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Three Year Anniversary of Andrew Luck's Retirement (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb
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August 24, 2022 10:13 pm

Three Year Anniversary of Andrew Luck's Retirement (Hour 4)

Zach Gelb Show / Zach Gelb

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August 24, 2022 10:13 pm

News Brief l Hot Take Hickey remembers the three-year anniversary of Andrew Luck retiring l Top 10 NFL jersey sales


Yo, yo, it's Zach Gil show on CBS financials. We're coming to you live from the Rocky.

Get there for home loan solutions that fit your life. Well, Rocky can. So Lorenzo Neil, he joined us in the last hour. He thinks the Chiefs are going to take a massive step back and he believes the Chiefs could miss the playoffs.

I don't think the Chiefs will miss the playoffs this year. I know big bad take by Zach Gil, but we also have some crazy takes about the Chiefs in a little news brief. Let's get to it. Time for your daily news brief.

We get you caught up on the rumors, reports and reconnaissance from the day in sports. Randall Cobb. He asked Sammy Watkins if Aaron Rodgers or Patrick Mahomes is better. Listen up.

People want to know. So that was from July where he said Rogers on a whole different level. Yeah, Rogers is great. You could make the case Rogers is better than Mahomes. Rogers won the last two MVPs, but to say he's on a whole different level.

That's a little bit too much. Like you look at the five best quarterbacks in the NFL, Brady, Rogers, Mahomes. You also have to put Josh Allen in that conversation right now. Ryan, to say that Rogers on a whole different level than Mahomes. I get Mahomes has a lot of career left in front of him, but that just sounds ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous.

And just complete buffoonery. I get Watkins, you now play for Rogers and you play with Aaron Rodgers, but to say he's on a whole different level. That doesn't make sense to me. You also, and this just dawned on me as well. He's new, right? And this was in, I believe late July. So that's like at most a week and a half, two weeks of training camp. I think it's then he also re-upped it and was asked to clarify on No one, we never, I know it was on vacation in July. I didn't hear this whatsoever.

Don't know the weird part though. Timing wise is he would have at that point, like three practices with Aaron Rodgers. It's not like he played with him for a year. He was with Patrick Holmes for three years. Outside of what, two days of mini camp, Aaron Rodgers and Sammy Watkins did not cross paths and not talk to each other, did not play whatsoever. And after a week of training camp, you're saying Aaron Rodgers is on a whole different level than the guy you want to super roll with.

And was one of the best quarterbacks, the best quarterback and won an MVP. What are you talking about? I know why he said this. Is it the Tyree kill logic?

Nope. I think that Sammy Watkins was around Aaron Rodgers and just had a conversation with him and said, yeah, he's out there with his thoughts. He's on a whole different level. Psychedelics and he heard him talk about the Pancha Karma cleanse and that was Sammy Watkins way of dancing around the question.

He's on a whole different level. You think it's an endorsement for Rodgers, but it's really maybe throwing some shade and saying, yeah, this guy's a little cuckoo, cuckoo. Could that be it? That's the only explanation I have for you.

That's why they paid me the big bucks. Patrick Holmes is great, but here's Aaron Rodgers also being great while purging his body and taking psychedelics in the off season. Wow.

That's when you know, maybe that's what it is. He's on a different level. If you know what I'm saying, he's on the Kyrie Irving level, Sammy Watkins on why he chose Aaron Rodgers over Patrick Mahomes

He's amazing how he controls the ball, how he put everybody in place. I've been with a lot of quarterbacks and I've never seen them care. They self like Aaron Rodgers.

I don't get this. I really don't get all the Mahomes hate Tyree kill. Oh, two is more accurate than, um, than Patrick Mahomes.

Now you're right. Sammy Watkins had a sip of coffee. Well, a cup of coffee with Aaron Rodgers on a different level. I've never seen anyone like him.

What are we doing here? This is not anti Aaron Rodgers. Aaron Rodgers, top three quarterback in the league. He's great. He's unbelievable. He's awesome, but you can't make it seem as if Aaron Rodgers is all the way up top. And then, Oh yeah, Patrick Mahomes fella.

He's four or five pegs below Aaron Rodgers. Like what are we doing here? Maybe Rogers shared his psychedelics. Yeah.

You know, I'm feeling good. You're not drug testing that. Oh, ayahuasca in the system. Can you say that again? Ayahuasca. One more time. Ayahuasca. I like that. Ask me some questions.

I love Aaron Rodgers right now. How much money would you need for the Pancha Karma cleanse? That is in a similar ballpark as the beer to the hot dog. Oh, come on. The Pancha Karma cleanse is a lot worse than the hot dog.

I would agree physically. It's disgusting. Three to it's three days, right? A week.

I forget the light. It's pretty long too. It's not like a day and you're vomiting a lot.

And then like you're purging your body and then some enemas. Oh yeah. It's both ways. Yeah.

Front back. That's all you're doing. I'm on a whole different level compared to Aaron Rodgers. I wouldn't do that.

Drinking gross tea and whatever goes on. Let's go to Kyle in Oregon. We're going to continue the news brief here, but now we're hearing Sammy Watkins be critical of his old quarterback, Patrick Mahomes.

Roger's so much better. Lorenzo Neal just joined us in the last hour and he thinks the Chiefs could miss the playoffs. Kyle, what do you make of all this? I don't, I don't think they'll miss the playoffs. They're still going to get, I still think if, uh, bills and, uh, she's making one of those two teams have gone into the super bowl. So the Broncos he's, he's, he's wishful thinking with that hot day.

Kiki, I'll give you that. So no, no, no Broncos this year. Um, but I don't like, I like Rogers, but I watched the Packers fan, but I don't think he's that far ahead of Mahomes either. Mahomes is pretty great.

He's kind of young still, but he's still going to do great through his whole career. All right. Well, Kyle, we appreciate the phone call.

Thanks so much. And once again, we appreciate you throwing some shade at hot take Kiki wishful thinking hot take Kiki, the Broncos winning the super bowl, his words, not mine. Why is everyone coming? Well, you know, fine.

I put it, I put it out there. It's, it's meant to be, I guess made fun of, but I'll be laughing in February. That's for sure. Were you almost just about to ask why is everybody going after you? Yeah. Then I realized, you know, I put my neck on the line here by having some opinions that will turn out to be right.

Maybe a good pinata swing away. Now come February, I'll be Rose reversed. We roll. We'll be reverse chopping away at you.

Well, Renzo Neil, Adam in Toronto, Kyle and Oregon. I don't think I chop away at you that much. You know, the issue here is it's a lie. Like Leroy horde runs on you. I can't come after them.

They could, they could chirp. Well, what am I going to do? Well, you don't know what Colin Oregon looks like.

I don't either. And he may be bigger than both of them. He could be a big, tough guy and kick your ass. So it's like, you know, give me a little wimp. I did go to the gym today, so watch out.

All right, folks, I'll be one day ready to take on the world. You went to the gym today? I did. What was your workout? Give me the whole breakdown. How long were you there? Give me the whole workout.

I didn't express. I was like, it was like 50 minutes. I have a sauna for 10 minutes. How much your gym cost you? It is a New York sports club.

It's $100 a month. Wow. But I will say you have a gym in your building.

No, that's thanks. Now I'm a sauna. You're building.

Now you have Jim Ennis on my building. Nice. Must be nice to be you over anytime you want.

Come all the way down. Yeah. So give me the breakdown here. How long is the gym for? 45 minutes. A chest, light chest, light chest. All right.

So give me the whole breakdown. Decline bench, four sets of 12. How much you benching? I went light day, so it was 25 on each side. You could do better than that. It was a light day. You're a former football player.

I am. I mean, as a high school player on a team that sucked with a small chest. Then we did flat bench, four reps of 12 incline, four reps of 12 or four sets of 12.

And it finished with some chest flies. Do you grunt at the gym? No.

First of all, not lifted enough to do that. Second of all, I'm not a jackass. So no. And also if you were going to be like, ah, well, that's also true.

That's third. I would sound like, you know, it's not like a little kid. Yeah. Hasn't gone through puberty yet. Little putty cat.

Alrighty. Let's go to Pete Cowell. Jeez. Is this just, are we just playing dumb audio today? Is that the goal of this radio show, this fine national radio program? Dumb audio or really depressing audio too, depending on how you want to look at it. When all these shows in Florida coming after us.

I'm really not even swinging that big, but I'm WQAM in 790. They're trying to chop away at the giant that is Zach Gelb. And now all you know, we're giving them some good material. We're just playing dumb audio clip after dumb audio clip. So let's continue.

Let's not try to fix something that isn't broken. Whatever we're doing is working for us. But this is Pete Carroll. He says both quarterbacks have been very impressive in camp so far. Gino's done a really good job of being in that position. His voice is solid. He's on point all the time. He's been very consistent with his work, all of that.

And Drew has been really sharp. I know it's not supposed to be a good situation when you have two quarterbacks. It means you don't have one that's the old saying, you know? But I don't know. We might have two ones.

We'll see what happens. You don't have two ones. Both of your quarterbacks suck. Drew Locke is bad. Gino Smith is bad. You guys don't have quarterbacks.

You're right. The hope for this team is the future. Maybe Bryce Young or CJ Stroud.

But Pete doesn't even believe what he's saying right there. Is this the most depressing quarterback battle in history? I thought last year we had Teddy Bridgewater and Drew Locke. Battling it out was bad.

This might take the cake. Yeah, this is bad because Teddy Bridgewater's career got derailed from injuries, which just stinks. And not that I thought Drew Locke was going to be great, but he did have that nice start to his career. So I was like, OK, let's see what could happen.

And this was a make or break year for him. Leroy just sent me a text. He's a P1 listener now. I'll get to his response in just a second. Let me finish the thought here. Yeah, this is worse because Gino, he's a backup in this league.

When he was a starter, he's going to forever be known as the guy that got punched in the mouth by a teammate and broke his jaw. And now Drew Locke's on a second home. This stinks. There's no upside here. Tell me the upside. What is the upside on Gino Smith or Drew Locke other than the draft pick? Other than the draft pick next year. What's the slogan?

I got to think of one. Seahawks football. Get us to April for the draft.

See you in April. Don't watch. Seahawks football. We're going to suck. Seahawks football. There's always next year. Seahawks football.

Let's count down the days to the end of the season. Go see Seattle. Don't see us.

I'll think of something better. That was not very good. We suck.

The Seattle Seahawks. You want to hear what Leroy had to say about you? Sure. About me? What was he saying? He said, I bet you Hickey did Pilates today. He goes, nobody grunts doing Pilates. He didn't grunt.

So therefore he's doing Pilates. First of all. Well, I already admit it. I'm not grunting.

I'm not lifting heavy weights. And also you can't really say anything because Leroy. That's really where it's not fair. Like that's that's part of it.

This is a dynamic that's really truly unfair for yours truly. Hey, do me a favor. Play me Leroy Hordigan calling you out for the high price on drinking beer. It threw a hot dog as a straw this on 790 the ticket. One of our greatest yesterday because his producer says he wouldn't do that hot dog thing for 500 grand. I said, tell him stop lying. He'd do it for 20 bucks and a Krispy Kreme. Now, I know we've already got your thoughts on this, but now we know that Leroy is listening. Do you want to keep that same energy that you had negative energy towards Leroy Hordigan or you just going to sit there as if the cat.

No, I will say what's on my mind again. Number one, I would do it for 500K. That's that's if you give me 500K. But not for $499,000. No, that's self respect.

But also dumb producer. It's easy for him to say that he knows he would murder me. If I tried to go down there and fight him, he would put me in the ground and put me six feet under so fast.

I honestly wouldn't even know what happened. And he's still in really good shape. So he's 54, I think you but he doesn't look like he can say whatever you want when you know nothing's going to happen. Yeah, I think you're doing Pilates today. I was not doing Pilates today.

And if I do a few more chest exercises, maybe I don't know. You're in spandex too? Watch out.

Got those joggers on? Of course I do. Here's Pete Carroll saying the week one starter won't necessarily remain the starter for the entire season. I'm not closing the book on anybody competing for their spots. We have two enormous weeks coming up. And the finish of this one next week is a huge week for us. And then we come back with another full week and an extra day. You know, so we got a lot of time here to work it out.

Yeah, Pete, you said it. If you think you have two quarterbacks, you have no quarterback. You can't even name who a starter is right now. They play two preseason games. How do you know who the starter is? But I know Drew Locke had COVID and missed one of the games. But you've got to know who the starter is by now.

Geno Smith will be the starter and then he'll get replaced by Drew Locke. Kyle Shanahan was asked if there's a certain date that he will just cut snip snip. Jimmy G. I don't know what I'll do that day.

Probably decide when it comes. Man, he hates any questions on Jimmy Garoppolo. Last year he did questions on Trey Lance. Now it's Jimmy Garoppolo.

Man, I don't know. I love Kyle Shanahan. I know what I'll do on that day.

You know, I may be dead tomorrow, so maybe I won't be able to do anything. He's like the modern day, almost Bill Belichick. A little more, you know, pizazz or flair.

Gives you nothing. Ugh. I just got a text from Pat Boyle who just bleached his hair and dyed his hair blonde for attention. I like Pat.

You know where this is going. But he just asked me, yo, I'm starting a fantasy league. Ten teams got nine.

Need one more. $100 each you want to join. I really want to join a fantasy football league with Pat Boyle. Pat and his bros. That's a good question. Who else is in it?

I can't wait to respond and just say nah. Right now, Kevin Wall is in it. I like Kevin Wall. So do I. I can see them being tight. He's got some wacky takes, but I like Kevin Wall.

Kevin Wall would not be the reason why I wouldn't join the league. No, I'm not saying. I'm just saying I see them being very tight. If this is like eight of Pat Boyle's friends and then Pat's the ninth and I need to be the tenth.

Probably something like that. I'll politely decline. But you're playing the game.

Hey, who's in there? Yeah, I'm acting like I'm a good company. I'm a good company guy. I provided content for 790 today, 560. You know, I'm always willing to help.

May do a free weekly hit on WFNZ this year. I'm a company guy. But I don't know if I'm going to be a company guy and participate in a fantasy football league with Pat Boyle. Let's hear from John Lynch. The 49ers will trade Jimmy Garoppolis on KNBR.

I think we're getting pretty close. You know, Jimmy's a good player. He's a starting quarterback all day long in this league and I think proven to be a really good one.

And so with guys like that, you don't just give it away. Who's trading for him? That's my question. Because the Browns aren't. They should, but the Browns aren't going to do so. Who's trading for Jimmy G right now?

I truly don't know. If it's not the Browns, who else? It has to be the Browns, but I don't know. Does Pete finally get on the phone and go, wow, our quarterbacks suck. Please, Shanahan, save us. Lynch, save us.

Can Jimmy G get to Pittsburgh before Sunday? Add another quarterback in the mix? Start Kenny Pickett.

Start Kenny Pickett. Dak Prescott gives his thoughts on the Cowboys' chances of winning the NFC East this via the Peter King podcast. Very, very optimistic and because of the team that we had last year and because of what we went through, the way that we've handled it moving forward, I think we're in a better position this year than we were last year. And I know some guys have gone and some guys have left and went to other teams, but that's the nature of this business. What we have built here, the core, the leaders and mixed with a great group of young guys who are hungry to make a name for themselves and getting this league running.

I feel very, very confident about where we are and excited about where we are and just ready to keep building and get this thing rolling. Is that going to be a good personality guy, though? He may be too quiet for a fantasy league. He will probably not say a word. You know who they ask just because he would not say no because he's such a nice guy?

He would not say no because he's a nice guy here? Yeah, you can still say here. Who? Meleusis. Moose.

Why is Moose in this league? Hey, Pat, you know, I got three kids, but, you know, I'll find time to do it. I got it, okay?

Oh, yeah, I like you a lot. I'm in 150 leagues, so I won him 51. What the hell?

Sure, I'm in. Then three of his college baseball teammates, his roommate and his cousin. Pat Boyle played college baseball? I was going to ask you that.

I have no idea. It makes sense now. His douchiness that he sometimes has now makes sense. Because he's a baseball player or a college athlete? Baseball player. Baseball, wow.

I figured, like, lax player, you can kind of throw that tag on. Do I have to save Moose here and join this league? Does Moose need saving? Maybe he's just genuinely excited. Should I text Moose?

What the F were you thinking joining this league? McKeon, Boyle and his friends. You're a well-known radio and TV star. And you're being held hostage. Does Pat know something we all don't know?

With Tom, Dick and Harry? What does Pat know about you that we don't catch in this league? He's got photos of Moose, like, passed out or naked.

Company party gone too well? What naked photos do you have of Moose to make him join this league? Quite the eclectic crew there. Yeah, I feel bad that Moose is in this league. For Barry, McKeon, Boyle, if you're in it.

Now, I sound like a jerk, but if this draft is next week and I have a wedding next weekend, I think I may politely decline. Derek Carr reacts to Dana White's story of almost getting Tom Brady to the Raiders in 2020. It is what it is. You know, for me, like, I didn't even hear about it.

We actually had, within the building, someone lost a family member. So, like, I was so immersed in that and just talking to that person and that kind of stuff, that it really was a moment to really put things in perspective. Like, it really doesn't matter, you know what I mean? At the end of the day, anything I say will just be blasted out there, so I'm just going to completely remove myself and just keep trying to play football. It's been nice just answering football questions, you know, and hopefully no more drama in the city.

That's what I hope. Yeah, well, what is Derek Carr going to say there? Because you should obviously have picked Tom Brady over Derek Carr, but Derek Carr is not, like, some just terrible quarterback. You know, he's a good quarterback. So there's nothing you could say that he wins there that would make him an obvious winner and would be like, oh, wow, look at what Derek Carr just said.

So him basically saying nothing was the response that ultimately got him to win. Zach Gelb's show, CBS Sports Radio. You're listening to The Zach Gelb Show. I'm surprised you're not wearing black today, Hickey, because you're in mourning. Still, all these years later, as it is the three-year anniversary, well, I'll never forget it. When Andrew Luck left the field for the final time in a preseason game, I don't even remember who he was playing.

Do you? Oh, yeah, Cleveland Bratz. Oh, the Brownies. Never forget. Here we go, Brownies.

Here we go. And yet Andrew Luck tried to ride off into the sunset, aka Colts fans, just booing him, and he retired. All right, Hickey, three years ago today, I know where I was. Had a bunch of friends over in my New York City apartment. I think we were doing our fantasy football draft.

And I was getting ready also for the weekend overnight. And then one of my friends looked up and goes, Andrew Luck just retired? I'm like, oh, shut up. And then my one friend was smart. He goes, let's go bet the under on the Colts, and we bet the under real quickly.

Big bet between four of my friends. And then I flipped on the television, saw all the tweets, Schefter, Rappaport. And then my next thought was, OK, we got to go get a Colts guest on for the weekend overnight, because that was the biggest story in the world of sports at that time. Three years ago today, where Andrew Luck stunned the football world, and the decision that I actually respected, even though we're having a little fun with it right now, three years later, you can always poke fun at some bad and weird moments. Where were you three years ago, and how'd you find out?

I was at home. I was enjoying a nice pizza watching Week Zero Miami and Florida. Great game. I was so pumped. That is so you watching Week Zero football. Now, good game. It's not breaking.

It's not Stephen F. Austin against Jacksonville State. But man, that's what you were doing. But I had a I got a break because I used to work the weekends back then. Used to work the weekend nights.

Normally, that was my shift. Oh, with Bill Simonson. Yes.

Amongst others. The huge show. Huge opinions.

Huge. Tom DiBenedetto, who at that time is now producing or now is producing Jim Roman, that time is doing the afternoons, is off that weekend. I was in for him. He's gone on to do a lot of good things.

He has. Thank God I was in for him. Because if I was at work, it would have been the worst day of my life. So you were producing afternoons. I was supposed to be at night, but DiBenedetto vacation.

So I slid up and I was during the day on Friday on Saturday. So I'm at home. So what kind of pizza? Probably plain. Plain pizza. Well done, at least. Yeah.

All right. So you have a well done plain pizza. And you find out Andrew Luck retired. I would never forget. I was like on Twitter and I saw a tweet and I'm like, oh, it's just a fake chef to like, you know, classic troll job on Twitter. Like, OK, cool.

Good one. Like I see him on the sideline. You know, you're still seeing highlights on Twitter. He's at the game. He's not retired. I go in the kitchen like five minutes later.

My sister goes, you see what Barstool Sports just said. They posted and they said that Adam Schefter is saying that Angelick retired. I will never forget. I stopped. I pointed. I laughed at her. I said, idiots. They got fooled by a fake Schefter account.

I can't believe, you know, a media company with that much following got duped by a fake Schefter account. A minute later, I swear to God, time stood still. All of a sudden I pick up my phone.

Nothing. You were numb. All of a sudden I thought my phone was going to explode. Tweets, texts. They all must have came at the same time.

I like almost like overload. And you weren't well known then like you are now. All my it was all my friends. And they all knew I was a huge Colts fan. So they all most of them were just like, well, some were nice, but most of them were just laughing and like, can you believe this?

The body wasn't even cold yet. I think the rest of the night I said on loop, I is this real? Like, I can't believe this is happening. Even watching the press conference.

It didn't it did not sink in. Yeah. What was your reaction when you saw the fans booing him? Oh, I was pissed.

I think I tweeted that night. Stripped their Colts fandom. I was so mad. Yeah, I actually do respect the decision, though, three years ago by Andrew Luck, because he made a promise if he couldn't practice regularly ever again. And he knew how much pain he's been through that it just wasn't worth it for him.

And he would walk away. Yeah, I hold zero ill will towards him. Don't hate him at all.

I still love him. Marco, not that this was the fighting moment in your life, but where were you three years ago today? I was just walking in doing the overnights for WFA and down the hall. So I didn't know. As I walked in the door, everybody was kind of like scrambling and talking. I was like, what's the what's going on?

What's the commotion? Yeah. And they were telling. I was like, what? So it was just kind of like, huh? Wait, are you sure?

Because I had kind of the same reaction that Hickey had. I was like, wait, are we positive? Like, did you guys get did you check? Did you verify?

Yeah. And everybody was telling me I didn't even have my bag down. I didn't have a chance to even sit down and the entire newsroom. Now, who was here? Don't remember. Who was talking? Don't remember.

But I remember everybody buzzing around and everybody kept coming to me. Did you hear? Did you hear? Did you hear? And I was kind of like, what the hell is going on? Is that the worst night of your sports fandom? I'll take Hickey. Oh, great.

No, I unfortunately know what could be worse. Mets 2015 World Series Game five. They went extra innings. I knew there's no shot. How the Mets are going to win that game. But you have to watch.

Sure. But at least excruciating, at least in that moment after that, it was so unexpected and you had such a good pitching staff. I know it blew up, but you thought, OK, maybe they'd be back naively, but maybe they would be back. This guy's career was over. I was legitimately sick two, two weeks after the Mets lost the World Series, like two weeks. I ran myself into the ground in that series. I'm actually more surprised.

Is this because you're like 12? Wouldn't the pick six by Peyton Manning, you know, nine against the Saints. Wouldn't that be top? That was bad. But that was a supporter.

They want a Super Bowl. No six. I got a championship. Unless if you're 12 years old, I was in high school.

Is it possible that he could have said I was seven and I don't remember possible to go back to Zach's point? I thought with the Colts, they'll be back like I was crushed. They lost. But I thought, OK, Peyton Manning got over the hump once. Now, Bill, this is not going to be one of the few times or the last time they'd be in the Super Bowl. That's the only team I rooted for that was consistently good. So I actually had confidence in the Colts and Penn State.

There's not been enough big games for you to be disappointed, but where they were actually like a great team. Right. Twenty sixteen. They've had somebody to watch about Ohio last year. Ohio State.

Twenty seventeen. Still a member to this day. One of the worst losses in program history. Was that the Ricky Ronnie play call?

No, I know. That's the year later. That was when they should have beat Ohio State in the horseshoe and blew a 15 point lead in the fourth quarter.

They were going to march their way right into the cultural playoff. Blew it. Blew it. I still think the luck thing is the worst memory. Rangers losing in the cup final. That was bad. There's a lot of bad moments.

How about the Mets? I wish I'm a seven game lead with 17. That was bad. I cried after that.

I would think the three worst moments in your lifetime. I honestly think the Mets blowing the lead of 70 to 17 to play is worse than the World Series loss. That's where I expected the World Series that year. But you're there capitalizing the way the metric won the World Series in five games. They were better than the Royals. They couldn't finish.

And that's the most excruciating point. They lost in five. How do you say they win?

It's supposed to win in five games outside of the game, too. They got blown out. They were in every game and they lost everything. They blew everything. And they blew game one. So they lost.

They should have won. They had the lead in the ninth inning. Closed it out. Game four. It's a ground to second base. Daniel Murphy filled the ground ball. Didn't. Game five. Lucas Duda. Throw it home.

Get him out. They should have won in five. And they lost in five. The Mets blew it.

That was a series they should have won. And I'm still sick to this day. Not equating this to death, but it's like the death of a career when Andrew Luck. You're never going to see him play again.

The thing, though, with the luck that's so interesting and weird. It's like it's more shock. You had no future. I'm not mad at him. Like I can be mad at the Mets for playing bad and losing. I have zero ill will or frustration towards Andrew Luck for what he did.

The Colts did to themselves. So a lot of it is just shock. It's like I can't believe this is actually real. So it takes forever to process.

But also part of it's like he did the right thing. So like, you know, you have a June birthday, right? Yes, sir.

June 24th. If we did like a birthday show for hot take Kiki next year and I had special guest Ryan Grigson called the program. What would you say to Ryan if you get one question to mine? Well, who? For people that don't know, that was the GM that put a dog crap team and no protection in front of Andrew Luck. Like, you know, the team that got to the AFC Championship game, the play game, you could barely name anyone on that team. I told him was good, but there was not a lot of talent on that team.

It showed you how great luck was. But what would your one question be to Ryan Grigson if he calls the hotline on the hot take? Where's my one question?

This is I feel like this is the J. Buhner Ken Phelps. What the hell were you thinking? Why are you an a hole? How did you mess this up? Like what happens if Ryan Grigson said to you, I don't think we messed anything up. You know, we obviously wish we could have protected Andrew better, but we put him in a position. You know, it sticks in my craw the most. They took a receiver.

Now, I actually this is bad job by me. I'm blanking on it. They took receiving the first round in 2015 out of Miami. Should not have done so whatsoever. That was like that was obvious.

The coach, the offense line out where they do in the first round draft receiver. Don't need it. That was the one that, you know, really kind of drove me up all this moron trying to draft or set. Yes, thank you. Philip Dorsett out of Miami.

Thank you. You trade him to the Patriots and he got a big touchdown against the Chiefs. But it's like like because he has tried. Now he failed miserably and tried with bad players. They did shuffle the offensive line.

They did bring new names in there and try, quote unquote, try to give Angeluk some sort of protection. But Phil Dorsett in the first round, you're just not even trying. You're not trying. This is a good time to remind people we are in Indianapolis right now because I think the rest of the country is like, all right, we enjoy the pain a little bit, but we don't need a whole breakdown of Philip Dorsett. Sorry, sorry. Well, you asked me the one that was probably the one question.

Why did you draft Philip Dorsett? Yeah, what the hell are you thinking? You're listening to the Zach Gelb show. All right, wrapping up shop here on the Zach Gelb show.

Hickey, real quickly. You know how you owe me a dinner? You owe me two dinners.

I was a nice guy. Took one dinner off because you lost to me in two bets and you still have never got me my dinner. Can I make a quick change to the return on the bet? You need to hear what that return is before you agree to it.

Yes. As you're just eating pasta and now just rubbing it in my face because I haven't had dinner yet and you're eating pasta when you owe me a dinner. I think instead of you buying me dinner, you know, that great paver that we revealed on the air yesterday that Jim Selenius sent us and it was a little bit broken. Instead of getting me dinner, you buy Gorilla Glue and glue the paver back together since a little bit of it broke. Would that be fine by you? I'd rather do the dinner. You really don't want to fix it? It takes two seconds.

Yeah, but that takes a lot of work for me to go Gorilla Glue and then put it together. I'm not that artistic. Fine. You know what? Fine. I'll be the hero. I'll do you a favor. One more thing though. There's a button.

What do you mean there's a button? You got to make me pasta and bring me in pasta one night. Preferably when you do like pesto or something like that. And now I got to fix the paver and bring you pasta. It's going to be cheaper than one whole dinner.

I got to do two manual labors. I don't know. Would you think about it? I'll think about it.

How about that? 855-212-4CBS. Here's Jay in Alaska. Jay, go ahead.

Hey, what's up? You know, I called in because I was going to give Hickey Hot Take there a hard time about picking my Raiders fourth. Then I started looking at you, talk to him about all of his sports team, and I started to feel pretty good about myself. Because, I don't know, my Notre Dame has made the playoffs. The Dodgers have won the World Series. The Lakers have won the NBA championship.

The Raiders knocked his beloved Colts out of the playoffs and made the playoffs last year. I was like, wow, I feel pretty good about myself. I had lunch with three beautiful ladies last Saturday, had some calamari, some ahi tuna, and he's over there eating cheese pizza and peanut butter sandwiches. I feel pretty good about myself right about now. You should, Jay. You should grab a beer and say, look at me now. Look at us.

Look at Jay in Alaska. Three women, Jay. Oh yeah, they're friends of mine. Friends? Friends of benefit or just friends? Yeah, oh no, just rigger friends.

Gotcha, gotcha, gotcha. Is that all you got for us, Jay? They have better taste than Hickey do. One had halibut, the other two had steak.

I mean, we were high class. You could have a dead person that has better taste buds than Hickey, if we're being honest. And of course, unlike Hickey, I'm the gentleman and I picked up the tap. That's a good job out of you. You once cooked hot dogs and beer.

That's what it says on your topic line. What's that? So when I was single, I had three roommates and we had a party house. You know, we had a kegerator, we had the pool table, we had the whole thing. Animal house. And one of my buddies came over to our house one night and I don't know what brought him this end of mine, but he got one of them foil pans, put it on our grill. He's like, you got to watch this. So he put a beer, a natty light in the foil pan with some onions and then he cooked hot dogs in it.

And then he scooped the onions out and the hot dogs took about half a cup of that beer that we had cooked the hot dogs in and mixed it with some cheese sauce and put that on top of the hot dogs. And I'm telling you, bro, it was amazing. Did you have the natty? It was amazing. Jay, did you have the natty splatties the next day? Oh, yeah, definitely. You always have those. Jay, always great to hear you.

Thanks so much. There's Jay in Alaska. Real quickly, Hickey. Top selling NFL jerseys via Fox. I told you there's seven quarterbacks, two defensive linemen and one running back. Can I hear your top ten? Yes. We'll knock out the D linemen first.

I think they're easy. Aaron Donald, TJ Watt. TJ Watt is on the list. Aaron Donald is not.

Really? Jadaevon Clowney? Jadaevon Clowney?

What is this, 2014? He's popular in Cleveland. Not Clowney, I'm sorry. Miles Garrett.

Holy cow. Miles Garrett. My bad. OK, Miles Garrett's a better guess.

Sorry. No, it's not Miles Garrett. OK, is the running back Ezekiel Elliott? No. Jonathan Taylor? Yes. OK, I wasn't sure.

So you have two out of the ten. You got TJ Watt and you got Jonathan Taylor. Let's circle back to the DMO. Let's do quarterbacks. Yeah, go ahead. Tom Brady? Yes. Patrick Mahomes? No. Aaron Rodgers? No.

Justin Herbert? Yes. Dak Prescott? No. Josh Allen? Yes. Joe Burrow? Yes. Russell Wilson?

Nope. You got three more here on the quarterbacks. Three more quarterbacks? Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott's not in. That does not sound good.

You will never get these three. Jalen Hurts? Nope. Matt Ryan?

This is from Fox. Nope. Tua Tonga-Valoa? Nope. Deshaun Watson? No. Lamar Jackson? Nope. Kyler Murray? Nope.

This can't be real. Kirk Cousins? Nope. Daniel Jones? Nope. Jamis Winston? Nope. Carson Wentz? Yeah, nope.

What in the world? Jared Goff? Come on, big fan bases.

Big fan bases. Dak Prescott? Derek Carr?

Two of the biggest fan bases in the NFL. Trey Lance? Nope.

Nope. Mac Jones? Kenny Pickett?

How about this one? Baker? Mayfield? In Carolina? Mm-hmm.

Now can you get the final defensive lineman? Is this like in the last month? Last month?

What in the world is going on? Just Fox-NFL top-selling jerseys as of today. Um. Uh. Jay in Alaska. TJ Watt? Jay in Alaska. That's your hint. Jay in Alaska. Chandler Jones?

Mad Max? Thank you. Really? Here's the list from NFL and Fox.

It was released today. Number 10, Baker Mayfield. Number 9, Kenny Pickett.

Top-selling jerseys. 8, Max Crosby. 7, Mac Jones. 6, Tom Brady. 5, TJ Watt. 4, Justin Herbert. 3, Jonathan Taylor. 2, Joe Burrow. Number 1.

They make you wanna shout. Josh Allen of the Buffalo Bills. That's the Zach Gelb show on CBS Sports Radio. Big thanks to Keenan Slovis for stopping by. Arielle Epstein and Lorenzo Neal. And Hickey looks more confused than where he was three years ago. I feel like that has to be just like in the last week.

When Andrew Luck broke his heart. This list is under investigation. Shut up. There we go. Talk Manana, everybody. 6 p.m. Eastern, 3 Pacific. Dave Aranda will join us tomorrow. We out. Bye-bye.
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