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MON HR 1 081522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders
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August 16, 2022 12:10 am

MON HR 1 081522

What's Right What's Left / Pastor Ernie Sanders

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The following program is sponsored by what's right what's left ministries and is responsible for its content. Portions of the program 83 recorded by radio right now.

I ready about 30 offenders that indeed this is the voice of the Christian resistance. No more than ever. No more than ever, and tonight this is pledge week. This is pledge week and so would come right out of the chute and give you two numbers. We really need to hear from you folks because we are in a very serious time. 88828111108882811110 or 888-677-9673 888-677-9673. We really need to hear. Tonight we came little short last month of our pledge week. Gotta make up the difference and the back in the back room. Just like Paul and Barnabas just dedicated to the cause we have Randy and Eric back on the phones in the boiler room. No right here to get out of the boiler room. She's live in the student's lack in load. Lisa anything everyone of right there she goes.

She's the tick-tock woodblock and and then course on the board.

We have our producer tonight. No other then courageous Craig arising guarding radio get the rising star in radio okay.

I try to be there you go, you don't go to get better if the right and live in the studio HQ Chile comes here once a month with excellent 12 times a year, Elaine Conley and Elaine is my RNC, NHA C, PCP, BA, and the whole rest of the alphabet to choose right here and she's just pretty to good evening everyone is good to have her here. I have my foot operated on today and she's here in the I was thinking of taking a picture of that one: send it to Pastor Joe Larson out there in Missouri.

Personal narrative backwards here for another plus direct to work all right. Let's get it done. You don't really want me to take a picture that that operated toady to not particularly have seen my eye problem on the already really like the it would be better to send in the picture the toad and send you the toilet so that the all right. We gotta get going get till we got electric overtime.

I mean, we really have a lot to cover, and so I think I've got more stories in the past two day years ago we used to get in maybe two weeks or more. I will start out till tonight by giving my declaration of opposition to the, the tyranny of the current deep state regime. Whenever a government is so determined to silence all opposition that government is on the road to ever increasing oppression of the very people that it is there to serve those governments always become a terror to the nation and force the people to live in fear. This is a wake-up call to American you are not under any moral or constitutional obligation to submit or be in compliance with the road. Tyrannical form of government. That's my opening statement joint daily. I love it there you go with thinking they're trying to create a war and within the United States and we know that war is just a vehicle for irresponsible idiots to suppress the middle class and creates an distract from what they're trying to accomplish, which is take over the United States there trying to get everybody up in arms etc. but we have a right to defend themselves, that there on my property of the ideas that is the trying to wear the people down and try to convince the people there's no there's no no need to try to resist is fruitless to resist. You're surrounded you've got the intelligence agencies you got up all of big tech big corporation.

The what corporations you got you got all of the fake news media they're all you got the apostate church at their they're all against you Christians are all against you Christians well you know what God is majority what is really very narrow in my got bigger than all their other lawyers and staff put together and that's why we're going up, take a look at the attributes the characteristics of God just just what what a wonderful when awesome, awesome God we serve and let me Titus and God has always for the beginning of time itself. God has always done exactly what he said exactly when exactly how exactly where and this is my message to those out there in the deep state.

This is my message to you and the FBI that of Turner Road listen is not going to be Christopher Rae or Mary Garland will be standing in front of the skin of the Almighty God and I meditated you really need to repent. You need to repent God is not like trees in the tyranny and will talk about that as we go to the message tonight so we start I had not like wire. Currently they have their place in the lake of fire like that. I was looking through this weekend Shakespeare and he talked more about lies and liars.

Almost anybody but Scripture and anger. He talks about your lie like dogs yet say nothing about alliance. Most ignorant monster and you can save them back.

Liars have been disdained from early on and yet I've seen more lives out of this administration.

Last couple years. I think that I've seen the past decade were dealing with tyrannical zealots. People who are fanatical their uncompromising in pursuit of their own goals and the act in ways that are extremely harmful to the peaceloving people of America.

Already we've got some pledges already. Okay Lisa pledges 125 Bob in New York pledges 500 and John in Minnesota pledges 53, all right. The phone lines open function are waiting to hear you call the kid Joe, I want you to go to first Chronicles chapter 29 this and read verses 10 through 15. Wherefore, David blessed the Lord before all the congregation and David said, blessed be thou, Lord God of Israel, our father, forever and ever. Vinyl Lord is the greatness and the power and the glory and the victory and the majesty for all that is in the heaven, and in their design buying is the kingdom of Lord and thou art exalted as head above all, both riches and honor come of the greatest overall and in my hand power and might not hand it is to make great and to give strength under all now therefore our got.

Therefore, our God, rethinking and praise thy glorious name my aunt what is my people, that we should be able to offer so willingly. After this sort are all things come of the end of my know every given the for we are strangers before the end sojourners as were all our fathers, our days of the earth are as shallow and there is none of biting days in the shadows what he was saying.

In other words, it was very fleeting.

In other words, David.

This is why God said that David was a man after his own heart because they would glorify God and he could David really messed up. He missed the big time, but God looked about as hard and he knew that David really had a heart to serve him, it would. David was was giving glory to God because he was referring to him to hear… The creator of heaven and earth. He and and he's talking about that his far above everything on heaven and earth and far above all the riches of the world he understood in this ever-changing world that were living in Joe that there's one thing that doesn't change one thing that's immutable. One thing that is in complete control. There's just one omnipotent potentate and that is Almighty God and he really does have no competition at all and the deep state and got as long-suffering as we go through this with the house merciful, long-suffering, because he's given the opposition plenty of time plenty of time plenty of time to repent and and the that time is running out and so turned on.

Luke chapter 29 that here we die when God glory he's given the glory, work, work, 29, Luke 299 through 14. Look to the 9th to 14 and allow the angel of the Lord came upon them the glory of the Lord shone round about, and they were sore afraid. And the angel said unto them or not.

Behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people.

For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Savior, which is Christ the Lord, and there shall be a sign or do you, you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes line in a manger and suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying, glory to God in the highest and on earth peace and goodwill partner and I just went to the very last first 20 variances and shepherds reading returned, glorifying and praising God for all the things that they had heard and seen. It was told unto them them here. Would you have you had this is that one time occasion in Scripture where of the Lord Jesus Christ in his omnipresence, is announcing his own birth and so here got the Lord Jesus and he's in. And he's announcing his own birth as a human and that he would be found laying in a manger and so what is it one of the evidence is one of the prepaid week, maybe we had asked Elaine and put her on his foot LA yes or what would be some of the evidence that we would have here that this would be Chris Stephanie. The appearance of our Lord Jesus Christ here announcing his own birth in two places at one time, omnipresent well, God is everywhere, God is within them without that's true, but there's evidence of we would if I was to put you in court.

I'd say okay, show me some evidence and you would say what look look at the Shekinah glory, the glory of the Lord now the Shekinah glory is only found where we got is found. It's only found in the presence of God. So here you got the Shekinah glory. The meeting God is present and then all of a sudden heaven is filled with angels and their praising and their worshiping God. Now here you got the angel of the Lord whenever it's referred to as the angel of the Lord not an angel of the angel normally refers to the Lord Jesus himself in the Chris Stephanie so then you had the Angels all praising and worshiping God and that it then the laugher she had the shepherds who praised worship God now with the Angels praise and worship anyone other than God. Now that's the evidence is already effective partner first or lecture circuit glory only comes in the presence of God and the only one there the angel of the Lord and we also know from all the Old Testament that the angel of the Lord is the pre-incarnate Christ favors the color of the clout of the pillar of fire of the solar cloud is found all through the Old Testament is carrying out the angel aunt the angel of my friends so the only angel who would have the presence of God would be the son of God right the word potentate is you just one time and all of the Bible and the word potentate applies to the Trinity itself and applies to the fullness of the Godhead present in the Lord Jesus of the word actually means the ultimate maximum authority. This will got as he is the ultimate maximum power and authority and this is what those idiots out there and you were trying to get the word out its elite there, try to convince us it's useless to rebel against communism give the antichrist were system and were trying to to tell them. Look, you got that 6000 years of history showing here that is useless to rebel against God. Right right okay as got ever lost even even lost an argument.

No, okay.

And so he's got a pretty good record is like 100%. So he's not about to start now is good to have it batting average. Okay, so would you Mr. Coley and Ann Christopher Ray Eric Garland, and especially the Obama Biden along with them along with with the all the others out there nasty closing that would you tell them it would be a good thing to repent. While they can.

Yes it would, however, what you got going on his ideas of grantor are right and that is a labeled psychiatric condition R8, which is extremely hard to treat because they're dealing with fanatics and tyrants that don't apply glitter show absolute eulogies. That is absolutely right as we were dealing with mental health. Let's go over to Revelation 21 in Revelation chapter 21 Lisko remains 23 through 27 Joe 23,730 had no need of the sun made aware of the murder to shine in it for the glory of God. Like net and the Lamb is the light thereof and the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it, and the kings of the earth to bring their glory and honor into it and the gates of it shall not be shut all by day there shall be no night there and they shall bring the glory and honor of the nations underwent and there shall in no wise enter into it anything that the file needed whatsoever worketh abomination or make a lie, but they which are written in the Lamb's of life. Okay now the timeline here could be right at the end of the millennial kingdom. Or, it also could be passed that when now so you have two different will complain about now here is making a point. First of all, who is going to be in the city in the majors.

The legitimate in their say only those that are saved right so right. In other words, only those whose names are written in the book Lamb's book of life. Now who will not be in the new Jerusalem altar.

Names are absent okay. Not a lot of names and there shall in no wise enter into it anything that the file with neither whatsoever worketh abominations or maketh a lie now boy who goes other than those the fake news media.

The whole political mainstream media just on that lie part alone, but any help here now, the new Jerusalem as this city is a huge huge city. And if you go by the wood.

The dimensions given to us in God's Word, the Bible, if if you had floors just say each floor in this place is 1 mile high 1 mile high. You have many many many many times the landmass of the neck of the whole world today so it's gonna be a very, very huge place now this is where the Saints agreement. Well, this is where we dwell, we dwell within us in our glorified bodies we will be doing dwelling within their in the glorified bodies now at this time.

During that millennial kingdom and I cannot have anything there that that the file with neither a makes an abomination, make the lie because Lord Jesus will be ruling will be sitting on the throne, ruling and sin will be dealt with instantly. Sin will be dealt with instantly and so then of course after that, at least talking about. We know where were they going to be a makes it makes you point there in chapter 22 and refers to those things that are on the outside is going to be dogs okay and that will let me just read it to you will quickly places this that Blessed are they that do the commandments and they they may have the right to the tree of life, and may enter into, through the gates into the city for without our dogs and sorcerers and warmongers and murderers and idolaters, and whosoever will help with the maketh elect another dog that is referring to are not canines, there's five places in Scripture where homosexuals this is LGBT Q this is LGBT Q he's referring to. Right here and sorcerers, that's big Pharma that is that's Pfizer that is been far more than people not know about it.

Today I had a feminist, she was very located quality recently sent me an email to the very upset because we were referring to look slouchy and those at the big Pharma as witches and wizards, but they are with our that's what Pharma Kiev means and the means to poison me in alchemy right and some of these.

These are your they don't where the pointed hat and long robes with a stick, but they're there every bit as much a wizard as the wizards of all in the word and the word virus means poison right and and here but but people don't know it because the biblically illiterate. I mean, they're totally biblically illiterate, so this feminist only what right do I have all done that.

She said what right do I have two referred to Hillary Clinton is which will guess who referred to Hillary Clinton is which Hillary Clinton. I heard it said, she said she introduced himself as Drusilla, the witch of the West. She introduced herself, is that she has periodically yeah and so and she is a real wet Cheeseheads about which cover okay and so here now what is referring to those where they can be where the homosexuals in the sorcerers and the warmongers in the murderers and the adulterers where they going to be negatively outside the gates outside the gates again to be in hell when the going to be part of language.

Paintwork word virus means that your employees poison or wonder about because of articles about the virus virus of media, texting, or of the so-called vaccine will get it later when the virus itself is is is not a living thing. It's a dead molecule that was man-made. All the viruses that have occurred in the world. Starting in the late 1800s are all patented and you cannot patent anything that occurs in nature, right. So of course that's that's always been the law, but we live in a society today where you only wanted to do that.

The big Pharma the wizards of today the folkies and that they want to put natural herbs.

They want to be able to get somehow get a patent on natural earthly by doing something boyish by the work quicker when he called while they basically day.

Most of big Pharma. But the big Pharma works with are coming from nature. So they're basically distorting nature in order to create their own chemicals in their poisons. That's why they do the research studies to identify the benefits and the risks. However, those that all backfired because most of our fake science now.

The lies are there like Tony and Toronto Blue Jays 125 three $7.01 50 Jerome in New York 200 anonymous in Michigan pledges 100 and Charles pledges 60 and the child from Michigan.

Thank you thank you thank you thank you for the 88828111108882811110 and we're going to go to a quick break and will be back up to this time and the song you are about to hear some of the events described have not occurred in the life of the other.

They have occurred in the life of thousands of revenue. Americans claims any responsibility or liability for any loss incurred as a cost using an application is not provided for the purpose of renting legal advice is dishonest, totally frivolous and without merit, not lasting family, and the message they can plan their home and they never had under their to know one thing I know is I will be away and I and you believe is applied because the mission of taxpayer is the American can be based on united out and down there and in one – 207 right Bill. Bill is in Boston pledges $25 for the number is 88828111108882811110 and right now we are about 5000. We need to raise about 5700 5000 before the end of this program tonight that their goal 5007 more to go and so that number is 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 Joe here in Ohio we have one great congressman. We really do is a very good congressman and them he is busy and I know that you leave several times tried looking for the program.

Buddies always booked ahead because he gets out he does things that is congressman Jim Jordan, now 14 FBI whistleblowers have come forward and them and in what he's saying is there's still lots of good people in the bureau now and and we talked the seminoma and the really there really isn't ashamed and what is happened to the Bureau and again we left we mentioned so many times again when my good friend Ted Gunderson when he was running that he told me past trees that my biggest concern in our Bureau's rogue agents that are out there for hire and what happened is the rogue agents worked their way only to the top. They worked their way to the top and you have called me with Christopher right. These are rogue agents that were there that the sold America out the syllables us and so here's what Jim Jordan has to say key Republican working on investigations of corruption in the Department of Justice, the FBI and Joe Biden administration says 14 whistleblowers already have contacted Congress with details about what is been happening. 14. FBI agents have come to our office as whistleblowers and their good people, says US Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio. There are lots of good people in the FBI is the top that is the problem.

Some of these good agents are coming to us, telling us what is baloney what is going on and obviously we know that the political nature know the Justice Department. God bless them for doing it. Talking about the school board issues about a whole host of issues. These are communism.

This is an insurrection taken place as an insurrection taking place right now are not a revolution. Economist revolutionary during that without having to fire a shot animated from workmen and remember on the first things you did start asking those FBI agents to come forward or or quit their job but we need to do tonight or just pray for all those good agents that have come forward and just keep asking others to come forward go see Jim Jordan go talk to the people on his group that is been working with delivery go Merton: I've got the wrong article which is all the people wanted. I guess it really doesn't stood the road sterilizer Matt gate Sandy. Those people go and become a whistleblower and if you have hundreds and hundreds of people come forward from the irony in all FBI, the IRS, the State Department will make a tremendous difference. It really will, and may just save the country and the other plant printed.

This is it's happening that only federal level that it is also suspected on the state and community level that with the mandatory vaccinations.

That was one strategy that was used. To get the good people to leave and then have the mercenaries take over hoop just basically carry out actions and tyranny for pay will note that exactly and the other say what they've got a lot of the retired and so on and so forth. But that's exactly what Austin and Millie did to our military lately. The brightest and the best and brightest of the best and it was the it was something about William Austin himself got exemption needed an update shot for the majority of them had fake cards. Oh yeah oh yeah they they do, just like but the interesting thing if you go to the website.

All of those employees of the CDC had exemption, Pfizer employees had exempt all the White House employees had exemptions they did not think that Pfizer could not go into Israel because he wasn't vaccinated.

The moon so there you go. Jordan also served. Conservatives are being treated as domestic terrorist around the garden. He worked and he set the from the House Judiciary Committee Derek whistleblowers there disclose the FBI officials are pressuring their agents to re-classify cases as domestic violent extremism in order to appease Biden administration's push on this town so we learned that there are FBI officials trying to reclassify change during portion cases that don't meet you so they can come bring forward your own. Other works take the lion trying to create, but is still all liars and search over just to ask all of your pray for those other FBI agents and on the State Department all of you listening out there that they will have the courage to come forward Joe there's a lot of people listing to us out there. A lot of people are supporters of the I get letters from hundreds and hundreds of letters from and they believe the way we do. They believe in prayer the blue guy will answer prayer and they will pray with you wanted to leave them in prayer and pray, the more of those FBI agents will will come forward and China light in the darkness and you know because of the rotten apples gotten rotten to the core and that will bring in people like Mr. Chris Ray and not hearing Mary Cardin was so angry he vowed. Because when he was turned down because of his poor qualifications because it was Antichrist bias against pro-life movement and that he was turned down for trial put let them be nominated for the Supreme Court, so he he had a vengeance evolve a bloodless to to stop crop no matter what he wanted to get back at Trump and is willing to destroy this country. If eminent and do it then again I'm telling you right now this is a fact. Both Mary Cardin and Christopher Ray would be very hard-pressed very hard-pressed to find someone more corrupt than themselves to prosecute correct silk. Joe wanted to live in that prayer works. There is much power in prayer during their heavenly father we look at what's happening to our country. We realize that we are in the middle of something very unusual insurrection revolution and alter our government agencies since those at the top that are Antichrist that are corrupt or power-hungry, and that the have this desire to rule and are willing to sacrifice this nation and the people in it for their power, their glory, their pride, or whatever. And Lord, we know there's a lot of good people and those organizations all through the government and this is the time for Lord just help them to have the courage, the courage to stand, come forward as a whistleblower. Come forward as a as a witness and there are provisions and protections available to them in the Lord, we know that you can protect them more than anything else that they need to know that the people care that it's important to this nation that it's important to you that the truth come forward and we know the sunlight is the best disinfectant for all evils to have it exposed the Lord we were just asked that you put a hedge of protection around all those who have come forward so far that you would keep them safe and covered stand that you are just through your power in their faith in you give them the courage to come from many others come forward in joining and just bring this nation help waking this nation to the fact that this time for God's children to come together to take a stand to reprove and rebuke the evil that is there.

God grant us that authority and power in Europe.

Jesus precious name on it. Very good. We have little Boston pledges 25 we have Maryland in Florida pleasure 40 Randy in San Diego pledges 25. The numbers are 888-281-1110 again the number is 888-281-1110. I can tell you this, we been on their 50 years we've never been a time in those 50 years work. This radio program is needed more than it is today we bring you uncompromised. We bring you the uncompromised news was really happening out there and posted just a few of us out there and by doing what were doing, where it will if we put ourselves at risk because believe me, the deep state does not want this radio program on the air they really hate as Underwear, you're not going to discuss her tell on the radio that ministry have definitely been under assault and so 888-677-9673 888-677-9673 we seen it going after Alex Jones right now. I expect to see them going out to Stu peters and of course, over the years we been they try to take us down time and time and time again and so we do need to hear from you work in a fight with everything we have what we can and it be what is one thing Joe if they take us down the we we end up going to prison, but it would be a real shame and dishonor.

If we had to go down because we couldn't afford to stay out of the people than supporters that would be as we seen right now how how everybody we see how the pulpits across this country. I have dishonored God they dishonor, the lack of courage for the lack of courage and out and I hear children are under assault. The elderly are under assault.

Every other so much that the church could be speaking out on and it's not political when you're going after children that their children that are God's precious pedophilia within the deep state is rampant and that's one of the reasons they fear trump the way they do is because of pedophilia is so rampant guidance CIA director employed Chinese communist elite think think think Dr. Rick: Jim Jordan before you go there you go ahead Jim Jordan got behind the Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee letter update letter to Atty. Gen. Mark Garland, FBI Chief Christopher Way, Ray and White House Chief of Staff Ron McLean asking them to protesters telling them to produce all the documents used to assemble the FBI raid on Trump's residence in Florida and they demand all documents, communications, or anything relating to the execution of the search warrant on Trump's residence and is a long list of very complicated only to read it all the basically the letter explained the FBI's unprecedented rate on Trump's residence. Shocking escalation of the administration's weaponization of law enforcement. We will settle for nothing but your complete cooperation and the they go through lives of those a lot here but we don't have the time the night of the details, but basically it was started by Jim Jordan and Lori Gomer Darrell Liza Matt Gates Mike Johnson Andy Biggs Tom, the clinic, and dozens more than drawing thousands of at least two dozen more Congress critters at the courage to come and make a demand and they will be going after them because this Jim Jordan is become a major thorn in their side, so we must keep him in prayer for God to cover him because he is, like the spirit that is me now. He is there. He has been relentless in this fight. I praise God, if we had more congressmen like him.

If we had more, we would not have all of the injustices that we in the tyranny that we have here today in America we we need more congressmen like him and believe me I render that if we had more like him. These the fake news media and the corrupt, and I may corrupt and I me completely completely corrupt that the credit Communist Party would not have been able to twice impeach a man that is is is a mountain above them, they have that they will never all that when it comes to integrity. These people aren't ready to tie Donald Trump shoelace. That's just how corrupt they are in there if they fear him because they know that he shall stand and fight heat. Donald just didn't know how deep the deep state was and he was a guy that was surrounded by how many were there are really turncoats orally that are selling out America to China to the one world order world economic forum and are doing it for money and power and Nancy Texas pledges 50 billion San Diego pledges 50 Keith in Brooklyn pledges 20 already back here water in all again. I'm an attorney and Elaine loose.

She's got an article here are Elaine taken away. Okay basically this has to do with Israel and what's going on in Israel is one of them. One of the most vaccinated countries in the world and talk about a dichotomy here. Israel wants to halt the rabies vaccine for animals Because there have been 10 adverse events with animals. What about all of the code vaccines in the humans who have suffered in Israel there. There have hundreds of thousands with injuries and with deaths and they are concerned the government about greater vaccine safety for animals. The department at Alco culture is monitoring the reports and they know of at least three cases that required hospitalization of the animals and several dozen other reports, but they had the sudden interest in vaccine safety for the animals. And if you are vaccinating your pants. I encourage you to talk to your veterinarians get a list of the ingredients of every vaccine that is being given to these animals because the rabies vaccine the tetanus vaccine. I'm not sure that you really would want to put that those things into your body, but there is no rhyme or reason. There is no common sense. Here there is no rails science you know relative to it. The other thing that's going on in Israel is that they have a they have a physician there that is similar to Dr. McCullough this is a physician who is been the head of Hebrew University and Israeli Defense forces medical core he's published numerous thousands of articles and basically he's woken up God's got to him and since January of this year. He has spoken out, and twitter has censored him and now his tossed him up for Twitter because he's talking about you know the reasoning behind all of these vaccines.

He himself is he said received three vaccinations. He was physically injured in a very significant way as many others have been and his trust in the nature of the decisions in the process of making them has been since the city eroded no when asked and checked and that he's got a fight with all his might. That the truthful answers regarding all these decisions regarding the government and the vaccines in Israel come out in truth we know here legally applied for a several years ago for me for Twitter. I want to get on Twitter and might take a ride.

It was working with us at that time. He looked up he believed he would put a little computer-aided applied and elected the strangest look on his face and is a what's up.

He said 15 seconds it took them 15 seconds to deny you, 15th, and I've never seen anything like that all the sudden long yeah of all.

All they had to. Here's my name and they deny me just clear my name only I were landing on a disinformation listing.

I'm sure I make amazing). I will try this one more time by CIA director employed Chinese communist elite think take Central intelligence agency director William Burns formally headed influential DC think tanks while employed undisclosed Chinese Communist Party members as well as individuals with Chinese government. These are the people that own that only buying the Biden crime family. Net net, elk group received over $1 billion from the communist Chinese government and the daily caller according to the daily caller news foundation has found during Burns's tenure as president of the Carnegie endowment for International peace. From February 2015 to November 20, 2021.

The think tank employed at least 20 policy experts who the DNC NF has identified as communist Chinese party members. These communist Chinese party members worked at both Carnegie's Washington DC headquarters in Carnegie into single and in the Beijing enter burn visioning center Burns predecessor Jessica Matthews last in 2010, in cooperation with two single University get expert profiles in Carnegie's website. Don't disclose these individuals. Ties to the CCP. The DCF only discover their kindness ties. After analyzing hundreds of Chinese language Communist Party branch records and personal profiles from more than a dozen CCP linked organizations.

Well I don't know what they have clear reporting right right mortar dark and dark after the story will lose this in July 2020 for MPI director Christopher Rae warned that the communist Chinese party seeks to influence our policy make Ed manipulator public opinion but exploded exploiting the openness of our society. You cannot get any more communist than a dozen credit Communist Party the Nancy Pelosi to Joe Biden the John Kerry. You can get any more communist than them and we Karl Marx couldn't be any more communist and the people are. It's amazing. And this is why the enemy is within.

Exactly what to things either knowingly allow these Communist Party people Erin or didn't do any real background research, in which case then here's you should be head of the CIA if he couldn't find 20 Communist Party members of his own organization, and he knew there were people who are actually members of the Chinese government will be a member of the government are controlled by the Chinese Communist Party.

So the man is either a fool, an incompetent or a crater or maybe he's all three. Speaking of Jacob communist confirmed at least 20 undercover FBI and ATF were embedded a capital on January 6, along with several undercover capital police agents as GP reported months ago we reported this we reported months ago to way back there. Jeremy Brown refused to be an informant to the FBI in January 6 they wanted him to be one of their operatives in the January sleep trunk rallies now here former Green Beret Jeremy Brown and the FBI agency came to his house to recruit him as an operative enjoyment January 6 and so according to early report, the FBI called Jeremy cell phone and asked for meeting after trying to contact him at his house.

Jeremy then met with FBI agents at a restaurant in your city. In December he told Brandon Gray that 38 seconds into the interview that MPI attempted to recruit him to spy on the oath keepers.

Jeremy refused to be an FBI informant so they stormed his home and arrested him on bogus misdemeanor charges.

Months after January 6. Protest is what they did with Randy Weaver, has allowed at the communist state.

The 20 on Thursday afternoon September 30 at 3:45 PM Eastern time. The FBI, by the way, this the fastest bullying insurrectionist.

That's what that meant stands for fashion appointment for insurrectionist set 20 vehicles to arrest DHS and Pinellas County law enforcement were also present.

The FBI was in Jeremy's home for 5 1/2 hours looking for evidence: planting evidence in does what they do and that's what they were doing in the lane it's closet Jerry Brown is still in jail in Florida, a misdemeanor charges.

It appears likely that the government is holding him as a political prisoner for not working with the FBI as an operative on January 6 okay were coming up to break and we come back from break their play clip that really really explained explains what was happening pretty clearly what we've been telling people know were not the only ones telling people we been telling people this for a while and now it's coming out will be back right after this dog away.

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