Welcome to the line of fire. His number to call to get in the conversation today 866-34-TRUTH 866487884. I am not focusing on the interview I had yesterday with Dr. Michael Heiser about the book of Enoch in the New Testament. But if you listen to it and you have a question and you want to call in a little later in the show. I might take some calls on that.

That's not my focus today. However, I do want to give you space if you have a question, it was fresh in your mind from yesterday. Phone lines will be open 866-34-TRUTH but will be a little later in this hour before I'm able to get to those calls. If at all.

Donald Trump repealing the affordable care act, known as Obama care, replacing it with Paul Ryan Hill.

Others have called trump care and the failure to get that through Paul Ryan having to pull that be a before was voted down in the house and this means division within the Republican Party, not just opposition from the Democratic Party written article interesting article that signaled Donald Trump is used to negotiate and he fashions himself as a master negotiator, but he's used to negotiating with people who care about making a profit care about money. That's different than negotiating with politicians who have other things in mind who have other goals in mind who have other values and priorities in mind, it becomes a different animal, and on the one hand, our founding fathers instituted things the way they did with the three branches of government, judicial, executive and legislative, and they lived.

They ordered things in such a way that there would be some type of gridlock, meaning that you could not just have a dictatorial leader. You could not just have a king saying this is the way we do things. So the fact that things get stalled in this pushback and okay that's part of the system. Obviously the final arbiter in all of it was never meant to be. The Supreme Court where that's been set up in the way it's developed, I should say slightly contrary to the original vision. But the idea the idea of of having to having to deal with lifetime politicians. The idea of having to pee deal with people who may put political career before principal. I don't think that's something that the founding fathers countenanced or envisioned when they set up the system the way we have that by the way, I'm not saying that Donald Trump was on the right side of this issue. Paul rhymes on the right side of this issue from my take, which is a take of very very little run-up, no expertise, no expertise, so just from an interested bystander. My take was that those who voted for Donald Trump were expecting a more comprehensive repeal and a more radical replacement that was being offered, so I was personally not disappointed that things got stalled along the way and let it bring some humiliation along the way.

Perhaps this Will Dr., Mister Trump to his knees more perhaps a realize he needs a wisdom beyond himself, which of course is God, the counselors have been telling in the hallway, but I'm not looking at this as the wholesale collapse of things is looking at his typical Washington gridlock. The swamp deeper realized we come back.

Are you ready to have your eyes open anonymous dyslexic. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown your voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown defined between in what ways are we really are not part of that owning, praising, living lightness think that's a sign me Richard dollars. All is Blatt's packet faces blackened piece you have a slight Freudian slip. There is a white woman biologically white woman born of white parents who has identified as black. It was actually a black civil rights leader before it came out that she wasn't actually black and she said hey, it's who I perceive myself to be. I am transracial. If you have transgender why can't you have transracial soap rituals also is on BBC. She's speaking with Emily Mattis about her new book in full color.

Let's listen to the interaction. When you start taking the boxes of black eventually did he feel uncomfortable feel like a lie. Now I met and it didn't feel like a lifer.

Sarah felt like a true representation of who I am and what I stand for, because in race even even the race and social construct in America there is a very clear color line.

There's a very clear divide and you have to take a side and I stand on the black side of issues. Philosophically, politically, socially, and for me to not check that box. I felt like would be some sort of a betrayal of not only who I am but also the community I affiliate with the fact that this is even being discussed is another issue of the day in which we live a day of social madness a day in which perception becomes reality, I'm not mocking this woman. In fact, my heart goes out to this woman, long-term unit. She has a book in itself.

So I think ultimately she's hurt herself more than helped her self. But if you speak in the Emily medalists on BBC. She makes a statement that race is a social construct. Since when we told other gender is a social construct and it's really whatever you perceive yourself to be. How many multiple identities that might be or how many identities and in conflict with your biological sex. No gender is a social construct now were told race is a social construct and then I guess skin color and ethnicity.

I guess these things are also social constructs. If you want to see where this leads. If you want to see why we have been raising our voice against this mentality that perception equals reality. Keep listening, here's more the dialogue. We don't have a choice and how we are born we are and so to embrace and fully own who you really are I think is something that we encourage from children's movies to the most inspirational books and whether fictional or accurate. I think that we tell we tell everybody be who you are proud of who you are and this is truly who I am 50 think he had a choice did he have a choice today. Black. I was born as who I am and that includes how I feel and also what I look like an side. I don't think I have a choice and in that racial you are a white woman. This not negotiable.

It's it's not like you had a black father and a white mother all right and your complexion is in between.

It's it's not like there was intermarriage of a period of time. It's a given you complexions like 70%. This is 30% this or or your racial characteristics of you are a white woman.

You are a Caucasian, why not say I am a Caucasian woman. I am a white woman who deeply identifies with the black community. I am a white woman that feels great solidarity with the black community. I am a white woman who was outraged over injustices in the black community.

I want to stand with them. I am a white woman who feels like I'm black in my heart a fight. You say all that but don't say you're black because you are not.

This is not something up for negotiation. Look I feel very young at heart. I just had a very heavy work out with my trainer this morning.

I am 62 years old doesn't matter that I might feel like I'm 20 or 30 at heart.

That is the reality, I might feel like I'm from Mars, I might feel like I'm from Pluto. It doesn't mean that I have to the core of my being. I might feel like the wolf spirit and I am actually a wolf at heart. I am a human being, a Caucasian male, 62 years old. That is reality. This whole idea that perception is reality. Now you have a serious discussion about on BBC. This is cultural madness. One more clip gender is understood when we progressed with involved in understanding the gender is not binding is not even biological, but what strikes me is so hard is that racism biologically. There and actually race has been to some extent less biological than gender.

If you really think about history and our bodies we are type air type towards whatever blind we don't hear is unlike my plan and BlackPlanet here is not like body parts that are and how certain this enhancement and even in the concept of transracial while I believe that the word transracial has become socially useful in describing racial fluidity and identity right so you should.

This is why we have raised our voices about other issues in terms of the war on gender and the war reality as she started to say they're not biological parts that identify gender. Hey, have you had an ultrasound. Ladies have you had an ultrasound and maybe your six months in and the nurse there says it's a boy you should say no, no, no, that's just the package we don't really know what's inside. We have to wait. In fact, you have but were just can have a gender-neutral name for a kid Jerry because Jerry could be mailed or Jerry could be female's will have a gender-neutral name for our kids. In this way is as it grows up then will know however it yet identify that is not how the world works. I understand their kids were intersects and there's a biological chromosomal abnormality.

I understand that we deal with that, like any other handicapper issue. Your best to try to find that person find real wholeness and understand their people with deep emotional psychological issues that feel deeply to the core there being that that there gender is contrary to biological sex. We have compassion on them, want to help them, hoping to not do either deny the realities that there there are biological ways to identify who's mail is free. Mother chromosomal ways to identify news, male and female, and there are ways to identify who is black and who is white, even if you have some that are mixed and things like that we can identify these things. It's not that mysterious and and by the way when it comes to blood types. Let's use that as an example, your rushed into the hospital right and and and that they need your blood type because you need an immediate transfusion. Otherwise, you're going to die and and you so identifies his blood type is however always identify and understand the people with this blood type, blood type, have certain characteristics and that's me to T. They don't care how you identify. They want to know what is the blood type. We are talking about realities and in the only positive here is the more the social madness gets expose the more people will say sorry but the Emperor has no clothes.

All right, all right, what can you say to something like that. Other than God help Rachel dollars and God help those who are buying into this and yet we got we got transgender. We got transracial.

We got trans-species written about all these things you think I go home each day and think I need to through the news when he sifts through the news we find some obscure websites somewhere that's talking about the latest example of this, we find something and write an article on know it's it's when too many things come knocking at my door when too many articles arrive in my inbox with too many news cast discuss this and say I believe it's was this Friday night is a major news that reduces ABC is get into a major special on gender identity and things of that and I'm sure I'm 99% sure it's going to go the typical prevailing way of the culture. This can be ABC if I'm correct, we must simply say hey when you stand up for sanity you stand up for reality to stand up for that which is true and we are not going to buy the lie that perception is reality all right haven't said a word about Neil Gore such a want to. We got to talk about the latest with Planned Parenthood. A bunch of other things on my list to cover today, 866-348-7884 by the way, if you're a person of color list feel when you hear this gives the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 86. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown and former Planned Parenthood medical director Sean Taylor Planned Parenthood again in the news rightly so, this is Michael Brown delighted with the 866-34-TRUTH to things of interest in basically breaking within a day of each other yesterday like site news reports pro-life investigator charged with 15 felonies for exposing Planned Parenthood baby parts sales while state of California George pro-life investigators David Leyden and Sandra Merritt of the Center for medical progress with 15 crimes to sit where they were charged in Texas and in those charges were thrown out CMP's undercover video shall Planned Parenthood executives haggling over the price of aborted baby parts.

It's pretty congressional investigation calls for the abortion company be stripped of its federal tax dollars delayed and said in a statement select site news quote these bogus charges from Planned Parenthood's political cronies are fake news the tribe the same collusion with corrupt officials in Houston, Texas in both the charges and the DEA were thrown out today breaking news that the new video released by the Center for medical progress shows the Sean Taylor for medical director with Planned Parenthood discussing late-term abortions and the possibility of delivering babies intact, so their organs can be harvested. Let's listen to one more click click number one this is the Sean Taylor speaking again while how how how people can feel if yes, that the aborted baby comes out looking like a baby.

What about a death certificate for baby this or baby, that is, isn't it saying it is really baby so I mean this is horrific stuff and and and what is the state of California do instead of talking about the evils of abortion.

No, no, no, no. California is going to go after the Center for medical progress for your guilty of felonies for getting this information. Sean Taylor formally held an academic position at the University of Southern California will doing abortions of Planned Parenthood Los Angeles just worked as the medical director Planned Parenthood Arizona and currently runs her own abortion facility in Arizona doesn't store family-planning Taylor hedges around the issue of what to do if a baby is born alive after abortion quote well the thing is, I mean the key is you need to pay attention to who was in the room right what what you need to come here that again. While the thing is, I mean the key is you need to pay attention to who's in the room right if if the baby is born alive. Surely if you kill the baby got Susan the Roman people sympathetic to it, presumably presumably that's what you say is no problem. Otherwise you got a problem until he gives us answer after CMP journals posing as a fetal tissue buyer asked if there's quote any standard procedure for verifying signs of life was a law requires any baby born alive at any age after an attempted abortion to be taken to a hospital effectively admits to being very familiar with tows admission." Who's in the room matters more than actually determining if the baby is alive is even more horrifying because she commits abortions unviable babies who could survive outside the womb.

If they been delivered in a hospital. The same age that explains quote I go up to 24 weeks. Most of my list of the patient is a come to me are elective. Gosh I mean how brutal horrific how this destroys destroys this mindset that a well it's it's only these emergency life and death cases and incest and rape in the end, and that's what were doing it in regular diet. Otherwise, in she says no, most most are elective is choosing to do it and she goes up to 24 weeks. So if if you heard my interview last night with it with one of the authors of the coming Gosnell booking the house of horrors of country gospel that stuff is not unique. Other things like this have happened in other abortion clinics and just been covered over how many years was he doing what he what he did so.

Kristin Burton Brown with a live site news reporting on this is that this flies in the face of the common narrative that most late-term abortions are done for medical reasons, an argument that is to both debunk both here and at different uplinks by current form abortions for those who think late-term abortion is decreasing. Taylor would seem to disagree. She tells the Center for medical progress.

I feel pretty good. I mean my market share of the abortion church services just continues to increase, such as Alexi's discussion with CMP journals. We played a clip from it, but how to best preserve the aborted or possibly born alive baby for harvesting purposes's expenses not matter how I feel about coming out intact, but I got to about my staff. You know people's feelings about coming out looking like a baby comes out with like a baby on any cassettes among the staff took to make them realize what they're actually dealing with.

That's why she typically does D and E abortions, which rip the child apart limb by limb. All this is the more compassionate thing to do list the baby comes out looking like a baby this with this baby parts how horrific she said I just don't even want to send the full feed is to for cremation or any of that says we have that the people who do her paperwork for the fetal death certificates.

The email us calling them babies baby this baby that baby so-and-so Mike that's creepy. No, no, no, Ms. Taylor, which you do is creepy. No, it's horrific.

No, it is coming babies in the womb.

No is terminating the life of babies that could potentially survive outside of the womb medicament modern medical practice.

This article continues the survival rate of babies born the 24 weeks is 65% and 97% of babies this age for the hospital receive active treatment to save their lives. We come back. I want to continue talking about transracial perception is reality. Especially if your person of color.

Give me call tell me how you feel about that of your woman feel about a man identifies a woman getting to play on women's warts, teams that just the kinds of things that were dealing with today. 866-348-7884.

Have you ordered get your copy of Dr. Michael Heiser's book in our exclusive interview book of Enoch forgotten mission of Jesus. Check it out.

Fascinating inch with the book and the CD of the website. The line of fire for the Lord. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 86643 here again is Dr. Michael Brown thank you much for joining us on the line of fire hate you know one thing is getting back to politics this the Washington swamp is a lot deeper than people might realize and draining it is going to be a lot more challenging than a lot of people realize, and if if Donald Trump can't drain it yes got its faults and failings and shortcomings understand that, but if Donald Trump can't drain it. I wonder who is going to be able to drain it. Just thinking out loud.

Honestly, 8663 for 87884 is the number call will start in Fairfax, Virginia, Sharon, welcome to the line of fire glory doing well, yeah, you speak and write your phone on the loudspeaker right Margaret, I thought, it's hard to hear you it's it's hard to hear you on speaker to tell you what Sharon, this is for listeners are very hard to hear you and your on speaker so will give you second to just pick up the phone and be on the regular phone if you can do that great. Otherwise, we can hear you. So let's try that again here we go perfectly now had better REM doing well. Thanks. Wonderful white crime rate out black one on you know the thing that all went what may I find a fair scan. African-American one. I have white skin relative and my family and I there open-air parent are our African-American you know you know one thing, you know the pragmatism that we have here in this country and you know always asking are you black are you why you know you have to choose one or the other but you know I'm not. I wouldn't dare.

You know, I kind of agree with the young lady you know any case down as she has no white skin.

She will blackout you feel white.

I mean, you know it's really just doesn't matter how you feel and in other words, let's it is an affirmative action program for black Americans because of certain problems or injustices or were issues like that. What if someone else that Caucasian raised in the suburbs and no lot of money in the family just just feels black and wants to take advantage of that affirmative action this is that what is, therefore, is it fair to say it. It's not fair that they take it that they had money. That's why you know I was going to say you know it's a lot of statement to them in this country. What black and white so you know I mean you know I need you to fill out an application that one question I really I never answer that question is do you know what is your race. I always know I put a little box button and said human right right right human environment and that's what you know you know all our people, you know I'm you know I mean it, or are people running it in this country, you know it's really funny when I travel abroad I see white Americans. And you know just small talk now where you burning it onward and we get out there they buy when he comes back to the country band.

You know it's business as usual and I I believe it is really neat to stop. You know they young lady.

I have much respect for or Rachel or yeah but looks like I am just understand your perspective was as it is a fair skin, black American and and I think you're onto something with visions of country, but denying the reality that there is such thing as race that's that's the issue become civil rights leaders black person directly. Caucasian indeed try to make yourself with black that's deception. The line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown thanks friends will be part of dialogue and discussion available on fire.

This is Michael Brown your voice will sanity and spiritual clarity in the midst of a society in chaos in the church.

All too often in compromise 866-348-7884, just back to her previous caller. I absolutely agree that we make too much of an issue of race in America and I believe that is largely a result of our identity politics and constantly raising these issues that were there are issues to raise were there is injustice against a certain portion of the population were there is mist treatment. Where there is systemic racism when any of these things exist.

Yes, by all means we need to address whether emphasis should be the one people that that we are a racial melting pot and we are one nation. And yes the race to which we all belong is the human race.

And then we find great diversity in the different cultures and backgrounds and ethnicities and things like that so is preaching Sunday morning in Atlanta and pretty much all black church and maybe 30% of the congregation being from Africa itself at including the pastor and I just said I love preaching and in black churches in America.

There is a certain vitality and give the folks talk back to. During the message that I really enjoy the environment now Friday night, Saturday morning I spoke in a wonderful messianic Jewish congregation also right near Atlanta, Roswell and love the atmosphere there and love their worship and their hunger for the word and that was another expression there was diversity there so I I can appreciate the diversity and just like it if if you want Italian food and and and some of us was Chinese food maybe go to a food court in the mall this week at the time this week. It's Chinese you don't mix it all together in a blender so that it does become some slop you enjoy the different tastes and the elements of so no one stress everybody has to be the same, though let us have our different cultural expressions are different racial expressions of different ethnic expressions as part of one country as fellow Americans as part of the human race, but when it comes to identifying and saying I am black.

When you actually white again want here.

Let's say you are from Mexico and you been here 10 years and your citizen legally. But you don't like this idea of being Hispanic American right now because you think you're being looked at negatively and people think you're one of these undocumented migrant un-undocumented people that are here in the country and that that you just to be associated with some bad guy that should be in prison or whatever. So now you go identifies something out you can't do that can change ethnicity or race when you can change gender 8663 freight 78840 we go to Tony and Oxon Hill, Maryland. Welcome to light a fire where appreciate your allow me to express my perspective.

Please basically was just about the young lady who would identify with the black culture. I don't know a lot of it but just in general and saying she's black amici years said she was by writing as a leader in the NAACP before I spent out she was black. Okay well I mean this to start the situation that I have an opinion on one.

I do agree with with you with regards to if you going to get detailed as far as filling out applications forms blood types into the nature.

I do feel that you should be true and honest with who you really are in your culture and your your upbringing your heritage. That day, but as far as a culture and as far as a young identify with a particular group and that that particular food at a particular way of life. Those particular way of living in general. I don't feel anything wrong at all. I feel that people have a choice to be a part of who they want to be a part of right.

That's the whole beauty of love and coming together. I think that in general with the base of what God wants us to do anyway share our cultures to share an understanding of who we are and where we came from, so that we can break those barriers in that essence. III do agree with her and I'm on her side.

On the other side. I agree with you where basically wimpy when she becomes technical with regards to policies and procedures and and all those types identifications in an illegal scenario that that cause her to have to identify then that's where I disagree is so it's it's what I'm saying why can't you say I'm a white person. The deep identifies with black culture and I feel like I'm black and hard look. It would just be like if you said I'm Jewish because you want to stand with Israel and with your militant wing when you're not presuming that you not that it would if you could say look, I am a Jew at heart I'm a I was really at heart young, black Americans that you know but but I'm a Jew at heart and I stand with the Jews. But I relate to the Jewish I really to the cause. I feel like were one of them say all the Amy Hentoff of what I will draw it when you log Roswell outline what you were born right you will born from day one, and that culture and just like many of that culture any contractor got all you see, for example, you notice respected Asian culture but just to say you were born in China. Not all you saw right and so as you grew up. That's all you knew you knew the language annuity intonation and and know how to verbalize language when you speak it articulated very well and that's what you identify with, you know where you go with that yet you having identify with something and then you realize wait a minute on a look like them all my gosh and it becomes a shot culture shock right II know people that grew up in other cultures. I read every book child of the jungle by woman when she was a little girl. She and her family moved to to work with tribal people to find you people in Indonesia or Guinea, and these are primitive people in a naked when they got their bones in their nose in warring with each other and instantly lived there for years of her life and then when she hadn't moved to Europe. It was totally disorienting for her and and yeah she's just talking about being on a subway or be on a train going from one place to another and she did know who was going to attack and she thought I don't even have my spear you know if it's in it she could not figure out she was a child of two different worlds. And so no one is denying anything to me. Rachel Dawes was actually raised by white parents, but no one is denying those things it would simply be you know if if you know you could silicon Chinese to the Corbett everybody understands okay great you know your Caucasian or your your Hispanic or your black and yet you're not you, not ethnically Chinese but you people would know what they know you understand the culture they know by the language that you speak you'd be welcome but you but nobody would be tricked into thinking that your ethnically Chinese so Tony amen to the identification to the cultural connections and to the interaction and you look there's a joke about some people are Oreos their black on the outside and white on the inside. And then we had a friend that used to lead worship leader and reset is the blackest white man.

We knew because is the way he led and sang and felt it was it was very black and it had a certain soul to it. So all amen to all of that.

Nobody know was a treat with maths test were you present yourself as contrary to what your him to be the latest. The new leader of Hispanic Americans and I missed by all non-Hispanic does matter what's on the bed. I wake up where I grew up.

Hey thank you Tony. I appreciated 8663 for 87884. Let's go to Lucretia in Errico Virginia. Welcome to light a fire.

Thank you for having me on the line of fire. Thank you. You are not just start coming on I will talk about the discussion of today's very interesting my first thing yet and I am put uncle a black person. But the question needs to be answered.

What makes you black is actually not a right.

It it is actually considered a color so what makes the person who is black.

Black. What classifies as being black and what classifies those who are not black and white and whites, not the Asian classified as a yellow or the Native American as three. Why is it that the black only had. It is the only one who is classified as black but white whites are classified as white but they also classified at Caucasian we normally we just say black and black and Blacks and whites in America you have the language led okay but black, white, you said Caucasian. Whatever designation do you have for black part will need Negroid, which sounds to me that it's not it's it's just it's an anthropological term so you have Caucasian have Negroid and that's that's when Negro came from originally. But I thought something correctly from wrong. Please, I thought some of these designations came from the black American community, whether it identify. This is Negro then said when identifies black or now is African-American it is. Am I wrong and that in terms of where this came from yeah because we we received all these classifications from other people.

Okay they brought it to us and told us that this was generally accepted classification for us and we bought into it because we had no identity one think about us as a sincere and it's back to you. Celebrate sites as we come back. I want to hear what you have to say.

But I remember very powerful rent for Mohamed Ali talked about you know Angel Angel food that's white, black, is to know all dark devils demonic negative line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown. Your voice is more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown need to be black and white from back to Lucretia in Virginia.

Go ahead. Please, I am starting okay on the young man's economy that was before you, David. Excellent question about if I grew up in Asia and I have a culture and I have the language you know. But then I moved somewhere out. Am I not Asian and and and and it came to my mind of Scripture came to my mind was that who told you you were naked. Who told you if you are if you are brought up in a certain way and you have the heart and you have the mind and you have a way of life of a certain group of people who have the right to tell you that you are not of that people who tricked us into believing that we are just black people went black cannot totally different designation when the work. Black came out because a member of the origin of black men fair. It meant pure. It went with what blemish it meant, without color tell how can something without color become a person of color, how can it switch up like that on so hot. How would you say that we address the identification issue. I'm not into identity politics are not into dividing over these things. Of course we see we see this one's mail this once female. This will install this one short this one dark scenes were light-skinned, but to me this fellow human beings. Different shapes, sizes and forms Howdy what would what would in your view, be the best way that we approach these things by Scripture. How did Scripture define the people are in that with that would then have nothing to do a skin color that would have to do with of course spiritual relationship with God. Those were children of God. Those who aren't. And then we would be identified ethnically. That's what just of the Peterson black leader must show very controversial's comments said racism doesn't exist.

Racism is just an excuse to attack and hurt people, etc. that in other words, there's no such thing as dividing over race, it's that you have from this ethnicity or that ethnicity. So this was American. This one's Mexican this once Canadian etc. and but you know that that would be an argument and in that regard, but II appreciate you raising these more fundamental issues we need to put on the table for discussion. Have a blessed day yeah you too. God bless you. Thank you, 86634 let's go to herb in Manassas, Virginia. Welcome to light a fire Brown appreciate the opportunity epic to doing a great job. Thank you sir. I have to say that I agree with you that all on the various categories identifying black back is going on through the redo starting in the 60s or so. I baked back. We were referred to as applicant American and the Babesia leadership of the black community. What think that the black that one thought I have for you and other thought is that advise people feeling certain way and living life on the remote. We lose the spirit of the real truth of faith and truth of the very all objective attribute, and so it is because I within very limited boundary. Also we be identified and black all or all white or Asian epic originally.

Both designations were basically used. Identify that the department, but the origin of the part yeah and what Lakisha pointed out, would be okay. What you see Asian what is a Hispanic but then black. In the words then you could say African or so and now right right right so.

Hence, African-American, Hispanic American, Asian American, you all be identified by F by a sub- ethnic category as opposed to by skin color so it's that's that's a fair point.

Why do we make the big different divisions by skin color and why do we say we got Blacks you got whites but we don't see you have yellows and reds right so there are inconsistencies there and I think with everything let's step back. But step back and say how should we obviously identifies all fellow members of the human race and fellow Americans. What's the best way to work these things out and it heard drafts of the right. We we we don't want to play with truth is what you play with truth and reality were sunk. Hey, thank you for answer I appreciated.

I list Greg Gribble Moore called Craig in Richmond little short on time so please way right in. I'm doing great thank you sir.

I would love to talk about dinner by black and white about how well a unified government issue really comes down to how we love don't love it, and if given) a greater reason to travel every lover But the problem is not so much what you don't love the problem is in your own heart, but I got no problem. What reeked of dollars all none whatsoever. I know I should be.

It was shady relative, but if she was banded with me in the fight that I'm in and pick up work by Gothic brick. I think the better. The bottom line is that you took until we get to the point we've been talking about it for you. You got the brunt of it. You know that I know that this country we call the melting pot of the mountain so much because there's no provision. When you have blended so much was the music and until he gets right in the heart. It'll never change.

You will never matter if you love because you love the person that you love that you that you will embrace every human being.

You'll you'll appreciate the diversity that that person bring because of their upbringing, their background, their origin.

And what and when all of it become a non-issue, but something to appreciate. Like the color of her writing about talk about the gay rainbow. So if we just can't get to the point where we looking at it that way but I am a black man and I love you to blackmail your your your a Jewish person. I'm sure you love you to do it person and I appreciate the fact that you celebrate your arrogant like a Philbrick, but I don't see a problem with that. I don't actually know. I just wish we get to the point where we just learned that the issue is not a color cultural any issue with the love you Craig if we could hear that message whole lot more.

We could take some strides forward and yeah all our unity is found in our diversity just like the beauty of the Symphony Orchestra's the many different instruments that are all different and all sounding there different notes in the beautiful harmony, so it it does come back it it comes down to loving other people as people in loving God loved and in respecting and honoring different heritages in different you know it's like you may like a certain style of music. I don't doesn't mean it's bad music. I might like a certain kind of food you don't doesn't mean it's good for the bad. We just celebrate differences among those are the most superficial.

Hey, I'm at a time, but I'm so glad you got to weigh in and to leave us on that note, which is the gospel, Moses, and Keisha said let's go back to Scripture. I thank you for weighing in. Remember friends, our exclusive interview with Dr. Michael Heiser in his new book, reversing him on order today. My bottom line all lettuce loves Jesus love rock the world was it mean to be a spiritual prep or what about coming doomsday. Should we think about it is time for the line of fire with your host activist and author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown your voice of moral cultural and spiritual revolution Michael Brown is the director of the coalition of conscience and president of fire school of ministry get into the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH. That's 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown is doomsday coming. We about to go into a period of all-out chaos on the earth. How then should we live. Okay, okay, weighty questions to talk about it today on the line of fire, but in a positive, practical way really be joined in a moment by Jake McCandless.

He has a book just about ready to come out called spiritual prep or so will be talking with Jake in a moment to join me today on the air 866-34-TRUTH 7884 I mentioned in the first hour that I am willing to take some calls. If you listen to my interview with Dr. Michael Heiser yesterday about the book of Enoch and background to the New Testament if you listen to this and you had questions. I'm open to take some calls on the subject, but that some women will focus on immediately.

866-34-TRUTH 7884, though, is the number to call before I get to my guest. Make a few comments about justice Neil Gore sets on the one hand, his philosophy seems to be strongly in harmony with that of Justice Antonin Scalia. He seems to be an originalist meaning that the original intended meaning of the Constitution is what we need to seek after and make application. Accordingly, and from certain things he has written it seems that he would stand in the right place. Regarding abortion, and as far as his stances on religious liberties. There are a couple of rulings that point that he be in the right direction.

There at the same time he attends a liberal church and his spoken favorably about some of the newer friend be involved in a same-sex marriage and his church embraces that viewpoint and some of the answers that he gave during the hearings about abortion could make you wonder where the six stand out this essay Roe V Wade is establishing should be challenged. I personally took those answers in in in a way he was simply answering them legally. It is a precedent and it's been affirmed. A number of times which means it carries weight does mean You overturn can't be overthrown.

He never said it can't be here. It shouldn't be or it wouldn't be as for where he would stand on issues having to do with revisiting the redefinition of marriage, which is something I hope the Supreme Court does take up hard to say where he would stand so here's run at.

I believe that Pres. Trump has done exactly what he promised he had a list of justices vetted by Planned Parenthood. I have colleagues on the front lines of this battle who feel very good about justice courses.

Gore sets the degree of opposition from the Democrats tells you that he would be a candidate that would be a good candidate for the Supreme Court. Hopefully some of that could rule rightly in the decades ahead. That's on the one hand, on the other hand, you never know ultimately what someone will do what selected those school you didn't really surprise us, and Alito hasn't surprised us in Thomas as a surprise.

This Roberts wanted when it came to Obama care. He surprised us was he hasn't.

Justice Kennedy has swung left more and more over the years, so that's a surprise now but it might've been a surprise.

Back in the beginning when he was first appointed under under Republican Pres. so all that to say I'd like to see Gore search confirm. I believe you do a good job but I really don't know. I don't know deep conviction where he will rule on certain key issues so I still don't put my credit trust in him or the Supreme Court will be right back with Jake McCandless for cleansing and it's the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown to the line of fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH here again is Dr. Michael Brown had a book just about to be hot off the press spiritual prep or subtitle tapping into overlook prophecy to prepare for it.

Doomsday it's written by Jake McCandless's founder, Executive Director and speaker for prophecy simplified former pastor. He holds a BA in Bible from Central Baptist College in Conway Arkansas and M.Div. Master of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist theological seminary Jake great to have you on the line of fire today great Michael Becker have an opportunity sure thing. All right spiritual crapper coming doomsday, what, what's this all about, will be the title and Donald are probably little bit of a play on words about the heart behind the book.

It is that there are some properties that would we think properly.

If you think the antichrist mark of the beast, but geopolitical spleen there in but there are some properties that are just missed that. Talk about the humanity and especially Christians.

At the end of the age of terms their spirituality and their morality. In one such passage is Matthew 24. After that many will turn away and I'll ever pastor I began to get captured by that path and I stand before my congregation and asked the question ever are they prepared for what is coming in terms of difficulty are the challenges right now in their life are they prepared to remain faithful and so really became his passion all my heart that we would just be physically prepared for what may come. We would be spiritually prepared as well.

All right, let's just say went back to the 60s and it was time of the counterculture revolution late 60s how Lindsay spoke late great planet Earth came out and 67 Tristan comes back into his hands in the Six-Day War. I became a heavy drug user. Late 60s early 70s playing drums in a rock band and got radically saved in 1971, but we have the mentality Jesus is coming any minute to be out here any second and and just kind of live accordingly. So on the one hand the date setting was wrong, but culture is changed quite dramatically since then, the church was certainly not ready for it.

So regardless of setting dates and end time schemes. We can really ask, is the church ready for the culture which it finds itself today in the culture that seems to be coming around the corner so this is it practical question, regardless of where we stand in terms of prophecy and the end of the age correct.

Oh, absolutely.

I wrote the book early Walker Matthew 24, which we know if you plan to find my return. The birth pains of the beginning contractions the bed in, and it is difficult about the event, but there happening right then if he was paying them they happened right there to the first, the fivefold in every generation of Christian have had a Facebook claim challenges facing right now regardless of where the M.Div. were facing them, and what is staggering to be the Red Cross statistic coming from David Sanford, author out about Portland is written in his book of God, the peers that at this time. Right now there are 42 million Christians who profess and practice their faith within the church no longer attend or practice in any way and that is staggering when you when I heard those that I was the middle practical level of the pastor's right so let's let's start to talk to students and friends. Let me just remind you regardless of your eschatology, regardless of how you see the end of the age, regardless of if you read Matthew is as if your state does and I do Matthew 24 as events that were occurring. Jesus day right before the destruction of the second Temple, and events that will be especially current at the end of the age before Jesus physically returns with you read it like that on a different way. The principles here remain the same because, in point of fact, there is intense persecution for believers around the world. In point of fact there's an attack on our religious liberties today that didn't exist generation ago. So we must wake up and when we see so many casualties we see so many people falling by the wayside. We have to say okay something is wrong. Something needs to change. That's with the book spiritual prep or is about. It is a practical response to scriptural warnings in the day in which we find ourselves. So let's let's highlight some of the chapters you Jake.

Some of the themes again. Get the book spiritual prep or to get all the meat of it but start with chapter 2.

Prepping to be faithful does not just come automatically in the art. We just faithful automatically as followers of Jesus.

What we have to prep for well I don't know what providing faithful is really an American evangelical language today. You know where pastoring and being around churches in and out of churches multiple times a week with the ministry and the focus is on your destination on that salvation, but there's not a lot of talk about America to face challenges and you need remain faithful. Bruno XO. I really think that something missing in our language that maybe have been understood in the path of perseverance that steadfastness I think that the permit needs to be discussed. Just we need to be discussing hey we we need your faithful and we are really playing out his erotic work. We know that would only make it to heaven by grace through faith but I know the Lord work. I don't want to hear those words will delegate my good and faithful servant at the hook your playfulness. If it doesn't matter now.

It's surely a matter of the Lord and we step into eternity. I think we need to be living for that now right so let's let's talk about this then how do I prepare to be faithful with your pastor when you tell your congregation throughout the book I Walker check with the point by which the long with the practical thing that we we need to do, but really to level the number one the ultimate preparation. If you forgave the patient to both the fivefold. It would come follow me and they've been drastically change their life and walked with him and we've got a brand of Christianity in America that really says you know, come to the benefit, but you don't have to do anything.

You don't have to follow the right and so I believe it's of the walking with him and walking in the spirit is number one. The ultimate preparation this is that daily walk, but I think so. Practical level is realizing that there are challenges to your grade and realizing that you very well could be. And I could be one of those who turn away the phrase turn away their Matthew 24, display and use the method 26 inches warns the disciples, especially Peter about what what they're gonna do that, not the rest of the it just really means to be called to stumble and happening that you just abandon the faith to become a knight if you give up believing. It's just that you stop you have a lapse in your faithful walk. All right, what about preparing for persecution eventually got chapters preparing for persecution, ecstasy, prepping for persecution prepping for more persecution prepping for fiery darts prepping and we can church prepping for difficult trials prepping for temptation prepping for false teaching prepping against shiny things prepping for hurt feelings prepping to overcome so phrase your time at a practical practical book Jake in communist China.

I have read and heard in court and boom share this that the people were told.

The Christians were told that they would be rapture out before tribulation hit and and then for all practical purposes, tribulation hit with the horrific persecution they endured and they said they were prepared for by God's grace that they made and survived. But this is we were prepared. We were told that before things got really bad. We be out of here and there is there is that plays in with the American mentality that we can have a suffering free faith. But regardless of pretrip rapture are not. This is not true for the church through history and the church around the world. Why should we assume that we will go without persecution here in America is a powerful statement you may bear import what we have in America.

At this point in history in America were an anomaly, our brothers and sisters in Christ previously and in all generations and right now across the world face serious tribulation of persecution and martyrdom and for us to not even really have that it one of the things I listed in the checklist is just make the study of martyrdom part of our Christian education yes if yes, we come to the Lord with idea that everything just to be better roses than experts in America are your prevailing in time I did and were really blessed to make America great is good because wonderful and then the Lord will show up and pull us out in the bin tribulation will come but you have to run sisters and a rack inferior right now, not tribulation in the future that is starting to worry about because if I think that is is a heading theater or the wall. Yet it is your theoretical question is beheading under the antichrist any more severe than beheading now being tortured to death under the antichrist any more severe the being tortured to death. Now I think you get my drift friends. This is a practical book, spiritual prep work will be right back on file line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the minor fire now by calling 866-34-TRUTH dear again is Dr. Michael Brown and broadcast day this is Michael Brown I'm speaking with Jake McCandless. He is the author of spiritual prep or it is a guide to families and churches need encouragement in the face of love ones who turn away from God. Their faith is a fallen world racist towards the day of judgment. The time to be prepared spiritually is now and whether Jesus comes in one year with 100 years were living in urgent times. Many are falling away. Many are being deceived.

Many are not ready for persecution opposition.

I wonder how many of our churches run America if there were two hard times, tough times, as there was a price to pay for being a follower of Jesus, and many would follow been to India, now 24 straight years and we baptize people every year in India. The Indian brother I work with asked them if they're willing to follow Jesus to their last breath to the last drop above this is that water baptism. This is the norm Jake in your book, spiritual prep or you deal with very very practical subjects and I read to the table of contents some deal with prepping and we can church prepping for temptation repping for false teaching of pull out any wanted to chapters that you like and and give me some of the ways that we can spiritually prepare so that we will be those who stand strong talk before the break about persecution are doing for quite a bit of the book began with this really what was going on a rack inferior right now, is it I marching and in their coming into the home and and those who were Christians they were marked or alter market and from work.The ultimate sacrifice and a question that they believe or not, and there were fathers and mothers who had to make decisions to say yes or no if they would hold on to their faith and remain faithful and then not deny the Lord yes at the Loeffler life.

But what really got. As I have two young girl and there daughters being sold into sexual slavery because of the remaining faithful and so with that thought it just the beginning of that bivouac to sitting down at the table talking about. Okay, what's our faith.

Bristol what is it it it comes down to art our daughter to best the thing that right if the my head toward him a lot but I'm worried about them don't.

I think it really helps have that conversation. The book contrast therapy in the next-to-last chapter is prepared for her feeling it is really just out of it meant to be a contrast that you have folks who are dying for the fate but then here in America.

In in the grassroots over our churches after the one number thing I thought about visit with individuals in our community and those with interchurch out your things like no pastor.

I was very faithful and made a profession of faith of the child. The church and in this event happened about live or so to hurt my feelings are pastor.

You hurt my feelings but no longer.

People innocent. Walking away from practice of their faith based on hurt feelings and when you contrast that the thumb losing their faith or imprisonment that should really wake us up to where we are at in America. Yeah, that's absolutely so taken when I preached over the years, but serving God by life or by death. One of our grants for ministry school, but with his family into very difficult territory in a Muslim country music was assassinated by Al Qaeda terrorists and there is a funeral week we talked about the price of following Jesus school slogan of ours was by life or by death, and I've never preaching this message. Once in the mother came up to me.

She said I get seven kids.

She said I just kissed each of them and I just said you belong to the Lord. It's a mindset we may never face the things that the Lee reason. In Syria Iraq or face with that mindset, we hear a mission not a vacation.

This world is a W ptosis. It's a battleground not a playground and in and we must have that mentality, quite briefly again French you have to get the book spiritual prep or to get all of the practical teaching guidelines, prophetic application, but how how you prepare for false teaching because false teaching doesn't come along and say this is false. This is deceptive how you prepare for what I think with all of it.

I joke that I grew up in the 80s with the G.I. Joe entrance for of it always been their show with a public service announcement and they would in that with now that you know that that the battle and I think that's so true. We've got to realize a finger current.

Right now you could turn on the TV. It but everybody missed an hour five or six different messages been preaching from a different church never according about podcast radio show to your choosing, not everybody going to be riding on the right is right that we've got to realize what I believe the number one warning of the New Testament is both teacher. Think about it maybe all the one book in the New Testament.

False teachers will come at the it's really knowing the truth. It's been able to be in the work yourself. I think you if you take over time to come to the Lord and maybe go through it, Bible study, they go through a class at the church.

They don't just worship services with your preaching, but they miss a concentrated training.

It was in every job I got there some type training before you stop it jump start the job but in our Christian walk. We just built this company will interbreed with what happened and what we really need to just dive into the word a concentrated effort to learn in the fact that we have so many warnings in Scripture. Let no one deceive you with empty words and be not deceived and Paul talked about how he lived with discipline.

So after he preached of the season so should be a castaway. We need that wake-up call, but we needed. Listen practical people say to me. Okay great.

You woke us up. Now what so your whole book is okay, let's wake up and this is what this is how you live it out and go ahead.

Yeah, I really heard someone have not had the chance that you need a formal degree, but I think you walk away and say hi. I took this concentrated time to enroll in the class find a consecrated study of their gift somebody that is going to the Bible, you and me. We all need that accountability yeah and and the thing that I appreciate Jake is that when the Bible tells us things about the future never tells us to give us express abstract information that tells us of that will recognize God is God and that will be prepared for what's coming, and certainly God is given us enough warnings and enough practical guidelines again.

The book spiritual prep for it is by Jake McCandless to some great endorsements for the book as well and when is it coming out officially April 4. So next week available on given the super store Barnes & Noble a right elbow released already on them about what the copy going go to prep are defined yet.

In fact, when you order an advance on Amazon they give you price guarantees when it comes out of semi-less you get that difference awesome hate. May the Lord use this to get the people God prepared. I appreciate Jake] opportunity and thank you for your work.

You're very welcome. All right friends, 8663 freight 7884 I would be weighing on a number of subjects, but everybody listening to me in North Carolina and Texas. In particular, may I have your best year again if you're listening to me and North Carolina or Texas, may I have your best year got a lot to talk. It's the line of fire with your host activist, author, international speaker and theologian Dr. Michael Brown voice of more cultural and spiritual revolution get into the line of fire now by calling 664 through here again is Dr. Michael Brown. I want everyone in particular, listening, and North Carolina, Texas. Your best year all right and everybody listening around the country around the world elicited listening because this will be relevant for everyone, but in particular with the North Carolina or if you live in Texas, this is Michael Brown you're listening to the line of fire your voice more cultural and spiritual revolution. Well, North Carolina couple years back passed HB two. This was specifically in response to radical bill passed in Charlotte so it's back in 2016. A lot of this unfolded through the last year. The year before there was an attempt to pass this radical bill in Charlotte that with a basically rendered all public bathrooms and locker rooms gender neutral and public businesses. Of course could do whatever they want to do that providentially didn't make it push through in 2016. In response, North Carolina legislators said, not our state and when I can have that happen and then there is, it is threats from the Obama administration that we would lose billions of dollars in federal funding. If, say, a high school did not allow a boy who identifies a growth plan. The girls soccer team and share their locker room shower stalls, etc. so just outrageous stuff. The state stood up to it. Gov. McCrory lost his reelection bid. I believe the first incumbent governor to lose in North Carolina and in a long time, but from what I understand there are other issues as well.

There are a couple of other controversies in terms of stands that he took it without those I will think HB two alone would've stopped him and his opponent Roy Cooper that's been about to the one and in some of the major gay activist groups and others with deep pockets got behind tent so even with all the controversy if they'd spent equally. Gov. McCrory with me then. Apparently if the office of the other controversies will which one of which had to do the tollroad. Things like that. Another with relationship to do power of the energy company North Carolina think without those that he still would been reelected, but either way either way. We have been told that this has cost us HB to hundreds of billions of dollars. The NCAA has pulled their tournament games from here the PayPal was going to come into the city, and an open upcoming Charlotte opened up new jobs that didn't happen, but others have said that it's been verified even by liberal websites. You know it's true.

It's basically 1/10 of 1% of the economy in the economy and earth, continues to thrive, live big companies based year BankAmerica and Google have offices here. They haven't moved out, they haven't moved out well NCAA is now given North Carolina 24 hours to repeal HB two, of course, Roy Cooper wants to do that, but thus far the legislators have not been willing to Republican lighthouses and this is again just to more bullying, more bullying, more telling people you cannot hold to sanity. You cannot hold to morale. You cannot hold to your moral convictions your religious convictions. You must comply with our political correctness or be punished. Right now, right now the state of Texas is facing identical say because Texas is moving to have a bathroom safety bill to say that if your biological man that you can't use the locker room of woman a public building and private businesses do whatever they want is not an attack on transgender people. This is a way to keep heterosexual predators out and a way to say the biggest concern is not less than 1% of the population that struggles with gender identity, for whom we have compassion.

The big concern is the 99% who don't, especially the feeling of safety of women and children live in North Carolina if you live in Texas. How do you want your legislators to act going to stand for principle and what's right and perhaps receive financial penalty because of it. You say God will make up for that God will bless us and if enough states just stood up in the NCAA and the NFL and NBA reasons they can't boycott everywhere. Then they pull their their All-Star game from Charlotte this year get penalized penalize North Carolina save for the states just up to these bullies.

It would stop. That's when I say will be right back. Her plan by the Expo line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown voice and more cultural and spiritual revolution. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown NCAA is given eight hours to change. HB two state will lose NCAA events for the year 2022, potentially costing hundreds of millions of dollars. The clock is officially taking what kind of bullying is this what you have dropped 24 hours to make a decision on Justinian's is plenty things out some, but when they decided to pull the games they pull them on pretty short notice. Did they not let us listen to this a little bit more and we go to clip number four. Again, the NCAA, giving North Carolina 24 hours to make up its mind on this and I believe this is Bill Mulligan on Fox reporting go ahead. PayPal decided to cancel plans for a new facility in Charlotte that would've added an estimated $2.6 billion to the states economy and 400 new jobs. Deutsche Bank scuttled their plans to add 250 jobs in the Raleigh area which would've brought in an estimated $547 million by the end of 2027 costar group backed out of negotiations to bring more than 700 jobs to the Charlotte area. Adidas decided to build its first US sports shoe factory near Atlanta instead of High Point that cost North Carolina about 160 jobs in FoxPro decided to hire hundreds of customer support workers in Athens Georgia instead of the Raleigh area. Yeah that's that's rough.

That's ugly get its bigotry, its bullying needs to be stood up to and if enough states that up if Atlanta stood up of Texas did up with other state stood up, they wouldn't be able to bully like this. Plain and simple and and again from understand this amounts to 1/10 of 1% of the overall budget other others have not left the statements. Remember the hypocrisy Bank of America was here for years the NBA was bringing their All-Star game here. PayPal is bringing new business here I sit here living in North Carolina. All that was going to happen when things were the way they used to be okay and and and that was that was the reality then Charlotte North Carolina radically change things. HB two said no going back to the way they were before. Now suddenly everybody's outraged and pulling out. And what's more important, money, or morality people North Carolina people Texas. What's more important, morality money and and over the process of years. GU think that God cannot more than make up 1/10 of 1%. If you do what's right, even if we lost money. Find but but I believe if we honor God, where money does matter in terms of meeting needs in a practical level and having a strong financial base of the people are helped in healthy and in the end there in their financial status. Great find amen. I'm quite sure God can more than make up that 1/10 of 1%.

I wonder how many have moved here feel good about being here because of North Carolina taking the stand. They have taken this play one more clip clip number five again NCAA, giving North Carolina 24 hours to repeal HB two according to an in-depth analysis by the Associated Press. HB two is estimated to cost North Carolina almost $3.8 billion over a span of 12 years.

Within the past year the Tar Heel state is gone through major financial hits because of HB two.

All in all, the AP estimates North Carolina has missed out on more than 2900 jobs because of House Bill two on top of that, canceled conventions, concerts and major sporting events, including the NBA All-Star game have deprived North Carolina of more than $196 million by the end of this year alone.

The AP estimates North Carolina will of missed out on more than $525 million.

Specifically, due to HB two is the fascinating that reports indicate that the economy North Carolina is one of the best in America and that it's one of the friendliest places for businesses in America and that business and housing. Other things seem to be booming, booming in North Carolina. From what I've read, and from what I understand, and and again what's most important in God's sight. This is not war. Transgender. This is a war on cultural insanity. This is a war on radical political activism. If you want to push things back if you want to push things back and recognize where the real problems arose.

They arose when Charlotte passed the radical bill because nothing was going wrong before then. Meaning, meaning that all these businesses were coming here and opening up offices.

This is an example of cultural bullying that must be resisted. You know I'm I'm just looking at here. Chloe Jefferson student Greenville Christian Academy expressed concerns during the special session state lawmakers held Lester to pass HB two she spoke out against the Charlotte ordinance that would've allowed transgender people to use restrooms corresponding with their gender identity quote changing in front of my girl peers is already intimidating enough. Now we add the possibility of males changing and showering alongside of me this so that makes me I'm sure other girls even more self-conscious girls like me should never be forced to undress her show the presence of scars and editorial in the Charlotte Observer said well you just enough to get used to it does not used to the presence of male body parts and bathrooms are just as it is, what kind of nonsense is this so we we need to just wake up friends to wake up again since we were dealing with. Let the NCAA go ahead and bully. Let's be people of principal and people of Texas. Encourage your legislators to his SB six to vote for that and to have bathroom privacy act again. Private businesses can do whatever they want to do. They can have a shower stall in the middle of a workroom if they wanted to. Whatever will they want to do, that's their business. Their business and call it is they want they can say men work on one side of the building and working inside the building they can do whatever they want to do, that's their business. They can say our dress code is that everyone has to wear slacks, men and women are dress codes everyone has to wear gowns and do they want to do. If you'd like to work to do business at your business.

It's their business is your business but we need to just come back to sanity friends we need to come back to reality, and in fact this article that I wrote and discuss a little bit about this in the witness with subjects in a minute. Go to the phones. I wrote an article based on two emails that were sent to me by an individual man who in rebellion against God had sex change surgery lived as a woman married another man and together with this husband now have come to the Lord and really want to serve the Lord.

I found subsequently they are celibate in their relationship. Because the nature of the relationship of this individual that will call Irene wrote this to me and said just regular transcend of the article. Thank you for your current Scripture-based article on this. I'm a transgendered person.

I struggled all my life I turned from God and did what I knew was wrong. Many, many years ago I was born a male. Melisa female for the last 15 years got started calling back a couple of years ago I rededicated my life to following Jesus and living for him what he can do for lost person. I can't change the things I've done to myself and ones that love me. God show me that I should not promote or be in the community because of the insanity of thinking God for giving me for taking my life in my hands was easy. It is always been forgiven myself. That is been hard. I'm still working progress. I spent time with my Lord and Savior every day. My past is not mine anymore my futures in God hands is in God's hand again, thank you for your article.

I get tired of articles and news promoting the lifestyle so I asked gimp will call this individual. Irene, if you like I ultimately want you to identify as female response how God ultimately wants me to identifies confusing.

I am married to a loving husband who shares my faith, and have been for the last 13 years was his mother who got me going back to church and also rededicated my life to Christ, so it again. You ultimately have to men who are who are who are married when with sex change surgery, but there celibate. Now because of the in their sorting these things out so how do you view this choice now that you made.

It was my choice to transition would God want for my life not believe it was, I believe I let so much since my life that I might sell for sinful choices in my life at this point I don't see God wanting to destroy a second marriage industry person. My husband, I don't live a life of promoting my choice. In fact, I cringe each time I see on television online or read about how great it is for transition. I know the pain send the hurt how confused the people are before they make a choice that changes her life forever. They need to have a God conversation instead of a selfish conversation with themselves or some group promoting and encouraging them poignant clear. You can read the article by going to the line of and just clicking on the digital library and notice notice. Notice that Chloe talked about being a girl and potentially having a boy in her locker. She didn't care at all.

She can give a flip about the financial impact but companies gonna come to the north Carolina not, nor should she be thinking about that right back if you listen to yesterday's interview with Michael Heiser enough background to the New Testament.

Give me a call. Take some calls on that.

The last few minutes of 866-34-TRUTH the line of fire with your host Dr. Michael Brown get into the line of fire now by calling 866. Here again is Dr. Michael Brown back friends wanted far in 66487884. Glad to see that AFA has sent out an action alert marriage and family Association of based largely on the article that I wrote about this video removes Christian ministry videos closes account with responses friends let's act on this. Let's get word out to video. See how I do it, go to the line of go there and when you go there, just look for my article on video declares one gospel transformation at the end we give you some practical things that you can do won't cost you a dime. Practical things you do. We do encourage you to buy the DVD. Such were some of you I am on there is an expert about biblical cultural issues, but the most powerful part of that video the testimonies of people who been transformed the testimony of those who have encountered Jesus and found grace to bring deep and wonderful and glorious transformation in their lives. By the way, is to stay here for a moment on cultural issues so Bill O'Reilly one of the best known folks on secular TV today. The O'Reilly factor, Fox news, Bill O'Reilly made a silly disparaging remark about Maxine Waters, Congresswoman Waters and there was a discussion going on and she was involved with it and he said he couldn't pay attention to it because the James Brown wig. She was wearing. He's apologized for the comments publicly and as clearly as he made his initial flip and silly comment he's apologized and rightly so. Their calls for his resignation and others have had to resign for lesser comments and things like that. Being called racist and I I didn't see this racist I thought, so it is stupid and and perhaps I haven't followed him enough. Of course knows work well but I will watch the short video read his columns all the time so I others I did know if you engage in a kinda silly stuff and regular basis and Rush Limbaugh obviously with on a regular basis and and others might on a regular basis.

O'Reilly apparently not, but just a little lesson for all of us little lesson with you with the love Bill O'Reilly you don't don't like O'Reilly at all, just a little practical lesson met May I offer that okay Ecclesiastes 10 one is an interesting verse in the King James it starts with the words dead flies are sometimes given. That is a little quiz to people which verse of the King James Bilotta begins with the word dead flies and it actually occurs like that and some other translations at all. If I can remember the King James for memorizing it. Probably 44 years ago.

Dead flies because the ointments of the apothecary distance send forth a stinking saver, so does a little folly him that has a reputation that is that is in reputation for wisdom and honor.

So it let's just see so the flow folly him that as an yeah okay I corrected. It is a reputation for wisdom and honor. Let's read from a couple of translations HCS be dead flies make a perfumer's oil ferments and stink so little folly outweighs wisdom and honor ESV dead flies make the perfumer's ointment give off a stencil little folly outweighs wisdom and honor any T-1 dead fly makes the perfumer's ointment give off a rancid stance so little folly can outweigh much wisdom the Jewish publication Society version that flies turn the perfumer's ointment fted and putrid so little folly outweighs massive wisdom.

Now, why do I bring that up to the extent you have a voice to the extent you have respect to the extent you are trusted to the extent people listen to the extent people respect your point of view you might be a pastor you might be an educator might be an intranet voice. You might have a voice in many other ways these days, people may look to your example.

Just be careful not to compromise by something stupid. I'll be preaching sometimes and and something will come to mind. Should I use this illustration and I think the agony is that I hear voice in my mind it's the voice of my wife was with Nancy about time I like to be an inside of the planet is he saying you once it it.

In other words, in other words that I know not actually hearing her voice but knowing her that well she's weighing in slick it's going to detract from the message or its give a seems silly or you don't want to be doing this in certain company because it won't be understood your own family and friends there. You act a certain way you could give you silly stuff with the little kids. But then when you're saying in in front of national leaders. You don't do the same thing. So here you have Bill O'Reilly and and the outcries people loving people hate them. He's a strong, outspoken and clear and largely conservative, etc. and the understanding to people of menhaden in this like a make hit him bigger or better or or or worse or another was overall easy to continue as he is and the people that love Morgan keep loving on the people ahead of you to keep hating but it's an unnecessary distraction. It's an unnecessary thing to have used against you think of our president if if he tweeted less and said certain things are less incendiary during the campaign to call the radical stand strong stance clear stance.

Be a man be an alpha male be all that fine great no problem that a semi issue, but the unnecessary things.

The unnecessary insults the things that by belittling others belittled him they would be less to throw against the essence of people love to hate them understand but now were coming over to those of us who were seeking to follow the Lord. I'm not looking to Bill O'Reilly as a Christian witness of Donald Trump is a Christian witness, but that we who are believers, we are expected to live a certain way, we who are believers working expected to conduct ourselves a certain way and I just was struck by this for me the biggest was not Bill O'Reilly again spoke to the seller with its oldest TV shall be as poppers and spent that's my opinion.

And those that hate you hate all the more those 11 ascetic, male is the big deal and note the laugh at the joke. My point is, let's use this as a teachable moment for ourselves and to say okay what it takes for me to disqualify myself in the eyes of others would it take for me to compromise myself in the eyes of others or or to make people less inclined to take me seriously less inclined to respect my opinion, I believe it's really important that we ask ourselves, what can we do to enhance twin Hance. They respect the people have for us to enhance any authority that's been given to us to enhance the reputation that we have that is a good reputation because you can build up your reputation for years and years and only takes a few seconds to destroy it. So let's live and learn. Got it all right yesterday. Fascinating interview with Dr. Michael Heiser opening up things that for many were completely far new territory get the CD of that interview plus the book reversing her mom to be forgotten mission of Jesus and eye-opening book for those together exclusively at the line of fire doubling as many copies as you like a bottom line today. Let's walk in the love of God than the fear of God to be careful with how we live

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