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WED HR 2 092122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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September 22, 2022 12:47 am

WED HR 2 092122

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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Seeing something really friendly smile when I stopped DC September 30 and listen to the podcast WR what I am a little bit. Do they have planned for September 24 okay, what in the world currently planning to do. It's up there were 24th Joe there's been all of this chatter over over the Internet.

You know some some of the chatters actually saying and no. Some of the white hat. Some of the what I talk about white hats whom I talk about you recruit drive believers. The other good guys are believers, but but you lose a lot of good guys a lot of believers. More specifically, these are people that are former military or high ranking government officials. Those in intelligence that that are still there.

Okay no and another by Obama right so now we know that to that of big part.

Maybe even the majority of the military still recognize Pres. Trump is legitimate president, as do we, as is to most of America out there today. They recognize that the Biden that Joe Biden was placed in there that the election was stolen everybody except for Brett there right now so here what anonymous went on, this event are they talking about. Well, there's there's things happening. Okay potent.

Now this is saying don't think I'm not out his nuclear threat is not a bluff. Okay, and he made these remarks in the seven minute address Nestlé today put also warned that the West, he isn't bluffing over using everything at his disposal to protect Russia as an apparent reference to the nuclear arsenal will master this week. You and I know so that we understand something is is what the way that the reporting the war in Ukraine is it anywhere even close to what is actually being reported.

NBC, ABC and CBS for our cricket more computers embargoed. He wrote of her wonderful daily maladaptive spirit always looks like Ukrainians or warning Russians are losing their narratives all over the place right so let me ask you this. You think that some of what appears to be major losses by Putin C. What is that he's trying to achieve these try to get those three little border countries right back under the Russian sphere right) out trying to get that part of their longer blocks. That's what he wants all the land surrounding Caesarea can cut out the rest of the country.

Okay, so now if in fact he can get some kind of election to get those people to vote themselves back into the Soviet Union because they really never voted out this you think anybody in this country knows that this country that Joe Obama Joe Obama set up a puppet government over there in the Ukraine and that was totally corrupt. They took the legitimate. They took the legitimate president that was elected and they ousted him in and they put in their own puppet to think anybody in the country knows that besides us here.

Her are talking in the sky like Biden narrowing the gap that the prosecutor required that was trying to look into the government corruption in the Iraqi United States billion dollars year will fire all bicameral brand-name virtual environment so you want the ones were kind of global close old saying bad things are happening that got fired kicked out of government. Now the government and Biden both dental domination and Biden installed the government, they installed their did they turn Ukraine into one huge money laundering operation certainly like to know the people.

The vast majority of his people in this country are clueless to that right. They will watch NBC, ABC, CBS, and they believe in the work Obama's got one break for $17 million place Member Pl. in Hawaii and even colored heroes like Bill Clinton at $50,000 speech or hundred thousand dollars in speech, where are these were were talking about properties worth 20, $25 million.

All of a sudden you have been out of office that long get on suppository get some money from the 70s places like Ukraine and the out of the deals or make right. Remember what you how much was it. He gave how much was it.

He was a 500 billion to Iran. Your aching cash now let me ask you this.

Do you think the Iranians uranium.

Do you think that he gave that money to the Iranians without some of that money being funneled back up a whole bunch that no I don't okay all right out. Call me a conspiracy. Usually when you look into anything like this huge amounts of money do they ever do it without a long time anything. The United Nations any of their programs is always kicked Baxter's lawyers money being withheld. The people in charge always got rich so the whole history of the past hundred years. The special report that I do like to watch and corruption, kickbacks, that's the story of the whole earth makes ready so here again is seven minute national televised address. Putin warns the West isn't bluffing that he isn't bluffing over using everything is to his disposal.

So now what could what would he do is this country ready for a dirty bomb if if we got hit with a dirty bomb and is Russia capable of doing that. What would remember what Pres. Trump. Remember when the legitimate president of this country when the legitimate president of this country was working on hardening our grid that was one of his major efforts on hardening the male outbreak talk on hardening.

While it's not the dirty bomb. I'm worried about it, an EMP attack at the high level nuclear explosion that the that's what they call energy shuts down computers and validate the use that they called dirty bombs that the duty to do that. That's what they use the EMP attack. All the dirty bomb is also one of the true definition of the dirty bombs.

That's right right anyhow so we don't know what the ominous of that is there. There are those that believe that because of the wind. When this takes place coming this Saturday that there's going to be is the time of the rapture the church were not going because Russia talked Rosh Hashanah begins at sundown on Sunday the 25th 2K and so according to the Jewish tradition, 17 year seven cycle will in and the new one will commence on that as a sign goes out of anything in case of of course, the truth is that we don't know for sure if the Jewish authorities have calculated the philatelic cycles correctly in the Bible also doesn't make it completely clear what day of the cycles were to begin some right but there are those out there already already have gotten something put together in one of them is a good friend of both you you and me, and I haven't really been able to read his entire article here at buddies nationally known and he yeah he believes that well.

He is not saying for sure, but he's bully believes it's a good possibility that that's going to be the day and so anyhow I would never dare go there because like you said, the Bible makes it clear where not to help hello. We are to live every day to the fullest. Watching for the Lord at any time and that's all we're supposed to do now) international medical crisis over 400 doctors and scientists in India declared coven vaccine programs must in now. Okay over 400 doctors, scientists and health officials in India represented at a September 10 press conference have denounced the coven 19 vaccines the signs as the medical profession have declared an international crisis because the vaccines if you have failed to have associated with with excess mortality and they been killing a lot of people are dying due to these vaccines. But you and I could hear that on NBC, ABC and CBS are you know you're currently not know, we've been telling people for a long time through. Prepare well. We were right again. Sure, that sure Jerome Powell came out today and when asked how long was this mess, last he said well regret through more years of pain two more years of pain species before they can get us down to Seattle Larry Summers out there who was Obama's top economic advisor. He said the Biden energy policy is actually in saying and what's happening is Biden's been shoving cash in two the system to buy votes, and the more cash it shows them the more it creates inflation because more money is out there and that's a problem that we got the feds trying to pull money back with both hands and Obama shoving it with big shoveled back into the economy so folks, I think he's being optimistic 21st two years of paying this therapy tomorrow rate hikes one November 1 December and a smaller one and January and general and from what I call down there and you better have your relationship with the Lord in good stead because I think were in for some very, very hard time saying it.

You are now little some of things that you can expect today, but I do. People that are stocking up. They might, they will say your hoarding okay.

They want to confiscate to remember they want to put us under complete dictatorship here right will now control the let me ask you this will remember how we can warning people and telling people folks listen remember those that had Biden signs in the yard that had Joe Biden signs in the yard not were not telling you to hate those people were telling me something here that if if Biden's corrupt, deep state, corrupt FBI.

Whoever come around to to try to collect your guns. Those people with the Biden signs in a yard they will rattle you out pointing fingers right that's that's exactly right. So you have about right and so are we telling people this because we want them to hate the neighbors are we telling the people is because we want them to be prepared and will warning them okay about the reality and pray for your neighbor that they turn from their wicked ways. They see the truth and fact that brings up one day I wanted that we need to start praying for one another in this country one of the things that came out today. Powell was talking about the 70s steep job losses.

They had that unfortunately you get inflation under control regatta lose a lot of jobs and you and I've been telling the people all summer about all these companies talking about who there are many good traveling authors hiring freezes all the big companies are going to be laying off in 2000 2023 and that means depression or recession. At the very ultimate recession was at recession is when your neighbor loses his job.

A depression is when you lose yours and with all these big companies cutting all these people next year were going to have to try and help one another help find jobs for our families and friends and neighbors, and now this is a time for Christians to stand up and be counted because there's going be a lot we can do to lab crowns and treasures in heaven. During the times ahead. I selected to try to do first of all, I tell the posted is what we do doers of the word Baptist Church. We always use whenever we can. We do we do are buying from local okay small mom-and-pop businesses local small mom-and-pop businesses because those are the people those are neighbors.

The big box will corporations are not on our side. They have gone whoring with a corrupt communist government. Just like exactly like it says in Revelation 17 Coca-Cola of these big corporations have gone whoring big-box stores, Walmart, and that folks they will do that they will believe me they don't own the only thing you mean to them. Okay, it will do whatever the corrupt government tells them to do okay there, in partnership with a corrupt government and they want to they want to put out as many small businesses out. That's why you and I quit drinking Coca-Cola. I I don't go to Walmart I try always to shop at a local store. My neighbor's door and support them now the time a very will come. Remember, remember, Biden wants to take us off the dollar takes out the currency and put us on that new woke where in other words, you, your currency will go by what your score is okay like what they want to do in China will be evaluated okay and so we tried to warn them because the most jobs in America were small business small businesses don't hire a lobbyist. Big multinational corporations catch the wording, multinational one world order are the ones that can afford all the lobbyists, all the attorneys are the ones that spend millions on lobbying the government and you get rid of small business. All you have is a big corporations that want to know ruled the world like the military-industrial complex. You get rid of all those who are free and does small businesses. The independent-minded people and then you can it's easier for the government to control absolute journalism that it's really an apologist. Nobody wants to tell the truth anymore. You're right already listed some of the students in some rapid lightning rounds for a few minutes that will open the phone lines it takes and calls one trouble appointed judge strikes down federal school mask and vaccine mandate that something we forgot to mention trouble appointed the number okay of of conservative judges people who actually believe the Constitution a federal judge in today ruled that the federal government cannot require head start program teaches staff and volunteers to be vaccinated against the coded 19, nor can they require adults to and students to where mass of the liberty Genesis center announced today. Okay. And so he goes on to say Terry Doughty judge doubted Doughty I guess you pronounce it. A judge of the US District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, a trouble point. He said the liberty interest of individuals mandated to take over 19 vaccine outweighed any interest generated by the mandatory administration of vaccines. There you go, delicately gets what he did here is a judge that told the truth. Here's a judge that told the truth about what kind of reminded me of couple days ago articles around the 19th New York City fire hundreds and hundreds of unbacked teachers teach shortage but they've been sitting as a fireman case. Police anybody report and be obedient to the government and the more general people that they replace those positions are gonna put them with people who were obedient to the government.

So what were seeing across this nation and through the government is a word of freedom loving independent people and you are feeling these government positions further than the state, local, federal, with people who are willing to just blindly obey the government let you know the governor of New York.

She didn't word it this way, but basically what she was saying was if you're a decent person your leave New York and go to Florida yeah directly yeah and another words if you're pro-life. If you believe in God you believe in family, your decent person leave our state. We don't want decent people in the state. That's basically what she was saying.

By the way, I believe her religion is Satan is Satanism that they don't call it that. They use a different name so anyhow. The name change the meaning.

One thing I want to warn people there combination of stories brick Biden has been we talked about this, but I want to remind everybody. Biden has been selling out our strategic oil present reserve that we have for national emergency or primarily wartime companies trying to top it off, and fill it up at $20 a barrel so Biden is been releasing up million barrels a day, so that the gas prices come down so you can tell you how wonderful he is, how he got your gas prices back down.

You need to reelect him, but what is not telling you is the last day of the gasoline sale areas.

Election day. After that, they've got to start refilling the petroleum reserves at extremely high prices dollars, cost way more article about that.

It now price at that date for originally and you get to pay for it in your taxes and the cost of gasoline is chemical backup because the government starts buying more more oil and gasoline. The price is going to go up and you're going to suffer at the pump. But that will only happen after the election, when no lady but thinks they can stay in power. So don't be old people see what you're doing. Use your eyes back you're talking about that. In Scripture you know when you're filled with the Holy Spirit. You know what is going on time, or what you said it was the goblin first current. There is a chapter to carry out this so insect when he tells you that people again this majority people are biblically illiterate out there that they don't understand what's in it, but I will show you what has been what is now with the come. If you have of you smart enough to read here let me read it to, howbeit we speak wisdom among them that are perfect yet not the wisdom of this world, nor of the princes know that were princesses were weed for legislators of this world they came to not but we speak the wisdom of God in a mystery, even the hidden wisdom which God ordained before the world unto our glory which none of the princes of this world new for had to listen to this.

Had they known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory became my right. There were not killed God son of Gregor Lori was but as it is written, I have not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for them that love him too. You know, you know, took the advertisement and spoke to the college and took it totally out of context. Slick Willie. He said I have not seen her ear has neither have entered our, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man the things which we can do. I believe he said the things that we can he change that. The last part of their well every time I've heard a liberal quote Scripture. They've always changed it.

Voiceless years that they've taken it out of text, innovative, neglected to read the line before or after that explains what it is and the only time he ever used the Bible's limited misuse that I've never heard the music correctly only reaches this part, but the natural man receive not the things of the spirit, for they are foolishness into you. Can they know them because they are spiritually discerned. But he that is spiritual judges all things. This event is spiritual.

Yet he himself is judged of no man for who has known the mind of the Lord, that you may instruct him, but we have the mind of Christ delete he's telling you that were doing this not on our own merits but is through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we can, we can see these things and I've had.

I had a woman once I went on the air accuse me of being a part of the cognitive she said you you always know that was could happen a week before everybody else is out there white way is how do you do that how do you know that before everybody else in the media knows that is not that we know it before they do is that we are job is to get get it out there till you.

Your job is the twist spin and present whatever the narrative that the George Soros and the others tell them to present. That's the reality job is to misinform or lie by omission.

Another work. Her away like our fight laptop does this Russian communal. There was a Russian ally and anything that promotes the cause is member of the motto is great and justified the meeting. So whatever you have to do to win. The end result of warning staying in power justifies what you have to do to get that this is the communist mantra and this is what the Democratic Party uses all the time so that they can hold off all the truth till after the election, they don't really care if it comes out a year or two later. They've already won the election may proudly role. This is how they've always worked. The politically motivated attacks say his name. 18-year-old Tyler Ellington murdered by an angry Democrat.

Two weeks after Joe Biden's demonic speech declaring Republicans enemies of the state in this Tyler Ellison was murdered and he ate on Sunday.

Tino Conrado Ellis of the young conservative was struck and killed by an SUV driven by a 41-year-old Shannon Pratt in a politically motivated murder North Dakota Brett Chase young Tyler Ellison through the streets after a local dance. The rat murdered Kyler with his vehicle. The team was attending the street at the McKinley North Dakota. Kyler had called his mother before he was killed and told her the Brett was chasing him and that he was scared. Kyler's mother said she knew Shannon Brandt the murderer chirality came to week after Joe Biden's demonic speech in Philadelphia where he declared war against Republicans, conservative patriots and from boats okay you think it's time to open the phone lines out one more story and then because I want to get without regard read a lot of things by Dr. Peter McCullough yet and he has been one of the great truth tellers about the October 19 and he's got another call, you spent an hour during an interview with world news daily and WorldNetDaily were charges and he's starting a new thing called the wellness company at the healthcare enterprise she's launched with Yale University met with Prof. Dr. Harvey Riche and they are setting this new thing out. It's a new venture, a holistic prevention-based approach to healthcare through telemedicine and eventually through in person consultation and he talks about people of lost trust in the healthcare system and they are fighting back and they're going to be able to basically they don't treat people here can't get medicine from a pharmacist or doctor when they refused to give you like the trucks.

The clerk or under any of these things.

They are setting this up by the money spearheaded by Canadian businessman Foster Colson. And so here is a membership-based healthcare alternative, the wellness company. That's a big change in the world of medicine and I would like to have her but prayed that this is a successful venture and that it spreads and this would be a marvelous, marvelous thing to have a lot of this type of healthcare available doctors who care who were willing to not listen to the CDC, the NIH and if you need a Grokster clerk wonder if you need the courseware medicine you get. So I had to get that in the night wellness company, what you did get it in writing. I write this: take a click Clifford's are cohosted with his blindness might actually… Yet yet one thing I wanted to shower as I had just listened twice actually to the latest Sgt. report podcast episode 383 and out couple of notable things one that was declassified that wine George Bush had been the head of the topic but have been 100 CIA and afterwords they said that they had humanlike math that one man went in to see him put the mask on that he knew when he was president at work so well that he went with someone else. That's pretty spooky. The second thing is that seems to be a doctor found she and Nassau that's been there since Gemini is the head scientist at NASA Langley. They had a clip from him in 2011. His name is damaged Dennis Buswell and in the clip he is talking about mall this one-on-one that many Asian you know them into the billions, and they're gonna take up too many resources and the lower the standard of living for any everybody and that is about 30 to 50%. Too many people in the population and we need to work on that they can listen to that clip disguise like apparently like another slouchy but it seems like this guy is the filmmaker saying that is a fusion between Doppler and Nassau.

Ironically, propaganda.

So that's where some of the federal monies going in the third thing was a European that was a clip from the European parliamentary map that seemed quite angry about McDonagh and he said McDonald's says they tested this exact so-called vaccine and 2017 2018 and he said there was no virus to test it against them. So how is it that they tested it against this virus technically didn't write right without good credit. I do not out yet so he seemed really angry and again you know you taking off people that have access to miniature holiday might come right back. Then life site news had three quick things I want to share one with what's his name that the California governor signed a bill this past weekend.

Some yeah yeah compost meant that people that they would yeah we talked about that lesson now. Yes, not one second one was an arts and California are going to the article worked in the cardiac center and she had children pulling children coming in with this myocarditis yeah we played that last night to lead to yeah and and the third thing was Vanderbilt University is making a huge amount a university at the attached medicals on this planet. Human thought yelled for 20 grand for removing two brass and you notice a little bit of an uproar about that.

Not only that, but they're taking young boys in their giving young boys risk transfer plan abreast with implants, breast implants of the invoice and then there they're doing with the calls of vasectomies on the young girls. The removing their breasts and people these parents that allow that I could take this shame on you because I'm an Italian you are, are not protecting your children, your literally sacrificing your children, but the gap is what they're doing down there. There, they're mutilating their mutilating the children remember that croup is 95 to 98% of the catheter turned here. The longer get some decent counseling will grow out of the confusion and be all right, but the majority of these children are having all these horrible things done.

The number of regrets is piling up piling up piling up in the suicide rate is extremely high for those who've gone through one of these procedures in their angry at their parents for allowing them their angry at their parents for allowing them in. Mostly it's the mother's mostly is the mothers that are allowing this to happen that also want in life, site news, if you click at the bottom of all the articles that will read back to you in a nice one and slight knowledge and that's a pretty convenient during the last thing I just want to say I could see how you know going to Bible study how Jonah could see his point of view how he what you want to minister to those people. I can almost say you now why would he not want the point of it is listen to me if God tells you to do something don't rent. You are more than redo wiring and what he's got in store and what the regional none of it. He knows it all. So why argue when he's right. We know are wrong, you could lose the argument for the Geico you know that I know you.

Learn that stubborn that she will know what he was. He he didn't want to go back to his people say on the one that got netted to repent. I was when it went in there because his people will be like him they wouldn't they wouldn't be too happy with a Wednesday and so and probably you know Jonah probably have some some family or friends or somebody who had been killed by the Ninevites. Wang and Sills is one of the reasons put, you can't win the argument with God. He's going to get you right where he wants you right when he wants you. You could do it his way or your way. Jonah found out that his way will he learn more about a fish. Why did he ever wanted to know right right so that that's a big lesson yeah but also want one location that the union of the unwanted podcast episode 53 and has a very long form interview on the front that Brooks Jackson was filling $541.9 billion. She was overseeing one of the phase 2 trial fan and get out with with Scott fired and she's fighting back. It's really interesting. It's like a mess for the amount and then the second. Ponder that a doctor or a holistic doctor is talking about how a few thing Sarah Pat Kays is a man side to help the people that have developed clot Sarah Sarah packed a three can listen to him in accepting people to get on the wrong flight 2030 box Outback tape plan five felt some of the president that at that feeling of the unwanted episode 53 in the middle at what I thought the 12th about it on that one possible remedy number one, I've heard of it. My argument from the Salk Institute in San Diego that giving people that for the fully clot the right very good already breaking news Steve Bannon warns of lives Liz Cheney and the debt, the credit parties latest attempt to pass illegitimate election cheating bill HR 8873.

House Democrats are desperately trying to pass HR 8873 before they leave office for the midterm elections.

The bill is an urgent attempt by Democrats to put in place rules to ensure they can steal all future elections from the American people here you go. He goes on to say Democrats depend on stuff like this in items listed below to order to disrupt the election system with illegitimate votes one.

Create new broad private rights of action that can be easily abused by Democrat election lawyers. This is HR 8873 President-elect Reform Act. They call it allows candidates for president to sue for an extended voting. Due to contest catastrophic events change the electro electoral college safe harbor date due to December 23. Only seven business days before certification on January 6 empowers Congress of federal judges to decide and interpret state election laws instead of the states themselves. There you go. I told you already, everything that affects them spraying and powered fact to go look at the Wall Street Journal editorial board came out and warned about the real stakes of the Dems winning the midterm and they want what's really going on in November, increased taxes, permanent changes to the voting process to the Constitution, the abolishment of the Senate filibuster and they go on and they said the real issue.

By far the most important is the fact that the voters must put a legislative check on the political left there trying to consume power, power power, so the idea this 2022 election is an opportunity to limit the power of this current administration.

That's what we must do an analysis. Wall Street Journal is not exactly a far right organization as turning no it's not. It's amazing because I was just to say I can't believe it used to be. General editorial board Gordon used to be, well, you know what just like just like the medical like the medical profession doctors about losing credibility.

People don't trust them anymore. They've lost a tremendous amount of credibility as they went a whoring with big Pharma and so Wall Street Journal was finding out there losing a lot of business to epic times that and a lot yeah a lot, so they did they realize how you know wait a minute that you know were not providing what we would whoop we we have done in the past so anyhow right 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 the you have a question or comment.

Give us a call in here so let's go to Timothy Timothy are in their that evening to say. Today the 21st the proper today is spot on.

As per usual I look at what's going on state of affairs. Oh, once again, I gabbed labs man makes plans evil or otherwise, and not II just read Joshua 2415 every single day and today is a read the 21st proverb I choose to serve Yahweh, Jesus Christ, and I have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit every day and not 366 times we read and I've come through and read those to reaffirm when I go out into society. I'm to employ the three charges that God has commanded us to do at the fair. Nothing other than Yahweh disproving God, disobeying God Pray in the match at the pray pray that in the natural.

He allows those that he started the work that he started in any other leaders if you want them to be there. There gonna be there so exhibit trust and believe 50s and allow him to come back and finish what he started. That being Donald Trump and anybody else in the restaurant DeSantis and Jim Jordan elite of the people that I believe that Dyke add that these are God-fearing people there in there to serve think they understand the true meaning of service both in the military.

Any of those that are politicians that insert and then also in serving their fellow man in this country. They know the state of affairs.

They know that it put up or shut up.

From November and anybody that doesn't work to find out who is the we did lose the chaff. Absolutely, you know Solomon summed it all up.

Solomon was a fairly wise man and a regular in the ecclesiastics chapter 12 the last words that he wrote in the ecclesiastics was this, let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter, fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man for God shall bring every work into judgment in every secret thing, whether it be good or whether it be evil to do think that is a good message for the deep state of absolutely every chance that I do agree that the first couple verses of that Proverbs 21 today.

This should go ahead and let it out there listening. If you're at denier that our rightful president is at my Lago and the persecution that's upon him. He is Down for a Reason and That God Is Allowing It That Way You Can Attack Them All All You Want It for If God Be for Them Who Can Be against Them Says That the King's Heart Is in the Hand of the Lord Is the Rivers of Water, Eternity. It Whether Soever You Will Every Way of a Man Is Right in His Own I but the Lord Ponder at the Hearts to Justice and Judgment Is More Acceptable to the Lord and Sacrifice.

And If You If You Skip down to 1818 Is Where the Hammer Comes the Wicked Shall Be a Ransom for the Righteous Mission and Again the Wicked Shall Be a Ransom for the Righteous and the Transgressor for the Upright, so We We Have To Just Trust in the Lord, Trust in the Lord and Know That This Is His Timing Is Perfect. His Ways Are Greater That I Waste His Sovereign Sovereignty Is on Unparalleled and His Providence Is Unparalleled, Clinical Him Trusted Nobody.

There's No Other Way. Yes Indeed, You Will with Regard to That Song Joe Last Night. It Was by Milton Some Guy Named Milton Wrote It, but.Billiton Gators Used To Sing That Song A Lot about the Yonder on the Rollcall, and the Rollcall of the Underground – Indeed That Was Built I Pulled That Song up after the Show Was over.

Last Night I Played All the Different Versions That Was Written by Some Guy Named Milton. I Have It. Somewhere in the Phone but I Anyway I Read up the History about That and That You May Want to Throw Away the Old Rugged Cross to Go.

That's One of My Favorites. I Still Enjoy That Coming. I Try to Teach My Kids Because That Generation Today Is Clueless, When I Was When I Was a Dissolute Kid Little Guy My Mother Used To Sing That Song She Would Cross and the Garden. I Come to the Garden Alone. I Got and Now They Don't If They Don't Make You Well up in Your Eyes and I Have Your Heart Be Enlarged and I Think You'll Have a Pulse, and You're Not.

You're at Denier of Calvary, I Hear You Know We Are Indwelling of the Spirit, That's for Sure. Now We Were on the Battlefield Where We Got to Keep Going and Keep Going but We Went When We Got to Get As Many People in the Fold As Possible. These People That Are Criminally Insane. They Have To Get Them to Repent Is a Need to Get on Their Knees and the Need to Apologize. All the Other People but That's Crap That They Put Us through. That's What We Keep Trying to Tell Them Know the Again Looked We Don't Want Our Enemies Know Even with Even the Worst. We Don't Want to See Him Go to Hell. We Know He'll Last Forever. This Is Why We Keep Telling. This Is Why I Keep Telling You Know Those Those Guys in the FBI and the IRS and Whatever He Didn't Sign up for for the Corruption and Which You Did the Right of Absolutely Clear. I Think the Thing to That We Are Supposed to Have Joy and Have It Abundantly. Lord Says Are Those That Are Believers to Have His Abundant Joy to Have It Live on This Side of Heaven with Peace Love and Joy When All the Other People Are Trying to Deny Us That I Think That Is Been Affected. I'm I'm Praying That This Imprecatory Prayer Everyday That God Will Read Hammer Sooner Than Later I Got a Move on Timothy.

We Had Time for One More: Thanks for the Call Is Good. Michelle Returned My Call and I've Been Listening to You from the Time We Lived in Florida and Thinking We Were Aware of the Point of Talking Did Not Take the Military We Are Traveling to Find a Paper Plate Dilemma Right Now Were Traveling through the Bible Belt Area and I'm What I My Question about That Topic Tonight. I Was Hoping to Ask If You Could Please Tell Me Be Able to Be Able to Discuss with That so Many Churches Appear There and I Can't Find an Unregistered Church on. I Knelt on Any Other Question I Should Try to Ask Well First of All Yeah He'd like to Find an Unregistered New Testament Church We Caved Because Their Church Once Once They Become Registered with. They Do Is They Know They Agreed a Contract with the State That Their Corporation the Creation of the State, Not the Living Body of Christ to Not That Does Not Mean That Everybody in the Assembly Is Not Safe Typing Hello, Some People Get the Wrong Idea What I'm Telling Is about the the Corporate Structure of the Just of the Ministry Is Not Biblical Again Once You Once You Assign up to with a 501(c)(3) Again. You You Left the Church, That If the New Become a Corporation Non-Living Creation of the State, According to the Contract You Signed with the State. But Here's What You Do If You Call Our Office and Leave Your Name and Your Phone Number. There I Will Try to Find out and Located Church or What You Can Do If You Could Go in. I Would Call Get a Phone Book Called the Baptist Churches and Asked with Your Natural Baptist Church of Europe, 501(c)(3), or Fear of That an Unregistered Has Been the Church. The out and Asked Them Just Because A Lot Of Them Are Not like Us.

There's A Lot Of Them That One Estate. They Don't Want Any Trouble from the States Lately.

Don't Say up with a They Go Unregistered and the State Doesn't Even Know They Exist to and so so That's What You Would Do. I Would Give Him a Call and Find out or Will Try to Find out If I Knew Exactly Where You Would Be If There's One Close to You. So Currently Wearing Already. I Have To Move Back As We Are Out Of Time Now. My Fear Time. God Bless You. Thanks for Calling. Okay, Here You Go. Are You Going to Heaven or Hell. The Bible Teaches That Many Seemingly Good People Are Going to Hell Because Will All Have Sinned. Romans 323 This Is What We Tell You, for There Is Not a Just Man upon the Earth That Do with Good and Sin of Not We Read What We Just Read in Ecclesiastes 727 Have the Price, Then the Bible States That the Soul That Sin If It Shall Die. Ezekiel 18 Verse Four. For the Wages of Sin Is Death. Romans 623. You Might Be Wondering What Happens to People Who Died in There since the Bible Teaches That It Is Appointed to Men Once to Die, and after That the Judgment Hebrews 927 and Whosoever Was Not Found Written in the Book of Life Was Cast into the Lake of Fire. Revelation 2015. Is There Any Hope. Yes, God Sent His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ into the World to Pay the Penalty for Your Sins, for God Loved the World That He Gave His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believes in Him Should Not Perish but Have Everlasting Life. John 316.

You Know That First but God Commended His Love toward Us in That While We Were yet Sinners, Christ Died for Us. Romans 528 so so Salvation Is Free to All Who Will Place Their Faith in the Finished Work of Jesus Christ. For by Grace Are You Saved through Faith and Not of Yourself. It Is the Gift of God Not of Works Lest Any Man Should Boast. Ephesians 28 and Nine and the Way to Be Saved Is so Simple, yet Many, Many People Refuse to Be Saved, They Will Not Accept Jesus Christ As a Loan for Salvation from Sin and Penalty. They Refuse to Believe That the Lord Jesus Is Powerful Enough to Save Them by Himself Now. They Don't Want to Believe in Absolutes Folks, but There Are Plenty Many Absolutes in This Life and I Can Tell You What Heaven or Hell, Which When We Choose Jesus Christ Awaits You to His Folks and Again Jesus Did Did All of the Heavy Lifting. He Took Your Place He Did for You. What You Could Never Do for Yourself. If He Had Not Done It. Okay Remember the Father Demanded an Absolute Holy and Absolute Holy and Innocent Sacrifice. Only Christ Can Fill the Ticket He Did It. He Didn't Have To. But He Did It and What You Have To Do Is Pray to the Father Ask for Forgiveness Be and Mean It, and Then Asked the Lord Jesus to Be Lord of Your Life.

All of Your Life without Any Reservations. God Always Honor the Commitment That You Will Make and If You Do That You Will Become a New Creature, You Will Become a Born-Again Believer, You Will Become an Heir of the Kingdom and You Will Be Indwelt with the Holy Spirit, You've Got God's Word on God's Word and Nothing Nothing Is As Sure As God's Work and so with That Where at a Time for Tonight and They Would Had a Good Program Tonight. Joe so Very Good Program so until Tomorrow As We Always Do. We Say Good Night God Bless God Bless and Always Always Always Keep Fighting the Fight. Thanks for Listening to the Voice of the Christian Resistance Once Right What's Left Posted by Pastor Ernie Sanders to Learn More about Our Ministry.

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