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Season With God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main
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August 6, 2022 12:30 pm

Season With God

The Masculine Journey / Sam Main

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August 6, 2022 12:30 pm

Welcome fellow adventurers! This week, the guys share stories about what God is doing with them and for them this season. The clips are from "Evan Almighty," "Fast And Furious", and a NFL commercial. The journey continues, so grab your gear and be blessed, right here on the Masculine Journey Radio Show.

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Jesus speaks of narrow gates wide roads masculine journey is filled with many twists and turns.

So how do we keep from losing heart while trying to find a way when life feels more like a losing battle and something worth dying for, grab your gear, request your band of brothers will serve as the guys recall masculine journey masculine journey starts here now masculine journey are glad you're with us today in running details were continuing on the pillar series. Oh no, and if they were not talk about that anymore.

No revenue topics last week Reading topic this week we have a new topic and this week's topic is an exciting one. I'm excited to hear what everyone in the room has the same excited to know that you are going to be thinking about how you would answer the question out there, but the question is what is God doing with you or for you during the season. Robby artist information is is apparently had been replaced by Keith.

Keith now speaks he really did you hear that it's on yeah ceded to Decatur and so I guess I've been replaced at allowance can happen so but anyway there's other things going on in the season, I thought I'd mention that and see that such a good job of a joyride right now. Jared's amazing settings.

Totally ignored, which is also strong scriptural is a natural thing is this elastic mind leaving Mary listening sort of David. David your back with us week by deftly misted listen to the show the other day deftly appreciate the shout out on the clips yeah yeah well clips yeah like clips that have an yeah there are still new to post them on Facebook pages and listen to links yeah will just go back and read the comments and while I can see weight in play that one. David back to you. You were here last week we talked about the wording here is to the kickoff this show even though this shows about what God is doing for us in the season. One of things is doing for us in the season is working with us individually on our words of the year which we talked about last week you were here to give us an update.

Please give us an update. Absolutely. So were the year was relinquished or letting go, and he kind of took a while to get to that point is through through the season that I'm in currently or continuing on from multiple seasons one of the biggest things was he worked with me on letting things go and I would fight it and you know the battle will get harder. Things get rougher and then finally I just gave up on day was you know what is what you want you can have it all and deftly things changed my life almost instantly. One of the biggest things I was able to recall relinquished. Lego was my splendid addiction. It's good that's good I guess there's hope you kick that what you also said the word was it still is your worthier yeah yeah and this was bragging to carry around with me for for a while because I still have hiccups here and there were still rattled on the home. I know you're right Lego word of the decade, and it would be for mine and it continues to be in that vein I just have to continue to relinquish negative return and I think this is an actual first.

This is the first to have your head the first clip know I will have nothing to clips and on the after our show so there's a lot of time talk about yeah yeah David is closer clip right like to know that I is what to say but you do have the first clip this week. She would tell us a bit about your clipping in the topic again is how God is working in your life. What's he doing with you during the season for sure. When I start looking up. You know how how the clip was work for me or what about use it really ultimately relates back to my worthier relinquish is ultimately during the time of me trying to let go. Things are not Lego things, no matter how many times I said no not going to do this or this is crazy like God didn't take no for an answer like he didn't and was quite humorous can sometimes you and little work and I nominally Lego and new. There wasn't a joke up there and sit back and laugh and be like is pretty funny.

So wasn't my clip and then will come back and talk about what's going on in the clip know you try Friday Daisy on I 71st clip so is from from Evan Almighty. Eight. When he finally you has his interaction with God starts off as little messages of Genesis 614 which is built an ark of gopher wood and and ultimately you know it's it's Evan. He's pushing back in his modern-day know any special back pushback and following God tells him was often in the click click continues on is really long clip but we got it back, but the whole purpose behind it is just to show you that he's not getting over answer to my hard drive is no time to make this valid form of houses. I know you will is unlike the as you sent those 614 to build want me to build on that one tools and you are responsible for right well is I am born June 15, 1962 pounds. 11 ounces Smothers Karlan Parker, Eugene Evan is very impressive to cable clean freak much too much about quarterly time when you were afraid of her. I'm gone. So you know, listen to the clip. It really took me back to again but you know my very first boot camp and I was discussing it with with Sam and Robby the other night you text message in you know sure Sam would agree with that, he told me for the first time that after Mimi was on the centrality of stay for the first at the first night and honestly I wasn't. I was like what is this is crazy like you know what's going on here so I ended up getting to the towing spire and David which is seasonable camper actually called me out first and say why are you here and so totally bit about my story and that at that meeting moment is when God start coming after my heart and really opening up what was going on in my first covenant.

Silence made almost no conversation with them just like you know Evan just had an nose like you who are you glad know you and he was like not much is you know I wish you would. So you know I just I prayed on.

I am at work. I will gradually land in the season.

My life is your work on letting things go and really you know Sharon share my story more physical ottoman out there that are similar situations that appoint hope, hopeless like I was not walking the first boot camp in you know prayer, Bible you know a band of brothers email us. Whatever it takes is not hopeless your you're more than enough.

You have what it takes like don't let go and keeping integrated for his first clip for the first time that was splendid it was.

It was splendid it was to Danny we have a private message going on in suite say. Anyway, we have time for. I think my clip. I don't know that we can give Rob is in and talk about it's all good and play mine. This is a clip that explains really well what God has been doing for me for this last season. It's been a rather long season and I think back, probably by year and 1/2 that he's really been coming after me with this message.

That being said, it was my least favorite NFL commercial of all time. I think I really didn't like it I love it for this message. I don't like it that the play but go ahead and play it and then we'll talk about matter I got in with Susan, you said this was fellow players wasn't cynical commercial okay Y have them some of our girls, but the the. The whole premise was it was a bunch of different teams range. The Rams fans and all this can step back and and what I really liked about that one. I look around this room and I know all these people have an impact gets put you each in my life and in you've all demonstrated that may writing that that you have that you have. My background includes very much so with running but more portly, God's had my back in it.

It's in him fathering me as he constantly comes after me and and I've said it before in the air regardless the situation if I ask you about it as long as I hear the words will be all right. I'm okay with that. You have no idea what that means. It's his version of what is all right but I know eventually, even if it's not what I want to go through or not the path that I would choose. It's eventually going to be the best thing for me and and is really shown me that he has my back and and it's been in finances, relationships in my own troubles and trials you know that I know he has me and is therefore me and in any he surrounds with a group of people like you in the end he is not here Wayne that's not here just it, and I just know like like you tell this people in the back screaming. I got your back. That's where I feel and I feel that with you guys and I thought most important God and so like the commercial better now. What I equated to that and I do understand it that it's been very much my season and that when we come back gonna learn more about the seasons of everybody else in here and including art is not sure with us tonight. Looking forward to that as we hear his story today got Sharon in his season, and we do have a boot camp coming up.

It's coming up November 17 through the 20th and that's I coming up about three months from September about three months now. But before that we have entrenchment coming up September 30 and October 1.

It's in Reidsville go to masculine to register for either one of those and robbing the most important thing about the entrenchment of the gotta be there if the FRE is free talk with you after the break for me describing boot camp when I heard the stories from the stage and the other men had and then during my prayer time on getting a download from God on where my life is how I have.

I have his story does communicate with us yesterday. Masculine things. It's been a true joy to me is having my sons there with me to boot camps and watching them get an understanding that I wish I would have several years and I'm still probably learning a little bit as we go. Watching them get a foothold in the manhood in understanding what their role is and how to stay away when journey in welcome back, David. It's Ryan Ellis. Yet heart of the heart of the heart of the father did not.

What a great if you never heard the whole song. I know Danny said that they sing in one of the churches they keep taking them out so it's hard to tell which. What did you respond to well up to get a kick out of this is a change churches these to play that your old church, and in David is talk about it.

I just absolutely love the song and and is a toxin there and Jim mentioned before, the shows were playing some of the clips months about. It's one of the few songs you hear the distant course includes the whole Trinity in on the role they play in bringing you back to the father and shows were talking about this topic this week of the season. What's God doing with us and the seas are doing for us in the season.

It's all going be driving us back to the heart of the father.

That's really the goal.

Jesus came that's that's a whole deal right to bring us back to the father and so pretty cool song. Please check out Ryan Ellis heart of the father, but that Robby your clip is next ensuing tousled about your club's from the movie fast and furious apparently fast and furious six which I've not seen. However, I saw this clip and I was like oh man that that really speaks to my soul. I think probably two years to Sam as we both share this loyalty, especially to family and it talks about that every man should have a code and Vin Diesel pulls this off really well in my opinion is he's challenged about his code so clip speaks for itself has a weak spot with all know when I was young my brother always used to say, every man must have a code line precision is nothing but peace as you switch out and get the job done. Patient works that you will code is about family screen an outline of what predictable means vulnerable and that means I can reach out and break you whenever I want to go and you know that season really is been on me for a lot of years where I had in this come up time and again I think pretty much Satan has my number is faithful and he knows where I met a comedown in certain things and so I continue to have those challenges, which makes it very vulnerable. It it it probably led to one of the biggest blowup salmon I've ever had, not between Sam and I just ministry kind of in him again and being faithful to my friends and faithful to different people and in the evening the season with my family at times being faithful. Satan sees that, and it makes you vulnerable. But I love love love what Vin Diesel says there at least I'll know you know that it came from someplace that that was what was important what was most important to me is that sensitive.

I stood you know having someone's back which you know to to me what would have loved Sam's clip because you recently I've been studying the song of Solomon.

As you may know and there's this line where it says, behold, some of Solomon's bed. Threescore. That 60 valiant warriors, valiant men of Israel. Each has a sword trained in war for the for the for the fear of the night and and and that's strapped to their side for the fear of the night I left that part out when you have a storage strapped to your side of your thought about it, it's in Scripture several times your size. Your flank and anybody who understands military knows that what you always protecting your flank is your your forces always what's in front of you, but it's your flank and whatever that's your weak spot right in and so realizing that Sam's weak spot is here, in that I area of loyalty or yet you know as we begin to know each other and really walk with each other that the term having your back really means I have your flank. I see where your weak spot is coming into that spot. And it's amazing to me it's it's amazing to me how many times God has allowed me the honor of being in that very spot where apparently I was the one standing in the gap for a particular individual. You know that that was, because you know a lot of chips to fall and unfortunately sometimes that's right within your very immediate family and in the season. I'm in right now you know he gave me that. And then he also he had my back and that in the end, you know it's it's just really cool. The enemy likes to force you to try to pick the have to pick right-leaning people that you want to be faithful to both her faithful to a multitude and he likes to put in those positions to where it feels like you can't win. You know, if you pick this way than this persons can be mad at you if you pick this way than this person, and so it makes it very difficult and the only way to navigate it is to walk with God now. I mean he will give you that and and I remember one of my favorite prayers while time. I just learned how to do the covenant silenced by myself and I had a situation between the two people I love most in the world and they both were tell me I had to pick and I was about to have a nervous breakdown because that was about the worst thing you can do to Robby Gilmore and I prayed and prayed and God came to me in a covenant silenced with him and he said Robby you don't have to choose. This isn't your choice. If one of them wants to choose to leave, that's their choice. But you don't have to choose when he told me I didn't have to choose. I don't know that I've never been more Marine relieved in my life like somebody took 20 billion bricks off but just because somebody says you have to choose between so-and-so and so-and-so well. Ask God to know he's got a different word for I was listening to that your clip which was just saying God always has everybody's back is here. This message even if you don't know him like he wants you to. He's got your back is to watch out for you. But why you were talking pretty close to tears as I was thinking probably a dozen people in my life that I feel like will always have my back and Morton half of this group appreciate you guys think Jim Art. We are excited to have you on the show your you're here with this. I relate will think here I am ready to eat tonight and I hope I don't mess up to bed time you absolutely awesome so what's God doing with you in the season you when this season God gave me an opportunity to do some small good this world some favor to some old friends and then he repaid me exponentially. And I'm talking about Mr. Dyer and Mrs. Dyer, Harold, as you know, and Harold's wife Ed sent me a message and asked me to ride along.

To this day with Harold to maybe help with the driving after dark when it was raining or whatever. I said sure. I'll do that now. I needed Dyer's I met when I was a child in the church and thought a lot of them and so I didn't know what I was getting into really I did and I got repaid. It turns out that may have made a new best friend Harold is my best friend right now he's just wonderful, intelligent, Christian man and we ride together and have talks and enjoy each other's company. You can refer to them as an old friend. Okay, my old friend Harold and I was assuming when you were a child, he was still an elder in the church probably okay that but anyway in the course. The other thing is I got to be a part of this program and to make a lot of friends of all the people in this group learn from y'all into to just enjoy the company in the show insights that y'all have an talk on the radio every week. I thank you so much is great to hear more about that. We appreciate that we love having you here in very grateful that that Harold brought into the group in your part of every week now. I was referred term is wherefore art art thou yeah and so tonight he was right.

Art on the on the radio and I thought he handled it splendidly slim terrific time you get. I mean, I can make up any words on that you thought what I do want to point out you know from well-stocked earlier how you sometimes things you know God. God puts us in a path with people or were things and I know the masculine journey was deftly in a path for me, which started with Jim in a counseling session in his office on one on Sunday afternoon, but I read it. Yeah same thing for you.

I mean, are you know you said that you originally said you know I'm a drop Harold After Dark.

If need be, you know, and what what God's run yet so you definitely blessed in that area for sure splintů David's trying to bask in my splendor. Thank you back your back. It just took all of his comments will eliminate the medical far left turn on exactly what you like that were getting ready to wrap up this first show anything you'd like to add the topic before we go into the after hours. I just think as you guys of Artie said it's something to really get intentional about and understand what is God doing with me in the season and reflect on that as often as you can. There's no way you can over reflect on what is God doing with me right now in the season, whatever that happens to be so I just say heavily. Situation well and I don't use half of this work very often except for God's awesome yeah if you don't know the definitions words reach out to visit masculine you can say David that none Robby email me Davidů Even though, thank you for joining us this weekend if you want to go to the masculine and download the after hours or listen the after-hours podcasting get it. Modify. You need the public past locations also register for the coming up November 17 through the 20th and also the entrenchment October 1 and September 30 September 30 October 1. This is the Truth Network

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