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Dr. Jill Biden Has a Way with Words

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade
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July 12, 2022 12:45 pm

Dr. Jill Biden Has a Way with Words

Brian Kilmeade Show / Brian Kilmeade

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July 12, 2022 12:45 pm

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Live from the Fox News radio studios in New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian would kill me.

That's true, it is me.

It's right to me Joe, thank you much for being here. We got a big our company way could be joined by Gerard Baker, Lieut. Col. Allen West West with a focus on what Texas is doing.

The governor said.

I've had it. I put together a unit is going to pick up these illegal immigrants can go drop them at the border.

I hope they stay. I hope they process but I just appreciate the effort because the borders broken the present doesn't care how much will really going to take it with current code Lieut. Col. Allen West detection on that android Baker knows much about the economy is anyone in the country.

So let's get to the big three stories you need to know Brian's phase 3 number three we have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs, not a whisper anywhere. We do most of the DNA analysis. In Ohio there is no case. Request for analysis that looks anything like this. They go David Yost on prime time talking about this incident with a city.

10-year-old was raped and had to leave Indiana in order to get leave Ohio in order to get a abortion. It turns out the story.

Not true, as is so much Roe V Wade, the anarchy not just about abortion, but security and politics will discuss it all.

Today will be the second time that Mexico's president has visited the White House as Pres. Biden took office. There's no shortage of topic.

The two men are expected discuss whether be the economy, climate change, and yes immigration, the White House, under intense pressure from both parties to address what's happening with the migrant crisis Mark Meredith doing a great job present Biden's big international challenges lined up this week one with the Mexican present today. He needs to be told to enforce his southern border or get tariffs for to Israel. Israel is a leader who should be told we have your back number three Saudi Arabia.

They need to make peace with Israel unite against Iran. It's not too hard. It's all queued up the problem. These are trump policies and they worked 33% approval rating and alter out that Donald Trump would be an overall Paul, not just Democrats, but Republicans and independent impairment in the alternative that is lower thing coming up with the New York Times poultices. Despite all Joe Biden struggles he would be Donald Trump. But the message is clear from Joe Biden's party shut the lights off on the way out. That's the message the Dems are sending to present Biden as his age and underwhelming performance has Dems rambling. Let's bring in a Gerard Baker, Gerard Baker, you know matter like the Wall Street Journal hosted the Wall Street Journal at large. On Fridays, dried welcome back. Thanks Brian. I was going shares of the polls that you know about already. With the with our audience. First off, in terms of in terms of me just appear in terms of the New York Times and what they found out that 71%. The 71% of the country. 71%, Democrats won a new 26% when Joe Biden nominated next year.

An external nominee, different person, 64%, 60% of those who want a new presidential candidate Democratic side are over 65. Who do you think the Democratic Party should renominate Joe Biden only 5% want him renominated in 2024. For those voters under 30 nominee different person. 94% with a 33% approval rating. Now I'm not talking about a right wing profile group.

All I'm told about the CNN New York Times poll have you seen anything like this. Gerard will have an sitting president John McCain famously used to say spellchecking about himself. When you numbers you will support is down two) family members install office and you know this. Frankly, it joking aside, is pretty well with Biden is the 33% overall approval rating is lower than the Trump ever got to his average approval rating is is is is low is that the president got to the 13. The one thing you mentioned broadest loss with the country on the right track on the wrong track. 13% think the countries on the right on the right track. That is a lower number than in the early days of the pandemic. When people going around wondering whether or not we will go to die this terrible place people are actually less competent about the state of the country than they were when we focus of the will be wiped out by plague, so none of these. These are unprecedented unparalleled numbers but to say it's no surprise right of the economy. The economy is creating jobs. We know that at least that there are good jobs report on Friday. Everything else in the else should be going up is going down and everything else should be going down is going up. Inflation really more inflation numbers tomorrow. Inflation is bad, real wages, a growing way below the rate of inflation. The people are losing losing real incomes, the outlook for the economy is extremely bleak. We may already be in a kind of technical recession because we had 1/4 of negative growth." In the second quarter just ended, may also be negative on the financial condition of households is been absolutely devastated lost three months to get your fork out and look at your 401(k) return for the second quarter because it was one of the ugliest in history of the second quarter performance so the economy is in this terrible crime surging cities. We thought it still still kind of trying to kind of grapple with this covert thing which once again, they just announced again they can extend the state of emergency three is an enemy will be in in into COBIT immigration. What is crisis of the boulder which the Bible ministrations and care about and I don't care that Brian is blaming everybody else. It's blaming oil companies for the legal prices blaming Bennett Vladimir Putin for inflation explaining gas station owners for inflation is blaming Republicans for not having a better plan to deal with inflation. They have not a clue. Barbara and the economically clueless.

They are presiding over the collapse of mold in so many American cities. They are in the meantime continuing to press this hypo progressive agenda on these cultural issues on things like that. It's no wonder that this is right now most of the presence of polling so I want you to hear what CNN is doing now they're told to straighten out their act and stop showing some partisanship and evidently just publicly from their new CEO.

So Jake Tapper brings up these numbers on his show cut for 94% of Democratic primary voters under the age of 30, 94% say they don't want Biden that is us stopping number is grandchildren but other than that, who mean 94% don't want him Lord again & Democrats under the age of 30 think you need to get over. They just repeated over and over again because you have Donald Trump to blame. Now they just poke us over to January 6 but I would say this. What I find astounding and you might want to straighten me out on this dear Maddie Joe Biden not because he's moderate because he's not getting enough green stuff done. Does it impact the court eating Jim go back better. Down our throats. We still are on fossil fuels, so he's not upset about anything to you and I might be upset about their upset he's not more left there upset the Joe mansion and Kristin said must stop the agenda and the Joe Biden find a way around it.

My right Gerard should Republicans keep that in mind again and again, this is about what you did mention one of the then mad at him because they think he's not taking a tough enough stand to overturn the Supreme Court through decision and the portion they think he's not doing enough on that they will these progresses will abortion clinics up on military bases in the national parks will stop me. This is crazy stuff, Brian. And you're right, they all lay off. They are unhappy, but many of these people because they think he's not being aggressive enough.

Look, this is the problem with the Democratic Party right now, which is that the voices that dominate the Democratic party, may seem this to Joe Biden came to office 18 months ago all the left right of the progressive work left that me when when you help when you have a policy with someone like AOC and Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Saunders seem to be driving the agenda and have only influence in the policy and then you know why they're in so much trouble there and that much trouble because they they are pursuing those policies during look unite, not big fans of Bill Clinton but Bill Clinton came into office in 1993.

Immediately things started really badly wrong.

He proceeded progressive agenda and all kinds of ways.

Having promised to govern from the sensor got absolutely shocked me to meet. Initially the polls in the Nichols in the midterm election, but he at least had the political intelligence.

Brian took to realize what was going on to stand up to the progressives in the policy and to say no and I know this is this is a change track to change track he got reelected in 1986.

I think Biden has the ability the interest inclination of the cognitive cognitive awareness these days to do that cut to do to make that kind of the status of each is lessening the policy the left of the policy drive the agenda and surprise surprise that's driving the policy deeper and deeper into a hole and it's no wonder he's got these approval ratings and is no wonder that the midterm elections in November is policies going to be wiped out during II have a different take the same conclusion.

But the reason why I don't think even II thinking he could be 60 years old or 55 years old, she would. Bill Clinton said he has survivability. Let me look at the hand I have, and let me get the best hand possible Siu cut deals. He said well if you cut spending, you better increase. Here you want to welfare reform to be something that they may deals and in the end. He walked through the great report card. But now the great liberal report card present.

Biden is just not interested in walking away with the boots best for the country some reason he's interested in appeasing his left and I think it's been he's been poisoned by Ron MacLean whose job it was to satisfy the squad and the squad is wearing the agenda and anything else you can vilify Kristin cinema, you are gonna Joe mansion there not there is welcome as Mitch McConnell at a Democratic picnic yeah you're right know you can come to the same place you is the latest try to revive Bill back that says right now plan to expand message expend the state and you know they wanted to pay for taxes proposing raising taxes on businesses. The rising big businesses and corporations, they want to raise taxes on relatively wealthy individuals that is you people investing calls raise taxes. Brian is the economy is chipping into a recession.

As we face incredibly negative economic outlook and you have a policy in power supposedly is supposed to be in charge of the loans to raise taxes and this is this is unheard of in in in in multiple times. Any country that faces the economic conditions that with Facebook fiscal position is not great but the last thing you want to do right now is raise taxes actually try to do. I think you're right.

I mean, I can look up the kinds of explanations you have to be found for why Biden did this I think you're right think he's in the pocket of the progressive party but is still remarkable to remember when he ran for president in 2020.

He took on the left supposedly didn't he take more action community can do anything he sent his basement all year and the bugs came to him, but but he supposedly did a supposedly's stood separately from the laughter of the left. The progressives had Elizabeth Warren and they had plenty Saunders those little ones were supposedly in the drug aggressive agenda. Biden was can be no you know uncle Joe regular guy 50 years the radical, strange, and he's the one who gets the nomination, thanks in part to know what happened in South Carolina we can plug in a list. He gets the nomination again promising to be healing centrist president, and then he does everything Bernie Saunders and Elizabeth Warren campaign that's, you know, so I craved I would Understand why that is why good Biden thoughts that it was in either the right thing to do all in his political interests to make this dramatic left when he became president, but it clearly was it clear what what whatever the reason, the implications and outbreak with you.

I just think if there's a Harold Ford out there.

If there's a Joe mansion running for president becomes like the good old days where you know centerleft to it went against center-right and then you see what works and if you happen if the country goes 65 centers that dinner clearly saying I want more conservatives, anything goes.

65 left. Sadly though say I do want to pack the court. I do want to spend more. I do want to be a socialist country.

But right now you have these you have a air Democratic Party that wants PP Buddha judge to be its new leader and you tell me he's more moderate than Joe mansion know I'm Joe Biden is not but I want you to hear this. Joe Biden's post be the voice of reason's administration is trying to stop the bleeding when it comes to the Hispanic vote, and they are losing the tongue so she's in San Antonio and listen to which he did, how she describes the Spanish got one wrong and this community. Ron Miami and has unique breakfast tacos and Antonio coming to Bogot� right Bogot�'s in your your your taco congressman Joe Gimenez. Rick came out with this is the first lady thinks Hispanics are not ours unique as breakfast tacos. Maybe that's true of Latin X people, but for real Hispanics as actually insulting his tightest talk I choose � say runs good points. Very diplomatic on the dome of the social botanist get it stuck to Joe by now you know why she got a doctorate sophisticated understanding of the country, and indeed a culture that's just the boat that is in the tacos I mean I just you just know that again the frustrating and unity we can loft that we should walk that Hispanics have every right to be offended by that is an astonishingly offensive think they mentioned. Why would go there, but all kinds idea.

The people want to be defined by some some you know some some some white with the idea of their culture is to such is such an embarrassing thing sacred gets me about about this long piece muscle.

These are the people who tell everybody else about how how to live their life they lead this is the fundamental fundamentals of animating belief the progressives is that they know better than everybody else. Right all these people in the rest of the country 101 goblins and things like abortion was, stuff that they fundamentally stupid in vacancies and they need to be told by experts in tech exactly we had all of this coded stuff in all of this company other that their ideas for how the country should be run. They need progressives won't tell you how to live your life because they know better. They understood they understand everything but the better educated than you may have been to the right schools. They got doctorate you elected like Dr. Jill Biden. They are the ones put them in shop from country they come up with Christmas Christmas things latch. I like that I mean right you one the people know when the people in the respect right arm skin because I'm going to have a breakfast taco go to Bogot� and then I'll have a panel make a perfect for taco Tuesday, which are celebrated night then went over the Hispanic vote, George Baker, editor of the large Wall Street Journal and host of Wall Street Journal at large on Fridays at 730. They short of a breakfast echo from Abram, you got it.

I promise there so different back in a moment, giving you everything you need to know your Brian kill me Fox News time tasks network and on the next Fox News contributor and editor of the daily newsletter. I'm inviting you to join a conversation every week is the Ben Dominic's podcast.

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This is Brian kill me show Tony about Jill Biden in her comments comparing Hispanics to tacos breakfast tacos. The Hispanic journalists groups Goldfield by breakfast remark is, do not reduce us to stereotype stank purchases of Jill Biden is going to compare Hispanic Americans to breakfast tacos and she should at least use more inclusive language. Its tack acts. I got it and this just came across from her spokesperson. The first lady apologizes that her words conveyed anything but pure admiration and love for the Latino community.

I'm not sure that'll be enough.

She wanted to go away with a compliant press it probably will. How many times over the weekend. Did you hear other outlets talk about how Joe Biden said with the prompter instructed to say repeat the line. Almost nobody we come back. Col. Allen West on the broken border and what the message to the Mexican prison should be when the vice president meets with her. Actually right now for breakfast on my trip to having tacos and the president for lunch. Fox News time just network these ever-changing times you can rely on Fox News for hourly updates for the very latest news and information on your listening download now and Fox News time or wherever you did your favorite contest will came close to Fox and friends, we can share my thoughts in a wide range of topics in sports and pop culture, politics and business. Subscribe and listen now and Fox News time just a radio show like no other, kill me. I would that so probably they really are, and that includes on the issue of immigration passing a pathway to citizenship fixing went in particular under the prior administration was a badly broken system so that we can have a humane and appropriate approach to this issue, including, of course, what will continue to do in terms of prioritizing border security, but understanding.

We also need to create a pathway and and that's where I think everyone should be focused if they're actually concerned about solutions and set aflame, throwing unbelievable. Did she have any interest in anything that's going to be productive except for her own career which he is wanted participate in.

She wants to be the queen of England that is the vice president states target about Gov. Abbott's new move to consolidate a force to pick up illegal immigrants ourselves and bring them to the border because the feds won't we gotta get them back into the Mexico not allowed to do that but I love the fact he's doing this in the vice president says so-called leaders what you've done. The borders are and the follow-up question from Robert Costa should have been using this your job to buy back of the border under what metrics do you think the borders in better shape. Lieut. Col. Allen West on that answer, the vice president and the so-called leader of talking about Gov. Abbott is completely Abbott along with the president as well abdicate their constitutional duty.

They are violation of the Constitution article for such work and let me just put what is going on in our at our order and our country and perspective. You know, we have 800,000 what they called the getaways the people that you know they don't know where they are.

They come across borders mostly single military age males dressed in black dressed in camouflage Brian that 100,000 number is larger than the active duty force that we have of the Army and the Marine Corps. I will not just once again 800,000 and goodbye administration years past year and 1/2 of come across the border United States of America illegally. We don't know where they are and that number is greater. What we have in our active duty Army and Marine Corps right now so this is an invasion. This is a very important issue. On top of the drug, but the sex trafficking were fighting against the cartel to the insurgency that is going on and you know we here in Texas want the government to go the next mile and deport these individuals of � while you saw those for border counties, last week it up into all of them and they want to see this being declared an invasion. And right now the Atty. Gen. is the will of the legal rebuke that the Atty. Gen. Verizon is already make that determination right Texas sectors with the border agents apprehended get this going to Breitbart they got 26,000 migrants over the last six days Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, Laredo and Big Bend 26,000 now they bring them to the border they set them over the bridge. I'm not sure they're all coming back or not one single man, that means a title 42 should kick them out and should be staying out. They don't belong here. They have no they have no have no case and now the present United States. All he's talking about is a pathway to citizenship and that is what I imagine the vice president can be taught about the Mexican president right now and the whole purpose of this pathway shippers give them the ability of the boat and when you look at certain municipalities up in New York City where you are.

They allow illegals to vote and local level of thankfully that Kyle next got to resolve medical record now with Bill de Blasio yeah but this is what they're trying to do. I guess that's the point I want to make. It also an example Cisco that's where you see their strategy is to allow people to come here legally. You know it there's nothing we could do about that here in the millions in the past you know year and 1/2 and were about to give them all the rights and freedoms and liberties.

And guess what you American taxpayer, the struggling right now to make ends meet your home you want to see your taxes increase as we got up about the benefits is that about it so I can bring you to so do you like the Gov.'s plan here know a lot of the theaters and increase buried in the attached release because if you go to police up the function you just want to play, put them there or you got to then create what I call a border controls on or security so you got to keep these individuals from getting outside that border security solve. And if you print out the order.

You basically look at the Rio Grande River Highway 91 E. and West pretty much across that entire 1000 torpid people about order and you keep people down in that area and you make sure that they are not allowed to get outside their you take away that tax-exempt status of these NGOs down there so they can't get on planes and buses or things of that nature. So it's good that they were saying were going to keep him down to Qu�bec to order the next step is to get them across the border back into Mexico especially now we see people from India wishing people from Afghanistan.

All these different countries. This is not about climate change. This is about people realize of the order to not while yeah it is to follow this happen with this bodega owner is serious. It is absolutely crazy and that Alvin Bragg the DA after you got the runabout that I don't know if you can recall and recall building when building when you could fire somebody has to get rid of this God. The fact that she had a criminal or personal to criminal record that was released but we divorce the videotape attack and assault this owner to Hosea out in the God fighting for his life. I'm 60 1/61. This young man pounded on that he didn't want Spencer. He protected himself be protected by, and he is charged with murder girlfriend will also step don't get charged with anything and the bail.

I may also have this bail reform law for certain criminals. Yet he gets to her 50,000. He spends a couple nights in Rikers.

You know, the people of New York out of got to stand up and say enough is enough. Absolutely. So this guy kiss you and see it. Evidently the number bodega owner said I were robbed is triple this year already hundred 9595. I know how much money they think is in there.

They say the same people keep coming up as you get arrested, you get to keep the stuff you go in your process yet let out again and then there's no grass accused sister Jos� Alba sits there. They caught on video is trying to walk away you see them get stabbed by the girlfriend you see this guy come in trap behind you see them get pushed against the wall and as he tries aside by the guy pushes him again any get stabbed and the guy in the career criminal gets killed and now the bodega or owners are speaking out is a union of them and they say they're happy with the mayor is sticking up for the these actually using the owner's son is the owner he just works there at night.

Cut 14 is Fernando Matteo Alvin Bragg's is a this seems to be a reasonable person. As far as the conversation we had with him that I've had with him and he just made a mistake. Sometimes the hardest thing in life is to admit when you made a mistake and you have to just come forward and say hey I made a mistake. I'm going to corrected.

There's nothing wrong with correcting something you did wrong.

Jos� Alba was a victim Jos� Alba was standing his ground. Hosea out but defended himself from being killed.

This guy is jacked. He's strong. He's young, he was going to beat this guy to death in the truth of the matter is, Jos� Alba had the right to defend himself right I don't I would not take the apology all had to do was get the fact that his job get the facts and the fact that were listen. It's overwhelming that this dog was in there to rough him up and he was a gangster, a known gang member. So to me in every people are fed up in New York and they represent every major city listening to us right now because the crime is running crazy. These cops are quitting concern that supported the DAs are permissive because George Soros put in there. So now were left by her own devices and subways and in stores and shopping centers are and what you were in a jewelry store high-end jewelry store or a Harlem bodega.

You have to make a decision later defend myself or not. And this comes back to the Supreme Court made against the state of New York where they are saying that you don't have a right outside of your own home to be able to defend yourself.

The second amendment does not apply. Think about how different it would be for those bodega owners that have to have the ability to arm themselves and to protect themselves.

Think about that deterrent. It would be for crime and you write with the sorrows back to district attorneys, and would therefore from here in Texas in Dallas County in Harris County in Travis County, which is often in the San Antonio bear County. These people are creating chaos and confusion and lawlessness on our streets and on top of that the left does not want people law-abiding everyday legal Americans response American babe to defend themselves. This is the real strategic problem that we have here because number one took the left wants open borders. They want more gang members or criminals. The rapists of things of this nature come across more drugs you have to make certain all bus up there in New York City and now they don't want us to even be able to defend ourselves in our place of business is a work yeah hopefully things will bring. As I think people you don't hear anything which is to fund the police not name Cory Bush, everybody jumps down their throat stop it. Don't bring that up it'll be dog destruction.

Lot different from to three years ago when if you defended the police.

They said how dear you. I'm offended by the blue line in my American flag. No one saying that anymore because I think America got the smelling salts, United needed but a lot of a lot of people did and in the thing is when people are upset about your buying there upset about things like not getting people police reform. So for those people think what Joe Biden's tanking is not doing well. He's not going left enough people should understand that that's a scarier colonel think so. And also Jill Biden is to make sure she does not associate static people here Texas with breakfast tacos gear right. I think we should listen to that one more time: when the first community in Miami is unique while with the I was you. Actually, she found the news because we didn't know how to say bodega if you're following the news. This is the number one story New York and one of the top stories around the country and she does know how to say it. And this is a teacher night at T ident teacher in a diverse community and a doctorate. Who knows. With that said so is it Shelley Yep she's good that you your first lady that she has since apologized.

She didn't mean to us by insulting Hispanic people but Joe Biden is shedding Hispanic voters every minute and that will not help Col. West thanks O'Malley won't go get them back in a moment your knowledge base. Brian kill me show the more you listen more, you'll know it's Brian kill me a lot. In order to remember their party have become jaw-dropping. More than 60% of Americans support for short, only 19% of American abortion on demand birth, but 97% of Washington support precisely 97% of Washington with less than 1/5 of the country on this issue. So since Roe V Wade and the actual decision itself so much as built off that first to miss information for the White House saying that the other stop women from traveling Chris straight line still be arrested if you're in a state that does allow abortion and you go to state that does how, but the fact you can apply contraception is not ridiculous same-sex marriages and that next all of that stuff does not exist was not her. It's not going to be a ripple effect will take place. But you know it is a ripple effect of Roe V Wade Supreme Court justices, safety and security, and I don't care what you do. The most that with your AOC with your Bernie Sanders or Mitch McConnell or Justice Cavanaugh, you should be able to go to amusement Park is be able to go out to eat, you should never go back to your house and not be protested. That is not the American way. I understand people have freedom of speech but you should not be going to people's homes harassing them and if they do it as Prez United States pulling coming up to 80 years old.

Can you possibly do the right thing.

Some people are writing me to get some feedback this on this block so I'm in a read some of those out loud. You are Brian kill about gun control, no Republican should know republish or discuss any new or old gun laws until hundred bite is arrested for his many gun crimes and many other crimes by way message should be shouted from the rooftops. Every time anybody ever brings it up so that's important to more concurrent control and the other side and assigning attempts and assigning attempts on Supreme Court justices, you know, the Justice Department ain't going to do anything about it. Is there any response which is go out for the focus should be on inflation. David Liss NW. I asked JB over in Spring Hill, Florida hey David you doing for our country. I will get my man on Col. Allen West 20 years point you brought it up comes up, not enough. The Russian Troops in Ukraine. How many troops well maybe they got 100,000 or whatever.

Okay, we United States have an invisible invading army in the United States by possibly worldwide military age horses age 18 to 40 wearing black uniforms.

We don't know their background or training will know their intent. Maybe they're not turning down right now but the course they come across knowing they can get lots of guns in the United States is just at some point in time for someone in the Soviet Union or China or wherever will give a signal site okay boys go get them moved people warm up and we are officially in right now where unofficially invaded. Just as in Ukraine, when is our government going to wake up. When are people going to wake up. How are we going to defend ourselves if the government won't support the United States of America and election think switching service elections coming up and I think you can get blasted because of it. I mean who is for broken border.

We used to debate things like for people who been here over 10 years should have a pathway to citizenship. Now there's so many people here were legal the present. What's about a pathway that leads to citizenship nobody's on board with that question went on the answer. So this this email comes to you from Joe. I would say the last thing he said yeah just talk about the difference in our country, carjacking years ago there was zero crime in Little Italy and Baltimore city Italian neighborhoods with great restaurants.

Thugs didn't set foot in Little Italy was well protected by the residence thug stayed away tourists used to block their Great American restaurants like asked Jim Palmer, legendary pitcher, not so much anymore tourist anyway. Thugs have moved into manager. One of those restaurants was shot and killed after being robbed so that some of things it's happening and I think that's pretty consistent. The areas think of the areas that were usually impervious to this crime are now in the middle of it, whether it's Beverly Hills or the rich San Francisco who gave us the smash and grabs Baltimore another one from Baltimore so far this year hundred 88 homicides, 381 nonfatal shootings. Nobody cares nobody seems to care and Democrats are in charge. No Republicans even tries to running Brian kill me or Brian kill I want you to find you'll see where I will be more major events coming up one Coso, one that another one over in Missouri, one also in Albany.

Check out right lie.

Radio city is New York City set up Fox and friends, America's receptive Brian kill me. Thanks much for being everybody in the Brian kill me Joe come if you live from New York heard around the country around the world, specially in Ukraine, which is torn but using our money to make some real damage will be joined shortly by area light like he's a former senior vice US investor to Israel? 40. Abraham affords an author of the new book, let my people know the incredible story of Middle East peace and what lies ahead underreported around the world around this country.

Anyway, is the incredible Abraham reports and and how it set the table for the present have a lot of success on this trip. If he doesn't blow it up like everything else to Donald Trump was a part of commonality. One of the finest journalists and sports will be joining us at the bottom of the hour and a will to simulcast and FBN the present SKUs to the president of Mexico is having breakfast with the vice president that should be entertaining.

And then at noon she he should be making his way over the White House go to a light spray and the will not take any questions, because it's Joe Biden, and then they'll meet with the present to going to emphasize a pathway to citizenship. You believe that not a not a being not blistering.

The Mexican leader for not backing up his own southern border, which is destroying our southern border solicited to the big three stories you need to know Ryan's three number three we have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs, not a whisper anywhere most of the DNA analysis. In Ohio there is no case. Request for analysis that looks anything like this.

Yeah that is David Yost talking about Roe V Wade, the anarchy around it. One story in which the president says is a 10-year-old had to leave Ohio and go to India leave Indiana go to Ohio in order to get a abortion after she was raped. The problem is nobody knows where the hell that story came from and everyone's looking into it today will be the second time that Mexico's president has visited the White House as Pres. Biden took office. There's no shortage of topics. The two men are expected discuss whether be the economy, climate change, and yes immigration, the White House, under intense pressure from both parties to address what's happening with the migrant crisis. Yeah, that was Mark Meredith talk about what's happening now overseas present binds big international challenges lineup this week one with Mexico. As I mentioned today number two with Israel and their leader should be told we have your back number three Saudi Arabia.

They need to make peace with Israel and unite officially against Iran. Not too hard right. The problem is these are Trump policies and they worked with 33% approval rating and alter out of Donald Trump would be an overall tall, not just Democrats, but Republicans in the alternative, yeah. Right now Joe's numbers are terrible, but in one poll, he does beat present from Joe shut the door shut the lights in the way out. That's the message the Dems are sending to present Biden as his age and underwhelming performance as Dems scrambling for a replacement that's no joke. Re: Re: a light still joins us now.

Thanks much for joining us. Re: congratulations on the book.

I really appreciate again the name of the book is let my people know the incredible story Middle East peace and what lies ahead. Re: they told us in possible ill never you'll never get them there Middle East to any Middle East nation outside Egypt and Jordan to recognize Israel because there is no Palestinian state, including John Kerry, the former Secretary of State.

How did this come together well basically the option of whatever John Kerry is said to be old, if possible.what America did prior to privately. Trump was in Outlook after American Express with David Friedman and Jared Kushner and Mike, pale Nikki Haley from put America first in Israel especially remember the first major action with the recognition of Jerusalem and the moving of the and why didn't we think of other people told to write Israel O Jerusalem with or without unite America. It was our that we refuse to go to Jerusalem. That was an embarrassment to America, not anybody else in other countries told us not to present content in the connection to do the right thing is alienating the rest. It didn't happen soon see that Israel is not a threat, and never was a military threat, every action you take. It is in defense just so happened to have better military and more disciplined than fighting force and everybody else in the region having got over their egos incomes Egypt incomes Jordan. Then something else happened.

Emergence of a run in the recognition end in most of the Sunni nations that Iran is the problem America is committed to taking on a run and then a light bulb went off correct. You are correct to point that out. It used to be part of the policy called Israel and the Palestinian issue that the Middle East would be alone and when America under Trump said Israel is the solution not the problem. Iran is the problem not the solution you got Middle East peace breaking out and was only stalled by the lack of ability to be clear on those two issues so the nations he came aboard to refresh my memory while Bahrain, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, so five this is so this more than all the nations combined in his resistance only to a recognized double-digit and out on the doorstep is Saudi Arabia. Do you think will make the next step. I would argue that the entire Middle East question when and not really a question of American leadership here had there been a second term with the leadership of the president made an Maibach David Friedman there will be 10 more countries that would going to look. Peace pays and all these countries are competitive with each other when there's a peace dividend, especially given by the United States of America will react like a superpower that we are then every country in the incentivized to create peace in every country wants to spend with United States against our enemies when were unclear. These countries gravitate towards China towards Russia and Turkey run so right now prison. Trump's approval rating is 71% maybe even higher now in Israel I Joe binds it 60% still high special considers 33% year why the difference is relevant America and Israel tried very hard not to be involved with the politics of America.

It become increasingly more difficult. Once upon a time, across the board of the United States of America. We all supported Israel because frankly it's an American policy to be pro-progressive growing progressive popularity to be anti-cautious on its anti-Israel reflect the Democratic Party, which is a shame is great. Note that Israelis also know what the court that the progressive don't represent America that they love America. The line for visa at the US Embassy is the longer than anywhere else in the world. They do it legally. They do it properly. They grow morbid. There more Israeli businesses on NASDAQ than any other country under the United States of America and Canada state they adore America, but they love Trump. They left drunk.

They love funk I love Friedman the person.

Patient stood shoulder to shoulder with Israel on every issue publicly and privately when we had to submit that this agreement, China were very clear, but we get a private not publicly listen. There was no question as soon as Hamas was evidently won election during the Bush administration, we can't deal with the terrorist nation done nothing for the Palestinian people made the Palestinians work in Israel proper correct and they all laughed and then there treated with great respect, but different.

The problem is a couple things just answer this question and what Sadat says I'm going to recognize when Menachem Begin I'm going to recognize Israel's right to exist in recognize and have a little relations with her with this nation gets assassinated.

Mubarak ends up taking over understood and then yelled. Jordan was able to do it, but there the population in many respects, wasn't pleased with it. So now if even if you have leadership that understands Israel Sonata threat would be a great ally. What happened to the masses that allowed the leadership to make this decision. What happened on the ground right Middle East. Once upon a time leader, the gun leader that jobs and opportunity. If you Morocco vibrator truly like somewhat darkened and region that they look at Israel as a way to accelerate their growth and people in those countries have been taught for the last thousands of years about tolerance and acceptance and revamping of United Arab Emirates, and fought alongside fake American every engagement 9/11 at Theodore and love freedom and respect and tolerance and because they've trained their people there, very welcoming of the apron records. If you look at the other countries which teach excitement and hatred and anti-Semitism it'll take more than a generation ago. If you look you pointed that out so incredibly insightfully. One of the great beneficiaries of the Abraham Ct. in Egypt.

Egypt and had a cold peace since 1979, but that peace is one of the Abraham Ct. they now have permission from other Arab countries that they look, you don't need to be in a shooting war with Israel used to be business partners with Israel and are now today for the first time in more than 10 years direct flight from Egypt is wrong with people a little bit of tourism but that'll grow absolutely was talking to area lights to bring new book out. Got to get up call let my people know the other thing is I found him legally discouraging as an American and as somebody who likes the West we want to reenter America wants to reenter the Iranian peace deal written 2015 about to evaporate. Anyway, without direct talks. Using Russian to broker this deal.

How is that almost ruptured a house that affected American relations in the region so let on Ukraine Russia issue that was exacerbated by our government. At the only place the Russians are allowed in polite company today brokering the deal with Iran is saying if you say definitely that lab that will help Russia to help broker a deal with Iran. Just today it was reported that Iran is supplying Russia with attack grow up and get were still trying to get into a deal with Iran. They proven to be liars. They've proven to be cheaters there. The greatest cause of habit Middle East running to get into bed with people. It makes no sense. And when you want to talk about lack of credibility present dividers going to land in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and you going to approach the leadership there is done nothing meaningful to protect our allies. The Saudi from attacks from Iran and runs toward Iran, but he wants to make Sally a pariah nation.

They know that it's it it's all pandering and even worse still, not the Saudi when we need their energy. Trump showed up Saudi. He showed up as somebody was going to bring America to energy independence and negotiating strength, not the weakness once again leading from behind, whatever that is.

But I did two things it would, the following keys in the old Middle East never credited the Abraham Cordes never uses that were never made this a brand-new Middle East would even acknowledge it, but by going back to the Iranian deal and calling Saudi Arabia pariah state of those two things were against American foreign policy interest Jake Sullivan on where he goes from here.

Cut 10 is our hope and expectation that as we look out into the future we can help facilitate Israel's different integration into the region across the specifically with respect, Israel and Saudi Arabia knocking to get ahead of very intensive work that will be done in the course of this trip. Any normalization of any kind would be a long process but looking for progress and momentum in that direction is certainly something we are focused on his so I mean he's looking to capitalize. You basically got it to the 1 yard line. The question is will they run it over.

After deciding to to take a knee on three downs to consider the analogy I rooted for the Broncos in the 80s.

That's what we did ran the ball three times around in LA make pork down all root for America were all supposed to do and if they decide that peace in the Middle East is actually American ideal which it is then often share alongside everybody else worked so hard with the Abraham Ct., one of the recipes that are essential to creating peace in the Middle East. And that's not going to be very difficult to earn back invited it wants to open up a conflict in Jerusalem for the Palestinian Eve right now is been reported today that you going to visit East Jerusalem without any Israeli officials which really called into question. America you will stop Jerusalem the capital of his relativist settled law from 1995 To build trust.

If you will send the wrong message of the region.

That's interesting. He's going east tourism and that is with any people project is the goal of the Palestinians to make it their capital.

Would that be acceptable for is rapidly not right is valid to be undivided and eternal capital from Israel's perspective that the 3000-year-old green payment of prolific 75 years ago when the only alley that we have everything that it never asked for single US stand and fight for them and they fight for freedom and frankly faded salt so many of the problems in the leaf they were more problems and come here in America understood.

Lastly I you know and puts them at a time without something weighing yesterday on the Abraham Cordes are you made history. Hopefully the prison will flow in former senior advisor the US ambassador Israel, special envoy, the Abraham Cordes and author of the book let my people know are your lights don't think so much. Thank you, Brian. Right when we come back will take your call at 186-640-8766 in the present goes overseas, which is Mexico a message to Mexican president over to RB today we'll talk about that as well as the presence numbers from the New York Times poll are stunningly bad. Why back in a moment. You need to know basis. You need to kill me if you're interested in Bryan's talking about your with Brian kill me all that you and keep in mind to be for breakfast anymore. They can be if Hispanic people listening. They don't just have me for breakfast. They can be for dinner because it is taco Tuesday. That was Joe Biden doing her best impression of her husband reading the prompter with obviously the status is weak for her as it is for the president that talked about characterizing Hispanics as tacos and talked about Bogot�'s when she means bodegas. So in an attempt to reclaim some Hispanic voters. After a bad showing for Democrats on election day and shedding them by the dozens on percentage points to. She does not speech in San Antonio yesterday. She has since apologized but it didn't go over well at all. When you think about the number of people that heard that and say that you just compare all Hispanics to tacos. This is incredible. I thought we booked the first lady, a doctor, a teacher. Mostly, she claims minorities communities, but I guess it doesn't really matter because it's the Bidens in the gotta get a pass. I am sure nobody else is running this which is unbelievable because there's only one president I might ask you to avoid or to avoid a Democratic leader or Democratic lawmaker I'm talking about a major Hispanic address when she calls it Bogot� and tacos. That's what she labels everybody now did she mean it sure she did. But did she reread the copy she's an educator I'm not sure I would say no to the 24 hours to apologize.

That's also bad staff. We come back Tom are now du jour is from this firefighter sports journalists in the country got a brand-new a brand-new podcast you love the story he's covering today radio that makes you think this is Brian kill me show some of the greats of the game knew how special life embossed docs telling one Hall of Famer and Rod Carew. We could be talking about a Hall of Fame player, 3000 just one of the greatest players ever play the game started born about one because he told me once I stop by his family and friends is Wesley never had the chance to reach a prime course sees the greatness seemed to lay just ahead that and feet from corner deadly sin, yes, that is, lime embossed docs somebody were familiar with baseball fans are probably not the middle name Wesley but that is the name of the first serialized documentary series Tom Rinaldi tells the gripping heartbreaking story of how he was the first player to be killed in season while being along with being one of the best hitters in baseball. Tom Rinaldi joined just downtime. Congratulations to the perfect person to launch this series was your idea.

Brian, thanks for having me. Always good to hear your voice appreciated and I came to the folks at Fox sports. About a year ago we were talking about audio content and narrative podcast podcasts to tell a story and fold across episodes and as you know, Brian, how big that content has become how much people have become engrossed by hearing her story told across multiple episodes and I came to Fox with the story which I had told him part 14 years ago when I worked at ESPN and they seemed excited about it and here we are pretty much a year later, getting ready to launch this part episodic podcast about lime embossed stock Junior just audio right just audio that's correct and will get you know you get a Fox foresight, can you get it where ever you get. We get you.

My guess is that you can get it on on Apple spot. If I were ever you listen to your podcast the first episodes are a total blind launch next Monday, the day before the All-Star game I and so these are these episodes, how did you decide what to cover what you to be looking at so when you take a step back and you consider the length of history of major league baseball more than 150 years and there's only ever been one player to be murdered during a season, and it didn't happen.

Brian 100 years ago.

It happened in the 1970s and 1978, and it happened to a player you just heard from George Brett and Rod Carew all of trainers, legends, and again believe that this type could have been 3000 player in strong consideration for Cooperstown and yet his wife and his career ended through an absolute tragedy and mistake on the very end of the season his fork seated in 1978, we ask ourselves, to a degree. Brian why don't more people know the story of this remarkable player of the son of the Negro leagues player up player Reggie Jackson came out. The charter complete Yankee supplier prize by George Steinbrenner, a guy got in the terrible swamp after he signed a big contract. You tell me Brian if anyone else comes a line in any sport or whatever you do this and Ruth tried to refuse his first month salary earned it, and when the team paid to him. He still gave it away to charity.

That's just one of the things that make up the fascinating character that is lime embossed commonality against the East Coast of the Wesley Fox sports first serialized documentary time without giving it away. I mean, would you feel comfortable saying led to this without stopping people from some from tuning in. There are a number of things that I think as people listen to that some of the voices that your ritual year. We heard from George Brett we hear from Rod Carew we hear from members of Lyman's family, but it also toward the later episodes. Brian becomes a crime procedural because while it's not the absolute center of Lyman's story. It is a crucial part of the story is murder and what becomes of the man. Never deny that he raised it gone and fired point-blank range. Remarkably, in the words of Jack Crawford. The manner prosecuted him and breaks down Brian 40+ years later in tears about what happened to Leonard Smith got away with murder. He got away with it. This tells you the story of how that happened and how that led to an almost immediate change in most and the laws criminally in the state of Indiana. All the things that came from this huge sensational story which remarkably has largely been forgotten through time signed by stuck I got there just time for free agency. Civil experience is that you have some great hitters in this year he got George Brett got Rod Carew both on record.

Outside, Pete Rose, probably the two best maybe the right crew the best ever that the greatest great all-time great time hitters. How hard was it to get them to talk about this very easy. Brian and one of the things that connection George Brett to the story is that Brett's brother was a teammate of alignment and what we believe is very gripping moment in one of the later episodes at Lyman's funeral which was back in Los Angeles. Lyman was murdered in Gary Indiana.

A few days later the team went back to mourn him along with housing plus others in a church in Vermont Square that neighborhood in Los Angeles young manager first-year manager Jim for ghostly was supposed to be the person who spoke on behalf of the team but was so overcome by his own emotion that he turned without any prompting to George's brother Ken a picture on the team Brian and asked can without any preparation or advance warning to stand up at the pulpit and speak for him, and on behalf of the team you hear some of that audio from that eulogy and you hear George become promotional thinking about what his brother went through in eulogizing his teammate Rod Carew who was a career mentor to lineman and you could see this this young players incredible appetite for the game's desire to learn from an older, more established pattern clearly on his way to the hall of some of the other teammates we hear from Kenny Landro Carney Lance for Carney Lynchburg this team. The Angels Brian played again.

Later the same day, Lyman died very early the morning of September 24, the Angels need an afternoon game that day.

While that's inconceivable to think about happening today and in his first at bat is rooted teammate Carney Lansford batting in the lineman slot in the batting order.

What you think you didn't at first at bat homerun just some of the small parts that make up the greater Mosaic of this podcast in line and stored our identities opens up July 18 you left for episodes immediately available all across the major podcast platforms Apple and spot a fine Fox as well as a Fox sports app so look forward to that, what else did. What other series you have you have queued up or you think about so we just want to let people know Brian you get the first four episodes of the day of launch July 18. A week later episodes five and six and a week after that episode seven and the finale at the facility were going to have a feature with barren judge coming up for All-Star game coverage were super excited about the field of dreams I know how much you love that baseball fans love that incredible event last summer back for that again this summer and then of course it's your fault to remember as we roll into college football.

The NFL and the World Cup so it'll be a good time. We love it.

Absolute expertise is golf this controversy now with this live tour as well as PGA at the British Open. They told they told Greg Norman stay home even know you want to twice as are upset that you started this live tour that's financed by the Sally wealth fund. First off Tom Bray's as a purist as you are as much as you know, golf, and the golfers personally great ranchers you've done, would you feel about how you feel about these two tours. I think it's been really interesting to see the emergence Brian write up some of the golfers who clearly become legal voices like Rory McElroy, who has become a staunch defender of the PGA tour softened his stance for just one moment in one interview with the BBC and now has her to double down again Tiger addressed the media just today said heartbreaking and essentially felt like players are turning their back on the tour that made it will be so interesting to see how these two towards ultimately shake out the PGA Tour so deeply established.

Of course, but the live tour has gotten shoe players, major winners top 15 players in the world to come over.

Want to see how it ultimately not a person's world ranking points will be a big part of that and they left yet will he get points for playing in winter those tournaments and will the majors allow the live players to play because I will. That's when the rubber could hit the road time. Congratulations on your new series host you the host of Wesley, the first episode, Fox sports were serialized documentary and documentary series.

It's a podcast and go to wherever you get podcast it begins a drop, so to speak. July 18 Tom Rinaldi. Thanks so much. Back in a moment something new every day, Brian kill me show now. Brian kill me show joins Fox businesses Varney & Co. with Stuart Varney live on your radio and on FOXBusiness. Here's Brian kill me. They look back everyone a better moment and still going morning company will talk about commonality about moments ago and that is golf tournament GA the big rivalry so twisted golf controversy just wants this for second role in the players who have chosen to go to live and play on to play their I disagree with the I think that what they've done is turned her back on has allowed them to get to this position, Brian. There is really a huge division in the world of golf right now.

It does not looking good is it.

It depends on me for the players perspective for you to some football. No free agency and the NFL was challenged by the USFL. The WF L the SFL for a while. They fail, but it was an open market. This live tournament. They feel as though the PGA according to the players. The PJs had way too much power for too long term, surprise, money, qualifications and things like that. It has made them wealthy. Absolutely it is a nonprofit, absolutely true, but what happens is the second time Greg Norman is headed up an effort to be opened with former world we give an alternative the PG has already responded by upping prize money changing some of the things it did have bothered the player's already the free market is worth with Tiger Woods goes on to point out and says listen thinking big appearance fees.

Where's the incentive to win the PGA you have to win if you don't make the cut. You make less money when the tournament make more money is not you have a huge appearance fees is not that thirst also. They play one less day. So one less round overall Brooks Kappa. You talk about Dustin Johnson. You talk about Phil Mickelson.

You talk about Sergio Garcia. They want to be able to play for those turn play those tournaments and then play in the majors. The key is going to be steward can you play the British over the US over the PGA and the Masters and play with this Sally wealth fund fact world league that's going to be key, but we have with the Justice Department is also key. They are looking at the PGA to investigate to see if it's by Napoli to see if other leases Stuart Varney golf we could start tomorrow. Is PJ allowing for that to happen� Tech support and taught it. I think the Justice Department could really go after the PGA on antitrust grounds and loosen up negotiations to get both of these leagues get going to probably that might happen, I just wanted to enter AOC Alexandria Kasser Cortes not she's used a number of bodegas and New Yorkers photo ops, but she's absolutely silent data owner who was attacked who killed his attacker now being charged with murder.

Where is AOC Brian she ever done anything that is an ultra-left-wing mayor. The mayor Adams, who is obviously African-American mayor New York City Democrat came out to listen on with the owner that gave her cover.

If you want to come out and say you know there's been 350 robbery so far this year it's up was substantially from last year of bodegas.

I've no idea why they keep getting them up with some of these people just go in. They still stop and think go to Chile oppressing come right back out. There's no one ever stays in jail in New York anymore and then you have this file. This one that could be deadly for the worker to be intently for the gangster so he ends up dead. A perfect time for her to say stop picking on minority community and start protecting them and she doesn't but she never does is no courage there is no Brian I stole your idea. I said what would've happened to this bodega and the criminal if there was no videotape. I picked up a what you said last week on this because you're quite right. If there was no type that bodega God would be imprisoned for the rest of his life in the guy who did the muscling. He'd be a hero.

I think you are right on this yet and Natalie got to know the tape reveal the beginning you see the interaction you see the guy get knifed even though the woman who started this whole thing because her EBT card was empty. That's it. A food stamp card was empty. She goes and this is give it to me. Anyway, the sum of the card you're lying to me. I went to get my boyfriend and you could be in trouble. What you should use a different term to be in trouble. He comes back to a career criminal comes back it's threatening then we see more the tape. Not only was he threatened a take a knife.

They have this confrontation gets behind the counter that's insignificant when you see him say I don't want any trouble. That significant.

Then you see him try to get by. This guy just get out of the way many I could get rid of the register and he would not let them by three is okay. Strike one strike to strike three. At smear you and you're going to die come out of time, but Alvin Bragg is what I think you'll agree with that, Brian. No accidents or civility.

Thank you. I wanted to. I forgot that I did say that but I am but I was brilliant last week may be more brilliant than I even imagined 1-866-408-7669 lessee by squeezing Matt, Matt, your North Carolina met yesterday to undermine about Biden's approval ratings are pretty thing right well I mean I guess you could say got bipartisan gun legislation. I guess you could say bipartisan infrastructure. I guess you could say that would seize a player pleases the ultraleft you could say he got the rescue plan he embarrass this nation for the first time substantially in Afghanistan will come up to the year anniversary and that no one's given them a second look, and they should. He defied everybody in all his advisors supposing doing it advisor show no backbone and staying in their jobs, but in the meantime, he defamed all those who fought that war and then left Americans behind will never gonna forgive him for that.

But there are certain Democrats in the certain Republicans are always going to stick with severing power will honor you very much like your show. Well, I appreciate that I wherever that is.

I appreciate that 1-866-408-7669 listen if you listen to me right now you have an opportunity see me in person. It's indeed a thrill. August 25 is up on a unabashedly red white and blue I going to say to talk about my books talk about Fox talk about what's going on. Take your questions and do like you most miss interact with the audience right to find out where only the life of Fox News radio studios in New York City giving you opinions and facts with positive answer.

Brian kill me. Hey, thanks much for being here buddy is the running kill me Joe.

I will be Brian to lead at least for the next hour coming here from New York. 46 in midtown Manhattan don't come exactly rural. I will give my exact location away is my guess is concerned about security, it is Charlie and Sen. Lindsey Graham of the body are Lindsay Graham just friends that he's gotta testify now that subpoenaed and got his protest rejected to go testify what happened in Georgia. I don't think he mind Soros personality Bill Michelle but I get a chance to talk about it control you and say hello before I do. The victory hello writer looking more hey even more handsome than you are this morning. That's what he was saying I should. You kidding any fee says no I'm not.

And now I realize he was right. He was not getting you.

You have confirmation right and confirmed I finally have a second source to get second source is a more washer like you put your jacket back on for me because it offers to put it back on for me. That's another reason to go comfortable region to shut our Fox nation and the two shot. The last thing I want is to be addressed by my guest right. I do enjoy being addressed by everybody in radio producing radio � I have a face for it radio guys, you're writing for yeah they got a place for it hurts my feelings every time. Right which puts building and I do have makeup on, from this morning. So let's go to bed not working set of stories you need to know Brian's three number three we have regular contact with prosecutors and local police and sheriffs, not a whisper anywhere most of the DNA analysis. In Ohio there is no case. Request for analysis that looks anything like this that CAG David Yost talk about this crazy story that the present.

Biden said of a 10-year-old having to leave the state to get an abortion. It didn't happen after she been raped, they can find the story and stuff the president and his speechwriters and his staff for putting it in his copy Roe V Wade anarchy, not just the abortion but with the security and politics around it will discuss today will be the second time that Mexico's president has visited the White House as Pres. Biden took office. There's no shortage of topics. The two men are expected to discuss whether media economy, climate change, and yes immigration in the White House under intense pressure from both parties to address what's happening with the migrant crisis present Biden's big international challenges lineup this week one with Mexico in the present today needs to be told the president of Mexico.

That is, to enforce his southern border get tariffs number two, Israel's leader should be told we have your back number three Saudi Arabia.

They need to make peace with Israel and unite against the run is not too hard right. The problem is these are everything.

The Trump was doing and were working with 33% approval rating and alter out that Donald Trump would be an overall Paul, not just Democrats, but Republicans in the alternative, does he think of rebel communications.

Talk about a brand-new pole and it reads like this Joe shut the lights out your the way out. That's the message Dems are setting to present Biden as his age and underwhelming performance has demonstrated so Charlie, you are not only factors contributing right for the Washington Times and is great to see great to see you, New York Times, and sienna does a pole and it's stunningly bad. I mean even during the height of the rush investigation all the problems that Trump was having the media lined up against him. He's never had poll numbers with 33% approval rating.

He has Democrats 26% of Democrats say nominate Joe Biden for second term, 64% say no.

10% say I don't have and I know up against us in terms of young people do you think the Democratic party should nominate Joe Biden 2024 for people under 30, 94% against Joe Biden who are Democrats.

New York Times put this is why we put this out. Oh, I think that they are offers that were nearing the end of the remove Trump from office operation because they couldn't just give it up on election to keep it going.

Got in impeachment before he left. Yeah, exactly.

They had to give your never having 1/3 impeachment which is I think ridiculous and I don't think anybody is paying attention. But yes, so were inserted nearing the end of that in there realizing it. Actually Joe by Mr. that big test for the biggest difference in polling lies between Trump and Biden is that like Trump got low numbers for Latrobe could be sort of unlikable, especially after all the media throws billions of dollars worth of like rancid propaganda against them and as a writer is below and will not try to play Allie and then he fights back in and and when he fights back is he can be not so pleasant when he fights back. But what's interesting and this is the more I think about this.

I think this is a really important thing the truth the matter is the reason that Democrats the media and even a lot of Republicans. Washington and everybody in Washington so despised Trump's book is on the issues we never had a more popular politician in Washington on the issues you and they love the results. But they didn't necessarily like the messenger and so innocent, so we are where we are now and you have this guy in the whole reason the Democrats got behind Joe Biden's because they figured okay, this guy is a harmless messenger, and he can carry forward and that's all we that's all we need out of him. And then it turns out he gets to the White House any searched stuff and everything he touches turns to dirt and and whether it's an end and it's a NRC that the border thing to me is the most important thing is without that you have a country but it's not just things like the border, which used mainly see on TV and I'm sick.

There's some that there's a lot of impact in for people in a personalized, but it's not like gas prices and inflation that stuff you have to walk up the field at stuff that is it doesn't get more personal than that in the same with the crime situation where people maybe a lot of Americans live in neighborhoods are out of the country like I do and you don't necessarily feel the crime on a day-to-day basis, but a lot of voters, particularly in large cities. They feel the crime statistics show it in a trance another door and this is an and all of these things can be to link directly to the policies of this president. Now you maybe you have to help me out with this. But first minute read this number what's the most important reason you prefer someone else of the Joe Biden to be the Democratic Party. 2024 presidential nominee among Democratic primary voters so 33% CH 32% say performance. 12% say prefer someone else, 10%, not progressive enough for percent ability to win so brides approve razor mentioned 33% and want to get this out because in the same pole. They said he bistro. So which is his last week. All had Trump with a higher program. Also, these are also the people that have ghosted Trump voters forever, but will get that November most important thing is for 33% aged 32% issues. Can I just just translate that force that amounts to 65% unhappy with his policies. End of story. People say the 33% CH because they don't want to be mean, that's 33% heinous policies but don't want to be but they're too nice to say oh no, he's horrible.

He's caused all this misery of my family and it said that you say we think maybe he's a little old baby should be president. It's because it's 33% who hate his policies and feel sorry for that's what that means. So it's 65%. You can get 65% of Americans to agree on anything is true, but see Charlie. First, I want you here. The press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre push back on my pronunciation.

That's very impressive thank Five and I would also say from that very same there were 92% Democrats who support this president as well. Not to be getting to politics from here again until any political analysis. This is not something I know there's to be many poser can go up and go down. This is not the thing that we are solely focused on we are focused on wings like today signing this bipartisan gun reform legislation. Okay fine with a 92% does exist and exist, but if you look in the end, at the at the that I think it's New York Times poll it the argument that they're making is that 92% will vote for Joe Biden again what that figure actually tells you is that's 8% of the people. If you trust the .8% of people who look for Joe Biden are not voting for him again and so this Silverlining that the New York Times fetches out of the barrel of this misery in order to claim that you know that it's not all bad, claiming that that a match I had that matchup between Biden Trump has Biden winning I don't that's not possible of a percent of ginger by the voters or developers of your washing guy.

I'm not going to say this is my problem with when people Republicans look at this pole they were locating these terrible okay why don't Democrats and Estes question. Why are Democrats unhappy with. Are they unhappy with any of the executive orders now they were happy. The Keystone pipeline was down if John Testa wasn't happy didn't say a word. So what were they not happy with that they would get the rescue package got past now with a not happy with the bipartisan maybe of church bill.

Maybe they want to better or bipartisan gun bill. No is a problem that their problem is, he didn't do bill back better and everything was included there. Problem is, he didn't do that fully transition us off fossil fuels and I think their problem is then that did police reform did get done everything that we are glad can get done.

Democrats see a failure.

With that I totally disagree.

Assuming that this pole is actually polling look at normal people. I totally Democrats Democrats. They don't want to pay six dollars a gallon gasoline. They don't want their their unhappy hundred and $20 to fill up the drill know that that's not why don't I think that this is the this is the utopia the Democrat politicians have been peddling for a long time, Jack, and it's miserable. And these voters realize don't want to drill they don't want they don't did on offshore drilling. Either they want winded. They want solar. We all want alternative.

One partner and would say except really I don't know one Republican I'm talking about regular normal. If this captures regular normal voting Democrat hesitate us. They don't want that. They don't care they don't want to pay six dollars a gallon gasoline they they they believe. They don't like Republicans for whatever reason, but they're not insane. They don't want to have a percent inflation. They don't want to pay six dollars a gallon and then they're going to do that and that's why you have a percent of Democrats assuming the district a percent of Democrats voted for Joe Biden in 2020, who are not going to vote for him next. And that's devastating but if it wasn't for Joe mansion and Kristin cinema. I think one way to the left.

Now that would've been the Democrat gentleman with a with a Supreme Court that's a packed court but I don't agree with. This is where I don't agree. I think Joe mansion Kiersten Sam represent a whole lot more Democrats, then the center of the Democrat party in the world.

Yes, right. I believe in and where are they white microphone baby. I watch CNN I watch of the testing is an end and by the way, speaking of that, we have extensive polling on our viewers and more of that more of those viewers watch our shows. Then watch MSNBC or CNN. That's it, honestly and and anybody doesn't know that you should look this up is very important it's it's it's an amazing thing that is being revealed here that Democrats don't believe in this stuff and and I agree with you that they generally like the idea drilling is kinda bad, or whatever you don't get don't like the idea of an oil drilling oil rig all of the whatever but they don't pay six dollars gas gallon gasoline also on abortion the most divisive political issue.

We have to believe in ninth month abortion believe in all this nonsense that that that that the Democrat party has been hijacked by support any of this stuff. They support that they have no more than anything they'd all cowards cowered slowly up. I think that you came in this environment you raise your head up a Supreme Court just hanging around every day saying I think we should drill at the we should have a strong defense. I don't have high taxes.

Why can't I cry say that okay you because I think that they have become completely hijacked by this crazy woke mob that destroys people like Kiersten Sam and Joe mansion may dispute the party activists in Washington despises people you want to know proof that that there Democrats who don't believe in this crap 2016 that's what Donald Trump proved and I believe that he speaks for even more Democrats. I think that if you're on election day 2020 voters were still breaking for Trump on election day. That's after all that we had been through all the smear, then the pandemic and and even though the justifiable stuff against Trump for being sort of a Charlie, I think I think I want you to be right. I know I want you to be right about Democrats but I don't think you are because I see coming to Harold Ford, is an anomaly. I generally is is an anomaly know I do at absolutely should wear a senator with the help in giving the other people. It's mostly a moderate center tester Sen. Warner can name another moderate Democrat, you could usually lean on. There would be somebody who elected Joe mansion.

Republicans in West Virginia know they didn't mean yeah maybe a lot of voted for, but no Democrats voted elected right and and the in the.

He represents people and and is and I am sort of reluctant together to. I'm sure you can pull up some poll that shows that 90% of Democrats Democrat voters don't want drilling or something like that and everything that they don't they don't they think yeah but but it's BS it's total BS. You can call you can get a pole to say absolutely anything you want to Sen. Kennedy to the primaries whether getting destroyed by activists the book the political hacks and the Democrat party that have taken over the party seeking Rhode Island or Connecticut isn't going to produce a moderate moderate Democrat are very Lieberman but he that was like we have gone 100 years like I had to leave his party because he was moderate here to be in that I sent Connecticut I sent Connecticut but like Georgia Democrats are in favor of all this nonsense tortured or worn like to enter one of Harrelson want to because they didn't like the antics Trump antics. They didn't like the enough to put a liberal Rev. Lewis got a history of liberal views. I will get to take a break and come right back, educating, entertaining and enlightening. You're with Brian kill made breaking news unique opinions. All Brian kill me show you and apologize for the later part is actually willing to commit to long. What is your thought, I tell you, like when I got when I come to New York City-like elf walking, as I've no idea where I am, maybe I want to bust into every diner and be like, that's amazing. The greatest cup of coffee on.

I when she said the Bogot�'s of Brooklyn. I was like that's stupid. I'm pretty sure you know what comes to me for proper Spanish considerations of anything right, but I was like that make the Bogot� okay and by the way bodegas problem stores in the country all right.

The other thing is if you were writing a speech and try to winnow someone's running your speech you try to win over Hispanic what is this word me and we comparing all Hispanics a tacos. She is your problem. She is Charlie, thanks so much.

The fastest three hours in radio you're with Brian kill made.

It is our hope and expectation that as we look out into the future we can help facilitate Israel's deeper and integration into the region across the board specifically with respect, Israel and Saudi Arabia not to get ahead of very intensive work that will be done in the course of this trip.

Any normalization of any kind would be a long process but looking for progress and momentum in that direction is certainly something we are focused on as we head off to is Jake Sullivan not appreciating the Abraham records never mention it but there was a re-oriented Middle East than the one they left in 2016 as the present United States get set to go today tonight he's gonna be heading over Israel.

Then over to Saudi Arabia at which point he can say to me a favor and put more gas because I've destroyed the pipelines in American domestic Purdue production Sen. Lindsey Graham joined just now. I would argue knows much about the regions anyone center. Welcome back, but we think is going to Woody will cut Middle East will will present buying find what we do with it depends on what he does with Iran. One recent Abraham records became a reality that the Arabs and Israelis try to crusted present Trump regarding a common enemy of Iran so they were able to do something nobody could even envision in 2016 to have the United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Bahrain, to recognize the state of Israel and actually create diplomatic and economic relations. Nobody saw that is even a possibility unless you fixed up the Palestinian problem first so by standing up strong tour.

Ron did the region reacted to that if Biden goes back into the Iranian nuclear deal, I think his ability to strengthen the Arab-Israeli relationship is going to be very small conditions for this meeting don't bring up human rights. They told the Biden team and would done producing oil we can have any more production of all oil and gas because we pretty much maxed that out so and were not to give up our our economic relationship with Russia losing the preconditions reported here that I read it in the Washington Post and New York Times must be true. So I don't� Let's assume for a moment.

It is, that's a pretty tough meeting to go into now why are you meeting with Saudi Arabia because there there an outline imperfect ally, the other the keeper of the faith in terms of the Sunni religion and the bottom line is you know that there is the strongest horse over there so I understand meeting but to take all that off the table before the meeting shows. I think a lack of respect for Biden.

I can imagine Trump excepting those terms. Well that's it's going to happen so we know that Israel I guess in speaking to a one of these 61 of the architects of the Abraham records earlier today already. I should say right here are a light stone and he says it. Israelis already offended these going to East Jerusalem without any Israeli escort, perhaps in play imply these can be with Palestinians who still envision eastern Jerusalem as their capital death in 1 foot to get off of I think so trying to help the Palestinian Authority make some notes but you know what did Trump do. He recognized Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the Jewish state. Will that been the policy of the United States since the mid-90s just prompted everybody talked about making Jerusalem the undivided capital of Israel. But nobody did, except Trump so the Palestinians were up in arms.

But what I can't get over how the rest of the world air world.

Basically didn't didn't let them affect their ability to work with Israel.

So what did Trump do we basically put the Palestinian issue and one bucket and did not allow the Palestinians have a veto in moving forward and terms with Mideast, but if he goes to East Jerusalem unescorted and that will be seen as a signal by Israel to rollback what Trump did which would be a huge mistake. Yeah, it's a Reuters report to see original question that said senior Saudi officials pressed US counterparts to scrap all policy of selling and our only defense of arms to to Saudi Arabia's. They want to change that. But they also took off the table those things that I mentioned.

So, according to official so center will see what happens to be is the prey we they don't have any more oil to give and will see if we change stances there is it through the Justice Department is open of investigation the PGA as almost a kiss up to the Saudi led golf golf leg is actually opossum you know I don't know.

I love golf. I know present problems copies hosting the tournament of the whip to listen anything about about your rich golfers here. I think the more people involved in golf probably do better and sort of the PGA monopolistic view of this probably needs to be looked at but the bottom line is were going to Saudi Arabia and we can condition we pulled out of Afghanistan so nobody really trust us anymore so this whole trip to the Mideast hand Afghanistan hangs like a heavy cloud. This idea of going back in the rainy nuclear agreement. Name one thing they done better to deserve more money.

What would you give the Iranians more money until they change their behavior so I just really feel that the president going to the Mideast. With this kind of agenda is going to do more harm than good right but it was the only thing you had a chance to talk about is January 6.

They'll still talk about the past election.

I know that you were subpoenaed to appear in front of a grand jury.

Each push back on that contested now they say you have to appear in front of the grand jury, Woody, would you thoughts on that. Well I think I'll be going to court and fight back but not given up the fight felt that Garnet let me listen� Sen., I've got a vote on whether or not certified election I was chairman of the Judiciary Committee's of my job is to figure out what I need to be doing. The bottom line with with all the stuff is that the world is on fire. I just got back from Ukraine.

They done a hell of a job pushing the Russians out of Keith that got him in the Easter losing ground. They need more weapons.

The State Department needs to designate Russians of state-sponsored terrorism or dragging her feet.

So I want to work with the Biden administration where I can. What I'm focused on is my day job. All this political theater dungarees are talking about January 6. This investigation would make the Soviet Union cringe. There's not one dissenting voice and Ms. Hutchison seem like a nice lady made an accusation that was double hearsay and nobody on the committee is calling the agent. So, by the way she claimed that somebody told her that Trump tried to grab the will and strangling agent is at true. Apparently, they would say no, so it tells me all I need to know about this committee. If he really wanted truth when you try to verify what she said before you put in front of the entire country.

Yeah. And I know you the listing you, I would ask. I expected more of her. I thought you said say well it's true that the president also said go down there peacefully and patriotically I would assume is do that and then that would be the closest thing to balance. We don't even have that that would be at that's been edited out all or anything else to dispute their narrative because because and it's been explained to me by Kevin McCarthy why he didn't put somebody there, and it does make sense for the final product is really propaganda. It's really a it's really a documentary that you scripted, but I just want to ask about your situation even mentioned on the show that you call Brad reference Berger and then he had a problem with your phone call think they care about two phone calls you made him want to jeopardize anything legally for you but you want to say about these phone calls know I've already made the bottom line is called Arizona to find out how their system worked. I called Nevada to find out you know how you validate signatures are called Georgia to see if you know about these allegations remain that sort my job right. I never suggested anybody they discount balance rainy political reasons.

So now I'm bottom line here is the January 6 committee is not designed to get to the truth is designed to create a narrative that Donald Trump shouldn't run again to literally charge him with the crime we all saw what happened on January 6. It was a terrible day but this committee is set up in a fashion that's dangerous you got everybody on the committee has one goal I want to get Trump and when you call a witness like Ms. Hutchison who make some spectacular allegations and they seem not to hold water and you don't pursue further.

That says a lot about what you need to know man and out again. The Georgia people working with the January 6 committee and when I'm trying to do this to my day job and I can tell you this. If we open up County prosecutors being able to call every member of the Senate based on some investigation they think it's good for the country will ruin the place I went to the Ukraine. If we can. I know we got the so-called high Morris and everyone loves you go 50 miles but in the blooper rushing command center in I think you pronounce it is the dreams are asking for something you can correct me don't hurt my feelings.

ATA M CMS is how it's broken up and they go 86 miles in the Biden administration says they're worried that they can go into Russia. So right now and I can excel at long-distance rockets do for this fight. Okay so I went and met with the Lansky went to boot your where they had the mass graves of people with her hands tied behind her back and shot in the head. The Russian military is just one big war crimes machine but cave like you know yet some buildings that have been been attacked, but people going about their lives, they were trying to really rebuild butcher the fight Cindy. They wanted to decapitate Ukraine take Zelinski out and put a puppet in his place will that sales were there in the snail this is an artillery duel appear in a private side appear that of a professional fight in a person has a three or 4 inch ring reach the other got long arms and you do, you got a problem.

So there artillery that Russia has can shoot further than than than what Ukraine can do. If we give them more precision and longer distance artillery pieces, rocket bases, we can begin to destroy the Russians inside Ukraine when it comes to Biden they been slow and indecisive.

They could've done sanctions before the invasion they could given weapons before the invasion they chose not to do any of those things. They made excuses of why they can't do this or why they can't do that.

They're getting better, but we need to be all in my friend the Russian military is beginning to break. They can't resupply their forces. I was just they are just� Our folks on the ground that the the ability of Russia to regenerate fresh troops is very difficult.

I can't mass mobilize Russia because people don't want to go to Ukraine and die there lined up 10 miles be defined in Ukraine so structurally, the Ukraine is in a pretty good Ukraine is in a pretty good spot if we just give them the weapons. I just don't think they can hold the still be an insurgency rise like you saw in Iraq and Afghanistan against Russian occupiers. These folks in Ukraine are deadly serious about not giving away their country to potent and all we need to do is give them the weapons it will make a difference on the battlefield and quit worrying so much right couple of things real quickly see this New York Times poll that shows the present United States is 33% approval rating. I mean during blood. In Korea I understand it to Harry Truman got down to 28% of sales listed in your great president. I don't see this present have that type of bounce back when you look at the New York Times publishing this poll in two days ago talking about how the distaff worries about the way he shuffles and how they do not want to put them in front of people. They cringe when he goes off script and they watch him talk in circles.

When this comes out in the New York Times, not the Washington times is that when you do believe, well, the New York Times is the voice of the well right the liberal media in this country.

So in the tank for the Democratic calls and 5%. Republicans believe that broadcast TV is on the up and up. I can't believe there's 5% here's what tells me they're trying to create a narrative for Democrats to follow, but trying to run a script and get more Democrats to be openly critical of the fact that Biden's unelectable it is time to have a new generation they would not be doing this unless they had an agenda and I think their agenda is to cripple Biden so he can't seek office again to report to replacement somebody more electable labels that they think the media has is probably going to pick the leaders that we get to vote on something. I think that's not a statement that that that that they control all the narrative. Yet the New York Times is for the voice for the left ear. What is in the Times on Monday becomes all over the country on Tuesday in the bottom line here is Tromp will be like him or not. Personally, he stood up to these people. He stood up to a start up dices he stood up to Putin in his own way and you know why I think this is a stunning statement by the New York Times which tells me that they're trying to send a signal to the Democratic base. You got a problem.

We need to move on.

Somebody knew of them. Biden's reaction to the possibility of running. I think he's very inclined to run.

I think he has unfinished business talk to them. Yesterday's dismayed at how the order so broken how bad the country as he feels and I got a good life but I think he feels the need to get back in the game. Time will tell. I don't know if is not run for sure, but I'd be surprised if he doesn't we be worried about the census. You know, I don't think present Tromp looking at anything other than what can he do to fix the country know we talked yesterday and he said to listen. I got a great life. I've had a great life I just cannot need he's very sad to be honest with damning clearly losing the election. He accepted well, but the bottom line is it you do want your country to do well right and he just sees it broken in so many areas. I think if he runs and again I'll be surprised if he doesn't he's in it to win it and he is in it to convince people. We don't have to.

There's a better way somehow with Cavanaugh at that Morton's restaurant and you see with Size house as well as a meconium parent in as well as Justice Alito in DC with the same occurrence. Thomas, do you worry about their security and is not, you know their statutes on the book that prevent people to go to George's home to intimidate him or jurors home. Just think about if you have a trial do you really want mom to go out front of a juror's house know you want the judge to be intimidated by mobs are trying to decide a case know all these laws on the books but not being enforced in this you know this bounty that people have on conservative judges get 200 bucks if you tell me where they're at as a form of intimidation that should be rejected by everybody you know at the at the end of the day.

I don't like it when people on the conservative side go too far on this idea of just hounding judges and their family will over time destroy the rule of law tell you right now it's the average person who run for office to go to the airport to God's will restaurant their families not to let him run. Looking to get a bunch of knuckleheads running for office no worse than we can imagine center thanks so much appreciated by things right.

Go get him a 1-866-408-7669 will be back to wrap things wrap up this hour. Just a moment so gradually sobering to meet you this commentary. You need to know Brian kill me talk show that's getting you talk your with Brian kill me back everyone Brian kill me. Just a quick announcement, especially to everyone in parent GLP toaster, November 13. I know it seems like a long way away, go get tickets now it's it's going to be unabashedly red white and blue night chance to talk about her history the way it was written in the way we live in the prison freedom fighter paperback will be out. Then I'll be at City Hall live in Brenda Missouri, November 13, November 12, but everyone in Newark New Jersey in New York and Connecticut listen to me and the surrounding area. I'll be at the New Jersey performing arts Center in Newark, New Jersey that will be October August 27 in Albany New York September 8 right so you saying oh yeah I forgot about that. Brandon, Brenda, Missouri without the thanks much. Listen right over 100 meteorologists handle worldwide resources a fox in your box, whether podcast's personal powerful subscriber Melissa Malik Fox News or wherever you get your

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